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tv   Stossel  FOX News  November 17, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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involved in conspiracy to kill the president of the united states. >> mcwillie was interviewed by the house elect committee in 1978. his friendship with ruby while interesting was not thought to prove there was a conspiracy to kill jfk. pray for victims of the storm. >> this stream of libertarianism is dangerous. >> we are dangerous to the status quo. >> watch out politicians. lib berriens are coming. they are skept bag of both parties. >> i want to live in the freest possible world i have. >> why is that offensive. >> if we had libertarian it would be almost anarchy, rob mule. >> libertarian paradise. >> more americans now say? >> i am a libertarian.
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>> that's good because... >> you work longer to pay for government than you do food, clothing and housing combined. >> will there be a successful libertarian political party? i am not sure, because some say organizing libertarians is like -- >> don't let anybody tell you it is easy. >> more young people are saying. >> i own my labor and my property. when people try to control people it is bad. >> the rise of libertarians. that's our show tonight. >> and now, john stossel. >> what the help is libertarianism? i didn't know when i started reporting. i was just one more liberal. i knew there were republicans and democrats and that was closer to us college students and there was crazy people. but i had no idea there was an
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actual movement of thinking people who want to have a principle as a founder liberty and limited government. who knew. took me a long time to wake up. the good news is more people have woken up and most americans think the government is doing too much. good. after i woke up to the stupidity and destructiveness of ch big government i stumbled across this libertarian magazine it's motto free minds and free markets. this is what it taught me most about the benefits of liberty. the editors are jik gill leprosy and matt welch. >> i think we should start talking about the libertarian era it is upon us. what has opened people's ideas or minds up to libertarian ideas is the 21st century. it has been a demonstration project of how republicans and conservatives can screw things
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up over the push years and now we have the liberal democrat version of screwing people up. controlling people's lives doesn't work. they are looking for an alternative that's what libertarian offers you can control more of your life. >> libertarian era i want to believe you but i don't see people getting there. >> you can be fiscally conservative and socially tolerant, right? >> americans are much more. a ma joefrity thinks we should balance the budget. growing majorities especially if young people are more socially tolerant. they want to realize marijuana. no politicians want to talk about that. >> they will come around. >> the people lead the case. the populus is much more libertarian than the government you will begin to see some of
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the expressions in the political marketplace and others. >> libertarians are considered odd weird including my colleagues. >> that's a nice story. even for a libertarian like you. >> that's what's happening man. stossel doesn't care. what's the hostility? >> part of that is because we have a major two party system in this country. some tend to ee specispecially a and elsewhere. what they are failing to recognize they see everything through that. if you are against your team in power using libertarian you are a freak. the world is changing around them and people are more used to picking off issues one by one. >> i don't think he has a tribe he thinks legalize drugs or sex
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work or gambling is harmful. >> you are living in theories or dreaming up ideas we invaded iraq based on a theory that turned out to be wrong. t the idea behind that theory was we can whip democracy up like a sufficient play. we are suffering under obamacare and other types of regulations that are based on theory that have nothing to do with fact. when you talk about places like google or apple or whole foods market. these are not theories or abstract concepts these are the incarnation requewith the idea people to think and oh to do stuff produce the result. >> the idea of the drug war or doing things for themselves or hurting themselves the reality on the ground by almost everybody who has had it closely the drug war as stated what it was trying to do has failed. >> i think americans confused
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libertarian and libertine. >> you have to put up with lifestyles you yourself might not choose you bet more peace by allowing people to go about their business as long as they are not forcing it. sometimes you have to look away, well do it it's not so bad. >> there's a stereotype that paints libertarians of marijuana and drugs. that left ann coulter to say this. >> you want to suck up to liberal friends and say we want to legalize pot. this is why people think libertarians are (bleep). >> we believe the word that means wimps basically. >> she is right. we are bleeps. >> in her war which is the war against liberals and democrats were not useful to her at all moments. what she doesn't understand we are freely choosing to do this.
