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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  November 20, 2013 12:00am-1:01am PST

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go to and tell us what you think about tonight's show see you tomorrow night. welcome to "red eye." tonight, this -- >> coming up on "red eye." does air guitar cause shingles? how new evidence has some shredders have some people thinking twice before their next solo. and is the white house negotiating a a secret alliance with the decepticon? >> we are consulting with our allies and our partners and we will see if an agreement can be reached. >> and finally synchronized walk you you walk -- walkers. we will get to the bottom of it. none of these stories on "red eye" tonight. >> and now let's welcome our guests. she is smart. she is cute and she is wanted
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for murder. i am here with allison barber. she doesn't look like a killer. he stinks of december spir ration and -- desperation and cat dander, joe devito and legendary rapper and genius ra, the rugged man. his latest came out in april called "ledge ends never die" and if you didn't buy it you should die and surrounded by the people who hate you most. >> a block. the lede, that's the first story. >> she brought up race where it had no place. i speak of a delightful lady on "family feud" who gave quite possibly the greatest answer to a simple question. it is the subject of tonight's -- >> is this racist? >> if you have to ask. tonight in the most disturbing clip since pat sajak stabbed
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that woman on "wheel of fortune" we find out what is on a contestant's mind. >> ladies, here we go. the top six answers on the board. name something you know about zombies. >> black. >> they're black. >> i don't know if they are white. it's up there. >> you shut up, lady. >> the black zombies. >> they move slow. >> they move slow. >> all right. that was quite possibly the greatest moment
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in game show history, ra. i don't know. what is worse? she is assuming zombies or block or that other woman assuming zombies are slow. they are both derogatory in a way. >> i don't know if she knew this, but from the beginning of sin that you ma history zombies were based on zoo-doo -- voo-doo and witch doctors and "i walk with a zombie" and i don't think it was in her mind. maybe she saw a whole table of black people and black, black, black, and she went crazy. >> it was like she was thinking don't say anything about -- don't say anything -- are there black people around? it is like whether you riding a mountain bike and on a trail and going for a rock and you say i don't want to hit the rock, i don't want to hit the rock. >> don't say black, don't say black, don't say black. >> maybe we are not giving her enough credit. >> she was knowledgeable? >> she was knowledgeable on
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the history of under ground zombie filming. it is true. there are zombie films based on haiti. the haiti folk lore. >> and the movie where he said "i ain't no zombie." >> the only zombie that girl saw was "warm bodies" where it is a white zombie and it is a love story. that's the only zombie movie she sees. >> you are actually in the kkk, so you are an expert on race -- racism. was she thinking about gangrene? would zombies have gangrene? >> no i will go with racist and that is an acceptable and she should be ashamed. and that's obviously from a kkk member. >> honest mistake? >> it probably is what you guys think. maybe she was knowledgeable, but that would never be the first thing. dead? nobody's first thought was dead? they walk slowly?
