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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  November 21, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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please remember, the spin stops right here because we're always looking out for you. breaking tonight with political chaos breaking out on capitol hill, a new problem for the president, his party and health care overhaul. we are just learning new details of an administration effort to blame the media, the insurance companies and blame the republicans for the nearly 6 million americans who have now lost their health care. welcome to a big night on the kelly file, everybody. let's pick it up in washington where senate democrats went nuclear effectively undoing more than 200 years of precedent in a move that changed the senate rules and now prevents republicans from blocking the president on a host of issues, most importantly, judges.
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it effective hobbled the effect to stop barack obama's nominees. get ready for a big change on the federal bench. more on the significance of that in a moment. america woke up to a new round of ugly headlines about obama care. for example, "the washington post" warned that obama care means some americans won't have access to top hospitals in the country. we're working on a special report on that for you tomorrow night. the san jose mercury news pointing out that the next problem may be keeping your doctor. the miami herald writing about how the obama care website needs more time and more money for it to work. in the niceal journal, a word of caution for democrats saying reason obama care delays could explode on them next year in the midterms. this week's cover of "time" magazine with an image of a smashed obama care pill. "time" magazine, folks and broken promise.
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fox news digital politics editor. i'm going to get to the blame game and the new strategy of blame everyone else but yourself in a second. but first, let's start with this move they did today effectively eliminating the right of the minority to object to judicial nominees in the senate contrary to basically this entire country's history of precedent on this issue. obviously, according to most pundits, chris, attempt to distract from the disastrous rollout of obama care and it could be a disaster in its own right in terms of precedent in the u.s. senate. your thoughts? >> well, count me then in the minority in the universe of punditry because i don't think it's a distraction. not much of a distraction for regular americans given the head leans you just showed. i don't think anything that harry reid does or senate procedure distracts people from losing the health insurance or
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losing their doctor. what i do think this is is an example of a presidency in crisis and a president increasingly beholden to a liberal base that he is relying on to get him through what promises to be many painful months of this rollout, dragging forward the president is going to ground. he's going to his base. harry reid wouldn't have done this and the president certainly wouldn't have walked out moments afterward to bless it if this wasn't a part of the plan, if this wasn't part of the team and you see the president very much trying to fire up the base, give them what they want which are liberal judges on the bench and move forward as the rest of the country seems to lose confidence in him and his administration. >> maybe it fires up on some on the far left but how does it help him with the people in the middle in any way? it is like you have a guy, an executive who's, you know, embezzling from his company and
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every headline is he's embezzli embezzling, embezzling and then says, he had an affair, too. oh, how does that help? >> i'm not sure about the analogy. but i can say this, counselor. that at a moment when the president of the united states sees himself upside down with public trust and confidence, that's the killer. that's the one when the people don't trust you, one thing if they think you're bad at the job, the americans thought he was bad at his job, but when he had to come out and say i meant for the these policies to be destroyed and deceived you about that intention, when he had to do that, he went all whopper jawed in the public polling on their confidence and trust in him. >> can't get it back. >> and be the right guy. >> can't stop the bleeding so far. >> right. >> okay. so now listen. now we learned. he pulls in the liberal talk show hosts and radio -- amazing
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to watch ed schultz walk into the white house. as an adviser? a messenger? i don't know as what and al sharpton and the message, our own juan williams was included and he reported earlier on fox news that this is a white house that -- there he is. that's fired up, ready to fight back and that the plan in part, chris, is to -- we heard earlier this week, blame republicans. but now they want to blame the insurance companies because they sent letters that said you're canceled and that was bad political terminology for the white house and they want to blame the media because apparently they don't like those headlines that we showed on this show or the headlines around the nation every day and have been for weeks and will be for weeks more. >> well, they have been trying that stuff for weeks which is -- the republicans thought because they haven't helped us implement it and the insurance industry's fault and tried many int rations
