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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  November 22, 2013 12:00am-1:01am PST

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tonight. we'll see you tomorrow night at 7:00 eastern. up next, "the o'reilly factor." tell me what you think about health care and anything else, the knockout crime. tell me about that. good night from washington. welcome to "red eye." tonight -- >> ignition and liftoff. >> coming up on "red eye." is nasa using the dark side of the moon to hide the existence of a space dracula hell bent on destroying earth? and why does the president hate the sitcom "two broke girls"? >> it is not normal. it is not what our founders envisioned. the american people deserve better. >> and finally, post-it notes. do they really make business easier or just a disorganized mess? the story cnbc refuses to cover. none of these stories on "red eye" tonight. >> all right, let's welcome our guest. she is the dream of every guy because her name is jedediah. it is author, columnist and
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fox news contributor jedediah jed -- jedediah bila. and comedian sherrod small. >> what scene am i in? >> and he puts the fox in fox and friends. it is the "fox and friends" co-host. wow, you have a lot of friends, on fox news radio. hit latest book is a hit. it is called "george washington, secret six. the spy ring that saved the american revolution." if you haven't purchased it you probably have rick cets. >> a block. the lede. that's the first story. greg, it is time to evacuate the dance floor. >> but first, so a lot of viewers wondered where the heck bill schulz went. he has decided to move on from the show. he has been a close friend of mine for 13 years and he has been a huge part of "red eye" since its inception and we
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wish him the best. now on to this stuff. >> awesome, pet news. >> it is a lot of scratch for two lucky cats. a tennessee man who died at the age of 79. he left his furry pals 250 grand and his 4,000 square foot home. the will should go toward the care of his unoblivious, stupid pets as well as the maintenance of his giant house. his five children told a reporter the family didn't want to talk about it. guess they were busy. meanwhile, in other awesome pet news, a colorado man was informed his dog, baxter, enrolled in obamacare. and finally, shane smith doesn't know how baxter was enrolled, but he did give baxter's name as a security question as part of the registration process. that's how he got obamacare.
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anyway, i wonder if this guy loves golf clubs. >> come on over here. we buy golf clubs of. come on down here. we buy golf clubs. that's right. we buy golf clubs. we buy golf clubs. we buy golf clubs. we buy golf clubs. we buy golf clubs. >> big obama supporter by the way. saw shod, -- sherrod -- >> sherrod ford, by the way. >> every time there is a fat guy they say is that rob ford? that's unfair to fat people. not every fat person is a coke head. only 60%. >> that's fair. >> sherrod, you have a cat that inherits a small fortune and a dog is enrolled in obamacare. >> the pets are taking over. we were warned by movies, right?
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what white person left his house? >> i was talking before the show. would a black person leave a house to a cat? >> no. roll the credits. how is that even legal? how is that a legal thing? the cat can be like, everybody get out. >> what if it was an old black guy who played jazz and he said i am leaving my house to my cat. >> then that cat is magic and that's a different story altogether. >> have i no idea what you two are talking about. >> i am pretending to be interested. >> brian, it has been awhile. i haven't seen you in ages. we have a different timetable. you're up when i'm down. >> can i just point out a few things? >> i do -- somehow it works out that i watch every day. i get the gutfeld quiz in the elevator as you go up and i go down. first off, i was brought up with one of the most important
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stories that impacts the most and i witnessed the cold open that had nothing to do with the show 1k3* we are leading with two pet stories. what planet am i on? i am actually sitting here experiencing this. it is a resume builder number one, and number two -- i'm sorry. did you have a question? >> no, just keep trashing show. >> let me give you a little bit of fox and friends. >> give him a little of it. >> did our kenyan born interloper president tilely try to get -- i'm kidding. >> it felt like morning time. >> i don't even know if i had a question. >> the yorkie story. yes, now the big story here is obamacare is a compassionate plan. to have a plan that would ensure a 14-year-old dog with -- when we do the math, 98. >> that's true.
