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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  November 21, 2013 2:00am-3:01am PST

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downhill to the weekend. it is thursday. good morning to you and your family. you're watching "fox & friends first" on this beautiful morning. it's still dark out there. i'm ainsley earhardt. >> i'm childers. we begin this morning with a fox news alert for you. a massive plane is stuck at an airport. it is in wichita, kansas. a cargo plane a boeing 747 dream lifter mistakenly landed there last night. it was heading from new york to mcconnellair force base. it landed there instead. the massive plain needs over 900 feet of runway to take off. but tomorrow's runway just over 6,000 feet. boeing sending a tug to try to turn the jumbo jet around.
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we will keep you posted on any updates. >> scary moments on a jetblue flight. an emergency evacuation slide inflates in the cabin up in the air this happened knocking over a flight aiden tant. happened 30 minutes into the flight from fort meyers florida to boston. >> seems all of a sudden there was a big noise and it blew up like. it was scary. a little scary at first. >> we were all startled. >> when the plane eventually made an emergency landing in orlando. the flight attendant is okay. she just has bumps and bruises. faa now can looking at what went wrong. >> incredible photos appears to show a fireball in the sky. the question now is, what was that? is soem are saying it was a fireball caused by a meteor.
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last month another fireball streaked through the sky in oregon. thousands fly through every day but most are not visible. >> congressman is holding a late night news conference to say he will not step down. this after pleading guilty of a misdemeanor charge of cocaine possession. he was nabbed buying the drugs on a camera. >> i am being held accountable for the decisions i have made on my life. i have found treatment and am working on treatment. like everything in my life i have to rebuild that trust and i fully understand that. i will do that. >> as part of the plie agreement he agreed to buy the cocaine for $250. he was sentenced to a year probation. >> teenagers accused of bullying
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classmates so badly she took her own life. they will not face any criminal charges. the two were arrested after police found an incriminating facebook post, yes, i know i bullied rebecca and she killed herself but i don't give a blank. an ex mrau tifr in there. we explain the decision and the warrer words that followed. >> the state attorney's office is dropping the charges because there's zero evidence of any stalking in this case. >> attorney jose bias responding to charges being dropped against his now 13-year-old client accused of using social media to stalk rebecca sedwick who later committed suicide by jumping to her death. >> these are children they sometimes make mistakes but it never, ever, ever goes to the level of bullying. i don't think rebecca's death had anything to do with the
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conduct of my client. >> baez said his client is a troubled young girl and will be evaluated and will receive extensive counseling. he lashed out at sheriff brady judd. >> to go out on tv and put mer mug shot on there as if she is public enemy number one when she is really just a child serving no purpose. >> i disagree with mr. baez. he knows what florida public records law is. florida public records law is when you commit a felony your name and face is a public record. bullying is a national epidemic. this went beyond bullying to cyber bullying. >> judd dropped the case and the people involved are getting help. >> if it had not been brought to the justice system would they be
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severing services today? the answer is no. we were successful. if this set of circumstances would to occur again tomorrow we had the evidence we had the information we had we would make criminal charges again and send them right back to juvenile court. >> baez implied a lawsuit could still be down the line. >> i have got some advice for him. he should get a lawyer and a darned good one, he is going to need it. >> a congresswoman is attacked and robbed near capitol hill. freshman new york representative grace may says she was walking home from dinner when she was hit in the back of the head. the robbers took her pocket book and ran away. she had bumps and bruises but was okay. >> doesn't hurt to be more careful. but i am very glad that it could have been worse. i am back to work today. functioning a little slower than
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usual. >> capital police are now investigating. the white house may have known more about problems with with obamacare than they are letting on p. those are according to new e-mails obtained exclusively by fox news. we have the latest on this latest development and this ongoing story. seems like there's something new every day, elizabeth. >> it does feel that way. now there is new evidence officials in the white house had serious fears before the october 1st ss debut. the internal conversations are days before the launch including messages including error screens including manager henry choy. he wanted to warn the public there may be glitches. they told lawmakers the web site would be ready for the american public. >> both of you are testifying today it could be the shortfalls that are in the report that i mentioned are going to be 100