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we think it is a genuinely bad idea when the government gets in between you and your decision which is a conservative notion. the government notion ann coulter otherwise supports in most cases is one that says the government can't solve your problems for you it is not going to change your morality for the better. she knows that and because she is a tribalist and intolerant she can't brook someone having a different approach. i love her libertarian when it says i am not going to. >> i think lib fairia -- lir t n libertarians care about legalizing drugs because the government tells you you can't change your mind by doing this or that. booed booze is okay but pot is not. the size of spending government and useless 'n of most government interventions in
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life. it is knot just about spots. stom say there could never be a successful libertarian public. people claim organizing libertarians into a political party is like... >> don't let anybody tell you it is easy. anybody can herd cattle. 10,000 short hairs that's another thing all together. >> it was a great super bowl commercial. they have pint. the libertarian party has never done much of anything. >> that's true. the fact is that america in history sometimes it is more than two parties but basically there will be two major parties. what can change and what is changing is libertarian ideas whether it is in the libertarian id part or democratic they are doing a lot of things. tea party has been on the
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libertarian theme that government is spending too much. that has changed american politics and it will continue to because simple math shows us the government cannot go on spending what it is spending. they will have people help you out. >> it is a problem we need a lot of solving. >> there is definitely that reaction. libertarianism says give it a try. try out your life and see where you end up. >> many people seem to believe many libertarians want this. >> there is a consequence to saying you are a libertarian. almost anarchy, mob rule. >> there is anarchism within
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libertarianism. developed theories about that if you remove government out of a lot of life human flourishing will proceed. there are the majority of libertarians. what we are trying to do is influence and take the ship that has been lumbering along in this direction. can we move it this way so it is not taking up our lives and our money. >> a lot of sea party people -- i was glad to hear this politician. >> those libertarians are saying it is both sides of the aisle. the oh good old boys in it the party. >> five years ago phobe would have been talking about libertarians? >> no. i think it's great. i think it is a sign that the libertarian moment the libertarian era is upon us.
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we welcome people who are libertarians they are engaging a new set of ideas. >> there is something attractive of being consistent. suddenly the democrats love the nsa. sometimes republicans hate government spending. so if we have the libertarians. a lot of people say we don't want sarah palin. she doesn't get it. >> some long time libertarians are skeptical people like glen beck and a libertarian who will appear later on the show said people like beck we must reject their efforts and make it clear we are not on the same team. here is beck's response to that. >> i don't understand when somebody says, hey, you know what? i move in your direction. why would you instead of -- that
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is going to give you one percent. >> there are very fussy libertarians. >> when you read the magazine. whoever is going to join me iss issue by issue i don't need a litanous test for it to pass. i don't need to go to the rally because nonlibertarian act they were injecting you are allah part every where. you should be with politics and policies. >> thank you nick and matt. thank you for reason. he would like to see the conversation going go on facebook or twitter and you can use the hash tag over here. let people know what you think.
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john: i could be wrong, but there seems to be more libertarians today, more people that care about the constitution and about limits on government power. why is this happening? because of me, of course. i'm ranted about this. finally, i have ranted and it has paid off. i have convinced more people and there are more republicans because of oh in the 2008 republican primary there was one republican presidential candidate who during the bait was asked this? >> are you suggesting we invited the 9-11 attack, sir? >> i am suggesting if we listen to the reason they attacked us the reasons we did it, and they are delighted we are over there because osama bin laden has said i am glad you are over on our sand because we can target you so much easier. they have already now since that time killed 3400 of our men and
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i don't think it was necessary. >> can i comment on that? truly an extraordinary statement. an extraordinary statement of someone who lived through the attack that he with invited the attack because we were attacking iraq. i don't think i have heard that before and i have heard absurd explanations for september 11th. >> rudy giuliani got the applause. but by 2012 it was giuliani it was out of elections politics and ron paul getting massive crowds at rallies. so congressman paul, welcome. think you get the credit for bringing in more especially young people. you have got 2,000 people showing up at rallies? >> to the surprise of many
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including myself. our largest was 8,000 people. >> 8,000. >> that is pleasing. but it is the message because people criticize me all of the time. ron paul you are not a very good speaker. that sort of thing. but the message is great. i think that has happened is the absolute stale your of our system is coming together. the failure of our foreign policy the failure of our monetary system and economic policy and too much intrusion into our privacy. people see it as a message of liberty and they say wow, that makes sense. it is very attractive to the young people. very energizing for me. >> when you started trying to explain these ideas to people you were a lone lee congressman. you would vote no sometimes the only no vote your colleagues thoughts you were this weird annoy ance. what's he talking about? >> there was a lot of that. i never expected much to happen.