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of this. the president was in abject apology mode for about 36 hours and then back to the other thing. i think that the reason that you have these liberal talkers at the white house today, especially people like ed schultz, is the president -- not that he's trying to get their advice. he is trying to keep them on board and that his promise is, if you'll just stick with me a little bit longer, we'll get the policies out the door and give away this stuff and we'll get there. you have to ride it out with me. >> let me manipulate you, media people. come on in. let the manipulation begin. we'll see if there's compliance. thank you, chris. >> you bet. >> much more on that coming up later on in the show. back now to what happened in the senate today. just one week after president obama said he wanted to remake the course and was in the process, the democrat majority overturned 200 years of precedent, changing the senate rules in order to take away the
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republicans' ability to block any of the president's judicial nominees. it doesn't right now apply to the supreme court but some believe it will. remember, when democrats were in the minority, just a few years ago, they were totally opposed to this. including then senator barack obama. >> if the right of free and open debate is taken away from the minority party then the millions of americans who ask us to be their voice, i fear that the partisan atmosphere in washington will be poisoned to the point no one will be able to agree on anything. >> this nuclear option is ultimately an example of the arrogance of power. it is a fundamental power grab. >> for people to suggest that you can break the rules to change the rules is un-american. >> the nuclear option if successful will turn the senate into a body that could have its rules broken at any time by a majority of senators unhappy
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with any position taken by the minority. it begins with judicial nominations. next will be executive appointments. and then legislation. >> that doesn't serve anyone's best interest and it certainly isn't what the patriots who founded this democracy hand in mind. >> i say to my friends on the republican side, you may own the field right now but you won't own it forever. and i pray god when the democrats take back control we don't make the kind of naked power grab you're doing. >> should have prayed harder. chief legal counsel for american center for law and justice. jay, i realize that this is, look over here, look over here, don't pay attention to obama care and this thing they have done over here is important. >> right. >> and could change the face of our judiciary for years. >> it's huge. for two, you mentioned the fact
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the judges get through against 225 years of senate precedent. as you mentioned, then senators now president and vice president opposed the attempt or even discussion of a nuclear option. >> disgusted by it. the indig nans. >> yes. and here's the other thing, though. realize the president right now with the obama carolout disaster and the law imploding, the regulatory process, the administrative regulatory process is utilized by the white house in ways we never imagined. who approves and reviews the challenges to the administrative processes? d.c. court of appeals, the second most powerful court in the land. and the fact of the matter is this was a court stacking move and the american people, you know, are going to be paying the price for this because it does change the way the senate was designed since our founding but look. it is good for the goose it is good for the gander and will come back and i don't think it's going to come back -- i think supreme court nominees i don't
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think off the table and legislation. what harry did today is use the nuclear option and when you use a nuclear weapon, there's mass destruction. that's what's happened. >> barack obama got kagan on the supreme court, sotomayor, they're on the left side of the ideological spectrum but had to be confirmed by the u.s. senate. imagine who he will nominate if he doesn't think he has to get them past republicans basically at all. who will we wind up with? >> the president said he wants to remake the federal judiciary and you can imagine the image of that to be remade and looking at kagan and sotomayor, i suspect they'll look moderate compared to the judicial nominees will be and i think that the supreme court is not going to be immune from this change in the rules. i think they're going to use it at the supreme court if they have to and the republicans better toughen up too and when they're back in power and the
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senate's controlled by republicans, a republican in the white house and there will be, the fact of the matter is they need to play tough, too. this is not one way. >> play the chuck grassley sound bite. listen here. >> yep. >> the democrats are bent on changing the rules, then i say go ahead. there are a lot more scalias and thomases out there that we'd love to put on the bench. >> i mean, are they doing this at their own peril, jay? >> they are. i'd add yus tis justice alito that, as well. the democrats outraged and incensed that this was even being discussed let alone put in practice. they have changed the rule, dropped the nuclear option and there's fallout and waste and i think the american people realize it will affect obama care, too. the administrative process to be utilized here goes through this. >> reviewing those challenges. there's hi pom sy.
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republicans were all for it and never did it. >> never did it. >> thank you for being here. >> thank you. once upon a time many americans prided themselves on never asking for a government handout. up next, you will meet one of them. a woman's who's been forced to enroll in medicaid when all she wanted to do is pay the old premiums but obama care said, no. more than a million people kicked off insurance found out that the president's so-called fix will not do anything for them. we've got that breaking news for you and charles krauthammer is here. chalk for heartburn? yeah... try new alka seltzer fruit chews. they work fast on heartburn and taste awesome. these are good. told ya! i'm feeling better already. [ male announcer ] new alka seltzer fruits chews. enjoy the relief! [ male announcer ] new alka seltzer fruits chews.