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percent complete on october 1st ss? >> correct. >> we continue to hear from those on the hill who say the rollout is unacceptable along with details about warning signs. >> i thought the president said if he knew anything about this he wouldn't have started the exchanges. it is surprising, startling that a lot of knowledge is they weren't ready for prime time and they went ahead with it anyway. >> there will be another wave of cancellations this time next year. it may hit as many as 50 to 100 million and more so small businesses than individuals this coming from think tank american enterprise institute. businesses with 50 workers or less do not have to provide healthcare coverage if they do the po will sees still have to meet obamacare standards. so we will have to see. >> elizabeth prann live for us
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this morning from washington. thank you. >> michael skakel expected to be released from prison as prosecutors appeal a ruling granting him a new trial in the 1975 slaying of maybe martha moxley. skakel's attorney failed to adequately represent him in the 2002 trial when he was convicted. he has been serving 20-years to life and was denied parole last year. >> former boston crime boss james whitey bulger is piling his sentence to two consecutive li life terms. his trial was a sham because he wasn't able to argue and federal prosecutor gave him immunity. he did not testify at trial or speak at his sentencing. at this hour african tribal leaders meeted to consider a security deal with the united states. the agreement could impact thousands of u.s. troops once
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the nato combat ends that would be in 2013 john kerry expects u.s. forces to train, equip and assist afghan forces. they lorp the troreport the tro could stay in the country until 2024. they dispute the timetable. the deal won't go through without the blessing of thousands of elders. >> the agreement will speak for itself when the agreement is approved. it's up to the people of afghanistan. >> on tuesday there was a report that president obama agreed to apologize for mistakes made during america's longest car, but secretary kerry has denied that. >> an 85-year-old american is being held captive in north korea. merle new man he was taken off the plane set to leave the
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country after a site seeing trip last month. no reason was given. newman was asked by north korean officials about his army service. a man travelling with newman there has to be a terrible misunderstanding. i hope the north koreans will see this as a humanitarian matter and let him return to his family. the state department would not confirm the arrest. another american was detained. the country detained six other americans since 2009. the pastor the reverend billy graham back in the hospital this morning. it's the second time he has had to be treated for a respiratory congestion problem. two weeks ago hundreds of people were gathering in asheville, north carolina to celebrate his
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90th birthday and his last sermon. it is a rare site. look at this. a water spout formed across the coast of fort lauderdale, florida. at one point a family of three could be seen at the same time. they are usually harmless unless they occur during a small storm and move toward lamb. >> a family of them. time now for your first degree weather update with maria molina. >> the area is waking up with freezing temperatures and the storm out west. >> we are talking well below freezing in areas like the city of denver. high temperature expected to reach only 21 degrees this afternoon. that's the actual high temperature. some of the areas early this morning temperatures are only in the single digits. high temperature in far go 23 degrees.
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23 billings. it will be spreading eastward. we been telling you this over the next several days this map will illustrate this. the dallas today you are expecting a high temperature at 76 degrees by friday only in the 40's. that will continue to spread eastward. take a look at the northeast heading into sunday. new york city the high temperature only 32. high temperature in buffalo only 24 degrees. it will be bitterly cold out there the next several days as the air continues to spread eastwa eastward. out west we have rain produced in the area. some areas expecting more than a foot. >> here's the good news it gets you into the christmas spirit. >> yes, perfect. >> wal-mart bringing on their holiday sales announcing they are starting early with the deals to control the crowds. lauren simonetti on fox business network has more on the story. >> this gets you into the chr christmas spirit as well. wal-mart at 8:00 a.m. the
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retailer will match fwlak friday deals from competitors. they are also doubling the number of sale items on the web site. you can see that as a form of crowd control people going on-line instead. they are letting you bid on a first class upgrade. you can make a bid up to 6 days before the flight. american will e-mail you if your bid was accepted. it is called plus grade. it is just a test for now. i like it. >> thank you rn, lauren. >> coming up the first amendment protects freedom of speech. it seems in one state it does not include merry christmas. lawmakers are fighting back. >> looking at a few plain janes. the women being used to recruit are too pretty to fight. we want you to brew on this. am i forgetting something? no holiday's complete without campbell's green bean casserole.
