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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  November 23, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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welcome to red eye. coming up on "red eye kwts has the pentagon bate new breed of super soldier that can walk through fire sn nchts does the vice president want to sell crystal meth method to pay down the national debt sgl we will be able to export it around the world. now let's welcome our guests. being hideously ugly has not
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stopped her at all, miss new york, still waving that strange hand. and andy levy and fresh from his one-mand show the curt cameron story, it is jessie. she wearing 16 layers tonight. like a dagwood sandwich. you laugh. he doesn't know what i meant. next to me a living legend. country blue grass singer ricky skaggs. bruce hornsby is still alive, too. it is nothing but death metal covers because that's the way it is. his autobiography came out in august. it is called "kentucky traveller" you have to buy it. all right. would you rather die than have phones in the sky? the fcc, whatever that is, is
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considering changing the rules about cell phones in flights above 10,000 feet but any change wouldn't happen for month and requires a few weeks for public comment. . the flight attendants union praised the proposal with a rep saying flight attendants understand the importance of maintaining a quiet cabin environment. it is unwelcome and unsafe. i was mistaken. they are not for it at all. go to red eye aviation correspondent flying dog. >> woo! >> right before the stop sign. tragic, i don't want people to do that at home in their car because bad things happen. what if you drop the dog and i don't know. it's sad. jessie, your mode of travel is usually a bus which upsets your 15-year-old girlfriend. do you think phones on planes
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are wiechlz aren't people dealing with enough stress? >> it is the last place where you can dodge someone's phone call. that 15-year-old calls me way too often. it is just like, it is the only place. if they take that away i'm not going to have any excuse. i have kulti vatd the last several years a relationship with andy where i led it him to believe twice a week i go to colombia and if he doesn't think i go there anymore -- i think you blew that one. >> i did. i did. because it is in cambodia. >> then you had to add a swear word. >> which worder. >> that's the one you added. now we have to bleep twice that word. >> i should probably stop saying [ bleep ]. >> all right, joanne. as miss new york, usa, you are already exempt from certain laws. won't this create havoc. this is the worst thing that can happen to the world. >> as long as the pilot isn't on his cell phone telling his
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girlfriend what he had for lunch we are safe. we will be fine. people are saying this will ruin their flight experience. it's going to be disruptive and uncomfortable for them. flights are already uncomfortable. you have a screaming baby in the back and a smelly person next to you. i think that with your free soda they should hand out ear plugs. >> that's a thought. >> if you get next to greg you get the screaming person and the smelly person. >> but i do wear a diaper. glad to have you here. i'm sure you haven't regretted it yet. what do you make of this? you travel a lot? >> if it got down to texting or e-mail on a plane but we are already in there like a cattle car and people are jammed in there. i can't imagine sitting there, you know, on an hour and a half flight and someone is talking, telling their problems right next door to you. it would not be good. >> i'd like that.
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i like to listen to other people's problems. >> you do. >> specifically if they are worse than mine and somewhat grotesque because i feel better about myself. i don't know about you. you don't travel at all. you have a limited budget. >> true. >> you are kind of a home body with your cats. you have probably never been in a plane. >> no, but i have seen them out the window. i'm actually a jewish shut-in. that is encouraging him. >> that is funny pun. this is the first thing ever. it would be the defining legacy of the obama legacy. this is worse than the irs scandal, benghazi, worse than our president being might having been born in a foreign controversy. i don't think you should be able to talk on cell phones in public period. go to the bathroom, wherever. talk on the phone.
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i don't care about your phone conversation. stop talking in the elevator. stop talking in the subway. get off your stupid phone. >> by the way, i don't like people talking on the phone in the bathroom. i they is bizarre. there is somebody that does it on the 18th floor at fox and with the door shut. he is actually sitting and talking on the phone and certain noises that are happening. that's not right. >> i meant bathroom/kitchen of your apartment. >> i thought you innocent the office. >> they could put a telephone booth in the plane. >> that would be cool. >> like a little red one, with a glass door. >> seems like a lot of work, ricky. >> extra money. >> when other people do things that you do, that bothers you. that's what it is. >> because we recognize the fault in ourselves and opposed to saying that we are doing something wrong we like to project it on other people. >> i'm okay texting while walking and slowing everybody down. if you are in front of me doing that i want you dead. we are just awful people.
