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tv   Hannity  FOX News  November 26, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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so we are getting tweets about matt halperin that tried to walk back the remarks about the death panels. we invited him to come on. hopefully he'll do it tomorrow night before thanksgiving. follow me on twitter. see you then. the president unveils a plan to allow obama care to hijack your holidays. >> we know you don't have health insurance. >> we love you no matter but it's time to get covered. >> that's it? health insurance? >> here to expose the truth about obama care death panels. >> i've come here to cairo to seek a new beginning between the united states and muslims around the world. my administration is in direct discussions with the taliban. today, that diplomacy opened up a new path toward a world that's more secure. >> more proof that the commander in chief just doesn't understand the threat posed to america by radical islam. why's the left wing media
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claiming the knockout game is a myth and calling many 'knockout game truther? "hannity" starts right here right now. welcome. tonight, the debacle reached a new low. yes, the president's political operatives working overtime to they can many disastrous health care law topic at your thanksgiving day table. i'm not joking. organizing for action posted on barack this holiday season, millions of american vs a chance to get quality affordable health insurance many for the first time. if you have family members uninsured you can help them find coverage that works for them. it might not always seem like it but your family listens to you. so have the talk. oh, but there's much more. they also put this little ad together. watch this. >> hi, mom. >> hi, sweetie. you almost here? >> yeah. i'll be there in a few.
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>> good. because we have something really important to talk to you about. >> okay. that's weird. any hints? >> don't worry about it. >> drive safely. >> bye. >> what the heck do they want to talk to me about? >> so what's so important? >> your dad and i are moving in with you! >> roomies! >> no, no, no, no. >> so what's so important? >> we joined a cult. it's not a cult. it's cult-ish. a cult. >> we know what you did in vegas. >> we know what you did at mardi gras. >> we know what you did last summer. >> your mother and i -- >> have joined the circus. ♪ >> we're def punk. >> i'm a wizard. >> i'm just a muggle.
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i am the one who knocks. >> grandma is a dragon. >> we got matching tattoos. >> so, what did you want to talk to me about? >> we know you don't have health insurance. >> we love you no matter what but it's time to get covered. >> that's it. >> it's important. >> i know. i'll do it. i just thought -- never mind. >> your uncle burt, not your uncle. >> that is just pa thetheticpat. their advice, pick a time, choose a place and think about how you'll bring it up. here now with reaction, the cohost of "fox & friends weekend" tucker carlson and juan williams. you know what, juan?
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they want to turn the country into good little obama-bots and start a fight over the thanksgiving day table. throwing turkeys and pumpkin pie. really? we have to indoctrinate people into doing something they don't want to do over thanksgiving? >> indoctrinate? i thought it was cute and kind of charming. >> kutd and charming. >> but sean -- >> you know what most parents are saying? go get a job. move out of the basement. >> whatever. but here's an opportunity to sign up for health care which is a loving thing to do. even as i say happy thanksgiving to my friend, sean hannity -- >> come over to the table. >> if you don't have health care, you know, you should do something about it because we don't want anything to happen to you. when's indoctrination about that? >> the action kid, tucker -- >> come on. >> they want catastrophic
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insurance, a high deductible and not funding the insurance for the quote uninsured and the elderly and that's what obama care does. >> it's a transfer of wealth from the young, poor and healthy to the older, sick and rich. ultimately it's a very regressive tax. who made the ad? same people that made the website. you shouldn't be shocked of thanksgiving dinner for the purposes. this is what happens when the personal is political. i'm surprised they're not encouraging kids to report their parents for opposing obama. the government that makes you happy. the government that showers gifts upon you. government is mom, dad, santa, god all wrapped into one. it's creepy. >> juan, i have a hard time understanding what part of this you don't get. the american people feel betrayed. they think they were lied to and they're right. lied to about keeping their plan. lied to about keeping their doctor, paying less. and every day, week ann month more people getting the
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cancelations letters and rate shock and you defend the lie. i understand obama lying. i don't understand you defending it. >> first of all, i think that you're right. i think that he misled the american people. >> misled or lied? >> misled. and secondly -- >> there's a difference. >> you're right when it comes to the terrible rollout of the website. it's been totally a mess. it's like thanksgiving dinner at a relative i won't mention. but i think overall, sean, that the status quo in health care is terrible. >> people are paying more. >> what? >> people are paying more. look. did you read jim angle's report today? 80 million americans that have employer health insurance, not the individual market, are going to lose their insurance. >> no, sean. >> yes. 80 million. >> these are people who are in part time who are getting not good health care plans and can get better health care plans through the marketplace.
