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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  November 24, 2013 9:00am-10:01am PST

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thanks, lauren this. is it for this edition of "media buzz." i'm howard kurtz. let's continue it on facebook and twitter., back here next sunday 11:00 and 5:00 eastern with the latest buzz. fox news alert. we have new reaction coming in from u.s. lawmakers about the nuclear deal with iran. this comes, of course, after the six world powers and iran came to that historic agreement late last night, 3:00 in the morning in geneva. that deal caused tehran to delay its nuclear program for six months. in exchange for what president obama describes as, quote, modest relief from economic sanctions. but the big question the world faces today, right now, will this potentially stop iran from possibly getting a nuclear bomb? hello, everyone, welcome to "america's news hq," i'm eric shawn. >> aim jamie kohlby.
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no one can say for sure. we'll take a more in-depth look at it. six-month agreement and hinges upon iran halting at least part of its uranium enrichment program and president obama is already calling the idea first step towards progress. but stressed a lot of work still needs to be done. >> this first step will create time and space over the next six months for more negotiations to fully address our comprehensive concerns about the iranian program. and because of this agreement, iran cannot use negotiations as cover to advance it's program. >> national security correspondent jennifer griffin joining us with an update from our d.c. bureau. what are you hearing? >> well, reaction to the deal is already pouring in. syria, iraq and the palestinian authority all friends of iran welcome the deal. iran's opponents and other arab neighbors have largely remained quiet and differences are beginning to emerge. in fact, secretary kerry telling
9:02 am
abc news that there is no right to enrich on the part of iran even though iran's president made a statement today that, in fact, the deal does give them the right to enrich so already some of those differences are starting to emerge. here's what the deal includes. it pauses construction of the iraq heavy water reactor which could provide weapons grade plutonium, a second track to a bomb something the french stymied two weeks ago when they opposed -- said there weren't enough limits on the iraq reactor. it neutralizes their stockpile of uranium refined to a concentration of 20% and susp d suspends enrichment beyond 5% for six months. iran agrees to not add centrifuges to existing cascades and allows inspection at fardow
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and natanz. it received less than a ringing endorsement from key democrats on the hill and there are some talk by republicans of putting more sanctions in place. iran's leadership hases is just issued a statement if congress imposes new sanctions, the deal is off, jamie. >> already, senator schumer is aing this morning they may consider more sanctions. thanks for following it for us, jen. >> jamie, meanwhile, israel coming out strongly against this nuclear deal with iran. today prime minister benjamin netanyahu harshly condemning the terms of this agreement. mr. netanyahu calls it "an historic mistake" that echoes what north korea did, prompting not to make a nuclear bomb, lying about it all the time and doing just that. we have reaction from jerusalem. >> reporter: hi, eric. there's pretty serious words and
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emotions flying around jerusalem. betrayal. abandonment and if the united states is going to make a deal like this, it is said israel may have to start looking for other allies in the world. prime minister netanyahu made the program his signature issue over the past ten years of his political career here. he is clearly very angry that there is a deal made that in many people's opinion gives iran a path to the bomb. here he is after today's cabinet meeting. >> last night is not historic agreement, it's a historic mistake. so israel is not bound by this agreement. we cannot and will not allow a regime that calls for the destruction of israel to obtain the means to achieve this goal. >> that is a thinly veiled threat that they reserve the right to strike iran's nuclear
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program unilaterally, although militarily that is at the very edge of the envelope for the israeli air force and also diplomatically it would be very difficult and given the current world view right now for israel to strike independently and probably the best summed up like this. the israelis' red line is the iranian' ability to even make a nuclear bomb meaning they want the iranian centrifuges and all of their nuclear program dismantled. their enriched uranium taken out of the country and the united states seems happy with iran not having a nuclear bomb and for two allies who used to resolve their differences very privately and in a very quiet manner this different world view by prime minister netanyahu and president obama now playing out publicly, israel beginning to threaten the relationship between the united states and israel. >> leland, as critics pointed out nothing has been destroyed. leland vittert, thanks.