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>> so look this is is a benevolent obamacare -- 98-year-old york key. you are going to die soon, but i will pay for your preexisting condition. >> you know who is paying for it? the puppies. >> a dog at that age is eligible for pet care. >> it is not 90 ai. it is only seven years for dog years for the first four and then three years after that and then it drops. >> i did not know that. >> so this is a 68-year-old dog? >> 50 somethingful -- 50 something. >> it is a 68-year-old male dog that can qualify for a pap smear. jedediah? >> my dog has insurance by the way. >> really? >> she has puppy insurance. in case something catastrophic happens. >> or dogastrophic. >> yes, i just want insurance. in case sherrod comes over and manhandles her. >> how much does pet insurance
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cost? -- >> i don't remember. it files every month. >> must be nice. must be nice. 1%. >> couldn't somebody kill the cat and make it look like an accident? >> now they say if something happens to the cat it goes to the people. i feel like there is a household full of people figuring out how to poison this cat. >> the mofia will get involved. >> with that being said i would love to come back in my next life as this cat or one of andy's cats. >> this story was basically made for you. >> by the way, let the record show he was daydreaming. >> he was staring straight ahead. 24r* was no camera there. >> do you not see that camera? >> andy, your cat in an odd turn around your cats put you in their will which is kind of cute. their paws -- putting
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together a little will with their paws is clumsy jie. they are the major bread winners in my house. >> i have seen their w2's and their number two's. >> he says the money has to be used for the care of frisco and jake in the house. when frisco dies it goes to the humans, his kids. he doesn't like jake. that's bad parenting. you don't love one of your kids more than the other. that's wrong. all day jake is like, frisco, how are you feeling? frisco, feeling good? >> if anybody will try to poison frisco jake will make sure it doesn't happen. >> frisco was probably named by frisco jones on all my children. >> "all my children" fan? >> jake was a great detective show in the 80s. >> a kurt russell show. >> kurt rust shell and conrad. >> i think you are mixing bj
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and the bear. >> no i once mixed a bj and a bear and i ended up in the hospital. what is so funny. >> bobbie jones is all of a sudden humorous? >> talking about my legendary golfer. >> jeez, people. are you never too scary to marry. great news for homicidal maniacs who can never get women. a mass murderer in prison for life may be getting hitched. star is cute. she is 25 and visiting charles mann son. that's the guy on the right. she tells rolling stone that the pair will sooned with saying, quote, charlie and i will get married. when that will be we don't know. i take it seriously. charlie is my husband. and manson agrees. that's a bunch of garbage. you that is trash. you are playing that for
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public consumption. i guess i should start reading these stories before i get here. what is star's exboyfriend think about this? we asked him. >> maybe charles manson is a step up. jedediah in the green room you said charlie said i am the only one. >> that's true. have i it in writing. >> can i smear the fairer sex -- >> you can't do that because we are not all crazy. but women develop an infatuation with serial killers because they are dangerous and dark and they want to be the one woman who they don't hurt and they want h -- it is like the bad boy, you want to be the one to turn the bad boy into the good guy. >> but we end up choking them. >> if you want jedediah to be
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your girlfriend kill all of her friends but either. but her. >> do you think they will get married? >> back in the day charles manson -- look at him. he is an old do minute gnaw kin -- do minute kin man. >> he is awful. >> stop it. >> he has make up over the swastika. >> he deserves, love, don't he? >> no, he deserves death. >> one of the questions was do you have congigal -- con jaw gal visits? she said if we did we would have been married a longtime ago. isn't there a story of repression where the parents were so concerned about her hanging out with the wrong crowd they kept her in a room? >> this is why i have to pay more attention to the idea meetings. >> you gave me material to look at.
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>> did the parents know locking her in her room worked some. >> plus side is you always know where your boyfriend is. he can't cheat on her. >> oh he can cheat, but it is involuntary. >> that is not really cheating. in the green room you said, damn, i thought i was the only one. >> say what you want about charles mann son. he is an ardent environmentalist. he helped kill a lot of people, but he loves the birds. that's all that matters. i by the way want to bring this up on. bring this up. it is all the way it is blocked here at fox. they don't want us to know the truth. >> how does he have a a website? >> she maintains them. >> oh she made it for him. >> maybe he is just trying to get married because i watch "lock up" on msnbc.
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i know i can't say that around here. but people get married because they have visitation and special privileges that married people get. >> california doesn't allow co njigal visits for those in prison for life. >> it is amazing you know this. >> new york is one of them. i lived in new york and california. >> you did a conjigal road trip. >> can i point out an observation? as a host sometimes the host knows everything about a story and feels board by the facts. you seem thrilled by the facts. i feel like i got it wrong. >> really, on this show? >> i am about the big picture. it is not about the facts.
