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tv   The Five  FOX News  November 27, 2013 1:00am-2:01am PST

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breaking tonight, president obama just wrapping up his west coast swing with a final stop at a top movie studio. and in front of a supportive crowd, the president got defensive on his health care law and dropped the notion that he was sorry about anything. welcome to "the kelly file," everyone. i'm megyn kelly. the speech billed as a talk on the economy, but against the backdrop of hollywood, president obama goes on the attack, saying the people want obama care and offering a warning to his critics. and full on blaming the gop for the nation's problems. listen here. >> we'd be a lot further along without some of the dysfunction and obstruction we've seen in washington. we would be a lot further
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along -- we'd be a lot further along if we could just get folks to act with some sense. if we didn't have one wing of one party that was a little less obsessed with repealing health care for 40 million people, more concerned with making sure the law works, we're going to continue to make progress on all those fronts, and yes, we are going to continue to implement the health care law. the product is good. people want it. and we should not live in a country where people are going bankrupt just because they get sick. and anybody who's going to keep on pushing against that, they will meet my resistance. >> our fox news digital politics editor. so there he is, the product is good, and people want it. however, the latest polls show that only 33% approve of how the president is handling the health
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care law. and the numbers disapproving of the law itself continue to rise into the 50s as well, chris. >> well, this has been a long time coming, this wanting of it. if you recall, people didn't want it when the law was being discussed. they didn't want it when it was being passed. they didn't want it when it was waiting to be implemented. now that it's starting to be implemented, they want it even less. but according to the president's telling embedded in there, his asterisk guy should have been there. >> many times over the past few years. >> many times. asterisks, asterisks. and it would be once everything finally gets worked out and in a couple of years, americans will like the end result product. they just don't know it yet. that doesn't work. that worked in the abstract before it started happening. but when people lose their health insurance, it won't work. it just won't wash. and there's no amount of cgi animation at dreamworks that's going to cover that up. >> i mean, the president is, you know, maintaining that line
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despite all the evidence and the polling to the contrary. and frankly, chris, that's been their position from the beginning. i mean, this law has never had the majority support of the american people. and back when it was polling under 50% when they were debating the law, all the administration continued to say was, well, if you break it down into individual pieces, then they like it, and forget what the overall polls say about how people believe. and now in the face of the poll showing the disapproval of this law and the disapproval of how he's handling this law, which you see right there, the president continues to go out and just defy reality. >> republicans have made a lot out of the danger that comes when one political party or the leader of one political party disregards the other side. nuclear options and things like that that the republicans are so unworthy that the president doesn't even feel obliged to engage them on any point. but there's another danger. and it's a danger for the country, and it's a danger for the party in power. when you so isolate, he had about 36 hours of contrition where he was sorry and told
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people that he felt bad about the millions, and now we know tens of millions of cancellations to come and that he was sorry if people did something because of something he said, he felt bad. now that's over. and he's back in the bubble. and he's back inside the adoring crowds. he's back inside the happy space. but what that means is he's not willing or able to effect changes or listen to reality, and that's the ultimate jeopardy for his law. >> because something's going to happen there. >> oh, yeah. >> because the politics of it are now mandating that something's going to have to happen. i don't know what, but something. let me ask you about this. a remarkable poll now showing that on the generic ballot, between a democratic candidate and a republican candidate, now the republican candidates have the edge according to a cnn poll just out. there used to be a 12-point swing in the democrats' favor. and now it's a two-point swing in the republicans' favor versus just a month ago. just a month ago, chris.