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>> b, b, b, black. >> racist woman. i say racist. >> so we have two racists. joe, here is my other theory is that maybe it was a come -- compliment. zombies are immortal and tough and powerful. she was saying, oh, black. she holds blacks in high regard. >> that's a really bad one, greg. i am going to vote for not racist. without knowing anything else about this woman, i will assume she is not a huge zombie -- she is not looking at films made prior to 1932 and i think this is something that happens where are you in a situation where you hope, oh -- she may not spend a lot of time around black people and then said i hope i don't say anything stupid. then she has the thought and your immediate word association association -- it is like the worst case
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scenario. i don't know if i call this racist. she was not judging anyone based on their race. it is not derogatory. well it is derogatory because she was putting absolutely no thought into it. oh, zombies, black people. >> can i just point out they are just like zombies? you know what it is? it is circumstance shall tour retes. >> she said black for every other answer. black, black. >> maybe a zombie come on and she said black, black. >> i think you are right. it is possible in another situation if you would have asked her what are five things you take with you on vacation and she might have said black because she is not comfortable with that situation. >> and she has a black maid. >> then she is not racist. she hires a black person and she trusts them. >> i looked into this woman
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and she is a professor of anthropology with a emphasis on rituals. she is looking at the hatian volume -- zombies from the hatian voo-doo. >> her defense was i don't know if they are white. >> she wasn't thinking of old zombie movies. she was thinking of michael jackson's "thriller" and she was not sure if they are black or white. >> she calmed down when steve harvey blew the sleeping powder in her face. >> she has no memory of this, by the way. she has disappeared and will show up years later walking in the fields. >> this is one of those things where all racists are dumb, but not all dumb people are racists. she was just dumb. >> that would be the high road to take. >> so racist, not racist? >> eh. >> so that is three -- i am
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going with not racist. i think show was more nervous than racist. she was nervous being around black people. is that racist? is that racist? could she be intim ditted, but not racist? >> would you let a zombie date your daughter? >> then they would have half zombies and half white babies and that is good for society because they could live forever or half a forever. >> "the walking dead" takes place in georgia and i watch the show and say where are the black people? this is georgia. what was that con convoluted thing you did earlier? >> don't to that. don't do that. it makes no sense. this is an interesting topic. i hope more incidents happen like this on "family feud." >> and they pose them as the hatfields and the mccoys before the show. the hillbilly white family. >> so they are racist. >> absolutely. >> steve harvey is a racist. we solved this issue tonight.
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yes, they are the racist! stripped of power he turned to lauer. the toronto tub of fun rob ford sat down with "the today show" host who looks different and admitted that he was glad thouing happened during his benders. >> let's say you go on one of those binges and your phone rings in your office on a saturday night and something terrible happens, a terrorist attack, something like that? would you be capable to handle it? >> i am fortunate that hasn't happened. it is few isolated incidents that has happened. you are absolutely right. i am fortunate that hasn't happened. but it could happen to anybody at anytime. say you go out drinking or you are a drunk -- >> the lives of a million people are not resting on my decisions. >> hold on. say your son or daughter was killed in a car accident and you are platers out of your -- plastered out of your mind at
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3:00 in the morning are you going to make a decision? >> he looks like sammy tugi. >> i thought he was training for some sigmund freud -- >> he discussed the one team he did crack. >> i was very, very inebriated. >> who hasn't had that excuse? ford later addressed the problem everybody was focused on. >> i have a weight issue and i have been training every day. all i can say, matt, actions speak louder than words. i invite you to come back -- give me five or six months and if people don't see a difference i will leave my work. >> you know what else has been reflecting on his behavior lately?
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that ad is nothing. ra, you almost have to admire his ability to admit his flaws and then turn them into like a power. i don't want him to go away. >> he has more excuses than half of the rappers i work with. he looks almost like the white rick ross, actually. we pull a [bleep] out. can i sthai? >> yeah, and then i tell them it is slang for a water bottle. >> you put me next to these ugly guys and i am trying to get over there. yeah, the mayor, he is quite a character. toronto is a good city. she a funny dude. smoking crack mayors, they are all crazy. a lot of mayors smoke crack. it is the preferred drug for
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mayors. >> why is that? are they in a hurry? >> have i a press conference. >> you can't do meth because that lasts for hours as we know. >> how much coke was joe biden dmoght -- doing in the debate with paul ryan? he could have done crack first. >> that's true. and when he said this is a big [bleep] deal he was on crack. we will bleep that out. allison, toronto is in good shape, low unemployment and high real estate prices. could it be that crack is good? >> maybe. a fun fact his approval ratings are 44% which is five points higher than president obama. crack is doing something positive for him. maybe we should take note. >> president obama should go back to doing coke. >> or crack. clearly that is the more effective drug of choice. ask marion barry.
