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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  November 20, 2013 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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just because i can't afford health insurance doesn't mean i'm not in favor of health reform. we need tortd reform not socialism. i'm freshmannen. time to go to shepard reporting from the fox news deck. shep shep gretchen thanks. president set for a meeting at the white house. you can bet he will have pervading to do. plus, an awkward moment for cath leone sebelius when workers try to launch the obamacare web site. the congressman caught with cocaine goes before a judge. ahead, his punishment and what we have now learned about how agents busted him. plus, how did an amtrak train wind up getting lost in the suburbs? the story of some very confused travelers and the train that took a wrong turn. so let's get to it. >> now, shepard smith reporting live from the fox news deck. >> and good wednesday afternoon to you from the fox news deck. president obama is getting ready right now to sit down
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with state insurance officials as his signature healthcare law takes another huge hit in the polls. there is a new cbs news survey out it indicates but 7% of americans say obamacare is working well and should stay in place as is. 48% say there are good parts to the law but that it needs changes. and 43% say the government should scrap it completely. the problems are also hitting the president in the polls a big way. that seems the cbs survey 57% of the americans don't approve of the job as president. that's all-time high in that poll. 37% approve. that's down from 46% in october when the healthcare web site launched. we have team fox coverage now. mike emanuel has the latest from capitol hill. let's start with ed henry who is live at the white house. between the polls and democrats bill clinton urging him to make some changes. there is a lot of pressure on the president from his own supporters here. there are and with that
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pressure from democrats who want to see changes to the law you clearly see that's one of the reasons why the president is meeting today with those state insurance commissioners he needs them. white house says beating up on the insurance agency before saying they dropped people off their plans it's really their fault. the bottom line is if he doesn't have the insurance health helping to figure ought of this out, it's going to make it that much harder once the web site is fixed to actually deal with the substance of this law. you will remember bill clinton had a little bit of criticism for the president about a week ago suggested that he should keep his promise about if you like your plan you will be able to keep it it there was a ceremony at the white house. i'm grateful for the advice of council that you offered me on and off the golf course. >> some of that counsel hasn't been received here well perhaps.
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but they know when you have not just republicans being critical of the white house but changes to the law, et cetera, you have got democrats on capitol hill who have been saying that. they are facing the voters in 2014. yesterday the president took a swipe at the g.o.p. when he said that they had something to do with this rollout mess. how did that they react? >> republicans obviously not taking kindly to that the president's point, of course, has been that for over three years now the republicans have been fighting this law. they didn't want it to pass. ever since it's been passed there has been you have heard it many times 40 votes to fund it repeal it it, whatever. the president fed up with that and mentioned it at the "wall street journal" yesterday. republican marco rubio today told fox don't blame us. take a listen. >> that's one of the silliest statements i have heard so far about the law. this is nobody's fault than the republican side that the exchange web site isn't working. it's nobody's fault on the republican side that millions of people are in fear of losing their existing coverage. republicans like rubio still
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pushing for entire law to be repealed. while that is still highly unlikely, what the white house does have to pay attention to is in that cbs news "new york times" poll you mentioned at the top there is a number in there that 43% of the republic are not wanting to repeal it but want changes to the law. that might be the key moving forward that the law survives but there is going to have to be substantive changes. >> the white house is still working to sell obamacare dot public. sending the health and human services secretary tour sign up sites. this was not exactly the photo op. the officials had in mind in miami. >> that's okay it will come back. >> that happens every day. >> secretary sebelius smiled and said nothing as the web site really crashed right in front of her eyes. meantime lawmakers say that the web site problems are really just the beginning a senate committee is looking into what the healthcare overhaul could mean for
