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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  November 22, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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what my grandparents and parents wanted for me. a better america for you, tomorrow, thank you for coming. give yourselves a big hand. that is the time new information about that delay in obama care deadline, but is someone trying to pull a fast one on you? what no one else is telling you. >> it's not surprising they want to move as much as they can after the next election. they're doing everything they can to run away from obama care. >> republican chuck grassley says you're doing that so that it starts after the midterm elections, it's politics. >> the fact is we're doing this because it makes sense for insurers to have as clear a sense of the pool of people they gain this year before setting rates for next year. >> for them to delay from a couple of weeks before the election to a couple of weeks after the election to me is just a naked effort. people are going to see right through this. >> because the website has had troubles, we expect more people
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to enroll later and insurers will need additional time. >> the wheels are falling off. this thing isn't working. >> everybody who enrolls as mandated by the law next year is going to be faced with skyrocketing premiums. obama does not want that realized before the election. >> it is a cynical, political ploy by the administration. >> senator tim scott join us. good evening, sir. >> thank you, greta. thanks for being back on your show. >> nice to have you here. all right, the enrollment was, until early this morning, october 15th, through december 7th. it has now been extended to november 15th through january 15th so that enrollment for next year for insurance for the year 2015 is now going to begin to occur after the midterm elections. why? >> well, it's obvious. sticker shock equals voter rebellion. they're making sure that the voters do not realize that what has happened during the first
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year was insufficient premiums, insufficient funding for obama care, which means that the premiums the second year will skyrocket. so to avoid the sticker shock before the election and voter rebellion before the election, you move that to after november. that is bad news for voters because they're not going to have the truth to make good decisions in 2014. so we're going to do our very best to make sure that people understand the first year of obama care's already underfunded. young people, healthy people are not signing up for insurance which means we're seeing adverse risk selection happen right now. people with pre-existing condition, older folks are signing is up but the younger people are not signing you. oregon had very few people sign subpoenaed, in my state of south carolina, fewer than 600 people have been able to sign up. but 150,000 have received cancellation notices. >> well, i was looking at the
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math and trying to look at the justification, to see if there's some reason. under the old enrollment period this morning before it was extended it was 45 days, october 15th before election to december 7th. then when the extension today with the change, it's now november 15th to january 15th which is 60 days. that's more days. and what the obama administration says is that they're trying to make this a bigger enrollment period. the problem and why i find it rather suspicious, if they truly wanted to extend it they would have left the first date, october 15th and just moved the back date like they did today, then there would have been 90 days and they'd have a greater period of time. if indeed the whole point was to expand the enrollment period. >> exactly. what we call that down south is hogwash. there's no doubt what they're trying to do is avoid the results of the shift, the results of higher premiums impacting voters' decisions. this is an amazing shift of
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power. they're shifting power by moving when vote verse the information, they're shifting power to the left as opposed to giving people a neutral opportunity to understand what's happening to their premiums. >> here's some more because my colleague ed henry asked jay carney today because he's bothered by the same issue, why the white house was delaying that open period of enrollment to october pre-election to november posto leengz. >> we're doing this because it makes sense for insurers to have as clear a sense of the pool of consumers they gain in the market this year before setting rates for next year and because of the problems in the implementation of the website on that has experienced. it has slowed enrollment in the early stages here. we expect that what was already going to be a backloaded process will be more backloaded and that would then leave insurers with a lot of data to try to sort
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through. >> okay. here's the problem with this, senator, maybe you can clear it up for me. jay carney says we're doing this because it makes sense for insurers, a better idea how to set the rate. here's the problem is that the rates are set by the insurance companies. this morning they were supposed to be set by april, which is six months before october. they've extended that to now may as a result of this afternoon. so the insurance company rates are going to be set as of the end of may of 2014. so what difference does it make to them about extending the enrollment period from october post the election or not? so i can't for the life of me, i can't figure out how jay carney justifies this good for the insurers for setting their rates, when the rates are already set, in may. >> exactly. this saul about vois all about rebellion. obama care is having a dismal performance, a negative impact on democrats. frankly, it is not doing what it was supposed to do, which is
