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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  November 16, 2013 1:30pm-2:01pm PST

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enemy next time i'm hoping you are learning to be more of a healthy you. >> breaking ranks with the white house over obamacare. welcome inside america's news headquarters, i'm gregg jarrett. more than two dozen democratic lawmakers turn turning their backs on the administration and teaming up with republicans in support of a new bill that would allow americans to keep their current insurance plans even if they don't meet the standards of the healthcare law. molly henneberg is live in washington with more. molly? >> greg, more than 5 million americans have received those cancellation notices letting them know that they won't have their health insurance plan anymore. it's going to be cancelled
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because of obama care. and lawmakers are hearing from those constituents. that may be part of the reason why 39 house democrats voted for a republican bill the upton bill that would allow americans to keep their health insurance plans even if they don't meet obamacare standards. president obama had announced a day earlier that his administration would craft an administrative fix to allow people to keep their health insurance. still, those 39 house democrats likely feeling the pressure from their home districts broke with the president, broke with their leadership, and voted for the upton bill. >> what has to drive my vote as a doctor, for someone who really underunderstands healthcare is what is best for american patients. and then as a representative of the district, i really have to be responsible for my constituents. >> and arizona democratic congressman ron barber who also voted for the upton bill told politico that obamacare is, quote: a huge bill. over 2,000 pages there are going to be unintended consequences.
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there are going to be things that don't work. i'm about fixing things that don't work. even before the vote the republicans predicted that the bill would pass with bipartisan support. democrats recognize that the president made a promise and he needs to keep that promise. he needs to keep his commitment, listen to the american people, and deliver on that promise. >> one democrat who did not support the upton bill says people should not read into too much into the 39 democrats who voted with the republicans. >> it means that, what, fewer than 10% of house democrats or 220% of house democrats didn't stay together. >> the white house says the upton bill goes too far because it allows them to sell plans that don't meet obamacare standards who did not have those plans previously. gregg? >> molly henneberg, thank
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you very much. a nasty outbreak of meningitis at an ivy league university is now forcing the government to import a vaccine from overseas. seven people diagnosed with meningitis at princeton university. the vaccine needed to treat the disease is widely available in europe and australia and europe but has never been approved for use here in the united states until now. meningitis is a rare but deadly disease that can kill a patient within a couple days or cause severe disabilities. rescuers now think they have found the body of that florida man who ever fell or jumped from a small private plane off the coast of miami. crews began looking on thursday for the man after the pilot made an urgent call at a passenger had suddenly opened the door at the back of the plane and fell out. police identifying the missing man as 42-year-old harold nalis from key
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biscayne. authorities do not expect foul play. new video today of a deadly blast in afghanistan. it happened in the capitol city. the explosion killing at least six people, injuring about 22 others. the blast comes just hours after president harmid karzai announced that the united states and afghan negotiators had finished working on a controversial security deal just ahead of higher level talks that began next week. it's only mid november but it looks a lot like christmas in some areas. look at that that's oregon. six inches of snow falling in some parts of the state. in the meantime, strong thunderstorms moving across the central u.s. wringing the possibility of hail damaging wind even tornadoes. meteorologist janice dean live in the fox extreme weather center. hey j.d. >> hey. it looks like they were having fun in the northwest.
