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tv   Media Buzz  FOX News  November 18, 2013 1:00am-2:01am PST

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here's howard. he dissects the media. >> have a great day. on the buzz beater this sunday, caution. bill o'reiley steps into the spin zone. we talk about the coverage of president obama. msnbc, his high decibel style and why he says the liberal media resent him. >> they hate me because i represent something that is very feared in america. i made my success outside of the establishment. that is how i did it. and they don't like that. and the right doesn't like me, either. >> president obama trying to fix his health care program. runs into a buzz saw of negative questions from the press corps. >> do you not believe, sir, the
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american people deserve a deeper, more transparent accountability from you as to why you said that over and over? >> why the media are now openly challenging his credibility. that "60 minutes" apology by lara logan for the botched story on benghazi. >> the most important thing to every person at "60 minutes" is the truth. and the truth is we made a mistake. >> why it was too little too late and further tarnished the program. i'm howard kurtz and this is "media buzz." you know the drill. send me a tweet about the program @howardkurtz. if any further criticism were needed from the mainstream media at president obama, look no further than this news conference.
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>> do you feel this has led to a breach in public confidence in government? >> you said if you like your plan, you can keep it. americans believed you, sir, when you said that to them over and over. do you not believe, sir, the american people deserve a deeper, more transparent accountability from you as to why you said that over and over? >> the president was awash in negative headlines as he announced a plan aided in helping the millions who have been booted by their health insurance plans. but news organizations have shifted their focus to the more personal issue of obama's credibility. joining us now, laura ashburn. amy holtz, who anchors the hot list for the blaze and kirsten powers, fox news contributor and a columnist for the daily beast. the negative coverage as we just saw has turned from obama care to obama himself, questions about his credibility. is this a turning point? >> of course it is. it used to be one or two people who were sounding that alarm
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about him and his personal trust and credibility. and now it's front page news everywhere. "the wall street journal," slate, the huffington post, "the washington post" all saying something about his credibility. in obama we trust, question mark. >> is that justified? >> it is justified given the mistake that he has made. and once a president loses this kind of credibility, it is tough to get it back. >> the health care rollout has been a disaster. even the president would not deny that. but is the press being unduly personal in not making this about a policy fiasco, but about whether he personally is untrustworthy? >> well, he did make those campaign promises over and over again. two weeks ago on the show, i said the emperor was wearing no clothes. i think it's fair to say he's getting a colonoscopy from the press. >> that sounds painful, amy. >> i think it has been painful for the president and that is why in large part he had this press conference on thursday, which i think across the board
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was judged as a disaster. >> front page headline in "the washington post," lack of trust threatens agenda. there's a lot of chatter about not only the program, but the failure of liberalism. is this unfair or going joan overboard? i think it's entirely fair. they're covering what is happening and what's happened is the president made a promise that didn't turn out to be true. americans are upset about it. so they're covering the news and they should get credit for that. >> it's entirely -- you don't want a push back at all? >> not even slightly. i think journalists are probably personally angry at the president because they were reporting this to the american people, that this is the way it was going to be and that no one was going to lose their plan. and people reasonably should trust the president when the president makes such a clear promise. this wasn't a gray area and people should be able to assume that what he's saying is true. >> this is exactly what we're talking about, right? if you've lost the press, you've lost kirsten, who has been a
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supporter. >> you're in the walter cronkite column. now there is a dissenting voice at msnbc, ed schultz, who often takes on the media, does not like the compage, and i guess even of his own network. let's take a look at that. >> the mainstream media, i believe, wants obama care to fail. they're afraid to do a positive story because they're afraid that somebody might not watch. the media is cherry picking the bad facts that are out there, repeating them over and over again, and in many cases, they're making stuff up. >> bad facts? making stuff up? >> what? what did he just say snm i'm sorry, it didn't make any sense. the media has been so upbeat on this until the website crashed, until it was learned that the promises were broken. and on the negative facts, hello, there are more negative facts than they are positive. >> right. i mean, there are some positive stories to be told because this