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he is back in office. >> president obama doesn't look like somebody who does crack. >> crack is coke. >> but a different kind. >> come on. it is a different kind. >> andy, tell us about this, man who has two cats. >> you see, you take the rock -- i'll tell you later. get a spoon. >> andy -- >> how many fox viewers don't know how to cook the crack? >> they do. how do you think they stay up? ford is responsible for 2.7 million and you are responsible for almost nothing. it puts things in perspective don't you think? he is achieving so much while high and yet you sober do so little. >> it really does? i don't know. my favorite part of this, we mentioned that he said something about the weight. what he said is if i am not
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down 30 to 40 pounds i will eat my words. that won't help. >> you know there are no calories in words. silly man. what do you think of that? he is hiding behind his weight. >> this guy is awesome. his excuses where if you are trying to explain away your use of crack cocaine and your excuse contains the words drunken stupor, that's awesome. it is like someone got a dui and it is like, all right, i will mow my lawn. that doesn't have anything to do with what you are talking about here. i think he is great and there is someone who lost the election to him. >> that's true. >> what were they doing? a man covered in feces running through the streets? >> that would be amazing to find out. we should do that research. we are probably too lazy. can i just make one larger point as a little guy? he can't be for higher taxes
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if he does coke because coke is so expensive. in a way, isn't it good to have a person in power who has a drug habit because then they are interested in keeping taxes low? >> in order to be a conservative you have to do crack is what we learned in this show. >> i would rather have somebody high on drugs than high on taxes. >> the politicians it shows them going to a local diner with sleeves rolled up and he says i am a man of the people. guys smoking crack, it doesn't get more popular than that. is he done owning a gun? george zimmerman was released on $9,000 bond after his arrest for allegedly threatening his girlfriend with a shotgun. she called 9-1-1 on monday to report that zimmerman pointed the weapon at her. he smashed a coffee table and tried to force her out of the house. take a listen, listen takers. >> where is his weapon at? >> he just put it down. get out of my house. do thought push me out of my house. please get out of my house.
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he knows how to do this. he knows how to play this game. >> on tuesday prosecutors said zimmerman also tried to choke her last week and the judge ordered the man who shot and killed trayvon martin to surrender all of his weapons and he needed to wear a monitoring device and not leave the state. that is punishment. for more let's go to our chief legal correspondent, sneezy dog. >> it doesn't happen with crack. ra, in a weird way does this prove that zimmerman is not racist, just crazy? >> i think he is a loon gnaw particular. ii think the women that go with him are lunatics. the woman who made the call, if you are dating george zimmerman at this moment in
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your life you want something. so she is a nut job too. >> i agree. this is what drove me nuts about this story was that it was made to be about race. if you disagreed are you a racist or you had to defend zimmerman. it was like there were two roads. there was actually a road this whole thing was crap. >> the problem was the media doesn't care about black people killed -- being killed and murdered. black people are killed every day and they don't care about it. it does president sell paper -- doesn't sell papers. black on black crimes don't sell papers. if you put a racial tone on it, this one kid, trayvon martin. let's talk about trayvon and not that the black community is hurting each other and dying every day. they don't care about the loss of black lives. >> and it also doesn't sell i guess. >> that's what it is. the only reason they care about trayvon martin, not the people, but the media, the only reason they care is the ratings are higher and the papers are more bought. that's what it is.
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they invade america's homes and say this is the only important case and who cares that people are getting gunned down in every city here and there. those lives aren't important. the only life that is important is the one that will sell us papers. that has nothing to do with this story. >> i do think, back to this story, i do think this is significant in terms of what you pointed out. to some degree it under cuts the debate that his -- he was racially profiling trayvon martin. he was wrong to get out and follow him. this was part of a violent pattern he has had. he was arrested two times in 2005 for violent-related issues. he had a similar situation with his now estranged wife a couple months ago. and now this pops up again. he is an ass and that's what it shows. i do think to some degree it under cuts the argument that he was racially profiling. he clearly exhibited patterns of being a violent jerk. >> it is hard for you because he was your hero.