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small businesses. let's continue coverage with mike emanuel on capitol hill. what did congress hear from small business types, mike? >> well, shep, that they are worried that their premiums are going up and they want to continue providing good healthcare coverage for their employees. one ceo told lawmakers because his insurance plan only covers generic drugs, he has got problems. >> as a result of the affordable care act, our carrier has discontinued this policy as it does not meet the minimum of standards as stipulated under the law. due to this one change our premiums are scheduled to increase by 52.3% in january of 2014. clearly absorbing this expense in order to continue to provide the same benefit to my employees is entirely unrealistic. premiums jumping more than 50%. that means he has to think twice about hiring more people and has to think long term about what kind of coverage he is able to provide his employees, shep. >> are the president's
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supporters still strapped in or is there a beat of a seed change. >> they recognize a lot of their constituents are unhappy with the president's healthcare law so one newcomer to capitol hill says his focus is trying to improve or fix the law. >> we're not here to score political points. i don't care about the next election. i care about solving the problems. when you look at polls, they may not like politicians but most people are saying right now, fix the dag nab thing. >> but the problem here on capitol hill at this point is that nobody has really gathered around one particular plan to try to fix the problems with obamacare, shep. shep shep mike, did anybody say anything good about how things are going? it's my understanding that there have been improvements. >> there is a woman from the washington, d.c. healthcare exchange who talked about using four different health insurance companies, if you will, to offer a variety of plans to small business. here is her take on how things are working. >> they offer 267 different products to small
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businesses. something for everyone. if you want zero deductible plan, it's there if you want an hha high deductible healthcare plan it's there and everything in between at all price points. >> so the government washington, d.c. gets a lot of grief for not being very effective at times but in this one case she says they are offering a variety of options for small businesses here in the nation's capitol, shep? >> mike emanuel wrapping up our coverage from the hill, thanks. that whole government shutdown did not stop americans from shopping last month. the commerce department reports now that retail sales went up .4% in october. that beat many analyst projections that number was flat in september. the big reason for this gain the feds say more folks bought cars and other vehicles. spending this h. slowed during the summer so this could be a sign of things to come. quick look at the dow now. it is down on the session. down 87. it spent most of the day up you can see until about 2:00 this afternoon and since then it's been on the slide.
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we will watch it as we approach the closing bell coming up in just about 53 minutes. a lawmaker out of florida says he needs help after a court appearance on charge of cocaine possession. so what kind of legal trouble does the congressman trey radel face? we'll talk with an attorney about that case. that's next. the day we rescued riley,
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minutes past the hour now from shepard smith reporting a florida judge sentenced florida congressman trey radel to a year probation after possessing cocaine. >> don't touch me. don't touch me. >> no comment. >> a lawyer shoved or capitol hill producer as the pair arrived at the courthouse in washington this morning. the freshman lawmaker told a judge he has hit a bottom and needs this all started after the feds say congressman radel bought $250 worth of cocaine from an undercover agent in a d.c. neighborhood last month. they also say the lawmaker had a vial of the drug in his apartment. the associated press reports that his suspected dealer first identified him to the police. congressman radel represents florida's 19th district which includes the gulf coast community, the lower gulf coast communities of fort meyers and naples. he has apologized to his constituents there and says he also struggles with alcoholism. in previous interviews he says he is yet to have a bad martini in washington, d.c. and that his favorite vacation spot outside of
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florida is a coastal city in colombia. the same city where the feds -- i should say cart handwriting i can't where -- several secret service agents assigned to prothe presih prostitutes last year. alicia is a defense attorney and joins us live. how much trouble, i mean he got a year probation, right? is that the extent of it for now? >> that's what he has right now. really, it's a little tricky because in d.c. they have this exception. he doesn't have to get a conviction. he is actually taking probation in lieu of a guilty plea. he has to go to rehab and do community service. if he violates that, then is he back in front of the judge and it's likely then that he could face the jail time. the most he could face at this point is 180 days or $1,000 fine. but that could go up if he violates that. >> but he doesn't violate this is a conviction. this is a misdemeanor. >> it's a misdemeanor and really the quantity really isn't an issue in the d.c.