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create more opportunities for folks who desperately need insurance who need a path to affordable health care. it is not happening, which is tragedy number one. number two, the rollout is like a turtle. like a turtle rollout, no one's signing up. the fact of the matter they could extend the period to sign up first time, the initial enrollment to january and they would not get the 7 million young people to offset what we call adverse risk selection, those signing up with ple exi pre-existing conditions. they just can't get it done. >> voter rebellion. we asked about colleague rebellion. your colleague senator lindsey graham is up for re-election in the midterms. you were asked whether you'd endorse him or not. from what i read is that you declined to endorse him. are you going to endorse lindsey graham or not? if not, why not? you're in the same party. >> absolutely. here's how i look at the race. lindsey and i have a fantastic
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working relationship. >> i don't think that's the issue. >> i like lindsey. >> do you think he should be the senator from south carolina? >> here's what my policy has consistently been. when i'm on the ballot, the thing that you do for your first statewide run or any new election opportunity, you make sure you focus on your race. you don't get out of your lane. you stay in your lane and you work hard to prove to the voters that you're worthy of their vote. it i application. i'm asking people to choose me. i'm not helping or hurting anyone else's chances. i'm simply trying to present my case to the voters on why this is so important to me. that is the key, from my perspective, of my position. i have seven of the -- >> are you up for re-election in 2014? >> oh, yes, ma'am, i'm on the ballot. >> i had forgotten that you came in a special situation. i'd forgotten that. >> so for me, the same thing i did during the presidential election. i had seven of the candidates, we didn't endorse any of them.
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we gave everyone an opportunity to hear from each candidate. we're trying to focus on our race and in doing so gives us an opportunity to win. >> do you know if he's been asked about endorsing you and you know what answer he gave? because i'm trying to see if you are both sort of doing it the same way to each other. >> i think lindsey would say, hopefully we have a good working relationship, but tim has to run his race. tim should focus on tim scott while lindsey focuses on lindsey graham. i wish tim well and that's what i would say if i were lindsey. >> interesting i forgot that you are both up for the same time, which is interesting for two senators a t the same time. >> i look forward to being on the show later. >> you'll be back. guess how much the obama administration has already spent on more than $600 million. and that's just the down payment. getting it fixed will cost you a whole lot more. how much? a cyber security expert is here, next.
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the obama administration just spent $600 million of your money to create a website that doesn't work. how do you like that one? my guess is not very much. you'll have to start paying to get it working. nice to see you, sir. >> thanks for having me on.
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>> any concept of how much this is going to cost you? >> they can't measure what they have right now with 500 million lines of code because that's what's in there. they haven't done an end-to-end security test. they have no concept of all the issues. so until you get a firm baseline of what's there, there's no way you can come up with a price to fix this thing. >> 500 million lines of code. give me an idea -- i mean, since i'm not -- i'm not a computer expert. how big is that? give me something to compare it to. >> windows operating system has 50 to 70 million lines of code. windows has 20 million lines of code. >> is there anything between 20 million of facebook and 500 million, that's a huge jump. is there anything like 300 or 400 un? >> i worked on some projects in the intelligence community that had over 200 million records in them, nowhere nice the size of this code. a lot of us are shocked that this thing is this size and this big. that's what's causing the problem. this code base is indefensible. there's just no way to secure it
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and no way to fix it when it's this large. >> are you suggesting we should scrap it and start all over? >> when a lot of us testified on tuesday. and there are three options but the best is healthcare 2.0. take this because it's more expensive to fix a plane in flight than put it on the ground. take it, strip it, put it in the air again. >> how long will that take? >> i was on lou dobbs. give it to some whiz kids in silicon valley. you can get a team of 50 people, give them six to eight months and they can build this and have it working. it's not that complicated to do, just an interface. we're not storming the beaches at normandy, but it's taken 3 1/2 years and no success. >> that's painful that kind of money just to waste. we only have 30 seconds left, but how does this happen? >> can you imagine what facebook would look like if it was a government project? this was a consumer play that was built by the government. it should have been built by the