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now, obviously, that has to do with the health care law. i mean, that's what's happened over the past month. but what -- is this meaningful to people on capitol hill, or is that just, whatever, you have a poll, lots of polls. >> oh, no, this one's meaningful. especially remember this. republicans to win congress the last time at this point before the 2010 cycle, the democrats were up six points. republicans seldom lead in this measure. so for them to be ahead at all is significant, and people, they know. but how about this? and this is far more significant. the white house has enforced valerie jarrett and company have enforced a truce or at least a blackout among democrats complaining about this law until they have their relaunch for the website and other parts of it at the end of this month. be quiet, we'll see what we get, and then we'll talk again. over the next few months, as the cancellations roll out, that truce is going to end, and they're going to come after this administration and hard. >> we talked about that last night. there was a politico report detailing how they've said, all
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right, we'll hold our fire until we get to this website. you know, new date after november 30th. and then if this thing doesn't work and we continue to hear these complaints, all bets are off. chris, thanks for being here. >> you bet. also breaking tonight, state media in iran is now quoting government officials claiming that the white house is misleading the public about details of this nuclear deal reached between the united states and iran this weekend. they specifically mentioned documents posted on the white house website which iran's foreign ministry claims are, quote, factually inaccurate. joining me now, joe lieberman, former connecticut senator and 2004 vice presidential candidate. thank you so much for being here, sir. good to see you. >> good to be with you, megyn. >> now iran is claiming they're misrepresenting the terms. the ink is barely dry, and already iran saying don't believe what the united states is saying about us. >> it's bad news, even if you're an advocate of the agreement, which i'm not, but the very fact that now iran is saying not just
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privately in a phone call to the white house, but publicly, we've got different interpretations of the agreement, i hope in the white house this leads them to put the brakes on and not to begin to carry out any of the reduction of sanctions or unfreezing of billions of dollars of iranian assets that we have been freezing because there's not an agreement. unless you have an agreement, no part of it can be implemented. >> i realize there are a lot of things to criticize about the deal, but those who favor this deal say, look. you know, a week ago they were moving forward with this nuclear program. and as of today, they are not. why is that not progress? >> so here's why it's not progress to me. all they did was put the -- push the pause button. the iranians. >> isn't that better than pushing the play button? >> here's the problem. they didn't push the delete button. and we have agreed, in response to them leaving their entire nuclear infrastructure as it
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was, basically, we've agreed to lessen sanctions. and my concern is that the rest of the world is going to begin to think that, well, iran is open for business again. the sanctions are over. and it's going to be a lot harder if this thing fails after six months to go to a final agreement which most people think it will to put the sanctions back. it will be a lot easier for the iranians to gear up their nuclear program again. i'll tell you, this dispute tonight from the iranian foreign ministry is really consequential because in the one news story i've seen on it, they seem particularly to be taking issue with a part of the agreement from geneva about whether they have the right to do any nuclear enrichment. that's critical. i mean, in my opinion, they have been such enemies of the united states, such sponsors of terrorism, so chronically deceitful that until they go a lot of years and prove they'll
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keep an agreement, we shouldn't let them enrich uranium. but they're now saying we've got that agreement from the united states. if we were ever going to do that for them, we certainly shouldn't have done it now. we gave away something really big here if that's, in fact, what happened. >> that's an interesting point. we may have given away even more than we understood we gave away yesterday, even more than the american people understood. >> yeah, exactly. >> quick question for you. as aindependent, why did the white house do this? why did they strike this deal? >> well, i think that really the president has wanted to make some progress on this. he said it right at the beginning of his administration in 2009. if the iranians will unclench their fists, we will extend our hand to them. rouhani gets elected president. he's a so-called moderate, but he's not really. and they see an opportunity. and so do the europeans. i can't blame them for hoping that we can work this out
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peacefully, but honestly, you've got to remember who your friends are and who your enemies are. and the iranian regime, not the iranian people, are our enemies. they've got the blood of hundreds of americans on their hands from the marine barracks in beirut right through the shias that they trained to kill american soldiers in iraq. >> tough to trust. >> it's very tough to trust. they still want to dominate the middle east. they're not friends of ours, and they're not friends of our allies, israel and the moderate arabs in the middle east. >> already challenging the terms of the deal. good to see you. >> troubling. good to see you, thank you. also tonight, why did the top political writer for "time" magazine say he has evidence and he believes that death panels on health care rationing are real? > and then tried to walk it back just moments later via twitter? we'll tell you the tape. plus, a lot of people may not get where they're going in the next 48 hours. new information on the storm that's now affecting one-third of americans. plus, we're learning more about how the administration
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left our ambassador and three others unable to defend themselves on the night of the benghazi terror attack. now a top lawmaker says this could have been worse. much worse. a kelly file exclusive tonight.