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me.l is not other people. you are the rotten person. you are, jessie. >> seems like you want me to respond to that. all right. they are calling him a life-saving robot but for how long? it is time for "red eye raises the question nobody asked because otherwise it wouldn't be a story because nobody asked." >> you got that? he is 6'2", 330 pounds and has more than enough hardware. i speak of atlas, the humanitarian robot designed to save lives in disaster zones them man sized machine has head-mounted sensors to give a wide field field of view. hydraulic joints so he can crouch, kneel and jump down and tools so he can use screw drivers or crush throats. sounds too good to be true? or too true to be good. meanwhile, look at another protect jekt the pentagon is testing.
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♪ >> ruin a perfectly good video with that music. you like it? >> yeah. >> you make me sick. i go to you because you are dressed like edward fur long from terminator one and terminator ii. they are saying this will save lives in disaster zones. that's what the robots us want us to think. sooner or later this will go bad. >> i'm running a haunted hay ride later. >> you know halloween was a month ago. >> oh, son of a -- i have to the set my clock back. i forgot to do that. i don't know if you know this, the robot was designed to save live in japan. only difference is if the japanese robot saved you you could have sex with it.
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they desire int macy. >> that is new. i was unaware of. >> you were oun aware that japanese build robots to have sex. >> i missed that fact. >> jo ann, she 6'2", will you only date tall robots. >> yeah. >> in pictures. it will look better when i wear my heels, you know. >> are you frightened by this? >> i'm not. he's a real man. more of a man than all of my exes put together. i have named him arthur opposed to atlas. ar di, that could be nice. if he is go ing to do good and save people from destruction and harm, i say let the geeks have their field day and keep experimenting and try it out. test it out. >> this is what scares me. it starts that wayed ands badly. >> it does. i am envious of his joints that they can do all of that. >> that's actually a good point.
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you can salvage their joints for your joints. >> that's right. usually when i drop something and i have to get down and get it, pick it up, i'm always saying what else can i do while i'm down here? can i do something else? >> exactly. you don't want to take two trips down there when you can do it in one shot. when i drop something, i try to drop four or five other thing and arrange time in the day to crawl. >> in fairness, you have a lot less room. if you drop something it is pretty much right there. i don't know what the problem is here. >> we had this discussion about these kinds of jokes. we weren't going to have them anymore. kidding. no. no. ever notice on that know with the little people how their messes are always a mess because they don't put stuff away. >> are you talking about "return of the jedi." >> exactly. >> this guy is mostly made of aluminum, steel and titanium. you are however made of sadness and dander.
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thoughts? >> none, really. a couple. if this is a humanitarian robot make it cuter. this thing is rescuing kids. it's going to scare the kids. they are not going to crawl out from under the rubble. >> i think it is attractive. >> and i think this is contributing to the obesity epidemic. 6'2", 330 according to the national institute of health it is a bmi of 38. >> the rise of robot rights wchl ve shows of zombies. nobody is going to rise back from the dead but robots will gain consciousness. they will because we already have the internet. the internet will join with robots and they will have their own thoughts and create their own civilization and demand rights and then we're in big trouble. they are going to have marches and kill all of us. >> when are they officially a robot? >> that's a good question. >> it has to move. a room ba is a robot.
