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tv   Huckabee  FOX News  November 18, 2013 12:00am-1:01am PST

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been developing the themes at the heart of the speech his whole life. and that's it for today. have a great week, and we'll see you ♪ ladies and gentlemen, the president of the united states. >> my fellow americans, while promoting the affordable care act i promised over and over again if you like your health care plan and your doctor, you can cope them. well, what i said was not accurate. as millions of you received letters from your insurance companies and saying that your policies are cancelled because of obama care. and so today, i am announcing that if your insurance policy was cancelled because of obama care, it can be renewed. but there is one thing i learned
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from playing golf all of the time is that everyone deserves a mullig an. and if you are a tea party organizer you have been investigated by the irs by now. and if they didn't find any wrongdoing on your part they didn't follow my direction. i expect them to do a do over. the miami dolphins lost their game to the buccaneers. but the dolphins had internal problems with the bullying scandal. i know what it is like with internal scandals in the orgeven if they are phony. so today i called the nfl commissioner to allow the dolphins to have a do over. >> mr. president we got the results of a brand now poll. >> what is it about? >> the americans want a do over of the last year's election?
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♪ >> tonight on huckabee, after broken promises and millions of insurance cancellations, the president has a new hit. nbottom line insurers can extend the plan that otherwise would be cancelled in 2014. >> why the president's reversal will create more problems in the insurance market. >> you can't go back to the status quo. >> do republicans have a better alternative to obama care? rick sanatorium responds. >> he handed out free coffee to market himself is there a job brewing for the young man with a masters degree in business? . >> ladies and gentlemen, governor mike huckabee.
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>> thank you. thank you very much. and welcome to huckabee from the fox news studios in new york city. now to better understand the true economics of obama care, i turned to one of our nation's foremost experts on the acquisition of goods and services by the way of long- term debt. now most of his expertise in the fold of commodities trading and food splois. >> i will have a hamburger for which i will gladly pay you. >> wimpy from the popeye cartoon understood the dynamics at work in obama care before it was interviewed. i studied economics under wimpy and as a result of my devotion to popeye cartoons, i learned a lot. i ate a lot of popeye spinach. i downed it from the company so i could be strong. but it was wimpy who understood
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the value of enjoying a product today that would be paid for later. you know, i think he help us understand obama care. this week we learned that more than three times the number of people signed up for free with obama care than signed up with a plan they paid for and many of those that are paying, will only pay part of the cost thanks to the generous subsidies. suppose hamburgers cost $5? 85 percent of the people have hamburgers and they like the burgers and they think $5 is a good price for them. it is not fair that 15 percent of the people didn't have hamburgers. we'll create obama burger. that will create union versal
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hamburger access. now true, some of the 15 percent they don't have hamburgers because they are vegetarian and some because they would have a hot dog. so only truly five percent can't get hamburger. but with obama burger it will be raised from 5 to 7.50. that is because they will pay for the ones that don't have burgers. some will get obama burgers for free. and others will pay $2 for a $5 burger that now cost 7.50. and so many people decided they want free burger and 7.50 for $2 that the people who used to buy the $5 burger and thought they would have to pay accept.50. they are going to have to pay $10 for the burgers to make up
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for the difference of the free ones and reduced cost. so here's what we are going to do. we want to do our part. we'll give all of the folks here in our studio audience, a coupon. that's right. it will let them pay $10 for the $five obama burger. now, it's not a coupon that lets them have a $10 burger for $5. but a $5 burger for $10. you follow me so far? some of the customers they don't want the deluxe burger because they can't afford it. but we think that everyone should have a burger with lettuce and onions and cheese and tomatoes and mustard. you will have your burger our way and you will pay for the extras even if you don't like them or allergic to them. if that sounds ridiculous.