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courts. it's the intent, obviously. it was his intent to use the drug. so they are giving him this one time -- it's a first offender rule, he can't have any other convictions in any other jurisdictions, which he doesn't. so, you know, it's first time option. and he should benefit from this and he won't have a conviction for purposes of the public. but should he ever get in trouble again, it's not expucked for purposes of the court. it would be a second crime and then obviously he would face stiffer penalties. >> as part of this agreement he acknowledged that he did indeed buy this $250 worth of coke. then he invited agents who were investigated into his home and produced another vial? >> it's kind of interesting, right? it's almost as if he knew the law beforehand, which could be, right? he is a legislature. we have the lawmakers breaking the laws. so maybe he has more insight than most people. in this case, look, this is a guy like we had a couple weeks ago the toronto mayor. it seems everybody in
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politics wants to do a little cocaine and then they don't want to pay for it. >> it does seem that there is a dra mat it particularly different approach taken here. we all know what rob ford has done in toronto. he seems to for lack of a better phrase fallen on the sword. i have a problem, i need help. i get it, i'm sorry. i'm going to go get help and by the way here is everything that i have done. it's a little different. >> it's true. i mean as a politician i think he gets more leeway than the average person. a first grade teacher comes in and is charged with the same thing even on probation she is probably not going back to her job. but we're just seeing, you know, stretching of the rules. but, in this case, in this case. >> do you think the rules were stretched because were he not a congressman this wouldn't have made the papers and had it not made the papers and he not been found guilty of anything, -- >> -- it's a good point. it's a good point. i'm not per se saying the criminal code, d.c. criminal code was stretched, i'm just simply saying the enforcement beyond maybe in the workplace, the employment, law enforcement from other people like you
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and i, i'm sure would face different issues. but, no. >> colorado is probably most conservative district. it used to be 11th. coney mack's difference back in the day. they renourished it bay all the rest in the middle there it's not going to sit well there. >> no, i think this will follow him obviously for a long time to come. >> lisa, it's nice to see you. >> thank you. >> thanks for having me. >> the north korean government officials may have detained another united states citizen. that's according to a japanese media outlet. remember last november north korean imprisoned this missionary kenneth bae and sentenced him to 15 years of hard labor in north korea. they accused him of hostile acts toward the north korean government. is he still it there. despite dennis rodman's attempts and others to free him. now north korean officials say that a second american broke the law. but those officials aren't elaborating on how this american is adding to have broken the law. the japanese news outlet reports that he had a valid tourist visa and was just site seeing at the time.
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state department officials say they are aware of these reports but they have not confirmed them. the state department warns americans against any travel to north korea. well, after more than a decade of war in afghanistan, american and afghan leaders are trying to hammer out an agreement about the u.s. military's future in that nation. will all of our troops exit at the end of the next year? or will the afghan government allow some of them to stay? might would he be stuck in afghanistan forever? news broke on this matter in just the last couple of minutes. we will have the brand new information for you. plus, how does a train get lost? i mean, for real? they ride on tracks. they canned wander like cows that break out of a fence. this train somehow made a wrong turn on the way to new york city and ended up -- stay with us. safe driving bonus check. rock beats scissors! [ chuckles ] wife beats rock. and with two checks a year, everyone wins.
