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tv   Hannity  FOX News  November 20, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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tweets about oprah and the obama video we played. michael tweets, senator obama wouldn't have liked this president obama guy much. follow me on twitter @megyn kelly. check out our facebook page at kelly file. good night . it is the end of obamamania. >> yes, we can! >> the approval rating drops to the lowest point ever. >> one of the problems we have had is one side of capitol hill is invested in failure. >> bob beckel and andrea tantaros are are here. >> i want to say i'm sorry to mrs. palin. >> ann coulter has a message for nbc news. >> it's worse than people know. >> plus a former obama secret service agent warns that it's
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worse than people know. >> i'm not trying to scare you. >> he'll explain. "hannity" starts right here, right now. >> welcome to "hannity." in a moment, breaking news about a second wave of insurance cancellations that are looming. so will they impact you? senator ted cruz is standing by with reaction. first another day, another devastating poll indicating that the end of obamamania is upon us. we knew this day would come. we don't know how badly the country would be danieled. according to a new poll, president obama's approval rating plummeted to 37%. that is nine-point drop from last month. when asked what should happen to obama care, only 7% of those polled said it should be kept as is. 48% said some changes were needed and a staggering 43% said the law should be repealed. it isn't just hard-working taxpayers losing faith in the president. so are members of his own party. quote, sources who attended a
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meeting of house chiefs of staff on monday say the room was seething with anger over the immense damage being done to the democratic party. there was talk of scrapping roll-out events for the affordable care act. one chief of staff said, here we are, we are supposed to be selling this to people and it's all screwed up. this either gets fixed or could be the demise of the democratic party. it probably the worst i have seen it. an aide sh it's bad, really bad. according to fox a new and independent analysis kucked by the american enterprise institute warns of a ticking time bomb predicting a second wave of 50 million to 100 million insurance policy cancellations. that would come next fall before the mid-term elections. the next round of cancellations and premium hikes is expected to hit employees, particularly of small businesses. going now to washington where
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ted cruz is standing by tonight with reaction. senator, this is not the only prediction. the manhattan institute, many analysts all saying the same thing. this will keep rolling out for months. cancellation letter after cancellation letter. rate shock after rate shock. what is the long-term impact? >> you're exactly right, sean. obama care is a disaster. it is hurting millions of people all across this country. sadly, all of the concerns of the millions of americans who spoke up for months are coming true and proving worse than was feared. millions of people lost their squobs or were forced into part-time work. over 5 million people had their health insurance cancelled because of obama care. as you noted, the there are more shoes getting ready to drop. one of the next is more americans will see they can't see their doctors. texas oncology has just
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announced it's not going to participate in obama care. i have good friend who is are cancer survivors, struggling with the fact they can't go to their cancer doctors anymore. after that we'll see this spring dramatic premium increases. so few people are signing up on the obama care exchanges. those signing up aren't the young healthy people they want to subsidize anyone else. big premium increases are coming. you noted the most problematic development of all that's expected next year which is small businesses and large employers dumping their health insurance and the potential for over 100 million people losing their insurance because of obama care. this is not working. it's the time to start over. >> they knew this back in july of 2010. november 2, wall street journal report said they debated the issue of telling the american people the truth back in july of 2010. what does that mean?