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i think they focused on the death panels, which will be
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coming. call it what you will. >> i agree. it's going to be a huge issue, and it has something else about which the president was not fully forthcoming. >> so you believe there will be rationing, aka death panels? >> it's built into the plan. it's not like a gas or like a judgment. that's going to be part of how costs are controlled. >> what? that was mark halperin, senior political analyst for "time" magazine in an interview yesterday that is still echoing across the country. halperin's one of the most respected journalists in this country. like him or not, he is. so his claim that obama care rations health care is getting a lot of attention. today he has tried to walk back those remarks in a tweet in which he said, "in monday interview, i did not say "death panels," nor do i believe aca, meaning obama care, contains them. was speaking of political/policy challenge of independent advisory board cuts. my bad." joining me now, michael cannon,
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he's written about this for michael, good to see you. >> how are you, megyn? >> i'm going to get to that in a moment because i want to play to viewers again what he specifically said and what his denial is. it seems very suspicious. i mean, now he's claiming he did not say "x" when the tape simply is pretty clear he said "x." but this issue about death panels and this board has been a real point of contention when it comes to obama care from the bee gi beginning. is it true what he said initially? that the so-called death panels and rationing are built into this law? >> well, the whole purpose of the independent payment advisory board is to reduce medicare spending by lowering the prices that medicare pays to doctors and hospitals and changing the way it pays these doctors and hospitals. and supporters of the law acknowledge this, that it's supposed to set prices. well, the power to set price is is the power to ration.
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if the government sets the prices so low that no doctors will provide a certain service, then you are rationing care. but the ipad, as we call it, can even go beyond that. it can, despite a prohibition on rationing that's in the statute, it can even tell seniors you're not going to get specific treatments. and the reason is that that prohibition on rationing is absolutely unenforceable. it is toothless. it can do whatever it wants, and it's going to take 60 votes in the that the to override and block what the ipad did. >> is there some political check? in other words, they start denying seniors a bunch of end-of-life care, and the american people are going to rise up. >> well, first, i want to clarify something. the whole idea of death panels is a very inflammatory term. if what ipab is doing is trying to find cost-effective ways of spending taxpayer dollars on health care, what that means is that it's not a death panel, it's a life panel because it's trying to purchase the most life, the most health, with per
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dollars spent. now, if you have a problem with that, then you have a problem with the government buying health care, or you like high taxes. i have a problem with government buying health care, so i don't want the government in the business of doing it. but this is baked into the cake, as halperin said. this is part of obama's plan, and he has not been honest with the american people about this aspect of it. >> now, you have been talking about this for some time, as somebody who studies the health care law. and i thought it was interesting that mark came out and said what we heard him say on the show, and then he sends out yet another tweet. we showed you the one tweet he tried to walk it back in. the second one reads as follows: "howard dean: the ipab is essentially a health-care rationing body. again, not endorsing that, halperin says, again, like i am not endorsing that view, but shows coming political challenge. i am not endorsing that view that this is a health-care rationing body.
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you go back to the show and let's hear it again. >> you believe there will be rationing aka death panels. >> it's built into the plan. it's not like a gas or a judgment. that's part of how costs are controlled. >> he's explicit that he believes this is coming. then he goes on and challenges the media for its coverage of the law and says that the media needs to be much more explicit in covering this particular aspect of it, the ipab and what it's going to mean for people and their care. now, i can ask you, when you have tried to speak out about this issue before, what kind of feedback have you gotten, and have you had a lot of people interested in having a full, tree and fair discussion with you about your predictions about this board? >> well, look. halperin wants to sell books to democrats, and he wants to sell books to republicans. and so he doesn't want to alienate either side, and i understand that. >> with the truth? >> but he had it right the first time. and this gets -- you know, to your question, which is when you try to have a rational
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discussion about this, when you try to walk through the provisions of obama care that establish the independent advisory board, the powers that it gives to that board, the restrictions it places on congress's ability to knock down the laws that that board is writing and even when -- even poi provisions in obama care that say if congress doesn't repeal ipab through a narrow seven-month window or eight-month window in 2017 which is according to the statute the only time congress can repeal it, if congress fails to do that, then it loses the ability to ever change or block any law that the ipab writes in perpetuity. you try to have a reasonable discussion about this, and what happens? you have folks on the left jumping down your throat saying no, there aren't death panels here. groups like politifact call it the lie of the year. they didn't know what they were talking about. they got that completely wrong. fact checkers get things wrong all the time. what they've been able to do is they've been able to shame people like halperin over having a rational discussion about
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these issues. and so, you know, the public is worse for it because we don't know how this board is going to operate and how it's going to affect our lives. >> and we need to know. thank you very much for coming on. we'll have you join us again. thank you so much, sir. >> anytime. >> all the best. taking your thoughts on that, follow me on twitter, @megynkelly. causing problems at his maryland university, he gets a very angry phone call. he is here with the rest of that story in a "kelly file" exclusive. plus new questions about the new knockout game, the way it's spread and one famous rapper's recent complaint about racial profiling. macklemore and mayhem on the streets next.