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>> turning to ambassador dan gillerman, a fox news contributor and former israeli ambassador to the united nations. ambassador, if there was a deal to be made, is this what you envisioned it would look like? >> no, jamie, this is far from what we envisioned and what had to be done. this is a deal which was rushed into blindly mainly because i think the iranians were very eager to have it and they met with unfortunately what they perceived to be a weak and tired america and a europe which is eager to start doing business with iran again. what we have is actually a bad deal. it is a deal which allow iran to continue on its quest for nuclear weapons and i truly believe and softry to say that what while there is a celebration going on in tehran
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and maybe a sense of achievement or even a sigh of relief in washington and in some european capitals, there is great anxiety and great worry in israel and also say that there is probably a slight smile in pyongyang that is saying, look, the iranians have managed to do exactly what we did. they made a deal and they will continue on the road to a nuclear bomb and one day this very naive world will wake up to a nuclear iran just as it woke up to a nuclear north korea. >> that's a very strong and sharp vision of what could happen from here on. i wonder under the agreement now that you've had a chance to process it, does it stop iran from being a sponsor of terrorism even by others? should it have gone further in that respect? >> i very much believe that the
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united states and its allies should have realized they're dealing with a terrorist regime. it's not just a terrorist regime that perpetrates finances and executes terror all over the world, it is a regime which indeed wants to wipe israel off the face of the map, change the realization as we know it and take over the sunni and arab states. that's whylf countries and saudi arabia are so fearful of iran and so worried about this deal. because, you know, i mentioned north korea, but, you know, we all have to remember while north korea acquired nuclear weapons out of desperation, iran is seeking them out of aspiration and to make a deal with a sponsor of terrorism is literally sleeping with the enemy and i, you know, this could seem like a dream deal to some people in d.c. today, but, you know, one day they will wake up from this dream and it will be a very rude awakening and i just hope, i really pray it won't be too late.
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>> ambassador, what must israel do? how has it changed israel's position toward the united states and others who participated in putting this deal together and pushing it forward? >> well, jamie, israel is obviously very disappointed and very worried. it feels alone. it feels, indeed like the canary in the coal mine which is sensing the danger trying to make the world aware of it and feeling that it has failed in doing so and truly i feel that the main casualty here, the relations between israel and the united states. i very much hope they are because this is a very strategic relationship based on values and morals and interests which has lasted for so many years and should strengthen rather than be weakened and i think it's the responsibility of the united states and the president to reassure its allies and especially israel that this deal
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although done in haste will not be a final go ahead for iran for this terrorist rogue regime to become nuclear because if it does as the prime minister said israel will just have to defend itself with all the consequences that such an action may actually entail. >> ambassador dan gillerman, thank you so much for joining us today live from israel with your reaction. take care, sir. meanwhile, criticism of the deal on another front because it does not address the fate of an american christian pastor who remains in prison there. the american center of law and justice said the obama administration has, quote, betrayed him. american pastor said as sentenced to eight years in prison because of his christian beliefs. another group thinks the u.s. government should have secured his release before striking this nuclear agreement with tehran.
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we're also following the case of an 85-year-old vet being held captive in north korea. merely newman was arrested on the last day of a sightseeing trip. his family hasn't heard from him since his capture. we have the latest from dominic. good morning. >> good morning to you, jamie. after silence from the north koreans on whether they are holding merely newman, the authorities in pyongyang they are holding an american. why the swedes? they act as our protecting power involving citizens in north korea but they have not confirmed it is newman. he was detained october 26th as he was getting ready to fly out of his country with his friend bob after visiting as a korean war veteran. >> bob didn't say really anything other than they pulled him off the plane. and no explanation.