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they over taurined the suspension after the baseball drug policy. a rod went on the radio and spoke about the commissioner. >> 100 percent it was personal it was about his legacy and my legacy. he was trying to destroy me. >> he has violated the drug policy in the past but has denied using them since. >> chris brown kicked out of the anger rehab after smashing his mother's windshield. the judge ordered him to go to another rehab clinic for 90-days. brown must agree to drug testing
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and perform at least 24-hours of community service week. >> lawmakers fighting back against atheists who want to stop teachers from saying merry christmas to students. state senator proposing a merry christmas bill to protect the holiday from political correctness. it would allow them to use politic traditional holiday greetings and put up christmas trees in their classrooms. >> we want to brew on this. what is more effective showing a soldier whose face is enhanced with makeup or dirtied up with mud. >> a top female officer say the army keep it real when selecting images of female soldiers she wants her to show ugly to average looking women not the pretty women. pretty women are perceived as having used their looks to get ahead. >> it all started with this
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magazine shoot she slammed a soldier shown in this picture for looking too good. that leads us to this brew on this question of the day. is her thinking just fine or over the line? send us the comments at twitter or e-mail at we will read em this later in the show. >> a dad wanted to pick up his kids from school but he ended up in handcuffs all because the time. doesn't mean there isn't a river of dreams. one man ace priceless find. [man]ask me...
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>> the players try to knock a person on the street out with one punch. we spoke with one of the knockout victims hit riding her bicycle in washington, d.c. >> he reached out with his left hand and punched me in the face. >> i wasn't knocked out. i continued biking as the group of teenagers were laughing. >> so far at least 7 deaths have been linked to this game. police believe the knockout game could be behind a series of random attacks in brooklyn. >> a tennessee father didn't want to wait in the long line to
2:24 am
wait home rfor his kid at schoo. the dad is seen arguing with the security officer over the new policy. >> open yourself up for a lawsuit. >> that is fine with me. >> under the procedure parents must wait in a line of vehicles instead of coming into the school on foot. not only is it time consuming it is illegal. he was charged with disorder lie conduct. >> a u.k. man fined # 100,000 dollars floating down england's river. he was walking his dooring when he discovered the bills. he immediately contacted police. some of the notes had water damage. a good chunk of the money appeared to be in good condition. they will conduct a foreign -- forensic examination. >> the stars of the hunger game
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sequel hit the red carpet monday and head to new york city for the film's premiere. it is the second installment of the films trilogy. it hits theaters tomorrow and friday nationwide. >> i hear there are fantastic costumes in that one. >> 35 after the top of the hour. it may be hard to see but that is a plane's emergency slide. image seeing it deployed at 30,000 feet in the air. we are hearing from passengers to witness just that. >> no one will argue with this, puppies are cute but they can make a mess. now one dog breeder has come up with the perfect pet plan. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] with five perfectly sweetened
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>> it is november 21st. a big mistake and a big mess. a jumbo jet hands at an airport and now it is stuck. the details on why. >> it is not a bird and not a plane and it is not super man in this picture. where a fireball lit up the night sky alarming everyone on the ground below. >> he p wanted to be that kid for a day. thanks to the city of san francisco his wish came true. now the city wants bay pack for their help. fox and friends first starts
2:30 am
right now. >> good morning from the streets of new york city in times square. thank you so much for joining fox and friends first. welcome, i am heather childers. >> i am ainsley earhardt. >> we begin this morning with a fox news alert. they are at a tiny airport. the trum of playing out at a tarmac in wichita, kansas. this cargo plane dream lifter mistakenly landed there last night. it was heading from kennedy airport in new york to mcconnell air force base in kansas. it landed at a small airport instead by accident. the massive plane needs more
2:31 am
than 9,000 feet of runway to take off but the runway is more than 6,000 feet. they are going to bring a tug to try to turn that jumbo jet. >> emergency evacuation slide inflates while in the air. it knocks over a flight attendant. eventually they made an emergency landing in orlando. the flight attendant is okay. she suffered bumps and bruises. the faa is investigating what went wrong. >> incredible new photos to show you. what appears to be a fireball shooting across the sty. it happened over portland, oregon last night. the question now, what is it? there are conflicting reports this morning. some experts say it was a fireball caused by a meteor. others believe that it was a jet contrail that reflected in the morning sunlight.
