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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  November 23, 2013 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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to have germy surfaces. but a fresh sheet of bounty duratowel leaves this surface cleaner than a germy dishcloth. it's durable. and it's 3 times cleaner. so ditch your dishcloth and switch to bounty duratowel. tonight an update on the woman from our last show. the one with stage 4 terminal cancer. cut off from life-saving treatment by obama care. hem oh and welcome to "justice." i'm judge jeanine pirro. thanks for being with us. and a dire warning, could already be compromised. first, he did it again. president obama who knew for three years that americans even if they liked their health care plan would not be able to keep it, continued to lie saying that they could, and he just did it again. and although he claims he truly
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believed that americans could keep their health care plans, he now admits he was inaccurate. so why was he inaccurate? why can't we keep our health care plan if we like them? why? because mr. transparency himself changed the fine print, and made believe he didn't know anything about it. kind of reminds me of a used car salesman. >> used cars aren't lying, aren't kidding, we're telling the truth when he say, we have used cars in a-1 condition, a-2, a-3. we have used cars. >> he changed the rules so that we could not keep our health care plans. shock. he lied again. he lied about that awful video in benghazi. e had lied about getting to the truth about the irs. and he lied to us about what
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most of us consider sacred. our family's health. now, how do i know this? i know it, because his own justice department and legal papers filed in federal court admitted that most health plans would lose their grandfather status by the end of 2013. so, mr. president, we finally know where you draw the line on lies. lie to the american people -- no problem. lie to congress -- no problem. lie to an oversight committee -- not a problem. but even you know not to lie to a federal judge in federal court. and mind you, it's not only the 5% as you say who have their own plans that you now admit will lose coverage, but all of us, including well over 100 million american workers who get coverage through their employers, who will lose their
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grandfather protection status. except, of course, you, mr. president. your staff, congress, their staff, and those union friends of yours. but you say that we should welcome the new mandate. that it will bring better health care and lower premiums to us. now, how could that possibly be? there is no way that these plans could be cheaper. why? because they have to include stuff that we don't need. now, i'm guessing. if you're a senior citizen you probably do not need pediatric dental care. false teeth, maybe, but not pediatric dental care. and i'm guessing that if you're a gay man, you probably don't need labor room and delivery benefits, and if you're a postmenopausal woman, i'm guessing you probably don't need maternity benefits. maybe a few fans or air
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conditioner, but not maternity benefits. and the debt that you, mr. president, went through to perpetuate this lie is only outdone by the ineptitude of your administration to even make good on your signature legislation. what do i mean by that? how do you spend more than $600 million on a website that doesn't work? why do you hire a could canadian company that even canada fired with a french name that nobody can pronounce, through a no-bid contract? why would you even go out of the united states, the home of amazon and google, and hire a foreign company? and this week we find out that your own fbi has been investigating one of your website contractors for fraud. the same contractor repeatedly written up in trade journals and exposes for low-balling builds to win contracts only to have the final cost balloon
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exponentially, but i'll bet you're going to get to the bottom of this and you're going to hold people accountable. but why would i believe that, since you permitted navigators with criminal convictions to gather our personal, private information to put on a website that doesn't work? why would you do this? why lie about something that you know will ultimately be exposed as blatantly untrue? why lie about a video in benghazi? why lie about your irs targeting your political opponents? why? so that you, mr. president, can win an election. this week an abc "washington post" poll found had the health care lie been exposed before november 2012, romney would have won the election 49% to 45%. and benghazi, of course, you have to say it was a video. if you admitted that you knew al qaeda had killed four americans, then i guess you're osama bin
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laden wouldn't have been so compelling, and if the irs hadn't targeted your political enemies during your election, which, by the way, was pretty close, we might also have had a completely different result. so now that you've been forced to admitted lie even your own party has panicked. they are scared. those ho touted your health care bill including mary landrieu, they're jumping ship. what to do going forward? yesterday you gave us an extra month next year to sign up for obama care. you say it's good news for consumers, because we'll have more time to learn about the plan before enrolling. you know, my dad, rest in peace, always told me, there are two reasons for doing things. a good reason, and the real reason. the real reason --
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the one month would move the start of the 2015 enrollment and the inevitable increase in premiuming until after the 2014 midterm elections. now, in that special? mr. president, with all due respect, you have done nothing but pull the wool over americans' eyes in your relentless pursuit of power. whether it was the nuclear option this week in the senate or trying to convince the american public we couldn't have saved those four americans that we now know were begging for help in benghazi. you came into office claiming you would give the american people the most transparent administration in history. that's one of the few things that maybe you didn't lie about. except the transparency is about you. you are the one who's transparent, and americans now see right through your lies.
