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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  November 16, 2013 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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>> tune in tomorrow 11:30. >> you know they haveoi the greatest presidential teeth. >> i know george washington -- >> "special report" is next. hello. i'm gregg jarrett. welcome to a brand-new hour inside america os news headquarters. >> good to see you. i'm arthel neville. topping the news, growing dissent within the democratic party. how dozens of democrats are now asserting their -- turning make backs on the obama white house in the wake of the botched rollout of health care. and more than a week after super typhoon haiyan tore through the philippines, we're going to show you how survivors there are still struggling to pick up the pieces. plus, get ready to shop. black friday is just two weeks away. "consumer reports" hits the
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stores to find some of the biggest deals. they're sharing it all with us coming up. first, democrats defecting from the white house in droves, a total of 39 house democrats break ranks with president obama, joining republicans in passing a bill to fix the health insurance cancellation problems plaguing the affordable care act. this as we also learn that more than 5 million americans and counting have been dropped from their insurance plan. molly henneberg joins us live from washington with more. molly? >> reporter: greg, looming midterm elections often have a way of getting a law maker's attention, as do the health insurance cancellation notices going out to constituentses. 39, as you were saying, gregg, out of 192 house democrats voted for that house republican bill. the upton bill yesterday. which would allow americans to keep their health insurance plans even if those plans do not
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meet obamacare standards. one california democrat who sided with republicans and voted for the bill says democrats have to be flexible as the law takes effect. >> what we have to do is take the things that are working and continue to build off of that. but then we have to be open as a party for those things that aren't work to be ready to identify them and fix them and make them better. >> reporter: some house republicans say they expect to see more defections by democrats on future bills related to obamacare. >> when the employers start canceling their employer-based health care plans and putting those people in the exchanges, it's going to get worse. the democrats own this law. it is a turkey. it is a lemon and it is a question of time before a lot of democrats wake up to that fact. >> reporter: the president launched a preemptive strike on thursday and said his administration is trying to fix the problem and allow people to keep their plans. he also talked about the disastrous rollout of obamacare and its effect on democrats.
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>> i feel deeply responsible for making it harder for them rather than easier for them to continue to promote the core values that i think led them to support this thing in the first place. >> reporter: the upton bill faces an uphill climb trying to make it through the democrat-controlled senate. but if were to get through, president obama likely would veto it because the bill also allows insurance companies to sell plans that don't meet obamacare standards to people who did not have those plans previously. gregg? >> molly henneberg in washington. thanks. meanwhile, president obama's health care fix creating a lot of confusion. insurance companies and state regulators are now dealing with a whole new ball game, wondering how they can put the new changes into effect. elizabeth prann reporting on that one from washington.
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>> reporter: after meeting at the white house on friday, insurance executives now have the challenge of fulfilling the president's broken promise. sell back insurance plans to customers who received cancellation notices. a daunting feat seeing as they captain reinstate plans without the governing body's approval. a number rejected the president's proposal, warning it could raise premiums. >> it would be a huge undertaking, hundreds of thousands of policies have already had cancellation notices issued to the policyholder. undoing that, putting the toothpaste back in the tube would be a very, very difficult thing to do. >> reporter: the "washington post" reporting so far states are split. florida, north carolina, ohio, kentucky, and texas, for example, have said insurers can sell back plans. rhode island, vermont, and washington state will stay the course. states such as maryland and kentucky are still weighing their options, but the white house says many will follow the president's orders and the
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administration is confident in the fix. >> he feels responsibility for taking steps to fix the problem for those individuals to make that transition smoother to allow insurance companies in state insurance commissioners to insure that they can renew their policy. >> reporter: remember, they don't have much time. december 15th is the deadline to purchase a plan in the new insurance exchange for coverage beginning in 2014. arthel, back to you. >> elizabeth prann in washington, thanks. we are beginning to learn new details on the investigation into the benghazi attack. at least five c.i.a. personnel were asked to sign a second nondisclosure agreement after the ambush on our consulate in libya. those five individuals reportedly did not feel pressured to sign the document, but some considered it quite odd because it was not standard practice as their original nondisclosure agreements were still in effect. the attack on september 11 of
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last year killing four americans, including ambassador christopher stevens. fox news confirming that attorney general eric holder is now trying to block an attempt by the house of representatives to hold him in contempt over his handling of operation fast and furious. that's the controversial government program that intentionally allowed for the illegal trade of licensed firearms to mexican drug cartels to try to track them, but then lost track of those weapons. two of those weapons were later recovered at the murder scene of border patrol agent brian terry. congress has been trying to get to the bottom of what happened, but things came to a head earlier this year when president obama signed an executive order essentially releasing the justice department from having to turn over any documents related to the program. a glimmer of hope in the philippines. delayed emergency aid is finally flowing in to parts of the
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typhoon-ravaged country. reaching desperate families more than a week after the monster storm made landfall. this as the disaster agency there reports at least 3600 people now confirmed dead. william lajeunesse reporting from outside the hard hit city of taclava. >> reporter: in disasters, there are stories of life and survival. this is likely to be the deadliest typhoon in philippine history. for every casualty, there are dozens more who now see life as a second chance. where were you when the typhoon hit? >> we actually in the structure of the house. our house. >> reporter: he and his wife julie and two sons live in a coastal town and he works in a hotel. >> he very, very strong winds. >> reporter: winds more than 100 miles an hour hit in the morning.