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private sector because it's designed for the public sector. there would have been shareholder accountability, somebody would have lost their job on day one when it only supported 500 users. >> what about the president that seems so confident he'll get this fixed. >> he's entitled to that opinion. we just looked at the facts. 500 million lines of code and what they spent on it, better to stop it, start all over again. if you want it bad, you get it bad. i don't want to live with bad forever. >> morgan, nice to see you. your dream may be coming true. imagine being able to bypass and still get insurance subsidies. find out why that may be possible. plus -- >> they've gone out of their way to insure my 14-year-old yorkie. >> you heard right. a dog gets an obama care account. how did that happen? well, for starters that is your government working. the owner and the dog will be
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the postal service running a new ad saying don't forget your holiday stamps. but did the post office service forget something? one says hanukkah, one says kwanza, the third shows a gingerbread house. we're all guessing that represents christmas, but the word "christmas" is nowhere to be found and the omission stirring outrage on twitter. one posting says don't forget those three american holidays, hanukkah, quanz da and gingerbread house? another tweet, what happened to christmas? it must have hit a nerve. a postal working jumping and saying the holiday collection changes each year. we do have the holy child, santa
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call right now and you'll also receive a $50 savings card just for inquiring about the sleep number bed. ask about our risk-free 100-night in-home trial. call now for your free information kit and a free $50 savings card. call now! get ready to bypass there's a new way to get around the frustrating website, but can anyone do it? the washington examiner susan joins us. there's a new plan and a pilot program where you can get around >> right, remember the other day insurance executives went to the white house and they haven't been able to sign people up directly. they'd like to have them bypass which is crashing. sign up directly with them, but there's a problem. people can't verify whether or not they're eligible for
11:21 pm
subsidies. today hhs announced there would be a pilot program in florida, in ohio and texas that would allow people to sign up directly through insurers, aetna, cigna, whoever, and they would send them to a secure hub to check whether or not they're eligible for subsidies. this all depends on the subsidies and the verification hub not having glitches and working. >> you had me until that point. when you said it had to morph over into this secure hub, that's where i thought, well, wait a second. >> correct. that's been the problem before. insurance companies have only been able to give people a general idea of how much subsidies they may qualify for. hhs is committed to the idea in these three states they'll be able to verify what the subsidies will be and get feedback on how well the system is working. so this pilot program can be expanded and direct enrollment can take place all over the country. the idea for the white house is get as many people insured as they can and if the
11:22 pm website is crashing, not working, direct enrollment is a way for them get people signed up, which is a big problem with the website. >> these insurance companies have had websites that have been working for years. that's the good news. the bad news is they have to interact with the federal system. that's the bad news since there have been glitches with the federal system. if you know you're not eligible for a subsidy, you might as well go directly to the insurance companies because you don't have to wore be the subsidy being with the hub. that works out fine. if you you want to shop, though, if you want to sort of compare it, you'll have to log on to one insurance company, see what the price is for the venue you want, then go to another insurance company in your state and sign on and see which one. you have to go piece by piece. >> or keep trying they'll be advised when you call one of these insurance companies you can shop the marketplace on they haven't given up that they
11:23 pm
think this will be 80% fixed. >> you heard those four gentlemen talking about the security, no, no, no, no. it wasn't like 75% said no, 100% said no. >> the payment process is not completely built on the website. there may be problems where people think they're enrolled, they go to the doctor and find out the website is not completely finished. there are so many problems the white house wants to use the private companies to do it because they have everything in order. >> the important point you just made is after you enrolled and sign up, and you make your payment, whether that makes it to the insurance company, that part is not done. >> the insurance companies must love that. >> that surprised everyone to hear that. >> how are they going to get paid to give you insurance? >> or you go to your doctor and they say, you're not enrolled. >> is that too late? >> are you past your enrollment period? all these questions unanswered. >> unanswered? insurance koers fit to be tied
11:24 pm
about that as well. anyway, susan, nice to see you. >> thank you. coming up obama care enrollment for next year stened. governor scott walker will be here to talk about it next. and you can hash it out with
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now get ready to speed read your way through the news. federal regulators now considering changing the rules and letting passengers place cell phone calls during flights. just not during takeoffs and landings. the changes will be considered at a meeting next month. pakistan. t doctor who helped the cia find osama bin laden. the boy's mother says the doctor should not have operated on his son because he's not a surgeon. now to the philippines, death toll from the monster
