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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  November 19, 2013 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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show up. >> those are world class. we'll take one of us. right on. thank you for watching. we have to roll and take a selfy. it is what we do after the show. >> the real story starts right now. >> thank you very much. we start with a fox news alert the man acquitted in the shooting death of travon martin back in court again. george simmerman arraigned on charges aflt s after allegedly judge freed him on bond and he is due back in court. >> many questions in the center of a congressional hearing today as documents show the administration was warned yet
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aden back in march that the obama care website was not ready for prime time. did the president know about this? >> bad news for the president in a couple of polls today? >> you are right. his approval rating never so low. in an abc washington post poll. most say the government shouldn't been involved with health care. most blame those numbers on the troubled roll out of press secretary saying the information is secure. >> when consumers fill out their online applications they can trust that the information that they are providing is protected by security standards. testing happens on an on going
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basis using best practices to safeguard personal information. the website has been determined to beco complia. >> gretchen? >> i can imagine republicans have something to say about these polls. what has the reaction been? >> the polls mirror their own scep ti sim. lawmakers asking why the president wasn't briefed on the situation and given the efforts to make good on his promise if you like your health insurance you can keep it. they are asking if he can keep promises for example about costs. >> what we are seeing here is pattern of broken promises from the administration. i think most americans are finding out that is really not true.
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secondly what the president said is if we pass obama care prem m premiums are going to go down. it is just one more reason why this health care law needs to be scrapped now. >> the speaker say the problems show it is not fixable. >> live for us at the white house, thank you. >> for more on the impact of today's testimony and how it could shake up the white house, let's bring in executive editor of "real clear politics". how far up did this go did the president know? >> he said he didn't. but there are questions about whether -- how far up this went. whether kathleen sebelius knew about this stuff. maybe the president was having
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deniability. >> she testified on april 18th, according to this report, it was issue the in march. here is what she said a month later. >> we have the federal hub on track and on time. we have moving ahead with mark up places that we will be individually responsible for and we will be working closely with state partners. at this point our energy and resources are know cussed on getting it up and running and we are monitoring it at every step along the way. >> was she under oath? >> i believe she was. if you say a month earlier that you are not ready to be up and running. >> if the report comes out in march, that is fine. i think the more damming stuff is that the reports are not
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closer to the date. she testified that look, delay was not an option. there was nothing to delay them. repeated warnings as far back as much. even as close as three weeks into march. >> politics played into that. republicans were asking for the delay and the president wasn't going to be in favor of that. i want to move onto where the blame is going to be. they are back on their heels on having to change things. >> obama care has been challenging i guess is what i would have to say. we think about 70 rs of clients are going to change to a different health insurance. >> they won't make it through. we are looking to the screen to
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the side of us here tom, more than five million now cancellations. are we looking at an insurance company bail out going before congress? >> i find that to be highly unlikely. if you thought the fail out of cancellations and rate shocks, if you thought about that, i don't see that happening. i don't see that being feasible. that being said, this was part of the -- they needed aid solution they needed a quick fix. the president rolled it out and not even thinking it through or noing what the consequences might be. we are finding out that it is causing issues. the insurance companies are going to be on the hook and the federal government is not going to be able to cover their costs. if they cannot do it in less than 30 days. the blame could go on the
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insurance companies. unless the president has been paying attention to every part of this story. >> another fox news alert for you now. virginia state senator, hospitalized in critical condition this hour. he was stabbed multiple times in his home this morning. fox news has confirmed that his 24-year-old son has died from a gunshot wound in that home. police responded to that home near the west virginia border after receiving a 911 call. we are live in charlottesville, virginia. dog, he was transferred up to uva from there? >> reporter: that is right. that is about 90 miles from where this happened 90 miles to the west. police had a press conference here about an hour ago and they offered very few details. they said that the state senator is at the west virginia medical
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center. he suffered multiple stab wounds about the head and upper torso. we are hearing from the richmond times newspaper which is a reliable and respected noon they have heard from a state police sergeant mike king, that when they arrived at this home they found the son still alive with a gunshot wound. they said the state senator managed to get up from his home and walk down a pathway to a nearby state road where he found a cousin of his found him. that cousin transported the state senator to the kous in's home and they was delivered to the medical center here. a key part of this story again according to sources quoted by the richmond times, is that the son was taken to the rock bridge
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area community services ward yesterday on monday for a mental health evaluation under an emergency custody order. which allowed him to be held for 24 hours. there were no psychiatric beds available so he was released after four hours and sent back homeless than 24 hours after that, the state senator was wounded and his son lay dead from a gunshot wound in the family house. that is all we know. we hope to have another briefing here about 3:00 p.m. we will bring it to you if indeed it happens. >> wow, what a horrible story. live for us in virginia. coming up. texas senator ted cruz will join me with this latest push. i'll speak with him at 2:30 p.m. eastern right here on "the real
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story". >> war of words between two media giants. rush limbaugh accusing oprah winfrey of playing the race card. >> new shocker. the pledge he just made did you know he also has a new tv show go figure. >> court action for george zimmerman. the charges now against him involving a girlfriend. right back.
