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tv   Housecall  FOX News  November 24, 2013 1:30pm-2:01pm PST

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that's all for today. thanks so much for joining me. until next time, i hope you are learning to be more of a healthy you. hi, everyone. i'm jamie kolbe. it is time for "sunday house call. yts. >> joining us is dr. david, chairman of urology. chief of robotic surgery. >> dr. mark seagal is joining us. associate professor of medicine at nyu's medical center. also author of "the interpulse. unlocking the secret code of sickness and health." which is what we do here every sunday. great to see you. >> great to see. >> did you we will start something that's really important. you know how good good a good night's sleep makes you feel. there is a new study that shows
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curing insomnia is help fight depression. 18 million americans struggle with depression and many have to deal with insomnia also. if you have did he pregs you can't sleep. if you can't sleep you could suffer from depression. >> the question is which one is really first. is it chicken or the egg? for years, the medical school training we always talked about insomnia. as a symptom. that's part of the depression. if you want to diagnose the depression you have this series of lack of concentration. insomnia, guilty feelings. all of that was part of it. as a symptom. based on this new study coming out of canada even though it is a small study they are getting insomnia, the real disease. we are finding out that insomnia can lead to depression. we have talked about the importance of sleep. seven hours of sleep. many times on this show. and the justice department if you are knot getting enough sleep, that leads to high blood pressure, obesity, now we see
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depression, heart attacks. it is extremely pore for everyone to get their seven hours of sleep. if you are going to have insomnia leading to depression, they will intertwine, by treating insomnia, you already can take care of 50% of the depression. that's the message from this. it is a truly for. the biggest news that we have, bringing to you is, that, yes, old fashioned medication is wonderful but don't like it. it treats it fast but it gives you dependency and doesn't last long. mark will talk about this more. cognitive behavior therapy, cbt. change of your behave haf wror and the way you think positive. i'm not going to get any sleep tonight. as opposed to yeah, it may take longer for me to sleep. we will work with you to change your behavior so you can sleep. that has been extremely effective in treating not just insomnia but depression. >> it is like a vicious psych. >> in the book i wrote, i called it a cycle of worrying. it looks like the chicken is actually the insomniac.
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double the risk of becoming depressed if you don't have proper sleep. it is months of interrupting your daily activities. at work, at play. just can't function properly because of lack of sleep. anxiety is involved. obsessions are involved. and then, again, you double the ricks of dpreegs. what is exsite being the study if you treat the insomnia, your risk of getting over the depression, regardless of what they give the patients, no matter what you gave them, your chances of getting cured of the depression was double also. that's why it works. now, interest isn't just sleep habits. it is something that david referred to called cognitive behavioral therapy. it is specific. it is based on your rhythms and means getting up the same time every day. it means going to sleep every time the same day. and it means not having daytime napping. and means when you are going to sleep, you don't have that tv on. you don't eat in bed. you don't play with that cell phone and that -- that ipad. you just turn off the lights and
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go to sleep. you can establish a routine, discipline, you are going to do a lot better to get rid of your ink insomnia. i want to emphasize, the pills are something we only use if we have to. >> like ambien. i don't know all the sleeping pills. does that foster depression over a period of time? >> i think it can. it can cause other problems like hadllucination hallucinations. same thing with valium. whatever you are using it can cause problems and make you more depressed. >> i like the behavior therapy. sleep centers are opening up all over the country. >> absolutely. there's actually sleep centers and then there's sleep psychologists and sleep therapies and it is -- whole new field coming in. we want people to also check their thyroid. and because sometimes hyper thyroid or too much thyroid can lead to insomnia, this is coming from every direction and just talk to your kokt and find out what the cause is. if you are not sleeping and you
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have uninterrupted one-month period, that's a diagnosis of insomnia. >> i feel this is one of the most helpful segments you have ever done for us. thank you so much. >> he is getting a degree from me in internal medicine. >> another stunning study that we want to tell you about shows that herbal supplements that a lot of americans take are often make. dr. seagal, you took a look at the pills and unpacking becausing the doctor has a surprise for and you will show you everything he takes in the morning. what about them in general, worth it? >> borrowing from canada today. another canadian study which was really shocking. showed that of 44 herbs they looked at, 30 had things in n them that weren't supposed to be in them. fillers, rice, yeast. in one case, it was supposed to be st. john's wort ended up being a laxative. another case, ginko was black walnut in there. if you have an allergies to
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things you could take herbs and have an allergic reaction thinking you are getting one thing and getting something else. it is disturbing, jamie, because the fda does not have jurisdiction over herbs the way it has over prescription drugs. supplements are unregulated and we can't police what is in them. now, assuming you actually got what was in them. i have an additional problem because the nih has a division called the national center for complementary and alternative medicine that has been studying this $5 billion industry the last few years. they have not been able to prove that st. john's wort decreases depression, that ginkgo prevents dementia. it decreases blood pressure. all of the things people think these things do are not -- have not been proven. something like st. john's wort which is used throughout europe for depression if you take st. john's wort with an antidepressant you end up with a huge problem because you get way
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too much saratonin. >> can i ask you a favor? >> slur. >> give people a chance to get a piece of paper and pencil during a quick break. is that okay? even if we have to kill a topic in in the break. i want to pay attention and everyone else can to everything that you said. see all this stuff. we will tell you the real program that -- we talked about. >> doctors are answering a lot of your questions. there is one question that came to us about chest pains. did you ever get that? what does that mean? okay, listen up! i'm re-workin' the menu.