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>> i'm moving to canada and i'm going to marry a robot. >> you are going to have a canadian robot girlfriend which means you will probably have a gay robot in america. >> i don't get that. >> because generally you would have -- never mind. i'm telling you -- >> japanese people are working hard to create electronic devices they can put their penis in. >> thank you for elaborating even more. >> oh, trying to bail him out of whatever. >> all right. it puts you at ease when cutting the cheese. this is a sophisticated program tonight. a british company says they have invented the ultimate flatulence filtering under wear. the story is a year old but it's new to us. the line of boxers and briefs is called shred dis. they call a special cloth called
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zorflex that can be found in chemical gear to keep out unwanted gas. according to research the high-tech underwear can filter out smells 200 times this strength of the average flatulence. i didn't know a single farther was called a flatulence. i might be wrong. what are we showing here? the company's slogan, fart with confidence. >> that is japanese robots. up to no good. >> move it alone. move along to a dog scared of his own flatulence. >> what did you do? >> that is amazing. because you can remember that time when it first happened and what surprise that went through your head. joanne, i would imagine this would make for an awkward purchase for a woman but because
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i guess you can buy things on-line through places like amazon, they exist. this could be very popular? >> i will definitely purchase them on-line and using my roommate's name. i love that this is titled farting with confidence because what will happen is people will get relaxed with it and more accidents will happen. and then they have to buy more of these underpants. so it is a great move for the company. >> you know what this is, you are right, it is seat belts. when people got seat belts people drove faster because they felt a sense of security and there were more accidents but people survived because they were in seat belts there's going to be more accidents and it will be disgusting and horrible. this combined with cell phones on airplanes this will be a [ bleep ] storm. i don't want to be. there i'm moving to canada with my robot friend. >> are you for or against it? >> anybody that can build that,
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they should hire them to build the obama website. obama care website. >> that one surely stinks. >> sure does. >> i can never tell if you are laughing for real. that was a really good laugh. i think it was real. >> at least you are trying. >> sounds like a super hero zorflex. isn't it any way. >> i feel like this company is being cheeky. if you buy this off of amazon, check the box that says this is a gift. for example, that's what i did when i ordered the blue ray of "love actually" otherwise you get recommendations for other things like that and you don't want them. >> that would be a problem because you would get unusual outfits and perhaps fetish items. >> maybe i won't check. >> i'm not done. >> go ahead. >> this is similar to what is
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used for lining chemical warfare suits. mop suits we call them in the army. let me tell you something about those suits you sweat like crazy in them. you do not breathe. it doesn't matter how cold it is. if that is the same case with the underwear, thank you, no. >> you don't wear underwear but if you did would you wear these? >> maybe. i don't know. what i do think is this is a potential problem. if they successfully eliminate farts that will hap cancel half of the comedy programming on telemundo. i want to warn them they better watch out if they figure out how to get rid of fat guys dressed like babies the entire network will go out. >> why is it not okay to break wind but it is okay to burp. it is discriminatory to orifices. >> it takes the fun out of it. >> sometimes you want to twirl something and walk away. >> that's terrible.
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>> it is terrible. >> best way to -- i need to call my agent. coming up, what's ricky martin really like? jessie joyce discusses his new book "my life as a road di from men knew doe." but first it is video of people drinking. we are probably doing a story about people drinking. it is mailing it in saturday.
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this is a fox news alert. jose canseco has been pulled over by cops with two diaper wearing goats in the backseat. the exbaseball play and my scrabble partner was driving home in nevada with his model girlfriend layla knight, an
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important fact, than goat which they picked up at a sanctuary. the animals were wearing diaper to keep them from soiling the car. canseco posted the picture on twitter, quote, just got pulled over with goats in the car. the cop laughed at our poor goats. awesome. they will join our zoo of four dogs and tortoises. we will continue to monitor this story. this has been a fox news alert. holy hell, here it comes. >> so the white house announced on friday it's moving the start of next year's health care enrollment period until mid november which is after mid-term elections. it was supposed to start in mid october but will begin november 15th. anymore disasters won't hurt democrats at the polls. meanwhile, politico on taned an e-mail from a democratic congresswoman senior staffer in which she complains that older
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co-workers are pissed under obama care their health insurance costs are rising up to 400%. if they were warned. speaking of playing games with people -- >> that was funny. not funny for that guy but funny for the rest of the world and that's what matters. ricky, the administration says next year's delay has nothing to do with getting it past the election so they don't lose the election, makes sense, right? >> total sense. everything in this administration makes total sense. no. it is so crazy. i think what they should do, you know, it's not working for sure. >> no. >> the unaffordable health care act is not working. i think one of the things they could do is be more bipartisan
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and try to work something great out, take the time to do it because we need something good. but i think one way they can start is to give us a tax refund in lui of the money we have been charged for the website that doesn't work. >> yes. and then i would get sick and need health care. >> you were saying in the green room you don't care what obama care does to gross old people as long as it is good for people like yourself. >> were you really surprised, though? >> no. >> it is really a shame. older people tend to have more health issues or need checkups more often to prevent issues that might arise because of old age. what happens to if you like your plan you can skeep your plan and affordable care for all. it is not affordable for all so it is really sad. >> it is really sad. >> mm, sad face. don't cry.