9:12 am
>> and still to this point no explanation? >> no explanation. >> reporter: dragged off the plane just as he was about to fly out. that is all his traveling companion seems to know. he added newman had difficult discussions with north korean officials about his experiences during the war. at the family home in palo alto his wife is frantic because of hiss health problems and she's pleaded with pyongyang to release him releasing this statement, "the family feels there has been some dreadful misunderstandings leading to his detention and asks that the dprk work to settle this issue quickly and to return this 85-year-old grandfather to his anxious, concerned family. they've sent heart medications to north korea but unknown
9:13 am
whether they received them. >> i can confirm that our swedish protecting power has been informed by north korea of the detention of the u.s. citizen. we are working in close coordination with representatives of the embassy of sweden to resolve this issue. and they also have requested actually on a daily basis access. >> well, jamie there's been speculati speculation they may be holding him in a case of mistaken identity but north korea has detained at least six americans since 2009. mostly missionaries accused of spreading christianity. back to you. >> all right, dominic di natali. thank you, dominic. >> and we have an extreme weather alert on this sunday. massive storms have been blasting through the west killing at least eight people. the storm system crashed into the texas panhandle and caused
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icy conditions and some fatal traffic collisions, temperatures there continue to drop. and this storm, well, it's moving east possibly creating a big mess for lots of folks' holiday travel plans, thanksgiving meteorologist janice dean has the latest. tell us it ain't so. >> i wish i could wipe the map clean and give us sunshine for thanksgiving. unfortunately it's going to be a few days dealing with this system. look at texas right now where we saw that video. we have freezing rain and/or sleet moving into the dallas area. we could see accumulation on the roadways and on the power lines and that could be very dangerous. not only today but tomorrow. if you live in this area be careful. if you do not have to travel, don't head out. you can see snow across the four corners, we'll deal with that icy mix overnight in and around the dallas area stretching southward toward austin and a
9:15 am
batch heading in for the drive in on monday. really dangerous if you've got icing on the roadways. the moisture continues to spread along the mississippi river valley and then we're going to watch this coastal low develop, unfortunately, tuesday into wednesday, making its way up the east coast. so let's take a look at the forecast precipitation. again, mainly a rain event for the southeast. we could see severe weather as well and then as we head towards the mid-atlantic this coastal low is going to develop and then kind of hug the coast, if it's a little more offshore it's going to be mainly a rain and wind event. if it moves more towards the interior sections snow so still have to make sure we know what we're talking about with these forecast models. we'll definitely keep you up to date but eric, it looks like travel delays on the busiest day of the year in the northeast and cause a ripple effect. >> boy, oh, boy, we want everyone to have a safe holiday thanksgiving travel situation. >> we'll keep you posted.
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>> janice, thanks so much. >> jamie. >> we'll tell you a little more about the new details about last night's nuclear deal. coming up we'll give you an in-depth look into the talks and what it means to the wore. one of the world's largest airplane, a new warning. why boeing is asking all the airlines that fly it to steer clear of thunderstorms. and less than five minutes from now marks 50 years since jack ruby's gunshot killed lee harvey oswald. was it a pfaff ya hit to shut him up about the kennedy assassination. a person still alive who knew both oswald and the victim, john f. kennedy. >> what was oswald like? >> very quiet. i was sorry for him because he seemed lost and i thought he
9:17 am
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quick check of the headlines. john kerry is applauding the nuclear deal with iran calling it the first step of making our
9:21 am
world safer adding it iran's nuclear program is truly for peaceful purposes this is a chance to prove it. boeing is now letting airlines know about warnings about icing problems on some its new dreamliner planes and recommending they fly at least 50 dmaut cal miles from any thunderstorms that could contain ice crystals. and the vatican is displaying the relics of st. peter for the first time. however, no pope has never deanyone tiff declared them to be the bones of the first pope. about a minute ago 11:20 sent time, 12:20 eastern time 50 years ago jack ruby shot lee harvey oswald. this as police were taking him to the county jail. that telecast -- that murder was telecast nationwide and helped spark some of the continuing conspiracy theories and oswald