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these last five years are a bit of a surprise for me. >> you got used to getting no respect. i thought in time, maybe in 20, 30 years somebody might say let's check his voting record. >> it was optimistic when i was doing cbs and nbc they would sneer at me. i got depressed about it. >> people would ask me if i got very frustrated because it felt like i wasn't getting anywhere in washington. i said i never got frustrated. i never thought it was going to change the world i wanted to change a few people's minds. >> if this jefferson says the natural progress is for government to grow and liberty to yield what good is it to change a few minds. we keep growing with that
7:21 pm
freedom. jefferson jefferson has advice about it. i mean toward a level collusion. it has to be nonviolent and energized. young people have to be involved. i think we are there. i think we are in the middle of it. i think what just happened -- >> why do you think we are in the middle of it? >> because right now it is affecting washington. just think of a recent vote that didn't happen on sere why you. it was republicans and democrats grass-roots going to their members and saying no more ward. ann was for it. they are all for it and all for the fed. i don't like the idea of we have to compromise. what we want it is a coal biggs of people who call them
7:22 pm
libertarian. it didn't at the top level. >> i am surprised a fissirst te center your son rahm is getting support. >> when he first announced his run for the senate. >> i was skeptical i didn't know if he could make it. am>> he's gotten more attention. his popularity has grown. >> it is a sign of what's happening. there are quite a few one that i helped get elected not too long ago just din -- justin de masha. we will see positive things happening right now. >> thank you. coming up libertarian verses
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insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. go long. >> we have extended ourselves too far around the world and we have gotten involved in these >> we don't know why we are e there we don't know when they are ore. the most important thing a good president can do is bring our troops home. >> sounds good to me. we have troops in korea, japan, italy, germany. oh, we won that war. we are deep in debt but we spend 700 billion on defense. it is too much. i am told i am clueless when i say some things like that told by smart neo conservatives. wall street editorial page and one of my favorite magazines weekly standard.
7:28 pm
i am incluclueless? >> certainly ron paul is deluded about the importance of the american military presence around the world. under writes global security, global economy. without american military presence around the world you wouldn't have open sea lanes you wouldn't have -- international trade would be constricted. >> japan could police the sea lanes other countries could participate. everybody is freeloading off of everybody else and we can't afford it. >> they are freeloading and it is worth every penny of it. it benefits the united states to have this global economy. that is why bringing the boys home and ron paul means all of them. senator rand paul. he wants to shut down all of the bases send every troop home. >> i would argue the global economy would do just fine if we
7:29 pm
didn't have 60,000 soldiers in germany. the troops are in korea now. that's now. >> south korea's economy is four times bigger. >> i am not sure. it is the entire economy of north korea goes to the military. >> preserving the peace around the world, the korean war is a responsibility that america has taken on for good reason. and it is done by our military presence around the world. >> don't we make new enemies by having sell dorrs in all -- sols in all of these places? >> around the world. people say they criticize the united states. at the end of the day they want to be protected by the american military umbrella. australia does the european countries do. nothing good happens internationally in the world
7:30 pm
without the united states leading the way. one of the ways they lead the way is with the american military presence. >> they have made a lot of enemies in it afghanistan. i was going to iraq twice. it is better than the alternatives. >> you didn't help create osama bin laden. >> let's move on to other conflicts between libertarians and the nsa spying. >> both parties is a dangerous thought. >> when rand paul had a filibuster on the drone policy called him and supporters whacko birds. we are whacko birds? >> rand paul. senator rand paul isn't a whacko bird.
