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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  November 22, 2013 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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for bill o'reilly who will be back on monday and please remember, it stops right here because we're always looking out for you. have a great weekend. tonight on the "kelly file," new fallout from the obama care mess as the president uses yet another executive declaration in what critics are calling an attempt to protect his party from the unpopular law. welcome, everyone. for weeks this administration has gotten hammered for the millions of insurance cancellation notices sent out to the american people. so far our tally puts it at 5.5 million people who have received notice their policies are being canceled. and today we get word that the administration is changing the game now for next year. instead of people signing up for year two coverage, next october, learning what they can get and
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cannot get and how much it will cost them right before the midterm elections, open enrollment is suddenly being pushed back a month until after the midterm elections so people won't know what they can and cannot get and how much it'll cost them until after they go and vote on whether certain house members and senate members are going to keep their jobs. now the administration insists that politics has nothing to do with -- what? politics, no! critics are not as sure. and this news comes one day after democrats undid 200 years of precedence in a power grab that takes away an important check on how much power a president has. joining us now for the first time in the "kelly file," george will. great to have you on the program. >> glad to be with you. >> so the notion of, you know, day after day, yet another executive declaration that will change a law that was rammed through without the 60 votes
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needed in the senate the first time around and now we're getting rid of any 60 votes needed to block judges and now the president on yet another day declares he's changing things all by his lonesome yet again has critics asking whether he is a president or a king. your thoughts. >> well, there's a kind of lawlessness here. and it's cynical lawlessness. lily tomlin the comedian used to portray a character called the bag lady who said no matter how cynical you get, you can't keep up. and i think the americans are beginning to feel that way. this looks like a clever move. it's all right in politics to be clever, but you don't want to look like you're trying to be clever because that looks tricky and sneaky. and, in fact, as the president continues to waive this and suspend that and exercise what he calls enforcement discretion, the american people are beginning to feel that the law is in constant flux. and if the law is in constant flux like the rules of the senate, there is no law just as
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there are no more rules of the senate anymore. >> is it something that the people are going to fall for? i'm picturing this time next year, it'll be right before the november elections next year. aren't the republicans going to come out and say, hey, guess what, when they do unveil the prices for the policies that are available to you under obama care in a week, guess what they're going to be. there was a reason they pushed it back until after the midterm elections. >> exactly. the people knew a month before the election, they would at least know. now they're going to have their imagination fired by republicans telling them to be afraid, be very afraid of what you're going to learn after the election because they don't want you to know before the election. i don't think this is clever. but, megyn, the obama care is collapsing under the weight of accumulated cleverness. it was passed by clever parliamentary maneuvers, passed by cleverness in the corn husker
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kickback and the gatorade and the louisiana purchase and all the other deals. it is constructed in huge complexity because it's supposed to be a clever way of disguising the fact that this whole scheme is a large income transfer and redistribution mechanism as much as it is a health care plan. and it's beginning to look not a bit clever. >> can you put in perspective what we are seeing right now in this country? i mean obama care, you know, push through with no republican support. it's never had the support of of the majority of the american people. then president obama with his magic wand extending the year for the employer mandate and then now changing the date for, you know, enrollment and yesterday harry reid doing something he said he'd never do, eliminating minority rights for federal judges and beyond in the
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senate which was meant to be the place where tempers cooled. what is going on right now? >> what is going on is the fulfillment of a progressive dream 100 years old. 100 years ago we were in the first year of the first progressive democratic president woodrow wilson. he did not do at the margins, he criticized at root and branch. he said the separation of powers is inappropriate for the modern age because america to be governed needs more power concentrated in washington, more and more washington power concentrated in the executive bramplg and more and more executive branch power concentrated in executive agencies immunized from control or even supervision or oversight by congress. the marginalization of congress has been a constant goal of progressivism. this is why conservatism, modern conservatism was really born in
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reaction to a strong executive, and a strong executive of lyndon johnson during the great society. conservatives had a robust and healthy suspicion of executive power until the experience of ronald reagan, the president of their own. at that point, they began to lose some of their suspicion of executive power which i hope they are now reacquiring. >> certainly may be. thank you, sir. >> glad to be with you. well, when the senate democrats gave the president near absolute power to appoint whoever he wants, just as long as the democrat majority in the senate approves it, they also gave him the power to single handedly shape one of the most controversial pieces of obama care. the so-called independent payment advisory board, ipab some call it. the group is tasked with finding ways to cut medicare costs with what critics are calling almost god-like powers. and according to my next guest
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almost zero accountability will be had to the people. elizabeth, good to see you. this is the panel that led to the sarah palin claim of death panels, which was then maligned and so on. but this is a group that's going to control costs of medicare tell us why what harry reid did yesterday is so important to this group. >> yeah, it's an amazing power move because basically what it's going to allow the president to do is to appoint these 15 members of the ipab with a simple 51-vote majority in the senate rather than the usual 60. and that's a real game changer because that's going to allow the president to put the most radical people on this important board that does have these god-like powers. so you can have someone with very radical views about health care rationing, about how or how much to pay providers, and that's going to have big effects for seniors.