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the surge came several hours later. destroying the first four hours. he lives in number five. >> seconds. >> reporter: then the water was here? >> yes. >> no. >> reporter: had a matter of seconds, the water was this high? >> yes. because of the two or three big waves. >> we were just keep praying the whole time. >> reporter: did you think you were going to die? >> yes, yes. >> reporter: the family ran upstairs and braced themselves inside a small bedroom. >> because of the strong wind, i have plastic mat. we cover it. we covered here. we lie down here. roof is gone. then the ceiling. >> reporter: crashed on top of you? >> yes. >> reporter: so you survived because you had the mattress on top of you? >> yes. >> reporter: others were not so lucky. next door and down the block, dozens of neighbors didn't make it. the hotel where he works, destroyed. what is going through your mind?
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>> i said, god, thank you for the second life. >> reporter: like everyone here, bang is struggling with the basics, food and water. but we are seeing more aid. we're seeing more heavy equipment clearing the roads. one critical shortage for government? workers willing to pick up and bury the dead. gregg, back to you. >> reporter: william lajeunesse reporting from the philippines. thanks. if you would like to help those affecteled by typhoon haiyan, fox news has compiled a list of aid groups taking the lead in the recovery and rebuilding efforts. head over to our web site, and you will find it there. meanwhile, floods and landslides killing at least 31 in central vietnam. heavy rains causing an enormous and sudden surge in water levels and forcing authorities to evacuate tens of thousands of people. some residents were loaded into boats in the streets as buildings were engulfed with
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water. strong thunderstorms moving across the central united states. heavy rain, hail, damaging winds. those are the main threats right now. and the possibility of tornadoes. meteorologist janis dean with the latest. >> hi. this time tomorrow we're probably going to be seeing some tornado watches lighting up this map. so we're going to continue to monitor this system that really is getting its act together across the west and bringing with it 12 to 18, even two feet of snow in the highest of elevations. but the real big storm is going to start to get its act together tomorrow, into tomorrow evening. as you can see, as we look at our forecast satellite radar imagery, across the central u.s., around 3:00 p.m., that's when we're going to start to see things fire, large hail, damaging winds, even strong tornadoes, late season tornadoes. people are on alert, especially across the central u.s. and then it will sweep across the east coast on monday.
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severe threat tonight across the midwest. some of these areas here. but tomorrow, that's when we see this really big area of severe weather in all of these big cities. 70 million people in the path of the storm. that's what we'll focus in on, especially tomorrow. ahead of the storm, one of the main ingredients that we have, warmer than average temperatures. unstable air masses. some cases it will be 25 degrees above average as this system moves eastward. so gregg, arrest they will, this time tomorrow, unfortunately, this map will be lighting up. back to you. >> boy, it sure will. we'll keep an eye on it. thanks very much. >> you got it. the troubled rollout of president obama's health care law may cause some serious problems in the democratic party. can congressional democrats keep their unity? >> and the president's other major project, immigration reform, also seems to be on the rocks. how can the president save his legacy? that's coming up okay, listen up! i'm re-workin' the menu.
