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tv   Huckabee  FOX News  November 24, 2013 2:00am-3:01am PST

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huckabee in a live edition tonight. i will run over to the studio to see it happen. >> tonight on huckabee, another obama care delay with enrollment pushed back until the midterm elections. >> it is a political ploy by the administration to hide the additional sticker shock. and people will see through this. >> but do republicans have a better plan? congresswoman michelle bachmann joins mike huckabee tonight. plus, will your insurance get cancelled? and will your premiums go up?
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you forced to get maternity coverage? ♪ >> live from new york. governor mike huckabee. (applause) what a great lively audience we have in new york. welcome to huckabee in the fox news studios in new york city. this past woke has seen washington d.c. at its most disgraceful and disgusting and dysfunctional worst. the president is attempting to sell the wrecked used car called obama care and he thinks that americans will be more inclined to buy it if he throws in an a m radio and has no tires. and the senate democrats invoked
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a power grab that they railed against when the republicans were in control of the senate. they have no shame or memory and concern that they might have violated 200 years of senate rules. i am fed up with the total disconnect that the political class in washington has with the working class. dc makes the toronto mayor look perfectly normal. (applause) friday night in nashville in the tribute to george jones, where rabid fans filled every seat, they paid tribute to the country music legend for the no show up concert. his followers d. greatest artist
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on the planet took to the stage and in four unbroken hours played the songs of the man who was the echos of the ups and downs of american population. people might think country music is the muc of the rural world. but it is simply the music of our country. it is the story telling of our lives, the good and the bad and the broken. but country is the music of real people who face the tough moments of life and fight with all they have and still survive. back stage at the event was a family reunion of country stars and producers and musicians. as i observed the approval of those who made sacrifices who paid for the tickets in the seats. it occurred to me fixing
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washington will not happen. they live apart from us. and exempting themselves from the rules that crush us. their economy never stutters because they print more money for themselves and choke it out of us. and so the solution is not to reform washington but to abandon. it tell the government they are fired and move the new government bite people and for the people and where they gather to act like responsible adults. let's make nashville the capitol. after all. it is in the center of the country. it is easier to get to. and it is an amazing hospitable place. and by the way, it is never been a place that depended on government to save them. when they had a devastating flood in 2010 but all that baptized the entire city. they helped each other. they didn't wait on the
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government to save them. people of nashville acted like americans, responsible and resourceful and resilient. america needs a recovery and it is obvious that the recovery in washington is lies and deception. to heck with washington, let's start over and we can do better and we'll make nashville the new capitol city. we started with a george. george washington. let's start over with the spirit of the other george. george jones. i am sure we would govern better and i know this, the music will be incredible. (applause) this thursday, families across the country will gather around the table for thanksgiving dinner and eat food and share laughs and give thanks. according to president obama, they will talk about signing up
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for obama care. here's what the president tweeted this week. when your loved ones get together this holiday season, remember to talk to them about health insurance, hash tag, get talking and a link to this helpful video about having the talk. >> hi, mom. you almost here. >> i will be there in a few. >> good we have something important to talk to you about. >> what did you want to talk to me about. >> we know you don't have health shshs. we love you. that is it. health insurance. >> it is important. >> i will do. it i just thought, never mind. >> oh, yeah. and included on barakobama.comis
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a help guide. if your loved ones are coming home. make sure to remind them to pack the social security card and pay stub and w2 tax form and when and where to have your health care talk. and remember. here is conversation tips, for example, start by asking, have you thought about signing up for health insurance on the new marketplace. and finally, a pledge asking you to sign up and to have the conversation with your loved one, this holiday season, because nothing said i love you like hounding people about having health insurance at the thanksgiving table, right? you can't make this stuff up. we sent our correspondent ryan to find out how people felt about talking about obama care
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in the thanksgiving table. >> the president suggested that americans talk about health insurance and obama care in thanksgiving. are you doing this? >> i hope not. i will place my son-in-law in front of the television set so we don't talk about obama care. >> that's the last thing i will talk about. >> it wouldn't be a positive conversation. >> i don't think i would want to talk about health shshs eating turkey. >> what do you bring to thanksgiving? >> cranberries. >> and obama suggested bringing your w2 and social security number and right after the prayer, they could break out last year's tax return and get down to business. nbegin the currentuation of the website not working if obama built the mayflower where would it end up? >> not in applymouth. >> in the ocean. >> they would be building it still. >> what would you rather talk
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about in thanksgiving? >> food. what we are thankful for. >> would you talk about your parents than obama care? >> yes. >> what is more full of stuffing, the turkey orobama? >> how would you bring up health insurance or obama care if you had to in thanksgiving dinner. >> don't eat too much. i don't know. >> don't eat too much. obama care is not working yet. >> what would put you to sleep. turkey or obama care. >> it is a close toy. nmr. president can you comment on the health care debacle? (applause) >> our thanks to ryan on the streets of new york. is obama care something that you are thankful for or is it just another driveway dead turkey on your table? what are your questions and concerns about obama care, send them to me by way of facebook and twitter later on in the show
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tonight. let me assure you, we'll not be sign up for obama care in our family thanksgiving. we'll be thankful for the roster of grandkids. little carolin and huck. they are joining chandler and starlet. and dr. chandler and dear scarret is out in paper book. nlove your kids your values and story and dear chandler and dear scarlet can be a temp late for you. it is available on >> all of our studio audience will go home with their own copy. you might have a question of why the administration delayed the next roundup of obama care until after the midterm election of 2014. this is not hard to understand.