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mayo? corn dogs? :
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without a doubt, the dock
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takes his vitamins with coffee. he said you should drink four cups aall day long. today we will find out what supplements he is take. >> this is not that difficult. i'm not into taking 20 pills. for my lifestyle, you know, i may not get enough vegetables and balanced diets. i always take one multivitamin. don't worry about the brands we are talking about here. just concept behind this. one multivitamin gives me all the nutrition i need. mark cautions me about the stress and how hard i work. protect my heart. fish oil, omega 3 fatty acid is healthy for you. i don't want to you take a lot of it. study that too much of it can give you prostate cancer. one or would day as week of this is moreugh. this one is a really good one. pit could be complementary toly tors and lower your cholesterol. minimal side effects. fairly safe and i think if you have fattening foods and this will help you. protecting whatever hair i have
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left. this is healthy. the one i mentioned, people ask about this. it is about 500 milligrams. you may take it once or twice a day. it causes healing and reduces s infloridamatii inflammation. >> it can lower cholesterol if you are afraid of statins or don't need them. i like flaxseed oil to lower cholesterol. vitamin d. >> for some people baby aspirin. >> if you need it. talk to your dock. these can interfere and go to nccam. one that mark mentioned. that's where you can read about this. we will post it on facebook. >> thank you. >> great advice. you were in israel last week following up with israeli patients he treated and teaching
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techniques about robotic prostate surgery. dr. seagal takes a look. >> chief of urology, lenox hill hospital, he was back in israel last week following up with israeli patients he has treated. >> you can see here. >> a pioneer in robotic prostate surgery, he's traveled to israel in the past to teach these techniques to other doctors. >> we got the prostate cancer at the last possible second. not minute before it left the cancer, left the prostate, and went into the whole body. >> it does go beyond the mechanical part of the robot. we are not robots. we have emotions. as doctors, i feel their pain when they come the first time. and then you see them across the bridge when the cancer is gone. >> he's not alone. up in the north of israel, doctors are currently providing medical care to wounded syrians who are supposed to be their enemies. >> i think there is a plus to
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look at this patient who was previously -- you want an assistant that is democratic and wise enough to help people at home. regardless of who they are. and where they are coming from. >> it is our moral obligation to take them and treat them and not only treat them by medicine, even to treat the soul, hug them and love them. >> back down in tel aviv, the doctor connectsed with the powerful feelings of his colleagues to the north. >> in hay brew when you save one person's life, you have saveding a whole village. >> absolutely amazing. >> wonderful work. >> this was a very special trip because three years ago when we went in and brought robotic stroyrnlg israel it was great collaboration with the scientists and surgeons. this time when i went in and over the last three, four years, we had over 400 israeli patients
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that have come here. we have taken care of them. i have to tell you it was extremely emotional. a lot of tears. a lot of joy and hugs. people that are cured from prostate cancer and the example we saw was a patient who had -- very difficult cancer to deal with. one of the highest risk cancer this patient had. now he is cured. just couldn't get to -- bring myself to give the speech. it was a wonderful, we are going to collaborate. now we established the biggest prostate cancer support group in israel. i'm very proud of it. also, i want to thank everyone that came to the lecture. supported everything we did on and on. this is a very special trip. >> one of the things i was thinking, as i was watching, you are getting teary eyed here. i know how much both of you care about your patients. the fact is that you didn't just cure that male patient. you cured a family. >> it is true. it is unfortunate, you know, i -- get emotional about this. one of my patients for the first time, jamie, passed away about
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three months ago. 46-year-old. it didn't have to be like this. any kind of opportunity we get we should get the word out. get tested. it will save a life. we will continue the battle. mark has a lot to do with this. i thank fox news for doing this. you saved a lot of lives. >> what your people do -- you can see the effect this has on dr. samadi, doctors and patient. >> it is a great segment for our viewers. david, i have been in his operating room. he is focus order the surgery. this is the other side. when you meet the patient whose life is saved because that prostate is removed, and hundreds came to see him and hear him speak, and they were just grateful and that's when he gets to share the emotions and it is about emotional healing. that's why we put it together with the doctors from the north who are saying these syrians are injured with high impact injuries. their legs are blown off. they have shrapnel wounds and
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they have burns. we are going to take care of them no matter who they are. whether they are our enemy or not. because we care. because we love what we are doing. that's the high emotion dr. samadi brings to surgery. >> let me just get the word -- there's no such thing as enemy when you are a doctor. i want to make that very clear. i have been in the hospital and i have seen it. israeli mixed with arab patients. as a doctor, when you wear a white coat, everybody is the same. you give 200%. these are very, very powerful. testimonials is the reason why we wake up every morning to go to work. >> it is truly the hip cattic oath that you both serve. thank you so much. you wake up with a strange feeling in your chest. cane imagine anything scarier. but how do you know if it is something that you need to worry about? we always answer, should i worry? we will tell you about that after a break. thank you both.