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jessie, does obama care ever come up when you are hanging out at the food court at sbarro's hitting on sales girls. >> very rarely. >> when i make up the job titles they are far from the job titles you had. >> when i was 20 years old i worked at planet hollywood. >> it seems to blow your mind. >> it does. >> you were a waiter at planet hollywood 20 years ago. >> i'm 35 years old. despite you accusing me of being 48. listen. >> all right. sure. fine. older people have to pay more for health care. big deal. it balances out in the end in the big picture. people aren't factoring in how much money they save on movie theater tickets and 4 p.m. dinners at golden corral and never turning on your cell phone. realize how much money that
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saves? >> you realize that young people like you and joanna will pay more for their health care. apparently you don't know anything except layering your clothing. >> i know a lot about that. >> you do. should this man be impeached and you. >> i thought you went obama because that wouldn't be fair. nobody is more upset about this delay than president obama. >> that's true. for real, let's not pretend the delay is anything other than to give democrats cover for the mid-term elections. at this point, there's nothing amazing about the point that this administration is doing something solely to help the party than administration. this is easily the most politicized administration i can remember since the last one. >> yes. >> people have to start realizing that. >> i like how it is a surprise to everybody. >> that's what i'm saying. they have been doing this from the beginning. >> i have a theory that this is genius. the rollout is so bad. so awful that by the time obama care is in place we will be too
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exhausted to talk about obama care and just live wit. what else are you going to do? you are drained. i'm so sick of the story, i want to talk about something else. >> let's talk about jose canseco. >> we will. with two with goats. thank you. >> he said he is going to add them to his zoo. he has four dogs and two tortoise. that's not a zoo. >> that is not. it is hairy things and shells. he is insulting other zoos by calling his menage inry a zoo. you may have some thoughts. you are going to be roasting him soon. >> i don't know about soon but we will be roasting him because we seem to roast lunatics a lot these days. we roasted a chic. let me think of another joke. after the olympics they held a
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banquet for him and everybody in iran showed up in the most beautiful moment of the evening is when his lovely 89-year-old mother got up to the podium and read a poem about pursuing your dreams and every she read it every proud iranian stood up and beat her to death for reading. >> i will leave that in. funny. they abuse women. sends the message. coming up, the sea block. it is sponsored by floating trash. thanks, floating trash. >> you are welcome, greg.
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their marriage lasted because both were blasted. according to new research, my favorite kind, heavy drinking is bad for the relationship if one person drinks but not if both do. meaning find someone who boozes as much as you do. the study followed 600 couples the first nine years of marriage. also notable the divorce rate in drinking couples was no higher than in couples who abstained. for more, let's go to red eye's relationship expert bad toaster.