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with head-to-toe customization. the triple choice sale on now at sleep train! ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ welcome back. police in florida now say the body of a man who fell from a plane has believed to have been found. the 42-year-old fell or jumped from the back of a small private jet off the coast of miami.
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police in southern california say four skeletons discovered in the believed to be that of a missing family. a couple and their two young sons vanished from san diego county three years ago. investigators say they were apparent homicide victims. the real name of a girl known as baby hope now engraved on her head stone. four-year-old angel la castillo was murdered back in 1991. she was identified just last month after new york police arrested a 52-year-old cousin of the child. president obama vowing to fix all the problems associated with the botched health carrollout. announcing a plan this week that would allow americans to keep their canceled insurance policies, at least for another year. but is the president's promise enough to smooth things over with members of his own party, who critics say are struggling to maintain unity and credibility in the wake of the
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troubled rollout? matt is here action former white house political director under president george w. bush. debbie dingell is here as a member of the democratic national committee, and former chair of vice president al gore's 2000 presidential campaign in michigan. good to see both of you. >> great to be here. >> thanks. lots to cover. we'll start with this, matt. you up first. which represents, in your opinion, bigger problem for the president? talking about public perception or the democrats in congress and those facing midterm elections. >> well, really it's kind of the same thing because you live in a democracy and the fact is the president has put these members of his own party in the house of representatives in a tough position. they're having to defend a bill that still has about the american people who don't like it and he hasn't given them the ability to vote on a fix. the president did is he did by executive fiat. he tried to come up with a political solution to this question of can you keep the insurance that you want? but he didn't give the democrats
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an ability to vote on a vehicle. because he didn't, they ended up voting with john boehner and the republicans 39 of them, and 12 of them were even too timid to cast a vote because of the dangerous political waters that they find themselves in. >> so debbie, why didn't the dems back the president on his way to fix obamacare? is it more about the people and their pursuit of health care, health insurance or more about politics? >> i agree with matt. it's one and the same right now. i think the american people are so confused about where we are on health care and the fact of the matter is, i'm going to tell you that i think republicans are more afraid that health care is going to succeed than they are that it's going to fail because they don't want a political -- they don't want democrats to have a win necessary year. >> go ahead and i'll come back. >> what i think is that the american people -- everybody agrees on one thing, that every american should have access to quality affordable health care. the rollout has been bumpy. there is no question about it.
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the president has said it. but the problem is, we can not get republicans and democrats in the congress to work together in a constructive way to fix it. and that's what we need to do. the last perfect law that came down that was passed probably came down from the mountains and today, i'm not sure anybody would think the ten commandments were perfect. >> you're saying you should get both sides to fix it, then why isn't that happening? >> because we can't -- republicans won't work with democrats to find and work together in a constructive way. yesterday the vote -- the vote yesterday in the house was just another effort to destroy the american -- >> come on. >> but that's what it was. there is differences between what the president said, matt, and what the upton bill would just take you backwards. and also -- >> go ahead. i'm going to let you make your point. >> i mean, i agree with you that republicans and democrats need to work together because basically in this party, there is a split. the nation is roughly 50/50
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between blue and red. in a democracy, we have to work together. but you can't say we have to work together and criticize the republicans for trying to do something to fix obamacare which passed with zero republican votes. he couldn't even get olympia snow, the most liberal of republican senators to be on board. he did not work in a bipartisan fashion. he made that choice. it was a bad choice. let's stop making those choice. let's come together. let's allow a vote in the senate. >> let me jump in there listen to what matt is saying, he's saying listen, this is the republicans didn't vote for this thing from the get-go, if you will. but is that because you believe, debbie, that it was a bad idea or a bad proposal in terms of what was on the books and in terms of what is now a law, or was it political that they just didn't want to see it? >> no. i think it's been political. i think unfortunately this thing has been political from day one. what i'm really happy about now is to see republicans start to -- i mean, a year ago, people couldn't get agreement that we should be able to take care of