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how should the american people interpret that in light of most people don't see the president in terms of honest and trustworthy anymore. >> it is a sad reflection of the cynicism of the president and the administration. there is a strange tradeoff at the heart of obama care. there were roughly 45 million people uninsured. obama care is endeavoring to insure a thirtd of them. somewhere between 15 and 20 million people. even fully implemented 30 million people won't get health insurance. that tradeoff -- there are a lot of people that would like to the see more of the uninsured get health insurance. the trade off behind obama care is to extend to that 15 or 20 million people they are jeopardizing the health insurance of some 200 million americans who get health insurance and the private health insurance market. they are causing millions of people to have the the plans they like now be cancelled. and they are driving up rates across the country. if they had been honest about that tradeoff, if the president said to cover 15, 16, 17 million people we are going to mess up
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the insurance for 200 million americans. he would have been laughed at. nobody would have gone down this road. that's the reason why they, instead, decided to make a promise to willfully make a promise they knew was false. >> it's an ominous sign when a government spends hundreds of millions and has three years to prepare a website and the way this was rolled out. yesterday in miami kathleen sebelius, a woman was trying to sign up for obama care. let's show everybody what happened. >> i think it's great that the this is happening. >> it's been a long time coming. >> yeah. >> it's temporarily down. >> uh-oh. >> well, it's okay. it will come back. >> that happens every day. >> look at the screen shot. i'm sorry. our system is temporarily down. now we are told they may not even meet the deadline of the end of the month. isn't there a series of events?
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don't they need individuals to sign up for it to work? >> there is. we knew about the problems inherent in obama care that it would take away health insurance, drive up premiums and kill jobs. what we didn't predict was the disastrous incompetence of the administration rolling out a functioning website. there are 17-year-olds that can design a website and sell sneakers on linebacker. -- online. this administration can't get a functional website in three years. that's functioned as an accelerant. it's throwing gasoline on the fires. it made the problems far more severe, far more quickly. at this point, i'm convinced it's the essence of pragmatism to stop obama care. three years agos i may have been reasonable minds can differ. perhaps some thought obama care could work. we don't think so but others could have. today, nobody is making the argument. today, you can't look at this
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disaster at millions of people losing their health insurance, their jobs. forced into part-time work and conclude anything other than this isn't working. so the pragmatic, common sense result of that is to say it's not working. let's start over. >> i agree with you. it's interesting that when you were in the middle of your 21 hour, 19 minute -- not filibuster, but a speech on the floor you had critics. some within the republican party. one of them was john mccain that said any issue to delay or repeal or replace or delay this was irrational. another point called you a whacko bird. he was on with greta. now he sounds like ted cruz. i want your reaction. >> let people go across state line in order to -- if they can get a better insurance policy in another state. remove this whole tax incentive for employers to provide
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employees -- >> that's repeal. >> that's repeal, right. exactly right. that's total repeal. what obama care is an experiment in social engineering. >> he said elections have consequences. it's irrational. what's your reaction considering he more than anybody else was firing away at you at the time? >> well, i agree with with john mccain. i'm glad -- >> now but not then. >> the great thing is success has 1,000 fathers. failure is an orphan. i am happy for everyone in the republican party to claim success and parentage for us coming together and repealing obama care because it isn't working. the more who come together, the better chance we are going to have of successfully empowering the american people. if you want to expand health insurance, you want more choices and lower costs.
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what obama care does is provides fewer choices and higher costs. so it's great that we are seeing so many people come on board. we welcome them all. >> so cbs has the president at 37%. i mean, they are almost near nixon numbers in terms of approval rating. in the abc washington post poll, three measures of leadership and empathy in that particular poll, he's under water for the first time in his presidency. people don't see him as a strong leader. they don't see him as somebody that understands people like them. they don't view him as honest and trustworthy. with that in mind, is it pos able as you now move forward in your opinion that can can be repeeld, stopped. how would you go about doing that? >> i believe that is the only answer. you are seeing president obama and the democrats propose band aid fixes that are cosmetic. some have great names like if you like your plan, you can really, really, really, really
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keep it. wouldn't give real relief to the people who lost their health insurance plans. the president apologized. but an apology is only meaningful if you make it right. the way to make it right is to repeal it all and allow people to buy insurance across state linebackers, have real choice, real opp patients to control health care, not the government. >> senator ted cruz, good to see you. >> thank you, sean. >> up next tonight on "hannity" -- >> one of the problems we have had is one side of capitol hill has invested in failure. that makes, i think, the kind of iterative process of fixing glitches as they come up and fine-tuning the law more challenging. >> blame, blame, blame. now it's the republicans' fault that obama care is failing. our friends from "the five" bob beckel and andrtantaros.
