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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  November 21, 2013 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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the show. have a great day. and we'll be right back after this. >> there is breaking news now. oil shepard smith. we're monitoring a volatile situation at the time north carolina central university, a university in durham, north carolina, where the school's twitter site sent a message reading the nccu -- north cared central university campus is on lockdown. please stay away from all windows and doors. there's a possible active shooter on campus. there's been a lot of excitement on that campus over the last 24 hours. they had a huge win in basketball at nc state, cross-region rivals, and the campus was all abuzz. today there is the word of a possibility of a shooter on campus. it's frustrating not having anymore information. in
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in fact here is what we are getting on the twitter. they're been sending them out for the past 25 minutes should we get anything more on it i will bring you that information right away. >> first at 3:00, historic day on capitol hill. the u.s. senate voted to change the long-standing rule when it comes to presidential nominees. in essence, most democrats voted to stop republicans from block most of president obama's nominations with filibusters. here are the facts. the president's nominations for the judicial and executive branches now require just 51 votes, a simple majority, instead of 60. this does not change anything for supreme court name nations -- nominations. this also applies to future presidents, so if republicans get -- if democrats get it back they have to deal with this as well. president obama said the democrats had to make the change to get anything done in washington. >> today's pattern of
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obstruction just isn't normal. it's not what our founders envisioned. a deliberate and determined effort to obstruct everything no matter what the merits just too refight the results of an election is not normal. >> republicans say the vote was power grab. >> i would sum it up by saying it's a sad day in the history of the senate, after today, advise and consent means to then, 100% consent. >> one democratic senator said the level of gridlock today became a tipping point. mike emanuel is on capitol hill. sounds like democrats are frustrated and point to nomination of nomination where the qualifications are there and it's just a political up or down, and they got sick of it and changed the rules. >> they are hammering that something needed to be done to stop gridlock in washington, but
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senator harry reid acknowledged these rules will apply when republicans are in power, and a leading democrat fired back at republicans who suggested the move is all about trying to change the subject from obamacare. >> mitch m-connell says we have tried to change the subject? i beg to differ. he doesn't want to address the fill bester and the -- fill buster and the rules changes so three-quarters of his speech is dedicated to obamacare. we're not changing the subject today, he is. >> reporter: a lot of complaints about the idea of nominees for the bench being held up. a lot of republicans say that sometimes they're held up to get more information from the obama administration. that is very little power that the minority power has, but bottom line, the nuclear option wag invoked today. >> the nuclear option. in practical terms, you get nominations, you get people put into their jobs, but as far as the gridlock in washington goes, this isn't going to solve that. >> reporter: it's already been extremely difficult to get big
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things done here on capitol hill when you talk about the budget, the debt, and other major topics, and people are wondering what the impact will be as we deal with those topics in the coming months. the nuclear option is known for that because it essentially blows up the place as it is known to operate. this comes as the senate is working on the nomination of janet yellen to lead the feds. he nomination paced out so she is on the path to being confirmed by the overall senate. today a leading republican called the nuclear option both devastating and disturbing. >> in my view, this is the most important and most dangerous restructuring of senate rules since thomas jefferson wrote them at the beginning of our country. it's really not about the filibuster. >> so. >> reporter: bottom line, a lot of folks on capitol hill say the senate is supposed to be different than the house. the house is majority rule.