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instead of making sure that people get that terrible sticker shock, just before the election, president obama's decided to magically move that date to a week and half after the election. now only the cynical people watching me tonight would suggest that politics have going to do with that? of course not. it is it only to better serve the american people with obama care. and coming up. how obama care is causing americans big problems. stay with us, we'll be right back. customer erin swenson ordered shoes from us online
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that's powerful. verizon. can you move your beverage away from the keyboard? it's making anxious. sure thing. i'm marian, back to huckabee. for your latest news headlines, log online. millions of americans got cancellation notices from the insurance company, president obama asked for a do over and said the
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cancelled plans would be extended in 2014. he doesn't have the power to do. that new york governor cuomo is not going along with the plan. he said the new york state exchange is working just fine. that left gena without insurance. does she hope to get her plan back or doesn't she? betty owns a assisted living facility in maryland with 30 employees. her renewal premiums are increasing more than 40 percent. tina and betty are joining me now. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> you know, what was your reaction when you found out your policy was cancelled? that was a surprise to you. >> it was. it was complete disbelief and
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now i am just angry. >> when you first heard the president say i will fix this and step in and tell those insurance companies what to do. did that give you hope? >> no, i didn't believe it. when you listen to what he actually said he is extending your current plan into the next year. so, if it weren't cancelled now it would be a year from now. your insurance company said call back because there may be answers. you don't know what it will cost if anything? >> i put a phone call and i was able to speak to someone just three days ago, and they had no answers for me and told me to call back on monday. >> that's great. you only have 6 or 7 weeks to get insurance. betty, your situation you and your husband will own a business. and you have 30 employees and so
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you probably thought we would not be affected. we are under the 50 employee threshold but that is not the way it works. >> thankfully to fox we were not surprised. we are not under the man date but the premiums are soaring and competitive bidding is complicating our daily lives and premiums are rising in anticipation and now the 40 percent increase is worse than that. n40 percent increase. >> for 30 employees. >> at a minimum. another thing we did. we have less full- time employees because of preparing to save costs. we have part- time. >> we'll not put people full- time but will make them part- time and anticipating what it will cost you if they are full- time? >> exactly. not only the increase. we have people needing to jump on to the health care because of cancellation letters and other insurance policys being lost and
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so we are looking at 250 percent our costs monthly that we can't absorb. >> that is the total cost that you have to add to what you are doing? >> for example, our average premium was 479 for 2013. and the new plan is 900. not even a new plan. the same plan to renew our group. >> i thought it would be better coverage and terrible bad apple insurance company selling the bad apple policies will be replaced with something better. it is not better? >> no, it is our same plan. they were advising to cancel the policy. if the exchange is not working and not secure and they would be uninsured or we can pass on to the charges to it the employees
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that can't afford. it they are penalized because they waived employer sponsored insurance. >> you help people through natural ways. you don't take insurance for your practice, right? >> we are out of network providers and give the patient a bill and they submit for reimbursement. >> the insurance that you had was to cover catastrophic issues. you didn't feel too save about the website? >> i was never able to get on the obama care website. i was never successful and i stopped. i tried to get on new york site. i wasn't successful. but it was not frozen. i was not successful. i really don't know what to do at this point. >> all of this was supposeed to
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help people without insurance to help it and now people who have it rrnt going to have it. and people who didn't have it are not signing up. >> that's what is going on. >> thanks to both of you. we want to find out how this saga continues out in the future. thank you both. >> go to facebook and twitter and send me your concerns about obama care and we'll respond in a while; i am ask minnesota a while; i am ask minnesota congresswoman michelle
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a new cbs news poll shoes that support for the president's health care plan hit an all- time low. 31 percent of the americans are in favor of it. but do republicans have any better ideas? joining me now is minnesota congresswoman michelle bachmann. >> hi, governor. >> congresswoman, it is so nice to have you here. >> thank you. (applause) >> you have a lot of fans in this audience. >> they are the finest audience in america, don't you think? >> yes, i do think that. congresswoman, you heard tina and betty just talk about the challenges they are facing. both of them had been insured and thought everything is fine. obama care is not helping them but hurting them. are their stories what you are
