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tv   Hannity  FOX News  November 16, 2013 2:00am-3:01am PST

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>> tune in tomorrow at 11:30. >> going to be a nail-biter. >> they have the best teeth. they have the greatest presidential teeth. >> the next president should have knocked out grill. >> no georgn facebook and twitter. follow me. good night, everybody. welcome to "hannity." the white house cannot claw their way out of the hole they have dug for themselves when it comes to obama care. tonight for the hour we'll be joined by a bright lively studio audience to talk about the very issue and to discuss the life changing implications this law will have for you and your family. we went back to the beginning when the universal nightmare. this is what we'd like to call the evolution of a huge lie. >> we can stop talking about the health care crisis and start doing something about it. >> we'll keep this promise. if you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your
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doctor. >> this is not about putting the government in charge of your health insurance. >> if you like your health care plan, you keep it. >> this is a big [ bleep ] deal. >> our goal is to cut spending and protect the american people from obama care. it's as simple as that. there is no interest on our part in shutting the government down. >> i want to be absolutely crystal clear. any bill that defunds obama care is dead, dead. >> there has been unexpectedly high levels of interest and we are taking action every day. that's the principal reason. >> we were anxious to get the website up and running. >> 5% in the country who currently purchase insurance on the individual market. >> what we said was you could
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keep it -- if it hasn't changed since the law is passed. >> the president should honor the commitment made to the people and let them keep what they got. >> i am sorry they are finding themselves in this situation based on assurances they got from me. >> this site will be functioning effectively by the end of the month for the vast majority of users. >> my expectation would be that for 98% of the american people, either it genuinely wouldn't change at all or they would be surprised with the options in the marketplace. that proved not to be the case. that's on me. >> for reaction we bring in our distinguished studio audience. thank you for being there. >> a big supporter of the president of the united states of america, geraldo. >> hi, sean. >> did he lie to the american people? >> i guess you could say he lied. i only say that because maybe he
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didn't know the nuts and bolts. but if i could say obama care is less about health care and more about a new tax. that's not what was told to the american people. this is a tax on the young and relatively healthy to help the old and more infirm. it is a tax from men to women. men now have maternity coverage, et cetera. >> any man here need it? just checking. >> i appreciate geraldo's honesty. do you regret voting for him? do you feel betrayed? >> no. i don't oppose the tax. i know people hate the verb we owe. i believe america is a blend of capitalism and free enterprise and a bit of soc.liialism. we have to take care of the elderly -- >> we do it already.
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the average american is giving such a large percentage of income. gallup, 47% of americans now say they cannot trust their president. billy cunningham, a majority of independents think the president of the united states deliberately lied to them. >> he should have said yesterday, i am not a crook. i am not a crook. that's what he should have done. it was that bad. he blatantly lied because the code of federal regulations and a bunch of government statutes said in 10, 11, 12, there will be millions of americans who lose their health insurance. he lied to get it passed. >> all we are doing doink is saying he lied. are we going to look at the train wreck and say, oh, it's a train wreck, it's a train wreck. yes, sean. he lied. we can all agree with that. >> if the everything is predicated on a lie, why not restart the debate and have an
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honest one? >> let me finish. >> nobody's got one. >> that's funny. if you are free enterprise why of the 22 people you have, why isn't there one person, sean frrks the insurance companies to talk about it? today they said they do not want the policies reissued. >> that's not -- >> where is the free market speaking on this panel? >> i will give you what they said. i have the quote from them here. >> where are they? i don't see them. >> no, no. the health industry spokes people said this is a calamity and it will cost people higher premiums and it is a disaster. >> they said they don't want to reinstate insurance policies that were cancelled. >> they spent three years and millions of dollars trying to comply with the law the president passed and now six weeks before the end of the year after they have done the work, now, oops, sorry. from the heritage foundation. >> it's november 15. obama care is supposed to take effect january 1. they have lost their plans. they have been cancelled.