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>> you say it but it doesn't make it true. >> i'm telling you the truth. >> the truth -- >> what your point is true they're being in some cases, i don't know 80 million but being asked to leave. >> asked to leave? no. not asked. canceled. there's a difference. >> okay, fine. you're right. >> and paying higher rates. >> give me a chance to say you're right. you're right. >> thank you. i'm done. >> they're given better plans and access at a cheaper rate. there's nothing lost to them. >> you're living in the obama bot unreality. carlson? >> nobody's being given anything. the private sector is paying far handout and the government is taking credit. the government doesn't create anything but redistributes everything. it's a failure of imagination to believe just because there's major problems with health care it's not a whole lot worse. not all change is good. change by definition is destr t
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destructive and some is worse. you may think that the system is bad and wish people got better coverage and care, that's true. but ten years from now we may be saying it was better than we thought it was. >> let me ask a question. >> juan? you say misled. i say lied. okay? >> okay. >> let's not have a word game here. considering that every promise obama made about keeping your plan, keeping your doctor, having lower rates, all of which are not coming true, why don't we cut our losses and why don't we have a nationwide debate on what the best solution is rather than the country shows less than a third of americans want this plan now. cut our losses an start again. and find a plan that actually works better for the american people. it was all based on a lie. wouldn't that be fair? >> wait a second. wait a second! now you got yourself in a box with tucker. >> what box? >> find something that works better, where are the republicans? where are the republicans? >> wait a minute. >> where are the better ideas? >> listen to congressman price
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of -- congressman ryan. you need to listen. i have been advocating patient savings accounts for years. >> yeah. so did john mccain. guess what, that would be more disruptive. >> wait a second. wait a second. >> that tucker's so concerned about. that would totally disrupt. that would affect more than 80% of the american people. >> but it's a specious argument to say we screwed it up. don't you have a better idea for fixing it? it's not my job to defend the republican party. second, it's incumbent on the obama people, the white house and the congress that voted this montrossty into law to fix the problem they created. they created the problem. >> i'm all for it. i'm glad to hear that. >> why don't you fix it? that's lewdludicrous. >> why don't you say something to the republicans on capitol hill -- juan, juan?
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specious argument. it's a red herring. >> the ads run by all the conservative groups that do nothing but badmouth obama care? >> juan, juan. >> isn't it enough to stop bad things before they happen? >> it is. by the way, with obama care is the bad thing. it's worth being realistic about outcomes here. health care is never going to be perfect. you lock at the system and the possibilities of screwing it up worse and glad to have it. >> we have to roll. >> let's work together and -- >> we didn't wreck it! we didn't pass obama care. >> that's true. >> let's agree that we should scrap obama care now. >> oh, now we come to -- that's why nobody's with you guys. you don't want to fix it. you want to ban it. >> no. then we can deal with some of the issues you are talking about but not with this thing. i want to ban it. you're right. that's my goal. >> i have to did. >> there's the holiday spirit. you guys are just -- >> turkey across the satellite beam and right at juan.