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>>. two media titans now duking it out. rush limbaugh calling out oprah
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winfrey. >> if there is a level of disrespect, simply because he is black, how oprah have you managed to become the at one time most popular and certainly wealthiest television personality? how does that happen? >> here is what oprah had said. yes, i think there is a level of business respect for the office and in many cases because he is african-american. chris plant, talkshow host, and leslie marshal is a talkshow host. who is right or are they both wrong? >> i happen to take oprah's side on this and not just beside she is a woman.
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i think it is ignorant to think that none of the anger that is toward the president is not due to his skin color. >> but, isn't that just a cop out? come on. first of all, isn't it always the easy cop out and chris, i do have to say, that joe wilson, may have been onto something. the president he lied about obama care didn't he? >> well, as specifically what joe wilson was objecting to was that it wouldn't cover people in the country illegally. we found out that the website won't be used for immigration. he was right. he read the bill. that is the issue.
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when it comes to obama care and the lies contained there in. when it comes to oprah playing the race card. i have always liked her. she is an extraordinary success story. the president of the united states is black and he is the president of the united states. oprah, i think, they have become so accustomed to playing the race card with matters having to do with obama they cry racism at every turn. oprah winfrey was not a supporter of george w. bush but wasn't called a racist. >> if anyone questions president obama are they a racist? >> absolutely not. i don't feel that oprah winfrey was saying that. you read her quote. the question was asked, do you feel that the president faces
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raci racism. she says she does. joe wilson, not what he said but the fact that he would yell out to the commander in chief having no respect for the man or the sou office. we cannot ignore the fact that that has not been yelled out. i don't feel that the president is being called a lie ar. >> we have never had universal health care before that time either. in the meantime president obama pointing a finger now on republicans on obama care last night. conference call that was plagued with glitches kind of like the website listen to this. >> there are a lot of vested interests and obviously we haven't been getting a lot of cooperation from the other party. run my last campaign and
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i've got one more campaign in me that's making sure that this law works. >> he made an epic blunder on the health care numbers saying 100 million people signed up when he meant 100,000. that aside is the president trying to distract by blaming americans for barack obama? obama care. >> it was a blunder on the number. he has become accustomed to talking in trillions and bill n billions. when it comes to blaming everybody else for his problems that is the story of his presidency. he believes in one party rule. any opposition is called racist. it is joe wilson please. the victim president. it is a tough world out there.
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washington is a tough town. grow up. put on your big kid pants and recognize that we have a two party system and that the opposition is the opposition. >> is it time to blame the republicans in the middle of this obama care in what many classify as a big huge mess? >> i don't think they are blaming republicans for obama care. he is being held to blame on both sides. i think what he said is that this is his goal and needs to be. with regard to the nomination i think it is common for presidents left or right to speak about obstruction or obstacle. he was speaking to his supporters organizing for america. >> thank you so much for your time today. >> thank you. >> in the news today, george
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zimmerman got slapped with a $9,000 bond. is that enough? we are live outside the courthouse for an update. have you seen this video? it is catching on across the country. teens targeting random strangers with sucker punches. they call it the knock out game. weigh in on the situation. we'll read your comments. at the end of the show. [ dennis ] it's always the same dilemma -- who gets the allstate safe driving bonus check. rock beats scissors! [ chuckles ] wife beats rock. and with two checks a year, everyone wins. [ female announcer ] switch today and get two safe driving bonus checks a year for driving safely. only from allstate. call 866-906-8500 now. [ dennis ] zach really loves his new camera. problem is...this isn't zach. it's a friend of a friend who was at zach's party and stole his camera.