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>> how is that a bad toaster? >> it is toasted. >> ladies and gentlemen, you are so proud of yourself. if you put the toaster at the edge. that was a toaster doing a good job. ricky, that angers me. the message is if you can't beat them, join them. like if you have a spouse that is drinking you should start drinking. >> no, that doesn't work. >> it doesn't. >> you have to go the opposite direction. >> it probably would be hard to get a spouse to quit drinking if you went in the other direction. i don't think drinking with them to get them to quit would be -- >> that's been my strategy for a while. andy, does this study change your thoughts on wanting to get married someday? because you know cats don't drink. >> really? that makes you laugh. >> because you are going to marry a cat. >> you are going to marry a cat. >> you are a professional
11:33 pm
comedian and you laughed at that. >> no. because i picture the little cat. like a little cane and tails and top hat and you are in a beautiful white gown. >> so you see the cat as the groom and andy as the bride. that is insane. i would have thought the cat would be female but that is sexist of me. anybody could be the groom in this kind of relationship. if you are going to marry a cat -- >> really got to call my agent. >> andy, you don't have an agent. >> i know but if i did i would call him, or her right now. >> or the cat. >> honestly, i don't see where this is different than married couples who both enjoy splunging or where more than one person enjoys splunking. if you do the same thing you have something in common and if you don't you are not going to get along. >> plus getting drunk while someone else stays sober is
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miserable. >> it is horrible for the drunk person and even worse for the sober person. >> i'm not sure it is horrible for the drunk person. >> i think it is. >> depends what level of drunk it is. >> three glasses of wine i'm good. after that all hell breaks loose. jessie, you don't drink which is surprising the way you look now. >> i did for a long time. it takes a long time to reverse the process. i'd like to redress andy's point. the splunking analogy was adorable but having been married in the past it is not exactly the same because in situations where someone splunks and the other doesn't the non nonsplunker not got punched in the face because they refused to go to the mother-in-laws for easter. >> some are in it to. >> i'm never getting married. >> you are kind of at fault for this because you work at a bar. you know that drinking couples
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probably pay, tip better because they are together opposed to one who's only having a diet coke. >> i have bar regulars who are couples that come in. i see them go through the stages, they got engaged and come back married and they keep coming back when they are married. when there is one that drink and the other doesn't, it is not the interests are not the same but the one is going out and exhibiting questionable behavior out not with their spouse. that is where some of the trust issues may come in to play and the problems in the relationship. >> interesting perspective. >> what kind of behavior. >> i have seen some gentlemen and women who might become more flirty, msh touchy, feely and things that maybe shouldn't happen in a marriage. >> that is no gentleman. >> no, it isn't. not at all. >> that's right. >> i'd definitely divorce a cat that did stuff like that. >> no cat of mine would ever do
11:36 pm
that. >> all right. >> another boozy topic. a brooklyn restaurant, is there any other kind, is raising the drinking age to 25 after tons of complaints from neighbors about loud, late-night revellers, mostly annoying young people. those are the people i hate most. vma info, whatever that is. i don't know that is reports that phil's crummy corner bar will serve booze to customers 25 and older. said one resident they are animals. friday and saturday night, it is like animal town. that is the greatest quote. animal town. also a great idea for a cartoon. as a bartender, young people suck, am i right? >> yes. >> they suck because they have less money, loud, demand service. expect you to be exactly of the same was level as they are and if you are not it is your fault. >> yeah, they get angry and it is really annoying, definitely.