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have a great thanksgiving. >> take care, guys. next right here on "hannity." >> so you believe that there will be rationing aka death panels? >> it is built into the plan. it is not like a gas or like a judgment. that's going to be part of how costs are controlled. >> we have a veteran d.c. journalists and admitting that death panels, in fact, are real. our friends from the five are here to explain what that means for you and your family and then later some in the left wing media claiming the knockout game so-called are fake and they're even calling me a, quote, knockout truther. tonight, we'll set the record straight with the cold, hard facts later. also tonight, well, first you have been voting all day for tonight's video of the day. option number one, the fan favorite jay leno, nbc dumb enough to fire him a second time. he's always funny. watch this. >> apparently what got the
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welcome back. for years on this program before the president ever signed his disastrous health care overhaul into law, we warned you our viewers about what would happen when obama care was implemented. in particular, about the very real possibility of, quote, death panels. and now we have been a veteran d.c. journalist who admit this is a reality. watch this. >> i think they focused on the death panels which will be coming. call them what you will. >> no. >> rationing part of it. >> that's a huge issue and something about which the
7:16 pm
president was not forthcoming and straight forward. >> you believe there will be rationing aka death panels? >> it is built into the plans. that's going to be part of how costs are controlled. >> yeah. okay. well -- >> but i'll say something else about that issue, which is we need to do some of that because we can't afford to spend so much on end of life care, very high percentage of our health care spending for a small number of people at the last stages of their life. i'm not saying the system shouldn't allow that but there's so much cost. judgments have to be made. >> mark halperin back checked on twitter and posted in the interview i did not say death panels or believe that the aca contains them. was speaking of the political policy challenge of ipab cuts. my bad. here with reaction -- why are you smiling? >> first of all, you say bob?
7:17 pm
>> everybody knows beckle. >> okay. i tell you one thing. i just wish i were on that ipad panel if you were coming. >> laughing. >> why? >> he is still laughing from 5:00. >> it's ridiculous. i mean -- >> what? >> you know, sarah palin was starting that death panel thing. it just -- nobody's buying it. how much deeper will we go? we have everybody health care insurance, everybody's on the street and now -- >> can i have a serious conversation with you about this? not going to, of course, keep andrea out of this. everything that the president sold us on is a lie, that is you keep the plan or the doctor. why don't we just scrap it and start from the beginning? would you be for that? let the country have a debate. >> single payer plan. >> scrap it and have a debate on the best way to fix it. >> why. >> no. i wouldn't do that. >> because you won't get your
7:18 pm
way. right? >> you call him beckel. that's an honor. like cher or bono. take a compliment. they won't allow on the death panels sex change operations. >> they won't? >> i know you and your -- >> why should we consider the thing? >> yeah, right. all right. this is true. i know that bob does not want to talk about it. he doesn't believe it. it is true. 15 unelected bureaucrats, administrators making decisions about costly end of life care. they won't say sean hannity, sick. they'll say who's the most expensive here? they'll do it under the guise of cost containment. you are the one to get access first, beckel. what do you say about that? >> hire a lobbyist to lobby the -- >> ipab. >> ipab. i pa ipad. >> if you get sick in this country, don't call a doctor. call a lobbyist.
7:19 pm
>> there's the government rationing body. they had to have that. similarly, the decisions in courts like in canada recently came down the high court saying, hey, they get to decide whether not the family, whether life support is removed. >> let me ask you a question. if medicine gets better and more advanced and all kinds of cell research and people live to 110 or 115, how will we afford that? >> ah, yes. hoping that everyone goes out at what age? >> i won't in front of the death panel. >> should we have a countdown? >> i'd lobby the hell out of it and get the vote for me. >> in great britain, andrea -- >> yeah. >> they use life expectancy. if an older person needs a hip or knee replacement, hay judge the cost versus the life expectancy and then if you have
7:20 pm
lived beyond your expected years, bob, you don't get it. >> they called -- ironically in england is nice. it's a rationing board and most recently in the headlining for costly lukemia drugs for patients at the end of life and president obama said we have to have a very difficult cost or -- i'm sorry. conversation about cost. because people who are at the end of life. >> they can't defend themselves. >> grandma shouldn't have gotten the second hip. remember when he said that? >> 90-year-old person to have a heart trance lant? >> yes. >> yes. none of your business. >> take it from a young person. >> they have a criteria set up. whatever the criteria is if it's fair, who are you to judge? >> who does that? >> 15 people will be doing it and can't sue them. isn't that comforting? >> president obama deciding if i live or die. >> you don't want that decision for me. believe me. take that back. forget he said that because if
7:21 pm
you put that down -- >> i'm dead. i'm dead. good-bye. >> we're done. >> you'll live forever. >> thank you. coming up, it's true. president obama's openly negotiating with terrorists in teheran. we'll explain how your commander in chief, bob, is clueless with the real threat posed by the radical islamists. later despite video evidence that the knockout, quote, game are real and deadly, we got left wing media outlets saying they're fake and calling may knockout truther. the panel debates that bizarre assertion. and voting on the video of the day. the self proclaimed scary snowman struck again. unexpecting bostonians pranked. does this win? you find out at the end of the show. hey kevin...still eating chalk for heartburn? yeah... try new alka seltzer fruit chews. they work fast on heartburn and taste awesome.