3:21 pm
people that had preexisting conditions, or that children that were 26 could be kept on their parents' plans or that we do something about the escalating price. now at least we hear republicans saying hey, yeah, we got to do something about that. i don't want a partisan fight. i want to figure out how we're going to help every american have that access to affordable quality health care and by the way, have certain basic care presented with care, which the president's bill does, which the upton bill didn't do yesterday. >> go ahead, matt. >> the real question here is that we're having this fight over health care insurance, debbie. we're not having a fight over health care. i wish we would have a conversation of how we could have even better health care, even though we have the world's best health care. what president obama has stepped in and tried to change is our health care insurance system and in doing that, he caused more concern for more people with six kids and who are sick themselves, they have uncertainty about whether they can keep their doctors. they have uncertainty about whether they can keep their
3:22 pm
health insurance. he's done more to damage the mental health of people who are worried about their kids and about the health of their families than he ever could have imagined. that is nothing about the health care system, which is the next step of this, which has people even more concerned as well. i think we have to go back to square one and rewrite this bill in a bipartisan manner and start all over. >> debbie -- go ahead. >> can i -- i do need to respectfully disagree with matt about the insurance plan. we had a problem in this country that people were being dropped from insurance and couldn't get insurance. and the exchanges that have been causing a lot of the talk and a lot of the attention are for a very -- many people were already covered on insurance by their business, which by the way were dropping people. we're telling people they couldn't include their spouses if they had them on another plan. obamacare has become -- everybody is blaming everything on obamacare when businesses and
3:23 pm
insurance companies were doing many things to try to contain the cost of health care and not provide better benefits. >> matt, i'm going to give you the last word. debbie, give us a concise answer, if you will. do you feel that moving forward, this will -- this fissure, will it widen in the democratic party or be seen as a bump in the road? >> it's a bump in the road. democrats are going to work together. >> matt? the last word. >> arthel, this is the beginning of a potential collapse politically of the president. his number one agenda item, obamacare, is falling apart before his very eyes. he better do something quickly to change it or he's a complete lame duck. >> okay. matt, debbie, thank you very much to both of you. >> thanks. microsoft is launching an on-base computer school for military veterans. the company gives a job and a hefty tech industry salary upon
3:24 pm
graduation. dan springer in seattle with details. >> special forces sergeant bernard bergen served in the philippines in afghanistan during his five-year military career. now he's getting ready to leave the army. unlike his fellow soldiers, on the day he gets out, he'll have a good tech job at microsoft waiting for him. still he's nervous. >> the big transition into the civilian sector is that you have to retrain all your skill sets. and again, that doesn't always translate well for most people. >> reporter: bergen is among 23 soon to be veterans taking an intensive 16-week course at joint-based louis mccord in washington state. the inaugural class of what microsoft calls its software and systems academy. when they finish next month, they'll all get hired by either microsoft or one of its contractors, making as much as $100,000 a year. >> they're very talented. they've got the drive, the self-discipline, the problem solving skills. it's been apparent that if we could close this remaining
3:25 pm
skills gap, these are people who are highly likely to be successful. >> reporter: the program comes as the military begins a 30% force reduction over the next four years. more than a quarter million will exit the services in 2014. the concern is many will have a hard time finding work. unemployment is higher for new vets than the general public. >> in the military, we have a very specific culture, specific language, specific jobs. it's difficult to translate that oftentimes into the civilian sector. >> reporter: iraq and afghanistan veterans of america surveyed members and 16% said they were jobless. among that group, nearly half had been unemployed for a year. microsoft has plans to expand its academy to bases in california and texas next year. future graduates will be guaranteed a job interview and hopefully the skills to make that transition from the battlefield to the business world a lot easier. in seattle, dan springer, fox
3:26 pm
news. some of the country's top military leaders all gathering in one place tonight for a rare face-to-face meeting. we're going to have a live report.