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the senate is more deliberative, debate, and then vote, but the rules changed today, shep. >> hadn't the customed changed over time? it wasn't always the case that everytime the president put somebody up for nomination, that everyone in the opposing party voted it down. that's a new thing, isn't it? >> reporter: there are numbers i can pull that will say the republicans have confirmed a lot of nominees for president obama, confirmed a tremendous number of judges. they say they've confirmed more judges president obama's term than president bush term, and the president came out and say the helping of the wait is extremely long for these judges. they're good people expo serve to serve on the bench. so you can break that either way you want to depending on your point of you. >> if you're flying this holiday season, your pilot might have
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forgotten how to try. that's the astounding finding of a study the feds are about to release. "the wall street journal" reviewed this in advance. cording to the journal's reporting, the study finds that technology and cockpits has got son good that a lot of pilots are having trouble flying airplanes by hand instead of relying on auto pilot. like folks who do their math with calculators and can't remember basic school arithmetic, or people do their driving using their iphones and can't figure out where streets are. the feds found two-thirds -- two-thirds -- made mistakes or had trouble flying planes manually. the study calls this the greatest risk to passengers worldwide and it's already been deadly. case in point, this past sunday in russia, when a plane plunged to the earth. the pilots were trying to gain speed but ended up in an unstoppable nose dive.
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investigators suspect pilot errors in this crash landing of a jumbo jet in san francisco, and in 2009, an air franceent went down. investigators say the pilots could not figure out what the plane's automated systems were telling them. all 228 people onboard died. let's take this to our aviation consultant, mike boyd, on what appears to be a snowy afternoon in denver. nice to see you. >> yes, sir. >> this idea that a lot of pilots have forgotten how to fly, that's disturbing. >> let's not overemphasize it. they're trained to fly the airplanes they have with the equipment on it in the process of that they don't get a lot of stick time, and that means when these system goes down or the systems don't do the right thing, the skills needed to be honed to understand that, and i think this report alone fixes half the problem. you're going to have the airline pilots association, they're
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going to be on this, and that situation is going to get fixed in the near term. doesn't mean we're unsafe. just means when certain things going on you're looking at a man saying, now what do i do? >> you spend to much time letting the machine do it. driving a car is muscle memory, but if you live in cruise control all the time you lose your edge. is that part of this? >> it is. i have old cars and learned very expensively that old cars don't shut the headlights off on their own, don't pop the brake off. expensive. in here, hand flying an airplane, stick time, is important, too, and every professional pilot in america is paying attention to this report. >> it's my understanding from a couple of pilot is know that from time to time they'll land the plane manually even though the auto pilot is working fine, just to get the reps in. >> absolutely.
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it's called stick time and being able to fly the airplane yourself. i think pilots like to do this. this report is going to be profitable for safety because the pilots will say, now we know what to do. so it's a positive thing this came out. >> should somebody getting on a plane going to granny's for the thanksgiving weekend be worried? no just be worried you'll be stuck in the middle seat. otherren that you'll be safe. >> or travel though northeast. we just got a gridlock warning for wednesday next week, the northeast corridor is a mess next week. on that front, are we in a situation where the air traffic control systems are outdated or a volume problem or what? >> there's less airplanes in the sky over the thanksgiving holiday and less people. there will be a crush on the freeways but know the skies. the reality is our air traffic control system -- you're just as
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likely to be delayed. any day vs. the holidays. we haven't fixed the system. >> i feel like part of the problem at holidays you have fliers that are not used to flying, people with kids who aren't in the airport every day. it's like tourists in new york city. all of a sudden the airport doesn't work. >> amateurs. >> good luck with the snow. thank you. black friday may still be more than a week away but that is not stop something shoppers from lining up early to get the best deals. take this best buy outside cleveland. looks like every other best buy. one guy says he started in the line at 5:00 on monday with his tent. >> it's cold, windy, and sometimes it rains and snows. so, got to be careful. make sure you stay warm. >> got a mike crow with -- mice there. all the comforts of home, a bed,
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microwave, tv, heaters. the guy says his family takes turn waiting in line. >> can't a stay out here 24/7 or you start to smell. >> what is worth all of this? he says he is getting a television and maybe an xbox. maybe he doesn't have a compute center you can just order it right there on the computer, show up there at your house. a miracle. fox news attained a copy of the proposal that could think thousands of u.s. troops in afghanistan way beyond next year. we're talking ten more years. but first, the afghan president, hamid karzai, is asking tribal elders to sign off on the deal. thousands of tribal elders are . that's coming up. and we're following the breaking news out of north carolina central university. we told you earlier the campus
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is on lockdown, it has sent out an alert by twitter and other means that people should stay away from windows and doors and shelter in place. their language has changed now. officials at north carolina university say there's an active shooter on campus. officials say there have been no injuries but the campus lockdown is still going on for at least the better part of the last 35 minutes. we'll get updates from the fox news deck on this thursday, shepard smith reporting. we know we're not the center of your life, but we'll do our best to help you connect to what is.
