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tv   Hannity  FOX News  November 25, 2013 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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others, justin bieber, will smith, ryan reynolds, lady gaga. >> send me who you think belongs on the least influential list. @megynkelly on twitter. thanks for watching, everybody. i'm megyn kelly. this is kelly file. problem? what problem. >> in order to distract attention away from obama care, the senate has just broken the rules in order to change the rules. >> the obama white house is willing to do whatever it can to scrub the obama care train wreck from front pages of our nation's newspapers. but it won't happen here. it's official. we're now negotiating with the terrorists in tehran. >> today the united states took an important first step towards a comprehensive solution that addresses our concerns for the islamic public of iran's nuclear program. >> ann coulter is here to react to the so-called nuclear agreement.
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>> there is a disturbing situation that is occurring around the city and in other cities. called knockout. >> the main street reports on the deadly knockout phenomenon, but is this a case of too little too late? plus sarah palin issues her first public response to martin basheer. did she accept his apology? welcome to "hannity" tonight. the white house appears to be willing to do and say anything to change the subject from obama care. for example, instead of talking about the president's big lie that you can keep your doctor, keep your insurance plan, he would rather lecture us on negotiation and even now negotiate with the terrorist regime in iran. can you blame him for trying to change the subject? according to the latest poll numbers only 4 out of 10 americans believe the president can effectively manage the country, which is down right embarrassing.
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the very same survey said a majority of americans say he's not honest or trustworthy. now stinging poll numbers aren't the only thing sending the administration into a tail spin. even ultraliberal lawmakers like al franken are beginning to bail. u.s. senator al franken says he's open to a brief delay of the individual mandate at the heart of the affordable care act if the federal government's health insurance marketplace is n fantasticed by the administration's self-imposed december 1 deadline. i think we have to consider extending the deadline for the mandate, but let's hope that does not happen. he said when asked if most of the problems aren't controlled by then. let's not forget, the department of hhs, headed by the disgraced kathleen sebilius announced that next year, they push back the deadline for enrolling in obama care. conveniently, that will be after the midterm elections. are you surprised? joining me now with reaction,
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lou louie gomer and leonard lance. rare in-studio appearance. let's start -- i'm watching this announcement late saturday night on this deal with iran. and i'm thinking why? why does the administration trust thm regime that has been fighting wars and even threatening to wipe israel off the map again? >> why do they trust them more? why did the clinton administration trust north korea more than republicans? i mean, it's the same kind of mentality that think conservatives, patriots are the problem. but if you look, they are following the north korean game plan. it was north korea in 1994, wendy sherman was the policy coordinator for the clinton administration. she's now leading the negotiations for the obama administration. and if you remember, in 1994, they got a promise that in return for us giving them nuclear reactors, giving them
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all kinds of help with nuclear power, all they had to do was renounce nuclear weapons and, of course -- >> they ended up getting a weapon. >> yeah, now they're helping iran. >> and they extracted money, concessions every time. this game that they play. and they won every time. >> and iran is following the exact same thing north korea. >> i think north korea is not just helping them on missiles and on nuclear weapons. they're helping them on how you gain the united states, they're too stupid. all you got to do is promise them anything and they will help you in nuclear weapons. >> last week, the supreme leader of iran, act which youlely referred to israel as the robbed by dog of the region and said the zionist regime is doomed to deinstruction. when you look at the internals of this deal, what do you find? we don't have full access and inspection of every site. only the ones that they designade designate it's okay. so why would america take that deal and open up billions? they now have time and money to ease the pressure and continue their program.