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women can love anything. >> women want to change something bad. they also like this environmental issue. it provides a softer side to his personality. we always crave that. the darker and more mysterious you are, the more we want to pull out that soft side, the gentle and vulnerable. >> it shows how some things are universal. you have charles manson and crazed kill cor. she is like we are getting married and he is like hold on. >> he's like i'm crazy, but i ain't crazy, crazy. >> i am waiting for something better to come along. he is like, i will probably meet somebody next week who is hotter. basically why would i want to marry a chick who wants to marry me? she is nuts. i am a crazed maniac killer. unless she is a crazed genius and doing this so she could kill him in prison. it would be awesome she is doing this so she could stab
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him in the neck and watch him bleed out on the floor and stomp on his head. >> why didn't geraldo do that? >> he would have been my hero. >> she visits him every weekend now. that won't change when they get married so how is that even possible flea -- possibly her plan? >> he is not prepared to answer the follow-up question. robert you -- aren't you watching the show. >> i stated on many occasions that this show was supposed to be called "the big picture." it is a picture of what i thought the news was. it is not all right to ban the right of the the university of colorado is now banning discrimination based on political affiliation. they are considered one of the more liberal campuses in the country. they said they didn't feel it
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was safe for them to express their views. now the state's board of regents passed a measure that gives legal protection to conservatives and people of all political persuasions. let's go throif tap dancing dog. let's go live to tap dancing dog. >> the floor is actually 180 degrees. >> that's terrible. >> that's how humans tap dance. >> can we hope that is the last groin on television? we were staring at a naked dachsund. >> are you uncomfortable with that? >> have you not followed dana on twitter? >> that's right. all you see is junk from
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jasper. >> sherrod, i forgot what this story was about. again it is another example of white people. >> first of all, they were getting persecuted for their views. on 4/20 there were 10,000 people on campus smoking pot. how much more freedom do you need? >> that's the point. you can have that and can't have conservative thoughts. >> did they throw somebody out of the school? >> conservative kids in classrooms felt their grading was based on their -- i don't know if this will really change. it gives them a voice to lodge a complaint. you are not going to change the bias and the ideology of ago academia by doing this. >> didn't it give us little ikeman's. and didn't he make that comment? he was able to make that comment and keep his job.
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now they feel they have to give people protection. if anyone campus has protection to keep their job isn't it him? >> are you absolutely right. mentioning something i am not aware of. actually i am aware of that. >> i apologize for making a point. >> it is an exceptional point. long hair and he compared everybody to hitler which is fitting. >> do you what this is, greg? >> this is political correctness run a muck. first you have to be protected for your sexual orientation and your religion and your race and your -- whatever. and now we have to add this on top of it? conservatives should be outraged by this. >> you know that will be taken out of context. joy i love when they write up -- >> i love when they write up your show. people are oh my goodness.
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i can hear you giggle. some panic and some welcome it. >> by the way, we are running out of people to discriminate against. >> don't worry. the hate is strong enough. >> if oprah has a way we have to wait for everybody to die and do over the human rase. >> there has to be somebody -- stupid babies. babies don't do anything. >> they can't vote. >> they don't do -- they don't pull their own weight. >> they are hairless. >> and they poop a lot. >> they are a lot uglier than people say. >> you know what that is? everybody is lying. >> you know what they got? when you smell the baby's neck, that gets you. smelling the baby neck. there is something animalistic that makes you want to protect it and nurture it. coming up, tips on disposing a body.
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the media says that about every.
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they put the vial in juvenile. more knockout game attacks are happening across the u.s. video from around the country shows unsuspecting victims chosen at random and being assaulted by groups of black teens. i think they are black. the goal is to knock someone out with one swing. >> you added that? >> that wasn't even in the prompter. >> in pittsburgh a teacher was hit so hard he fell face first into a concrete curb. in new york city seven cases have been reported and in
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other cities the game turned deadly in four documented cases. jedediah, here is the thing. this is obviously a horrible, horrible thing. i circumspect when the media poses this as a question. is this spreading? it is a safe bet it is not. it is just that the more they talk about it or the more -- do you think this is something on the increase? it is horrible and bad and people should be punished. >> i don't know if it is on the increase or we are highlighting it now and looking for it. what disgusts me it is it is a coward's game. they people are catching you by surprise. they are cowards who wouldn't be able to beat new a fight or are too afraid of getting caught. they want to knock somebody out and run and they look like they win. >> it is not about fighting. it is about can you knock somebody out?