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lawmakers cheering for a white hat hacker. companies hire guys to find security flaws here he explains
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why he believes the site is a goldmine for identity chiefs. we can see there are security principles that are not being follows. things that are basic in nature that people would be hired to test for prior to it being released. these are ings that could compromise the entire site itself and everything around it. >> peter, what can you tell us? >> we know the administration has 11 days left until they hit that self imposed end of november deadline to fix health four different groups reached the same conclusion connected to health >> do any of you today think today that the site is secure?
11:25 am
>> no. >> no. >> no. >> do any of you think the site will be secure on november 30th? >> no. >> no. >> no. >> this screen shot shows how easy it was for david kennedy the good guy hacker to type words into google to get names and account holders to pop up. another sounded an alarm about websites that exist to trick consumers into doing essentially the hacker's hard work for them. >> there was bogus websites because there was not one single website for people to use and as versaries will take advantage of this information. people will launch a search and they will see many choices.
11:26 am
>> last week one of the officials in charge of launches thought the site was so safe he recommended it to his sister. if he wanted it to, he could access that information within one or two days. >> peter, thank you so much. >> and so much news today. george simmerman back in trouble with the law because of an incident allegedly involving a shotgun at his girlfriend's home. live in florida. phil, he is going to get out, right? >> he will get out eventually most likely tomorrow or the day after that. george zimmerman after that short court appearance learning his bond is set at $9,000 locked up in isolation where he remains. they say it is unlikely that
11:27 am
based on the bond arrangement he will have gps monitoring. he clearly is not going back to what is now his ex-girlfriend's house and he can't go back to his soon to k ex-wife's house. his next court date set for january 7th. the judge listened to the arguments on both sides as to what the bond should be. here is a take of the short hearing. >> do you have a question about any of these rights? >> no, your honor. >> do you understand those rights? >> yes, your honor. >> i'm going to set the bond in this case at $9,000. >> george zimmerman is now sporting a beard. one is a felony after allegedly
11:28 am
pointing a rifle in his girlfriend's face. battery and domestic violence and criminal mischief. she alleges sma s smashing her coffee table and barricading and locking himself inside. >> thank you very much. >> texas senator ted cruz joins us live next with a new push into last year's benghazi terror attacks. plus, did walmart cross the line? after putting up boxes for needy walmart workers. the teen who killed her shedding tears in the court room soon to learn his fate. next the stunning details of her final hours. >> if someone is ripped from your life in the way that jessica is taken from us.
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a key lawmaker launching a new push now. senator ted cruz calm h cacalli
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for investigation into benghazi attacks. >> you want to have another investigation you want to honor the lives of these four men who were killed what do you need to find out? >> well, it has been over a year now since that tragic attack. we don't have answers why we didn't strengthen security. we don't have answers why military strength wasn't deployed. the administration did nothing to send in military supports to save those lives that were in jeopardy and we don't have answers as to why the administration insisted for weeks on telling a story that
11:34 am
was false. four americans gave their lives and they are blocking efforts to uncover the tlutruth. what sort of progress do you think you will be able to make by trying to do this? >> we have 25 skenators that hae come together that calls for a joint bipartisan select committee. right now we have had a series of hearings in the house. the problem with the hearings when you have one politician after another that typically has three, or, four or five minutes and it moves onto the next one. the model that we need to have
11:35 am
is a select committee with one mission get to the bottom of what happened in benghazi. you have a chief counsel who is the lead prosecutor who can follow the evidence and the truth. >> i want to draw your attention to benghazi right now. jay carney had his briefing that said he was briefed by recommendations by that firm but that they never believed that it would be as disastrous as it was. your response? >> barack obama was sold to the american people under false retenr pretenses. in order to extend insurance to roughly 15 or $20 million who didn't have insurance.