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and with me now conservative columnist and author of "never trust a liberal over 3" ann coulter. am i wrong? >> that was the most magnificent intro i have ever heard. i'm going to change it to the answering machine on my cell phone and when i turn on my computer i want that to come up. no. you're completely right. when you say, in addition to lying in order to win an election, one of the things in the "new york times" describes obama lies about keeping health care when he was campaigning, he misspoke. not only a lie, an intentional absolutely necessary lie, because even with the sleazy parliamentary maneuvers congress would not have been able to pass obama care without that lie. without obama and the democrats all repeating that lie over and over again. and you mentioned mary landrieu, the allegedly conservative democrat senator from indiana. >> oh, yeah. a lot of democrats are backing away now.
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sorry. they all voted for it. talk about doing something just to win their re-election. >> ann, it's worse than that. what we now know is that the justice department is offering papers that make it clear that they knew that we weren't going to keep our health care plans. the office of -- of i think it's -- is it budget control? which office was it that said basically that there's no way they can keep their health care plan. the health and human services promulgated these saying they're not going to be able to keep it and 67% of americans won't be able to keep it. they knew all of this. >> yes. yes, and, yes, there was an hhs report back in 2010 saying 194 million americans will be thrown off their current health care plans and now have the audacity, those were crack health care plans because they don't cover are the things you mentioned. maternity care for an ed e! elderly couple and the gay guys because they totally need maternity care. no.
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this is -- it is furious and it would have been impeachable if it were any other president. but i just -- i'm so worried that these democrats are going to worm their way out and convince their constituents, oh, but i'm trying to help now. trying to give you a better plan. >> what i'm thinking now, i'm thinking for the first time that americans are saying, hey, wait a minute. this is about my health now. >> right. >> one thing for you to lie about politics. you know, whatever. but don't you lie to me about, you know, a possible decision regarding a mastectomy and if i'm an amp pew poo u i'm an amp pew poo teeamputee? >> i hope so. i hope republicans don't blow it. if there was ever a time to reject the idea there's no difference between the parties. remember, not one american voted for obama care, not one republican voted for it. and don't get in the way, ted cruz. well, nothing falls on its own. look at -- look at public education in america. half of public school graduates
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in new york can't read. has that fallen on its own? no. once liberals put something in place it will go on and on and on unless you elect republicans to reteal it. >> ann coulter, always good to be with you. thank you. coming up, remember maria silva, the woman we met last show diagnosed with terminal cancer? her med coverage was dropped because of obama care. she's back with an update. you're not going to want to miss this one. and voting tonight's insta-poll with president obama re-elected if americans knew they were going to lose their health care? facebook or tweet me at judge jeanine. [ female announcer ] you walk into your laundry room,
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iran must curb its nuclear activities in return for a gradual easing of sanctions. this limits the nuclear program. >> iran has committed to halting certain levels of enrichment and neutralizing parts of its stockpile. iran cannot use its centrifuges which are used for enriching uranium. iran cannot stall or start up the production of centrifuges will be limited. iran will halt work its plutonium reactor. >> now, the deal marking a milestone between the u.s. and iran. the white house calling it an initial step. now back to "justice with judge jeanine". for your latest headlines head
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to alert. i'm harris fallner in new york. we want to bring you this late-breaking news now. the situation we've been following from geneva. we knew that our secretary of state john kerry was meeting there with five super powers talking, world powers, talking about iran's nuclear program, talks of a draft agreement happened during fox report a couple hours ago and now fox news is confirming a deal has been all right. maria, thanks for being with us. how are you tonight? >> i'm doing all right, judge pirro. >> let's go right to it. when you and i spoke you told me that you were scheduled for another round of chemo but when you went to -- chemo treatment. but when you went to the doctor, he put it off. what's going on there? well, i was trying to get some answers from my doctor about what treatment i would be receiving in the next few months because my tumor markers were
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increasing and he said chemo was in my future and i wasn't sure if it was going to be in december or january. i tried to get some answers from him to commit to when exactly. it's usually after a test, a p.e.t. scan. but i'm just not sure if i will have the instruments, you know, that with him -- he actually said i wouldn't have him as a doctor possibly after the new year. >> and how does that make you feel, maria? >> it was very upsetting because i've had this doctor for four years and i trust him. >> yeah. and maria, has anyone reached out to help you since we last spoke? >> honestly, not until friday did i get a phone call from a senator's office. they said i would talk to someone about insurance. it hasn't happened and i'm not sure when it will. actually, nothing -- >> maria, you know, when we