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breaking news and good news to report. our local fox station and our news share station in raleigh and durham are reporting the lockdown is over at north carolina central university. the local abc station there had its chopper and they have a picture of man being taken into custody. something might have gone down. we can't confirm that but that's been reported by the local abc station in addition there were no reports at all through any of this that anybody had ever been hurt, just there was an active shooter. if you believe the pictures from abc 11, it's possible they have a suspect. the lockdown is over, the kids are all and sew are the faculty, nobody hurt. that's out of north carolina university in durham. >> get mortgage details about the proposed deal to keep u.s.
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troops in afghanistan for a long time. we have gotten a copy of the agreement. now it's up to the afghan tribal elders and political leaders to sign off on the proposal. the teal would keep u.s. forces in afghan for what is called support, even after the official combat mission is over at the end of this year. as so many had predicted throughout the course of this forever war, over the next few days afghan delegates are set to debate the draft and decide whether they want the united states troops to stay. their digs not the final word but president hamid karzai says he will stand behind whatever they choose. jennifer griffin with more now from the pentagon. i have been hearing for years from every kind of military person known to man, forget it. we will never leave afghan. now they're talking about ten more years up there. >> ten more years and bills of -- billions of dollars.
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up to 10 then troops there conducting not just training but also small counterterrorism operations. there are some sticking points, and president hamid karzai threw his u.s. counterparts a loop when he said he did not plan to sign this crucial security agreement that would protect u.s. troops if they do stay past 2014, that he didn't plan to sign it until after the april presidential election, an election in which he has to step down according to the constitution. the white house has already pushed back saying they expect an agreement to be signed by the end of the year. they need mat much -- that much time in order to plan for withdrawal of troops still in afghan. the state department saying this is not acceptable, this bait and switch that karzai pulled, and then karzai, at the same moment he was supposed to sell this agreement to the 2500 elders at the tribal meeting in kabul, ya,
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he uses the opportunity to say he doesn't trust the americans. so an incredible show by president karzai in kabul. >> he has been a joyous partner for all involved. you mentioned a bait and switch. what compromises did the united states have to make and there is a sense for whatever those compromises are might affect troops remaining? >> after interesting sect kerry for details yesterday he would not answer reporters at the state department. today we had to go online to the afghan foreign ministry's web site to find a copy of the agreement. they posted it online. the only -- looks like a pretty standard status of forces agreement. it does not look like the u.s. has had to give up anything on immunity. looks like the u.s. will have control -- will have the ability to try u.s. forces if they get into trouble over there. that won't be handed over to the afghans. u.s. contractors will not be covered by the status of forces
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agreement but dod officials tell me that's standard. 0 it's a a standard agreement. the one sticking point are night raids, and right now that language is being worked out. >> night raids, meaning we can operate under the cover of darkness if we feel like? >> and whether u.s. troops can be into homes during the counterterrorism operations. >> good to see you, five kids trapped for five minutes after their car sank in a frigid pond. >> cops say three million were held as slaves in a home. they've just been rescued. after 30 years. in captivity. one of those victims is nearly 70 years old. it is an extraordinary account of three decades of slavery. and it's coming right up. life's an adventure when you're with her.