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it is because it is ridiculous. but that my friend is obama care. (applause) it is. it is all based on the notion that americans would just love to pay four times what they are currently paying for a policy that they don't want and features that they can't afford or use and so they can give free insurance to people who don't want it until it was free and thursday, even the salesman and chief admitted he was not telling the truth about keeping your burger if you like. it one thing to add, mr. president. would you like fries with those lies? . (applause) a lot of people asked me to try to explain the difference between the president's proposal that he came out with surprisingy on thursday, and the house bill led by michigan
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republican fred upton. on the surface both of them appear it say insurance companies can continue to offer their policies. but this is the fundmental difference. with the obama care proposal that the president put forth, it is as if he ordered the insurance companies to disregard the law. he can't do that. little technicality called the constitution that doesn't let him write the laws or enforce the ones he appreciates. that is part of the problem. and he would only extend it a year. having been a governor and understanding the process of insurance regulations, it would take almost that long to go through the whole process of rewriting the rules and regulations in each of the states in which insurance is written. either he knew that or he is inept when it comes to understanding how things work. on the other side, the republican plan that passed the
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house with 39 democrat votes by the way, would let the insurance companies keep the plans they used to have and even then it takes time to re- write it. here's what i hope people understand. the fact is, this is a train that so left the station the only real solution is to repeal the thing. (applause) it is not going to work. obama care can't work. anyway, we hope that if nothing else, maybe the president will go to the wimpy school of economics. he might could learn something. the president said he fumbled the roll out of obama care and can republicans pick up the ball and propose a better health care solution. i will ask former presidential candidate rick sanatorium when we come back.
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on thursday, the president admitted that he deserved criticism for the disastrous roll out of obama care. but stood by the conviction that america's health care system needed an overhaul. >> when i see folks on capitol hill, and republicans in particular, who have been suggesting repole and get rid of the thing, i cope on asking, what is it you want to do? are you suggesting that the status quo was working. it wasn't and so everybody anyhow it. >> so do republicans. do they have a better idea of how to fix health care. joining me is rick sanatorium. he is ceo of equalight studio
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and produced the christmas candle. senator, when the government shutdown happen. i thought it was not a smart way to go because it took all of the attention off of the launch of obama care and made the republicans appear to be responsible. can we recover from that and does the obama care roll out need to be front and center. >> it needs to be front and center. it is the biggest fundmental shift in american shift with the relationship of the government and people. this is a disaster because i hate to use the term but it is un- american. we don't need the government telling us our insurance. one thing to take care of the needy and elderly and help those. and government to tell every american this is what you are going to have and pay and way you are telling every insurance
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company how much money to charge and make. this is what the system does. it is un- american. it is not how america functions and as it rolls out there is a push back. it goes against the grain of who we are. >> i was shocked that the president came out this week and essentially ordered the insurance companies to put a specific product on the shelf, it is like saying it a. >> he didn't want it on the shelf. saying we know best. and people have to have all of the different coverages and the idea of people shopping for what they want is a gnath ma. >> it is like the president getting up to the podium. i order mcdonalds to put the mcrib back on the menu for all time. we don't expect the president to dictate to the private sector
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what products. >> here's what irritates me the most. the president of the united states cannot get up and say, i am not going to enforce this law. the law said're says this but i will tell you. he did it on immigration and health care and whole variety and almost does it every week where he is a cereal president. >> is there a way to challenge him legally? to say you can't do that. >> the hard part of challenging him legally. how do you challenge a president who is harmed by the president saying i am not enforcing the law and you have the choice. he's clever. look they are clever in what they do and the fights they pick. but the premise is a dangerous one. the premise is dangerous that the president can decide about the defense of marriage act. i will not enforce the law. i mention immigration and whole host of issues.
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that should scare people on the left and right. if he does it, some day a republican president will do it. >> and well, we don't it is not thorough. this is supposed to fix health care for 15 percent of the people. why didn't we create a program where we had an expanded medicaid- like program and still rerequire premiums and have buy in from the consumer and they wouldn't have disrupted 85 percent of the people with health care. why didn't we do that? i proposed a plan. we should treat everybody with health insurance provided by the employer the same as people who don't. and people who have health insurance and tax free health care benefits. and people who buy it themselves don't have tracks free. and i was for a tax credit or
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break to make sure everyone got the same tax treatment. >> who was against that? >> the left was against it? >> why? >> it was private sector reform and not government control. it was not we are going to make everybody buy a certain policy and prescribe what medicines we are going to allow. and we'll put caps on services. we did medicare prescription drug coverage that was similar to what you described. and the government giving a voucher. they were against it. they wanted to control drug prices and limit options for people as to what drugs they can take because they were going to decide and not the doctor what prescriptions are proper. it is the idea that we know best in washington and that is their approach as opposed to letting the private sector and public have the choices. >> i can't let you out of here until we talk about the christmas candle.