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they are scratching their heads at amtrak this afternoon trying to find out how and why a train took a wrong turn along the busiest railway in our nation. it happened last night they were going from philly to new york city. straight shot up you go hour and 15 minutes. it's a breeze. as you can see on the map it somehow ended unon the wrong track taking it to a philly suburb and then away it went. traveled a few miles before anybody realized the mistake. the rail line wasn't even amtrak's. it belongs to philly's commuter service. the spokeswoman says luckily no other trains were on that route at that hour. luckily indeed. the 130 passengers got another train, which did make it to manhattan. amtrak says the crew will get some extra training. well, the u.s. and afghanistan's president, harmid karzai have reached a security agreement. happened just in the last few minutes. an agreement that would outline our military's role
12:21 pm
in afghanistan beyond next year. that just moments ago from the secretary of state john kerry. here you go. >> i'm pleased to say that in a series of conversations with president karzai and of course this morning even interrupting some of our conversations, that we reached an agreement as to the final language that the bilateral security agreement that will be placed before the gurga. >> a dignitaries and tribal leaders from across afghanistan. they are set to meet in kabul tomorrow to discuss this agreement. the u.s. is warned without this deal the united states could withdraw all of our troops from afghanistan by the end of next year. jennifer griffin with the latest from the pentagon. what do we know about this deal? >> well, shepard, secretary kerry was intentionally vegas just moments ago at the state department where he announced that a deal had been made. he was pressed on what were the details of the deal and he would not go into it. perhaps the biggest unknown
12:22 pm
is that the afghan president who, by law, has to step down in april has put the future of the status of forces agreement into the hands of these 2500 tribal elders known as aloyagerga. if this group science off on groups remaining in afghanistan, an agreement must then go to the afghan parliament. the biggest sticking point is jurisdiction over u.s. troops. the afghans wanted to try u.s. troops in afghanistan if they commit a crime. that's not going to happen. then there is the issue of night raids, the details of what u.s. forces will be allowed to do if they remain after 2014 is controversial for the afghans. secretary of state john kerry called president karzai late yesterday. they continued those conversations today. secretary kerry did say there is something very important that is not in this agreement. >> i don't know where this idea -- i honestly don't have idea where the apology started because i think someone in the chain of press or something said something to somebody over
12:23 pm
there, not here. but, let me be clear, president karzai didn't ask for an apology. there was no discussion of an apology. there will be -- there is no -- i mean, it's just not even on the table. he didn't ask for it. we are not discussing it. >> well, saying shep is that the original reporting of this, came out of president karzai's office to reporters in afghanistan. that's where the news of the president, president obama supposedly writing an apology to the afghan people to be presented to the loyagerga came about now susan rice and john kerry say there will be no letter of apology, shep. >> it sounds like most of the people we want to contain are not even in afghanistan anymore. they are in pakistan and beyond. regarding this deal with afghanistan, what if it doesn't come together? >> that's really what is significant. remember, that's what happened in iraq. they were trying to get the status of forces agreement to keep several thousand u.s. troops in iraq so that they could go after terrorists so that they can
12:24 pm
continue training. if they don't get agreement by the loyagerga or parliament. then all u.s. troops have to leave by 2014. that would be a problem because then the u.s. would not be able to use the bases in afghanistan to carry out, for instance, those drone flights that are going after terrorists in the tribal areas of pakistan. shep? >> all right. jen griffin at the pentagon, thanks. the united states joined other nations for another round of talks with iran. but, before the negotiations, iran's supreme leader who really runs the nation, went off on blistering rant against one of our closest allies. plus, some undocumented immigrants are meeting in california for so-called computer hack-a-thon, and they have the backing of facebook. we will tell you what that is all about as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news from the fox news deck. big plans. so when i found out medicare doesn't pay all my medical expenses,
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dos guard officials say two people are dead and the search is underway for two others after a jet crashed into the atlantic off south florida last night. the pilot blamed engine failure in its distress call an airport spokesman says a doctor and nurse were on board returning to mexico after they dropped off a patient in fort lauderdale. the president today laid a wreath at the memorial to president john f. kennedy at arlington national cemetery. 50 years ago this week a gunman shot and killed jfk in dallas. police are letting folks return to their home what is left in washington, illinois. according to the national weather service as many as 15 tornadoes touched down in illinois alone sunday. the damage stretched across much of the midwest and at least 8 people are reported dead this afternoon. the news continues live from the most powerful name in news, i'm shepard smith. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] this is kathleen.