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7:16 pm
difficult political environment, and we should have anticipated that that would create a rockier rollout than if democrats or republicans were both invested in success. one of the problems we have had is one side of capitol hill is invested in failure. that makes, i think, the kind of iterative process of fixing glitches as they come up and fine tuning the law more challenging. >> george bush's fault. talk about passing the buck. delusion number two comes from first lady michelle obama during a fundraiser this week. she was quoted as saying this. we don't believe in handouts. we don't think anyone should get a free ride. i wonder if she said that with with a straight face. then this former san francisco speaker of the house nancy pelosi brings us delusion number three. watch this. >> democrats won't lose seats next year over obama care? >> i don't think you can tell what will happen next year, but i will tell you this.
7:17 pm
democrats stand tall in support of the affordable care act. >> here with reaction, the co-hosts of "the five." bob beckel and andrea tantaros. why are you smiling? >> nice to be here. >> most people view this president as not honest and trustworthy. you know that's a problem. >> first of all, put it in perspective. his low approval rating is not as low as, for example, at one point reagan, carter, clinton. >> nixon's average, by the way -- >> i follow this. i understand. this is the big problem for obama. he's always been able to get back on his feet because people like him and trusted him. i always worry for my candidates about the trust factor. yes, i think that's a problem. yes, i think democrats are nervous. they can't run and hide. i think what they may want to do
7:18 pm
is convince him to have a limited bill that does change some of the law without opening up to amendments. >> the problem with what you are saying is structurally they need everybody in the system for the system to work. structurally you have a problem. right? >> it's not just that. structurally it's a disaster. you need healthy people signing up. you need young people. >> mass numbers. >> you need them doing it regularly, not just when they get sick or premiums go through the roof with sick people coming in. it's more than just a little bill. bob brings up a good point. i think president obama's number should be lower. i think for some reason the american public has liked him and trusted him despite the scandals we have seen leading up to this. i think this is a big one. it's not just the lie about if you can you can keep your doctor. it's going to be good for the system, won't add a nickel to
7:19 pm
the deficit. multiple lies they told are falling apart. a crisis of credibility has been an issue in the past for politics. >> opposition. >> this is the big one. >> opposition to obama care is at an all-the time high. in terms of the president's numbers, the lowest of his presidency on whether he's a strong leader, whether or not he understands the problems of people. that goes back to honesty and trustworthiness. he's never been in this position. >> remember, the republicans have a problem on health care. remember when medicare was introduced, rwanda reagan, bob dole and george h.w. bush were against medicare. the modern day republican voted for paul ryan which was a voucher system with with with senior citizens -- >> i think it's the wrong analogy. you're looking at substance versus style. when george h.w. bush said, read
7:20 pm
my lips, no new taxes and he broke the pledge that was the deal breaker. if you like your plan, you keep your plan, every month -- >> full disclosure. bob said during the five yesterday and i think he's still mad at me -- are we okay? >> we're all right. >> are you going to hug? >> i have seen democrats threaten republicans. you're going to cut medicare. they're going to cut grandma's medicare. all the ads with paul ryan pushing grandma off the cliff. we have seen it since the '80s, but the democrats did it. they already cut 700 billion -- >> so did paul ryan in his proposal. >> one is real and one happened. one has already gutted medicare. >> what was the intention -- >> it doesn't matter. >> shake hands. you're going to fight again. >> i know. >> good to see you both. up next, we have our hands on the letter that sarah palin's
7:21 pm
political action committee sent to nbc news regarding martin bashir's disgusting political rant. and ann coulter after this short break. later he was the secret service agent tasked with protecting the life of the most powerful man on the planet. he's turned in his badge because of what he saw happening under obama's watch. he'll explain life inside the white house ta he said would scare people. straight ahead. [ male announcer ] this is kathleen.