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a washington state mom claiming obama care forced her to take a government handout she never wanted. sharlene hopkins first posted on facebook writing, quote, oh my god, the poor get poorer. i received a notice that the insurance is canceled. only options is buying a more expensive plan she couldn't afford or going on medicaid. her daughter took to "the wall street journal" to tell her mother's story. sharlene hopkins and daughter nicole join us now. good to see you both. thank you for being here. let me start with you, nicole, because you wrote this piece in "the wall street journal" about your mom's experience because you were so horrified. this woman who you have known
6:16 pm
resistant her whole life to taking a government handout, government assistance through the form of medicaid, you say effectively just forced to do it. >> absolutely. i mean, literally, the website didn't give her an option other than medicaid. and, you know, when we sat down and went through the actual application process, we were on the phone and going through it, on the website, there wasn't even a point to click cancel or opt out or anything. i mean, literally just the results showed up. it said congratulations you have been enrolled and it was -- i mean, shocking just that she wasn't given any other option at all. there was no point where she could back out of it. that was shocking. >> sharlene, i know that you -- you knew prior to obama care if you wanted the go into medicaid you could given your income. but you didn't want to do it. why was that important to you? >> because i like to be able to make my own choices and i don't
6:17 pm
see government medical benefits as being any better than what i have but yet worse and so i would feel like a second class citizen. >> were you surprised that this was the result of obama care, of the process you went through? >> yes. i had actually hoped for, you know, to keep my policy like we had been told all the time. >> and i know that your policy had catastrophic coverage but you liked that. that's what you wanted. this whees you could afford. >> yes. >> and so now, i mean, the result of this, nicole, you went through and found out your mother had been basically forced into medicaid. you thought she had made a mistake and went on the website and said mom must have misunderstood and tell us what happened. >> well, we went on and i double checked all the information with her and, you know, i being a millennial i feel like i'm competent with the online stuff so i, you know, checked every, you know, dotted "i" crossed
6:18 pm
every "t" and came up as the only result. >> what are your thoughts, sharlene, on now, you know, now, you are effectively on government assistance through medicaid. and it's something you didn't want to do. i mean, how does that change you? how does that alter your own self perception if at all? >> well, you know, i don't want to have to go to sit in the waiting room with -- waiting for a doctor that already has a big caseload so i really feel that i won't get any quality care. it'll be care of disease or something of that nature. >> and may i ask you, did you support obama care when it was being debated, was it something you thought might be beneficial? >> i never saw it as -- i think it takes longer and i never saw it as something that would have a positive effect. >> and so, were you not
6:19 pm
surprised when it did not have a positive effect for you? >> i was shocked because i thought it would at least have an option and, again, i had thought that i'd at least be able to keep what i had. >> you know, nicole, the administration is out there often saying, this is going to improve people's lives, it is going to help people. and we, of course, know about the broken promise if you like your plan you can keep it. to the millions of people out there watching this right now, wondering when's going to happen to them, what's your warning? what he what's your caution? >> i think it's important for individuals to get their stories out there in whatever way they can. looking through the comments today on my piece, i saw a lot of people saying, you know, i know somebody in the same situation as your mom and so i think that it's important for, you know, for folks to speak out in whatever, you know, forum they have access to. you know, i found out about my
6:20 pm
mom's case through facebook so i think that can be something and, you know, i think that the public outcry needs to come in simple telling of stories. >> well, it was amazing in your piece how you wrote that the authorities behind the affordable care act erased her right to calculate what she was willing to spend to preserve her dignity. thank you so much both of you for being here. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> all the best to you. it's been days since a host at another cable network attacked governor sarah palin in a vile and vulgar rant to put it mildly. has he been punished? is he in trouble? you may want to watch our next segment. plus, a school cancels a christmas toy drive meant to help needy children after a threat of a lawsuit. but we'll show you how santa's little helpers fought back. honestly, m a little old fashioned.