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yes, an insurer who priced plans already for 2014 doesn't want to and likely won't want to offer a plan priced for 2013. it doesn't make sense. that's not how the insurance market works. that's what you hear from the national association of insurance commissioners. this will be unworkable. >> yes. >> essentially what tamara is asking insurance companies to do is be punished for compliance with the law. >> no. >> it costs money to even send out letters, to commit administrative functions. now you want them to do what they said, price in the next year's budget and change it based on -- >> they never had to cancel their plans. >> let me finish. >> 5 million lost it already. >> they couldn't follow through. >> they were allowed to grandfather plans in. they decided to offer new plan that is complied with the law. that's why the majority of plans are being turned out. >> where is your proof? >> all right. one at a time. one thing we know is that in july of 2010 if you look at the
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federal register, they made a political decision, wall street journal, november 2. they made a political decision that they were not going to tell the american people. >> in the meeting where they talk about people who would lose their insurance. >> america, who will you believe. >> the president comes out and says into 2014, you can keep your health care plan. wait a minute. people want to believe their president. >> they don't. >> no. they do. >> you just talked about the numbers going down. >> now they feel disaed. -- dits aolympianed. the president heard from every democrat scared they will lose in november. that's the reason he gave a little. >> you mean today. >> yes. >> there is truth to that. the democrats pushed him to do
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it before the vote on the bill. >> today. >> that's not that shocking. you are conflating so many things. the industry said now it will cost a fortune if we reinstate it. it's not accurate insurance stuff. not at all hard -- >> who paid for the transition for three years? >> fine. price it in. that was priced into the policies they are offering on the exchanges if they went to the ek changes. some didn't do it at all. they cancelled policies in the last six weeks. that is done so quick. you may not like the result. we'll see. the calculation isn't the problem. >> guy, we already knew the price shock was out there. cancellation. then the reality that you can't keep your dock or and the reality that you will pay more in spite of the $2500 per family per year promise to save money. >> what's important to remember is the context from 2010 when everybody knew it was the case. at least people paying attention
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and republicans in the senate offered a bill to do what the president is now trying to do at the last minute. every single senate democrat, landrieu, hagan, those pretending to be shocked and outraged today all voted no. >> how many think the president did it yesterday to preempt the democrats today for political cover for those running for office? geraldo is wrong. >> i don't think any president does much politically that's not for a political reason. what the president is doing is damage control. clearly the roll out has been bad. the bill needs to be fixed. the republican caucuses haven't offer add real solution. >> they have offered many. >> let's forget about democrats. let's talk about the opportunity to be real leaders and do something that would be smart politically and policy wise. >> a solution. >> the fix is one thing. this is an opportunity now to move forward with market-based
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reform. either we are talking about the tax code or the insurance market. there are things that would help roll back the law. this is a time for boehner and others in the leadership to take the bull by the horns. >> that's absolutely -- you're friendses with boehner. >> yes, very close. i talked to him two weeks ago. i knew him before he went to high school, the whole deal. john boehner will play this, i think, correctly. have an alternative by the end of the year in addition to what happened today. something will happen. to talk about the point, most of the american people are under employer plans. >> wait until next year. next year is a tsunami of over a hundred million americans. you and i will be playing for pap smears, children's dental exams. >> you should. >> we'll pay for all of it. >> gerald tlo wants you to pay for it. you're rich. we have to take a break. coming up next -- they're just
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welcome back to this special edition of "hannity." senators ted cruz and mike lee took a lot of heat from both sides of the aisle because they knew obama care would be a train wreck and they had the courage to do something about it. well, after president obama finally admitted that he fumbled on the rollout, both cruz and lee were vindicated. simply put, they were right. now let's go back to the studio
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audience. >> wrong. >> the president basically did everything they were asking to do before the government shutdown. right? >> i think this is an opportunity for the voters to look forward and see what the actual outcome is. at the fox business network we look at the economic impact of the entire situation and how much of a challenge it's been. obviously there is a political impact and people will be voting with their pocketbooks. we do know the president has admitted there is a political consequence. >> go ahead. >> this was the beginning of the obama care downward death spiral. even democrats are jumping ship. they want no part of it. they have seen the realities of obama care and what it is doing to real life americans. the 2014 elections are too close for comfort. >> in north carolina, that's
2:16 am
been horrible for them. we have seen women's premiums increase three times. men four times the regular cost. because of that, kay haguen's numbers have dropped. she was ahead double digits between anyone up against her. now she's down neck and neck with all of them. there is a price to be paid for this. there is a price to be paid for bad policy and they continue to push it. i think very quickly that you're going to see all the democrats jumping ship that are up for re-election in 2014. >> this is the cynical side of this allison. they only did it to protect democrats come 2014. >> absolutely. >> i disagree. >> this is just temporary to give them space to get through the re-election campaign. we are right back where we started one year from now. go ahead. >> i think it is important to realize, too, speaking on behalf of young people that the administration treated us like
2:17 am
young imbeciles. it rests on our shoulders, this whole thing. i appreciate the grown-ups in the room playing games wu we are the ones subsidizing this. >> that's the point. being younger than both me and geraldo, no, in fairness because you have to bear the burden. probably a good plan for you if you're healthy and have a good family history is a catastrophic plan. god if he should you have an accident, get cancer. you would be covered. >> talking about the politics and the impact on 2014 and 2016 elections. we are forgetting about the one vote, the latino vote so important for deciding who makes it to the white house. there was a broken promise with millions of dollars invested in spanish language television and radio. we still don't have a working spanish language website. there are 10 million latinos waiting out there, eligible to sign up. they are being redirected to a phone number where people aren't fully bilingual.