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called your doctor's office several times we left messages, wanted to talk to your doctor about what your concerns are and i understand that you got something in the mail. >> the following day after my appointment i got a valet coupon for the emergency room. it was a $5 coupon that i've never seen before or ever gotten anything in the mail like that before or the hospital. >> so what we see on the screen now is the parking pass that you got from your health care provider and apparently there's also -- it's a $5 pass. that's the only response you've gotten since we've last been on. going to ask dr. mark seagul, what does someone like maria do? >> of course, our heart is breaking for her. the first thing i want to say to her is that i still want doctors out there to be so committed to what they are doing that they would never drop a patient like maria when she has met as it
9:18 pm
stick cancer. i want oncologists to look at her without looking at the bottom line and having said that the obama care is making it very hard for doctors like that to continue to practice because the fees are going down to this extent. and so i also feel for the doctor in this situation. now, what maria should do, by the way, is try to get some policy, whether it's obama care sanctioned or not. the obama care policies are busy paying for your ma'am mow mammo, they are not paying for the treatment. >> when you say it's in your future, how long is your future at this point? >> actually, i hadn't tried this week. i had a little bit of a health scare. i had some chest pains earlier in the week and that was before i saw my doctor. so i've been a little stress over worrying about what would
9:19 pm
happen and trying to see what was happening with my own health, getting on the computer was not something that i really had time for at that time. >> so doctor, what do we do? maria clearly doesn't have time for this. or the focus. i mean, when she was last here, doctor, she said i'm scheduled for another round of chemo. since then she saw her doctor and he says, not so fast. who can help her? >> she certainly has to find a doctor that's going to work with this situation. this puts a real face on the problems that we're seeing with these websites because it's funny to make fun of them but real people out there like maria have their lives at stake and i also wonder about medicare because she's clearly disabled and then there's more red tape involved. we needless red tape. not more red tape. not more insurance regulations. we need to take care of sick people like her. the way to do that is not to add government overlay.
9:20 pm
>> maria, what do you want to happen? very quickly. >> i want to be sure i could get the care that i need and that i can trust that i'm going to be cared for. >> what would you -- >> definitely- >> -- say to president obama, if you could? >> i believe most americans believe in the american system and would like to have health care work for all americans. >> okay. all right. maria, our thoughts are with you and dr. siegal. >> thank you. >> good luck, maria. say you were one of the few to actually sign up for obama care. guess what? your personal information is now te. teed up in the hands of hackers and thieves. how to protect yourself, next. e and thieves. how to protect yourself, next. [ indistinct conversations ]
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i think it's great that this is happening. >> well, it's been a long time coming. >> yeah. >> i agree with you. >> temporarily down. >> uh-oh. >> well it's okay. it will come back. >> i know. >> that happens every day. that's the obama care site crashing right in front of head health care honcho simple sebelius. this week, in fact. it really makes me feel confident that my personal information is in great hand. with me now, cyber security expert morgan wright from d.c. and david kennedy, a white hat hacker hired by company to test security of they are websites from cleveland. both of these guys testified of this week on capitol hill about obama care website security risks. all right. i want to start with you, david. you think the obama care website
9:25 pm
has already been compensated by hackers, why? >> we didn't actually hack it but we can tell basically the website has a number of insecurities that haven't been addressed to this day. additionally, when you went to the search field on the health care website and threw in a semicolon you actually see hackers trying to attempt to break into the website based on the search results that you, that were actually returned. we could tell the website was already being attacked, a number of security exposures there. basically right now it's a great area for hackers to try to break in and get access to the site. >> morgan, should the white house shut this site down from, and start from scratch? >> absolutely, judge. this is one of the things we talked about during our testimony. this is too complex. there's too many lines of codes. too many vulnerabilities. the foundation of the website is so bad you can't spend the amount of money it would take to fix the thing. they've already -- it started off as a $92 million project. went up tos 292 million and now wee over $600 million.