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just before the talks got underway, iran's supreme leader took aim at israel, calling it a rabid dog. the daily telegraph newspaper reports that he said the zionist regime is a regime whose pillars are extremely shaky and is doomed to collapse. the supreme leader in iran continued: the enemies of iran sometimes and particularly rabid dog region,t regime malevolently claimed that iran is a threat to the entire world. and that's the end of that. remember, israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu says he opposes lifting any economic penalties against iran. the ayatollah, the supreme leader says he supports the nuclear talks but that there are limits on what iran will concede. he also blast the united states in what he calls its war mongering policies. he says the united states should repair its devastating economy instead
12:31 pm
of threatening iran. with us now is jonathan at the presenterman who is the managing editor of forbes magazine and live with us here on the deck. this does not sound like a guy with anyone can do reasoning. i assume it's for domestic consumption. >> that's right. two general points to make. the first is that iran has a long tradition of making school yard insults towards israel. it's the easiest target in the neighborhood. and these meant are nothing new. but, the vaughnian leader has effectively the same problem that the american leader has going into these negotiations which is a right flank that is not interested in the deal. and so he is doing the equivalent of owe what obama -- of what obama. the way you do that is by looking tough and kicking your favorite enemy. >> but the ayatollah has maybe not completely unique but unique for this time period in that he has a tattered economy that these sanctioned have really
12:32 pm
disseminated and people largely pro-western and angry? >> that's absolutely right. which is why they are engaged in these talks in the first place. because they know that they need a deal. the sanctions have worked, their economy is devastated and this is their only way out of them. that's why despite the rhetoric, they are sending a lot of signals that they are actually interested in the deal. >> signals of a deal is one thing and access is one thing. unfettered access as they used to say back in the day, we have to make sure they are getting us. absolutely right. bad inspection regime is worse than no inspection regime. create a false sense of confidence. that's where the delve will be in the details work out final deal to ensure that you have intrusive inspections that these are inspections that everybody is satisfied with you have real sanctions that you can put back in place the moment you have signs iran is cheating. >> well, some of the last weapons inspectors with whom we have had many, many interviews i know you have, talked about how they were in a place as they were coming in the front door those who were hiding stuff were going out the back and
12:33 pm
always just sort of show and town back in the day iran. serious matter? >> that's right. and inspections are not fool proof. but the people that have i spoken to certainly think you can do a deal where you can get enough access and too it in a way that the iranians can't prepare for us. have you surprise inspections, et cetera. >> if they will allow that. >> if they will allow that if you don't, you don't get a deal. >> in the meantime you have to convince these two publics that this is the right thing to did and some in this country are -- just don't want to hear it. >> cooperation is apparently a bad word? >> it certainly is. what's interesting is according to a poll out yesterday, the majority of american people do seem to support a deal. "the washington post" abc poll is reporting up to 60% of americans favor some kind of an agreement with iran. so while the republican party in congress may not want it, the american people do and that does give the president a mandate to negotiate. >> if it's real it would be a good thing. jonathan tepperman, thank you. >> my pleasure. >> president obama today awarded the presidential
12:34 pm
medal of freedom to open fray pra winfrey and former president bill clinton and happened hour ago at a ceremony at the white house. thanked president clinton for humanitarian work before leaving office and service of his wife former secretary of state hillary clinton. >> of course, i am most grateful for his patience during the endless travels of my secretary of state. [ laughter ] >> the medal of freedom is the nation's highest civilian honor. the president also handed out several posthumous awards including one to sally ride. the first american woman in space. 20 tech savvy undocumented immigrants are teaming up with top american tech companies in the form of immigration reform. it's all part of a so-called hack-a-thon that's happening in silicone valley. the facebook ceo mark zuckerberg is hosting this event and young immigrants who came to the united states illegally as children say they will use their
12:35 pm