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rescuers have pulled five children from a car after it sank into a frigid pond and trapped those passengers underwater for up to 45 minutes. happened this morning outside minneapolis. where officials say the car veered off a highway ramp, plunged down an embankment and landed in the pond. the driver got out of there. folks who witnessed the crash tried to help but they say the car was under eight feet of water. so an emergency dive team got there and eventually pulled all these kids and the car from the pond. a spokeswoman for the city says all five kids were unconscious at the time of the rescue. we don't know their condition now. police do not know what caused this crash but that the road was
12:24 pm
wet because there had been a light rain not long before. three women are now free after apparently spending 30 years as prisoners in a home in london. cops say they also arrested a man and a woman in connection with what officers are calling slavery and domestic servitude. according to a statement from police, quote, all three women who were highly traumatized, were taken to a place of safety where they remain. very british of them. of cows, this -- of course this comes six months after three women were freed after spending decades as captives in a home in cleveland. trace gallagher has in the late. what more do we know about this miami? one was a grandma age. >> malaysian, an i-woman and a britishwoman and they were watch agnus show about forced labor
12:25 pm
and the irish woman snubbed away to a phone culled and called a group called freedom charity and said they had been held against their will for 30 years, and the charity called the police, and the police then went in. >> these are deeply traumatized people, and it's essential we work sensitivesly to establish the facts in this case. when hey have established the facts we effected an arrest. >> the couple was 9 -- 69 and 70 years old. the neighbors did not have a clue at all. the police do not believe there was any sexual component to this. they were just slaves. they were forced labor, as police called them. again, we don't know how they were taken captive. we know that the 30-year-old had lived in this home all of her life but, again, no sexual
12:26 pm
component so unclear if she was the daughter of one of the other woman who was being held. >> the presidents own words could come back to haunt tim he white house. the property now suggests some folks who sign up for obamacare are finding out they cannot stay with their same doctor. that's after the president said over and over and over that wouldn't happen. we have a live report from the white house on that coming up as we approach the bottom of the hour and top of the news from the fox news deck. [ male announcer ] this is kathleen.
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fox report now. more of today's headlines. word that nuclear talks with iran are on hold in switzerland. the united states and five other countries are trying to get iran to freeze its nuclear program in exchange for some relaxation of the financial restrictions placed there. the negotiatears say the two sides cannot agree on details of wording. police say a gunman is on the lossth and an elementary school is on lockdown after a
12:29 pm
shooting today in florida. cops say somebody shot two men at a home near the school just outside tampa. officials say one of the victim's wounds could be life-threatening. >> kia motors recalling some 80,000 minivans in 20 states and the strict of columbia, kia reports road salt can damage a part in the wheels and cause drivers to lose control. óqoqúú
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>> breaking news out of durham north carolina and north carolina central university where we have clarity on the reason for a lockdown on campus today. we have new video in from wral television there, and you can see man being taken into custody in the white shirt with his hands over his head. the word is there was an active shooter on campus. police say there were shots fired but we have no information to suggest anyone was hurt. in fact, the word from authorities is there were no
12:32 pm
injuries. why was he shooting? no clue. authorities locked down the campus for the better part of 40 minutes. all is back to normal wishes the exception -- normal with the connection -- exception of one person. the coast is clear and everybody is fine now. if you like your doctor, you might not be able to keep your doctor afterall. the "washington post" is reporting another promise from the president could be falling apart, some people shooting few health plans through obamacare are finding out the insurers are restricting which doctors they can see. it's an effort to keep down the cost. and some of those plans reportedly will not allow patients to visit top-rated hospitals. ed henry is live at the hospital -- might as well be the hospital -- >> i hope not. >> the president trying to make
12:33 pm
amends after millions of people lost their healthcare plan. is the next shoe dropping? >> certainly a concern inside the white house that they're trying to sort of turn the page on all of the defense they've been playing on health care, and what you're starting to hear from republicans as they hear these anecdotes about people losing doctors as plans change, they're going back to what the president said in 2009 and 2010, selling this law, by saying if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor, period. that's what he said about the health plans as well. you can keep them. that didn't turn out to be true. now republicans like ted cruz say this may be next. >> texas oncology, one of the largest oncology center in texas, announce it it's not going to participate in in obamacare. i have good friends who are cancer survivors and now can't go to their cancer doctors. >> white house officials have pushed back by saying that these plans change, even before the