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hearing and how can you help ladies like betty and tin a. >> first of all yes. we get happens of phone calls and e-mails and letters and text from people in my district. all of the other members of congress are hearing the same thing. it is reflective of what we are hearing. it is unbelievable. and not only small businesses but insurances. they are see doubling and tripling and quad rupling of the premium and the deductible. the first amount that you have to pay before you get a dollar of insurance. some of the deductibles are 13,000 a year. people are saying why bother buying insurance. you are self insured at that point. and the worst is not happening yet. the small businesses like you saw. small businesses are hit next. that's the next tsunami and it
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could be 50 or 100 million americans could be impacted by cancellations and we are only just beginning. cancellations of policys and then people will find out that their doctors are not available and then they are getting the sticker shock on what they are expected to pay. we'll see far fewer people sign up. people are just going to say no. >> earlier this week, you said you and your colleagues are looking at the possibility of suing the president and say you can't just extend the rules and change them around without legislation. what could you do to challenge what seems to many of us be amazing magic wand he seems to believe he has. >> the president is not a king and not above the law. we are not above the law. and he's not above the law.
2:27 am
and people all across america, governor, are saying when are you in congress going to stand up. he can't have a magic wand. one of our members this weeks filing a resolution and that is legislatively to try to get something like that through. and another avenue through a lawsuit to enjoin or stop the president. he doesn't have the right to rule byconference. today it is by tweet or press conference. he thinks that if he says it, it is law. the it doesn't work that way. the constitution is about limiting. he doesn't have unlimited power. it is a new's flash but the president doesn't have unlimited power. >> i am concerned but the president is saying the republicans are not having ideas and i know that is not true. what are the republican ideas that are out there that maybe he's not willing to here.
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nhealth care based on your choice and on freedom is a pretty good idea. and right now, the president's plan has everything to do with government having the choice and government having the freedom and so first of all, we think that we shouldn't let an insurance company have a monopoly. every state almost has a wall around it. and only the policies that work in that state are allowed. americans should be able to buy any policy they want anywhere in the united states with no minimum federal requirement. you are a single guy you shouldn't be forced to pay for birth control pills and dental health plans if you don't have children. you should be able to buy with no man dates. and we think there is a lot of christian organizations and schools and religious groups that would like to set up free
2:29 am
health clinics and doctors would give time and nurses would be willing to give time and pharmaceutical companies will give free drugs and we would like to give them liability shield so they would not have lawsuits. and people can go and get free reduced care and there would be a liability shield. we could never, ever forget the foor and that is one way to reach out to the poor. nsometimes the republicans are accused of not caring at all about people who are poor. i have not seen or experienced that. people care but they don't want the poor to end up being the norm. we thank you very much for being here. what a pleasure to have you. snshg thank you, motorcycle and thank you everyone. >> thank you. keep sending your comments and questions on obama care. i will get to them soon. first, he made his job pitch
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here last week. remember, we want to know has the unemployed graduate student with a master's degree got any offers? we'll talk to him ♪ [ engine revs ] ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] the mercedes-benz winter event is back, with the perfect vehicle that's just right r you, no matter which list you'ren. [ santa ] , ho, ho, ho! [ male announcer ] get the all-new 2014 cla250 starting at just $29,900.
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planning to talk to him tonight. now back to huckabee. to huckab last week we interviewed you to mike pen who is having a tough time getting a job in his field. he marketed himself by setting up a stand to hand out free coffee and dough nuts and his resum in the heart of the new york financial district. he received a lot of reaction from the appearance on the show. but the big question, did he get any offers. mike penn joins us once again. >> thank you for having me, governor. >> your mom is with you. we are delighted to have
2:35 am
barbara. >> what happen after you were on the show. >> my inbox was flooded. and a number of offers and you changed my life for the better. thank you so much. >> we may change the name of the show of the huckabee employment agency. commissions will be due for every job you find. michael, what kind of jobs or inquiries. some were offers and some inquiries to start the conversation. what kind of people did you hear from and businesses? >> everything from the under the sun. sales and marketing and business development and heard from people trying to get me to sell kitchen ware. it was incredible. but the thing that touched me the most was supportive. i wrote back. and 0 for the delay but thank you soy much. >> do you expect you will get a job based on what you receive.