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>> we don't have anybody beyond the board yet. harry reid made it easier for the president to pick whomever his heart desires. and let's not forget he used dr. ezekiel emmanuel. >> that's right. this whole board was designed to sort of bypass the political process to allow a bunch of unelected, politically unaccountable elites to make these tough spending decisions about health care for our seniors. and, you know, i looked back at this law very carefully. and what's interesting to me is there's at least four or five times in the law where a 3/5 super majority is required by the senate for various procedural reasons. so the democrats who wrote this law and passed it without any republican support are clearly saying in various portions that 60 votes, 3/5 of the senate is 60 votes is an important
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threshold and here they are now after the law has passed dispensing with one of the most important presupposed 3/5 thresholds. and that is who gets to be appointed to this board. at best the maneuver is sort of hypocritical and at worst it's devious. >> this board, ipab, not allowed by law to ration care. how concerned should people be about who gets on it? >> you should be very concerned. you know, the law has this short provision saying the ipab doesn't have the power to ration care. what the ipab does have power to do is to decide how much medicare spending should be cut. and it can cut it as much as it wants to, by the way. and then it also has this incredible power to pass any rule that's quote, unquote, relates to medicare. that could be virtually anything. nobody knows what that means. so this is a board that has the
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power to really ratchet back medicare spending. and what you get is, you know, an incredible limitation on access to services, providers are going to start dropping out of medicare like flies. and when that happens, seniors aren't going to be able to see their doctor like they can today. might have the kind of queues developing like the uk and canada. >> her last point picks up on our next segment. elizabeth, thanks. >> thanks for having me. tonight, we've got new details now on how already -- already before we get to any ipab decisions. some of our hospitals are getting harder to get to because of the health care changes. and we'll have a special report for you on that after this break. plus, new concerns about the white house blocking access to the very people supposed to be keeping an eye on this administration. why that fight matters just ahead.
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from the world headquarters of fox news it's "the kelly file" with megyn kelly. >> the cleveland clinic, seattle children's, some of the best
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hospitals in this country are so famous their names are recognized from coast to coast. tonight we're learning some of these giants may be out of reach to some of the folks in these new obama care networks. >> and megyn, the affordable care act mandates quality care but there's no guidelines as to what it is so it's up to the insurance companies to decide where you can and cannot go. for example, in los angeles if you get your insurance on the california exchange, you cannot go to cedar sinai. and in seattle, the children's hospital is off limits. listen. >> those nonunique services at children's are more expensive. and if we included those in the network, it would mean higher rates for our customers on the health care coverage they have. >> seattle children's hospital says it's more expensive because it treats gravely ill children and even simple procedures are complicated.