7:31 pm
congress advocated its role in foreign policy. i think he made a good point on that. >> let's move on to the title of the show. the rise of the libertarians. you are skeptical. >> i would call it a blip. not that much of a rise. the libertarian party for instance has never done anything. >> so far, but it is about to. >> it has been around for a long time. >> you have said without embracing social issues abortion, drugs, gay marriage conservative fiphilosophy can never become a majority. you still believe that? >> what i think i said was that group is essential to the republican party. i hear lots of people say they are terrible they are scaring people away we can't win with them. you can't liwin out them. >> the way for them to win is anti-abortion anti gay marriage and anti drugs. >> the way republicans to win is welcome the win of twing of the
7:32 pm
party. to welcome in the party and not to drive them out. >> chris christie is doing okay. he gave up same saeks marriage. >> he is opposed to it he didn't pursue a court appeal. he is basically a pro-lifer. >> okay. we won't agree on that. your magazine has a parody of ron paul. what's the point? >> he is the lovable crank. he's -- look it's a parody. we parody everybody. i am sure ron paul has a sense of humor. perhaps others don't. at least you are not frowning. he voted against giving a congressional metal to mother teresa because it costs too much. he does these things that are odd. >> i bet you if ron paul saw
7:33 pm
that parody he would have gotten a great chuckle. >> coming up how i saw the light and unlike him became a libertarian. and also a libertarian celebrity. celebrity. that's coming up how mu protein does your dog food have? 18 percent? 20? new purina one true instinct has 30. active dogs crave nutrient-dense food. so we made purina one true instinct. learmore at that's why there's new duracell quantum. only duracell quantum has a hi-density core. and that means more fuel, more power, more performance than the next leading brand. new duracell quantu trusted everywhere. i'm bethand i'm michelle. and we own the paper cottage. it's a stationery and gifts store. anything we purchase for the paper cottage goes on our ink card. so you can manage your business expenses and access them online instantly with the game changing app from ink.
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>> are you a republican? >> are you democrat? you are students for? >> that wasn't a gathering of mostly college students who call themselves students for liberty. they are clear about not calling themselves democrats or republican. that big group did not exist a few years ago. it was started by alexander mckoefr ven. he is joined here by two students who run liberty chapters at their colleges barbara and matthew. why did
7:38 pm
you create this? >> so i realized i was a libertarian from a very young age, john. my father gave me a copy of at lee shrub for my birthday in 9th grade. i spent as much time reading about libertarianism and objectivism. >> you were weird in high school? >> yeah. but when i got to college i realized i was still weird. i didn't meet a single person who thought the way i did for nearly two years and became a socialist because it was easier. >> what college? >> university of pennsylvania. i decided to create a group libertarians to see who else was out there. we had 200 students. students and professors came out of the woodwork. i realized there had always been libertarians on the campus we had no idea identifying one another until there was a student group that could bring us together. >> you had your first conference at columbia you vote for 30 people you got about 100 next
7:39 pm
year 153, 300, 500, a thousand, more than a thousand, growing very fast when you compare it to the national convention of the young democrats and college republicans you get more students now. >> i truly think this is the libertarian generation. young people have grown-up extremely socially tolerant but skeptical to the government and economy. >> if you are school, the majority isn't libertarian? >> i think the majority have libertarian leanings but they are not aware of what it means to be a libertarian. >> i think what we are seeing is young people are very interested in the idea of liberty. there are repub xans and dim kratz. when you present them with the philosophy they are very interested. it hits a core of young people that were not interested in having government tell us how to live our lives and we don't want government's hands in our pockets telling us how to spend our money. you talk about libertarianism
7:40 pm