11:36 am
what it does is jeopardize the private health insurance of americans. that was a conscious decision that they made.ion people have had their insurance cancelled because of barack obaobama care. more and more americans are going to discover that the doctors that they trust and need they can't access. >> the president made that promise. it is still on the white house website. not to mention when the employer mandate kicks in that we could see another shoe drop. we will continue to follow that story. >> thank you for having me. why is the president no longer calli ining obama care. obama care? >> last week he never once addressed his signature domestic achieveme
11:37 am
achievement, instead calling it the affordable care act. >> nancy pelosi calling it the affordable care act is right up there with social security, medicare and is a right and not a privilege. great to see you. >> hi. >> so what do you make of this sudden name change. it is all about the name. >> could it be because the numbers are going to -- >> curious. i guess you would say. look, i was actually thinking about this next week. i was thinking about when they might stop referring to it as obama care. you might remember that he did say he embraced it as obama care. people would stop calling it obama care once they realized it how great it is. so democrats embraced it and
11:38 am
called it obama care. and now nancy pelosi went out of her way to say, it is the affordable care act. jay carney used both terms but they call it the affordable care act. some people might have a problem with it. but moving onto a record high right now, 56% of u.s. adults now say the federal government's responsibility to have health care coverage shouldn't be the case. what do you make of this massive shift? >> i think that this is one of the -- there are so many problems with what has gone wrong. the most obvious is that people can't get onto the website. separately, there is a bigger problem which is the cause, the idea of using the government to provide important services to be part of the solution has taken a real hit.
11:39 am
the idea that barack obama has been a defender of. but since everything is going wrong with the website, i do think it is the government's role but i think people are saying it doesn't look like something the government is going to handle. >> it is all about the government running things. i think it is a real hit for the cause and the idea that the government can be part of the solution. i think this is sort of unique incompetence that we are seeing. i don't think that is true. i think there is something incompetent in the situation that they have not been able in three years to function. >> i know that you are a democrat, but yes or no, does president obama come out of this mess with a good legacy, yes or no? >> i think it is too hard to tell right now. this is obviously a huge hit for
11:40 am
him. but we have to wait and see whether or not we can salvage this. if he can't, it will be terrible for his legacy. >> it is one of america's biggest holiday. but it may not be thanks to stores and others. >> plus a deadly new trend where unsuspecting people get punched. we'll be right back.
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welcome back everyone. walmart opening it's stores on thanksgiving day in the world's biggest retailer taking heat over that plan and it is not the first time walmart has gos ttten trouble this time of year. >> walmart is in hot water this year. one store decided to do a food
11:44 am
drive for its own store workers. a store in canton, ohio asked workers to donate food for co workers in need saying they were in hardship because they lost a spouse. it has a sign that reads quote please donate food items so associates in need can enjoy thanksgiving dinner. is it proof that walmart pays so little that many employees can't afford thanksgiving dinner? union groups are putting up the number of planned protests and walk outs with strikes now planned in california, ohio and groups are demanding that they pay employees minimum salary of $25,000 and they don't like the thanksgiving work hours. the national labor relations
11:45 am
board says it will proceed with a case against walmart. walmart out with a statement saying they do believe disciplinary actions were legal and justified. >> thank you very much. should you spend your thanksgiving at home with your family or at a store getting the deal. welcome in our panel. all right. stephanie, where do you fall on this? thanksgiving time come on some of my greatest memories growing up spending time with my family. >> you just said it. and i said what are you doing for thanksgiving and i know for me a tradition to cook with my kids and celebrate and watch the parade and that is the thing that kids remember not getting a deal on a tv, right?
11:46 am
>> oh, jeffrey? >> sit time for another flat screen tv, have my dinner and get out to walmart and do my thing and come out to football. look, i think it is a new tradition of going out on thanksgiving doing your shopping and do it with family members and don't stay out there all day. >> it is your perogative as bobby brown says. >> would you have enough money to go shopping with jeffrey? >> let's have one day to not spend money, not about the god all mighty dollar and have gratitude and turn off the tv's and talk and be together and not shop. >> kill me now. turn off the tv. >> i wonder if it is a gender thing. >> let me now. i got to move onto this.