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children's hospital is now suing the washington insurance commissioner to get back into the exchange. >> there comes a point if you start denying access to care that you can hurt children and children's health and that's what we believe is at risk here. >> and for the family of the 4-year-old declan, a severe hemophiliac and they say children's hospital has been a lifesaver. here's his mom. >> none of the marketplace plans have children in network provider, we simply won't go to them. we'll choose to stay with our current provider, paying more than what we could be paying. >> so the insurance companies say smaller networks mean lower premiums leaving many to ask why are so many people's premiums going up? >> thank you. joining me now with more, dr. mark seagal, part of our medical
9:16 pm
"a" team. let me start with you on this, that's scary when you hear about kids actually getting treatment who now can no longer go to the hospitals that they've been going to because of this law. >> the most important thing that health insurance does for us is when we're really sick. it's great to say you're not going to have a co-pay for a mammogram or colonoscopy, but what we really need health insurance for is when we're really sick. and if we can't go to the best hoc hospitals in the country, then quality of medical care is going to go down. i don't think it's simply nonunique services as trace gallagher's report pointed out. it's also across the board quality of care. i would rather be in a great hospital like massachusetts general or ucla or cedar sinai or mayo if i have a tough illness. community hospitals are great, but you go to the university hospitals for the best care. and if they're being shut out, that by definition is going to lead to a decreased quality care and ultimately a two-tiered system of medical care. >> we've gotten the doctor's
9:17 pm
take, now the nurse's take. deborah, your thoughts on this. >> the nurses over the entire country have been concerned about this health insurance reform. and it's not obama care or the affordable care act that's limiting the choices. let's be clear, these are the insurance companies that were left in charge of health care and wrote health care reform. they're the ones limiting care and creating this bureaucracy to deny our patients care. >> okay. but with all due respect, today, what people really care about is care being denied. are their children not going to be able to get -- because the report is these major hospitals because of a law are not going -- they're not included. not in the network anymore. >> well, and that's because the insurance companies are the ones that are actually deciding whether they're going to offer their services on the health care -- >> and what you're saying -- >> they're not the ones -- >> the report said they're deciding not to because they
9:18 pm
want to keep premiums low under obama care. >> exactly because they're getting hit be regulations under obama care and they have to cover pre-existing conditions. so they cut where they can. cut fees to doctors and cut the number of hospitals. and by the way, if i have a patient admitted to the hospital, let's be clear to the viewers, i can only admit to one hospital where i have admitting privileges. if i see a patient and want them to go to my hospital but my hospital doesn't accept their insurance, they'll be forced to change their doctor and go to a different hospital. i can only admit to one hospital. >> go ahead, deborah. >> right, but that's not the obama care or the affordable care act that's making those decisions. it's the health insurance companies that are doing that. they're the ones who -- >> here's my question. that sounds like splitting hairs. that's like saying the insurance companies made the decision to cancel these 5.5 million people and not obama care. but they did it because of obama care. >> they did it so that they could re-issue the standard
9:19 pm
benefits package to everyone. >> you're not being honest. did they do it because of the law? did the law require them to up their standards to a level uncle sam thought was appropriate or didn't they? >> they did. >> that begs the question, the people out there for the purpose of the segment. this isn't about whether obama care caused it dpsh but the question is kids, adults aren't going to be able to get in these hospitals that are the top hospitals in the land because they're excluded from the coverage being offered on the exchanges. >> there's no free lumpl. lunch. if you're going to cover people with all kinds of illnesses, go to the doctor whenever you want to, no co-pays, no deductibles, it's going to have to come out somewhere. the insurance companies will cut the number of hospitals they will refer to you to. they'll say, i can't afford seattle's children hospital -- >> we heard that in the piece. >> an appendectomy may be more
9:20 pm
expensive for seattle children's, i'd rather have it there. top quality care in the country. >> go ahead, deborah. >> but the reality is that your choices for which hospital you can go to even before the affordable care act went through was severely limited. even in california, as a nurse, i know patients that were limited before the affordable care act. >> and now even more so. and now even more so. listen, this is a good place to get sick, in between the doctor and nurse. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> thanks for all the unwell people out there. coming up, when the democrats changed the senate rules yesterday, they also gave the president power to reshape a very important court. we'll take a look at what that means next. and 50 years to the day since the assassination of president kennedy, we'll look at the facts and the spin, believe it or not, there is political spin happening today about what really went down. >> people running up the hill alongside elm street by the simmons freeway.
