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tv   A Healthy You Carol Alt  FOX News  November 23, 2013 1:00pm-1:31pm PST

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centrifuge, centrif . welcome to "healthy you," i'm carol alt, the world renowned health specialist was on my show in the past weeks, and he was so knowledgeable, i asked him back for a whole separate question. i wondered since he suffered from allergies, how did he stop the sneezing and sniffing. you will be surprised about the results. i want to know will i get the same results or not? so i invited these ladies to try to convince me that their
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product will not only make me look younger but also improve my skin tone. but first, so many people have asked me how to detox heavy metals out of the body. do you worry about this? what about heavy metals in fish, leeching into the water. do you worry about this by doing one easy thing? well, one athlete has found a simple way to clean the body inside and out. so anybody who knows me knows i love hockey, and in particular, hockey players. but not just any hockey players. i like smart, interesting hockey players. and that is just what i have here. i have a very smart and interesting hockey player, why don't we walk over to him and find out why he is so smart and so interesting. >> hi, how are you? >> in the meantime, stanley cup player, hockey player, obviously. and you do something very special to keep healthy and to
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detox, i have heard. because you like to drink beer. anyway, you like to detox in this. but tell us about your particular regime. >> well, i've been doing it for 30 years. >> what have you been doing? >> the cycle -- you see this is a clean, healthy -- the idea behind the infrared is the ceramic heating elements will open up your pores quicker than the electric one. and from the surface out, getting rid of the toxins, whether it is food or booze. i talked to aaron downey -- >> i have all of these stanley cup rings around me, i feel very happy. so you found this because you're looking for something to detox you, and keep you healthy and prolong your career. here is aaron, aaron, you actually own part of the company, yes? >> i don't own the company, but i put everybody together, chris,
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rodney, myself together. >> i hear you don't actually take any compensation for this, you do it because you love it? >> no, before it was electric, and when i met rodney and explained the details about it, we got together, it is a healthy way -- >> what benefits did it give you? >> if you don't have the time to go to a gym or sometimes it takes a little extra harder work to sweat, this is the easy way for everybody. >> aaron, what does it do for you? >> same thing, called like an executive work. you get in there, once you sweat, you automatically feel better. >> executive workout, you can do it in your office. your parents are doing it? >> he is a diabetic, all of a sudden his blood went normal, his medication went down. i mentioned before, my mom wouldn't do it because of her hair. >> i read a lot of research on this, they said because you sweat so much in the cycle sauna
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that you actually sweat out more quickly through sweat than urine, actually, the toxins in your skin. you sweat out all kinds of plastic, heavy metals, and it helps all sorts of health issues, type 2 diabetes, allergy, asthma, i know that chris moins, who we had had on an earlier show, the asthma, changing the diet. >> it is all about sweating. >> all right, let's take a look at it. >> it is simple, you have windows, some people have problems -- they are claustrophic. very comfortable. >> and it makes it tolerable. >> how do you breathe where it
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doesn't affect you at all. >> it only gets up to 130 degrees, it is very comfortable. >> so why wouldn't i just crank up the heat in my room and ride a bike, or crank down the -- >> it is just healthier, as you mentioned, the ceramic heating elements open up the pores quicker, it is just a healthier heat, there is no other way to explain it. >> so you don't have to get very hot. >> correct, like anything else, you build yourself up to a longer period of time to ride. >> all right, well, guys i know that chris is a hockey player, -- this is for us. you're going to show her how to use this, like a sauna. >> all right, ready? >> i'm sold. >> okay, yeah -- >> so hop in there and show us how this is done. >> all right, well, just get a
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cheap plastic bike, obviously, like weight -- >> does it come with it? >> well, rodney supplies the bike, not part of the package, but he throws it in there. >> so rodney is the owner of cycle sauna? >> yes. >> and there is nothing in here toxic. >> come on, you can talk and cycle. you had beers last things in here. >> it is medical grade, and the benefits you get are --
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together, they're just amazing, called cycle sauna, and you will see a lot more of this. thank you, chris. >> you bet. >> i'll leave you this detox. >> you're going to let me do this? >> heck, yeah, don't be lazy. chris didn't want to take off his t-shirt. so he was a really good sport there. and i know it is the nhl season. so i wish him good luck to his team. up next, autumn is a beautiful time of year. but it can also create some horrible allergies for many people. and taking an antihistamine is not always a good idea. plus, do you really want to put
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tolerable, tolera years ago, this man was overweight, sick and tired. and on his way to some major health issues, but you would not know that looking at him today. how did he do it? he educated himself. he changed his life, but more importantly he changed his eating. the author of eating for beauty, and the genius behind nature bullet, david wolf. and to tell us how good or bad food is for us, and maybe, just maybe, i can coax him into shedding light on the mysteries of allergies. when i focus on food and what is healthy food, no one seems to know what healthy food is. it is an enigma to them. can you tell us why it is happening? >> well, we have a variety of foods, i go for quality, the
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organic, i know the person who grew it. i look for food that actually looks fresh. i will only drink fresh juices. and so we need a new standard. this is what you're doing for us is setting the standard on what is actually healthy. >> sometimes i say to a friend of mine, what did you have last night? >> they say our dinner was so healthy, we had boiled chicken and broccoli. it is so disgusting -- >> but where did it come from? >> and boyiling it because it i bland? i don't find raw foods bland. >> and green juices, there is no calories, sugar, or stimulants. >> you can look at amazing raw food at this website -- >> with no side effects. not even getting heavy or fat or diabetic or anything like that.