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welcome back to "hannity."
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there are new details regarding the martin bashir/sarah palin controversy. exclusively obtained a letter sent to nbc news from the sarah palin political action committee. that letter not only inquired about what disciplinary measures the network would take against the host but also asked an interesting question. it read in part, quote, you fired don imus for offensive language. you suspended alec baldwin yet nothing has happened to mr. bashir. are we to assume then that disciplinary procedures take place based on the target of the remarks rather than the remarks themselves? i can't wait to hear the answer to that one. fox's own howie kurtz reported she's cancelled her interview with matt lauers is a protest against the network. if you missed it martin bashir said governor palin deserves the same punishment given out by a slave master who forced slaves
7:26 pm
to defecate and urinate in other slaves' mouths. >> when mrs. palin invokes slavery she doesn't just prove her rank ignorance. she confirms if anyone qualified for a dose of discipline from thomas thistlewood she would be the outstanding candidate. >> here with reaction, author of "never trust a liberal over 3." hello, ann coulter. >> hello sean hannity. >> this is so vile, twisted, sick and ugly. nothing happens to the guy. happens if a conservative -- radio, tv -- >> it goes far beyond. what kind of diseases mind comes up with this? it's worth pointing out. it's hard for me to imagine any circumstance in which you would call for someone's mouth to be defecated into. but it is a massive over reaction to the speech they are complaining about. sarah palin was talking about the financial slavery coming to all americans if the government keeps spending.
7:27 pm
before she used the word slavery she expressly said, i am not talking about racial slavery. your average liberal would have to say, oh, well, there is nothing there. let's go home and dream of happier days when we can nail her. th they have nothing and he goes on a peculiar over reaction. he's someone who doesn't believe anything. he just wants to keep his job. if msnbc announced we were going all nazi, he would go with it. i'll be a nazi by 5:00. he has no true emotion or belief and thinks, oh, is this how humanoids criticize one another? >> whether you like brian williams, matt lauer, this is a brand that's now damaged. by the way, you told me that you have a column coming out tomorrow. you are defending alec baldwin. >> i am. >> before that let's play a reminder of what you are
7:28 pm
defending here. >> i know. >> roll tape. >> what are you going to do? >> i hope you choke to death. >> you're the one who almost hit my wife with the microphone in the face? >> i did not. >> yeah? >> i did not. >> do you want to apologize sp. >> i am not apologizing. >> i asked you a question. get a [ bleep ] out of here. >> i did nothing wrong. i did nothing wrong, alec. you're exaggerating. >> back up, man. i have to get in my car. >> i'm leaving this message to tell you you have insulted me for the last time. you have insulted me. you don't have the brains or the decency as a human being. i don't give a [ bleep ] that you're 12 years old or 11 years old or that you are a child. you better be ready the 20th to meet with me so i can let you
7:29 pm
know how i feel about what a rotten pig you are. you are a rude, thoughtless little pig. okay? >> wait a minute. telling reporters i hope you choke to death. screaming at a woman get the blank out of here. you hear how he talks to his daughter. i'm not even mentioning having to go back and get him off the plane because he can't stop playing his game. >> i support him on that. you're out of your mind. >> why would they hire him? do you have a sarah palin asks different standard on which comments and words are appropriate depending on the target, some conservatives have a different standard depending on who say it s the words. it is one thing if a conservative said that. i happen to agree with you. but this is small bore and short-term thinking to go aft
7:30 pm
after alec baldwin. >> i didn't say to fire bashir. >> we are playing their game. in these cases perhaps it is an accident. alec baldwin is angry and frustrated at targets conservatives hate. reporters, harassing stalkers, useless government generations. >> ann coulter, the man is unhinged. >> he has a temper problem. >> a what? >> he has a temper problem. >> to say it mildly. >> wait, wait, wait. let me say one thing. the ugly one is the phone call. i'm sure it makes you happy and it pains him every time. he was exploding over something. there is legitimate anger toward our divorce laws and child custody laws which have been written by feminists and are biased against men. >> you are weak in your old age. >> no.
