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tv   A Healthy You Carol Alt  FOX News  November 16, 2013 1:00pm-1:31pm PST

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>> welcome to healthy you. i'm carol alt. if you have been told surgery is the only answer to that stubborn pain you are dealing with we might have a new nonsurgical solution. pain-free without surgery? i know it sounds nearly impossible. but it's not. so when your surgeon says i'm sorry there is nothing i can do without surgery or when they give that you pill to deal with your pain or give you that silly advice about putting orthotic in your shoe to relieve the pain in your hips? say to yourself isn't there anything else out there that can relieve this pain? what i have found you really won't want to miss. plus, i propose a question. why do you think many companies make all their
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products out of petroleum? is it because they think it's good for the health of the consumer? or is it just because it's cheaper? that's the question i was asking myself when it came to yoga mats. i looked at my mathieing jeepers i spend an awful lot of time sweating on that thing. can it be good for me? and i found out the answer. but, first, is it just me or does some products and procedures out there just seem so farfetched these days? i mean, they claim so many miracle cures yet when you get them home they just don't work the same. this time i want the double blind test if i'm going to buy something. that's what i got with this next product. it's called the pemf. so what is it? plastic and reconstructive surgeon dr. christine rodey and her patient dr. michael ann cox are here to explain. thank you guys for being here. >> hi, good morning. >> you have found something really amazing. what is it called? >> called post electromagnetic frequency
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devices. >> pemf. >> pemf. i'm a person who is skeptical when someone comes to me and says i have this new thing that works great for pain and swelling. here it is. so, what i did was i then did a double blind placebo controlled ram dom mizeed study which in research we consider level one evidence. i looked at whether this device worked in my best production patients. >> what is it supposed to do? tell us why this thing is so great and what we need it for. >> so, what it is fda approved for is for pain and swelling relief. for me, when i take take care of my patients i not only want to do a great surgery but i want them to be comfortable afterwards. i want the post-operative experience to be as wonderful as possible. >> this little thing here, this itty-bitty little thing right here is supposed to do that why? what is it with electromagnetic pulls? >> what it does is ultimately works on the
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nitric oxide cascade to effect growth factors and then contribute to pain relief as well as decreasing swelling. >> so, basically, what this does is stimulates your body to do its own pain relief? >> exactly. >> you put. >> you can if is that how it goes? >> that's one way if you had pain in that area. >> you have to put it directly on the area where you have pain? >> it has an effective field that goes four inches above and four inches underneath and around so like a spear sphere around the device. only acts in differents inflamed. hurt my shoulders doing yoga put it around my shoulders and neck so it helps my shoulder. >> exactly. >> i will feel pain relief immediately in a matter of days how does it work. >> turn it on and you put it on. it immediately helps with pain relief. >> is there anybody who can't use it? >> don't recommend in people who have pacemakers.
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>> of course electromagnetic. >> exactly. beyond that, unless they have some kind of electrical device like that. other than that, can you use it. >> okay. and you brought michael ann cox here. she is your patient? >> yes. she is one of my patients who who after she had double mastectomy i gave her device for pain. >> this is a particular one so, okay. so it's specifically went on that area? >> yeah. this is some the duo device so it fits over both breasts. >> tell us what your experience with the pmf was. >> it's obviously very simple to wear. it went under the surgical sports bra that i h so it didn't bother me or anything. and i can't remember how many days i wore it post mastectomy, but it definitely helped to relieve my pain. it didn't really bother me in any way. >> so, when you say that it relieved your pain, i mean, i have to ask you, how much
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pain would you know you would have had if you versus the pain had you after. >> it might be hard to tell except i didn't use a lot of pain medication. >> interesting, so you could cut -- for me i always go less medication, easier on the liver. you know what i mean? easier on the body to have synthetics. of course if you need pain medication and you don't want to take something like this could cut down on that also? >> i looked into her records and saw that she only took two pain pills for her entire hospital stay that included right after surgery. >> how many would she have normally taken. >> usually after the surgery people are getting pain medicine every hour. so for the 38 hours she really only took two pain pills. >> that's more than cut down it practically eliminated the need for pain pills. >> that's why i like this device. it's not a drug. we don't want to take medications if we don't need to especially the pain medication that we give people side effects like nash shah, -- nausea.
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addictive factor. if we can cut down on the amount of pain medication someone can take that's all the better. >> how do we get something like this? >> for now the best thing is to ask your doctor about it. there are two companies that sell electromagnetic frequency devices. they are fda approved. >> how much t. costs how much? >> the device costs about $100. and compare that to. >> the price of taking pills. you go pharmaceutical rep and he wants $700 for one month worth of pills. seriously so $100? >> yes. and it's disposable. >> you can imagine? thank you so much for coming on and sharing your personal story. i know sometimes that can be a little difficult. should invasive surgery always be the answer following a devastating fall, accident, or bone break? my next guest doesn't think so. when we return, a look at bare handed surgery.