9:22 am
murder, of course, ended any possible answers from the accused assassin. well, was that shooting to shut up oswald about a possible mafia conspiracy or an impulsive act? it turns out there is likely only one person left alive who knew both lee harvey oswald and president kennedy. her book, marina and lee, has now been reissued. she is now 85 years old and priscilla johnson-mcmillan worked as a researcher for president john f. kennedy when he was a u.s. senator and became a personal friend. a few years later she also got to know his assassin, lee harvey oswald. what was oswald like? >> very bquiet. i was sorry for him because he seemed lost and i thought he looked like a college boy. his manner was that, rather
9:23 am
tentative, rather shy. >> it was 1959, mcmillan was working as a newspaper reporter in moscow at the height of the cold war. she was told oswald, a young former u.s. marine, was trying to defect to the soviet union so she arranged to meet him in a room on the third floor of moscow's metropol hotel where she interviewed him for six hours. >> he wanted to talk about ma marxian economics. i wanted to talk about him. >> what de want? >> he wanted them to go back to the united states. >> oswald lived in the soviet union for nearly three years where he met and married this young russian woman marina. years later mcmillan and marina became close friends and wrote this book "marina and lee." what did he say motivated him? >> belief in marxist ideology
9:24 am
and hated capitalism. >> he returned to the united states in 1962. mcmillan says he continued to follow communism but also suffered from psychological and marital problems. >> he knew there was something wrong with him, himself. but he had these other things -- i'm afraid you've got to say delusions that he was something bigger than he was. he thought he was a great man, he was going to assert himself for history. >> in april 1963 he is said to have tried to asass national general edward walker a firebrand but he missed. >> he got away from it scot-free and unfortunately that set him up for something else and a few days later he told marina he was going to go and have a look at nixon and she locked him in the bathroom and for the rest of their time together, she was afraid that he would do something violent. >> by november of 1963, he and
9:25 am
marina were live ago part. mcmillan says on november 21st the eve of the kennedy assassination he tried to get back with marina but she refused. he left her $180 and his wedding ring. >> i think his leaving the wedding ring was deassociate yacing himself from her. >> do you think the mavy killed president kennedy. >> no. >> the cia. >> no. >> lbj. >> no. >> oswald alone. >> i do, yes. and i think he got away with it because he was alone. and i also think that if there had been anybody else, it would have fouled him up. i would put a lot of emphasis on the mental illness, you know, he was going to end up badly, but that he ended up badly and as an historic figure, that would have taken a lot to predict and mari
9:26 am
marina thought he was sorry. he was crying. >> in the decades since mcmillan has reflected on her unique role having known both assassin and victim. >> my motive was because kennedy was always asking questions, asking questions, he asked me many, many questions and i think he asked everybody a lot of questions, he wanted to know why he died. he'd want to know why this young man had nothing better to do than go out and shoot someone much less go out and shoot him. >> sought critics claimed h working or influenced by the cia and strongly denies that saying it was actually easier for oswald to carry out the assassination and thinks people have a hard time comprehending how such a horrific history changing act could be carried out by one man and when they met oswald told her "he wanted to give the american people something to think about" he, of course, referring to his trying to defect but four years later
9:27 am
he fulfilled that. miss mcmillan says it was in a way she never could have imagined. >> amazing story to tell. >> she is just quite fascinating, a touchstone of history that recalls it all. >> eric, thanks. we're seeing mixed reaction over the new nuclear agreement we've been telling you about between iran and six world powers. what does iran get out of the deal and what is the world giving up? we'll break it down in a live report for you next. plus, those classic low-tech toys before they made it those gizmos and gadgets and thing-a-ma-jigs. >> there it is. why they're coming back could be bad news to toymakers. ♪ [ male announcer ] this is brad. his day of coaching begins with knee pain, when...