2:18 am
>> you know, look at the labor participation rates since obama took office in the african-american community down 31%. it's the worst rate in 31 years. same for women and the hispanic community. these are the core constituents that got obama elected. >> for the first time in a year, latinos have a rating that's under 50 for president obama. that's never happened. >> this is why it's important that i want every democrat, especially harry reid to say he lied. this isn't the first time. america keeps forgetting that. i want every democrat and john mccain to stand up and say, you know, my president lied. they won't listen to him the next time. he'll remember this. >> tammy, go ahead. [ all speaking at once ] >> what do you want to say? then tammy. >> name one politician that hasn't said something that's not true. >> that's -- >> it's politics.
2:19 am
we are forgetting that. >> that's not equivalent to -- >> no, sean, we are forgetting with any new policy we don't know how it will affect the public. >> the difference is they knew in 2010 that all the people would lose their policy. >> here is the silver lining for the latinos, for the women, for the young people. there is one message to this. this is not what big government should be doing. 85% of americans were happy with their health insurance. you can deal with it on the left or right. liberal or conservative. this is a cluster. it shows everyone of all ages that this is not what government can do, not what they are capable of doing. this is the result. it is the argument for fiscal conservativi conservativism. it's something we have to make sure -- >> isn't this -- >> it's a disaster. >> how many think this is
2:20 am
liberalism on trial. >> ultimately when it comes down to the result and what the discussion is. it is. >> sean uh started the segment by suggesting that mike lee and ted cruz were -- >> they were right. >> i believe that ted cruz has disqualified himself from ever being president of the united states and that he's been profoundly damaged by what he did. consider this. what if senator cruz instead of standing up for 24 hours and attracting attention and shutting down the government of the united states kept his powder dry until obama care launched and then criticized the website. >> he lit the match. geraldo -- >> the taxpayers of the united states, $24 billion. >> he lit the match. it was the spark that engaged the country. you're wrong. >> the match has nothing to do
2:21 am
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trust the president in light of the latest and greatest lie he told? remember, you still can't keep your plan. we'll be back to square one in a year. why should anyone believe him now? we bring back your studio audience. judith miller, good to see you. >> and you, sean. >> we are almost lockstep in terms of national defense, national security in these issues. but we often separate on these issues. where do you stand with the credibility crisis of a president not telling the american people the truth? >> i'm not going to use the word "lie" unlike most of the people in the room. because i wasn't inside president obama's head. i don't know what he was told. i don't know what his aides assured him about the 9 million people who were in jeopardy of losing their plans. >> i read about it in the news thepaper, like everything else. >> when we use ta kind of language whether it's for president obama or president bush we debase our political discourse and cast dispersions on the intentioning of someone
2:26 am
trying to do a good job. >> you say we debased it. but are we -- wait a minute. you know something, they knew in july of 2010. they debated it internally. you read the journal. i read it. november 2 you can read it. after the debate the political side of the debate won in the white house. that tells me they knew, consciously lied. repeated a lie and the truth is the truth. the truth shall set you free. >> we don't know whether or not they told the president that people who had a plan they liked would be able to get an equivalent plan at the same cost or an even better plan. we don't know. >> he said it before. paul ryan -- noah hasn't spoken yet. >> we can use the parlance of the new york times. it's an incorrect promise. it's been broken. it is a shakespearian tragedy every democrat in the room would say the individual market needed to be substantially reformed. in order to do it they adopted a deceptive strategy that's poisoned the discourse.