11:28 pm
typhoon now passing 5,000. government officials say the nation is stabilizing. many major roads are clear of debris and some bys are reopening. arkansas, police releasing the dash cam video of a school bus hijacking and a chase. a man with a knife hijacking the bus full of children. police chase the bus for 12 miles finally stopping it with spike strips. as police rush the bus, they also quickly evacuated the children. the kids were not hurt. now to san francisco where bat kid is paying it forward. last week we showed you how the city of san francisco rallied to make a 5-year-old's wish come true. miles got to be batman for a day, riding in the batmobile and rescuing damsels in distress. now a big thank you, miles' family is starting the bat kid fund. the proceeds will benefit make a wish, the ronald mcdonald house and oregon medical center. all three groups helped bat kid during his battle with leukemia. that's tonight's speed read. now the delay in the obama care enrollment period, a small
11:29 pm
extension this year and a bigger one next year. pushing the enrollment period till after the midterm election. governor scott walker joins us. >> nice to be with you. >> the gipping period now has been postponed till after the election. >> it's so frustrating because it seems clearer and clearer as every day goes by, these decisions were made not by the people who make the policies. that's bad in terms of the ability that they really weren't prepared to make this work and they keep making more political decisions to make it worse going forward. >> i suspect that they were caught between a rock and a hard place. they didn't want to see as a consequence of who is enrolling now and in the spring when the insurance companies determine the rates for next year based on the current enrollment, the various number of sick people enrolling, there's going to be sticker shock and they'd rather have people enrolling next year have that start after the
11:30 pm
election so the democrats don't get punished. >> so cynical, americans across the board, increasingly the vast majority of americans are seeing the fraud that obama care was, not just in terms of the rollout but the flawed policy. and cynically, they believe if you just keep pushing it past the next election, many of us were concerned about the enactment to begin with, that it was after the presidential election. now one of the first steps was the employer mandate. now they're taking additional steps. most americans are smart enough to see what's going on. >> there are a number of policies canceled, individual policies canceled. the president took heat from that and he came up with a fix. is that a fix where you can get your insurance policies if the insurance companies will resurrect them. >> it's a problem all over the country. as usual they didn't check. they ran out and made that announcement. many wonder if they came up with it that morning and didn't check with insurance commissioners.
11:31 pm
now they're scrambling trying to figure out in most cases it's not even possible. but that's again an indication this was politically driven and not policy driven. that's a failure for the american people. >> one of our last guests said that, he doesn't think that it can be fixed and we're chasing bad money or whatever the expression is. is there a way that we can walk this back or a way to put this on hold? i mean, we're really sort of in a precarious situation. >> i said months before long before the meltdown and the website, that an alternativepea postpone. it's clear that there's enough democrats in swing states and battleground states that there's a legitimate effort to postpone this, that would make the case that -- >> what happens, if you postpone it, you still got all these people now who don't have insurance because their policies have been canceled. i'm trying to start figuring how do you reverse engineer where you are because people who need
11:32 pm
help with access to health care. >> we delayed ours with changes in the government. we'll watch it closely. we didn't want real people to fall through the cracks, regardless of the fact that politically it would have been easy to point to the obama administration and say, see, we told you so, there's real people suffering out there. republicans need to offer a viable market-based alternative. the old system quo wasn't working good either. it's takes the tax incentives that go for employer based system and make it available for anyone. >> governor chris christie the new president of the republican governors association. how's he going to do? >> he's going to do a great job. a tremendous organization. people forget that even after many of us conservatives were upset, we're now at a high of 30 republican governors. we have a real chance to hold those republican governors
11:33 pm
including myself next year and maybe add a few places like arkansas, illinois and a few places across the country. i think christie will help us do that. >> i take it you refer to yourself as a conservative. would you consider governor christie a conservative? >> there are a few exceptions. but that's true with a lot of folks out there. there's a lot of big conservative issues he's taken up. there's a few areas that conservatives disagree on, but that's true of a lot of candidates. >> your new book "unintimidated," i take it that refers to the union fight you had in wisconsin? >> absolutely. you were out there with me. you interviewed me the day after one of my chapters, i don't just talk about the good things, i talk about that infamous call that i took that was one of my most embarrassing moments. >> david koch, a fake one. >> a fiake one. for the people of my state i it helped me refocus my attention.