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the other day on msnbc, another cable network, one of their hosts compared governor sarah palin to a slave owner and said some extremely vile things should happen to her. we won't run the sound bite. it doesn't deserve to be aired and too gross for television, even evening television but they issued a statement, a letter, demanding answers including, quote, we would like to know what disciplinary measures you at the cable network are taking about martin bashir's appalling
6:25 pm
statement. got the picture? bashir apologized but no action has been taken by msnbc or nbc against him yet. columnist of media and writes about media in general. joe, it is so vile and disturbing, and yet, nothing's being done about it. it's so gross i didn't want to cover it. and yet, the insult is huge. the injury is huge. and the response is nonexistent? >> nothing is said, as well. that's the curious part about this. >> other than his apology. >> correct. >> nothing by corporate. >> exactly or nbc news for that matter. compare two things that happened last week. okay? one guy on msnbc, alec baldwin, you may know him from the capital one commercials. >> angry man. >> he was suspended for something he said on a manhattan street, a gay slur of the week basically from alec. gets two weeks.
6:26 pm
martin bashir has calculated, written down comments about sarah palin. what happens? that thing goes in to a teleprompter and it goes through a copy editor, maybe a segment produc producer, it went through all those -- >> graphics and graphics weighed in. >> went through a vetting process and the editorial culture over there said, you know what? look at the script. defecating, check. urinating, check. palin, check. mouth, check. let's go to air with it. right? that goes up to the top of msnbc and the president there who i'm not saying advocates this stuff but if producer gos to air with this stuff, they don't fear their boss and see it time and again on that network. these types of vile statements and why their credibility is -- >> why the different treatment? one is a gay slur and one is a slur of sarah palin? >> probably. there's probably a political aspect to all of this, certainly. think think there's going to be
6:27 pm
pressure from not so much women's groups, you know, they're hypocritical here and not about gender. >> google a thing or two of gloria steinem said of sarah palin. >> they haven't spoken about this there. >> nothing? >> no. lou dobbs said something earlier and you got it out in the open. not a word from them, as well. >> maybe behind the scenes they have done something. >> perhaps. >> maybe pressure is building over there right now from their hosts and their, you know, their talent. >> six days? >> it makes everybody look bad. it makes everybody look bad and hopefully it's taken care of. the question as you point out, six days and nothing happened. alec baldwin, gone. like suspended now and may not come back almost immediately, joe. >> probably. yeah. here's the thing. the pressure's going to come from nbc news and in particular there's two rules here to follow. never put baby in a corner, right?
6:28 pm
never put matt lauer in a corner. matt was going to fly there and be a ratings draw. palin, she always gives you a couple ticks up. >> makes news. >> she does. >> whatever she says is news. >> she canceled on that interview. so matt must be saying, guys, over at msnbc, they're supposed to be mutually exclusive. >> you never see him on msnbc. you never do. there's a reason for this. >> he has to be angry about that. one more thing about palin. >> quickly. >> the super pac is not -- i did respond. sarah palin has not. i think you see maturation on her part. she used to just jump right in and thin skinned and if she responds personally, that gets the story more and more legs. >> i think sarah palin is used to people beating up on her fairly and unfairly. beyond the pale and i know he apologized. it was a long apology and it seem to be full throated but is
6:29 pm
that good enough to cross the line to this extent? >> really quick, may not have been written by martin bashir. according to joe scarborough saying i don't think he wrote that. you know what happened happen? >> yeah. next time on the set, caution -- i'll be gone. >> vacation now instead of next woke. >> good to see you. more than a million people kicked off the insurance plans found out tonight the president's so-called fix won't do anything for them. charles krauthammer to react to the growing problems of the president's broken promises. [ male announcer at red lobster,
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breaking tonight, california just rejected the president's become care fix. that's the largest state to do so so far. more than 1 million californians
6:33 pm
who lost the insurance plans that many of them liked and wanted to keep found out they cannot get them back. trace gallagher has the news live. trace? >> reporter: megan, not like this is a nail biter. the state exchange voted unanimously to reject the president's plan, to extend these individual insurance policies and 20% of the nation's individual policies are in california. covered california said the biggest concern with extended the canceled plan is many of the young and healthy people would stay out of the market and without them in the risk pool the rates in 2015 would skyrocket but even the head of covered california admits that either way, some people will get hit. listen. >> this is an unfortunate piece of the law that actually means some individuals are going to see financial impacts that we want to get that information so
6:34 pm
it's a long-term fix because the only thing we could have done is to delay a problem. >> reporter: it's not like the young and healthy are banging down the door to get signed up. through october 30th, 30,000 plus signed up but only less than,000 between the ages of 18 and 34. experts say they need a lot more than that. still the insurance companies support rejecting the plan. blue shield saying, quote, we believe it's in the best interest of californians extend nonaffordable care act compliant plans after 2013. but the state insurance commissioner, dave jones, a democrat and huge supporter of obama care, calls this a rebuke to the president. listen. >> they're losing their doctors and their hospitals and some cases they're being steered to policies with lower benefits and they're being hit with significant rate increases. allowing them to renew as the president has called for will not harm the exchange.