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>> exactly, sean. this is terrible. i think that most americans will be opposed to it. and not only those who serve you should the republican side in congress, but democratic members as well. for exampling chuck schumer here in new york. >> bob mendez in new jersey. >> i think it's terrible. and i think there will be a reaction in congress against it. >> i think john bolton has a point, though. this was about stopping israel from defending itself. if you go back to february of 2012, this administration, leon panetta told "the washington post" they're going to attack april, may or june, you don't do that to your friends, you don't betray a friend like that. at the end of march, when they were afraid they were going to attack anyway, we have stabbed them in the back repeatedly this fall. >> so israel is alone? >> well, they're negotiating
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with france and saudi arabia. they sent a negotiator -- >> the saudis were shocked by this. it took them by surprise. does this start a nuclear arms sflas. >> i can tell you being in the middle east back in september, we heard from some people, allies, who were saying we keep watching you throw your allies under the bus and we're wondering which one of us will be next. >> let me give you three instances. one is, under president obama we gave the head of the muslim brotherhood, former head that became president, morsi, who referred to israelis as the decendents of apes and pigs. we gave him f-16s, tanks and billions of dollars. now we have the supreme leader calling israel the rabid dog of the region. then we had president obama surprise him and and say they ought to go back to '67 border. if you're netanyahu, what are you thinking? >> that we're not as good an
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ally as we should be. a that's why mr. cohen, the national security adviser is coming to the united states. and i certainly hope that the administration will consider fully the views of the israeli government. >> so we can be treated the way netanyahu was treated at the white house? >> i hope he will be treated better and we in congress want hick to be treated better and we in congress in a bipartisan capacity support our friend israel. >> here's the next question. is this, between what happened last week in the senate, changing the rules that been in place all those years? and this, is this a distraction? because they want to talk about anything other than the failure of obama care? >> i think they go a two-fer here. fist of all, you get to betray a friend you don't like, which is israel. they repeatedly made that clear, even though their words say oh, yes, we're friend, their actions made very clear they're not. and then also, it is a distraction from the disaster that is and will be obam map care. so yeah, a two-fer here. >> it never ends.
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every week, every month, every year, cancellations, rate shock, and, of course, you don't get to keep your plans. they can't distract from this. >> i think it might go beyond being a distraction. i think i it's just fundamentally bad policy. obama care, fundamentally bad policy. this new decision regarding iran, fundamentally bad policy. and the change of the filibuster rule, fundamentally bad policy. and that, of course, will enure to your benefit when we take control of the united states senate in a year. >> welcome in studio, we always love having you. coming up, it's official. the white house is now in the business of negotiating with terrorists. the always outspoken ann coulter here to weigh in on the detils of this so-called agreement with iran and how this could be the biggest mistake of obama's presidency. plus the wife of christian pastor detained in tehran is here with a very powerful message for the white house. why wasn't her husband released as part of this deal?
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and it's spreading. the deadknockout game is now popping up in different cities. the mainstream media and civil rights leaders finally are weighing in. but is it too little too late? and then later, governor sarah palin has broken her silence and issued her first public response to the vile, despicable comments by martin bashir. did she accept his apology? phil robertson, i love this guy. he opens up about his dark past and what eventually brought him to the light. >> some guy came in with a bible and he wanted to introduce me to jesus. i ran him away. with new fedex one rate you can fill that box and pay one flat rate. i didn't know the coal thing was real. it's very real... david rivera. rivera, david. [ male announcer ] fedex one rate.
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under the cover of darkness saturday night our >> kwoem back to "hannity." our fearless commander in k450e6 announced he was willing to enter into a nuclear agreement with the rogue regime in tehran. that's right, president obama is now openly negotiating with terrorists. >> i spoke personally with the president of iran this fall. secretary kerry has met with the foreign minister and we have pursued intensive diplomacy, bilaterally and together with our pardon mes, the united kingdom, france, germany, russia and china, as well as the european union. today, that diplomacy opened up a new path towards a world that is more secure. a future in which we can verify that iran's nuclear program is peaceful and it cannot build a nuclear weapon.
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while today's announcement is just a first step, it achieves a great deal. >> sit me or do the president's dements sound eerily similar to what was said back in 1938. watch this. >> the settlement of the czechoslovakia problem sch has now been achieved is in my view the prelude to a larger settlement in which all europe may find peace. i had another talk with the german chancellor hitler which bears h iz name upon it as well as mine. >> sadly, the world knew all too well that never happened. president obama's naive remarks a modern day equivalent to
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chamberlain's peace in our time? the joining me is ann coulter. here's my take on this. i look at iran this way -- a state sponsor of terror. they're responsible for the death of american soldiers in iraq and afghanistan. and the number one superintendent porer of this dictatorial regime in syria. so why would the president trust them? what is it in him that trusts them? >> he's a liberal. you don't have to go back as far to nevel chamberlain, you can go to clinton's piece in our time deal in the north koreans, which was hailed as a triumph of of diplomacy. we give them nuclear material, $5 billion in aid and they give us a promise not to build nukes. they go take a you would that and work feverishly in building nukes.
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that's why i had to write this book. back in 2007, bush had won the war in iraq. elections had been held. then one of the intelligence agencies came out with a report they had included that iran gave up its ambitions back in 2003. suddenly the entire left, bill press, joe kleine, keith olbermann explode in anger at george bush for slandering the good name of mahmoud ahmadinejad. and here he had given up his nuclear ambitions. then three years later, 2010, ahmadinejad announces i'm nuclear. >> but the supreme leader referred to israel as the rabid dog in the region and the zionist regime is doomed to deinstructionist. part of this deal, we don't have access to every facility in the entire country. only where they have agreed to.