2:36 am
are you more optimistic than when you were handing out doughnuts. >> looks like my story will have a happy ending. you know what, it is tough out there. you got to get out there and be unique. it only takes one. >> michael, i am so proud of you. i wish you the best. thank you for coming back. great to have you back. >> i really appreciate it. >> and throughout the show, i asked you to send questions and concerns about obama care. keep sending them. ron said. i had a plan i looked period. 950 a month and got capsled and replaced with one that is 1450 a month. take it or less it period. it will be a long time before i vote for a democrat again
2:37 am
period. thank you. >> and here is one from tracey. sorry huckabee, i thought you were going to be with the president asking him those questions. please let me know what you have to say anyway. >> tracey, i would love to have a conversation on air with president obama and believe you me, i have questions for him about obama care. mr. president, i know you watch the show every week. give me a call, we'll talk. cindi writes in. i just cringe thinking that somebody asked put the words obama and care together. talk about fire and ice. good one. and this from william. he writes and said governor huckabee, i would like to know if i can get my profile taken off obama care website. i don't believe it is safe. my mistake trying to find out the cost and i couldn't find out
2:38 am
because the website would not let me get that far. last woke for ip experts sat before congress. would you sign up and give that information and believe that it is secower. the answers, no, no, no, and no. and so i don't blame you for wanting to get it off of the website and here is one from joe. why do you want to stop millions of children from having health care. >> i don't want to stop having children on health care. the fact is several million lost their health care and in new hampshire, more people got a moose hunting permit than signed up for obama care. it would do more to keep them warm in the winter than the
2:39 am
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if we don't get to them tonight we'll try to get to as many as possible in the coming weeks. tam rasaid bless you mike. we left liberal minnesota to tennessee. our business is thriving and blesdz with friends. this is from huckabee show. how is obama care going to be paid for. let me explain. you will be paying for. it a lot of us understand if people can't afford it or severe preexisting conditions they may need help. but people are going to be shocked to find that it is paid for by those middle class hard working people who can barely afford what they have now. we tried to tell you. and i hope people start listening now. diane said. how is the delaying obama care will help.
2:44 am
isn't it sti sucker move and just about government control? >> it is exactly about government control. if it is health care it would be on the 15 percent who didn't have it and not disrupting the 85 percent who did. this is government control. >> how much longer before we get the nightmare repealed. next year, if we don't get rid of harry reid and the senate majority probably won't. change the senate next year and make harry the minority leader and then elect a republican president in 2016 who will sign his signature to the repeal of obama care, that's how it happens. >> this is from cindi price. the only way to change obama care is elect republicans and take back the senate. you must be reading my mind. what will you do with your show to help with this effort.
2:45 am
what i am doing now cindi. >> and john said i don't have insurance and i playplan on paying the finings. i refuse to sign up for the affordable identity theft act. and wait until you hear a year from now when a million or so identities are stolen from >> john, what you said is what americans need to wake up to. the people who have gone on in many cases innocently, very honestly trying to find health care for their families and giving all personal information. this week we learned from the officials in charge of the website, that they can't guarantee your security and they have said they wouldn't sign up and they wouldn't put that stuff of theirs on the website. you know what, here's what i tell you. when president obama puts himself and his family on and willing to
2:46 am
give up their information. i agree with you. you shouldn't have to give up yours. let me just remind you, this last week, we remembered the 50th anniversary of the death of john f. kennedy. think about something. he said in the 1961. by the end of the decade we'll send a man to the moon and bring them back. and we did. it he had vision. we did something remarkable that challenged human innovation. think about this. we have had three and half years and we can't build a website? you think we need help in this country? i think so. and this one, from right man. it is imperative we stop the machine now. if we fail, our way of life is over. i think that is a frightening reality.
2:47 am
it is not or website or premiums going up. what we are faced with and what we need to be afraid of, is whether or not the government or you and your family will make the most important sdilgzs of your life. former front man from kansas joins the little rockers. we'll be right back after this. target is in sight. yes, dad, i see him. now pour some chloroform into a white rag and.... no. hi. i unrstand you're looking for a hotel with a pool. with priceline express deals, you can save big and get exactly what you need. do i have to bid? use the stun gun. he's giving you lip. no! he's just asking a question. no bidding. awesome. get the grappling hook to... dad, i...
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good morning, everybody. it is sunday, november 24th. i'm julian. we begin with a knocks news alert. the u.s. and world powers reaching an historic deal with iran. can iran really be trusted? what message does this send to our allies, particularly israel. we're live in washington with the latest. the obama care disaster the number one issue plaguing the white house. plus, fast forwarding, cassette tapes and using roadmaps to plan trips. sound familiar? part of the ti


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