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after all is helping some people. but it's so totally overwhelmed by those who have been -- either can't get on, can't get the policies were or it will cost them more money if they do get more policies. but what about the fix that the president has announced, a proposed fix to allow these, quote, substandard plans so continue to be sold for another year. why has that not changed the coverage at all? >> that was fascinating that it was such a reversal on the president's condition. immediately after he made that announcement, you saw criticism from the media instantaneously, does the president even have the legal authority to rescind these cancellations? you're seeing a media critique of the president in a way that we haven't seen in five years. >> i want to pick up your point about journalists feelings, led astray, let down, they're angry and, of course, you've had some personal experience here because you've lost your health insurance plan as a result of your policy. does that extend to you? are you personally disappointed
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in the president? and how much does that color what you write and say about him? >> well, i've been personally disappointed, i think as you know many times with the president over the years. yes, it's disappointing when he says something that's not true. i'm not that concerned about my personal situation. i have said this before. i can afford it. i'm willing to pay more for more people to have insurance the that's what, in fact, is going to happen. but it's more that i just know for a fact that what they're saying is not true. so a perfect example is they continue to claim that, oh, we're saving people from substandard plans, which was never the purpose for obama care. but we're saving people from substandard plans. my plan is not substandard. all the things they say, mike, that people like me don't have in their plans, i have. so i guess it helps me to be able to know, well, wait, i'm one of these people. what they're saying isn't true and they need to come clean and stop making up all these reasons for why people are being kicked off their health insurance plans.
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>> other presidents in modern history have lost the confidence of the public and the benefit of the doubt with the president. >> well, of course. take president obama with katrina. he seemed out of it. he was looking from a helicopter down on this ravished nation. bill clinton who had an affair and his popularity didn't tumble that much. but it -- >> why was that? >> it's because he didn't hurt the millions of people and their pocketbooks. what he did was something personal. something personal that wasn't very acceptable. right. but obama care, obviously, affects just about everybody in the country, whether you're keeping your health insurance or not. it is not some theoretical washington scandal. interesting moment on megan kelly's show where squeak emanuel, brother of rahm who helped design this health care system and it's not working very well right now took a shot at this network. let's take a look at that. remember, when was not an environment which was hospitable to setting up the exchanges. >> i know. you -- you and your colleagues were constantly criticizing,
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trying to underfund it and -- >> no, sir, a lot of that criticism -- i don't think fox news had anything to do with the rollout of >> you were constantly attacking the law and -- >> i'll give you that, too. it was our fault. >> mr. emanuel is doing obama care no favors with this ridiculously on his face untrue spin. >> there's been negative coverage, but as megan kelly pointed out, fox news had nothing to do with the rollout of health we have 5 million cancellations with, that's 5 million stories. we only have 27,000 enrollments through health you don't have to go very far to find people who have been negatively affected, don't get to see their doctors, don't get to go to the same hospitals, and this is a story that's just going to keep going. >> yet in the face of all this,
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we have these editorials where obama said he misspoke when he said you could keep your plan. >> it's pa they the threatic. i don't even know how they can write the things that they write sometimes on that editorial page. go to new york magazine. they put together not exactly conservative outlets. they put together end to end of -- 20 plus times or whatever, this was something that not only he said, but now you have -- they're now rounding up every senate democrat who said it, the democrats throughout the country were going out and saying this and promising this and pleased it. >> right. before we go, while the president was having his press conference, at the same time up in canada, the embattled mayor of toronto, rob ford, the crack smoking, murder-threatening, somewhat crazed mayor was talking to reporters. i want to play this. take a look at katie simpson, a reporter from cp-24 on how she handles the rear explicit sexual
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language we're bleeping out here uttered by mayor ford. >> oh, and the last thing was olivia, it says that i wanted to eat a [ bleep ] and i've never said that in my life to her. i would never do that. i'm happily married. i've got more than enough to eat at home, thank you very much. >> i know we're live right now, but i don't know if we can -- i -- mayor ford is speaking as mayor ford does, very plainly as he said in council yesterday, he asked us and now using language that i don't think we can broadcast that on tv, but we just broadcast that on tv. >> what else are you going to say? i mean, i did hundreds and hundreds of live shots. never in my career have i had anything happen like that. and i don't think i would be as composed as she was. >> i wouldn't say i commend her composure. and thanks, mayor ford. everyone in the united states gets to know who this reporter is. >> did you feel for her? >> well, usually what happens in that case is you recap what was