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i think opposed to not allowing anyone under 25 in, you should get rid of red bull and raise the prices. truly they won't pay it. the restaurant i work at, we don't have those sorts of issues because it's a classier joint. although the name, phil's crummy corner, you are setting yourself up for that. >> where you work, friday's gets a higher clientele and you do well there. >> yes, jessie. i can tell you want to say something when your hands go like this. >> you gave me crap for working at planet hollywood and then it is cool to work at fridays. >> she doesn't work at fridays. >> i know she doesn't but somehow you made the anal nal ji as though it would be awesome. >> she has more flair than you do. >> i was being satirical, sir. jessie. i'm afraid -- the great thing
11:38 pm
about you is no one knows how old you are. because you are closing in on 50 but dress like a 25-year-old. technically that putts you at 32. have you been to a bar lately, around young men. >> only way people would know how old you are if they cut open your pot of gold and counted the rings. i don't know how long leprechauns live. >> they don't die. >> animal town is great. i'm working on the script for pixar. it is going to be about a group of 20 something alcoholic mere cats and it will star kevin spacey and lorenzo lamas. >> i like that. the younger lamas. he is great. he's great. a real catch. andy, you hate anyone who slightly annoys you or gets in your way or speaks to you. so you are for this? >> no. as far as in brooklyn, the
11:39 pm
people will be annoying regardless of what their age is. this solves nothing. >> touche. >> this is worthless. >> that's what i have to say, greg. i say because they are in brooklyn, people who live in brooklyn are annoying so it doesn't matter if they are young or old. this is what i'm saying. >> ricky, this to me is ageist but in the opposite direction, normally bars do things to keep people over 25 out or over 40 out. i welcome this reverse ageism. what do you think? >> yeah. country bars are definitely older people. >> yeah. you can be in a country bar and sit there with a dog and drink and pass out in your own filth. something i do. >> you know what i'm so amazed at, i keep looking at andy's nice suit here and it doesn't have one cat hair on it. >> and it's black. >> i know. for someone that has cats. >> they are hairless cats, i believe. >> maybe. >> by the way, they didn't come hairless.
11:40 pm
he gently plucks them in the bathtub. >> really good about being subtle when he is not on camera. he is always -- >> are you looking for a weapon. >> i'm looking for my phone to call my agent. >> your agent is dead. >> you brought up something that drives me crazy. the rise of red bull and booze has completely ruined certain kinds of events whenever there are people talking and drinking red bull. it is the red bull breath and jittery excitement that comes with it. it is almost like cheap cocaine. >> it is. and then the other types of energy drinks. i tell people we don't have red bull. do you have any energy drinks? you don't need it. >> have you ever had rocky mountain oysters. i guarantee you have? right, you seem like you might. >> i'm from eastern kentucky so they weren't rocky mountains but --
11:41 pm
>> but they are bull testicles. it is the main ingredient in red bull. they are fried. so they are chicken tenders that make you nervous. after you have had one you are like these are amazing. they are so great. you have never eaten a bull testicle. >> i can honestly say i haven't. >> another person that's never been to wyoming. >> is that how you judge people? >> yeah. >> two types of people, people who have been to wyoming and people who haven't and those people eat bull [ bleep ]. >> we have to take a break. more stuff when we come back. i will tell you about my new book if i don't throw up. it is called "not cool." you can preorder it now at all book retailers. you can go to my website and order it there. it is beautiful, i tell you.
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this year marks the anniversary of an stlaent changed america forever. most americans can remember where they were when it happened. that's right. the 20th anniversary of lenny cav it's double platinum album. gone that go my way. there was a debate over that when it came out. he won and thank god. to commemorate it he released a remastered deluxe edition. we pause to celebrate this american hero. ♪
11:46 pm
we had two options for that monday tauj. we weren't sure which to use. here's the other one. ♪ actually we had three montages. so -- no, i'm kidding. this is a big day for a lot of people. do you remember which blockbuster video you were working at when you first heard this album? >> i was an assistant manager of the whole region. >> you were actually telling women that. >> yeah.