computer programming skills to build web sites and social media applications to help support immigration reform and push for change. this comes as the immigration debate approaches, frankly, a stand still and supporters of reform are apparently turning to more disruptive forms of protests. a slide show to take us along some of that. back in september, authorities detained dozens of undocumented immigrants who had previously lived in the united states when they tried to reenter the country on the texas border. and about a week later, here on october the 8th, eight democratic lawmakers joined thousands of protesters forming a human chain to block a street near the u.s. capitol. police arrested about 200 people here, including those lawmakers. and just days after that october the 11th, activists chained themselves to the tires of a bus the feds used to deport illegal immigrants. this happened in tucson, arizona. here, 11 days later, october the 22nd, a group of people from arizona, with undocumented parents prayed outside the house speaker john way -- john boehner's
12:36 pm
office o. just yesterday immigration activists locked arms to block the front gate of a building that houses the federal immigration authorities in atlanta. police broke up that protest. -- fox news correspondent brian llenas is with us now. brian, this hack-a-thon, i guess it's a big deal for people who want change. >> shep, it is for hispanic community, undocumented immigrants and immigration advocates they were promised in 2008 think would get comprehension immigration reform. six years later congress hasn't delivered on promise. 20 so-called dreamers will get a chance to go and make their own web sites and apps with the help of best techies in the world push for immigration reform linked in valley. one of those dreamers is carlos. he was brought into the united states from mexico by his mother illegal willly when he was 5 years old. since then today is he a computer science major and an economics major. and he says he couldn't let
12:37 pm
this opportunity go by. >> i knew that i needed to do something, i needed to do my part. get arrested and i needed to contribute my expertise where social media communication to where i am now. i think everyone needs to do their part. >> of course, while immigration advocates see hack-a-thon as a chance for the debate toun others say this just nothing but a publicity stunt. >> these kind of staged arrests, this protest theater isn't really doing them any good. because it carries an overtone of entitlements as though they are demanding the american people comply with their wishes. >> shep, opponents fear if you allow pathway to citizenship for some undocumented immigrants that's going to open pandora's box for people to come in. >> i mentioned the facebook
12:38 pm
ceo mark zuckerberg is behind this. what's his reason. >> he started the organization forward u.s. this year. got a bunch of the best techy ceos in silicone valley using immigration reform. in the past silicone valley has always about pushing immigration reform that hits and rings in high tech laborers in the u.s. easier. what's different is this year zuckerberg is pushing for 11 million undocumented immigrants that live in this country. >> it's a big problem, our companies would be better if we dealt with that but 11 million people is a lot of people who are being treated unfairly now. >> zuckerberg argues the economy is about knowledge and ideas. if you kicking out carlos. that's bad economic policy. >> brian llenas from fox news thank you. lawmaker who survived a stabbing in his home probably at the hands of his own son. you may have heard about. this police say the son died
12:39 pm
of a gunshot wound. now there is word there may have been a way to keep the son in the hospital after officials reportedly evaluated him for mental issues. remember, just a day before they tried to commit him but the word was there were no beds. turns out that word was wrong. and in addition, breaking news happening in just the last couple of minutes. remember the two young florida girls who were charged with bullying a girl until she committed suicide? jose by i can't baez on that ont case. charges dropped against that 12-year-old girl. reporting continues in just a moment. the day my doctor told me i had diabetes, i remember thinking there's a lot i have to do...
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there is breaking news now on the fox news deck. we have just gotten word that prosecutors are dropping charges against one of two florida girls accused of bullying a 12-year-old girl until she committed suicide. the two suspects are 12 and 14. prosecutors are dropping the charges against only the
12:43 pm
12-year-old. that's according to her attorney, jose baez speaking to fox news. he, by the way, is the same person who represented casey anthony. steve harrigan has these you this developments from our south florida newsroom. what happened here. >> we are getting word now that the charges against one of these two middle school girls have been dropped. they were both supposed to be arraigned in central florida tomorrow on charges of aggravated stocking. -- stalking. one of the lawyers says the 1-year-old will not face any charges. it's likely the two girls could have faced several years probation for aggravated stalking. basically for bullying and cyber bullying a 12-year-old girl to death on september 10th when the 12-year-old rebecca sedgwick said she couldn't take it anymore. she jumped off osilo of abandoned cement factory to her death this was back in september. since then, the sheriff in that county has been very public in accusing both the two middle school girls and their families. so right now one seems to be off the hook.