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>> to be fair his girlfriend was holding some skittles. what do you expect the guy to do? first of all i believe he racially profiled trayvon martin. but he is a textbook definition of an irresponsible gun owner. he killed a kid who was doing nothing wrong. he wouldn't have done that if he thought -- if he didn't think he was a big man with a gun. he is a stereo type for gun owners. every person who supports gun rights should hate this grie. >> i agree. have i to go to joe. we have 45 seconds. >> i wonder does he have interactions that don't include firearms? every time he is with another person -- he is like grenade lawfner goes with that -- launcher goes with that. he is in the wacky adventures of swrornlg zimmerman. >> if you like guns and believe in protecting yourself, he is the worst, the worst person to defend -- he
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is bad news. we have to take a break. coming up, more crap. stick around. bye. that stay. don't go anywhere.
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here we are. god help me, it is a selfie. itit is a screaming act of narcissism. thanks to twitter selfie jumped in usage and it beat twerk and i banged lou daabs. they tried to pick something that best reflect the times. for more let's go to this twerking dog.
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>> what a hopeless flirt. i was wondering, what do they do to the dog to do that? what did you put up the dog's butt? he is obviously trying to shake something out of there. you just got out of high school so you probably take many, many selfies. why is it so popular? it is just reflective of our time of people being obsessed with themselves. >> when i am updating my my space page i go for the selfie. it is nare saw success stick, but it is a term that is funny to say. i like singler. i do it for my mom and stand in front of historic landmarks and say singler and i send a photo of me in front of the washington monument. that's better than selfie because you include your surroundings. a selfie, i have no idea why this is a word over the year
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over hash tag or things that are used a lot more on social media than selfie. >> it is definitely not singler. scary stuff. >> i am out of all of the technology now and i don't even have an iphone and none of that stuff. i have twit and i am lucky to have that. selfie sounds like a weird sexual thing. >> it could be. >> when i was in elementary school i went on a field trip in 6th grade and went in the bathroom and saw a guy trying to give himself a [bleep] and selfie, selfie. >> 90% of men who buy adjustable beds do it for that reason. you buy the special hospital beds that get up like this. anyway, i don't need to go any further with what we are talking about here. you can use your imagination. >> where do you get these beds? >> i think there is a commercial on fox news.
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joe, do selfies encourage -- the duck face? it was launched first by the baldwin family. there is alec baldwin. >> yeah, i guess that is technically a duck face. i don't understand the -- i want a girl who looks tart. the job is to keep words like this out. no that is juvenile and stupid. it sounds like a nerd who is trying to appeal to the cool kids. >> awhile back it was said a trip to the moon, they took six pictures and a girl walks to the bathroom and took 17. >> i saw a girl walking down the street the other day, walking down the street and stopped and took a selfie. >> i wonder how many people die, get hit by are cays -- >> not enough. >> they are walking and they are in paris or new york and say i am in front of this and then a truck goes boom and
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that's because are you a nare saw cystic jerk. >> i can just talk if you want. >> no, there is a point. no, i didn't have it. it is the look at me generation. >> we are the greatest generation. we liberated europe and saved the world from hitler and now the young kids -- >> you are 75 years old, andy? >> i might as well be. the only thing worse than a selfie is a guy selfie. >> that's weird. >> there are grown ass men posting selfies on instagram. >> the shirt off in the mirror and flexing. >> that is actually his twitter profile. >> my fellow rapper dudes. some of the hood rapper dudes, the tough rapper dudes and i'm on their twitter and i see them with their shirt off -- it is like i don't need to see that. just rap. >> geraldo. >> i tried to do it, but i can't -- i am so out of the loop to get the camera to work when i try to do a selfie i
12:28 am
have this look of concentration on my face. >> the great one is when people try to pretend it is not a selfie so they try to make sure -- they are like this and they try to get it like this. oh my god i am being pulled. >> there is a generation of young girls with incredibly strong forearms. just one forearm from holding up the phone. >> distbussing. disgusting. people think they are better looking than they really r. when people take selfies they say i look good and you need to look good. they overestimate the amount of interest people have in your looks because they are more interested in their own. what happened to ugly people when mirrors were invented. that must have been a horrible thing. the good looking people were saying i told you. i told you. >> back in the day you would have to walk to a pond. >> you had a job interview -- -- >> the only way to see yourself is to walk to a popped. >> you have a big job inned view and you run down to the pubbed pubbed -- pond and fix
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your tie. >> now they do a selfie and do the cgi and take the pimples off. >> terrible. on that note, coming up, the c block. tonight's c block is sponsored by time. the indefinite continued progress of existence and events in the past, present and future. thanks, time. >> you're welcome, greg. >> why won't kanye mention president obama anymore? i don't know. i haven't read the story yet.