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>> the christmas candle is a mix between it is a wonderful life and a christmas carol and set in victoria n england and people strug lepping with their faith and whether god is with them. >> it is a great case. star studded. susan boyle sings and you can listen to the miracle hymn that was written for the movie. it is in theaters. christmas candle movie.comis the website. it is a beautiful movie. if you love downton abbey. you will love this. yet it is a movie about christmas. and not about santa claus or elves. but about what christmas is about. >> we need whole system things like. that it is great to have you
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here. >> and the latest job numbers show that the american labor force is the worst since carter administration. i will talk to a recent mba graduate that came up with creative ways to market himself. how optimistic is he? i would like to hear from you. go to my web or sign up for my facebook page and follow me on
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according to the latest report from the bureau of labor and statistics, the american labor force. percentage of those having a job or look for a job is 35 year
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low. my next guest is actively looking for a job and having a tough time finding one. mike penn is a graduate of a business school. he set up a stand and hand out free coffee and donuts and his resume in the new york financial district. mike joins me now. >> pleasure to have you here. >> i first heard the story and so innovative and initiative. you are having trouble getting your hands in people e-mailing or traditional way. what gave you a idea of setting up a stand. >> i was tired of sitting on line and getting placed in the bottom of the stack of the pile. and i decided to get out there and get off of the couch and show initiative and value that a face brings to a resume and sat outside of goldman sa chs
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and coffee and dough nuts and resume and had a fantastic day shaking hands. >> and by the way here is my resume if you would like to hire me. >> what did people say? >> mixed reaction and some people loved it and some hated it. >> who hated it. >> people who didn't want other people copying. but in the end. i would want somebody to copy it every day. >> i was looking to come down there. >> thank you, sir. >> you have a master's degree from a prestigious university. did you think when you were working on a degree like this, i will not have a difficulty getting a job? were you worried about the job market at the time? >> no. undergraduate and my main decision was value. value to get a better job and have that experience. and when i was out i was shocked
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how bad the job market was. first being the little to no job creation in the economy and second influx of college students and third retirement age increase and these people want to retire. but the entrow level jobs are not there. >> what you are saying that the old geezers will not get out of the way. >> no, no. they want to get out of the way, they can't. financially they can't. and you know what, i believe they have a right to stay there, they earned it. >> but the market now is tough? >> yeah. >> you are looking at trying to break in somewhere. when you talk to people do they tell you they don't have anything? is that more than we don't like you? >> i learned it is not you and what you can bring to the company. there are so many out there that don't have positions and they can't benefit from me being
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there. >> you have student loans to pay off. >> unfortunately they kick in next month. >> you will only have a few weeks before you have to bring in income. will you stay in new york or willing to move. >> hopefully i have had a few offers and a lot of compelling offers from out of state. does it financially make sense with me to stay with the cost of live nothing new york city or apartment. i am still looking and weighing out the options. >> and so right now, you would be open to a job offer if the viewer said i like that guy and has initiative and innovative. how can they get in touch. >> hire michael pen.comor e-mail me. >> i love. it >> oh, e-mail me directly at pent.michael 3 >> nothing subtle. >> hire michael pen n. it was a brilliant idea and say
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i will not just sit on the couch and wait. i will go to the guys. if i were hiring down on wall street i would look for that initiative. i think somewhere there are people that are. i wish you well. it is a tough market. i feel for every person who spent the money. there ought to be something out there for you and we need to get the economy cranked back. would you let us know how things are turning out? >> i would be honored to. hopefully you are celebrating a turkey and don't have to eat doughnuts every day. >> sounds great. >> what a pleasure. >> thank you. well, nancy pelosi said that she's never met anyone that was happy with their private insurance plan and my reaction to that and the quotes of the weeks coming up next. of a isi
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doctor in a fold hospital tent.
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a blessing. now back to huckabee. >> obama care enrollment numbers were finally revealed this week and they are nothing short of embarrassing. 106,000 people signed up for the program. that is short of the half million in the first month. that came from the 15 state exchanges. numbers at, they were even worse. signing up less than 27,000 people. and so we spent our correspondent ryan rose in new york city to prove how sad those figures are. >> have you been to the obama care website? >> no, i have not. >> i can google it. >> you know it is working? >> it is twerbinging. you think more people signed up for obama care or signed up for a one way trip to mars.