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even choose 48 months interest-free financing on the new tempur-choice. the triple choice sale ends soon at sleep train. what's been called a raw power grab, the democrats' highly controversial rule change, the so-called nuclear option which would limit -- not would, will now limit the gop's ability to block the president's nominees to top positions including those on the nation's federal courts. the columnist for the "national review" and has been studying this. how significant a change will this allow the president to make to the federal bench? >> well, the president can now say i can appoint someone who is
9:25 pm
far more to the left than someone who would need 60 votes to clear the senate. i can appoint someone who needs 50 votes because then vice president biden would break the tie. it expands the pool of what kind of radical liberals he could appoint. >> the d.c. circuit of appeals, the most powerful court in the land and would most likely be reviewing challenges to obama care or other presidential actions. that's the first court of order on which he's going to fill vacancies, is it not, john? >> but they're not really vacancies, they're slots and the slots are available if the work load is necessary. but the d.c. circuit's work load has kept going down. fewer repeals every year. some circuits like the fourth and 11th have four times the number of appeals. the work load doesn't require every vacancy to be filled in any company that your viewers
9:26 pm
work in, you know, if there's a vacancy, it's not necessarily filled if they don't need the work. >> one of them, just, for example, is the old seat held by now chief justice john roberts and the republicans tried to fill that seat that the democrats so want filled right now. and what do the democrats do with the time? they filibuster the nominee. >> well, they also said that the vacancies didn't have to be filled because the work load wasn't necessary. >> truly from both sides, it's been so rank on this issue. but speaking of hypocrisy -- well, the republicans didn't actually do it. >> that's the key. >> but speaking of hypocrisy, in your column in "national review." you talk about harry reid. and talked about how he talked about how dangerous this would be. he's boasted about his role in stopping -- stopping the other side from doing what he did yesterday. listen to harry reid, this sound bite from harry reid back in 2005. >> for 200 years, we've had the right to extend a debate.
9:27 pm
it's no the some procedural gimmick. it's within the vision of the founding fathers of a country. they did it, we didn't do it. they established a government so that no one person and no single party could have total control. >> what a difference a few years makes. >> i fear that harry reid used to believe in the rule of law and now apparently the rule of men including one man himself. >> can this be stopped? >> the republicans could delay senate business a lot, but ultimately the american people are going to decide this. some voters do pay attention to who sits on courts. if the republicans take the senate in november, obviously the tables will be turned. >> that's the part -- the problem for the democrats who didn't support harry reid on this. and a few of them didn't vote because they said the shoe may be on the other foot and we're not going to like what the republicans are going to do once we've taken away the rights of minority. >> it shows how many fewer
9:28 pm
moderate democrats there are in the senate and how many will blindly follow obama and reid. >> great to see you. >> thanks. a controversy getting national attention. and 50 years after the assassination of president john f. kennedy, we speak with the man who wrote the book about that day and the conspiracy theorys right after this break. >> from dallas, texas, the flash apparently official, president kennedy died at 1:00 p.m. central standard time. 2:00 eastern standard time. some 38 minutes ago. this is the quicksilver cash back card from capil one. it's not the "limit the cash i earnvery month" card. it's not the "i only earn decent rewards at the gas station" card. it's the no-games, no-signing up, everyday-rewarding, kung-fu-fighting, silver-lightning-in-a-bottle, bringing-home-the-bacon cash back card.
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i had just talk to father hubert, he and another priest tell me that the pair of men have just administered the last rights of the catholic church to president kennedy. president kennedy has been assassinated. it's official now, the president is dead. women here in shock, some have fainted, secret servicemen standing by the emergency room, tears streaming down their face. there's only one word to describe the picture here and that's grief and much of it. it's official as of just a few moments ago, the president of the united states is dead. >> that's chilling, the president is dead. 50 years ago today, at this point in the evening in 1963, lyndon johnson had arrived back in washington telling reporters, i will do my best, that's all i can do. earlier today in dallas, texas, a ceremony was held to
9:33 pm
commemorate president kennedy as journalists across the country share a contemporary view of what led to his assassination. and some are doing a little revisionist history. joining me now with more on that, rich lowry, editor of "the national review." i couldn't quite believe what i was reading. i mean, there's all sorts of conspiracy theorys about what -- who killed jfk. but what you point out is one thing's certain, the man who we believe pulled the trigger or at least in part, lee harvey oswald was a communist, and yet, that isn't necessarily accepted fact by some on the left, apparently. >> it's the strangest thing, you have a communist shoot and kill the president of the united states and conservatives get blamed. at the time and still to some extent today. you see it in the argument that somehow dallas killed kennedy, the city of hate as it was known. and there are a few problems with this. one, cities don't kill people.