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i'm also struck by the fact that people are afraid to change their diet. >> well, we hear so many mixed report the. and what you have to do is look at somebody getting the results you desire. and just do what they're doing, that is the old secret of success, find somebody doing what you're doing, and do what they do. >> that is so funny you would say that, when i choose a regime for my style, i looked at all the doctors out there. when i chose dr. brantley, i did what he did, i adopted it. of course, raw food. i have not re cigarette e regre day, and food allergies, what are happening with that? >> food allergies are increasing, i had terrible allergies. >> do you have them now? >> well, i've been able to get rid of it. >> that is what people don't understand, you can get rid of allergies. >> absolutely, it was crippling. when i run myself down i can
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feel itchy eyes, or the tingling -- >> what is happening there? >> my adrenals are getting taxed. so i'm starting to go low in sodium, the right kind of sodium. this is important, there is a relationship between hydration and having the right kind of salt. what we recommend for people with allergies, switching from the table salt and move towards sea salts. and i started to use it in my diet. it was like an instinct. i started to drink the salt water when i felt the allergies come back, i take the pure water with a couple of pinches to it, sea salt, and i would drink it all of a sudden it would go away. and it was in the medical books in the 1850s, that my parents had. >> that is so funny, because
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they took a lot of those books out in order to make room on the shelf. >> tell us about the allergies. >> you have to take the burden off of your body, omega 3 fatty acids are anti-inflammatory, whereas omega 6 is flammatory, or bringing back nuts -- >> people were also allergic to nuts. >> one thing about nuts other than the omega 6, it is a lot of food, very heavy. >> do you find that maybe detoxifying the body -- >> it helps, it is a whole process, we'll walk you through it, we want to get the irritants out of our body, the high fructose corn syrup, very
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allergenic. >> and add a little salt and water. it can be as simple as all of that. oh, my gosh, david, you shed so much light on the allergies, i so appreciate you coming back here. we'll have you back on again you're such a genius. and up next, these folks convince me if a product will help me keep looking young. we'll see in just a few moments. but i am so stuffed up, i can't rest. [ male announcer ] nyquil cold and flu liquid gels don't unstuff your nose. they don't? alka seltzer plus night fights your worst cold symptoms, plus has a decongestant. [ inhales deeply ] oh. what a relief it is. i'm here to say a few words about the power of baking stuff with nestle toll house morsels.
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welcome back to a healthy you. okay, i have watched the infomercials for this next product and saw some amazing, amazing results. i read the instructions really well, there are no problems there, not too small, i could really see it and i did what
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they said. but i couldn't get my eyebrow to get up there and stay like that. so i invited the people from derma 1 to come and show me i could get the same results from the infomercial. stella, i'm all yours. i actually removed my makeup, did all of this, so i can show me what i'm doing wrong, if i am doing anything wrong. the dramatic -- >> dthe dramatic -- was that jut info-licensing for the commercial? >> you know, carol, the more you use it the better the results. but let's try it on you and give it a swirl. >> well, here is julie. now i had a friend say to me, i was afraid to use it because there is like something shooting out of the front. tell us what the derma wand is and how it works.