2:32 am
last month in other fireball streaked through the sky in portland. thousands of meteors fly through the atmosphere each day but most of them are not visibile. >> the florida congressman tray radel holding a news conference saying he will not step down this after needing guilty of a misdemeanor charge of cocaine possession. he was nabbed buying the drugs in a sting operation. he will take a leave of absence and seek treatment for alcoholism. >> i am being held accountable for the decisions i have made in my life, and i am -- i have found treatment and i am working on treatment. and like anything in life of courses i ha -- i have to rebui that trust. i fully understand that and i will do athat vp>>s a part of te plie agreement radel admitted he tried to buy the cocaine for $250 in washington, d.c. he was sentenced to two years probation. >> red flag ignored.
2:33 am
e-mails obtained exclusively by fox news revealing the white house was nervous one week before the launch. this after the fallout of canceled insurance policies may get worse. >> as many times as americans have seen this screen that obamacare crashed scenes this guy may have seen it before just about anybody else. will henry child is ip administrator responsible for administering the obamacare web site issued an e-mail warning about the week before the site went on-line. he spoke to a number of officials including a white house aid. in this he warned this is what he wrote. i picture in my mind all of the major print and on-line publications taking screen shots of what is below and ramping up high peshbawaii peshbly about i
2:34 am
functional. >> this this were a private business they would worry about it being functional. they would want to make sure it was going to work. this is really the problem here. >> the white house meantime released a report showing growth in healthcare spending has been slowing down since the law passed. small business owners argued otherwise. >> i was shocked when our health insurance went up 49 percent last year. the plan i purchased includes benefits i don't need nor do my employees want. the people who get their insurance plan through their employers. >> doug luzader live from washington for us. >> these two florida teenagers accused of bullying a classmate so badly will not face any
2:35 am
criminal charges. police arrested these two girls a 13-year-old and 14-year-old last month after the older suspect posted this on facebook. yes, i know i bullied rebecca and she killed herself but i don't give a blank. >> these are children. they sometimes make mistakes. it never ever ever goes to the level of bullying, i don't think rebecca's death had anything to do with the conduct of my client. >> 12 rebecca jumped to her death after cops say she was relentlessly terrorized on-line. >> the road rage assault case pleaded not guilty in court. the detective is now facing charges of first degree assault riot and conversion. he is accused of taking a man
2:36 am
out of his vehicle and beating him on the streets after a highway chase. kennedy cuss sin michael skag el expected to be released as prosecutors grant him a new trial in the 1975 slaying of peculi martha moxley. the judge ruled his attorney failed to adequately represent him. it will focus on the terms of his release from prison. he has been serving 20-years to life and was denied parole last year. >> accused murderer and olympian oscar if is torya faces new jun charges. the first through an open sun roof in a car last year and at a restaurant weeks before the fatal shooting of his girlfriend. he faces a possible life
2:37 am
sentence if he is convicted of murdering her. he shoot her by mistake thinking she was an intruder in his house. hours before he was scheduled to testify under oath lance armstrong reaches a settlement in a lawsuit against him. armstrong avoids giving a sworn statement on his use of performance enhancing drugs during his cycling career. he was being sued by an insurance agency that paid him performance bonuses. the insurance agency was seeking $3 million but the terms of the settlement were not released. costco labelling the bible fiction. the pastor who first spot the the mistake appeared on fox and friends to talk about the situation. >> i think that christians in america do need to stand up for their faith. wither not persecutcent persecu like those in north korea and other places but we need to be
2:38 am