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>> welcome back to a healthy you. is it always wise or prudent to cut the body when it's injured? do we always need to go for the most drastic measures first? when i fell and severely injured my shoulder and my leg in a cement hole that was 8 feet deep i couldn't walk. no solution in sight because. but cutting my shoulder to put it back together was not even an option i entertained because i had this woman's telephone number in my cell phone speed dial. i on opted for bare handed surgery instead i have asked elizabeth schultz to come on and enlighten us with ways to avoid surgeries. elizabeth. >> yes. >> you do not believe in cutting the body as a first
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option you believe you can heal a body by laying your hands on it. what do you do? >> i use hands to mall nip plate the tissue maybe in a i think that a sculpture was. i'm going into and moving the muscles and actually breaking some of the fascia structure. helping the muscles relate differently to each other and to the bones having the movement come back. rejanuviaating the tissue. combining what i do with my hands with acupuncture, very effective. >> you call yourself a reiki acupuncturist? >> yes did i premed and i realized through internship with a pathologist, the one who did all the autopsies at the morgue and i worked with him and helped the dissections and the autopsy procedures, realized. i wanted to be working with
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living tissue and people from an alternative approach rather than cutting into the body because i just saw that there was a different opportunity there. >> but that kind of training, did it teach you something about how the body relates internally and externally? >> yes. the path physiology has served me very well understanding how the body functions on biochemical and biological level. the kin says particulars the movement capabilities has been very important background to what i'm doing now. >> all of that aside, all i know is that when i fell i couldn't walk for two weeks and i couldn't move my arm. i couldn't rotate it, i couldn't do anything. and one hour on your table, you went in there and okay, yes, it was a painful hour because you really get in there and really rearrange what's happening. and i got up and i could move my arm, i could literally walk again. you gave me back my life. it was unbelievable that i suffered for two weeks until you actually -- came back and able to work on me. you think that there is some different facets to what you
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you are doing, it's not just about minuting manipulating the body and using acupuncture. you believe in supplementation. >> definitely the supplements. once a body has been injured. the tissue is shattered. and you need to regenerate some of the tissue growth. in order to do that, you have to stimulate the organs and the production of blood and the feeding and nourishing and cleansing of the tissue in order to get that regenerate and regrow. >> is there anybody that you can't work on? >> maybe there are some people that are in a fragile condition but most of the time i have had a wide spectrum of patients from very young to very old. and most people can benefit to some degree, maybe they are not going to get a full cure but they are going to benefit. >> this is your patient. >> michael. >> so what happened to you? you hurt yourself you? injured yourself? >> well, it was a number of things. but i was traveling abroad and developed a very strong pain in my neck that went
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through my shoulder down right through my arm. so it was kind of a nerve condition that it really just was absolutely excruciating pain. >> what did the doctors tell you you needed to do? >> i came back diagnosed with arthritis in my neck and through one sport doctor and one surgeon they recommended that i would have surgery. and i decided to opt out and luckily, my partner, who had been see elizabeth for a number of years recommended me to her and i went to her and within about two sessions not only was the pain completely relieved but i had new movement and freedom of movement in my neck. >> pretty amazing how quickly this works. where can people in the united states find someone like you? is there an organization here? are there other people who do what you do? say i'm in california and i can't travel because i'm injured. do you have recommendation of where we can find people?
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>> there are people that do myofacial work. people that do acura pressure work there are people that do combinations of acura pressure and acupuncture. >> that's what we should be looking for? >> yes. something like this. before you go and think about doing surgery could be so important. because once you cut the healing process is forever. in fact i had a girlfriend who did that on her back and this is like almost 8 years later and she was not the same. someone you sent to you didn't get cut worked with you and was skiing that november. it's amazing what can be done. thank you so much for coming on. >> you are welcome. >> thank you for sharing what you do. michael, thank you so much for taking the time to come here and share your experience with us. i really appreciate it a few months ago we did a segment on yoga and now i ask, is your yoga mat killing you or am i overreacting? either way, i did get your attention.
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>> welcome back. i was sweating away on my yoga mat recently when i had this crazy thought. what is my mat made of? could it be something bad, toxic, even? if so, what do i do? so i have turned to yoga health expert jean of jade yoga. is he here to give us the lowdown. so, there is many different yoga mats. let's start with the most popular which is these horrible pvc mats. they seem to be just about everywhere. i know you just said you don't even want to touch it? >> i don't want to touch it, carol. >> what is it.