2:27 am
try to reform the market now, there is no juice to do it. >> they actually reformed the market but -- >> you don't look like david. >> here's what we do. i go back. judith and i had discussions on this. once we get past the political wrangling, let's look at the economics of this. the economics of this is youth. the economics is that you don't have people you need. who signs up matters for obama care. they are not signing up. so regardless of whether we want to argue about who lied, who told the truth, if they don't sign up. >> you know, i was young once. i wapted for the last minute to do everything. >> jean, you're a professor at children, indoctrinating the children. >> yes, very well. as someone who's sensitive to the issue about health care. i agree with you completely. the problem is whether he knew
2:28 am
or not, he should have known. i go back to '68. >> i'm winning you over. >> let me just say federalist '68. hamm talked about good government requires good administration. fortunately for generations of young people now, we will not have health care. geraldo is right. this is a tax. it may be a tax i happen to agree with. if i don't have kids i still pay for public schools. >> if everybody -- >> you have to be honest . there are losers here. >> everything was predicated on a number of falsehoods. keeping your plan. keeping your doctor. 900 billion. now three time it is cost. why can't we as a mature nation go back. now that we know what the facts are. debate them on the merits and let america decide up or down do we want this before we go take over one-sixth of the economy. >> no one in this country would accept the liberal approach.
2:29 am
in order to get it done to where you could not reverse it they had to misrepresent it to get it done. >> you're right. >> that's correct. >> this is why,s it is predicated on a lie. >> hold on. we have the one objective. fair, balanced person in the room. >> i am the journalist on the panel. i will not give my opinion. i did read an interesting article that our senior producer wrote. he said what's done is done. the problem is not you can't get on the website anymore. your premiums are going up and you were kicked off the plan. the problem is the gop and the democrats are against each other. they really need to focus on working together. on march 23, 2010 when this was passed when president obama signed the bill, the democratser were jumping for joy. the gop was not in support at all. now the gop is saying we told you so. who's hurt? the american people.
2:30 am
>> michael, as a conservative i'm never going to be able to reconcile this with geraldo who i like and respect. he's a real liberal. i cannot reconcile. i believe this is unsustainable. we cannot afford it. it will bankrupt the country. care will be inferior. we will become western europe in a matter of time. >> the question you raised at the beginning of the segment about whether or not we can trust the president anymore, the politics is about perception. regardless of whether or not we believe he lied about it. if he wanted -- >> polls show they believe it. >> 39% was the latest poll to show his support. even if people didn't agree with the policy positions or what yo popular. he was trusted. i think the last three years of the presidency he'll have a hard time getting anything done. >> i agree with you. >> another big portion of the poll was the competence issue.
2:31 am
americans are quickly losing confidence in the president's competence to handle major policy issues. that's the real risk. it's bigger than one election. it's americans losing faith in the ability of the bureaucracy, the public administrators to handle programs that are this big. once americans lose faith it's harder -- >> i said liberalism in general is on trial here. because -- >> we pretend we have never seen it before. this happens in virtually every presidency. the next thing that will happen, we'll have something else to talk about about other than obama care. and the president if he handles it well will get it back. >> rick, give me an equivalent of a government that has three years, hundreds of millions of dollars and can't put up a stinking website? give a comparable example. >> how about a country that stend spends a lot more on a war that -- >> oh, bush, bush, bush. we'll take a break. coming up, debbie wasserman
2:32 am
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>> i think people should be running on obama care as an advantage. >> our candidates will run on the advantage obama care will be going into the 2014 elections. >> really, dnc chairwoman? debbie wasserman schultz clearly isn't clued into this train wreck. while she thinks the candidates should run on obama care 2014 the fox news poll may change your mind. since the launch of the
2:37 am
overhaul, americans have surged ahead. six points on the generic ballot and lead the democratic candidates 43-40ment they were over nine points after the government shutdown. we bring back our distinguished studio audience. geraldo rivera. as somebody who supports the president tell me how he recovers when we get small businesses as billy cunningham pointed out we'll move to the point where businesses become 5 million, 10, 20 million, 30 million. then rate shock. how does he recover things. i don't see the escape for him. >> he does it by getting a lyric from an old folk song. ♪ the rich shall live ♪ and the poor shall die is that what we want? >> you live in new jersey. >> do we want a country where the poor don't have access to the care they need? >> geraldo, 30 million
2:38 am
americanss americans -- >> i submit to you -- >> you don't want to hear this part. >> the cbo says -- you think she should go hard -- >> he should remind people. >> how much do you pay of every dollar you make in new jersey. >> instead of the single payer which he should have tried for. >> billy -- >> my friend, debbie wasserman schultz sounds like the dnc chairman who said sh run on the iraqi war. people love it. she's a babbling idiot. anybody who runs as a democrat on this is like a republican running in 2006. we want more iraqi war. it will never happen. >> tamara. >> you keep belaboring a point that this is a train wreck, that there's been a train wreck roll out. >> i asked how he recovers. >> i will ask you a question.