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>> one way trip to mars. >> if i could afford it i would sign up to. >> which has more people signed up. obama care website oh, petition per pierce morgan. >> obama care. >> have you been to the obama care website? no, i hear it is a mess. 0 america. 0 america. snshg was that an obama impersonalation. >> how can he get give more track to the website. >> more trips to mars. nmore for the jedi comboit to england or obama care. >> it is the jedi comboit. i just went to england. >> do you think more people bought the music album. or signed up for obama care. >> signed up for obama care.
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>> no william solid more. do you think that more people signed up for a on line jewish dating service or obama care. >> jewish dating service. >> which would you see obama on on line or jewish dating service. >> you think more people are going sky diving or signed up for obama care. >> sky do i having. >> which is less stressful. >> sky diving. >> and i would rather free fall and hope the chute opens. >> you think more people signed the petition to create a death star or seened up for obama care. >> obama care. >> death star. america wants a death star more than obama care. >> so there you have it. our thanks to ryan reese. our correspondent on the streets of new york city. one of the excuses that the democrats repeatedly made when
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concerns came up with obama care, it is the law of the land and it cannot be changed. take a look. >> the fact is, it is the law of the land. >> i think it is very exciting. can you imagine being there when social security first came in to affect or medicare when it was the law of the land. nobama care is the law of the land. >> addiction equity is the law of the land. >> affordable care act went through every single democratic process. it is the law of the land. >> boy, it is the law of the land. as if it came down on two stone tablets post marked mount sina i. well, it did not and let me share government to these folks who say it is the law of the land. of course it is. but the law can be changed and repealed and law of the land
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that we had a debt ceilingment. the president didn't mind lifting that up. i wish the republicans when they were wished to the debt ceiling. mr. president, the debt seouling is the law of the land. we can't touch it. if we can touch it in debt ceiling, we can touch the law of the land to obama care. and they should have touched it and buried it. well, nancy pelosi is a gift that keeps on giving. remember when democrats tried to push obama care. we'll find out what is in the plan once the fog of the controversy is cleared up. house minority leader seems to still be in the fog. >> there is nothing in the affordable care act that said your insurance company should cancel you. did i ever tell my constituents
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that if they could keep it. i would have if they liked their plan. but that was not my insurance. >> she lives in san francisco. what can i say. she never met anyone who liked their health care plan. nancy, you need to get out more. because apparently there was a lot of people who liked their plan and they sure as heck liked it better than the 5 million people who were already told that their health plan was cancelled. reuteres reporting that the fbi that a nan musis breaking in government computers and stealing personal information on thousands of government employees and reportedly captured. the report goes on to say that the majority of the intrusions are not publicly combouvenlt and the fbi wrote. it is unknown how many citizens are compromised but it is a widespread problem and should
12:39 am
be dressed. and there are questions whether or not they got in, the obama care website. turns out they were not interested. they figured there was nothing worse they could do to screw it up than it already was. >> and fox's brian kilmeade will tell us how george washington's faith in god and a secret group of spies helped to this is the quicksilver cash back card from capital one. it's not the "fumbling around with rotating categories" card. it's not the etting blindsided by limits" card. it's the no-game-playing, no-earning-limit-having, deep-bomb-throwing, give-me-the-ball-and-i'll-take- it-to-the-house, cash back card. this is the quicksilver cash card from capital one. unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere, every single day. so let me ask you...
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at's in your wallet?
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>> the founding father of our sdmagz our first president and was the leader of the american revolution. everyone knows about george washington but few know about a group of unsung heroes who served as spies for washington and information was crucial in defo defeating the british. brian wrote about the george washington and the secret six. >> thank you for being here. >> they are here to see you. >> they knew you were coming. >> coming here and they are pumped up to see you. >> i am pumped up about the
12:44 am
book. >> you did something that very few authors have done. you take a look at one of the most unknown but important stories of the american revolution. why didn't we hear it before. >> they didn't want you to. >> the spies didn't want you to know who they were. >> and george washington said you want to keep the identity secret i will do it. including benedict arnold. he knew how good the spy ring was. hey, tell me who they are. and i would like to meet him. and thank goodness or they would be killed. he kept their secret and letters and we are able to do the book arou around the letters. and we knew what he asked him not to do and in terms of specific instructions and also knew what he thought of them. and he had extreme esteem for them. i wouldn't have found out until
12:45 am
they commemorated washington once he became president in the 1790. spies what are you talking about. i went to long island university and i never heard about this. and really since 1990, me and my body bruce studied this and this is not a new york story but american story and pursue it like a fox news story and get the best historians and have them debate the issues, we could bring new information to it and that's what we did. >> it is an amazing book. it is a best seller for a reason. people are enthralled by it. i think there is a piece that you bring out. george washington was a deep and intense and authentic faith. this was not just a military leader. he was a guy who believed something. and one of the things we did. we got the mini bios.