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brilliant. let's get out of here. warp speed. ♪ welcome back. president obama's willingness to sit down and negotiate with the terrorists in teheran proves once again his weakness on the world stage and failure to understand the threat that's posed to america by radical islam. sadly, we shouldn't be surprised. in 2008 then candidate obama, remember, he said this. >> i reserve the right as president of the united states to meet with anybody at a time and place of my choosing if i think it's going to keep america safe. >> and since taking office
7:26 pm
foreign policy blunders on full display from the gifting of tanks to morsi in the radical muslim brotherhood in egypt and failure to act on his words with syria after its government used chemical weapons against its own people. now, it's clear the president does not have a clue and that's more than comfortable from, quote, leading from behind. here with reaction, act for america president and from the america together foundation. welcome both of you. mike -- >> thank you. >> hi, sean. >> is iran a state that's killed americans in iraq and afghanistan? are they fighting proxy wars? are they fomenting terrorism around the world? is that regime doing all of that? >> no, sean. >> no? >> they're our friends. no. they were our friends before 1979. >> i didn't ask you about 1979. right now, did they not kill
7:27 pm
americans in iraq and afghanistan? one by one, did they, yes or no? >> they did but i want to give you a prelude to that. >> are they fighting a proxy war through hezbollah and other groups in the middle east? >> they're not fighting with us. >> i said are they fighting proxy wars and are they a terrorist state? and the answer is, yes. they are spreading terror. >> i wouldn't call it terrorism. what they're doing is terror but i would not qualify them as a terrorist state, sean. >> what they're doing is terror but not a terrorist state? how can you say that? >> it is -- they're not committed to do terrorism. justice is done, whenever that is, the conflicts are, they're going to back out like they're doing peace with israel and the nuclear treaty now. this is the right thing to do. i'm glad rowhani is helping the people put food on the table. >> the week before this agreement, he was talking again
7:28 pm
about wiping israel off the map. and destroying the zionist state. a week before the announcement was reached. >> sean, iran has never said those words. >> yes, he did. >> mistranslated. >> i have them right now. >> not talking about israel here. but the zionist policy which is wrong. >> let's read what he said. he quote on the wednesday before the saturday announcement, he said that the zionists are rabid dogs, can't be called human beings and vowed that the state will soon disappear. i don't know about interpretation but said it many times. >> yeah. he said it many times but the iranians have been saying it many times. the jews in particular by name. saying it for years. they hate israel. they want to wipe israel off the map. just weeks ago they had the
7:29 pm
largest demonstration ever on the streets of iran calling death to america, death to israel. this is at the same time negotiating with these people. only time in the islamic world you come to the negotiating table is to negotiate the terms of your surrender. right now, president obama has delivered america to iran as weak, as unable to fight, as unable to win the war and that is now empowering our enemies to the point where hezbollah hold their articles in beirut and already calling iran the islamic nuclear republic of iran. >> yeah. by the way, hezbollah's happy about it and the terrorist groups in the middle east are happy about it. michael, how can -- why would you trust any deal that does not allow inspectors into every iranian nuclear facility? this deal does not allow inspections of every nuclear facility. >> i am with president reagan's statement. trust but verify.