11:34 pm
>> madison a wonderful place. i spent a lot of time there. of course i miss the state. vikings or packers? >> hands down, the vikings shows off their super bowl rings. we'll win whether or not they have aaron rodgers. >> they may be calling on you for quarterback because they're thin in that department. you'll hear from the victim of the latest knockout game attack. this is really a crime. a man punched in the face. a live report from new york city. plus our legal panel is here next.
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time the hash it out. have you ever wanted to own one of george w. bush's paintings? here is your chance. drudge report tweeting george w. bush's artwork up for sale. the bush center selling limited edition christmas ornaments highlights a reproduction of president bush's painting of a cardinal. it might not be the original but the ornaments are a pretty good bargain for art. and this suspicious outfit turned out to be anything but. oklahoma bomb squad says a foil-wrapped suspicious object is just a burrito. a man finding a thermos-type container in his front yard bringing it to police. they took an x-ray discovering the item was a burrito. talk about an expensive commute. fox 5 d.c. tweeting virginia department of transportation takes virginia man to court to try to collect over $200,000 in
11:38 pm
dulles toll road fines. the man drove daily from reston to washington 3 1/2 years ago, the friend told him he didn't have to pay when the tolls were unmanned at night. he was wrong. that swelled to $200,000 because of late fees and interest. the commuter said he'll pay the virginia d.o.t. back until he's 80. actor zach braff is ready for his close-up. a photographer spotting the mile smooiling actor in a photo he took posing behind the newlyweds. the photographer alerting braff, sir, i think you photo bombed my newlywed couple the other day in new york. we played. braff retweeting the picture with the caption this is one of my best photo bombs ever. and the classic dog ate my homework excuse becoming a reality for one student and her pet. dog had to get surgery after actually eating his owner's homework. take that, professor.
11:39 pm
yellow lab reggie scarfing down every last bite of the eighth grader's science project. a volcano made out of chocolate with candy pinned to the inside. but this unlikely tale has a happy ending. reggie making a full recovery after a two-day stay at the vet's office. and the owner earning a second "a" on her project. this is # greta with all your tweets and posts. developing news, another dangerous knockout attack like this one right on the streets of new york. you'll h h h
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11:41 pm
well, it's happened again. another violent knockout game assault. it's not a game. it's a crime. it's no game. it's a violent crime. a man just walking down a new york city street punched in the face. new york reporter stacy delakat is live. what happened? >> this happened 2:30 in the
11:42 pm
morning in new york. an orthodox jewish man who was on his way home when he heard a group of men talking about the knockout game. he recognized the phrase from seeing it in news reports. the next thing he knew a fist was flying at his face. he was able to run and call police. and the suspects were apprehended. he did talk on camera, though he didn't want to show his face. but take a listen to how he explained what happened. >> i was walking home the way back from a job. i came across a group of people who were walking towards me, and i was able to hear them speaking loudly about this knockout game, which i've heard in the news as being a very dangerous game in which they knock someone to the ground. as i'm walking on the sidewalk, the group surrounded me and one
11:43 pm
of them, as i tried to get away, one of them stepped out towards me and with a closed fist hit me on the face as i was able to cringe and walk away from them, they called after me, come back, i can do this. i will knock you out. and then i called local police officers from the 66th precinct responded right away. and great efficiency. apprehended the four individuals who had just gotten into their car and tried to flee the scene. i'm really grateful that in fact i was not actually knocked to the ground. as far as i heard all the other people who are victims is of this crime were knocked to the ground. some even unconscious. so i'm definitely glad to have not been knocked to the ground
11:44 pm
all the way and not to have been knocked unconscious. >> well, you heard the victim say he called police and the police were able to catch up with the four men involved. those four men have been here at the 66th precinct in burrell park since very early this morning being questioned. though at last check they still have not been charged. these suspects range in age from 28 to 38 years old. keep in mind we're not talking about kids here, we're talking about adults. that's why one local lawmaker wants them to be charged with gang assault and bias attack. great t greta, saying this is the seventh so-called attack to happen in brooklyn in weeks. >> stacy, any indication that people have been standing around laughing. a lot of these we've been reporting, you have the ones committing the crime of hitting, but then you've got this group laughing about it. >> it's not clear how the suspects reacted in this case because we know the victim ran away as soon as possible so that