7:31 pm
he's right about custody laws, government regulations. >> it is never right to talk to your daughter that way. act that way on a plane, ann. >> he's right about reporters, the on noxious reporters. leave the man alone. >> i walk up to a woman and use the f-word, scream at her and called her an idiot and i will be hired by a network? >> she's a rrt roer who's harassing him. >> she's asking a question. >> he's getting in the car. we don't know the details. >> i have one example. >> they are harassing him trying to go about his day. >> we don't even have enough time for matthews and sharp ton. schultz. >> you're damn right dick cheney's heart is a political football. we ought to rip it out, kick it around and stuff it back in him. i'm glad he didn't tip over. he's the new posting child for health care in this country. he's an enemy of the country in my opinion, dick cheney is. he's an enemy of the country. lord, take him to the promised land, will will you? i don't even wish he'd go to
7:32 pm
hell. i just want him out of here. they are talking about this right wing slut, laura in gram. a talk slut. >> are you defending this imbecile, too? >> no. he's vulgar and stupid. but i don't support the word police. >> i'm looking -- >> a lot of people are. >> the nbc news plan -- >> to play their game is helping them and supporting their world view that a person should be fired for a word used. >> ann, people are paid to listen to every word you and i utter and rush limbaugh and everything said on fox with the purpose of catching us saying one thing not correct so they can target or oh advertisers and get us fired. >> right. >> listen to them every day and nbc hires them. >> it's great for you to play that so people see what lying hypocrites they are. >> how vile they are. >> i'm not playing their game.
7:33 pm
he's an idiot. i don't think anybody should be fired for using a politically incorrect word. >> i'm not calling for firing. i'm pointing out the double standard. >> i know you aren't. liberals have no -- for lying, criminality. the one thing that gets their goat is when a politically incorrect word is used. >> i have to roll. >> i'm against it. >> thank you, ann coulter. >> thank you, sean hannity. >> at one point he would have taken a bullet for president obama. next meet a former secret service agent who walked away from his job because oh of what he saw at the obama white house. he'll be here for his first tv interview since the release of his book. don't go anywhere. log onto we want to hear from you. you can also vote on our online poll. tonight we are asking do you think martin bashir should be punished for saying that somebody should defecate and
7:34 pm
urinate in governor palin's mouth. i can't believe i have to say it.
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welcome back to "hannity." from the irs enemies list to the doj targeting reporters, the nsa spying, benghazi, fast and furious, it is no secret the obama presidency had its fair share of scandals. my next guest has seen it all. the former secret service agent is sounding the alarm saying what goes on at this white house is much worse than any of us can imagine. here to explain is author of "life inside the bubble, why a top ranked secret service agent walked away from it all" don bongino. >> hi, sean. >> i wear the secret service pin every night. most highly coveted win there is. everybody wants one. how long were you an agent? >> 12 years. >> served clinton, bush and
7:39 pm
obama. >> right. >> why do you say this white house is worse than people know. that's scary. ominous. >> yeah. i don't mean to frighten people. i do have to sound an alarm. this white house has taken patr patronage and punishment to the next level. be honest. although with their scandals they have taken that to the next level. the dangerous part is the punishment system. you know, government is a weapon. the extent they have used it. the irs to intimidate enemies. it is a dangerous precedent. you have to be careful when power changes, the left should argue, too. they seem to ak by es. >> is it what you read or also a combination of what you read and saw up close and personal. here it is. you're right there with obama. is it both or just what you read? >> it's a little bit of both. it's like going to your favorite restaurant and you see the chef
7:40 pm
sweating the food and you never want to eat there again. when you see it up close and personal, the insider dealing, the level to which they have taken it i'm shocked more people aren't speaking out. i get that some people object to it. but you have a responsibility. not to false the idols here. >> what was the difference between clinton, bush and obama that makes you most concerned about president obama? >> using the irs, listen, nixon did it but the press was there as the fourth brampbl of government. with this press and the demonizing of people who bring it up he essentially has a free pass and this ability to use it as a targeted weapon to silence legitimate poit plit call speech rips at the fabric of what the country stands for. there is a potential to set a