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>> it was a 78-year-old woman they punched once. they need to be prosecuted to the furthest extent. >> i have never seen knoxouts like this. it is the punches you don't see that takes you out. every time you will go down. if you don't go down, game on. they are hitting in the back of the head and they know what they are doing. is we are airing this on every channel. it is a dare. >> the kids are not calling it a game. the media are calling it a game. it is an attack. >> there are two examples of this and one is a bit gross. there was a trend of auto erotic asphyxiation when i was in high school. there are two cases i knew of. the police said -- oprah did a segment on it, and then all of a sudden they had these auto erotic asphyxiation cases. they said don't cover it. when you cover something like this there is more. the second case is with teen
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suicides. there is always the trend. everybody puts a lot of attention on it and another kid does it. the cops say just stop. is that what is going on, andy? >> no, a kid just got arrested in lansing, michigan. he tried to play this game and the guy he attacked had a concealed weapons permit and the kid is now in jail. >> the one who shot him is in jail? >> they interviewed him and he said they basically are inspired by watching people on the internet get away with it it. you can't blame it on tv these days. anyone can pick it up on the internet. >> if you are going to cover it though, cover the story of somebody who has a weapon and fights back. now it is not so easy. it is not a game and you will get yours. >> isn't there any -- >> it was the same kids.
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it is not gang-related. he said we are just board. >> they are doing this because they are board. >> we are so screwed. >> that's why you have to released the dvd home collection. the best of "red eye." >> that is so true. the evolution of my hair and weight. no kid will leave the house. another argument -- this is why video games are awesome. they keep kids indoors. they hit each other on-line. even though we look at this stuff it is terrible and violent crime is going down. it is going down across the country. why is that? >> why can you sit at home and play were someone in china? you can play football this china. are we out of american people to play? did everybody play each other once and we are in the quarterfinals? >> do you hate china? >> don't bring me there, mr. kimmel. >> playstation makes a
12:28 am
university you can go on there and you get married on a playstation, you have to come out of the house. >> university of phoenix. >> i always thought the university of phoenix was in phoenix. >> no, it is on line. >> i thought you had to go to phoenix. are you serious? >> yeah. >> why is it called phoenix? >> phoenix rising rather than arizona. >> that has nothing to do with me. >> where is that from? is that a journey album. >> i apologize for answering you. i keep getting thought in the web you. i said phoenix has more than one. >> we we got the original members back. >> i don't talk like that and i don't look like that. >> i never mocked my guest. >> we have four keyboard players. >> what am i doing right now?
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coming up, the c block and it is sponsored by wind. the perceptible, natural movement of the air. thanks, wind. >> you're welcome, greg. >> nailed it. >> thank you. >> is alec baldwin making things worse? yes, alec baldwin is making things worth. making things worse.
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can his spawn carry a song? daniel day-lewis may be the greatest actor alive. his son is 18 and an aspiring rapper by the name gabe day. why do white rappers have the worst name? here is his signal green auras. >> he is okay. >> well, it is a little bit more, a little bit more. ♪
12:34 am
>> he seems like a poor, more awful mac miller. i know you know who mac miller is. >> he seems like he is playing a little mac miller style, right? >> i thought he was a more professional version of snow. i thought he was an american version of snow. wasn't snow canadian? >> at 18 i was afraid to be late to school. he is smoking pot on camera and releasing this to a nationwide audience on youtube. is there any discipline in the daniel day-lewis. >> he is known for the gangster style. >> is that the college. >> i think that might be daniel day-lewis. >> that's a great point.