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from the world's head quarters of fox news, it's "the kelly file" with megyn kelly. >> for weeks there has been widespread media coverage of a growing number of attacks blamed on a phenomenon known as the knockout game. that's where unsuspecting victims are attacked and punched out of the clear blue with most of the victims being white and most of the attackers appearing to be groups of minority youths. but now several top cops including new york police commissioner ray kelly are starting to question the extent of this problem. trace gallagher has that report. trace? >> reporter: and megyn, we did research and found over the past two years there have been some 25 of these knockout attacks across ten states. we found that a lot of these things come in clusters. for example, in 2011 most of the knockout abeing thats were in st. louis in the early part of that year. later that year and in 2012, other states began to have their own knockout cases. but since the beginning of october of this year, there have been five attacks in the area around philadelphia.
1:25 am
listen now to mayor michael nutter. >> we were very simple and straightforward message. if you're thinking about engaging in this kind of behavior, don't do it. stop. and think about what you possibly are about to engage in. >> reporter: and while that rash of attacks was happening in philadelphia, there were seven attacks in new york city including a 12-year-old jewish boy. new york city police commissioner ray kelly says he's not sure if this is a real phenomenon. listen to him. >> the press is naming it a so-called knockout game. we don't discount that that exists. it's a possibility. we've investigated, and we continue to investigate seven incidents in the crown heights area. >> so is it a deadly game getting more popular, or is it just getting more exposure because the punches are being caught on tape?
1:26 am
now, some credit the "jackass" movies with starting the whole knockout game. others say it really exploded this fall with the release of "grand theft auto v." but listen to what the associated press wrote about this, saying, quote, the game is called knockout. the object is to knock someone unconscious with one punch, until this week it was something apparently youths on the street only whispered about except that wasn't written this week, megyn. that was written back in 1992. it's been going on for quite some time. >> wow. all right, trace, thank you. joining me now with more, harirry houck. good to see you. >> megyn, how are you? >> i'm good. you caused a kerfuffle. you said the way to avoid these attacks is to cross the street and get away from them if you see a group of black youths. >> right. that's not exactly what i said. >> okay. what did you say because it's picking up some controversy.
1:27 am
>> right. what i asked people is what they're doing in the event they come across black youths on the street. and a lot of them are telling me they're just crossing the street. >> what do you make of that? this is one of those situations where according to the stats, it does look like the majority of the attackers tend to be black youths. yet there's a resistance to racially profiling entire groups of people. >> exactly. listen, this is a personal decision you have to make as a person walking down the street. if you see people or someone that makes you feel uncomfortable, cross the street. this attack here is going on in ten different states, all right? we have at least 20 attacks that we know of. most of the perpetrators are black. and most of the victims are white. and this is also called polar bearing also. all right? now, polar bear is white. and the victims are white in this attack. is it a trend? yeah, it's a trend. how big a trend? i don't know. i don't know what the number is to make this a big trend or small trend. >> there seems to be some resistance to, you know, saying something like that because now
1:28 am
you've got innocent groups of black young men on the street who are going to get avoided, you know, by white people who are channeling detective houck, right? and that leads to an unfair circumstance for that group. >> right. well, it's definitely unfair circumstance for people that aren't doing this, all right? i mean, we'd be saying the same thing here if it was a group of white youths going around attacking blacks. can you imagine if that was going on? this would be an even bigger story than it is now. >> and on the other hand, you've got somebody who may be walking down the street and sees, you know, a group, potentially a group that is meaning to harm them. and now they have to worry about whether they're going to offend said group and whether they're going to be politically correct. maybe they don't cross and get into trouble. >> that happens all the time. that happened to me. people who were victims of crimes, they said they thought something was strange about it, but they said to themselves, no, i'm not going to be prejudice. i'm just going to go ahead and do what i do, and they became the victim of a crime. i've seen it happen many, many
1:29 am
times, all right? we all have an internal clock inside us. an alarm inside us that tells us danger, danger. all right? it doesn't matter what color the person's skin is. if you feel danger, walk away. >> gavin debecker, a security consultant, wrote a great book called "the gift of fear." >> yes, great book. >> it tends to tell you whether you're genuinely in danger or not. now, meantime, this guy macklemore, this rapper, made headlines at the awards the other night by saying the following. they were held in florida. so he took the opportunity to speak to trayvon martin during the "american music awards." listen here. >> it is a fact that we are in florida tonight accepting this award. i want to acknowledge trayvon martin and the hundreds and hundreds of kids each year that are dying due to racial profiling. and the violence that follows it. this is really happening. these are our friends, our neighbors, our peers and our fans, and it's time that we look out for the youth and fight
1:30 am
against racism and the laws that protect it. >> your thoughts on that? >> they're living in another world, those two guys. how come they didn't say anything about these attacks, the knockout attacks that are going on? you know, i mean, zimmerman was found not guilty in that case. it's over. apparently it's not over to them. there's nothing we can say to make them change their minds. >> this is a tough issue. and it's not one that we're anywhere near done with. detective, thanks for coming on. >> thank you. >> all the best to you, sir. we are learning more about how our administration left an ambassador and others unable to defend themselves on the night of the benghazi terror attack. and now a top lawmaker is saying this could have been much, much worse thanks to the unpreparedness we left our people with on that night, september 11th, last year. a "kelly file" exclusive up next. plus, a big update in the alec baldwin saga and whether there may be more news to come. wait until you hear this.