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said. you'll say, so as you just said -- and what are you going to say? >> well, the kicker to the story is that rob ford just got his own tv show in tandem with his brother. maybe he's been auditioning for this all along. and also in terms of america's coverage of canada, which story has gotten more coverage than anything i think since the war of 1812. when we come back, an uproar over a washington post columnist and his controversial description of interracial marriage. later, i go toe to toe with bill o'reiley. =
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bill de blasio, new york's newest mayor has an african-american wife. this was written, people with conventional views must compress a gag reflex when considering the mayor of new york, a white man married to a black woman with two biracial children. that brought country simple and people demanding that richard cohen be fired. your thoughts? >> as a biracial conservative who went to a wedding last month, yes, obviously, it's thoroughly absurd. it was awkwardly shoe horned into a column that had nothing to do with the new york mayor or marriage or his children. i think it was a way to slur and put down tea parters and conservatives that to me, the surprise was that liberals pushed that.
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that was surprise to go me. >> well, what i and i should say i've known richard cohen for many years. i don't consider him a racist, but i'm not defending the wording here is that he wasn't just describing the tea party. he pivoted from that to talk about people with conventional views as if many, many people in america are appalled to the point of gagging by interracial marriage. at the same time, we have a lot of people saying the guy should be fired. what do you think? >> i don't understand it i guess is the bottom line. i don't know what his point was. i don't know what it had to do with the column. i don't really think tea partiers necessarily gag when they see biracial couples. i don't think there's any evidence to support that. i don't think rib rals think that that's what he was saying. i think if they thought he was putting down tea party people and calling them racist, they probably wouldn't be upset. they thought he was expressing his own racist views by calling it conventional.
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he's come out and been upset that people are calling him a racist. why do you think that's conventional? i would call that racist and bigoted. >> gallop poll h had a poll that came out and said 87% v people support interracial marriage. that doesn't mean he was speaking on behalf of people that may be conventional. it was clumsy wording, i think. he was picking at the scabs of racism. if you're going to do that, like he did in 1986 where he said georgetown starters are justified in locking their doors because they're afraid of young african-americans and he also maid a comment about zimmerman in the trayvon martin trial saying he understands why when zimmerman was in that hoodie outfit -- i'm sorry, when trayvon was in the hoodie, zimmerman would be afraid. >> well, i don't think richard cohen is a racist. i think his intent was to smear
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conservatives with this racist label without considering the facts, for example, that the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell is himself in an interracial marriage and the politicians who were trying to use it against him are democrats in kentucky. >> let me take a moment to pup put up on the screen what he had to say about this whole controversy in the huffington post. the word racist is truly hurtful. it is not who i am. it's not who i ever was. i could have picked a better word, but it didn't ring any bells with anybody. if he is going to use that wording, he has to expect to take the heat. i don't think he's shocked by this. >> the media critic jack shaffer said he wrote his retirement better by saying that. then there was a takeout that said dear washington post, please fire this man. so i think that people are starting to liken him to helen
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thomas, when helen thomas started as she was in her later years to call people pejorative names. >> right, in the context of the middle east. so even if he was wrong and even if this was terrible, is there anything that troubles you about, you know, this online mob basically calling for his head? >> yeah. yes. but i think it -- look, if somebody is doing something that is blatantly racist over and over, then of course people should be calling for them to be fired. it's not clear to me that every column that they're bringing up actually are racists. i think you have to remember he's 72 years old. he's describing in one case, you know, being in school in the '50s and what he was taught. that's a fact. they didn't teach very well about slavery back then. i didn't care that that is racist. i think this is racist, but, you know, i don't know him and i'm not going to -- >> he thinks that other americans -- >> right. and i'm all for making mistakes,
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clumsy wording, that's fine. i'm not saying that anybody should be fired over this. i just think what fred hyatt was saying was also true. his opinions don't necessarily always reflect his politics. >> thanks very much for stopping by this sunday. coming up, why no one is satisfied with the "60 minutes" apology over that benghazi story. then my sit down with bill o'reiley to delivers a rather strong response to his critics. >> if you don't like me because you think it's object knockus or you think i'm misguided politically, that's all right. but if you try to hurt me or my family, my enterprise, you try to hurt it, i'll come after you.