and young people respond and young students for liberty are getting this message. >> where did you get this? are your parents libertarian? >> no, i was hesitant to find that government had the answer to everything. i found myself at a libertarian conference and changed that way. i started my own campus group now we are the largest political group on campus. >> where did you get it? >> i am an immigrant from argentina. i always had idea about bettering the condition of immigrants in america and improving the lives for all people. i just didn't know what the best way to do that was until i attended a students for liberty conference. i started doing reading and research and watching students for liberty rwebinars and doing everything i could to be informed. i came to the realization there was no better way to achieve the prosperity of all people than through libertarian. >> which has more respect for
7:41 pm
government here or argentina? >> argentina. >> we are running 10 conferences around europe this fall and ran our first conference in chile for a couple attendees. 80 this year for attendees. i was in nigeria for the african libertarian conference 350 attendees while the teachers were on strike. students traveled across the country to be able to make it. >> how did they get the concept? >> liberty is a universal concept that people intuitively grasp. >> americans don't. >> i think a lot of americans do. especially the young people in america. the other great thing is that with the advent of the internet people have access to more information more ways of communicating connecting with each other in ways we never could have before. students liberties wouldn't be around without the internet and
7:42 pm
facebook. >> students are re september tive b-- receptive but not professors. >> they don't think it is applicable to foreign policy if our ideas were implemented the world would be chaotic. >> i think what we are seeing is the perfect storm for libertari libertarianism. people our age has grown-up with widespread government surveillance and international crisis and we have low approval ratings for institution of government. we contrast that with we are all on our iphones and laptops. young people are saying no i am choosing the market. i am choosing entrepreneurs innovators and this is how we are going to solve the solutions today with a more prosperous and free society. >> i hope you never outgrow this. thank you matthew, bash, alexander. >> some celebrities have come
7:43 pm
out of the libertarian closet, kurt russell, vince vaughan, tom selleck and this famous magic n magician. >> i think libertarianism is the right to be stupid. [ insects chirping ] ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] experience new febreze sleep serenity and let the soothing scent of moonlit lavender lull you to sleep. ♪ new febreze sleep serenity in moonlit lavender, warm milk & honey, and quiet jasmine. an official product of the national sleep foundation. breathe happy. sleep happy.
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>> if you live in a free country, you have the right to put anything you want into your own body. and anything else is bull. the one that was penn >> he de bunked psychology, so-called natural foods. what got my attention was this famous magician was taking a stance on the war on drugs cause against prostitution just the size of government. pen and partner teller, it is harder to tell with teller because he doesn't speak were clearly libertarians. yipee. that is rare. pen what brought you around? >> i was brought around for libertarianism by good old fashioned argument. my friend tim jenison, he kept saying shut up you are wrong, you are just wrong. that convinced you? >> absolutely. it was done with complete respect. i would say something he would
7:48 pm
make a counter argument it was compelling. when i would say something i couldn't back up after about four-hours he got me so that i was thinking then i had to do a lot of reading. before you do a big change you have to do a lot of reading? >> what did you read? >> a lot of stuff he recommended. all that stuff you would expect to read. then i shortly after that i read ma larry brown. i w he was a wonderful man. wonderful man. what grabbed me wiabout libertarian i have never hit anybody in anger in my life. i am a complete pacifist. the idea, i remember when they had the ohio museum with the -- trying to find a way to do this
7:49 pm
the art piece which i thought was great. my mom and dad didn't like that. my mom and dad were christians. that being paid for by tax money really bothered me. >> try not paying your taxes they will eventually be forged. my feeling is we need taxes for certain things. we needy fence. we needs courts. i think the idea of a private police force is very, very frightening. we don't want to do that. but i will work so hard to build you a library. building a library at gun point saying we need this so badly we are going to put a gun on you, that is the basis of libertarianism today is not using force. also charities is a great reason. when it is done by force all of the joy goes away.