10:17 pm
>> this is the history of my book "treason." democrat presidents create crises in the world and then republican presidents have to deal with it. if you have no politics you just want america to be safer in the world, you have to vote republican. and in addition to the neville chamberlain clip, i wish tomorrow night you play the clip from keith oler nan december 2007 where he's railing at bush for thinking that ahmadinejad was trying to acquire nukes. and poor innocent as a lamb iran they were saying what are they talking about. and bush on cheney, the american intelligence agencies know that we have the worst intelligence gathering in the universe, thanks to the post watergate congress. don't elect democrats, america,
10:18 pm
because they just dis mantmantlr intelligence agency. now the cia is a secret society of newspaperers that will occasionally come into action to leak information to embarrass an american. the national intelligence estimate in 2007 leaked this report that turned out to be horribly, horribly wrong. iran was trying to develop nukes. but the entire left just jumped on this phony report. oh, bush and cheney, the drums of war against iraq. it would have been a terrible mistake. >> and we've given them access to $7 billion in frozen funs. spare part nars boeing transports. and they are brags and boasting, the u.s. gave us the right for nuclear enrichment. >> not only that, as with obama care, i might add, you have these democrats, these johnny come late dis, trying to protect their own reputations. >> he knew this was coming. >> but also he says, we'll come back, congress will come back
10:19 pm
and we'll -- >> he can't do anything. >> there's nothing they can do. it's not just sanctions from us. it's from our allies who want to be doing business with iran. and by the way, why do they need to do business with iran? because we're not producing any oil. >> so the iranians now will continue -- if you look at the way their nuclear sites are spread around the country, this is -- they're deep in the ground. this is sophisticated. this has been an effort they've anticipated. what do you do if you're israel now? >> what do you do if you're saudi arabia? >> they're aligning together. >> right, where we have obama aligning with iran. against the rest of the world. that's right. you can't just lift the sanctions that easily. what's saudi arabia going to do? this is why you can't elect a democrat president. they create crises, republicans are going to have to deal with it. >> who are you going to support in 2016? >> i don't know.
10:20 pm
>> who are you looking at? >> as long as it's a governor or a senator, i want to throw them in the debates and see who does the best. and i think we have about eight of them. >> i think we have about seven or eight. >> but no more congressmen, no more inspirational leaders. i leave ben carson, too. but it's got to be a governor or a senator. >> all right. still ahead tonight, governor sarah palin responds directly to msnbc news host martin bashir. but first -- >> it was very disheartening and discouraging to realize fighting for an american citizen that's wrongfully imprisoned in iran, and whose religious freedom is being violated is no longer a priority to discuss by our government. >> she is the wife of an american pastor who's been imprisoned in tehran for more than a year. coming up next, she will join me to ask why didn't president obama, why didn't he secure her husband's release as part of
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there are plenty of questions being raised about president obama's deal with a nuclear iran >> welcome back. one of the biggest concerns comes from my next guest, the wife of pastor sayed abidini who's been in prison in iran for more than a year. the family believes talks with iran were the best hope for securing the pastor's release and they are now blasting the administration for failing to find a solution during these so-called negotiations. he's an american citizen who was detained in iran for practicing christianity. and he remains in a very dangerous prison today where his wife is concerned he may not survi survive. joining me now is explain is the pastor's wife, even representing their family from the american center for law and justice, jay secula. why don't you tell us the story about your husband and how he got detained there. >> he was there work ogen an orphanage, a government-approved orphanage, working with the
10:26 pm
iranian government for muslim kids. and he travelled to iran more than nine, ten times since 2009. the kids and i actually traveled with him in 2011. we felt safe. we were working with the government. and unfortunately he left in june to finish up the orphanage, making the final approval for the board member, for the final board member and he was -- he never returned. the iranian government put him under house arrest from july until september. and then they put him in prison in september of 2012. and he's been given an eight-year sentence because of christian gathering, which occurred between the year 2000 and 2005. so nothing related to his recent trip. and about a month ago, he's been moved to an even more dangerous prison with inmates that are on death row for murders and rape. >> didn't that happen after the administration asked for his release? he got sent to a much tougher
10:27 pm
prison, isn't that true? >> exactly. iran's reaction was to move them to the worst prison. they were chanting death to america. they're not sending a positive message. this would have been the best leverage to get them out in their lives. they're going to get access to billions of dollars, in some cases more. yet he had an opportunity to negotiate the release of your husband and he did not. what do you want to say to him? >> you know, he could have had that be an easy precondition. he could have easily said release the americans before we
10:28 pm
even continue with negotiations. and it just -- it really has been devastating for our family to know it's obviously not a priority. this human rights issue, iran being the top violator of human rights. and here's an american citizen wasting away. here's a family broken apart. i mean, this is the hardest time of the year for us, christmas and thanksgiving is approaching. we hope he would be home right now. we don't even know if he'll survive the new prison. >> jay what's your reaction to this? have you been speaking to people in the state department and elsewhere in the administration? >> we have. on friday, i sent a letter to secretary of state kerry urging him to secure the release of sayid and the other two americans prior to signing, inking this agreement. we have now eased the sanctions against iran, allowing billions of dollars to go forward.