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the "60 minutes" story on
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benghazi was -- how did the cbs program handle the retraction? >> we end our broadcast tonight with a correction. on thursday night, when we discovered the account he gave the fbi was difference than what he told us, we realized we had been misled and it was a mistake to include him in our report. for that, we are very sorry. the most important thing to every personal "60 minutes" is the truth and the truth is, we made a mistake. >> we all make mistakes, myself include. but while lara logan's apology was sincere, cbs left a whole pile of unanswered questions. how did "60 minutes" get duped? dh did they try to figure out why davies said he wasn't at the compound in a report to his own
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bosses with, were they unduly influenced by the fact that a branch of cbs was publishing his book? la lara, the in-house journalistic inquiry that was announced just isn't enough. the network should do whatever they did after dan rather's report, appoint an outside authority to investigate what went wrong, otherwise, the program will continue to operate under a shadow. send me a tweet about the show. up next, the host of the o'reiley factor about why he doesn't trust the mainstream media and his own high decibel styl
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of the hour. bill o'reilly who has opinions on just be about
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everything is a author of a series of best sellers. we decided to turn the tables by putting him in the hot seat on "the aisle riley factor" set. welcome. >> thank you. >> rob lowe just started in a movie based on your book. we seem to be awash in documentment documentaries about the 50 ath anniversary of the death of jfk. >> he is frozen in time. glamour. he was assassinated at such a young age. people who were alive then certainly with all the unanswered questions of conspiratorialists and all that, there is a mystery involved in his death. then the younger people coming up, they see this very handsome president, beautiful wife, and would little kids, and so -- inherently there is ain't in it. like princess diana. it is like anybody that that's glamorous, marilyn monroe, that
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never dies out. >> your new book,a big bestseller. what do you bring as an author to the subject that has been so extensively covered in many other books. >> when i first pitched "killing lincoln" to a publisher that turned it down, he said will are so many lincoln books. i said, but not by me. we sound cocky but it is in the formula. >> you get to promote it every night. >> if you don't have a good product you can promote it every might and nobody will buy it. the product is fun to read and it will teach you something. fun to read and teach you something. you know it. >> you were asked about the colorful matters in one view in "killing jesus and you said of course it is sensationalist. what do you mean by in a. >> we are setting up the drama of why jesus was executed. by the very nature when you have, you know, the powerful romans and temple authorities trying to get this guy and cat
1:33 am
and mouse game, that's going to be sensational. it was. the execution was as ghastly as you could possibly imagine. our research uncovered a lot of things about how it was done and why it was done and who did it really. and we lay it all out like we did with kennedy and lincoln. >> you promote "killing jesus" on 9:0"60 minutes" and "the vie. i thought people didn't like. >> did you they get rate. >> you say it is a self-serving effort by the organizations? >> i think they feel there is a guy in a country selling millions of books. "killing jesus" will sell 5 million books. that's unheard of. the highest rated cable news show for 13 years. there has to be something there. thus if we get him on our show maybe we will get some of this. >> you like to it up a narrative you versus the media. i think you have become more
1:34 am
accepted. >> i disagree with you. if you look at the reviews for "killing kennedy," the people that hate me reviewed me, not the movie. that's still there. if i ever fall, they will be like jackals on my carcass. had hate me. because i represent something that is very feared in america. i made my success outside of the establishment. that is how i did it. they don't like that. and the right doesn't like me eeth ier. you listen to talk radio. they don't like me. i don't tow the lie. i'm an independent thinker and i do things my way. >> does it bother you that people hate you, to use your verb? >> no. i asked president obama that in my laster and view of him. i think he is very sensitive of that. i could be wrong. i don't like the cheap shots. the cheap shots i despise. i go after people who do it. but if you just don't like me because you think i'm obnoxious or misguided politically, that's