9:26 pm
what does it stop? cheaper to stop it, scrap it, rebuild it from the ground up. >> why don't they do that? i mean, they've already admitted it's a problem. i mean, are they that committed to the people and one of the subcontractors is already under investigation by the fbi. we know that the main subcontractor was fired by canada. why? what's the hesitation? >> because they're all in. they had go fever. this thing was going to launch on october 1st, no matter what. from my testimony, david's testimony, it was very clear, the risks were out there. in fact, judge, on one of the finding, the threat limitless and still signed off on this thing. if you're going to sign off on that, they're all-in at this point and for them to admit anything else is admitting failure. that's a political issue. the technology, they're all in and doubling down. >> guys, as a d.a., one of the
9:27 pm
things that i -- i worked on and my office worked on was identity theft. i mean, just about everyone has been on television recognizes that you put in the your social security number, your date of birth, your address. you're teed up and now we know that the navigators can have a criminally conviction and can still have access to your information, and, you know, where does it -- is there a scenario where you think that they'd be able to be prevent some kind of identity theft? >> base and the security of the website itself, no. it doesn't appear to be getting any better right now. so, you know, think about this -- the now one of the largest publicly facing, internet facing site that collects so mitch information about us, it becomes trivial. not only are the bad guys going after it, but other government agencies that are hostage to the united states. it's definitely a recipe for disaster and to morgan the
9:28 pm
point, they're all-in right now and doesn't seem they'll be going back anytime soon. >> all right. and what is at risk? obviously, identity theft, but talk to us, morgan, about what really is at risk? what can happen if people's identities are stolen? >> well, look, judge, if you lose your credit card, call up, get a new credit card. i have a car accident, my insurance takes care of that, but when i lose my identity, which government agency do i go to get my identity back, my life back? on average it takes people, at one point, $1,000 to $10,000. think about the amount of time just to clear it up and you have to live with that forever. they've stolen your identity but you live with the consequences. it's too great a risk for the government to be a conspiracy in this. >> everything including your credit and reputation. david and morgan, thaechg so much for being with us tonight. >> thank you, judge. yet another obama care delay. how about we just scrap the whole thing? congressman desantis is next. don't forget to vote in tonight's insta-poll.