6:35 pm
>> reporter: we should note that 200,000 of the 1.1 million policies that were canceled will get a 2-month extension simply because their cancelation notices were sent out too late. >> all right. trace, thank you. joining us now is charles krauthammer, contributor and author of "things that matter." charles, great to have you here on set. >> thank you. pleasure to be in your new home. >> all right. so a million people in california aren't going to get any fix from the president's fix. and that the insurance officials have come out and said delaying the transition just delays the problems and actually going to make a bad decision worse to complicate it further. that's happening in some other states and it's becoming more and more chaotic. your thoughts? >> look. when the president proposed this supposed fix, the revocation of the kans collations, it was a fraud and a sham from the very
6:36 pm
beginning. and the reason is, a, it is almost impossibly technically for them to do this. particularly in the short time frame. second, because it undermines the financial underpinnings of the health exchanges themselves as we just heard in the report. from trace. and third, it is illegal. the law -- you know how democrats talked about those awful republicans trying to overturn the law of the land? the law of the land is unchanged. it says it is illegal to sell an insurance policy that doesn't include all the bells and whistles required under obama care. it remains illegal. the law was never changed. the regulations are unchanged. imagine if the insurancer issues a policy under that. it's illegal. what will he do if he's sued? obama and the press room said otherwise? it's amazing t. the president knew it wouldn't happen. it was simply a way to make it
6:37 pm
look as if he was trying to undo the damage and remake the promise he broke. >> how does that provide him real cover, though? because now we have millions of people finding out the fix is no fix at all and then we have other people who tend to be in red states where they are saying, all right, you can try the fix if you want and kept off of the exchanges for at least a year and then after the year they're back in the same boat again. >> he doesn't have an answer. and that's why they're trying to temporize with the phony fix. you call in liberal bloggers, broadcast eers and you say we he a new strategy. put the blame for the debacle on republicans, on the insurancers on whoever, george bush, perhaps. he's always available. that won't work either . in the end, this is the wonderful thing about reality,
6:38 pm
in the end, it wins. has been the rhetorical president and he overcame a lot of stuff with rhetoric. at a certain point the rhetoric has to yield to reality and in the unfolding of obama care we are seeing reality trump rhetoric. there's nothing he can say because the reality is obvious to anybody with a cancelation notice and anybody that loses their doctor. >> they're focused on rhetoric and messaging and we have seen it in recent weeks as maybe the viewers have noticed or maybe not, they have made clearly a concerted effort to change the language from obama care to the affordable care act. watch. >> i like the term obama care. we passed obama care. i like the term. we passed it. because i do care. >> obama care's on my list. i apl apologize. i use that term with all respect. >> i like it. >> good. >> obama care. >> obama care.