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a who's who of u.s. military leaders gathering today for the reagan national defense forum addressing the future of our military and national defense. dominic dinatale is live from the reagan presidential library in california with the latest. dominic? >> reporter: hey there. it's been quite a day actually. very rare that you get so many people of this level gathering in one spot. that's exactly what happened today. the defense secretary chuck hagel, the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, patrick dempsey, also here today. plus you had everybody from congress and also the private
3:31 pm
sector, the arms manufacturers, were all here today to discuss precisely what u.s. defense strategy was going to be just 11 years from now, 2025 is the next horizon when the u.s. posture will be very different from the way we see it today. in the past ten years, it's been primarily middle east. but the future look is going to be the asia pacific. that's because of the rise of china and the heavy and aggressive investment it's been putting in its military. they were discussing the kind of threats they could expect from china. here is how one delegate described what the problem is going to be with new antiballistic missiles coming from beijing. take a listen. >> if it could reach our fleet, six, 800 miles before we get to the taiwan straits and put our carriers in danger and destroy american aircraft carriers, that would be an enormous blow to america's capability to project power and to dominate the western pacific as we have since world war ii. >> reporter: you have to remember that it's the u.s.
3:32 pm
military that has underwritten the strength of america's power around the world. one thing the congressman was saying is he's concerned that due to the fall in research and development and budget we've seen in the past 20 years or so, that america may not be able to develop the right kind of weaponry soon to actually counter an attack on the u.s. fleet in the pacific from that kind of system the chinese have been developing. also the topic today was cyber terrorism and the threat to the united states there. general dempsey pointing out that he thinks the united states is very vulnerable and that for him, it's been a personal nightmare. although the united states has made steps to counter attacks from everywhere, from russia and china, the truth is with sequestration, it will be very hard to have the investment the united states needs to battle that new front. arthel, back to you. >> a fascinating and crucial meeting of the minds there. thank you very much for that report. well, if you think you're ready for retirement, you might
3:33 pm
want to think again. a new eye-opening survey finding that americans are retiring early and then running out of money. financial analyst and founder of help save my, scott gan, joins us here on the set. good to see you. look, we had a horrible recession. recovery has been slow to say the least. gdp is anemic. unemployment is incredibly high. manufacturing is flat. housing hasn't fully recovered. i could go on and on. but has that interrupted retirement plans? >> it really has. you may have been on a great path towards saving for retirement before the recession, but once that hit, five years ago and even up until now, your focus shifted to getting by in the present rather than thinking about the future. so as we see the economy slowly start to get better, it's time to get back to thinking about saving for retirement. >> all right. when people are thinking about retirement, they sit down and pad and pencil and try to figure
3:34 pm
out what their costs are going to be, depending on a pension or 401(k) or whatever, but they tend to underestimate their cost, right? >> they do. that's one of the biggest mistakes in retirement planning. because you may have your mortgage paid off, but you're also to have more health care cost and with the health industry being turned upside down by the chaos from obamacare, there is a lot of uncertainties there. plus medicare is not free. even though we've been paying payroll taxes all these years, there still will be premiums. you want to factor that in. this report showed 41% of respondents said that health care was the biggest issue holding them back from retiring when they want to. >> isn't that amazing? stocks are at an all-time high, as terrible as the economy is right now. so how do you factor that in? >> don't be afraid of the stock market. americans are living longer, so it's okay to be in equities longer. yesterday the dow jones and the s & p 500 closed up record highs primarily on new fed chief's
3:35 pm
yellen's confirmation that fed stimulus will continue despite reports and rumors of a paper possibly coming as soon as next month. but look, you want to sit down with a financial planner and think about how your investments should be lined up to prepare for the feds paper because it will come at some point and the fed stimulus has been propping up stocks. it'sing something to keep in mind. >> what goes up must come down inevitably. so you have to keep an eye on your 401(k). >> exactly. they are littered with fees. there are studies show a couple over a lifetime will pay upwards of $155,000 in 401(k) fees. this is because employers actually hire asset managers to run these accounts and that's not free. so new laws from last year actually said that employers now have to disclose to the employees what that fee breakdown is. so you might decide that it's cheaper to open up a roth ira as another way to jump start your retirement system. >> i'm tired of seeing fred
3:36 pm
thompson tell me about reverse mortgages, but, does that factor into this? >> it's a good option if you're really strapped for cash when it comes to retirement. basically if you're 62 years or old, and you own a home, you have equity, you can tap into that equity, get it in a lump sum or monthly payment. it's not the best option for your heirs because upon your death, your heir also have to pay that money back. but it's a really interesting option and we'll see reverse mortgages become more attractive as we see home prices rebound. >> i'd like to die with a dollar left in my checking account. social security, you can delay it and make some money? >> you can delay it. in fact, you're eligible at age 62. but if you can somehow delay it 'til 70, you'll get 25% more. so this strategy, along with watching your 401(k), keeping your spending in check, not easy task, but they will make a difference when it comes to saving for retirement. >> all right. to my daughters, i was just getting about the buck in the checking account. you know that. good to see you. >> thanks. >> no, he want. he tells me in commercial
3:37 pm
breaks. thanks, guys. 175,000 pages of federal regulations and counting. many full of good intentions, like the endangered species act. but john stossel says the bureaucrats always run too far with a good idea. he takes a look in his new special "war on the little guy." >> we're haunted by casper the frog. >> he's actually the mississippi gopher frog. he's called casper the ghost because none of these frogs currently live anywhere near his property. >> he looked it up on the web site and round out that by their own publication, the frog has not been seen in the state of louisiana because our land is not suitable for it. >> this frog doesn't exist in this area. >> it doesn't right now. it has historically. >> they tell you how you can cooperate, saying they have this handbook. >> it is an enormously complex, tedious, bureaucratic road map.