7:50 pm
many people think if it is a good idea the government should do it. the real answer is if it's a good idea the government shouldn't do it. if it is a good idea we can do without it. >> three people will parlay. >> it puts me in opposition. i have never had a sip of alcohol or any drug in my life. i was on the cover of high tied magazine because i am very much in favor of drug legalization. i believe we need to have those predomes but i don't want to use them myself. that's another hard thing to get across about libertarianism. most of the freedoms i argue for i have no desire to do it myself but i want other people to do it. i think libertarian is a right to be stupid. >> in this show i like to point out government doesn't work libertarian and free markets do. you said i have no evidence that it is a lease to a better life i think it is morally right. >> libertarians are a freedom to
7:51 pm
be an end to itself. i thought it was a fascinating idea. it really is true. >> if we have poverty there are ending wars inequalities. >> i just think that freedom itself, the idea that each individual can do what they want but most individual power possible without hurting other people is an end in itself. i just don't want to use force that's the whole thing. i will argue about maybe you shouldn't be doing heroin, but i don't want the government to come in and use force for that. >> the charity you add kate is disproportionately supported by religious people. your book is out in paper back. every day is an atheist holiday. what is the libertarian atheist connection? >> i am a strong atheist. i am a strong libertarian but i know and respect christian libertarians. and i know and respect atheist
7:52 pm
liberals. those don't necessarily go together. in my mind they go together in that there is an incredible respect for self reliance. >> what do you say to people government is don't big you want to let the poor suffer. don't we need a net a government net? >> i think we need a net. i don't know if we need the word governmentment. there was a question i was asked one in five people in this country is pour. what does that mean to you? that means there are more people that can help them. for four of us that can help them. >> coming up my take among the rise of the libertarian. wahoo. ncer ] when you wear dentures you may not know that your mouth is under attack, from food particles and bacteria. try fixodent. it helps create a food seal defense for a clean mouth and kills bacteria for fresh breath. ♪ fixodent, and forget it. yeah?
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>> you see these emmys? impress i have. 19 of the emmys i won when i was one liberal consumer report. >> john stossel consumer editor channel 2 news. >> i criticized business, called for government regulation to protect you from deceitful ads like this one. >> the world's smallest air-conditioner. we tried it out in the smallest room we could find a telephone booth. ran it for half an hour. watch the thermometer it went up two degrees. >> what a rip-off. there ought to be a law, a rule, a government regulator to stop
7:57 pm
scams like that. sometimes tol pigses pass laws because of my reporting. one had the department of consumer affairs after my expo say. i won more emmys. i was so proud. but then i stayed on the consumers affair beat i watched regulators work and watched politicians brag about laws like osha occupational safety and health law. they showed this chart showing how workplace death dropped after osha began. thank goodness for workplace safety. the slope of the line was about the same. things were getting better before government. when people are free, things get better without endless rule. as we get richer people care more about safety. factories learn from previous accidents and so on. governments like someone who jumps in it front of a parade
7:58 pm
and pretends he led the parade. free markets save more lyes than government ever will. it makes everything cost more. adds red tape and legal work. it doesn't stop the scams. there will always be some despite the new rules crooks push the work at home scam. you have won a prize scam. i reported on those 40 years ago. regula regulators said they will fix that. i joined "good morning america"" and i discovered there aren't that many big national scams. i found plenty of nast the things going on in portland, oregon and here in new york city. once i was on a national stage i found few large scale scams because of the free market the local cheaters didn't grow. the companies that got big and rich were the ones that served their customers pretty well. market competition police businesses rewarded good ones
7:59 pm
punished bad ones competition protects consumers better than government. so i really should put these emmys in the garbage. i got these because economically ignorant people give out these awards. they love regulation and big government. i should be ashamed of these. fortunately, i read more economics, i discovered recent magazine i became a libertarian. suddenly i saw the wonderful things that happened when government leaves us alone. now i should also say that libertarians don't claim that all consumer reporting is bad. the call for regulation that is bad. consumer reporting itself actually helps the market works, it gives people information. maybe i should keep some of these things. anyway, most of you are smarter than me. you figured it out without having to do years of consumer reporting. took me too long to understand life is best when dwogovernment
8:00 pm
off and allows people to do anything that is peaceful. that's our show. see you next week. a great ♪ ladies and gentlemen, the president of the united states. >> my fellow americans, while promoting the affordable care act i promised over and over again if you like your health care plan and your doctor, you can cope them. well, what i said was not accurate. as millions of you received letters from your insurance companies and saying that your policies are cancelled because of obama care. and so today, i am announcing that if your insurance policy was cancelled because of obama care, it can be renewed. but there is one thing i


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