12:35 am
>> there is no better actor out there today. i am 64% sure. >> i think 64 is a safe bet. tom hanks is -- people consider him a great actor. his son is a rapper. he was considered a great actor and his son is a rapper. is this what happens? it is like my dad is famous and i have to be a rapper. >> what can i do? everyone thinks raping is easy. you are just talking through it. i know a lot of understand friends. >> who are the people you know who can rap? >> i hang out on the dark side. >> i think you should come up with a single though. they should come out with a single called "young lincoln." >> and then have linkin park behind him. wouldn't that be great? anyway, brian -- >> this is the first time you
12:36 am
called on me since the 80s. you don't even give me a venue. >> because you are a natural. you know when to jump in. even when you interrupt you know when to interrupt. i find that very, vary assuring. anyway. >> now i understand. >> i can hear it. >> and it is taped so you can rewind it. you do the fox and friends series in the summer. why don't you have him next summer? >> we will. first we have to get through the getting high thing. our audience which is your audience by the sway not pro getting high on camera at 18. we are for role models and good examples and hat on backwards and bad raping and not a good combination. >> my audience is getting --
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you know what, you are right. >> our audience is still up. >> right now, 45% of my audience is taking apart their toaster. >> i put toast in and nothing came out. it has to be in there somewhere. >> by the way, i am complementing you -- come pli -- complimenting you guys. being a big celebrity like me, let's face it, i don't want to have kids. i don't want to be let down by my off spring. if i am going to have a kid it has to be a daughter and she has to be a veterinarian, that's it. >> so you don't want to be let down? >> yes. >> so just adopt a kid and then if they let you down you can say that abet my kid. >> i can adopt an 18-year-old girl. >> i tried once. >> your wife nixed that. we need to go to this
12:38 am
story. alec baldwin loves gay people. last week msnbc suspended his show after he spewed an anti-gay slur at a photographer. the actor shows there is nothing against gays by acting a little gay. he asked a member of his entourage to stand up and proclaimed, quote, i want you to be my lover, matt. i love you, matt, i love you. after the audience laughter died down, baldwin says he has loved some men more than women in his life, but never in a sexual way. then what is the point? he is joking about love. >> that's like me saying something racist and then say well i am friends with sherrod. >> clearly she has some dark thoughts about you. >> it is on the third drink.
12:39 am
>> alec baldwin, he came out against anderson cooper and he was brilliant. he was like, anderson cooper you were hiding for 10 years and now that you are out you are the sheriff? i was in a house by myself. >> that is true. brian, did you see i called on you, didn't he just break a man's heart by joking about it? he is using somebody. >> what i'm amazed at, this is the crisis management. this is the crisis management of people who can't afford the crisis management. they show up in san francisco and talk to gay people, stereo type and then pretend to be gay which is condescending. and this is two days after he continues. he did two gay slurs in three weeks. how many do you have in your emotional bank before people say pack up your red eye sports wear and you have to go somewhere else?
12:40 am
>> it is amazing. >> so what is so great about his life that is at the edge? he has a beautiful young wife and a beautiful young daughter. his older daughter is fine. he is rich and happy and good looking. >> why don't you sleep with him? >> what is so stressful about his life? >> his brother is steven baldwin. >> i love steven baldwin. i love all of the baldwin. >> i love the baldwins. ii know the baldwins. >> if i have to pick my favorite it is billy. >> loved him in "sliver." andy, why didn't he keep a straight face and let people think what they want. >> why does it have to be a straight face? there is nothing worse than straight people pro tending to be gay for a laugh? who would use innuendo for six or seven years and it is awful
12:41 am
and hospital beacon -- be condoned and it is awful and paw pathetic. >> are you posting on instagram or something? seriously his problem is trying too hard. >> and then it was this. he is called a homophobe and he is not comfortable being around gays. >> i heard he has a new show on bravo. >> and msnbc is considering not bringing him back. we will take a hard stand because nobody was watching. >> we have to go flow. i am not angry we have to take a break of the i was president really -- i wasn't really listening. we have more stuff to talk about. my new book is called not cool. it is coming out in march.
12:42 am
you can go to my website. it is beautiful. my head is floating in space.
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more than 300 years after its original released "it's a wonderful life" is getting a sequel. but should it? yes it is time for this -- >> "red eye" debate 2013 live from the" red eye" debate center. >> the sequel will revolve around the grandson of jimmy stewart's grandson, george bailey and will feature bailey's daughter in the original. the story line and message will remain the same, every life is important as long as you have friends, that is a lie.
12:46 am
but paramount pictures who owns the rights to the movie plans on fighting the follow-up. there is a lot of stuff here. you have never seen "it's a wonderful life." >> what? >> i have never seen it either. >> it is unbelievable. >> what are you talking about? >> it is not like i don't want to see it. i never said i don't want to see that. it is like "gone with the wind." these are classic movies i should see, but i haven't. >> i haven't seen "it's a wonderful life" but i have a reason. it salutes the occult. >> it is a wonderful family movie full of messages and learning tools. >> he leaves life. he is like a witch. he is a war lock. how can he watch his own life? he is clearly some kind of satanic creature. >> did you watch "i dream of genie"? >> you are a hipocrite. >> no, that was a cult. >> you gave into it.