11:47 am
see this video, the players try to knock him out him or her with one punch. so far at least 7 deaths have been linked to this game. what does this say about the society in which we live. random attacks. >> it is cowardly. >> these are kids that don't have the support at home. who are very, very bored with their lives. i think they fall prey to this kind of thinking. it is really cool. to go out and do something like this. it is murderous. absolutely. kids growing up watching violence. you become immune to it. it becomes like it is nothing.
11:48 am
like it is absolutely nothing to see all of this. so then they re-enact this. most of these kids themselves were bullied or beaten from their own parents. if they want to do this, go knock each other out or take it to a boxing gym or get professional with it. yes, it is a situation of where they are more prone to this because of the video games. we have good kids who watch videos who see violent things and don't act like this. >> this reminds me of the story who allegedly killed the baseball player because they were bored. getting back to what you were saying about video games. grand theft auto. it is this clarified horrible
11:49 am
way of children playing this video game and i'd like to bet most parents who were buying this game don't know how horrible it is and if they did i think they would take it away. >> my kids have it. they are not out there punishing anyone. they are more screwed up because their dad is a psychologist. >> they are not at risk because they are getting what they need from their parent. >> we can have a difference of opinion. this is about parents at the core. i hope that this trend will stop. once this goes to you tube and people replicate it. goes bad from there. >> good luck on buying your flat screen. > family behind the hit series "duck dynasty".
11:50 am
revealing their struggles. that is ahead. plus she asked if she would ever see her mom again. the details of the murder of jessica ridgeway. >> i don't think that the >> i don't think that the
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11:53 am
john edwards is going back where he started. he will practice personal injury law in his home state of north carolina. >> a new toxicology report suggests rat poison may have killed actress brittany murphy. the coroner said she died of
11:54 am
pneumonia in 2009, and it killed her husband five months later. >> the "duck dynasty" family revealing their struggles before reality tv fame. in a new film the clan details how they were almost torn apart by infidelity and alcohol. they say their lives turned around when they met with a pastor. phil invented his duck call which turned into business and the show. >> a colorado teen convicted of hurting a little girl,lashing his fate. been called a monster by the family members of the victim, jessica ridgeway, and the details are disturbing. >> reporter: because he was only 17 years old when the crime was committed he could have gotten parole after 40 years, then crowd add the kidnapping charge and the judge said he would stay in prison for the remainder of his natural life. he has been sentenced to life in prison.
11:55 am
the case was horrifying to fathom he pleaded get to killing jessica ridgeway, and he sat stone-faced. he stayed he studied severallal killers so he could murder and get away with it. then he said he lied to jessica when she repeatedly asked him if she would see her mother again. instead he strangled her, dismembered her, and then admitted this to his mother. this is a jessica from birth to when she was ten years old. >> i don't think that the defendant has the right to hear how he affected my, my family, or who jessica was. once we walk out of this courtroom, we'll not remember his name.
11:56 am
>> austin siggs mother openly crime. a psychologist called him a psycho pathic killer. the police chief says it was the worst crime he has seen in 40 years of police work. life in prison. >> you feel for both families. >> ahead, your thoughts on why the president has suddenly stopped calling it obamacare. [ male announcer ] laura's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today her doctor has her on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack, be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen.
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open enrollment ends december 7th. so now's the time. visit or call 1-800-medicare >> you guys are fired up about the administration dropping the term obamacare. >> they hate it when we refer to obamacare. it's called ownership. >> jimmy posting at our facebook pain, should be called the unfortunate care act. and -- i would not want my name on a disaster, would you? thanks everyone for sharing your thoughts. you can tweet me or post on my
12:00 pm
facebook page. i'm gretchen karlson. thank you for joining me for "the real story." shepard smith now live. >> new word the white house found out about the problems of the obamacare web site. did staffers get a warning months in advance? >> we have a stunning new report how much of our tax dollars are squandered and accusations of staffers cooking the books at the pentagon. >> y afternoon from the fox news deck where we are in the middle of breaking news. police are about to hold a news conference following a bloody crime involving a virginia state senator. we learned somebody stabbed that state nor. creigh deeds in the body and neck and his son died at the scene. and


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