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all right. all right. if you rye to hurt me or my family, my enterprise, you try to hurt it, i will come after you. >> when you talk about president obama, you haven't person person natural criticizing him but you have been very critical of tide. would you agree that the mainstream press, particularly with this, obama care rollout, other issues where he doesn't appear to be plugged in, more critical of this president in the first term? >> they had to. because they were losing credibility. mine, as a people who apologize for barack obama now are losing ratings and readership and are hemorrhaging. they don't have business. it is a business decision. if they could they would still stay with their guy. they have a lot of emotions. i disagree with you. i haven't been overly hard on barack obama's presidency in the last five years. i reported fairly and analyzed it fairly on a factual basis. he has done some good things and i gave him credit for those good things. >> you are basically opposed to
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his approach to government which you see as big government. and you have -- >> that doesn't matter. because i'm opposed -- >> i'm not saying you are unfair. >> doesn't mean i will go after him in way that's unfair or illegal. violating journalistic standards. barack obama is a true believer. he he believes obama care is best for americans. that's what he believes. i respect that. he is not a phony. he is not trying to lead news this communist paradise. he believes it. i respect true belief. she desperately wrong. he is wrong. it is bad for the nation. so i look out for the folks. i have to report that. >> i mentioned "60 minutes." as you know they did an apology and retraction for a stories about benghazi based on a contractor that appears as not having telling the truth of being at the compound the night of the attack. that apology didn't get much attention on fox news because it
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doesn't fit the conservative agenda of pushing benghazi as a fair story. >> you know, if the facts were altered by it and we -- i hadn't -- didn't report it -- i didn't pay much attention to it. maybe that's a valid criticism against fox news. i don't run fox news. have my own problems as a factor. i look at it this way. >> yeah didn't you do more on it? the mistakes. >> because everybody makes them. it doesn't have anything do with people's lives. the perception of benghazi wouldn't have changed by lara logan's report. the guy was sharl ton. it happens. i feel sorry for "60 minutes." i think they are anna noble enterprise. i will cut them slack on a mistake. >> you take a lot of slack which is within your purview, msmnbc. >> i don't spend much time on msnbc. >> a lot of people think when
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msnbc has done by doing left is set out to copy fox news, only on the other side. >> they are not making any money. i mean, they are not doing very well. their audience is going -- is very low. so i don't know. they can do what they want over there. look, the only thing that i don't want is personal attacks designed to injure. if i see that over there, i will dip in a little bit. chris matthews saying why doesn't he write a book "killing o'reilly." he is just kidding around. i'm not going to make a big deal about that. they do what they do. we do what we do. who wins? >> you measure everything by numbers. fox news is on top. >> that's right. bottom feeders want to feed down there, that's fine. it is not even close. it is not even close. like the denver broncos and the jacksonville jaguars, that is how far apart it is. >> your view that most of the mainstream media lean left. was that forged in part by the years you spent at sxrbs acbs a?
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>> absolutely. >> working reporters saying nomar, "new york times" editorial page -- >> look, let me break it down for you. local news does not have much ideology. they cover whatever sensational stories. there is not a lot of that. when i worked at channel 2 in new york, there weren't people doing had a. when i went to cbs, absolutely. nine out of ten people were confirmed, liberals, that want aed a liberal approach for the coverage of the news. when i went to abc it was not quite that bad. maybe it was 65%, 70%, rather than 90%. jennings didn't like it, it made him queasy but he was a liberal. he didn't want that. rather embraced more of a left coverage and that kind of point of view. i was there and i saw it. me, i was a reporter. i didn't have any ideology at all and i didn't care about it at that point. but i certainly brought that into the scene here. >> on the set occasionally you have -- got into shouting
1:40 am
matches with alec baldwin and geraldo. do you ever go, maybe i went too par n. >> i have to walk the tightrope. i have to be a real person here. barney frank. right on the air, provable lie. he said he didn't lie. he deserved it. geraldo on the illegal aliens committing crimes and geraldo was not concerned about it, galled me. it hit me the wrong way. i don't think colmes was telling the truth. i don't think he intentionally lied. i walk a high wire here. sometimes i make mistakes. sometimes i overdo it but i think -- you know, after 17 years, we get a lot more right than we get wrong. >> bill o'reilly. after the break, more on the 50th anniversary of jfk's death. why is every media in america reliving it?