12:47 am
>> that was a cult with a hot chick. >> as well as "be qiched." >> how can you not see it? it is on loop during the holidays. >> i have never seen. it i have never seen it. >> do you know the story when it was in theaters and nobody went. now that we have television people were watching it and it is a huge success. this show will be huge in 35 years. >> you. >> it is like "gilligan's island." >> fox news burns every episode after it airs. wait do see "red eye" last week. >> i have them all on vhs. >> who do you think should be in "it's a wonderful life"? ben affleck. black people? >> he is in rehab and there must be somebody else. why not jimmy stewart?
12:48 am
if the cast worked then, why not now? >> he's dead. >> oh. >> that's a problem. >> he can use his occult powers. >> nicholas cage. >> what about "a christmas story." >> i saw "a christmas story." >> i'm not sure. i am not into christmas movies or music. >> you are a pagan witch. >> the only christmas movie i like is "the pagan's wife. >> i told you. a cult. >> we have to take a break. >> i don't even know what we accomplished. >> it's a wonderful life it is a tool of the occult. >> that's according to you though. >> it is according to me. the show is called "red eye" with gris gutfeld. with geeing gutfeld. >> i can pointing you out. >> are we in a fight?
12:49 am
>> yes, we are. >> are you going stair at the prompter? >> coming up, an interview. >> this is an interesting end. ♪
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brand-new "red eye" airs saturday 8:00 p.m. pacific. we have ricky scaggs and jesse joyce. >> e block. the last story. that's the last story. >> boy that show on saturday is a real show. anyway brian is not just my new ping-pong partner, he is a history buff who has written an excellent book detailing some of the stories of unsung heros of the american revolution. it is called "georgia washington the secret 6. saving the american revolution." i own 1776 copies because i am a patriot and you should too. this is a phenomenal success.
12:54 am
new york times best seller. it came in combined at 6. e book 5, 8 overall. >> i beat you there. >> i get it. people like history. shut up. they are going to make it into -- i know it is a great story and the book is so well written. it is going to be a movie, right? >> when i first found out about it i must be a movie. and then the nicholas cage movie and it must happen. "the patriot came out" and then they said there is a lot that needs to be unveiled. if you can do that let's do the book first. >> it is about six spies that are instrumental in the revolution. people don't though about. >> correct. >> and there is five men and one woman. >> and it took place in new york city. and the people came in and
12:55 am
pretended to work and they had a cuff story. the british are all over the place. we interviewed people pretending to be pro king. at the same time we take the intelligence and using the invisible ink and instead of taking the train they took horses 55 miles back and forth and row across the long island sound and swims and makes it sound easy. they have six guys in a cannon and they got through the navy of the british and did it for three years. >> how did you come up with the idea of this story? >> it really happened. >> no, you are so creative. >> what an imagination. spies in the revolution. i can't believe nobody thought of it before. >> so "ghost rider" what was his name? >> whoa are both -- we have our roots in sports both of us. i told him the story and he said let's do it. i knocked it from 84 chapters
12:56 am
to 18 and we're done. it is out and people are buying it. unlike you who needed a huge pre sale, we had zero plea -- pre sales. now they are coming out in droves because people love america and george washington. >> you know what is great is when a writer has a three-hour morning show they can continually talk about the book. >> this has turned into something different. >> do you mind if i open it up to the audience? it is an -- anger and bitterness. >> you are now number 14. >> they lining up with it. >> and they are returning their kindles. >> they are giving up the entire device. >> you like the book. >> it is great. it is great. >> by the way, thanks for having me on. >> it is a great book.
12:57 am
you should buy it. we have to go. jedediah, sherrod, buy the book, it is fantastic. greg gutfeld and see you next time. i wasn't going to do it and i did.
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juan williams got a private meeting with the president. the obama care mess isn't about obama care at all it's about the united states being a bunch of jerks. he says the recession has made americans less caring of others. we see the needy becoming seedy. and that makes us hate obama care more. apparently this writer has never


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