11:45 pm
he could call 911. so not clear what their reaction was, but there are reports that they were possibly pretty inebriated when this happened. >> let me ask a question i know the viewers want to know because there have been some racial implications to some of these. the suspects is, are they white, african-american, hispanic, mixed, what? >> police telling us that three of the suspects are hispanic and the fourth is what they describe asian/island pacificer. se t they said the fourth asian/island pacificer was the man who threw the punch. >> and joining us our legal panel in san francisco, here in washington defense lawyers bernie grim and ted williams. ted, first to you. >> this is just sick. these are thugs who are out for thrills. i think that what is going on here is that they are getting
11:46 pm
together and they're laughing about it. i think na tthat is criminal jue system is going to have to make a sound example of some of these thugs before this matter will dissipate, but there's a lot of video games and they're going on youtube and these other places and they're seeing this. this is just absolutely sick. >> jim, it's almost like a malignancy because it's happening in so many communities. there have actually been deaths on it. we've reported on cases where they've thrown a couple of punches and someone has died and you've got people laughing at the whole concept of this. they call it a game. and i hate to use it -- that's what they call it, but these are crimes. >> i think you have the right word "malignancy" as a prosecutor you come across people who are missing something inside. a basic human empathy which stops people from treating other people like a video object. there's an evil inside, a lack of empathy. a very serious crime. these kind of guys if you catch them, whoever prosecutes should
11:47 pm
lock them up. these are the guys that will commit a homicide, they'll do it again and again. again, they're lacking humanity inside. they're very scary people. >> do you think this will grow worse? >> yeah, it is. i read all the articles, new york, philadelphia, new jersey, seven blocks from here. jim is to the right point, i represent somebody in a robbery, you know what the motive is. the motive here is just to laugh which means these guys are probably sosociopaths. >> how do you find so many sociopaths? how do you find so many people willing to be so awful? >> it's video games. just all the rage. it's sickening. the problem is with juveniles, lock them up until they're 18. that's all you can do. >> looks like this is a jewish community. we have a 24-year-old orthodox jew man we heard from and the 78-year-old jewish woman the other night. >> it seems to go across all lines. there is no conscience in these young people. and again they're going to have to be made an example of.
11:48 pm
it may very well happen that they're going to hit the wrong person and they're going to be left on the street. >> that actually happened in michigan. >> we call them one-punch cases. one-punch homicides. it happens all the time. if you fall fast enough and you hit your head on the ground you die sometimes. what bernie said at the heart of it to some degree, it's as though it's a video game. there's this lack of basic compassion, empathy, this is another human be pg, i don't treat them this way. whether the way they're raised or sosocialized. unless the prosecutors lock them up so they're afraid to do it again, this will go on. >> you have the last 20 seconds. >> watching the film with our slurs, it is just sickening to watch. people walking down the road and somebody cold cocks them. >> not for money or a sexual assault for the sheer thrill of assaulting them.
11:49 pm
>> general men, as always, thank you. >> viewers, let's go off the record for a minute. the knockout game, as you know, it is no game. it is a crime. in some instances already murder. it is urgent we wake up role models and speak out against this vicious crime. we need role models. they have a voice and they do have some influence. i called for president obama and other african-american leaders to step up and speak out because so many african-american young people are involved in it. monday i said it again right here. and we reported about it again on tuesday, wednesday, last night and we did it just right now right here. so why the urgency to get our leaders to do something now? they need to address this before the nation becomes desensitized and ignores this. the term "knockout" is already creeping into our everyday ve e vernacul vernacular. that's a lousy sign. here's a perfect example of the term "knockout" already creeping into our every day use.