12:34 pm
affordable care act people would lose their doctor. the fact they're hedging ever so slightly on whether or not people can definitely keep their doctors is raising questions about, as you say, is this the next shoe to drop? >> sounds like democrats are getting antsy. >> they are. there's an election coming up. the president is not on the ballot. democrats are. a lot of senate democrats in republican leaning states like arkansas and louisiana, they're getting antsy. the president is trying to rally his base. he had liberal pundits in today for a session about health care and other matters, maybe a chance to rally the base. a spokesperson said the president is focusing on figuring this out from a policy standpoint. >> the president is not focused on politics right knew. he is focused on implementing the affordable care act that
12:35 pm
maximizes the bill fits of the -- benefits of the law. if we can make this traps six wog, the politics will take care of therms. >> reporter: also asked about the fast approaching deadline at the owned the month to get the web site fixed. he said that is still the goal, but, again, left the door open they're not exactly sure what's going to happen a week and a half or so whether or not they can get it fixed but says that's still the goal. >> ed henry, thank you. billion0s of dollars in child support payments are going unpaid. the courts award child support, but according to the report more than half of the parents did not get the payments they awayed and a quarter of them did not receive any money for the children's care at all. officials say that in 2011 alone, back child support child support payments totaled more than $14 billion. that's just for 2011.
12:36 pm
vicki siegler is here. she practices family law at fordham. 14 billions? lock them up. >> there are daddy sweeps, and they unfortunately don't always work. they go down and knock down people's doors and the middle of the night, try to arrest them, put hem in jail and try to get money. unfortunately it doesn't work bus, number one, they're not in employed or their in a cash business so you can't garnish wagement. as family law attorneys people say issue have a court order, enforce it, but it's not so easy. >> i'm reading now -- i didn't know this you. can't garnish wages when you're in a cash business. but you can take peoples driver's license. >> your driving privileges can be revoked or suspended. your passport -- if you owe more than $5,000 in child support you're not leaving the country. that's a problem with people. but there have to be ramifications. you can't take blood from a
12:37 pm
stone. so, if people aren't working and they're not committed to spouting their -- supporting their child, there's not so much you can do. >> you tell that to kids who are hungry or wearing closes that don't fit anymore. i you're the mom or dad who is caring for the children and you can't get your child support, and you're not rich, you can't go out and afford a high-priced lawyer, what are you supposed to do? >> the children are the victims clearly. number one, go spend an hour with lawyer in your state that understands the laws. see how to good after these individuals who are not paying. there are all these different remedies. go to your assemblyman and congressman, start fighting, say, this is about our children. what about new programs for kids. they can't go to college. so more programs should ensures these children get a shot at life. >> not like you're fighting for alimony. >> that's their right, the kids'
12:38 pm
right, and people win the lottery, start working, and sometimes you do find money, and i do for my clients and you can never stop. >> talk about finding money. i have a story on found money. if you found $220,000 in cash on the side of a road in a ziploc bag what what you return? >> go right to the police and return it. >> i'd like to think i would do that. $220,000. i might have a heck of a party. the kennedy cousin michael skakel probably about to have a party. he spent 11 years in prison for killing a neighbor with a golf club. today he is out on bond and awaiting a new trial. a judge this morning set his bail at $1.2 million. skakel is a nephew of senator robert f. kennedy's widow,th them. in 2002, he was convicted of murdering a neighbor in the year 1975. they were both 15 years old. prosecutors say michael skakel
12:39 pm
beat the victim to death with the golf club the night she attended a halloween party at his home. michael skakel has insisted he did not do. and after years of appealing, the judge ruled for a new trial. he said his defense attorney did not provide adequate defense, and his current attorney filed for release, and today michael skakel walked out of prison on bond. >> a white knuckle takeoff in kansas as one of the pilots of the largest prayer took off ex-they landed their dreamlifter at the wrong airport. oops. boeing reports it was supposed to fly to mcconnell air air fore base near wichita. instead it touched down at dinky airport after the pilots screwed
12:40 pm