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fox news alert. back to our top story about the iranian nuclear deal. learning more about what exactly went into last night's nuclear agreement in geneva. supporters say that deal will keep the peace but some critics fear it could lead the way for a possible iranian nuclear bomb. something tehran has always denied so what does it really mean for iran? amy kellogg live with more. hello. amy. >> as you've been reporting there's a lot of resistance from some members of congress and israel, saudi arabia also has been opposed to such a deal in principle but according to some of the top nuclear experts if adhered to this plan would actually double the amount of time it would take iran to break out and put together enough highly enriched uranium for one nuclear bomb and also with the new intend tiff daily inspections regime, it would keep iran from having that critical capability which means being able to break out
9:33 am
unnoticed. iran seemed as pleased about the legitimacy of the deal has conferred as about the bit of relief from sanctions that it will get. >> i believe it is important that we all of us see the opportunity to end the unnecessary crisis and open new horizons based on respect for the rights of the iranian people. and removal of any doubts about the exclusively peaceful nature of iran's nuclear program. >> what iran did not get was a specific spelling out of its right to enrich, a right the u.s. has said, frankly, nobody inherently has and which the u.s. and its partners did not confer in writing on iran. >> i think foreign minister and
9:34 am
president rouhani will have hell to pay for not getting that but they made the concession at the end that made this deal possible. >> now, of course, john kerry, the secretary of state, eric, has taken israel's concerns on board and has said subsequently that he actually believes that israel will be safer in the next six months because ultimately in this process it should learn a lot more about iran's nuclear program. eric? >> all right, amy, thanks so much. in ten minutes we'll have a fair and balanced debate on the political implications of this deal. amy kellogg from london. jamie? >> here's our top story, but this is an interesting one when you look at the markets and think about the holidays coming, traditional toys like barbies have a bigger place under the christmas tree than you may think but that's not always good news for retailers. you know, toy manufacturers spend millions on research and development trying to come up with that latest and greatest
9:35 am
technology, toy sales have been flat the past few holidays. if we're going for all the old-time toys what does it mean for the bigger economy with all this research and development money. brenda buttner, anchor of "bulls and bears" joins us and we spoke about the christmas gifts we remember most. you got tennis shoes, i got a typewriter. >> i'd rather have a barbie. well, you know it's funny because a lot of people, the shop -- santa clause is hearing we want barbies, we want lego, not even ipads come up to that, technology you would expect that kids want they're not getting. now, part of that may be a price point. you know, it's been a tough recession, recovery, and parents may not want to spend as much but this is not great news for retailers. >> so if we're coming in for those gifts, what happens to the ones that they are putting out there in the market? when will knee how hard those companies might be hit? >> yeah, well, it will be after the retail season which is not expected to be a very good one because of the uncertainty,
9:36 am
obama care, a lot of people pulling in their pursestrings and when we're in a choppy recovery companies don't want to spends much on risky toys, that's why we don't have any must haves. we don't have the tickle me elmo or a cabbage patch kid and when that is true people don't want to spend as much on toys. >> merchandise something a big deal. this year we don't have a child's movie necessarily that also has come up with the must have toy. >> no, that's right. that makes a big difference? >> yeah, because companies have to spend more on advertising to push their toys and that, you know, cuts into their bottom line, as well. some of the stores are doing something interesting, though. they're doing exclusive toys in the hope that will bring people in. and i must say kmart for the first time has a red-headed barbie which -- >> love. >> absolutely. >> i feel great. now we know what to get brenda
9:37 am
buttner for christmas. interests and watch that industry. what perjury of toys does it have? >> it provides 600,000 job, so it's a big part of the economy. >> that's an even bigger deal. we hope there's at least temporary work no matter what the toys we're buying. thanks so much, brenda. always great to see you. we always watch "bulls and bears." >> tickle me elmo. >> eric, so sorry. >> legos or tapes. coming up we'll get back to our top story which is the iranian nuclear deal. is it the right move? we're getting more reaction pouring in from u.s. lawmakers on both sides of the aisle next. so you're telling me your mom has a mom cave?
9:38 am
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9:42 am
a democrat says it's imperative the u.s. takes steps to make sure they live up to their end of the deal. >> i think you'll see on capitol hill again a bipartisan effort to try to make sure that this is not the final agreement because people know this administration is strong on announcements, very long on announcements but very short on follow-through. >> the sanctions that have been released are part of the overall sanctions and can be reimposed at any time. congress, i think, will want to make it clear that if iran does not live up to these commitments we will not only insist that the sanctions be reapplied but we will have stronger sanctions against iran. >> so how does the debate play out on capitol hill? joining us is doug dou knell an angela mcglowan. look, you do have bipartisan concern on capitol hill. >> you do and ronald reagan said trust but verify.