3:38 pm
>> 300-some page, unbelievely complex. he certainly couldn't have a life and deal with this. >> you couldn't. >> this is reasonable? >> yeah! >> it's hundreds of pages! >> i think his lawyers are capable of looking at it. if i can understand it, they can understand it. >> you're an environmental lawyer. what about normal people trying to live their lives? i see why you lawyers love this. 30 days here, 40 days there. >> i would probably write it a little differently, but i think does make sure the government commitments itself to a process that's transparent and fast? >> fast? >> er. >> you can watch the entire special tonight at 9:00 p.m. on the fox news channel. president obama's approval rating hitting a record low. so can the president hope to restore his credibility with the american people and save his legacy? susan estridge will be joining us in just a moment with that. and black friday just around the corner. coming up, we've got a roundup of some of the best deals out
3:39 pm
there to help arthel neville spend her money. >> really?
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so consider an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like all standardized medicare supplement insurance plans, these help cover some of what medicare doesn't pay -- and could save you in out-of-pocket costs. you'll also be able to choose any doctor who accepts medicare patients. call or go online today to request your free decision guide. go forward with passion. and nevesettle for good enough along the way. aarp medicare supplement insurance plans, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. go long. president obama's second term began with two goals essentially. a successful launch of his health care law and comprehensive immigration reform. however, both efforts now appear to be crumbling. polls show the president's approval rating dropped to its
3:43 pm
lowest level yet and look at this gallup trend line. president obama appears to be matching george w. bush's descending line. do we have that -- in roughly the same period of time on the second term of president bush. can the remainder of president obama's presidency, not to mention his legacy, be salvaged? let's talk about it now with fox news contributor susan estridge, a professor of law and political science at the university of southern california. susan, great to talk to you as always. >> great to talk to you. >> millions of angry americans losing their plans, accusing the president of lying to them. now many are stuck in a higher premium they can't afford, a web site that doesn't work. and democrats who voted for all of this, i mean, they are headed for the exits. how much damage,usan, has
3:44 pm
president obama done to his credibility and damage to the remainder of his presidency? >> a lot. i mean, there is only one answer to that question, which is he's done a lot of damage. and to be honest, you know me, i've tried to support him and i certainly want to see everybody get good health care. but some of these problems were so obvious from the beginning that it's hard to understand why he stood up there and said if you like your plan, you can keep it. that was never true. he's done huge damage. excuse me. but the only joke is, monica lewinsky. you think about bill clinton's second term, it was not so good. right? and it's now turned out, everybody thinks oh, he was a wonderful president. and things were great. so time does help. >> yeah. but clinton did add 22 million jobs and he also balanced a budge of budgets.