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a powerful and deadly storm is making its way up the east coast right now. rain, wind and snow from florida all the way up the coast to the northeast. right now the rain in the nation's capital. here's a look at what's happening. here, look at this. look at that in baltimore. whoa! you can't see anything. d.c. and new york city as well. affecting over 100 million people, one-third of the american population. in just the last three days, over 1,400 flights have been canceled, significant delays and more cancellations are expected. big airlines are waiving change fees for flyers traveling through areas affected by the storm. cities including baltimore, philly, boston, new york. we're going to be all over this tomorrow night. make sure you join us for a special on thanksgiving eve.
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and now a "kelly file" exclusive. new testimony from cia eyewitnesses to the benghazi terror attacks. revealing that the u.s. ambassador to libya and fellow americans were left unable to defend themselves when the attack took place on september 11th, 2012. our chief intelligence correspondent katherine harris has been working this story. she's live in washington with that news. >> thank you, megyn. this idea that we were somehow blindsided by the benghazi terrorist attack just doesn't have merit based on this new testimony. these cia personnel told the house intelligence committee in closed session that there was a notice that was posted on the bulletin board at the cia annex in benghazi. this was air base of operations. they said basically, look, guys, it's 9/11, we're looking at the increase of hostilities against western targets. when they saw chris stevens show up in benghazi on september 10th with virtually no additional security, what they testified to lawmakers is that they were
1:36 am
puzzled and that there must have been some reason, something important that brought him to benghazi at that time, megyn. >> what do we know about the u.s. military assets that were in the region then prior to the attack? >> well, based on a reporting, what we've been able to confirm is that there was a directive from the cia in august of 2011. so a full year before the attack to their operation at the annex that basically the nato operations were winding down. military assets were moving out of the region. and if something were to happen, a major event or a terrorist strike, that they were essentially on their own. and we saw on the date of the attack that the cia was best prepared and that they were able to clear out and sanitize that operation about classified information in under nine hours. >> we heard so much about how this was a spontaneous attack and so on, but now the evidence is becoming even more clear that this was al qaeda, and they knew it. >> well, it's overwhelming. we spoke with the chairman of the house intelligence committee republican mike rogers, and this is someone who gets classified information, briefings, and he
1:37 am
has accessed significantly to the raw intelligence data. and i know based on my experience with him that he looks at that raw data himself to reach his own conclusions. and he told us exclusively that this was an al qaeda attack, period, and that this was known within days of the attack and that there is evidence that key operatives wanted to communicate with the al qaeda senior leadership before and immediately after the attack as well, megyn. >> wow. catherine, thank you. >> you're welcome. joining us now with more is republican congressman lynn westmoreland. he's a member of the house intelligence committee and chairman of the subcommittee that just interviewed those cia eyewitnesses. he's leading the investigation into this attack. mr. chairman, good to see you. thank you for being here. let's start with that. have we been able to determine why the administration left these state department employees, the ambassador and others, at the consulate so utterly unprepared for danger on the 9/11 anniversary? >> megyn, there's no excuse for it. and what we have learned is that
1:38 am
the cia did inform the -- their folks at the annex -- i mean -- yeah, at the annex that, hey, there's been a lot of chatter. we want you on high alert. and, you know, they shared that information with the rsos over at the temporary facility, even invited the guys over to spend the night with them. and i don't know why in the world the ambassador would have been making that trip. he made a -- we understand that he did go to the opening of a school or something there in benghazi. and two of the cia agents was asked to go along with him on that for extra protection. but what other than that he was doing there, we really don't know. >> we don't know why he was there, and we don't know why they had such inadequate security. and i know that the state department, the security officers who were there, they were unprepared.