11:47 pm
that's how i got -- yeah, ladies in to my fiero. >> i believe it was white. >> sure was. >> why are we making a big deal out of this? there are other hits from '93. why aren't they remastering hits from the same year. it wasn't even in the top 100. >> really? >> it was not. >> it is under rated. we don't know where snow is. we have no idea where snow went. if snow is watching, call us and we probably won't pick up because you are snow. >> sounds like it went up your nose, greg. >> i have a stuffy nose. i'm sick. i was actually at home in bed until 6:00 tonight and i came in to do this show because i care. >> maybe his career melted. >> i don't understand. >> tell me what it was like the first time you heard lenny cav
11:48 pm
it hit you on. >> that feeling is just indescribable. i don't remember where i was 20 years ago. i didn't know he was a musician. he was great in "the hunger games." he played the stylist. just an actor. all joking aside, his greatest hits album in 2000 was one of the first cds i had along with britney spears and whatever. black velveteen one of my favorite songs which is disturbing when you watch the video. any way. good for him. >> good for him indeed. ricky, as a fellow artist, i imagine you must be outraged when you see this. you see accolades for elvis and jimi hendrix and he is basically elvis and hendrix together in he is. everybody knows that. he's a great artist. no doubt about it. i know -- i have a lot of
11:49 pm
outtakes i've never finished. so it will be cool to see the outtakes and re-master and remixes of things. >> i collect those of things of myself around the house. andy, i know you have a love/hate relationship with lenny. >> i do. i think the first three albums were great. i love the fact that this guy was successful, even though music executives when he started out, some told him his music wasn't black enough and some told him it wasn't white enough and he proved them wrong. every time he puts out an advance single for an album i buy it and the album sucks. so my personal motto is don't be fooled to buy anymore of his albums. >> i have to say he did a tremendous version of "american woman." i think the credit should be taken from guess who and given to him.
11:50 pm
although i love that canadian band. coming up, an interview with ricky skaggs over his new book and his album. stick around.
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♪ just for fun he says get a job ♪ ♪ that's just the way it is ♪ some things will never change ♪ ♪ that's just the way it is ♪ oh but don't you believe them ♪ >> i actually now like that song. no offense, bruce, but i wasn't crazy about it but no, i like it. that is ricky skaggs performing with bruce hornsby and they recorded a live album called cluckle hen. and he has a new ail book out kentucky traveller and it is about ricky's life in music. you have had a long career, like 50 years. >> yeah. >> started when i was 5 really. >> yeah. >> i have this theory that kids should be playing musical instruments. >> always. >> it is great for the brain. like sports.
11:55 pm
you can have a kid play football, he's done. 99% are done but when you learn a musical instrument, you can make a career out of it and do it the rest of your life. >> so sad to see so many schools the first thing they cut when under budget problems is the music programs. they want to put the money in the sports programs. music, like you said, it causes kids to -- their reading skills and math skills go up when they are playing an instrument. >> you get the chicks. if you are a homely kid, take up drums or guitar. you will get laid. look at marilyn manson. it depresses me. who's the biggest jerk you ever met in the music business? >> oh, my goodness. i can't say. >> it is rhyme with barry batlynn. >> no, she dead now. >> i guess i could talk him about. >> johnny cash. >> no, he was great. >> you said he was dead now. i was thinking of dead people. >> keith richards.
11:56 pm
>> you actually worked with keith richards nice fella. apparently. very smart. reads a lot of books. >> he does. he loves george jones with a passion. he loves country music. always loved traditional music. it's really funny. i had barry gibb on the grand 'ole op pray pri a few months ago and we did a blue grass version of stayin' alive. it is incredible. you can find it on you tube. it's really funny. >> i have to find that. that would blow my mind. one more question for you. miley cyrus. you have to feel bad for billy ray. >> that girl should have been corrected a little more from the house i think. >> exactly. >> yeah. >> i do feel sorry for them, though. it's a sad thing. >> it's a sad thing for them and a great thing for america. because our show has done 60 miley cyrus stories.
11:57 pm
you have to get the book and you have to get the album. ricky skaggs, awesome. thank you for coming here. thank you, joanne, jessie, andy, i don't know if i want to thank you. that does it for me. i'm greg gutfeld. i get to wave, too. faulkner.
11:58 pm
11:59 pm
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huckabee in a live edition tonight. i will run over to the studio to see it happen. >> tonight on huckabee, another obama care delay with enrollment pushed back until the midterm elections. >> it is a political ploy by the administration to hide the additional sticker shock. and people will see through this. >> but do republicans have a better plan? congresswoman michelle bachmann joins mike huckabee tonight. plus, will your insurance get cancelled? and will your


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