7:30 pm
>> you can't -- wait. michael, you can't verify. that's the point. >> sean, right now they're agreed to freeze the development for the next six months. in the six months we'll develop a full-blown policy. this is a good step for israel. israel for the -- >> mike, it does not open -- >> -- have come to the doors of the security. if you can control on this, if they can have a hold on this, if iran can develop only for peaceful -- >> all right. i'll let you handle this. >> iran lied to the world for years. iran has been lying to the world about their nuclear plans since 2003. this is nothing new. they have been deceiving the world, this is part of their tactics and something we need to be aware of. we have to remember that with iran we are dealing with an mulocracy that bases everything they do on their religious philosophy an right now they're basing this whole deception of the west on the treaty of
7:31 pm
alahabia which is an islamic strategic of war to defeat your enemy. that was exercised in 628, prophet mohammed and what they're doing. they're basing the lies and deceptions to defeat the west basically buying time to finish their nuclear development plan. we are falling for it. >> mike, you have to wake up. mike, you didn't get it about the muslim brotherhood. you don't get it here. these are radical islamists. they want a worldwide islamic calaphate and willing to kill to get it. i don't know what part of that you're not understanding because that's the reality of what this regime is about. >> i told you brotherhood is not in power. they are not. i was damn right about it. >> no. you were wrong. they got in power. >> no. >> you said they wouldn't be in power. >> they would get in power but the people -- >> you didn't say that. >> i did say that in march of 2011. i was revealing the --
7:32 pm
>> no. >> i did say that. pull it back. the people who fought for this freedom are going to get right back -- >> all right. we have to go. >> and there is not going to be calaphate ever at all. i have told you that this is the munich moment. this is it right here. as my mother said we'll rue the day. good to see you both. police, civil rights and victims have come out and speaking out about the very real threat posed by the deadly so-called knockout game, while some liberal left wing media outlets saying it's fake and one accusing me of being a knockout truther. we'll set the record straight right here after the short break. plus, a third and final option. the nba into the holiday spirit with this creative tune.
7:33 pm
>> if you pick that, stick around. we always want to hear from you. log on to the special companion site. and you can also vote on our online poll. we want to hear from you. do you think america should be negotiating with the terrorist state of iran? ya know, with new fedex one rate you can fill that box and pay one flat rate. i didn't know the coal thing was real. it's very real... david rivera. rivera, david. [ male announcer ] fedex one rate. simple, flat rate shipping with the reliability of fedex.
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taking victoza® with a sulfonylurea or insulin may cause low blood sugar. the most common side effects are nausea, diarrhea, and headache. some side effects can lead to dehydration, which may cause kidney problems. if your pill isn't giving you the control you need ask your doctor about non-insulin victoza®. it's covered by most health plans. welcome back. now, although there's cold, hard evidence that the so-called knockout game is spreading across the country, and turning fatal in certain cases, left wing media is not only saying the trend is a myth but also accusing me of being a, quote, knockout truther. now, take a look at this. a article entitled "sorry right wing media, the game is a myth." with my picture. caption, sean hannity knockout truther. despite the 27 documented incidents in 10 states coast to coast with 6 of them resulting
7:38 pm
in death, there are some news organizations across the country calling these incidents an urban myth. for example, "the l.a. times" saying blurring reality stokes fears, raises ratings, media conservatives have reported on a surge in anti-white violence by black perpetrators dubbed the knockout game. fact is, it's a myth. and the daily beast article on the topic calls the knockout game, quote, america's latest phony panic. here to debate the truth is fox news legal analyst, fox news contributor and former nypd detective and contributor. is it truth? i have a list right here and i can tell you -- by the way, the mayor of philadelphia, he says these attacks will not be tolerated. >> michael. >> yep. >> last week we did the show only it. sean, i was besieged with twitter, e-mails. we talked about it last week. i said why is it being
7:39 pm