7:41 pm
precedent we can never return to. >> when you are there in the white house around a president all the time, what are some of the thing that is surprised you that if people watching saw themselves or heard about what would they be most surprised about? >> that we think we are the owner of the bar but the bouncer owns the bar and the insider, k streeters, lobbyists, people who sell out. >> did you see more of that in this administration than previous? >> yeah, i did. the obama care debacle. did you really think it was about health care? it's about health care control. everybody got something -- except you. everybody got a cut. even organizations like the ama. they had the white coats on the lawn. everybody got a cut of the pie. then the pie was slammed in your face. this is real. people have to speak out. >> personality-wise because you were up close and personal, what were the differences between them? >> yeah. >> what did you see, good and
7:42 pm
bad? >> president bush, i remember being fanatical about the troops. he loved the troops. passionately loved them. i said earlier you would see a tear in his eye you can't possibly fake every time he would hug a gold star mother who lost someone in combat. he spoke of the troops in rev ren shall terms. president clinton was very good at politicking. one of the ott best i had seen. president obama was nice to me personally. it's not personal. if that bothers people, i'm sorry. my fight is purely political. to me he appears almost lost in the white house. >> do you think he's not up to the job? >> no question. >> you refer to this in the book. like the truman show. >> absolutely. >> he's surprised he's even there. is it that he doesn't know what to do? >> he's like an actor in a play. and he doesn't realize he's an
7:43 pm
actor. everything around the president is scripted and filmed. stuff to us that's common sense. the american people are outraged about obama care. you assume he knows it. but he's acting in a play and is insulated by sycophants around him. don't assume he understands the level of outrage about obama care. the play, he's the ro every time. >> unbelievable. you're running for congress in the sixth district of maryland. >> shaking it up. >> it's a close district. >> very close. >> we'll watch closely. dan, good to see you. >> thank you, sean. >> up next, new undercover video exposing disturbing practices at abortion clinics in this country. the president of the group who shot the video will explain it. the man who says the jfk assassination could have been planned by none other than lyndon b. johnson will make the case for this controversial theory. don't miss it as "hannity" continues tonight. fighting constipation by eating healthier,
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>> test >> test test test
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welcome back. there is new undercover vid exposing disturbing practices of an abortion clinic in albuquerque, new mexico. a person scheduled a late term abortion. the baby would suffer excruciating pain before being killed from an injection into its body. watch this. >> so you're 27 weeks. about six months of pregnancy. >> okay. it has all its parts and stuff? >> yeah. >> day one we do the injection that stops the heartbeat of the fetus. i don't know if you have been feeling movement. >> mm-hmm.
7:49 pm
>> most people within a few hours notice there is no movement. >> does it feel that? >> no -- i'm not sure. that would be a good -- i don't believe so. i don't know if it's developed enough to feel that. it might be. okay? >> pretty unbelievable. the video comes as residents of albuquerque voted to reject an anti-abortion bill to ban the procedure after 20 weeks. here to tell us about the practices of the clinics and what can be done to stop them, lila, it's shocking. albuquerque -- >> it's heartbreaking. >> well, tell us -- explain the video and the story behind it. >> sure. well, the video is part of a series of videos from all over the country showing the late-term abortion industry in america. people think the abortionists
7:50 pm
convicted of killing born alive babies is a one off. there are abortionists all over the country committing gruesome acts against children, many old enough to survive outside the womb. our brave investigator is alittle over six months. the baby is old enough to survive outside the womb with advances in medical technology. she's chatting with a southwestern women's option clinic about what happens during the abortion procedure. when anybody listens to what happens to a baby during an abortion they are upset, horrified because with it is an inhuman act against an innocent defenseless child. they inject poison into the baby's head or bottom. the baby will be poisoned to death for up to two hours. then they extract the baby piece by piece, tearing arm from torso. we wouldn't subject dogs or kittens to this but we are doing it to human beings. >> don't states prohibit this?