2:39 am
>> you be the host. >> do you want me to? >> go ahead. >> she has a better dress. >> you have said it many times. >> the ratings just went up. >> sean, my question for you is do you think it's legal for insurance companies to drop people who have a problem? who have any kind -- my question was for shun. >> that's a separate fix. we can deal with the fact of people with pre-existing conditions and the fact that the small fixes. you don't have to over haul the system. >> you are not answering the question. >> let him talk! >> exactly. >> should companies be able to drop people if they have a junk policy? >> will be to me. no. i'm saying you can fix those things without destroy thing the best health care system in the world. and i have a solution. my solution is simple. i believe in health care savings accounts. everyone manages their own. >> do you know what we have learned? the only way to have a true market in health care, real
2:40 am
choice, real competition and decrease costs is to make sure people have ownership and control over health care dollars. end of story. >> that's health care medical savings. you work for the fox news channel. individual savings accounts creates portability, competition. state to state, job to job and catastrophic insurance which is cheaper. >> when you look at the way health savings accounts are characterized, people who have existing plans. even if you dish it out in a way it's for everyone it's difficult to administer the plan. >> i don't think people should be able to be kicked off plans because they get sick. that's happened. >> how do they fix it? >> health care savings accounts with free market competition. >> how do you do it for people this their late 40s or 50s? doesn't work there. there is not enough time to
2:41 am
build up the account. works for young people. >> you can't force young people that can't buy a house, that are back home with mom and dad because they graduated college and can't afford to get a house, apartment or a job. you can't force them to pay for older people. >> government-run health care doesn't work. >> we have seen it since this started. only 106,000 people signed up. 5 million have been kicked off. now he's going to do the extension until next year. i'm sorry, mr. president. already 5 million people have been kicked off. >> that won't get it back. the heritage foundation did the study. you did the cost analysis. what is the average american going to pay for increased premiums? >> in 42 states they will have huge premium increases and young adults will be hit the hardest. some of the increases are over 100%. i want to respond to her point earlier. in the individual market when someone got sick and got kicked
2:42 am
off plans, yes, that was wrong. that's the individual market. wait, wait. please let me explain. in the group market it doesn't happen. if you have employer sponsored insurance you don't get kicked off. sfwhie there are rules that prohibit that. take the rules that govern the group market and move them to include the individual market. it's a common sense answer that would have solved it without obama care. >> that's great if you're employed by a corporation. >> not true. that's not it. >> no, no. >> that's not it. >> if you have a pre-existing condition a lot of insurance companies won't take you. do you think that's legal when everybody has a right to life -- >> if you're a free rider who doesn't pay health insurance premiums for years and you get cancer should you be allowed to enter the market you haven't paid into? that's not how insurance works. >> answer the question. >> i think your proposal, the
2:43 am
solution is a good idea. the thing i think is the underlying problem is people don't know enough about obama care. maybe people don't know about what your solution is. >> everybody knows about obama care. >> i have clients who say to me, well, i don't have to worry about health insurance. >> you see, allison's group actually studied the cost increases. they are dramatic. if you look at the -- in some states it's -- >> fully embraced it. >> 45 of 50. >> new york, california and kentucky. >> 4 the states would have major -- >> we have to break. >> coming up, where does the fight to kill obama care and the train wreck go from here? that and more as the very distinguished, very quiet and shy, demure studio audience continues. how are things with the new guy? all we do is go out to dinner. that's it?
2:44 am
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welcome back to "hannity." it was a week of bad news for obama care. what lies ahead on the fight to kill the reckless law. we bring back our studio audience. noah? >> the last segment is an example of what we'll see next year. we'll relitigate the health care debate and republicans will take the lead because there will be a hunger for your idea. you showed the generic congressional ballot. radical shift over the course of a month. it's not a zero sum game. the gop has not increased in popularity. they have a risk of getting out too far ahead and suffering as a result. >> you look at the numbers after the government shutdown. they have gone up dramatically in terms of the generic ballot. they were nine points in the hole. now three ahead. 12-point swing. >> not inarity. >> i want to challenge the
2:49 am
notion that the government can't do big things. it can, it has. it provides excellent care by and large for veterans. it's provided medicare. where is the nostalgia about the wonderful insurance systems? anybody remember, as tamara mentioned, being kicked off for pre-existing conditions? obama care enabled young people to stay on their parent plan until they were 26. >> where is the nostalgia? >> i don't see why -- >> whitney johnson from texas sent me a letter this week. she has m.s., a 26-year-old mom. she was paying $350 a month and loved her insurance. said she thanked god for her insurance. she was kicked off because her plan didn't fit what the president thought she should have although she loved it. now it's $1,000 a month. >> we are getting stories from women and men, too, of what it looks like. it's more than unfortunate. it's sad. but the stories are so real.