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are big cats where it is at? they are the ultimate status symbol for super rich young dudes in the persian gulf. they are flawbting their wealth by posting pictures of themselves on-line with tigers and cheetahs. he has one on top of a car. there is something. anyway, this guy -- he is very specific about my descriptions. this guy has gained over 250,000 followers on instagram by regularly showing off his oversized pets. here he is hugging a lion and riding on its back. anyway, i have a big cat at home. take a look. >> it is creepy, but he makes
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great pancakes in the morning. joe when i see this all i see is american gas money going to people who don't do coke. they go like -- they don't have alcohol and they don't have drugs so they spend it on expensive tigers and cars. >> they have run out of things to spend the money on. first i will say this, i would rather -- the animals appear to be taken care of, so i would rather see that than somebody on a hunt. when you show guys showing off sports cars and we know what that means. how microscopic is your penis? get a chee gnaw in there. cheetah in there. >> when they showed the guy with the head stuck in the lion's mouth it reminded me of the story ra was saying and it made me anxious. >> if you had this kind of money, does this make sense? >> rappers in america, look at what they spend it on. i think it is kind of funny.
12:35 am
the first time i have seen a panther was l.l. cool j album cover. look, there is a cool panther. it wasn't expensive like that and mike tyson had the panthers. you can teach you to do some michael vick type of stuff and have the tiger fights and it would be that dude is a g. >> tiger fights. that's a great idea. that's a rumor to start. he has tiger fights in the basement. >> we deal with little pittbulls and he has tiger. >> or unleash the tiger on the pittbulls. that would be wrong. i am against animal cruelty and can't believe you would suggest otherwise. >> the guy in the second photo is somebody i am seeing right now. if you could put that back up? yes, if i had the money i would totally -- not that one. he is laying over it. there. it is right there.
12:36 am
we are going to dinner after and i hope it is nothing fancy. if i had a ton of money you bet i would get a liger. i would get a liger and make it different. i would have zebras. >> is that a lion and a tiger? >> it is a liger. >> i love this kind of electricity. >> i would go with a slow loris. a slow loris is that amazing wide eyed primate, but they have like a goo on their happened so they are adorable, but they lick it and they put it on you and you die. it is a slow loris. it is a monkey. >> it is like a lemur. >> so you want to be the grown up version of justin bieber? >> he had a monkey and he left him in germany. that's a euphemism. andy, have you stupid little cats.