it up. that small airport is more likely to see a cessna landing than a monster dreamlifter. imagine the people who live around this place. they're used to little puddle jumpers coming in, there prop things. all of a sudden the largest plane on the freaking planet is landing there on a runway that is 1600 feet long. they need 10,000. the difference in the runways is astounding. a small airport's runway, half the length and narrower than the one it was supposed to land on. for taking off the beast usually need 10,000 feed but it got into the air safely, likely by using less fuel. it decide not need much fuel to get to its intend edits nation, -- destination, about nine miles away. dreamlifter. nice work. >> what would you do if you found thousands of downs in catch. vicki would go to the police and
12:41 pm
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find your co-pay cost at ask your health care provider about novolog® flexpen today. a probation officer could have taken home more than $220,000. casino money. without even having to gamble. no one would have gone hungry or not have had new shoes but no. an armored car dropped the cash near her, on the side of a roadway. instead of taking the money, she reported the money that she found. the woman says she was leaving her office and noticed what looked like a huge ziploc bag,
12:45 pm
clear, with bundles of hundreds and twenties in it, sitting by the curb. a quarter million dollars. she checked it out and then called the sheriff's office and waited for the deputy is, and the deputies said, you're crazy. actually, they didn't. they got to the scene and nobody could figure out how the money got to the curb until an armored car pulled up. they said they had been taking the money from a local casino to a bank when somehow a quarter million dollars fell out of the vehicle. they say that once they noticed it was gone they drove back to the casino and retraced their steps. the officer who offend -- found the bag of cash, jessica lipky. good on you. >> thank you. >> how long did i can tate you to make this decision? as the story goes you're driving by and say, what's hat? and then what did you do? you turned around or something?
12:46 pm
>> i turned around immediately. soon it registered what that actually was, it was a huge bag of cash, i turned around immediately and called the sheriff office. >> was there a moment of, mmm, maybe i could -- >> no, never. >> stuff some in my glove box. >> never. the thought honestly never crossed my mind. >> you didn't have to say honestly. i believe you. i know you're a probation officer. tell me the basics of your life if you would. >> i'm a probation and parole officer in jefferson parish. i work for the state of louisiana and i supervise on the west bank of jefferson parish. >> and you have a home or an apartment? >> an apartment. i rent an apartment. >> just thinking, has it crossed your mind what all you could have done with that? you could give it to charity, maybe pay your rent for the next year, buy a big tin of cookies. it could have been a great day, jennifer.
12:47 pm
>> well, it was a great day because it was recovered. the thought of taking that money or doing anything with that money besides turning it in and calling the sheriff's office was not on my mind at all. >> you're a mighty good role model on this case. when you found out it was casino money, did you to, i could have done something better with it than that? >> no. >> no? >> never. >> i don't know. the hospitals have a lot of problem around there, and maybe they're still recovering from katrina, whether people want to believe it or not, and then there's casino money on the ground over there. good on you. i don't know how you did it. it didn't cross your mind, probably a tribute to your parents or whoever brought you up and the way you live your life. >> definitely. >> that's really cool. >> thank you. >> do you think you're going to get a finder's fee? anybody mentioned it? >> i really have -- i have no idea. initially the thought never crossed me mind. people have been asking me that quite a bit. but that's really not why i did
12:48 pm
it, and that thought honestly never popped into my mind. and so other people have brought it up to me. >> i actually believe you. which casino? >> boom town. >> they owe you a steak dinnerhn the back. >> i'll take a pat on the back. >> thank you much. good on you. >> thank you. >> boom town. come on, boom town. give us a call. give us a call and tell us we're going to give her 10%. we're a casino, we have lots of money, and we're going to give jennifer 10%. if jennifer wants to give that 10% to charities or hospitals or whatever, she can do that but boom town, call us up. let us know you're giving her 10%. we'll video it. if you don't, i hope you sleep well. police in saudi arabia arrested two men for offering
12:49 pm
free hugs. they're apparently the same guys who posted a video online in which they go around and hug strangers. this video has gotten a million and a half you on you tube. they are trying to brighten up people's lives but the saudi morals police reportedly arrested the men for indulging in exotic practices and finding public order. the more or morals police. >> more headlines on the fox news deck. son of an 85-year-old korean war veteran says north korean officials have detain his father. no word on why this american is being held. the son sis it happened at the owned of a sightseeing trip. he says his father has a heart condition and hopes the north koreans will free him in time for thanksgiving. >> and a jury awarding samsung
12:50 pm
to pay apple nearly $300 million for copying features of the iphone and the ipad. this is but the latest patent fight between the two companies. the previous jury awarded apple more than $1 billion. a third trial is set to begin in march. >> he caught the riddler red-handed and delivered the penguin right to police with the help of thousands of volunteers. and now, batkid is telling the whole world about it. that's next. [ male announcer ] 'tis the season of more.