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it wasn't ex-ream recall a for the country. now thanks to a tsunami of television and articles and essays and blog posts we are reliving it 50 years later. move november 22, 1963 the day begins with an exciting welcome for president kennedy outside his
1:45 am
hotel. from fox to cnn to pbs, the "national geographic" to the history channel, everyone wants a piece of the kennedy legacy. they are drawn to the theories and theories swirling around the assassination. also to the life of the dynamic young president and the magic of what came to be called camelot. jack kennedy was the most glamorous, attractive president of the united states who ever had and we will ever have. that alone holds your fascination. and he had enormous promise. now it was unfulfilled and it was not realized. he probably wasn't as great as he appeared to be. but he sure felt that way. >> are these media organizes trying to milk it for ratings? as some members popped up on the sunday shows this morning, it is clear that of course they are. but they are also feeding a public appetite about jack and jackie and the whole dynasty.
1:46 am
so one of the evening during interests jack kennedy a half a century earlier? because jfk was cut down in his prime we will always -- there will be a sense of an unfinished dream. the dream the media is all too happy to keep revisiting. is this where tv is headed? how much can we gorge on at once?
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time now for our digital download. amazon post ad new video series called "alpha house." part of a trend that's bypassing television for the web. >> amazon is joining netflix and others in creating original
1:50 am
programming. had one a comedy about four republican senators who share a group house. starring john goodman. >> look, i have been through this. the time i knocked [ bleep ], that video [ bleep ] exploded. on every station. the next morning, zip, gone. over. >> what? why? >> i caught a break. a hurricane wiped out carolina beach. but that's the way it works, lewis. the media always moved on. >> that's so, so true. isn't it? >> i really like this series. it captures the cynicism of washington and it is a very funny moment. what i also like is that amazon had a series of pilots. this is one of them by trudeau and let people vote on them. democracy in action. >> it is very similar to what netflix has done with "house of cards." kevin spacey, robin wright. >> you like that one. >> i love it.
1:51 am
i'm addicted to it. as a matter of fact, what i love about it is that netflix allows you to binge watch. they put the whole series right up there. you can snuggle up on a sunday morning or sunday afternoon, i guess, and watch. >> amazon is not doing that and put out lee of the 11 episodes. it is a comment from the head of amazon studios say thing is so customers can chat about the shows and build up. let me tell you why i don't like it. a, i have a life. b -- >> really? >> it is like eating 13 chocolate sundaes p of how much can you do? >> i'm sorry, but all do you is work. i do not have a life. >> you know, i really like watching. i want to wait another week before i can revisit john goodman and the other three senators. otherwise just -- you are not doing anything else look, you have to look at the business model here. the business model in television is advertisers support the actual content. this is -- this is different.