9:34 pm
two, oswald was a committed marxist. >> the headline said "why america weeps: kennedy victim of violent streak he sought to curb in the nation" and then earl warren blamed the hatred and bitterness injected into the life of our nation by bigots. >> yeah, and it had nothing to do with that. oswald, he spent more time in the soviet union than dallas. tries to renounce his u.s. citizenship, doing it for political reasons, sours on the soviet union, which is what living in the soviet union did to people. but when he comes back to the united states, he's a big fan of third world revolutionaries like fidel castro. and just prior to the assassination, he's trying to get to cuba to serve castro's government and learns kennedy is coming to dallas and the rest as they say is history. >> and you talk about how slate calls a letter to kennedy's press secretary warning him not
9:35 pm
to go to dallas because he might be killed by a right wing mob. >> but he's not. we've seen pieces in the "new york times" and new yorker, and a new book out called dallas 1963 that traffics in this idea that somehow the intolerance of dallas killed john f. kennedy. and there's nothing to that. there are intolerant people in dallas, in lots of cities. but intolerance and bigotry doesn't pick up a rifle and kill kennedy. a communist did that. and liberals really didn't want to admit it because they preferred to make kennedy a martyr to civil rights because that -- they thought that was more noble and was more useful politically. >> rich, thank you. >> thank you very much. >> also with us tonight james swanson, author of "end of days: the assassination of john f. kennedy." great to see you. when you reflect back now, here we are 50 years later of all the conspiracy theorys, who did it, who was in on it? where do you stand? what do you believe the truth
9:36 pm
is? >> well, we certainly know this. lee harvey oswald took his rifle to work on november 22nd. he looked out that sixth floor window and fired three shots at president kennedy. the first shot missed the car, second passed through his throat and the third shot blew off his head and killed him on the spot. that's whatow. dozens of facts, dozens and dozens of facts point to lee harvey oswald. seven movannths earlier he trieo murder a general. he was taught to shoot well in the marine corps. he was there, he tried to get his wife to come back to him the night before. he begged her to move back with him, come with me, live with me, i love you again. they were separated. she said no three times. that morning, november 22nd, he left his wedding ring on the dresser, all the money he had in the world on the dresser and took his rifle wrapped in a brown paper bag to the texas schoolbook depository. he's the assassin of the president. >> what about the theory that, you know, what raises a lot of
9:37 pm
eyebrows for people was the fact he was killed. jack ruby went up and killed him. why would he do that? people don't believe he would've done that, you know, just because he wanted to avenge the first lady and so on. what of that? >> well, that's what happened. he was the owner of a sleazy strip club in dallas. he would bring sandwiches to the cops late at night. he'd tell his women to be nice to the police and they knew what that meant. ruby was temperamental, undisciplined, violent, beat customers, punched women. he was a man out of control. he couldn't control his emotions. when he shot oswald and the police wrestled him to the floor, he said, guys, take it easy, it's me, jack ruby, you know me. he said, why did you do it? it was revenge, it was glory, that's all it was. for 50 years we've heard these stories of grassy knolls, second
9:38 pm
gunmen, oswald imposter, cia, cubans, russians, to this day no one has proven with real, hard concrete evidence it was anybody but lee harvey oswald. and the unfortunate thing is these theorys distract us from what happened this day. the emotions of what happened. >> true. >> today, 50 years ago, a wife lost her husband, two little children lost their father. america lost the president. and john kennedy was a great man. >> james, great to see you. i wish we could give you the whole hour. i'd love to listen to more. >> thanks. >> i know you spoke with james rosen in the "fox hole" today. but we appreciate you coming on. up next, the administration taking heat tonight about new restrictions on the people whose job it is to watch the white house. why that matters next. >> it's not feasible for us to have independent journalists in the room. let me finish my answer. it's just not feasible in those circumstances. bells♪ the bass pro shops 5 day sale starts wednesday with huge savings on great gift ideas. like a 6 pack of bass pro led flashlights for under $9.
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it: a sleep number store, where this holiday season, the hottest sleep innovations make the coolest gifts-including sleep number dual temp. discover dual temp at one of our 425 sleep number stores nationwide. sleenumber. comforindividualized. visit find a sleep number store nearou. developing tonight, the white house taking a growing amount of heat for new restrictions on the reporters charged with watching the white house. joining me now allison barber and richard fowler host of the richard fowler show. so a group of major news organizations and associations including fox sent a letter to the white house challenging this policy which bans photographers and reporters from events they were always able to cover before. richard, what do you make of it? >> well, i've got to tell you.