12:37 am
these men would laugh at you. you have two cats. what are their names? sparky and reginald? >> anyone that keeps a jungle animal as a pet should be mauled. these animals belong in the jungle. let them live their lives. ra said that dude is a g. that's sean hannity's catch phrase and he will be pissed. >> caution. next topic, in a radio interview on monday kanye west said he is done with president obama. kanye said he is not going to mention the president anymore and he felt used by obama saying, quote, the president likes to use popeye cons to be down and stuff. i have no idea what that means. on tuesday, yay, released this awesome video for the song "bound to." >> ♪ what you doing in the club on a thursday ♪ ♪ he said he only here for a birth birthday ♪ ♪ they order champagne but look thirsty ♪ ♪ just turned 30
12:38 am
♪ i know i have a bad reputation ♪ ♪ wok around always mad reputation ♪ >> he is an incredibly fast rapper. you i was having a hard time making out what he was saying the can you explain what he was saying? >> it was too deep. too deep. him and kim thought of that themselves. let's get deep. >> it was amazing. >> step the bars up, boy, come on. there are good rappers out there, legitimate rappers that can rap and that's what we get to see? jesus christ. >> you have met him before. is he as erratic a personality -- >> it was years and years and years. he was selling some thaings to jay-z. it was remember me and you and kanye was hanging out? oh that's that kid kanye? kanye became the world's
12:39 am
biggest hipocrite. i don't know what happened to him. all he complains about and whines and cries about too much attention, too much attention, but everything he dedicates his life to is to get too much attention. you are on there wearing confederate flags. everything you do is -- oh what can i do? you marry the biggest publicity whore on the planet earth. i don't want attention, but you marry kim kardashian? >> you had the same experience with kanye west. >> i did. i don't want to bring up past -- i don't have -- i never hung out with anybody cool. >> i can understand he doesn't want to talk about the president. i'm sure he saves those deep, political conversation when's he is home with kim. >> it is like "face the na >> i enjoy these obama supporters just coming around now to be like, he was dishonest. it is like, well, yeah. that's what the guy does. >> that's what they all do. i am talking politicians, mind
12:40 am
you. what did you think of his comments? >> he is finally on board. he is a little late to the game because big boy did come out against president obama awhile ago. but i'm with you. it is like they are acting like there is this big revelation and, one, no one cares at there point that kanye west realized he is not being truthful. >> but there are educated rappers that know the truth. there is the hell razors and the wootangs and they are educated up on things. and then you have the hollywood rappers that anything they want to do we are cool with it. you can shove the blanket over their face and pretend it is a good thing, but there are rappers out there that know what they are talking about. >> and he is fairly intelligent guy. >> i don't think so. i think he is a lunatic. >> andy, last word to you. you were watching that video all day. >> we used to roll back in the day and a lot of the times i would say to him, stop it ya.
12:41 am
what he is saying about president obama is what every person should be saying about every politician. of course they are using you. how did you not know that? i actually think he is a pretty smart guy and i don't know how he just figured that out. i think he is also trolling us with the video. >> i think so too. it was meant to drive you crazy. we have to take a break. don't leave yet. have i a new book called "not cool" coming out in march. you can pre order it now at all book retailers or go to g and order it now or i will hunt you down and i will kill you.
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they put the x in executive. bosses looking at smut is a major cause of computer viruses. i wouldn't know of course. research at a security firm found 40% of the time the device is used by the senior management was infected by
12:45 am
malware because of porn surfing. and they don't reveal the data breeches. i believe we have an example of an x-rated video the execs are watching. a warning. it is graphic.c now. linda love a live -- linda
12:46 am
love lace is making a movie and watch it for free. >> i don't understand it. it is like, you and your most immature and having you do the most permanently destructive thing at that age. you could never do that. >> no, this is all such rational thoughts coming from that end of the table. i was going say gross. why would you look at that in your office? one. first of all, most of the world is executives doing this? is that what they are saying? >> yes. >> most don't even have an office door where are they doing it? >> yeah, most are in a [cubical|cubicle] unless they get in -- cubicle so unless you get in early. >> it is ridiculous to jeprodize. >> the only porn i watch because i don't do good for conservative women so i look for conservative women porn, i
12:47 am
look that up a lot. >> why didn't we go to me? my dad is watching. >> i will actually go to that website, my dad is watching. >> it is very strange. it is very strange. >> you get more and more niche. >> they have to be korean girls. >> they have to have cash. >> they have to have a broken leg and they have to be korean. i am talking about studying. i am not talking about sex. are you disgusting. i had this story in front of me for two weeks. joe. why do they have filters on the computer system? why can't they agree -- it is like if you are going to have faucets through your house that crank out vodka, that's not a good thing. sooner or later you have to put a vodka filter on it. isn't that what this is? >> your connections are off. >> i want to take back my
12:48 am
rational thought comment. >> first of all they should make a credit card technology where the credit card doesn't work if your pants are off. you are not -- no one is making a good decision with pants off. maybe it is a belt buckle thing or something like that. i am from the generation where we had to go search out pornography. you had to go see where some older kids left some -- >> you had to find a tree. >> now the idea that pornography is coming to you. you have to hide from it and it is strange. also the idea that this is why the i.t. guys are the most powerful guys in the company. the captains of industry #r* crashing the server because they don't know how to delete their browser history. >> i used to go to sears cat tau logs with a pencil and eraser and used to erase the bras off -- >> i am laughing because i have no idea what you are talking about. >> come on, every guy kid did that. i was born in 64. >> you are older than me.