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. this is it a fox news alert. iran struck a deal and the deal means that iran must curb its nuclear activities for sanctions. >> we are taking those steps with an agreement that impedes the progress in a very dramatic way of iran's principle enrichment facilities and parts
9:33 pm
of its program and insures that it cannot advance in a way that will threaten our friends in the region. >> israeli prime minister netanyahu criticizing the deal. now back to "justice with judge jeanine. a google scientist announced this week within ten years they will be able to make a whole human heart using a 3d printer. they can make a heart from a printer. the bad news, the toner cartridges are not covered by obama care. that's the only problem. >> the national joke continues. but the white house in full panic mode trying to orchestrate a quick fix for the obama care debacle. but is the president's fix to the law unconstitutional? my next guest says it is. with me, florida congressman and a member of the house oversight committee, ron desantis from
9:34 pm
florida. all right, congressman. what do you say that the president's attempt at an obama care fix is unconstitutional? >> well, good evening, judge. when the president announced this "fix" he said we're going to extend the grandfather clause to cover some of these plans that people have signed up for in the last couple years. the problem with that is that obama care, the statute, does not cover any of those plans. so those cancellations are by design of the law. so he doesn't want congress to be able to go in and grandfather them, because he knows we'll give people way more relief than he wants to. so he's trying to say that he can kind of extend protection. the problem is, only congress can legislate. that's just our core function. the president is supposed to take care that the laws are faithfully executed. this president thinks that he can rewrite laws as he sees fit. that's just not constitutional government. >> congressman, the president counts the fact that he was a
9:35 pm
constitutional law professor. you and i and the first year law student knows that you can't -- through executive dictate say, you know what? even though we passed this law, you don't have to follow it. rime going to fix it. i mean, isn't this crazy? i feel like i'm in an alternative reality. >> think about if you're taking a high school civics class. they're got to teach you congress passes laws. the president enforces laws. there's nothing taught to people about the president being able to unilaterally extend laws and indeed if someone proposed that with the founding fathers they would have thrown a fit. that's exactly what they were protesting again. >> and another problem with obama care this week. why is it the administrationreff course, i referenced fact for the 2015 signup, we're going to give you an extra month.
9:36 pm
so that the -- democrats can get through the 2014 midterms? >> i've got to el it ytell you, idea of continue wale trying al pull the wool over peoples eyes? in 2012, he told people you may lose your plan, lose your doctor. you're going to pay a heck of a lot more, he would not have been re-ele re-elected. >> right. >> why are they trying to dupe the american public again before 2014. we in the house should insist that enrollment period be open before the election so that the american people have the facts. >> congressman, thanks for being with us this evening. >> any time. with me, democratic strategist steve laser and republican strategist ryan tradowski. ryan, right to you. new polls that say 7% of americans say that they are happy with obama care.
9:37 pm
who are these people? >> you know, after ted cruz gave his speech and harry reid shut down the government and blamed the republicans, support for obama went to an all-time high and then collapsed because it's a horrible bill and law. the only wane to defend it for democratic senators like mary landrieu to not be seen with the president and for president obama to not make unconstitutional quick fixes in order to support and change his signature legislation. >> steve, you're shashging your head. >> look, part of that poll that stuck out to me was the 43%. only 43% of the people want obama care repealed so the vast majority of the american people want to give it a chance. the other thing i would say about the unconstitutionality thing -- >> yeah, but 61% of americans disapprove. >> what parts do they disapprove. >> i don't care. in i don't like the care it doesn't mat fer it's the back seat or the head light. >> young kids can stay on programs until age 26. they like the fact pre-existing
9:38 pm
conditions are no longer ex-clutded. when you talk about differ partsd of the plan they like different parts of obama care, when the full exchange programs go into effect, when people get on them they're going to like those, too. >> that doesn't mat whir it comes to elections, steve. no offense. >> oh, it matters. >> no, it doesn't. >> it's going to matter. >> america loves it when we took ober iraq in the war but hated it when e were stuck in the minutia of that war 12 years. democrats are set on a jie gigantic loss in 2013. >> let's see if that will happen. let's talk about the nuclear option, because i want to move this along. 225 years, no one has ever used the nuclear option in the senate. do you think, steve, that the democrats are going to be sorry when the tables are turned? >> one thing i do worry about, but i'll tell you this, in those 225 years you talked about, judge, there have been an 168 filibusters of presidential nominees, have occurred in the last five years.
9:39 pm
you can't tell me that's okay. you can't tell me that harry reid didn't have a reason to do this. i am worried about what happens when the republicans do get back the white house and the senate. as a matter of fact, i think even further, and i betcha take away the filibuster foreeverything out it was absolutely necessary here. the government could not go forward with the -- >> here's the thing. let me tell you the reason. the reasons, it's the second, the d.c. circuit, which is the judges that the -- the president obama was trying to put on the d.c. circuit, are the ones who decide his regulations, and his promulgations and all that stuff. thach that why it was important. >> why couldn't he appoint those judges? >> i don't know why he couldn't apoint the judges. >> there you go. >> this is nothing new. federal judgments and appointments have been opposed by opposing parties from the beginning of time. >> and the d.c. circuit gets the least amount of case work. it's not like it's the 9th or 7th circuit court.