3:45 pm
-- bunch of budgets. so people tend to remember that, although it's hard to forget monica. president obama's hastily conceived fix that he announced on thursday, when you think about it, susan, it could put his exchange system in peril by letting people keep their plans. he's essentially driving those people away from the exchanges so there won't be the volume and the risk balance necessary for obamacare to function. so is this thing unraveling? >> well, i love the way you put it. risk balance. risk balance is a nice way of saying that if the healthy 20-year-olds don't buy into this program, then how much is it going to cost to provide insurance for the less healthy 50 and 60-year-olds? the whole system was basically structured on this idea, as insurance works, that we could get rid of preexisting conditions, that everybody could
3:46 pm
have access to much more in terms of services and who was going to subsidize that? in the very real way, it would be subsidized by people who are younger and healthier than probably me and so it's not real clear how the fix is going to work. i understand the political fix, but as you rightly point out, in terms of the numbers, something is going to have to give and i don't think they've figured that out yet. >> i think he's hurting himself with his fix. but his thursday news conference was, many people said, painful to watch. it wasn't so much a mea culpa as it was a they a culpa. he blamed the web site contractors, he blamed the insurance companies. he incessantsly used the football analogy about fumbling. but never once, susan, not once did he directly apologize for
3:47 pm
misleading americans nor did he admit that he knew all along that they were going to lose their plans and it's documented now that he did know that. so was that a mistake? >> yes! i mean, how can it not be a mistake? in the first rule of politics, harry truman, the buck stops here. take responsibility. what i've learned over the years is that people will give people in politics a lot of rope if they just take responsibility. i remember back when remember janet reno in waco, a complete mess up by the government. she stood up and said i'm responsible. people said oh, okay. if you're responsible and you're willing to take responsibility, we'll give you a pass and part of this president's problem -- this isn't the first time -- is he is a bit of a victim's mentality here. he's the most powerful man in the free world. this was his program.
3:48 pm
this was his signature accomplishment and if there are problems with it -- and there are -- you got to stand up and say, i'm responsible, folks. i'm not going to blame anybody else. i'm responsible and i'm responsible for fixing it. if he said that, i think people would have a much better response than they're having right now. >> americans are very, very forgiving. susan, as always, good to see you. thank you so much. >> good to see you. >> don't forget you can read susan's syndicated column in newspapers all across the country every wednesday and friday. check it out. arthel? >> very good stuff. the countdown to the holidays is on. black friday, believe it or not, less than two weeks away. the folks at "consumer reports" have some inside tips to help you score the hottest deals on the best products. stick around for that. he
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we are two weeks away from black friday. >> our friends in consumer reports are tracking the best deals out there. jim wilcox, good to see you. >> you brought great items. what is this here? >> one of the things about black friday. you can see brands you don't
3:53 pm
know. we brought things you know. this is samsung tv. and the thing is you can get it 3 or 400 less than you would. 55 inch tv and full featured tv you would want to know. sometimes the off brand tvs features don't perform as well. >> and this is a portable stro speaker. >> this is headphones. and they are popular. you can so them typically sell for 200 and get them for $50 cheaper and major retailers 115. >> and the sound quality. it is pretty good and a blue tooth and a convenience that you can beam your stuff to the phone. >> voent and then a mini ipad
3:54 pm
here? >> yeah. what how much is this? >> typically sells for $200. typically it is not discounted and we have seen walmart and target offer gift cards and so it is one way when a manufacturer doesn't discount. this is not the new mini. it came out recently and so it is a display and this is a older mini. and we expect the prices to drop after black friday as well. >> you have important tips for black friday. like be prepared and sign up for e-mail alert and use soshl media apps. apps like what? >> sa vvy and red laser and they have bar code scanners. and some of them will do comparison shopping and the
3:55 pm
price at another store and a lot of them send you special alerts and deals. >> what i always worry about is the bait and switch trip. >> we can so a 50 inch tv for $200. you are probably not getting it. there is only 1 or 2 per store and you will not get it the door buster specials are designed to get you there but sell you something else. >> read the fine print and read the store's return policy? >> and make sure you can return to the retailer and not the manufacturer. and find out if there is a price match. most retailers will give it to you in normal times. but it is a great way to protect yourself 30 days after the purchase. >> great products. thank you, jim. that's it for us.
3:56 pm
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this is a fox report. tonight desdpekz disloyalty. words tossed in our nation's capitol. members of president obama's own political party applying pressure on the white house. the president's problem- plagued health care law, they want it fixed. >> i hear you loud and clear and i said i would do everything to fix the problem. >> of course, he will need the insurance companies to help him. do you think they are going to want to help him do that? some states rejected president obama's now plan saying it could raise your


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