9:43 pm
what we've seen from this white house, a white house extremely open to the public, most events are televised on youtube and live stream. and because of that, there isn't need for additional press to be there because the american people with go to the website and tune in firsthand. >> not these events. this is a group of news organizations and i read from the letter, as if they were placing a hand over a journalist camera lens, officials in this administration are blocking the public from having a view of the executive branch. is it not true, allison? >> no, i would disagree with what richard said. it is a huge deal. and particularly when it comes to these pictures, photo journalism is journalism. and it is not sufficient to say the white house took these pictures and we put them out for you because that's a controlled image. that's one angle of a story that's taken by someone who is paid to make the administration look good. it's just not a complete representation of the picture. it sort of is a similarity, if the white house staffer came up to a reporter and said don't write about coming to this event, i'm going to take notes for you and then your paper can run it.
9:44 pm
that's essentially what they're doing with these pictures and that wouldn't be accepted in regular journalism, and it should not be okay in photo journalism either. >> what of that? if this were a republican president who promised unprecedented transparency and was doing what this president is doing, would you object? >> well, i would not object at all because i think what this president is saying and the white house is saying that our photographer releases all the photos and all the events that happen at the white house, shows the people in the meetings and i don't think there's any distinction. >> let me take that with you. let's say they're in some meeting and president obama rolls his eyes at somebody in the meeting. they would photograph that, that would be newsworthy, the president sending a message that maybe he wanted us to see, maybe he didn't. the white house photographer may have a different take and may release or not release such a photo. don't you see the difference? >> no, i hear that. but the white house photographer has more access than a regular journalist will have. >> that's the problem. >> wait a minute.
9:45 pm
the white house photographer can go in the situation room and no other journalist, no photographer can go -- >> our own ed henry said to him that's an outlier. situation room, no one's complaining about that. >> yeah, it is -- i standby it's a huge problem. and i think there's a tendency for people to be, oh, it's photos. but like i said, they're telling an important story and for the reasons you just gave. there's also something to be said for -- this is propaganda because this is disseminating a specific image that typically is going to put the president regardless of their political affiliation in a flattering light. >> why do you think they're doing that? in your view? >> i don't know, i do think it really is worrisome because if you're controlling access for photo journalism, no matter if it's a big or small event, you're controlling the flow of information. and this is something people should be worried about because you don't know what else is going on. >> one second here. i think it's one thing -- we'd be making one argument if the white house completely blacked out everything, there was no pictures, nothing at all, no
9:46 pm
readouts from the calls that the president takes or anything like that. there's one way you say, okay, this white house is limiting journalism. >> well it's getting more limited. no one's claiming complete blackout and now the groups need a meeting with jay carney -- got to go, thank you so much. big news [ male announcer ] has your phone turned you into a control freak? like, scoring the perfect table? ♪ or getting a better seat? ♪ or let's say there's an accident. if you he esurance, you can use their mobile app to start a claim... upload a few photos... anget your money fast. maybe that doesn't make you a control freak. more like a control enthusiast. esurance. insurance for the modern world. now backed by allstate. click or call.