1:39 am
and so when the attack started coming down, the cia guys had to come over from the annex and help try to get rid of these terrorists and save who they could. i know you feel that one of the biggest stories here is the death toll that would have happened if the cia guys had not come over. where were the security forces for the state department employees including the ambassador at the compound to begin with? >> well, megyn, what's interesting is that when we heard this testimony that when they arrived at the facility, that none of the rsos or the regional security officers that were there were armed. in fact, one of them was barefoot. we had one individual testify that he saw two of them riding around in a land cruiser. and so, you know, none of them had a weapon. as far as they know, no shots were fired. and so, i mean, that is completely inadequate, especially in libya at the time
1:40 am
of september the 11th. and so we don't understand exactly what kind of preparations these gentlemen have. now, what we understand is the guy that was leading the thing had just graduated from the school there at the state department and had been in benghazi less than ten weeks. >> all right. but i have to get this question in before you go. is it about incompetence, inadequate preparation, or is this about a desire to make everything look like it's hunky dory in benghazi, libya, on the 9/11 anniversary to the peril of those who were stationed there? >> megyn, i think you hit the nail on the head. i mean, i think they wanted us to, you know, look like we weren't afraid, that we were trying to be part of the neighborhood. and that was just not the case. and the security that was even sent down with the ambassador was very light. and in fact, they took the same
1:41 am
route that the british ambassador had been fired upon about three months earlier. so i don't know how much really preliminary work they had done on preparing for the ambassador to be there. >> wow. congressman westmoreland, thank you so much for being here with the update. we'll talk to you again soon. >> thank you very much. well, a "kelly file exclusive." the college senior who eck bro the story that hundreds of his classmates are losing their insurance thanks to obama care and the phone call he got from school administrators after he went public with that.
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test te
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that torch of truth for our young people toward a better future for themselves and for this country. >> be the torch of truth said michelle obama delivering the commencement address back in may. a few months later the university canceled its low-cost health insurance plan citing soaring costs from obama care. my next guest is critical of the move, and apparently college administrators are happy with his objections in part due to their encounter with the first lady. eugene craig is a bowie state undergrad pursuing a history degree. he's also with the alternative school paper. good to see you, eugene. and so after you called attention in the paper to the fact that students were going to have to pay more and losing a
1:46 am
good plan that they liked, what kind of pushback did you get? >> first, thank you for having me on, megyn. >> sure. >> i've gotten pushback from students, alumni and administrators. spl >> what do the administrators say to you? >> i had one pull me to the side after a preplanned obama care open forum and tell me how our coverage has hurt the university, how it's made our university look bad especially in light of the fact that we had first lady obama as our speaker. >> so you're not supposed to criticize this law according to the administrator because the first lady gave the commencement address. >> well, apparently commencement addresses supersede free speech at bowie state university right now. >> who else has given you a hard time? >> alumni, if you go to my personal facebook page, you'll see a lot of the things that have been said about me. i had one alumni actually call me want to be grandson of clarence thomas. i think it's a compliment being that he's probably one of the
1:47 am
best supreme court justices we've ever had. >> so that one backfired. are you surprise, eugene? i mean, all you did was call attention to the fact that people were losing what was a low-cost, low-benefit, but low-cost insurance benefit but will have to pay a lot more under secertain insurance plans and the disdain for your attempts? >> actually, i'm not surprised at all. there's very little tolerance at bowie state university for any type of thought that was jououte the mainstream thought. i can give you a couple examples. last semester my organization, we hosted united states senator tim scott on campus. we had zero attendance from the administration. but they were very willing to befriend a senator for both louis farrakhan and angela davis. >> wow. do you feel like that is sort of built into their approach in the classes? you know, the atmosphere on campus? because it feels like a form of brainwashing to just shut down the other point of view
1:48 am
entirely. >> well, i can definitely say that the other point of view isn't necessarily embraced. my definition of the academy or university is where a debate of ideas are supposed to take place. and you know, a lot of times the debate itself isn't allowed to take place. or both sides aren't presented. one of the major concerns of pushback that i've gotten, especially alumnis that oh, you're making it seem like bowie state, the students are really conservative or libertarian. and that's not the case. and you know, but my thing, i've been there four years now, and this is actually the first time the other side has actually presented. >> wow. and look at the feedback that you get. i'm sure there are a lot of people out there who appreciate your torch of truth, and we thank you for coming on. all the best to you, eugene. >> thank you. appreciate it. >> take care. up next, a big update on the alec baldwin drama. and the news that could soon be coming out on this. plus, hannity at the top of the hour.