9:43 am
how can we trust in country, eric, that has consistently lied to us, they have not adhered to any of our policies and basically have said that they want to wipe israel off the map. but you're right, the silver lining in this is that you have conservative, senator corker and also liberal ben cardin agreeing that we need to push for more aggressive sanctions, so i think the silver lining here will see some bipartisan support of something on capitol hill. >> well, doug, if those sanctions, tougher sanctions are, indeed, dealt with on capitol hill, look what tehran says. they say the deal is off. so what happens? >> look, i think let's look at it from a positive standpoint, both have said they want to prevent iran from getting a nuclear weapon. this administration working with congress to pass very tough sanctions over the course of the last few years that have helped to bring the iranians to the negotiating table. i would hope republicans want to look at this in a constructive way and figure out how we can
9:44 am
over the next six months create -- come to a long-term comprehensive agreement to make sure that the iranians don't get a nuclear weapon. look, the job of congress is to ask questions and to -- and this white house is going to spend, i'm sure, a number of weeks deploring their international team to make the case for this and they should and i think that there should be a debate, but ultimately i think congress stepping in with new sanctions as you say, eric, would derail this agreement. i'm not sure if is that the right way to go. >> angela, we heard your reaction. >> well, it would derail this agreement. but even of international -- policy advisers said we rushed to an agreement. why now? why all of a sudden now? a lot of people are that the reason why we're doing this is because that this president is machiavellian and to take it off domestic policy
9:45 am
the failure of and put it on foreign policy so its poll numbers will go up. >> doug? >> angela, let me just say this, i have a lot of respect for angela. we're friends. i think that's ridiculous. the fact he'll come to some sort of agreement, a short-term agreement on nuclear weapons. >> i didn't say, doug that. i said that political strategists have. >> that's crazy. well, then you shouldn't be repeating their points. i mean, look, the reality is that this is a short-term agreement over six months, if the iranians break any aspect of it, the relief can be reimposed and i think that congress should ask questions and the administration will be out there answering those question. >> i'm repeating their points from the standpoint that the facts remain that the president's poll numbers have gone down. that international experts have said -- >> what does that have to do with anything, angela? should we just not do anything from a foreign policy standpoint? >> i'm not saying we shouldn't do anything on foreign policy. let me finish, please. even the former ambassador to
9:46 am
israel said that this was a rushed deal. so why now? why not have people from the white house go to capitol hill and lobby members of congress so we can come up with a deal? because the bottom line is this, what we have agreed to over the next six months will not stop uranium enrichment. it will not stop -- >> you get the last word. >> i think there should be an urgency to try to prevent iran from getting a nuclear weapon so in terms of delaying and giving them more time to build their program i don't agree with you on that. the reality is that as i said before, congress should ask those questions, the administration is going to have all the answer, hopefully -- >> the deal has already been cut. >> no -- >> the deal has already been cut. >> the administration will have to sell this to congress and sell -- >> that will have to be the last word. we have to cut but that's the debate and now on capitol hill. doug and angela, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> and there is plenty of skepticism surfacing in response
9:47 am
to this deal in geneva but why are so many lawmakers and world leaders on edge? we'll break it down in a live report. that's still ahead. keeping up with these two is more than a full time job and i don't have time for unreliable companies. angie's list definitely saves me time and money. for over 18 years we've helped people take care of the things that matter most. join today. [ camera shutter clicks ] now, that's cardworthy. [ n ] all right. here we go. ♪ cardworthy. [ female announcer ] this holiday season, visit for all your cardworthy moments. [ female announcer ] hall we do is go out to dinner.? that's it? i mean, he picks up the tab every time, which is great...what? he's using you. he probably has a citi thankyou card and gets 2x the points at restaurants. so he's just racking up points with me. some people... ugh! no, i've got it.