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>> as you see, carol, julie is giving a little light pressure using the derma wand, it operates at 168,000 cycles per second. that all sounds like a lot of stuff. but what you get, doing a facial, i can only go so far with it. >> but it doesn't give you a permanent result, right? >> well, you know, to compliment some women who do injections, you have to have increased circulation for tone, and increased blood flow. >> this increases the circulation and oxygen to the skin, thereby what? keeping you looking younger? >> and toning your skin, to help you look the best you can look. >> i want you to try it on me, there are different levels, the first level was low, i started
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on that about a month and a half ago. i used it up. and is it going here? >> right, it wouldn't do anything until it comes in contact with the skin. >> i use moisturizer with it. >> perfect, that enhances the effect. >> julie is over here using it with her makeup, that is okay, too? >> that is a pick me up. >> so i took my makeup off. >> you're brave, you're gorgeous. >> so i have a moisturizer? >> it comes with the package, you can use any moisturizer with it if you have a favorite. >> okay, and the way i've been doing it, spinning around up here like this first. >> and then with the upward strokes. >> and then i hold it for three seconds and come back and hold it for three seconds. >> and what do you feel? >> well, i feel a little electrical pulse at the tip. i don't need to be afraid of it. it is not like it is so big, you can feel it. i smell the oxygen, i really do.
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and it does tingle, like i said maybe i'm not the actual best person to use this on. i invite looking to see what it does. >> so you know what? crank it up a little bit more. >> it is all the way up. >> all right, let's go close on this so we can see what it does. >> i'm going to try to get the arch of your eye, so close your eye for a second. we'll just lift up here a little bit. >> and hold it for 40 seconds. >> ever so slowly i'm just bringing it right up. now, here is the thing, sometimes people respond immediately. sometimes people need a little more time with it. your skin is pretty tone and tight on its own. >> what is was looking for was the dramatic lift. >> let's say you have a little bit of a lift. >> let's look at the camera, did we get a result? >> right here ilready tell a little bit of a lift. it is temporary, the more you use it, the better the results.
1:24 pm
>> when you say temporary, how long does it last? >> well, it wouldn't fall in two seconds, it will last through the day, right? and then you do it again and it is cumulative. >> so the more you do it -- i'm getting more results now than i did a month and a half ago. >> absolutely, i've been in it ten years now, so i'm going to be 53. >> and you're 80 and look -- your skin looks really good. i have to say. >> now, here is the result i did get from it. now, i can't tell about toning, and even though i used it a month and a half i didn't go oh, my gosh, a big result, my eyebrows lifted. what i did, i had a little keratosis, and it literally took it off. so i didn't have to go to a dermatologist and get it taken off. and that for me was the price of the derma wand, and you have something like that and think it might help, i did get a result. the other stuff, like she said
1:25 pm
everybody is a little bit different. it is something you might try. dramatic eyebrow lifting, infomercial results, maybe a little bit of dramatic license, but you know -- >> well, look on julie, it helped with ten years, her muscles are pretty tone and they respond quickly to it. but again, it is like a treadmill, some people see dramatic results. some do it a little bit at their pace. >> so the longer you do it in each session, the better off you are. >> absolutely, can't beat it. >> thank you, thank you carol. >> thank you both for coming. all right, so my vote is like you know, for some who really need the lift. >> anyway, up next, we ask carol. this is the quicksilver cash back card from capil one. it's not the "limit the cash i earnvery month" card. it's not the "i only earn decent rewards at the gas station" card. it's the no-games, no-signing up,
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you, time now for our weekly segment, ask carol. today, boyd asks, do you drink coffee? i do confess i love a good cup of cappucino, i drink coffee, but i feel like it is acidic to the body. most of us are acidic anyway, so we balance it out. i sacrificed coffee. acid in the body does two things, one, it can age you, two, inflame you, one causing wrinkles, the other causing disease. it is too much of a kick for the adrenals, why do you want to do that? at some point your body won't function properly, so it feed it what it needs to do just that. remember, if you have a question about aging or diet, tweet me.
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that is all for today, thank you for joining us, and until next time i hope you learn to be more of a healthy you. >> a pair of bizarre incidents sparking fear and panic at two u.s. major airports, hello, everyone, i'm gregg jarrett. welcome to america's news. evacuating two terminals they delayed thousands of passengers in the process. this is a bomb threat on board a spirit airlines flight, creating havoc at another major airport hundreds ofil


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