suppressed. it's young black youth assaulting white females and white males. thursday night after i left -- i did your show on wednesday. i went to the -- i run into my friend al sharpton. >> the big cigar. >> he comes up there. he's a friend of my 40 years. whatever his politics, we are opposite. i went behind him and he didn't know i was there and going to like try to give him a fake punch and i said he's so skinny. i said, al, why aren't you opening your mouth about this? now's the time to bring people together to show it's not about one race. this is a racist act that's going on. you should do it. he goes, you want to come on my show on friday? i said i'll talk about it, al. i called him twice. i didn't go on the show. the big but after that, he came on "the huffington post." he wrote the game is an alarming trend that is deplorable, reprehencible and inexcusable and he said this behavior is
7:40 pm
racist. period. al sharpton. kudos to him. we are always taking him down. >> he's right. as is the mayor of philly is right. do you an i gree? we have the videos. we are showing one after another. >> videos or not, we agree that these are hateful actions. they're violent. criminals and ought to be knocked up. >> it is not a myth. it's real. >> the incidents, have not been made up. >> i have a list. >> that's not in dispute. >> all right. so it is a real phenomenon. so me being called a knockout truther is a crock. >> those things are not in dispute. if you want to go past that, there's room for discussion. reasonable people condemn the acts. >> this is a phenomenon. that is designed, quote, game to hurt innocent people. you acknowledge that. >> yes. >> peter, it is -- it's a big phenomenon. >> and for these outlets to say that you're a truther or that
7:41 pm
greta or me -- i talked about this after you did, as well. somehow we're truthers? this is a phenomenon that's occurring in the country. the mainstream media is cowards on the particular subject. they don't want to take it on. you have taken it on. >> sean, listen. >> reverend al, i did see his statement and wish he came out earlier. he came out and he said if this were happening to black children we would speak out. and then he was speaking out -- >> who cares what reverend al says about it? >> he can't prevent any violence in new york city any time. i don't care what reverend al says. >> speak out when something is wrong. >> why? why? >> to be a leader of people, you have to speak out. >> already a leader. >> the point is -- >> the point is -- >> never prevented violence in the city. why do you care if he speaks out on it? >> i care when they do something i ask and he comes out with
7:42 pm
this. i respect people that step up to the plate. he said it. the words reused, the big words and he said -- but here's the point. >> there's been an effort to -- as peter was suggesting to not call it for what it is which this has been and continues to be racial. and it also, if you read thomas sole's column, an increased number of attacks on people that are jewish, especially in new york. ant anti-semit anti-semitic. it's a religious hate crime. >> there's bigotry at the heart of it but there's some other elements going on. the prism of the internet magnifies things and there is uncertainty. the police commissioner of new york said he was uncertain. >> we have been -- >> number one. number two -- >> one neighborhood in -- arandom assaults have occurred in urban areas on black people -- >> wait a second. this is -- i how's that random?
7:43 pm
>> 12-year-olds, 80-year-old women are attacked. >> not disputing the attacks took place. >> is it racial? >> yes. i said that. but the other thing is this. they're random in that they were not planned. they were spontaneous. >> peter? if it's spontaneous. >> yeah. >> what's the spontaneity? what's the motivating -- >> around the corner. >> you said the heart of it is bigotry. is that the motivating factor when a young man that happens to be black and a young woman that's white bigotry is the factor? >> evidently. >> i worry about the copycat. kids watching them punch somebody in the case and copycats, if you don't nip it and let people know what's going on, walking by a gang of kids, you can protect yourself a little bit. but if you don't let people know what's going on -- >> that's important. the racial component in my mind in terms of public safety is the least important.
7:44 pm
the press through sean hannity and others has the opportunity and the obligation to tell people what's going on. >> he met give the mayor of philly and the police commissioner of philadelphia -- they're going to prosecute to the full extent of the law. track down every person for doing that. that ought to be in every city. i don't see this happening all over the country. there's unwillingness to acknowledge it. >> i don't know that the lack of prosecution is happening. i do know that there are angry alienated youth in the city and getting past the ones that take the criminal acts, what happens to those victims of health disparities -- >> you have to raise it up to make it a bias crime. >> it is already a bias crime. >> it's a higher level. i love this mayor of philadelphia. he stepped up with that -- >> what will you do about the causes of the crimes? >> what cause except hate and evil and lack of a conscience and a soul for crying out loud?