6:39 pm
>> obama care. >> obama care. >> obama care. >> obama care. >> obama care. >> it's working well and then stop calling it obama care. they're gong to call it something else. >> they're losing the existing insurance plans under obama care. >> it's obama crash. i mean, obama care. >> obama care fiasco. >> the fiasco. >> never ending. >> obama care, obama care, obama care. >> the affordable care act. >> the affordable care act. >> the affordable care act. >> if affordable care act. >> the affordable care act. >> the affordable care act as i call it and always called it. >> oh, your thoughts on that? >> a rose by any other name. there's no getting away. he's a man that's lived by rhetoric and at this point nothing he can do about it. retorically. they can't do anything about it on the ground.
6:40 pm
it is an avalanche rolling down the hill and they can't stop it. they started it. it has a life of its own and going to play itself out under its own rules of gravity. >> charles, great to see you. >> pleasure to be here. >> pretty good. number one. more than a million in california that lost their plans, the administration shared a new message today. it is not the democrats' fault. it's the media faults and the republicans' fault and the fault of the insurance company. we'll show you that. plus, parents and students fight to save christmas after a toy drive lands them the threat of a lawsuit. ♪ you're a mean one mr. grinch this is the quicksilver cash back card from capital one.
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. a secular group threatened to sue and the schools shut down their toy drives. joining me now, the man behind the lawsuit threat, royce beckhart of the american humanist association. thank you for being here. >> thank you for having me on. i appreciate it. >> what exactly is it about a toy drive for needy children that upset you? >> well, it's what it's behind it. this is actually an effort to
6:45 pm
pro prostletize the poor kids. they come with religious tracts and even a place for kids to sign off on that they have converted to this particular brand of christianity. >> all right. let me jump in and tell the viewers. the student -- you know, it was a student -- the students were putting the boxes together with the toys and so on. >> true, true. >> a evn evangelical group ship off the boxes. you're not claiming the schools put anything in the boxes, are you? >> no. their participation in the program is the problem, though. they could choose a more neutral program like toys for tots but they didn't in this case. >> is it the fact that they partnered with a e advantage lel call group alone or that the group put christian messages in the shoe boxes? >> it's the fact that they have partnered with an evangelical
6:46 pm
group, that the whole program is designed to convert kids. if you check out operation christmas child how many children they have converted successfully and that should not be run through public schools. >> you claim they put a pamphlet in the shoebox and we have a pullout of it. we couldn't confirm it independently. you are representing to us and the viewers you were placed in some of the shoeboxes or all of them? >> we don't know for sure. it appears that they're placed in all of them. the website and their description of what they intend to do it wouldn't work unless they put them in all the boxes so clearly that's -- >> all right. let's say -- so if you have a school that's partnering with an evangelical group with the toy boxes and a pledge inside that the recipients are supposed to take, you know, pledging that they'll be a good christian or joining a christian faith, that's one thing but the fact you're objecting to just mere partnership with an evangelical group is another thing entirely and the question for you, roy,
6:47 pm
is the schools folded saying they didn't have the money to fight you and folded. so now what are you doing to try to fill the gap so that the students they were sending, the children they were sending the gifts to, the boxes are getting something? >> well, we recommend they do use the neutral program like toys for tots. >> what is your group doing? >> but they didn't just fold. i mean, there was a story out from the principal of the school in colorado admitting that the position was indefensible. it doesn't just that they couldn't take the lawsuit. >> and then denied and then they denied that. i read that, too. but listen. what is your group, now that you have managed to cancel the program to help the needy children, what is your humanist group doing to help those children? >> well, we're an advocacy group. >> so nothing. >> we sent about $30,000 to the philippines to support -- >> that's wonderful. but what are you doing for the
6:48 pm
children who are now not getting the toys in the boxes? >> yeah. our program is designed to help the kids to have a clean, neutral, free of church state violations -- >> you have helped them, save them from the constitutional violation and that will be a warm comfort to them on christmas morning, roy. thanks for being here with your story. okay. moving on. send me a tweet on that one. what the president had to say with liberal journalists today and who he's blaming now. and hannity at the top of the hour. why is it that these are not considered hate crimes out of the box and why is everything diffuse and up to fox news and a talk radio to piece it togethero that these things are happening in great numbers? designed for men's health concerns as we age. with 7 antioxidants to support cell health.