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well, we have a follow-up on a story we brought you last week. the city of sioux falls, south dakota attracted national attention when some local veterans petitioned a school board to require the pledge of allegiance to school each day. the board said yes for grade school and middle school students but said it would be too challenging to schedule the pledge every day at the high school. prior to the vote, the high school was not requiring the
9:50 pm
pledge. there was some confusion about that last time. we have the school board president and the lawmaker looking to address this issue. but we begin with one of the vets asking for the change. a sioux falls resident and a veteran who served in our navy, national guard and did a tour of duty in iraq. great to see you. thank you for being here. why is this issue about whether the high schoolers will be required to say the pledge so important to you? >> well, being a veteran for quite a while. obviously the respect that the veterans deserve is very important to me. even more important is the pledge of allegiance that the respect of our country and our flag receive. but my concern goes much deeper than that, and it's the future of our country. the students that were going through our middle school and high schools right now are the future leaders of our country. if they don't understand where our country has come from, if they don't understand how we have gotten to be where we are. if they don't understand the high cost of their liberty and freedom, then how are they going
9:51 pm
to lead our future country? >> the school board says there's just not enough time that they don't have home room at the high school level which is why they don't require the pledge every day because they claim they can't find the same period or one period every day to require the high schoolers to say it. >> i don't agree with that. i believe that we're working with intelligent and well-educated managers and teaching professionals. and i think they can accomplish anything they wish to accomplish. >> do you feel there is in any way some motive to slight the veterans? or do you feel this is an honest misjudgment on their part? >> i understand the pledge of allegiance was dropped about 15 years ago. we have received no explanation as to why it was dropped or what the logic was behind it. i do know that there are schools in this area that are not a part of the public school district who do not only the pledge of allegiance but morning prayer every day and there's some of
9:52 pm
the highest performance of educators across our country. >> thank you for your service and thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> and joining me now is douglas morrison, the sioux falls, south dakota, school board president. thank you for being here. so our last guest, the veteran said he thinks that educated people can find a way to find time in the day for high schoolers even who don't have home room to say the pledge. your thoughts on it. >> yeah, i would agree. we put a man on the moon, we can certainly find the time in the school day to say the pledge of allegiance. >> why wasn't that the decision of the board. >> well, the decision of the board was we bought a policy forward for public input that actually added it to the middle school and left high school the way it was. we put it out for 30 days for public comment and had no comments. i think we had one comment which was from the original complaint.
9:53 pm
we always listened to what the community said. and hearing no input on the policy that we put into place, we just decided it was the will of the community to leave the policy as it was. >> are you now going to reverse it? >> are we going to reverse it? no, through continuing the dialogue with our community, we have plans to make a revision to the policy. >> you do? >> yes. >> in what way? >> we actually went out with the survey. we went out with the survey this past week to our parents and guardians and we made calls -- did a survey essentially and ended up with -- that went out to 10,000, you know, live respondents and we got 3,500 -- population of 3,500 responses and it was overwhelming that 70% of them actually wanted the policy revised to have kids have the chance to say the pledge of allegiance and at the high school level.
9:54 pm
so monday night, we will be bringing a revision for the policy forward and at that time, the board will vote on whether to make that change of the policy. >> all right. so we'll see how that board vote goes, sir. thank you for coming on with that update for us. we'll watch and see what happens. >> okay. thank you for having me. >> a state representative from sioux falls, south dakota, with me now. representative, good to see you. is that going to get it done? the school board's going to have a vote now on monday night and may revise this policy to mandate the pledge. does that satisfy you?d take ca particular issue. but it doesn't necessarily take care of the problem that i see that states different -- different school districts could do the same thing and might do what the sioux falls school board did. and i kind of feel like we need to make sure this is something they have time for. >> can you mandate the pledge by legislation? >> i can mandate they take the time to have -- or that they
9:55 pm
take time to have a pledge. i can't mandate that everybody say it. >> how important is that to you? and why? why do you think that's important to do? >> if you look at this country and where we came from. and you think about the freedoms we have and how it happened, it all resolvolves around the constitution we have and both the state for us and have for the u.s. constitution. i think those things are extremely important. i think we need to ensure that everybody growing up understands why this country is as fabulous a place as it is. we've had hundreds of thousands of men and women that have died to ensure that this country stayed here and that we had the freedoms. and if we ever let that go, this country will go with it. and that concerns me. i fear that. >> understood. representative hal wick, thank you for being here, sir.
9:56 pm
>> wasn't that interesting? three different perspectives and looks like they're going to come to a different conclusion come monday night. tell us what you think. follow me on twitter. like our page, leave us a comment. more on that after the break. [ male announcer ] this is jowoods' first day of work. and his new boss told him two things -- cook what you love, and save your money. joe esn't know it yet, but he'll work his way up from busser to wter to chef before opening a restaurant specializing in fish and game om the great northwest. he'll stt investing early, he'll find some good people to help guide him, and he'll set money aside from his first day of work to his last, ich isn't rocket science. it's just common sense. from td ameritrade. it's just common sense. customer erin swenson ordebut they didn't fit.line customer's not happy, i'm not happy. sales go down, i'm not happy. merch comes back, i'm not happy. use ups. they make returns easy. unhappy customer becomes happy customer.
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