9:40 pm
little case work oos a whole as a d.c. court. >> shouldn't have been objections. we cannot get past the point that no other president has faced these kind of objections and obstructions to his appointments that president obama has. it's unprecedented, the type of obstructionism he has experienced. it's not right. >> so we should gut the whole system. >> do you think the president invited it? i've never seen a president talk with such -- being so vitupreative. who talks like that? it's beneath him. >> i looked at several appointees not brought up for an up our down vote by republicans filibustering in the senate. these are folks, when you listen to republican senators, they have no objection to some of these folks. some were appointed to their initial bench by republicans in the white house. >> harry reid still -- harry reid -- loved the nuclear option before he hated it, and as was
9:41 pm
said, he could -- said in the senate, mcconnell, it's a fill la be fillabuster. if you like it, keep it, too. >> thank you. new information on the terror attack in benghazi. reaction from the mother of one of the victims. [ grunts softly ] [ ding ] i sense you've overpacked, your stomach. try pepto to-go. it's pepto-bismol that fits in your pocket. relief can be yours, but your peanuts... are mine.
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and it just hits you -- that nasty odor coming from your washer. say farewell to the smell with tide washing machine cleaner. it goes straight to the source of the stink toift odor-causing residues off your washer's drum. tide washing machine cleaner. new information on the deadly terror attack that claimed the lives of four americans over a year ago in
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benghazi. congressional sources tell fox news state department workers at the consulate made frantic distress calls during the attack, new though couldn't defend thenlsz and were pleading for their lives, pleading for backup. these new revelations make it even more clear that the americans in benghazi were not properly protected, despite being in one of the most dangerous places on earth. with me now, the mother of one of the americans who died that night, pat smith, whose son sean worked for the state department. pat, how are you this evening? >> oh, i'm okay. >> all right, pat. it appears that the distress calls were from the consulate where your son sean was. has anyone from the administration spoken to you about these calls? >> no. they have thought. no one has ever gotten in touch with me ever. ever. >> all right. and, pat, you know, your son was the communications person.
9:46 pm
correct? >> yes. he was. he was the one that probably received the calls, and this is very hard for me to say, but he was the one that would be begging, begging to have help sent. as he had done previously, and they turned him down telling him that they can't. that you're on your own. you're on your own. there's no help coming. can you imagine how anybody would feel? knowing that? >> well, no, i can't, but, you know, pat, when we heard from members of the intel committee that, you know, they actually heard the voices, i mean, shouldn't you be entitled to know 0, especially since the call was froms consulate, where your son was? shouldn't you be entitled to at least hear your son, if it was him, or to know whether it was him? >> well, he didn't call me. it wasn't me. so -- no, i don't expect to know
9:47 pm
too much about what the government does. but i do expect that when they tell people that they are -- they've got security there, and don't worry about it. here. you don't need to have a gun, because we've got plenty of security for you. and then they realize that there's no help. no nothing. nothing. >> was your son sean told that he didn't need to have a gun, pat? >> no. not that i know of. i didn't talk very much to him about that. >> okay. all right. but, pat, you know, if you could ask the president something now that these -- these calls have been made public, or at least to congress, what would you ask him? >> the same thing i asked him before. please, tell me what happened. and whoever made the decisions, just tell me. i blew it. i screwed up. i did the wrong thing. i made the wrong decision. and we can go on from there.