vocal about our faith. i believe it shows how polari polarizing the bible and jesus are. >> costco issue add bible saying this. cost costco's distributor miss labeled a small percentage of the bibles. we are correcting this with them for future distributions. >> oo it is time for the first degree weather update with maria molina. >> there is a storm out west. >> we are looking at cool temperatures early this morning so people across parts of the flames waking up to temperatures with single digits and below zero temperatures. only 22 in the city of denver 20 in far go. in billings 24 degrees for the high temperature. the cold air will be moving eastward. it will get up into the 70s in
2:39 am
dallas. only into the 40's the cold air continues to go eastward as we head into the weekend and across northeast and southeast. we will be looking at temperatures much colder high in buffalo only 24 and only 32 degrees. we need the rain out here with rainfall across parts of california and the four corners. forecast over parts of colorado locally a foot of snow actually is possible in areas. heather and ainsley i want to point out heavy rain forecast over texas. the time now is 39 after the top of the hour. it may be the most ridiculous government regulation that you have heard yet. the city where they are banning doorknobs. they are the band behind one of the hottest singles in america. we are going behind the scenes with florida as they cruise around the country.
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>> ohio state lawmakers approve a controversial stand your ground law. the bill eliminates the duty to retreat as they are unlawfully allowed to be. republicans say the bill brings reasonable safety protections to ohioans. at least 22 states have similar self defense laws. >> could this be the end of doorknobs? vancouver changed their building code to outlaw doorknobs in all new construction. this might seem a little strange but the reasoning might make sense. doorknobs can be hard to use for the elderly or people with
2:44 am
disabilities. vancouver is instead encouraging people to use levers that will be much easier to use. >> companies are crashing in on the obamacare blunders. take a look at this ad. if you like your low fares, you be keep your low fares because our web site actually works. the airline is usually quick to capitalize on po will cal stand dales. previous ad with ritchie incognito and toronto mayor rob ford. they are betting on the internet becoming the third state to offer on-line gambling. it starts tonight. jolene cat from the fox business network is here to explain. >> new jersey joins delaware and nevada as another state to offer internet gambling. tonight at 6:00 eastern with a swipe of your finger or click of the button you can place a bet on-line. at the beginning of a five day
2:45 am
trial six casino companies hold permits. each one will test five different web sites and up to five different players. caesars will be among the choices out there for you. state leg rate toegulators say several hundred people could be active at one time during this period. they make sure all gamblers are 21 years or older and they are secure and the games work. as for potential glitches the director of the gaming enforcement says he's optimistic. he says testing has been going on for months and will continue to be closely monitored. if all goes well a full launch is expected to happen next tuesday. >> jo, thank you. 45 minutes after the top of the hour. he wanted to be back fbatman fo the day. now the city wants pay back for their help. >> puppies of course are cute but they can make a mess. one dog breeder has come up with
2:46 am
the perfect pet. am hmmm. first brian kilmeade is here to see what's coming up on "fox & friends." >> we are looking at the cute dogs now we have a cute brian in front of us. >> thank you very much ainsley. i know that was in the prompter. my dog is watching, you are the perfect dog, dude. don't worry about what that woman said about that other pet. thank you very much. coming up straight ahead, stewart varney on how the healthcare fix is about to cost you a whole lot more. dr. ben carson is here as well. we have the secret service agent who worked with president bush and president obama. plus dr. mark seigel is here talking about the her ball supplements. should you kesplit them out or not? we will break it down foryou. we have trace atkins performing live. at least he says he will.
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it's now ten minutes till the top of the hour. sidekick sylvia brown died at the age of 77. the woman who claimed to know when peeper were about to die passed away yesterday morning. she specialized in missing persons cases doing psychic detective work to give clues about the person's whereabout. remember the story about bat kid, the 50-year-old miles scott. a leukemia patient who got his wish to play batman around the city. now san francisco wants the money they spent back to the tune of $105,000.