1:49 am
>> what are you going to do about the causes? >> what do you mean, what causes except hate and evil and lack of consciousness of the soul, for crying out loud? >> you've been condemning those who have done these acts, but there is anger. >> why are you justifying -- >> we're not justifying it.
1:50 am
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did you hear what i said? answer me, yes or no. you were here when my wife and kid come out here, you'll have a big problem, you know that don't you? >> maybe you're as dumb as you look. you're with fox. you're the one that almost hit your wife. >> no. >> you want to apologize to her on camera? i asked you on camera.
1:53 am
i asked you a question. get the [ bleep ] out of here. >> i did nothing wrong, alec. >> alec -- >> he's a charmer. those were some pretty epic rants but not any of them, none of them cost him his job. this next one did. >> get away from my wife and the baby with the camera! what the [ bleep ] language you want that in? you know what's going to happen to you, don't you? come on! [ bleep ]. >> and he's believed there to have uttered a gay slur. joining me now is joe concha. now he is fired from the job at msnbc. martin bashir, not so much. >> still has his job. >> apparently since then it's only worse for alec and as far as we know no proceedings for martin bashir.
1:54 am
>> amazing. scripted, still has a job. >> bashing sarah palin. >> no suspension or firing. alec baldwin suspended for something he said off camera. suspended and then fired. so again, what we have here in the overall theme is selective justice. let's give you three suspensions at msnbc. first you had david schuster in 2008 said that hillary clinton was pimping out chelsea clinton and then suspended and then you have imus talking about the rutgers basketball team. apologizes 80 times and the team. he is fired. mark halperin says that president obama is the nickname for richard and then suspended immediately. it is not that the comments so much are offensive. all right? they all are. it's who the comments are about so if you go after hillary or the president or anybody in the moipt, the msnbc president bill griffin says, you know what? this is offensive to my audience
1:55 am
but if it's sarah palin in the case of bashir, well, they're probably enjoying that because sarah deserves everything she gets. >> ann coulter defended alec baldwin. he was angry and just saying bad things and not directing it at a gay person and somebody in a string of expletives. that was the defense. martin bashir in the prompters does a long rift against sarah and not like sarah palin i disagree with her. it was the most vile, disgusting stuff you can imagine. what are we, almost two weeks from this. internally, may be dealing with this. does he survive this? >> i don't think he could. if they kept baldwin, a suspension, maybe it's different for whatever reason. now, how can they explain we fired alec wald win who, by the way, did great things for that network at 30 rock and they're
1:56 am
not happy with the way he was treated. but to martin bashir you say, good what. here's the keys to the executive bathroom keeping you around for a while. selective justice. >> they both did apologize. they both did apologize. one on the air and one did not and one who did not just fired. >> best reality tv right now. this is entertainment beyond our wildest dreams. >> right. you say so. thanks for being here, joe. >> thank you.
1:57 am
1:58 am
so we are getting tweets about matt halperin that tried to walk back the remarks about the death panels. we invited him to come on. hopefully he'll do it tomorrow night before
1:59 am
♪ >> you are going to feel what is hitting us in new york.
2:00 am
you will soon if you haven't already. the day before thanksgiving i am ainsley earhardt. >> i am heather childers. thank you for starting your day with us. the extreme weather alert. >> it is putting a halt on travel plans for 43 million americans. we have live team coverage. >> steve secentanni is one of t many airports. >> good morning heather and ainsley. this storm system is widespread. we have seen the heaviest situations in the northeast. anywhere from florida up to maine you are seeing some form of precipitation associated with the storm. pretty incredible how massive it is. the rain really coming down new york city, emergennew jersey do


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