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>> policy vinyl chloride plastic. most importantly vinyl chloride is a classic carcinogen. >> and when these start to degrade if you use them a lot and start to degrade, several things start happening. it starts to be absorbed by your skin and the cells as you can see here, they start popping out and coming off so they degrade rather rapidly. can you see that there? they degrade rather rapidly and these things literally pull out like little -- poke out like little things like that. and they do that very quickly. >> right. that's just more it breaks down the more exposure you are going to have. why people are doing yoga for their health are on pvc mats -- we are going to do this with this mat. gone. other alternatives. you said this mat is made of rice? >> rice straw. great natural fiber. and it's a beautiful mat. it's really a beautiful piece. >> it is a beautiful mat. >> and this is -- it's a
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great mat for meditation. we just need a little space to work. you can see beautiful border on it. >> you are saying meditation because this feels rather slippery to me. not slippery like the pvc. >> what you want a yoga mat for is grip. so you are not slipping. you want comfort so you are getting some cushion when you are on a hard floor. and then, obviously would like -- again, you are getting good workout, you want to do something healthy, healthy and natural product is best. rice straw is great for the third thing, okay. sitting poses, prone poses. they all are beautiful on this. >> right. balancing maybe. >> balancing but anything that's going it require some grip with the mat. that's not going to be appropriate for. >> okay. right. what is this one here? that. >> saleh texas mat. latex is a natural product. it comes from rubber trees. >> right. this is the one i use. the issue is that some people are allergic to latex so you have to go and figure that out. but, it can smell a little wit like ashtray.
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it's not something sneak ago cigarette in your house it does smell a little bit like ashtray. i had my rubber one. i love it it's sticky it holds the pose. this is a thin one great for balance and trouble. >> natural rubber has a lot of benefits. this is latex slightly different than natural rubber. comes from the same tree but different process to get it there. the problem with latex as you said some people have latex allergies. there is some indication out there that exposure to latex may cause you to develop latex allergies. when i went looking for my yoga mats. not everybody knows. let me read the ingredients. they did say my natural rubber was latex. they said a latex natural rubber. so, there might be some confusion in the industry about that even technical term whether rubber or latex i just refer to latex
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because it different united states from the next mat which is made of a different type of rubber. it comes again from the tree but this is made of dry natural rubber. >> oh, i love this one. wow. great grip. thin for balance. >> this is a mat from jade yoga which is my company i started 10 years ago. >> get that online, right? >> with the idea of making a natural product. i don't know if you know this i used to work for the e.p.a. i was a lawyer for e.p.a. enforcing environmental laws. my dream while i was there to come out with a product that was ecofriendly and healthy. this is a product we have came up with. >> made of natural rubber. >> natural rubber. similar. the advantage of natural rubber doesn't have the latex proteins in it. >> is it bad to have latex proteins. >> latex proteins is the allergies. >> latex allergies go for the natural rubber. be careful that people use that term interchangeably you can break out if you are using the wrong one. >> tell people to be really
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careful. they also have psychiatry clear warnings on their mats if you have latex allergies. other advantage is this like i said before you want grip and comfort. if you feel this, you get more cushioning. >> this is a great mat. i love the feel of this mat because you will never slip on this. i mean there are mats of different thickness thinner and thicker mat. a lot of poses down on the floor you like a thicker mat. if you like to balance you might want a thinner mat. >> this comes in three thicknesses. travel mat. thicker one is a fusion and it really is incredibly comfortable if you are on it it's a little hard to balance. >> you said it comes in different lengths because you looked at me and you knew the longer one. >> the other advantage to this mat is it is made in the u.s. >> great. >> we know exactly what goes in this mat. >> almost like a bed. >> right. this is a cotton yoga mat. full of cotton batting. >> i could sleep on that one. >> go ahead. >> i'm going there. >> again, super comfortable.
1:25 pm
so thick and cushioning. yeah, please, lay down. >> oh, that's nice. but i wouldn't want to work out on this one. >> again it's great. >> too comfy, that's like to watch tv. great medication. >> watch my show on. this roll up and use it as a bolster. you can again for meditation, sitting poses, prone poses. >> a lot of different ways you can do it. >> if people can't find a mat from all these natural things then i don't know what else to tell you. you you don't want those pvc mats break down and toxic. not good for your skin, it is open. healthy once. this one is my favorite. >> my favorite, too. >> i just stole it? >> it's yours. >> thank you. >> up next, ask carol. okay, listen up! i'm re-workin' the menu. mayo? corn dogs? you are so outta here! aah! [ female announcer ] the complete balanced nutrition
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welcome back. it's time for ask carol. today the twitter handle at -- asking have you ever gotten sick eating raw? in a word, no. eating raw is not an excuse to be irresponsible for the cleanliness of your food. on the contrary. i believe you should be more responsible. in fact, i write you shouldable aware where the food comes from, if you eat meat know what the animal. if he are getting sick on shell fish they they eating raw shell fish. i people get sick on shrimp. food handlers are not clean or careful whsm the food or s. old or contaminated regardless of whether it is cooked or raw. always be careful with your food. remember, if you have a question about diet, exercise, or even continue eye aging just tweet me at carol alt, fnc or post it on
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my facebook page. enemy next time i'm hoping you are learning to be more of a healthy you. >> breaking ranks with the white house over obamacare. welcome inside america's news headquarters, i'm gregg jarrett. more than two dozen democratic lawmakers turn turning their backs on the administration and teaming up with republicans in support of a new bill that would allow americans to keep their current insurance plans even if they don't meet the standards of the healthcare law. molly henneberg is live in washington with more. molly? >> greg, more than 5 million americans have received those cancellation notices letting them know that they won't have their health insurance plan a


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