10:29 pm
it's an outrage. i hold the president responsible for this, because as a preseason to signing and executing this deal and easing the sanctions, it would have been easy for the iranian regime to release the americans. if, in fact, it was a priority for the united states. apparently that's not the case. and i was on a call, we've been discussing this with the state department for months. i said the problem is every time there's a mention of sayid, you're telling me there's no response from the iranians. so here it was that we generate today over the weekend, over $5 billion of aid, plus humanitarian relief and we don't get the return of americans being held hostage by the very people we're negotiating with at the table? it's inexcusable sean. it's a tragedy of unbelievable proportions for the family. it should cause every american that's watching this broadcast now to say would my country leave me? what is it with the state
10:30 pm
department and this president that we always pick the wrong on middle east matters. consistently that's what we're doing. >> i'll give you the last word. >> exactly. i think as americans, as someone who was raise inned us, it breaks my heart that my government has left me and my husband in a time we needed them the most. and speaking, being very strict and very outspoken against the iranian government's continued violation of human rights. there's. >> a family hurting. there's two little children that are crying every single night asking for their dad to come home. today they're praying god, don't let him die. this is too much for a 5-year-old and a 7-year-old to handle. >> i hope and pray he gets home soon. i can't for the life of me understand why this wasn't part of the, quote, negotiations. we'll continue to follow this. thank you so much for being with us. >> thank you.
10:31 pm
>> coming up, spreading the deadly and dangerous knockout game. we'll tell you where the violence has broken out in just the last few days and why civil rights leaders are finally, too little too late, getting involved. enlike martin bashir, former governor sarah palin has taken the high road. she's broken her silence about the left wing host and his disgusting remarks. and there is a third and a final option for tonight's "video of the day." ash raining down on the streets of sicily as mount etna erupts. is that your vote for the video of the day? our special companion sight, you can also vote on our online poll tonight. do you think the administration should have secured the pasto s release during their so-called negotiations with iran? comment on twitter adds well. a small business credit card with amazing rewards.
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>> test test test >> test >> test test >> test
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last week we told you about the violent trend known as the knockout game. now police are >> welcome back to "hannity." he told you ast the knockout game. now police are on high alert for groups of young males attacking random strangers on the street with a single punch with the goal of knocking them down. now, the so-called game is happening in at least ten states coast to coast. and dozens of incidents have been reported thus far with five of them proving to be fatal. over the weekend, the reverend al sharpton finally spoke up. here's what he said. >> this find of behavior is deplorable and must be condemned by all of us. if somebody ran around talking about knocking out blacks, we would not be silent.