7:51 pm
at this stage? >> 42 states have prohibitions on late-term abortion but they are killing children in the second and first trimester. at the end of the first all the internal organs are there. the baby just needs time to grow and the organs function better. everything is present. it's amazing how quickly the child develops. we need to look in the window in the womb. >> didn't they say -- we didn't play the part. that this woman. they offer, for example, transportation, discount hotels and they say, well, it may happen in your hotel room and you don't have to look at it. is that a comment that was made or am i mistaken? >> this is another part of how shady they are. they have a deal with the plaza inn, $49 a night.
7:52 pm
they will pick you up from the airport, pick you up and take you to the clinic and back to the hotel. the staff tells the woman go to the room, leave the door unlocked. don't call 911. sit on the toilet and don't look. this is the so-called empowerment of women. it's anything but being pro women. it's a human right ace bews against the child. >> people describing themselves as pro choice, i'm pro life like you are. if you hear this and know the children are viable outside the womb i don't know how a person with a conscience could not be moved by that. thank you. i'm sorry it's a tough topic. up next, the mastermind behind the assassination was jfk, my guest says. he'll lay out the case against the former president next. life's an adventure when you're with her.
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welcome back. now this week marks the 50th anniversary of president john f kennedy's death. it did happen five decades ago conspiracy theorys still run rampant. saying the mastermind was another president. joining me now is the man who killed kennedy, the case against lbj. welcome to the program. >> thank you for having me. >> how is it lbj? >> well, it's important to understand lbj, the man. he was a coors loud mouth bully. corrupt, ruthless, and nasty. one secret service agent said he hadn't been president of the united states he would have been locked into a mental institution. in fall, 1963 he has two major corruption scandals. the bobby baker scandal, baker is his back man
7:58 pm
and he knows kennedys going to dump him from 1964 ticket he's facing prosecution and jail. in november, 1963, he's increasingly desperate man. >> so those are the -- that is the back story. automotive. automotive. what is the proof you think you have that would back that up? >> sure. i think there is actual evidence holding up in federal court we have, and the sixth floor of the texas school book depository building they find mack wallace, book i tie johnson to eight murders in texas prior to jfk, murders to cover up corruption, and to cover up fraud. not only that, but six witnesses see a man in the
7:59 pm
window of the 6th floor of the texas school book depryitosit building. so i think it ties him to the murder because malcolm wallace is his man he's held a series of political jobs explained, aranked for him by lyndon johnson. >> so, you think -- >> i think there are multiple shooters but i think malcolm wallace is the shooter from the sixth floor of the book depository building and i think lee harvey owes walled is a patsy, a fall guy. >> thank you. appreciate it. thank you. >> the man who killed kennedy,
8:00 pm
the case against lbj. >> thank you. that is the time we have left this evening. thanks for joining us. don't forget start each weekday morning 5:00 to 9:00 with fox and friends. thank you. the o'reilly factor is on, tonight. >> on friday, we found out the unemployment rate has fallen from the height of 10% down to 7.8%, the lowest since i took office. >> that was president obama last year on the campaign trail. now there are charges the job stats were manipulated in his favor. we have a special report. >> imperative to reach out and to share that conservative message of liberty and less government and lower taxes. >> sarah palin demanding that msnbc discipline a commentator who attacked her in a gross way. we will take a look at that situation. >> i'm not politically correct, billy. i'm off the reservation. this whole thing is going to hell in a hand basket. >> the very


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