12:49 am
>> we had weird meetings with my friends that you swapped the magazines you stole or something. there is always somebody who is like take this issues of jug u.s. and are like they don't have any teeth. >> i had to go to the older people to get the magazines. a young boy going to old people for a porn magazine? that's creepy. >> the barber shop. >> what older guy gave the little boys porno? >> it wasn't a face-to-face transaction. when i got rid of my vhs pornography because i had a wing in my apartment what i did was was -- i said, you know what, i think i will hookup a young person. >> i gotta go. you know what the funny thing about that is in that's the primary reason people have vcr's because of porn you don't want to get rid of it. >> he is so excited that you
12:50 am
give him porn and it is a vhs tape that he can't play? that's mean. >> we have one last story left, maybe, i think. or we will keep talking. ..
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by the way, the first thing you said to me was i thought you were taller. >> are you a small dude. you can't tell on this show. hi, greg, how are you? >> i think people can tell i am small. but i think i am smaller than i think i am. it goes back to why i don't do selfies because you just see blank space. i am like this because i am short. but anyway, you rap very fast. as a rap owe fish gnaw dough i can say you rap very fast. >> i rap slow on certain songs
12:55 am
too, but i don't simplify it that much. even if i am rhyming slow it is more complex lyrically. >> it is great and funny as hell. it is great when you have a sense of humor. "media midget" has a great chorus. >> yes, a lot of curses in that chorus though so you have to look it up. >> wait until you are 18. you released "legends never die" on cassette. >> special cassette, cd, vinyl, we do it all. it is hip hop. it is the organic feel of hip hop so we threw every aspect out there. the dj's can turn it up and boom box it up. >> i know exactly what you are talking about. do you sell a lot of cassettes? >> it is limited edition. they did a thousand limited special edition. >> when i listen to you i don't think you can be described like put in a
12:56 am
political peg. i don't see you as liberal or conservative. maybe libertarian. i would call you scary smart, but are you in tune to -- >> they are all full of -- you know they are all liars and that's what they revery one of them. i stay both sides. the liberals a lot of times get away with lying a lot more because people believe them and trust them and oh good looking, handsome person that likes good music and a good, hip person. a lot of times i go with the liberals because they are so -- i mean i am on fox and talking bad about the liberals. touche. >> i tried to get you there. it takes guts -- it doesn't take guts here, but it takes guts because you are saying something that other people don't say. the album is called "legends never die." buy it. it is highly entertaining. again though, you must be of age. >> make records for the shepherds and not for the sheep. one of the best albums you will hear in your life. i put my heart and soul and
12:57 am
rest in peace, my daddy, the record is dedicated to you. i love you. >> and that song is great. thank you. joe, andy levy, ra, the rugged man and that's it for me. i'm greg gutfeld. see you next bye. ce is there 24/7. oh dear, i got a flat tire. hmmm. uh... yeah, can you find a take where it's a bit more dramatic on that last line, yeah? yeah i got it right here. someone help me!!! i have a flat tire!!! well it's good... good for me. what do you think? geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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hello, everyone. i'm andrea along with bob, dana and greg. it's 5:00 in new york city, and this is "the five." well, president obama just wrapped up an interview that we'll tull yell you about in a moment. first when the president started to realize that the obama care roll krout was going to be a problem, he tried to find success stories like this. >> i recently received a letter from a woman named jessica sanford in washington state. here's what she wrote. i am a single mom.


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