2:50 am
>> you work for the heritage foundation. >> all right. >> concerned women for america. >> you had an example. 20 years you are not in the group. then you get cancer. now you expect to reap the benefits of people who have been paying for 20 years? what would you do with someone who's not been in what would you do? let eileen answer. go ahead. >> there are ways that congress can create a path way to make people that never paid in and got sick to get insurance. it should cost more, they didn't pay n for 20 years. >> if poor people are getting care, go to your local e.r.they were getting care. just go to
2:51 am
e.r.what this has done is take us people paying into the system being responsible, are being n punish punished. >> this brings us back to the fundamental issue for the case made for the law passed. we were told that there would be no losers under obamacare. everyone would win. we're realizing that is not true and people who didn't pay attention to twists and turns on the political stage, now, it's hitting home f you're going to replace obamacare with something have you so-to-sell -- have you to sell it being realistic. >> closing thoughts from our studio audience right after the break. you can correspond and just give them the basics, you know. i got this. [thinking] is it that time? the son picks up the check?
2:52 am
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2:55 am
probation. >> good point. >> democrats heading into the mid term with a potentially toxic president they may need to couple him from his signature achievements. >> we need to talk about solutions. if tamara talks about getting insurance from other company that's is portability. focus on multiple thing that solve problems. >> you know one thing i can count ones a democrat is that republicans will use ted cruz tactics and put us on top again i'm counting on it. >> ainsley you've been following the news oochl we've been covering this for your show many weeks now. since it was signed in march, 2010 but to geraldo's point saying rich and poor? of course, every american has a
2:56 am
heart for individuals. we want health care from everyone what. i'm hearing is that there has got to be an affordable way to do this. i talked to my doctors. premiums going up for employees. one single mom is paying for single mom a thousand dollars more. basically a month to cover her. the single guy in his office more than $100ux= more per mont he's saying i cannot afford this, the costs goring to be passed down to us. >> affordability is key. but also, americans are overtaxed, overburdened. >> no more taxes people can't afford it. >> michael? . >> i think talking about what republicans are going to try to do to replace this, they better be careful about being pollyannaish. nobody likes insurance companies. so if they're going to talk about
2:57 am
conservative reform they'd probably do best not to talk like the before obamacare time was so great for american consumers because it wasn't. >> behind you. jean? >> i think the shame of this all is there are people that want government run health care. we can't have an honest debate about this now. i we're going to be waiting for republicans to come up with a plan. they're not going to be able to come to a solution. we have 48 million uninsured people out there. >> i want to say to america. freedom. do you know what works? constitution. if you have free market competition for health care plans, portability take it from job to job and across state lines. >> that hasn't worked for decades sean. >> what about you can switch insurances. we can improve it. but this wasn't the answer. the same government that bankrupted social security and gave you $17 trillion in debt is in the same
2:58 am
government bankrupting medicare, same government with $90 trillion in unfunded liabilities can't fix this mess y are we giving them more power? that is crazy. >> you're going to see republicans not going to offer their own plan next year. they're going to ride the very negative attention beingxfn ded to obamacare. >> that is not the right answer. >> rick, take us out. >> it's a year to go. a year is a long time in politics. republicans have to give us an alternative. they've never done it. >> i agree. thank you. that is all the time we have
2:59 am
3:00 am
♪ hello and good morning, it is saturday the 16th of november, 2013. i'm anna kooiman. call it the great defection. 39 democrats splitting with the president in support of the republican's healthcare fix but the president vowing to block it. so where does he stand? we break it down straight ahead. >> another day, another run-in with the media for actor alec baldwin. his target this time a fox news reporter that vial appalling and yet compelling exchange and his excuse for the confrontation straight ahead. >> guys, it looks like we can't win. new research revealing that your wife and girlfriend may stay mad at


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