10:37 pm
we cannot be silent if it's raci racism, bigotry, bias, assault. no matter who it is and where it is, he must be denounce it. i want to start announce. thes on the bet network to really deal with this. we must take this notion out of kids' minds that there's something hip and slick about that. >> now, all the mainstream media has just started to shine some light on the vicious assaults that appear to be growing by the day. is this a case of too little too late? eric rush, democratic stratist richard fowler. i didn't sense the same speed, urgency and intensity as, for example, in the zimmerman, trayvon martin case. did you see the same reaction? or different. >> well, it's definitely different. as you said, it took a little
10:38 pm
bit longer or quite a bit longer. but i think the urgency now has to do with the fact that it is being widely reported as opposed to trayvon martin opinion reverend al sharpton, kudos for doing the right thing this time. however, it was a little, you know, a little delayed. and this isn't quite honestly, the side of the bread his butter is on. however, it is so deplorable and disgusting i think to wait any longer would have made him look a little hypocrite call, if you will. >> we have reporters like police representatives on this show, that they claim and thomas wrote a report about this. it's mostly young black men attacking white people or people that are of jewish faith. do you see it that way? or do you think this transcends that? >> well, i think that this has
10:39 pm
to do with the way that other races are framed with regard to the rhetoric that blacks, particularly young blacks here fr -- hear from some of these young activists, jews have all the money, the asians come into our neighborhoods and sell liquor, et cetera, et cetera, and this racism is sort of gined up. and of course, the establishment isn't doing anything about this. so it sort of the behooves the aforementioned career activists to keep this sort of thing going. and unfortunately, we're seeing the results of that. as well as the sort of institutional cultural demolition of the black americans that we've seen after decades and decades of progressive policies. >> richard, what's your reaction? >> well, i wouldn't think -- i don't think this is a ris issue
10:40 pm
at all. these are kids behaving badly. white kids or black kids or hispanic children or asian children, this is just kids behaving badly. we need to do a better job of making sure their parents are policing at home. the reverend is right. violence is violence is violence. i know the reverend well. he's definitely being fair. he's calling out anyone who would do violence to anyone. i think we've seen him in the past and we'll see it again. when we talk about trayvon. it took a couple of weeks or months before the media even coffered the case. or before, you know, al sharpton -- >> it was pretty quick. of all the videos i've seen, it's predominantly young black men doing this. and i'm -- i don't know what the reason for it is, and i read the column. i was not as aware of it until i started seeing all this video. why do you think this is happening, though? why do you think jewish people are being targeted and old people are being targeted? why do you think that is? >> i wouldn't say it's just
10:41 pm
african-americ african-americans. we've seen african-americans, i'm pretty sure it's happening in other communities. what's happening is children behaving badly. they're not being policed at home by their parents. >> eric, do you want to respond? >> well, yeah. i mean, if there -- there have not been reports of white kids and asian kids and latino kids running around and punching people in the head. al sharpton came out because it's predominantly black people or black kids punching predominantly nonblack kids. in the case of is violence violence? yeah, it is. in my view. but the fact of the matter is, if it's race based, you have to call it out, readless of who's doing it to whom. and to say there isn't a particular target here, especially in light of reverend al coming out and talk act it. that's just tunnel vision in my opinion. >> we've got to leaf it right there. thank you. and coming up next tonight right
10:42 pm
here on "hannity." >> in a case like this, you know, i don't have to accept his words, his vile, evil comments. so they don't have to affect me. >> governor palin responds to the vile, disgusting remarks by martin bashir. did she accept his apology? later, we reveal your choice for tonight's "video of the day" as "hannity" continues. suffering from the flu is a really big deal. with aches, fever and chills- there's no such thing as a little flu. so why treat it like it's a little cold? there's something that works differently than over-the-counter remedies. prescription tamiflu attacks the flu virus at its source. so call your doctor right away. tamiflu treats the flu in people 2 weeks and older whose flu symptoms started within the last two days. before taking tamiflu tell your doctor if you're pregnant, nursing, have serious health conditions, or take other medicines. if you develop an allergic reaction, a severe rash, or signs of unusual behavior,
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welcome back to "hannity." former alaska governor sarah palin issued her f >> welcome back to "hannity." sarah palin has issued her first public response about the vile, despicable comments spewed by msnbc post martin bashir. take a look. >> as for personal i will taking shots, everyone takes shots.
10:47 pm
you have a decision to make when you take a shot. are you going to become bitter or better? in a case like this, you know, i don't have to accept his words, his vile, evil comments, so they don't have to affect me. i move on and i charge forth. as for the apologies, well, obviously, you know, who am i to not accept an apology? everyone must humble themselves and accept that offer of apology. >> now, the governor also addressed the handling of the situation and the lack of punishment for bashir. and slammed nbc executives for their hypocrisy when it comes to comments. here with reaction, dana lash and leslie marshall. i want to be clear, i'm not looking to get anybody fired. we make our living with the first amendment. but, and you know that people are monitoring every word you see on the radio. i say.