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we are going to see 6 to 12 inches easily. probably be talking about tornado watches across the central u.s. the snowy side of this storm across the northern rockies and northern plains, half a dozen states have winter weather advisories in some cases we could see up to 2 feet in the highest elevations. now, the severe side of this storm is going to come tomorrow again threat for heavy snow across the mountain news regions and all of these areas that you see the white and grays and heavy rain along the coast here of the northwest. tomorrow afternoon into the evening hours, large hail, damaging winds and strong tornadoes. especially in this area that you see shaded in red. so, parts of illinois, indiana, ohio, kentucky, up towards michigan. this is an area of concern, millions of people live in this region as this front
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continues push on through. some cases temperatures 15 to 5 degrees above average. part of the ingredients we need for the severe weather outbreak of course we will bring you the very latest here on fox news. >> wow, 73 in louisville? >> yeah, crazy. 15 to 25 degrees above average ahead of this front and as the front moves through temperatures will drop like a rock. >> amazing. j.d., check back with you thanks so much. >> okay, greg. president obama announcing that a healthcare fix is in the works. but, what exactly does that mean? could it really make things even worse? we're going to talk about it next. and, the latest on the search for survivors after one city is deficit stated by days of flooding and deadly landslides. and, hay, you thought your job was rough? talk about milk ago camel
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is. time now for quick check of the headlines, a powerful storm causing severe flooding in central vietnam killing dozens of people there reportedly damaging hundreds of thousands of homes. well, the real name of a girl known as baby hogue knew engraved on head stone. 4-year-old engel can a casteel was murdered back in 1991. she was identified just last month after new york police arrested a 52-year-old cousin of that child. nasa is hoping its latest
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mars space craft will help shed light on the atmosphere of the mysterious red planet. the new robotic explorer called maven will blast off into space on monday to begin a 10 month long journey to explore mars. president obama announcing his healthcare fix, if you can call it that this week saying that americans who have had their health insurance plans cancelled, we're talking about millions of folks, because of the affordable care act can now keep those plans for another year, if the insurers are willing to do it. democrats say this is a step in the right direction. is it enough. will there be more dem defections. susan joins us the chief congressional correspondent for "the washington examiner." good toe sue, susan. >> thanks for having me. >> you know, for three long years, president obama and harry reid have been able to hold democrats together and, you know, it all changed in the last several days. dozens of democrats ended up
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voting against the president in the upton bill in the house yesterday. and defections appear to be growing in the u.s. senate. is it fair to say that at the white house panic is setting in? >> well, i think it does -- it is fair to say and what is evolving here is that the healthcare law may lead to more cancellations not just through individual policies but when the employer mandate sets in and big companies start to push their employees out into the healthcare exchanges. in other words, the phone calls to the congressional offices and the angry emails could only get, you know, more numerous. that's going to increase pressure on the democratic leaders in both the house and the senate who have been resisting big legislation to try to make changes. they are going to have to do something. the reason is in 2014. many of these democrats are quite vulnerable. in the senate there is at least 10 very competitive races for democrats where republicans could easily take the majority.
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in the house, again. >> they only need six, right? >> they need six for the majority. that's correct. so there are 10 that are competitive and if you look at the republican side, there really aren't that many, maybe one or two that are super competitive. so, it's really politically speaking, it's really dangerous territory for democrats. they know. this and those of us who cover capitol hill. you feel the panic setting. in and a lot of members are saying they are very frustrated with this rollout. and one member told me, he said we are not going to walk the plank on this thing. if they don't get it fixed abandon it because our constituents hate it. >> those constituents have been flooding, you know, the halls of congress with emails and, you know, telegrams and, as i understand it, you know, a lot of the voice mail is totally filled up and jammed up. they are getting an earful. let me ask you about the president's fix that he announced on thursday. it was forced on him by essentially his own deception. misleading millions of
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americans oh, sure, you can keep your plans, period. nobody is going to take it away from you. the irony here, susan, is that his fix arguably makes it more likely that his exchanges are not going to work because they can't achieve the volume and the risk balance that's necessary for them to function. and if if that happens, i mean, isn't it all together possible that the entire healthcare act could implode because those people are just going to stay away from the exchanges? >> that's the big question. what's going to happen going forward? they try to minimize the damage the obama administration by only having a very small number of these policies by comparison allowed to continue into 2014. again, there is that 2014 time limit on this. however, as you say, it's still creates this side market of individual policies and keeps the imrowng and healthy
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and healthy and more viable customers out of the exchanges and underfunds the exchanges. it could cause a collapse. the first year is a very critical time for this healthcare exchange. they have got to survive the first year by getting enough folks to sign up for the exchanges. so far we see those numbers have been quite paltry. one of the reasons the web site is not working well. we know by november 30th the day it's supposed to start working perfectly it's not going to be working perfectly. combine all of these problems and yes it does suggest that the healthcare law may not survive that is a big question. democrats on capitol hill know this. they are quite concerned which is why they are all trying to throw up their own legislative fixes. we can't rule out that senate democrats may try to pass something on their own just to kind of show constituency they are doing something. >> right. >> but county law be fixed and can it survive? we're all wondering that. it's going to depend on whether or not the glitches are fixed and people can find affordable care online. that's not clear yet. >> i want to come back to something you mentioned at the outset and that is employer sponsored plans.