1:52 am
what amazon is doing by this is it is encouraging its prime customers. that's if you sign up for amazon prime you get -- for $79 a year, you get free shipping. let me tell you, it is worth it if you shop a lot. what they are doing is they are saying, okay, here are your first three episodes free. sign up for prime. and then you get the rest of these series. that's a smart business decision. they only have 11 million subscribers right now. those people on prime also happen to spend three times the amount as regular amazon shoppers. >> that's a nice side you like to watch 13 episodes in a row. without taking a break. >> did i say 13? mont no. >> maybe i'm wedded to the old model you watch the show. >> why would that be? >> okay. watch it. you watch the show and talk about it the next day with your friends and people at work. then everybody would kind of look forward to the next one. the idea is -- what happens is, first of all, if you go on
1:53 am
twitter or social media and see the episodes, other people have only seen would, then you are always -- in danger of spoiling it for them. the conversation also just goes away. how many people talk about "house of cards" after the first week or two? >> i did. i talked to the other people who were watching "the house of cards." we will never know how many people actually watch "house of cards" or are watching "alpha house." there are no ratingsavailable. you don't know how many people -- they don't -- how many people are streaming them. the success really for them, i guess is based on the money. "house of cards" costs $100 million. these episodes of "alpha," $1 million to $2 million per episode. >> that's key in terms of the economics of in. to get -- you have to spend a lot more to make a network tv series and go lou like 87 people@that have to green light it. this is much more streamlined. creative content people are going to be drawn to this sort
1:54 am
of thing. i'm a fan of television. >> they are dvr'ing. >> who needs television? >> we do. >> still to come, why alec baldwin's msnbc's show is suddenly off the air. target is in sight. yes, dad, i see him. now pour some chloroform into a white rag and.... no. hi. i unrstand you're looking for a hotel with a pool. with priceline express deals, you can save big and get exactly what you need. do i have to bid? use the stun gun. he's giving you lip. no! he's just asking a question. no bidding. awesome. get the grappling hook to... dad, i... no? ok.
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i asked whether the press' criticism of president obama's credibility problems has gotten too personal. he is just the president. why in the world should the failure of most prominent domestic policy reflect on him personally? his promise still holds. you can keep your plan. only when insurance companies drop it can you not. steven james. the right makes everything personal against obama. remember when this health care concept was originally crafted by republicans? finally, alec baldwin has a history of yelling at the paparazzi write and he was at it again on thursday. shouting an obscene anti-gay slur. >> get away from my wife with
1:57 am
the bay with you with the camera. get away with my kid with the camera! come on! [ bleep ]. >> lot of bleeping there. it is not the first time he used such language. he told a fox reporter, you are as dumb as you look. the actor had just launched a weekly talk show for msnbc which has suspended him. i did not intend to hurt anyone with my choice of words. but clearly, i have and for that i am deeply sorry. words are important. a woman that repeatedly stalked baldwin was sentenced. yesterday baldwin took to the pages of huffington denying using the slur and said he's not sure his cable show is ever coming back. >> he's just his own worst
1:58 am
enemy. when he does these things. remember when he said that his daughter was a rude and thoughtless pig. >> she was 11. >> she was just a kid. right. i think that -- zebras don't change its stripes. msnbc knew that and they took the risk going in and this is what happened. >> you can't be shocked when this kind of thing happens. i think msnbc made the right decision to suspend him. that's it for this edition of "media buzz." glad could you join us. we will continue the conversation on twitter. check out our facebook stage give us a like at our homepage. we are back here next sunday morning. 11:00 eastern with the latest buzz. >> it is monday november 18th. devastation across the midwest this morning after deadly tornadoes trample the area. the latest on cleanup and
1:59 am
recovery effort. >> a startling sight in the stands as a football phantombles from the upper check falling right down on another fan. >> dashcam video a routine traffic stop ends with an officer opening fire on a van full of children. see what led up to the dramatic moment. fox and friends first starts right now. ♪ >> a lot of people this morning affected by the tornadoes yesterday. good morning, you are watching "fox & friends first" on this monday morning. >> as ainsley mentioned we begin
2:00 am
with a fox news lart. tens of thousands of people in the midwest picking up the pieces after dozens of powerful twisters turning their neighborhoods into piles of rubble. >> storm chasers capturing this incredible video of the storm that left six people dead and as many as 37 others injured. the tornado outbreak reeks the most havoc in the city of washington, illinois. you can see the path of destruction it left behind. homes completely crushed just like cardboard boxes. >> i went back to that end of the house and i heard some glass. we don't have any windows in that end of the house. we stood in the hallway where there were no windows and just held each other. >> a powerful scene. take a look at this. this american flag blows