10:48 pm
but look at the lineup. you've got a left wing, radical group over there. he talks about defecating and urinating in a public figure's mouth. >> i think you and i would agree that this is further proof that conservatives are behind the principle of free spee. i love it when these characters allow their freak flags to fly simply because it allows us, the public, to make an infortunatelied decision as to whether or not we want to be associated with these sorts of talking heads or specifically this network which seems to turn a blind eye when its abuse towards conservative women that has no problems when someone makes comments towards gays and lesbians. at this point, i think conservative women should unite and form something like women
10:49 pm
against progressive bullying or something like glad. it seems like it's that kind of lobbying to end this kind of harassment. >> listen to alec baldwin and how he talks to a female report enand how he talks as his own daughter. >> i hope you choke to death. >> did you hear what i said? when my wife and kid come out here you're going to have a big problem, don't you? >> maybe you are as dumb as you look. you are with fox, right? >> i did not almost hit your wife. >> do you want to apologize to her on camera. i asked you a question? do you want to -- i asked you a question. get the [ bleep ] out of here. >> i'm leaving this message with you to tell you you have insulted me for the last time. you have insulted me.
10:50 pm
you don't have the brains or the decency as a human being -- i don't give a [ bleep ] that you're 12 years old or 11 years old or that you're a child. so you better be ready friday the 20th to meet with me. i'm going to let you know just how i feel about what a rotten little pig you really are. you are a rude, thoughtless little pig, okay? >> why would the network that made so much out of a big deal about binder, leslie, hire that guy? >> first of all, dana, i thought you and i were going to really agree and not have our cat fight. i have to say i and many liberals -- i wrote roger an e-mail, our boss here that said alec baldwin, really? many liberals do not feel, and i'm one of them, that he speaks for us. and as far as this war on women, sean, i'm glad you said that, because this is, i believe, dana i'm going to go one step furtherer than you. i'm a liberal, i'm a democrat.
10:51 pm
but i'm a woman first. and i was offended when ed shultz said something about laura ingraham, when the roots played that song before michelle bachmann came out on "the jimmy fallon show." i don't think this is political, sean. i think it's male-female. and martin bashir certainly should have been at least suspended as ed shultz was. >> dana? >> i don't know. i happen to see infinity times more abuse directed towards conservative women. i don't like -- i don't like that sort of discourse anyway. because init takes attention off of -- >> are you kidding? >> no, why don't you try listening to the show one time. but i think it takes attention off the substance of the point. but every single day, i'm constantly fielding insults, not just towards me for what i do and for speaking out, but i setons of other conservative women. women on this network who take
10:52 pm
abuse from progressive men. this is farr the course. this is one of the reason why i left the left. i left the democratic party because of people like martin bashir and alec baldwin. i said goodbye to the party and that's one of the big reasons. >> leslie, last word. >> i don't have that sexism is in this party and quite frankly or the republican party, dana. i wasn't talking about your show when i said that you can't ignore the fact that hillary clinton has been abused by both left and right. chris matthews attacked her. >> mostly by her husband. >> i think it's disgusting in 2013 that we even have to as women have this conversation about any of these men saying things about these women, regardless of the political party. >> agreed. agreed on that point. >> you both ruined the show. thank you very much. get along. coming up next, we reveal your choice for tonight's "video of
10:53 pm
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welcome back to hannity. time to review what you, the >> welcome back to "hannity." millions and millions tune in every week. i love the show, it's called "duck dynasty." you watch the robertson family. but many may not know about the family's past private struggles. now they're opening up as never before. the movement inspires people to live for god and others. listen to ms. kay and her husband phil talk about their past and how finding god helped phil turn his life around. . >> he would be mad and just be in and out like a flash. i knew then, but i didn't want to believe that he was running around on me. probably smoking dope, other thing, pills he took, things like that.
10:58 pm
it was just all new to me, the whole thing. >> i owned a beer joint when some guy came in with a bible. and he wanted to introduce me to jesus. i rab him away. he became more mean and mean spirited. i told my kids, that's not your daddy. that's the devil in your daddy. >> i would say the low point was when i ran ms. kay and the kids off. they were all alone. no hope, miserable. that's when i began to serious contemplate is there a way out of all of this?
10:59 pm
by the way, i just sat down with this guy. he said phil, what do you think the gospel is i said i don't know, gospel music on the radio i didn't know what the gospel of jesus was. so when he came through jesus coming down and blessing the little virgin girl mary dying on a cross and being raised from the dead, i'm like how in the world did i ever miss that?
11:00 pm
>> i had missed it. >> very powerful. start your day with "fox and friends" starting at 5:00 a.m. you don't want to miss it. >> we will see you back here tomorrow night. strikes again. >> i don't think obama care is failing. access has been a failure a this point in time. >> the more it looks as if it's going to take quite a while. this website may never be quite right. >> it needs to be fixed. >> the next ticking


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