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tomorrow marks 50 years since the assassination of president john f. kennedy in 1963. president kennedy was in dallas with his wife, the first lady, jackie kennedy, and his motorcade drove through the packed streets, lee harvey
12:54 pm
oswald shot the president three times from the texas school book depository, and now the city of dallas is prepping for the 50 year memorial. evened will include concerts and art exhibits and panel discussions with eye witnesses. tell us more about the plans, casey. >> the main event is happening right here in dealy plaza. here's a live look. that area where the stages are being constructed, that is the grassy knoll, bordered by elm street, and then the reddish brick building is the old texas school book depository, and in the far right corner window you see there, one down from the very top-that is where 24-year-old lee harvey oswald fired the fatal shot. it is now a museum, where tomorrow, guests will be holding discussions like the sheriff's deputy who discovered oswald's rifle up there. the chief surgery resident who
12:55 pm
treated the president at parkland hasn't, and then on he main stage, historians will be reciting his speeches, city leaders will took, bells will toll and there will be a moment of silence at 12:30 central time, the exact moments the shots were fired. still today 50 years later, conspiracy theories run rampant. a new poll believes 61% of americans believe lee harvey oswald was not the lone gunman on that day. a busy day in dallas. >> good see you. thank you. a little five-year-old cancer survivor who saved san francisco is now speaking out about his dream day. fighting crime. remember, batkid's parents didn't at first want to release his name. they weren't sure how this would unfold. now he is talking. we'll hear from batkid next.
12:56 pm
12:57 pm
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12:59 pm
he saved gotham and now america's newest superhero is enjoying some much needed r & rpm we know his name i miles scott. you heard about him as batkid. he has beaten leukemia. last week thousands of volunteers transformed san francisco into gotham city so that batkid could get his wish and fight crime with batman at his side. miles says his favorite part was showing a bad guy the errors of his ways. >> then the penguin turned nice. >> he apologized. >> but the riddler didn't. >> he is still in jail. >> the riddler will not. a warning to the joker. miles says he is going after you. make-a-wish foundation says donations have skyrocketed. san francisco is look aring for 100 grand in private money because they had to put up massive screens. i bet they get that.
1:00 pm
been getting wall street for the past year or so? you're in the riches. we're about to close above 16,000 for the first time in the history of the planet. things are great, right? here comes neil. >> oh, sure, the dow is great, shep, but this just in. the mcrib is off. mcdonald's confirming the greatest sandwich our all time is going. >> i'd like a rib-wicn. >> sorry, sir, that was for limited time only. >> not again. >> yeah, again. welcome everybody, i'm neil cavuto. chew on this. the mcrib is mcgone. the rememberer, no rumor. we checked it out. over and out. stick a plastic fork in it. that culinary classic is kaput. kicked in the buns. mickey d