9:48 pm
but nobody has done that, because nobody feels they did anything wrong. it's okay to, to have our sons and daughters get-g -- get slaughtered because they didn't do their job. it's hard. it's hard. >> our hearts go out to you. thanks so much for being with us this evening. >> okay. thank you, judge. joining me now, former cia analyst fred weiss. you just heard pat smith. we now know there were pleading calls from the consulate that night, probably from her son. what happened to the no man left behind concept? >> it's really a terrible story, judge, and thank you for having me on. this is not the way the u.s. government is supposed to protect its employees abroad. i feel betrayed. the security threats in libya were well known, but the obama administration had this naive view of the world after 9/11. i mean, after the death of osama bin laden, and this is narrative
9:49 pm
they continue to push even after it was apparent this was a terrorist attack just so the president wouldn't have problems with his re-election. >> fred, there you two pieces to this. number one, we know it was one of the most dangerous places in the world, and we know that the ambassador had asked for help, and had asked for security previously from its friend hillary, but then the second piece of it, fred is that, when they were calling for help, you know, apparently everyone was told to stand down. and we left glen dougherty and tyrone woods on the roof of the annex that night. i mean what do people in the cia, in your community, think of this? to this administration's choices? >> well, there's a -- two answers to that question. i would say the people i know with the cia and state department are disgusted. they know what happened. but there's also a trend here, judge, that's very troubling. that the cia tends to support democratic administrations and it leaks against republican ones. we saw this in the clinton
9:50 pm
administration. we saw leaking against george w. bush administration and this administration we're seeing additional non-disclosure agreements. abuses of polygraphs and we see some of the heroes, the cia contractors who saved, who risked their lives to save employees under now being discr because they're speaking out. >> going forward, i mean, do you think that -- in spite of the politics of this, you talk about democrat and republican. isn't there a bigger issue with the cia that if people are told to stand down and not to protect americans, i mean, politics be damned, it's time for the cia and military people to stand up and say no more? >> well, these contractors defied orders to wait, and they went in there and they saved lives. i think we need more accountability, better oversight and related to this i think we need a committee, a special
9:51 pm
committee to tie up all the loose ends and find out what happened. >> thanks, fred, for being with us. >> thank you. >> coming up, charges dropped against the two teens accused of bullying a girl to death. the outspoken sheriff who arrested them joins me live. so if you have a flat tire, dead battery, need a tow or lock your keys in the car, geico's emergency roadside assistance is there 24/7. oh dear, i got a flat tire. hmmm. uh... yeah, can you find a take where it's a bit more dramatic on that last line, yeah? yeah i got it right here. someone help me!!! i have a flat tire!!! well it's good... good for me. what do you think? geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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12-year-old rebecca sedwick was bullied so relentlessly that she ended up jumping to her death. two girls were charged with stalking. charges were dropped this week and the sheriff is in the middle of all this. he could be facing his own legal
9:55 pm
troubles. take a listen. >> sheriff grady judd wanted to give me some legal advice on how to practice law. well, i've got some advice for him. he should get a lawyer and a darn good one because he's going to need it. >> on the phone polk county sheriff grady judd. sheriff, thanks for being with us. how do you react to jose baez's threat of legal action? >> we've been sued before for making legitimate arrests. we work with the state attorney's office when we file these charges. we file them because we have probable cause. the first appearance judge confirmed it the next morning and at the end of the day this lawyer has wanted us to forget about a 12-year-old child that jumped to her death because she was bullied. >> let me interrupt for a minute. if the state's attorney's office had worked with you in the beginning, why did they drop the charges? >> because this is juvenile court, judge, and there was an
9:56 pm
intervention. most cases don't go all the way through a juvenile trial. what happened is there was a diversion for the worst of the two bulliers and as a result -- >> sheriff, i've been a judge in the county court, i've been the da, i've brought the charges. why would you arrest them in the first place if all you wanted was diversion? >> you know that's not the way the system works. you're obviously not family with the florida system. >> i'm family with the system. why are you making arrests and doing all this national television so these girls can get diversion? >> i did this arrest because they committed a felony and in the state of florida you put people in custody that commit felonies. diversion is one of the options that the state attorney's office has. we're looking out for the best interest of the children. >> you know what, i think the only person to be honest with you, who deserves some kind of
9:57 pm
treatment or service is the victim in this case. anyway, sheriff, thanks so much for being with us this evening. >> judge, take care. we're going to continue to do what's right. >> i hope so. >> i hope so. that's it for us at afraud could meanuld blower credit scores. and higher car loan rates. it's a problem waiting to happen. check your credit score, check your credit report at
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