11:50 pm
this is the home page of the drudge report. i agree that headline is really clever. but clever we don't need. we need help with leadership and helping with this serious problem. is this just the beginning of the slippery where we use this word so lightly? why can't we just get them to do something? knockout isn't a catch phrase or buzz word. it's a vish nocious crime. if president obama can get in the middle of a spat between a harvard professor and a local police officer on a porch where no one was hurt, how about here where many are even getting murdered? mr. president, we need you. and that's my "off the record" comment tonight. if you have an important issue you think i should take off the record, go to and tell us about it. coming up, a new obama care mess, one like you've never heard before. typical of obama care that they would insure your dog by
11:51 pm
mistake. >> that colorado man and his dog are here next.
11:52 pm
announcer: right now at sleep train, save hundreds on beautyrest and posturepedic. choose $300 in free gifts with tempur-pedic. even choose 48 months interest-free financing on the new tempur-choice. the triple choice sale ends soon at sleep train.
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announcer: this song was created with heartbeats of children in need. find out how it can help frontline health workers bring hope to millions of children at now it's time to show you what we are watching. take a look. children in thailand showing the holiday spirit big time. 852 school children gathered at the world's largest shopping mall. breaking the guinness book of world record, they set the record and a dolphin showing his gratitude for the fisherman or her who rescued her. they found it trapped in a
11:54 pm
plastic bag. they were able to free the dolphin from the bag and release the dolphin back into the ocean. then the dolphin appears to jump for joy right out of the water. it looks like this beautiful dolphin was saying, "thank you." and take a look at these extreme wheelchair stunts. a guy known as wheels is showing that his wheelchair does not stop him. and that's what we're watching tonight. and coming up, just when you thought you had heard it all, a dog gets obama care.
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test test
11:57 pm
okay. now the story we've all been waiting for. admit it. i've been waiting for it. a dog gets obama care. you heard right. the colorado health care exchange opening an account for the yorkie. shane smith and his dog are here to tell us. what a great dog you have there, shane. >> thank you. >> so how did baxter get health care? >> i don't know. things just come easy for baxter. i guess they asked for a bunch of passwords and somehow he ended up getting the mail. his name was on the -- >> so you tried to get it for
11:58 pm
yourself, right? >> yes, absolutely. >> and so did you use baxter as your password? >> i called them on the phone and was talking to them that way. and they ended up sending. >> and what did the letter say? >> it said that he was qualified for the obama care, that he had -- he was in the groove there for it. >> is he eligible for a subsidy? i take it baxter -- i suspect baxter isn't working? >> no, he's not working but he does have a $5 co-pay now. >> and in the obama care menu, is veterinary medicine, is that one of the options or not? does he have to do out-of-pocket
11:59 pm
for that one? >> no, he's going to have to do out-of-pocket and he's 14 so it's going to be out of diaper. >> is he a good dog? >> he's a great dog. >> he looks very sweet. very kind. what's your view of obama care now that the government has been no magnaminous to extend it to your dog? >> i feel it's rather ridiculous. when i got the letter i started laughing and never thought my dog would be the new face of obama care. and he is an american. >> what happened to your health care? >> they dropped it, to be dropped whenever the new obama care goes into effect, then i'm supposed to pick that one up. but since it's under baxter's name, i'm not sure whether i really have it or not.
12:00 am
they corrected the mistake, at least i think. >> good luck, shane, and thanks for being with us. >> thank you. >> stay tuned for thewire. goodnight. welcome to "red eye." tonight -- >> coming up on "red eye." has the fbi finally found db cooper? shocking new evidence suggests he is alive and working at a kansas city arby's. plus, does the president turning down a cameo on "entourage"? >> all of us have moments when we look back and wonder whatwh the heck was i thinking? >> and finally have youth gymnastics become a training ground for a low general ofsupe cia super spies? the story nbc sports doesn't want you to hear. none of these stories on "red eye" tonight. >> and now let's welcome our guests.gues i am here with the lean queen of mean.


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