7:45 pm
>> you condemn but there's anger and -- >> why are you justifying -- >> i'm not justifying it. there are other young people in the community who are angry and -- >> and -- >> and punch them in the face? >> no. i'm angry. i'm angry. >> break. >> i'm going to punch somebody in the face? >> that's not the issue. >> thank you. straight ahead. >> that's the way i go. that's why we're here. >> i need your help. >> okay. all right. >> president obama gets heckled by his own supporters and forced to go off script he makes a stunning admission of amnesty to america. that's next. later, tonight we reveal your choice for tonight's video of the day. more coming up straight ahead here. and now my journey
7:46 pm
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okay. thank you. all right. now what you need to know, when i'm speaking as president of the united states, and i come to this community, is that if in fact i could solve all of the problems without passing laws in congress, then i would do so, but we're also a nation of laws.
7:51 pm
that is part of our tradition. so easy way out is trying to yell and pretend like i can do something by violating our laws. and what i'm proposing is a harder path which is use our democratic processes to achieve the same goal you want to achieve but it won't be as easy as just shouting. >> he changed health care law. take away a teleprompter and the truth comes out. did that heckler just get the president to admit if he could he'd wave a wand and implement amnesty? here with reaction is perfect the american center for law and justice, and immigration attorney. doesn't sound like he wants to secure the for get the rule of law. >> thank you for having me back. that is no what he said. he said congress has to act. you
7:52 pm
and i have been arguing about this for years. everybody has been clamoring for the federal government, congress to do something about this issue. now, we're blaming him because he can't do it on his own? >> will you agree with me? >> it won't pass under president bush. >> will you agree with me we just secure the border first so that we don't have to debate this in the future? is that a fair starting point? >> i believe that with a compromise of rights to accomplish both things. >> is this fair? >> that is not a reality. house of representatives not going to move forward with. that they're going to do it piece meal. you've said that you don't support securing the border first then handling issue with people here. you said it has to be km biened. >> you know you said it. >> i've never said that. >> now, the president changed
7:53 pm
his position because he realizes this has no chance. >> he has president obama said he will accept he's carving up the turkey. i can understand why. you may be confused. he's kon probably confused because the president granted the greem act. by executive authority. >> he only instances it's a first action of deportation. >> let me ask you this. >> only congress can -- >> let me ask you a question. let's just assume that they do do it piece meal. first securing borders and to do it first. if people were allowed to stay in this country, but not give citizenship because they didn't respect our laws. would you
7:54 pm
accept that as a fair deal? >> fair deal. >> if he thinks it's a fair deal that, is great. i don't think the president will sign that into law. the truth is that he won't admit in the speech the truth. he kept talking about the nation of laws and i can't do this, there is a lot of confusion the president seems -- but the truth is this. when it comes down to it, the president of the united states has to admit we never said the word we're a nation founded on one document. the constitution. article one, section eight, clause four... >> we've got to break, guys thank you both. >> green light, why don't awe agree to what you've proposed? >> coming up, revealing the jay leno win tonight's video of the day. there is a basketball video n you get to see, next. ♪
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welcome back to hannity. you've chosen the fan favorite, the man nbc was dumb enough to let go of not once, but twice the highest rated king of late night, hilarious jay leno. watch. >> apparently what got iranians to sign the deal was promise president obama. he told iranians if you like uranium, you can keep your uranium. i don't know. well, president obama's approval rating is down to the lowest point of his presidency, down to 37%, here is how bachld you know thanksgiving turkey he's pardoning this week? the turkey said no pictures i don't want any. didn't want to be seen. no pictures. >> how can nbc be that dumb? anyway. king of late night. that saul the time we have this
8:00 pm
evening. as always, thank you for being with us. start your day each weekday morning with fox and friends. see you tomorrow night. at 10:00 p.m. eastern. the o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> so even as we're getting this darn web site up to speed and it's getting better, states like california are proving the law works. >> but most americans are not happy with the affordable healthcare law. and the reason is money. tonight, we will show you what obamacare will really cost. >> a tiny ship called the mayflower is being boarded by 102 people. some the voyagers are people who we call pilgrims. >> john stossel says the pilgrims might have starved to death if they didn't wise up. stossel will be here to change your t


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