12:44 pm
we are likely to it see the other, 14-year-old gwatney gwatney lupe shaw still aggravated stalking. >> steve harrigan in our florida newsroom. the state senator who survived a stabbing yesterday is improving in the hospital, that's the word from officials in v.a. they have upgraded creigh deeds condition from fair to good. police say his son is dead from an apparent suicide. remember, investigators say there was some sort of altercation, yesterday, they haven't been specific. it happened between the senator and his son gus at their home. the senator was reportedly bleeding from his face and chest, multiple stab wounds but managed to walk to the end of his driveway. and that's where investigators say a cousin or a family member spotted him. police say gus deeds, the son, died at that home after apparently he shot himself. the autopsy scheduled for today, we should know conclusively soon. friends say gus deeds was close with his father and former college classmates with the richmond times
12:45 pm
dispatch -- i should say classmates told the richmond times dispatch newspaper that he was a talented musician. the newspaper also reports 24-year-old underwent emergency medical health evaluation on monday. the day before all of this happened. and that officials released him because at the time they said there were no psychiatric beds available in western virginia. but fox news has just confirmed that at least two nearby hospitals did indeed have beds available, but authorities never contacted those facilities. let's get to the psychologist and attorney, dr. bonnie for security agreement who is with us now this afternoon. this man wants to go in for mental health evaluation. they said they had no bed. turns out they were wrong and now he is dead and father is in the hospital. >> horrible case. i think part of the confusion stems from the
12:46 pm
stats around us. the american hospital association reported that between 2002 and 2011 beds for psychiatric patients declined by 12%. you have other groups who say that they have declined by about 95%. interestingly enough though, shep, there is actually a report from last year in virginia. and they found a practice called streeting, exactly what happened in this case, 200 people who needed services were turned away. they have about 1530 beds in virginia. and 234 of those are unusable at times because of lack of personnel. it's often the case that the burden is placed on the facility to find a bed. and when you are in a crisis situation, that's really hard. >> once he had been -- it had been determined that he needed professional help and he needed to be involuntarily committed, if you are a parent, what are you sprozzed supposed to do?á)4y
12:47 pm
>> it's super hard. i think you are hitting on a crisis in this country. auj=p number of parents that i work with, if you don't have an intermediate care facility, it is very hard. starting in about 1999, you had states like new york who passed kendra's law, and that's really an intermediate standard so you can try to get somebody help, but there still has to be the resources available, even then it's a very hard standard to meet. you have got to really show somebody is dangerous or about to be dangerous or it's more likely they will be dangerous. and time and time again, shep, how many cases have you been reporting on over the last year where that has just not been the standard that's been met? >> many more than we would prefer. dr. bonny forest live from san diego. good of you thank you very much. >> thank you. >> now there is word that one european city is paying a group of alcoholics, not with cash, but with beer. details on that next. and for those of us who still use cash.
12:48 pm
check out the coin wallet. we will tell you why -- we will tell you all about this new gadget that could slim down your wallet size and that is coming up. ce and has a keyboard. but i wanted a tablet for me, for stuff like twitter and xbox, so my downtime can be more like uptime. that's why i got a windows 2 in 1 which does both -- works as a laptop and a tablet. so i can manage my crazyife, and also have a life. [ beep ] gotta go. ♪
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more breaking news on the fox news deck this afternoon. this one in the case of those bikers who chased and attacked an suv here in new york city. remember this? the veteran undercover detective pleaded not guilty in court today. here is a picture of him from last month. he faces gang assault charges and other felonies. this officer is one of 11 people charged in this7z' incident. you may remember this video. it shows the bikers cutting off that suv because the driver was said to have run over another biker. these bikers forced the suv off the road, beat the driver in front of his wife
12:52 pm
and child. a new product could change the way we all look at wallets. because the company behind a new electronic wallet claims that it will combine your credit, debit, and gift cards all into one gadget. it's called coin. it's a&ìñ blue tooth device about the size of credit card. the makers of coin say it will work at any atm or card reader. they say coin holds only 8 different cards at a time. but it syncs to your smart phone where you store unlimited cards and swap them around whenever you feel like it. company claims battery lasts for two years. after that you have to buy you a new one. critics are concerned about security. for example, the electronic wallet doesn't have a signature box so there is no way for cashiers to check somebody's signature. they also say many retailers may want to see the shopper's original card anyway. jolene kent is with us now from network. can you tell us how this is
12:53 pm
going to work? what card you pull from is a little confusing. >> exactly, like you said, it's a credit card size cards, it can store multiple cards at a time: you install the cards and type them into iphone app. or smart phone app. and syncs up with the coin. when you decide i want to pay with this atm card you toll gel through this small button on the card to use it it's very convenient. only auto dollars right now but doesn't ship until next summer. what's very much anticipation building around a pretty cool looking device. >> are these security concerns valid? i don't remember the last time somebody checked my signature on the back of my visa, you know. >> i think they are trying to implement security measures. ceo told me they're already made if your coin card is too far away from your iphone, then you end up having it detected if it's been longer than 10 minutes. >> that's a good thing. >> that's a good thing. the flip side is if my phone dies, my coin may not work.