2:51 am
most of the money went towards renting a sound screen and other equipment. >> we always want our dog to stay puppy like. imagine the designer dog, it will always look like a puppy. introducing the latest in the search for the dog face fountain of youth. it was created with the help of a reproductive veterinarian and goes for $235,000 each. >> my dog always looks like a puppy and she lived for 18 years and i didn't spend that amount of money on her. >> in the fox light, off their country road win, florida-georgia line were here in the big apple and michael tammero got a chance to step into the spotlight with them. i'm so jealous, as always. >> this group had the
2:52 am
number one hit cruise remaining on the top ten chart for 14 weeks. >> welcome to the fox light. i'm michael tammero. we're in new york city and getting ready to hang out with florida georgia line. let's go. ♪ ♪ >> guys, welcome to new york. what a year you guys have had. >> it's been a wild year and a busy one and a lot # -- lt to take in. >> how did you guys come together? >> we met on just kidding. we met at belmont university. >> this is the first tour you're headlining. do you feel more pressure? >> any time you headline, you're not just opening,
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you're fronting everything. our fans are the best in the world. they come to party every night. ♪ ♪ >> who is your favorite? >> brian. >> brian. >> i'd say brian. >> everybody asks me that. i cannot pick. i can't. >> tyler. >> we are back stage. theyyou are going on shortly. you want to give us a tour? >> we'll circle up, in with the good, out with the bad, say a prayer real quick. we have a chant we'll usually do and kind of get pumped up. have a shot or two and hit the stage. >> it's a secret. >> this is one of mine right here. the other one is getting sick. all these right here are
2:54 am
ours. our guitar player has about 30 of them. he takes up the most space. >> these are cases for dave, baby. welcome to catering. this is where all the goodness happens, so you don't get in a bad mood and get angry. hangry we call it. >> do you still get nervous going on the stage? >> i wouldn't say nervous. i say anxious. can't wait to get out there and do our thing. ♪ ♪ >> they have a new album out on the 25th. five new songs. you can see even more on inthefox light. you can follow me on twitter at fox light michael, which you do. >> and on instagram.
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protein from natural ingredients like seeds and nuts. it helps support a healthy metabolism. great grains protein blend. two minutes till the top of the hour. before you leave the house here's what's happening today. a jumbo jet remains stuck at a small airport in wichita because the runway isn't long enough for it to take off. the cargo plane landed there by mistake. conflicting reports about what streaked across the sky. >> michael skakel expected to be released from prison as prosecutors appeal a ruling to grant him for a new trial in the slaying of
2:59 am
martha moqley. >> time for the good, the bad, and the ugly. the good, a study showed people who ate nuts every day were 20% less likely to die from cancer or heart disease. now the bad. a russian woman bungee jumps without the cord. she held on to her boyfriend who was attached to a cord. talk about an adrenaline rush. >> finally, the ugly. a face dive on live tv. the reporter was doing a story on the opening of a skating rink when the wind picked up and she fell on her face but she was fine. >> time for your brew on these responses. this top female army officer wants ugly to average looking soldiers. >> she says pretty women are perceived as using their looks to get ahead. do you think this is fine or over the line? >> sue says pretty girls can be tough too.
3:00 am
>> way over the line. sounds like she is intimidated by the pretty ones. >> who would want to be selected as the average, ugly woman to be part of the armed forces if they know that is part of the criteria. good point. >> hope you have a great day. >> "fox & friends" starts right now. >> bye. good morning. it is thursday, november 21, 2013. do you like your health care plan? well, you might not. brand-new details on the latest obamacare bombshell moments away. >> imagine you're 35,000 feet in the air and the emergency slide deploys inside the airplane like that right there. how in the world did that actually happen? >> the army wants you to be all that you can be except pretty. are some women just too hot to pack heat? >> is that your question or somebody else's? >> he's been writing that


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