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well today the white house unveiled its new plan to go on offense against obama care critics inviting a group of liberal pundits to meet with the president who is now apparently getting ready to blame the media, the republicans, and the insurance companies for the public perception of his law. juan williams was there. >> they're mad at the insurance companies right now for the cancellation letters. they think they could have called those things, you know, simply renewals or change plans but once they put out cancellation it damaged the obama effort. >> lesliershall is here and lars larson, they could also call terrorism work place violence, but that doesn't change what it is. >> no. you know, i'm glad i have juan on my show every weekend.
6:53 pm
the fact is, is all this spin and attempting to get the liberal media and pundits to carry water for this guy is not going to fix the problem. 5 million people without insurance and the president made it happen. i'm waiting for the insurance industry to start pushing back. how long are they going to take the president blaming them for something that's a direct result of the law that he demanded america have? >> leslie, he's mad at the insurance companies for canceling people, which the obama care law rules and regulations forced them to do and now he ticked off saying they should have called them renewals or change plans and not cancellations. that's why people don't like the law? >> well, i don't think that's exactly what he said, that they don't like the law. >> that is what juan just said. >> the insurance companies could have, when you have like my insurance company sent me a letter that said your plan is going to be changed. there are going to be alterations to the plan. they could have done that. when you get cancellations people panic and are fearful and think they are losing their insurance and benefits and though some people have the majority of people have not and
6:54 pm
the majority of the insurance companies know they could have just tweaked the plans. they didn't need to rename them and they didn't need to call it cancellations. >> they didn't have to end the plans that were in place? they did have to if they didn't comply with obama care thenchts cou . they could alter them. >> you have to add giant sections of new mandates. i think what is happening here is liars love company and the president is a liar and he is saying, why didn't you insurance companies just lie to your clients too and say we're going to tweak it and add a couple hundred dollars a month to your bill and raise your deductible and increase copays and restrict doctors and hospitals. just a couple tweaks. why couldn't you just lie as well as the president did? >> the other thing they came out with was the white house is very frustrated right now this is a quote with the way this has been portrayed in the media. really? too bad. i mean, the media has been reporting about the problems with this rollout.
6:55 pm
why is it always the media's fault? why is the white house so quick to blame the media for problems of its own making? >> i saw juan's interview in its entirety earlier and i didn't take away that the president was blaming the media. they were frustrated with that but that they also were addressing the fact that the website needs to be fixed. they are frustrated with that. they are frustrated with the management and the impleme implementati implementation. i think what they want is for people to understand they sense their frustration, they are caring about the people who are getting cancellation notices, and they are working day and night to get this fixed. they are i think angry about the fear that they feel has been spread. i got to say that, lars, your team has been a lot louder than mine. maybe you guys yell louder but i've always said that. the messaging about what this plan is and honestly the communication to the american people even up to this point has not been adequate. >> go ahead. >> that's crazy. the fact is and it is a
6:56 pm
dangerous metaphor to use in present company but you can't put lip stick on a pig and this thing is a pig. it doesn't work. americans are being hurt right now. >> not sure why that's dangerous in the present company. i don't think that reflects well on you and me, leslie. >> all right. no offense taken. we're taking your comments right now. we'll be right back. [ male anno] at his current pace, bob will retire when he's 153, which would be fine if bob were a vampire. but he's not. ♪ he's an architect with two kids and a mortgage. luckily, he found someone who gave him a fresh perspective on his portfolio. and with some planning and effort, hopefully bob can retire at a more appropriate age. it's notocket science. it's just common sense. from td ameritrade. ♪ the joint is jumpin' osteo bi-flex®
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very amusing tonight about our segment with the humanist. we're taking your thoughts on that and any other segment you want to weigh in. follow me on twitter and let me know what you think. i read them right now. have a great night. welcome to hannity tonight. this administration proved just how low they will go to push through their radical agenda in one of the most lawless power grabs in the history of the u.s. senate. liberal harry reid used the, quote, nuclear option to eradicate most filibusters for presidential nominees. there is absolutely no question, now this was politically timed, all to turn your attention away from obama care, but on this program, nothing will stop us from getting to the truth on both issues. we'll talk about that in just a minu minute. but first, this is what is ahead tonight on "hannity."


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