12:54 pm
they have a lot of issues to address. exciting new way for those of us who maybe like to go out with a clutch or handbag. >> why not? do it up. >> it ships summer. >> next summer is what the ceo says. >> good to he sue too. >> officials in amsterdam with playing a group of alcoholics in beer for cleaning up the streets. the men have reportedly been causing drunken trouble at popular city park, so the government and some donors are funding a project to give those chronic alcoholics something better for do. for each day they clean the streets they get $13, a half pack of tobacco and five cans of beer. one worker reportedly welcomed the plan saying that chronic alcoholics need alcohol to function. amsterdam has its own ways, doesn't it? shepard smith reporting continues from the fox news deck right after this. [ male announcer ] this is the age of knowing what you're made o
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got really awful news this morning regarding food.
12:58 pm
the mcrib is not going national. mcdonald's has now announced it will not make the popular mcrib sandwich this year, at least not all across the nation. that's a change from the past three nations. a mc spokeswoman says the franchise managers can still decide for themselves whether to sell mcrib. she says mcdonald's has other national priorities including new stuff on the menu. but that may be just part of the story because the hamburger has, well hamburglar stayed silent as of late. cbs sports dan deardorf has been in the boot for the last 30 years. the network called him the longest tenured nfl analyst anywhere on tv. he says this season is his last. hall of famer also played 13 years for lineman for st. louis cardinals. he says he has lived the dream. well, they are just three days old but they have already made history. they are lion cubs the first ones ever been in the gaza
12:59 pm
strip according to officials there. control gaza and they also run the zoo where the lions live. officials say smugglers brought those cubs patience a few years ago to the place through underground tunnels in egypt. and on this day, in 1998, a russian rocket launched into orvet for the first piece of the international space station. that component was a 20-ton control module. two weeks later nasa would send up the first american made part to that station. the two modules linked up forming the corner stone for what would become the largest structure ever built in space. the first team of astronauts arrived in the year 2000. today, nasa officials say the 100 billion-dollar outpost is about the size of a football field and has as much space inside as a boeing 747, the weight, about a million pounds. but the first piece blasted toward the cosmos 15 years ago today.
1:00 pm
we'll see you back here on the news deck when the news breaks. we will break. in right now, let's take a look at the dow. we are down on the session about 60. it started at 2:00 eastern time. but i would not blame gretchen. it has nothing to did do with gretchen. all right, you are looking live outside the white house right now where some state insurance commissioners are meeting with the president of the united states. these are very powerful folks, my friends. these will be the folks who ultimately decide whether this delay the president is recommended so people wouldn't be dumped from their plans sticks. he might be the leader of the free world, they actually move healthcare in this world. we will know soon. welcome, everybody, i'm neil cavuto to ed henry with the latest showdown going on ed? >> neil, you are right. these commissioners hold a lot of sway. he they are going it decide whether or not the president can implement this executive fix he talked about last week that would delay by a