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well, it'se r time for the segment, should i worry? i don't want you to. we look at everything that worries us. we had a view their askedsry wake up with a pain in my chest which feels better when i sit up. should i worry in dr.siegel? >> i don't want anyone out there to hear this and say, well, dr.siegel says i don't need to worry with that symptom. if you get chest pain when you are talking, on exertion, that is your heart, if you get it lie down and it is better when you sit up it is probably your stomach, reflux, ulcer or pancreas. do not hear this and say, great, it is not my heart. i still want you to see your
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doctor. drinking water can help. sometimes i need stomach medication. it could be the pancreas. you see your doctor but most of the time that is not your heart. >> i want to jump on that, it can be equally dangerous? >> absolutely. it could be a pleading ulcer or penetrating ulcer. >> the way you distinguish, with the heart it feels like a dull pain like the elephant is on your chest and radiating to your arm. with the ulcer, you usually have stabbing pain and it is really burning pain, that is what the acid is doing because when you lie down the acid can cause a a reregurgatation. the reflux stays right here, and
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you can see and feel the burning heart bun in the middle of the chest. stay away from any heavy food, fatty food, chocolate, alcohol, citrus fruits, all of those can give. >> problem. the best thing is to sit up or if you have the problem, sit or lie down at 30-degree angle. chewing gum washes the acid which is important. >> if you ate a lot, put more pillows? >> that is one thing. drink more water. i under by saying, i look at the whole history. are you nauseous? are you vomiting? are you burning? it is more likely it is reflux or stomach. drinking water and getting rid of the bad dairy products and fatty food is the answer. >> take baking soda in the water and drink it, a teaspoon that neutralizes the acid and there is slick -- slippery elm.
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there are a lot of tricks before you take the medication. slippery elm. >> half of america will need medication after thanksgiving. here it comes. >> ready to tough your face in we love the stuffing and the sweet potato and the pies...the advice they gave us we will need it next week, too, and the doctors have more tips if us to were joy or holiday meal. diarrhea, gas, bloating? yes! one phillips' colon health probiotic cap each day helps defend against these digestive issues with three strains of good bacteria. live the regular life. phillips'.
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and here's what judy of indiana writes ... medicare shopping was very confusing - if only we had talked to you first! at healthmarkets, we make finding the coverage you need fast and easy ... because we know you have better things to do. >> and it is that time of year with thanksgiving almost here. some of us enjoyed the holiday a little too much. doctor, what can we do to feel better friday morning? don't tell me not to eat the third piece of pecan pie. >> leftovers can be deadly. deadly. >> it is a great time of the
1:58 pm
year to be thankful about our health and everything else. enjoy the family time. do not skip the meal. you can eat a little bit more but the next day, we don't want you to take a lot of dairy food because that adds to more bloated. hit the gym. work out the calories and get rid of them. >> i thought you would say that. >> you will be in the shopping malls anyway and the walking is great for you but drink a lot of water. all the salt you get and your fingers are swollen, drink seven to ten glasses of water the next day and you will be fine. >> first, ayou have the guilt. in other words, you know you overate for thanksgiving but on the in day, i want to wake up and say, let's reset the thermostat, do not skip breakfast, you start skipping meals on the day after thanksgiving and the next thing you know you will do what the dot said, you will run to the refrigerator and grab the
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leftevers and stump your face. have a high protein breakfast, get to the jim, exercise, drink a lot of water. have a very moderate day. do not try to compensate. do not feel guilty. >> if you eat a lot the night before the next day you do not want to have breakfast have a cup of coffee. >> your yogurt. >> i will hide the cold stuffing. that is where i will go in the morning. good point, well-taken. the foods can turns they have been sitting out for hours and hours and... >> fruit and vegetables on friday. >> good advice. >> happy thanksgiving. be thankful. >> love the no guilt. thank you, great to have both of
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you, happy thanksgiving. we hope you have a great and healthy day. healthier day. that's what "sunday housecall" is all about. i'm jamie colby. have a good one. >> here's howie. happy thanksgiving. on the buzz meter this sunday, liz cheney sparks a national debate by telling fox she opposes same-sex marriage including that of her sister. >> i love mary very much. i love her family very much. this is just an issue on which we disagree. >> with mary cheney and her wife firing back on facebook and the former vice president weighing in, are the media exploiting a family feud or covering a legitimate split in the republican party? msnbc's martin bashir apologizes for dirty and disgusting remarks about sarah palin. this morning, palin responds on fox. >> that's the executive hypocrisy that is so prevalent in that media


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