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>> what a week it's been for some cable news hosts. msnbc's martin bashir slammed
9:51 am
for his rude comments about sarah palin. for a look beyond this news, here's comment temporary. >> is alec baldwin the only person left in this country with a sense of irony? is the famous actor publicly committed to liberalism and its required support for homosexuals, he's repeatedly the victim of humorless stooges in the sexual forrous grip of the trendy media. how much more will he take from his mind inserts and how much they must be who try to keep him under control. will will he be shunned at the hamptons or next dinner party on the upper east side? mr. baldwin has always had enough charm to reabsorb the repercussions of his antics. moreover he's more willing to apologize in a culture that wrongly or rightly demands them. his history of getting into trouble is long, and, well,
9:52 am
irish, imaginative, hilarious, pugnacious, brimming with passion. yes, that's stereotyping. he's an embodiment of free speech, not always protected by the constitution in this age of left wing tyranny. he leveled his latest homosexual reference, one not lending itself to repetition here at a photographer who strayed too near his family. first baldwin denied the insult. then a tape surfaced indicated he had indeed uttered the borrow if forbiddenwords. gay groups protested. and anderson cooper of cnn who considers himself a standard-bearer for the homosexual lobby is incensed. mind you, no one has canvassed gay men for their opinions. one could suspect the loudmouths represent only a fraction of their community. like most people, the majority must surely support preservation of hurt speech, hurt feelings to
9:53 am
the contrary. in a predictable act of cowardice, baldwin's bosses at the leftest msnbc network, suspended, or perhaps terminated, his new talk show. alec baldwin is a fascinating character in an age of homogenized personas in a business filled with mediocrity. who can forget him as the brave and impossibly handsome caa analyst facing down the soviets in "the hunt for red october" or wearing a grass skirt and coconuts singing "there's nothing like a dame." or as the menacing motivational salesman in "glen gary glen ross" who during a monologue utters the same words about
9:54 am
homosexuals that he used last week 21 years later. come to think of it, maybe that's why he wasn't award the oscar, which he deserved. we're tempted to invoke a former first lady and ask, what difference does it make in the point is that whether words sting or not, they are still for the most part protected by the laws of our founders, and baldwin's words were not a call to violence as charged. let's get rid of the martyr's complex. mr. baldwin is only guilty of bad taste. this irrepressible wild man would do himself a favor by opting out of the social media world. besides it's easier to imagine him reading james joyce than tapping inanities on a small typing device. we're glad he didn't carry out his threat and move out of the country when george w. bush was elected in 2000. he's great copy. what's more, is probably a
9:55 am
conservative by nature, because he suspects authority, especially the language gestapo that rules on what's acceptable in the english language. come on over, alec, we have people here who would appreciate your humor, even your anger. we're your fans. >> criticism is pouring in over the nuclear deal that was reached with iran. now secretary of state kerry has some serious selling to do to win over skeptical lawmakers and some of our american allies. and former president george w. bush showing his artistic side. how he's getting into the christmas spirit. mayo? corn dogs? you are so outta here! aah! [ female announcer ] the complete balanced nutrition of great-tasting ensure. 24 vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, and 9 grams of protein. [ bottle ] ensure®. nutrition inharge™. shhhh!
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>> think you're already busy for the holidays? former president george w. bush is, too, expanding his artistic endeavors into christmas ornaments. this is one featuring a painting of a cardinal. they're sold at the george w.
10:00 am
bush library. we are told they are flying off the shelves at just $30. >> how about that? tweet us. >> here's shannon. >> what was concluded in the geneva last night is not a historic agreement. it's a historic mistake. >> my greatest concern is seeing followthrough here. >> we will not standby, just let this be the final deal. >> critiquing a deal with iran. many are skeptical about what this short-term deal really means. the plan, set to last six months, could mean lifting some sanctions against iran in exchange for curbing the country's nuclear program. i'm shanno shannon bream from te nation's capitol. we start with reaction from one of our closest allies, israel. jennifer griff


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