12:46 am
we want to get the guy, major ta lmag by his side and george washington would be in the front of the line in battle and first time he heard shots we would cringe and shutter. and washington would be in the front of the battle. there was a belief that he had that he could not be killed and in one time in particular that struck me, and as i researched the battle where he realized he needed spies, he had to find a way to get out. how are we getting out. we have to escape to manhattan. how do we get out? he prayed for a miracle in brooklyn heights. >> he could do that then? >> and all of them did it, yes. (applause) >> he said if we need a miracle, we need one now. and he decided to evacuate 9,000 people in the middle of the
12:47 am
night. and they were getting out. people showed up in the barges. and civilian vessel and it is problem is, the sun is coming up and they will be exposed and the british will be realizing that the fires are fake and the army was escaping. and this was written by ta lmag. a fog rolled in you could not so four feet in front of your hand and it enabled everyone to get out and not one person was killed. and washington was the last to leave. >> that is an amazing thing. it is not just history but faith and how god played a role. we only have a minute. i want to get the maps and we have new york city map that we are looking at quickly. it is an animated map we'll see. >> this is important to tell everyone what happened. and points to talk when the ring started. going to manhattan and get
12:48 am
across the long iowa land sound. they would row 26 pounds over to connecticut and another man was sitting there and getting the information to george washington. what did that look like? encrypted and you might have a number and washington is 7-11 and his chief spy 712 or 13. if you brought it to life. every third word was a number. you wont know what the heck they were saying, but these guys knew. >> so great to have you here. thank you for a wonderful book. >> well, he is a country star. chris janeson is joining us with a new hit song [ male announcer ] what if a small company became big business overnight? ♪ like, really big... then expanded? ♪ or their new product tanked? ♪
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or not? what if they embrace new technology instead? ♪ imagine a company's future with the future of trading. company profile. a research tool on thinkorswim. from td ameritrade.
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my next guest is a young country singer and songwriter, made a great first impression when he moved to nashville at the age of 18. he has toured with the likes of lynyrd skynyrd, hank williams, jr. and merle haggard. here to perform a song, chris jansen. >> good to be here. >> you didn't have this incredible star. you were sleeping in your car in nashville when you first got there. >> i was. i crashed a few couches, too, and i new, instead of going to college on a whim, i went down and -- >> how did your parents take that? >> you know, i come from humble beginnings, and my parents are -- they are just average good ole american folks and believe in following your dreams and working hard. i told my dad, this is going to be my job. i played music as a hobby.
12:53 am
i'm going to do and it i never came back. i went to lower broadway, started in tootie's, and played for tips until i had enough money to get my own apartment, and just -- it's the time old story of building from the ground up. and it's funny, i played the grandol' opry two weeks ago and it's right across the ali from tootsie's where i started. that was a humbling experience. >> never forgotten where you have come from and the people who helped get there. let's do "caught me some slack" which is what i hope youll do as apply. >> this is my new single and it goes like this. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ >> thank you. [applause] >> we love ourselves some chris janson, i hope you'll enjoy his music as much as me.
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that's it for tonight. until next week, from new york, this is mike huckabee, good night and god bless. ♪ now.
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here's howard. he dissects the media. >> have a great day. on the buzz beater this sunday, caution. bill o'reiley steps into the spin zone. we talk about the coverage of president obama. msnbc, his high decibel style and why he says the liberal media resent him. >> they hate me because i represent something that is very feared in america. i made my success outside of the establishment. that is how i did it. and they don't like that. and the right doesn't like me, either. >> president obama trying to fix his health care program. runs into a buzz saw of negative questions from the press corps. >> do you not believe, sir, the


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