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not only are millions losing their plans in the individual marketplace. wait until employers start canceling their plans. i looked at it about an hour ago, the nonpartisan cbo says 20 million will get kicked off their plans and in point of fact, the obama administration itself three years ago in a little noticed report in the federal register -- >> -- that's right. >> predicted that 93 million americans all together are going to be losing their plans. all of this happening in the run-up to the midterm elections. so, so that could have a devastating dramatic impact on the november elections. right? >> that's right. you know, the examiner has got a good story up online right now about this that the employers are about to unload a lot of their employees into the exchanges. and as you say, adding tens of millions of more people to the list of those who have lost the care that they
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thought they were going to be able to keep. and, again, this will unfuller over the unfurl. you combine those two things and it could be a political disaster for them. theythey realize. this up to 90 million people losing their healthcare i can't see how the party can survive this in 2014. combine the lost plans with people feel they lost something they were promised they could keep not a good situation for the party. >> endings up having to pay a more expensive replacement plan. the coughany of anger could be waiting. susan good to talk to you as always. thank you. >> thank you. >> looking for a job? how about becoming a bear tattoo artist or a belive relocater? just some of the jobs that
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bite. the host of natgeo's wild job up next. >> like him? >> i don't know. honestly i don't know. >> you haven't had that talk yet? >> no. looks like a male to me but i don't know. >> oh, no, female. >> female, exactly. >> in the nation, we know how you feel about your car.
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nat geo wild launching a brand-new series called "jobs that bite." it's about bizarre animal jobs such as, well, camel milker. >> this doesn't hurt her. right? >> no. she'd let you know if it was. >> how much? >> she'd try to kick out. just like that.
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>> oh, that looks like fun. don't tell me he's going to drink the milk. the show also talks about the americans who keep these careers and traditions alive. joining us, host of "jobs that bite," jeremy brant. good to see you. >> thanks for having me. >> did you drink the camel milk? >> yeah. i mean, i think the rule is on the show, if you're going to milk something, you have to drink it, unfortunately. >> yeah. i've milked a cow before. but what was the camel like? >> the camel milk is a lot warmer than you'd like. i like my milk in the fridge pretty cold. but it's really -- it really tastes the same. it's thicker than the milk i good. but it was good enough for me to have another sip. >> i think i'll skip it next time. we have video of you getting up close and personal with a -- i think it's a baby giraffe.
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talk to us about in a. >> we were in lion country, florida. we shoot show in two days, each animal. so the night we were there, in between our two-day shoot was the night that this giraffe was born. they have four born a year. and we were fortunate enough to be there at the time when this giraffe was born. so the next morning we went in, got to do a into neonatal exam on her. it was amazing. this giraffe was less than 12 hours old. it was already 6' 3 and 171 pounds. so took me 18 years to get that big. >> yeah. no kidding. all right. were you doing some shrimp boating? what were you doing? >> yep. we did some shrimping out of fort myers in the gulf of mexico in a boat called the babe with captain charlie and frankie. sounds like a bands, but they go out for 30, 40 days at a time. we went out with them for 14 hours. caught a couple bags of shrimp.
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it was amazing. i had never seen it done before and i've never done it before. to be out there with all these doors and pulleys, he's got a southern drawl that i could barely understand half the words he's saying. and i'm trying to make sure i'm in the right spot where i won't get knocked out. >> just like forrest gump. hey, how about ghosts? what were you doing with goats? >> goats, they're pretty exciting. i pretty much was chasing them the whole episode. these goats have a condition that means when they get scared, their muscles lock up and they fall over. which sounds like it would be easy to catch. but i don't want to catch them like that when they fall over. so when they get back up, i try to chase them and catch them. but it was really funny seeing -- i shouldn't say -- it was funny. it was funny. funny watching them fall overment i felt bad for them,
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but it was also pretty hilarious >> it's like tipping cows back in college. remember that? >> yeah, yeah. >> all right. >> i don't really know how they survived so long in this world if that's their instinct when they get chased, to lock up and fall over. you don't think they would last very long. >> all right. so you were hanging out with some lions. did they need a little dentistry work? what was the deal? >> they do. well, in the wild, nature takes its course and they end up dying earlier than in captivity. in captivity, they don't take them in very often, but every few years, you do put the lion down, give it anesthesia and they go in and check the teeth. so i got to be there on this procedure with a 420-pound lion and checking his teeth, removing some tartar. the mouth is wide open and you think, i hope this guy doesn't wake up. the doctor's arm is in there and
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i'm very close. >> hope he's sufficiently drugged. what's the most dangerous thing you've done? >> it's got to be we went if in the long island aquarium in new york and i got to go in the shark tank, or i had to. i had to go in there to clean the shark tank. i'm in there with eight to 9-foot sand tiger sharks. on top of that, i had just gotten my scuba certification just for this dive. so i'm a brand-new scuba guy and now i'm going in tanks with sharks that have teeth that look like they want to tear me up. >> out of time. jeremy brant. thanks for being with us. hope off great weekend, everybody. we'll see you back here in ank. hour. awarded j.d. power's most appealing midsize car, two years in a row. and right noyou can drive one home for practicallyust your signature. get zero due at signing, zero dn,
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