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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  November 27, 2013 2:00am-3:01am PST

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already. the day before thanksgiving i am ainsley earhardt. >> i am heather childers. thank you for starting your day with us. the extreme weather alert. >> it is putting a halt on travel plans for 43 million americans. we have live team coverage. >> steve secentanni is one of t many airports. >> good morning heather and ainsley. this storm system is widespread. we have seen the heaviest situations in the northeast. anywhere from florida up to maine you are seeing some form of precipitation associated with the storm. pretty incredible how massive it is. the rain really coming down new york city, emergennew jersey do washington, d.c. and up across
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parts of new england. we have areas of snow that have been coming down on the back end of it western pennsylvania, up state new york, several inches have already piled up through out the overnight hours. we are expecting more snow. you can see the snow coming down across parts of eastern kentucky, west virginia and also parts of eastern tennessee. right between the rain and the snow freezing rain p. it will be coating the road ways and causing dangerous travel conditions. if you are heading to work or headed out of down it will be picking up. winds gusting 40 miles per hour, 47 miles an hour at jfk, 30's and 40's across the a atlantic city. forecast to get as high as 50 to 60 miles an hour out here. it will be a mazing.
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from philadelphia to dc, boston tral is not looking good. gusts 30 to 50 miles per hour. eventually the storm system will be exiting out of the area late thursday into friday. how much rain we are talking about? two, three, even four inches of rain. a number of flood watches have been posted out here. and advisories. 6 to 12 inches before it gets out of here in the interior northeast. >> portions of the country. >> air passengers bracing for delays and cancellations on one of the busiest days of the year. it will impact the entire east coast as it dumps the snow, the sleet, the ice and all of the heavy rain.
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1250 steve centanni is live. >> we expect crowds at the airport as people get ready for their flights and deal with my flight delays or cancellations. thin things are calm few delays or cancellations on the board. we have the crowds coming in trying to get away for the holiday. as always as people are advising, security checkpoints could be a big bottleneck to get through, get there early. you may have to deal with a delay or cancellation. one of the most important pieces of advise is call ahead check with the airline make sure your flight hasn't been canceled. it is important to call because
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some of the fees for changing your tickets has been waived because of the storm. >> in many cases in big storms airlines are waiving these fees in order to get them to change it ahead of time rather than the same day at the airport where there are so few resources. >> if you are coming to an airport check ahead. this could be a trech trous travel day all up and down the east coast. >> not many people behind you steve but that will all change in just an hour if not less. happy thanksgiving day to you. >> macy's day parade without the big balloons? winds are expected to be 45 miles per hour. they cannot be flown if gusts exceed 35 miles an hour.
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a decision will be made with data on the parade route tomorrow morning. >> an ocean city pastor and another man were killed in a church fire at the rector re. the fire started when a man came running into the building with his clothes caught on fire and screaming for help. the fire spread and both the reverend and the person innish sally on fire died. a third person is hospitalized. no word on how the fire started. >> three teens res cued from an arizona home after being held captive for two years. the girls ages 12, 13 and 17 they were found after the younger of the -- or the younger two escaped to a neighbor's house. they say their stepfather threatened them with a knife. and when police arrived they found the older sister in one of the bedrooms. >> they were kept in separate living conditions. they told patrol officers they had not seen each other for
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nearly two years and were kept in separate bedrooms in the house. >> the mother and stepfather are in custody being questioned. neighbors told police they didn't know the children even lived in the home. >> o.j. simpson is staying behind bars. a judge in las vegas rejected his bid for a new trial. the decision means the former football star must remain in the nevada state prison where he is serving 9 to 33 years for armed robbery and kidnapping. since his lawyers argued his previous lawyers handled hiscation so poor-- his case so he should get a new trial. >> the supreme court taking up obamacare again. this time it is about religious freedom. this comes as web site glitches just won't stop. >> what is going on this morning? >> this focuses on the narrow part of the law. can the federal 2k3w069ment force family owned companies to
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provide contraceptives to employees even if it goes against religious belief. the arts and crafts chain hobby lobby and wood specialties that make cabinets. th they are against mandating free contraception to employees and some plan b which they reject to on religious grounds. >> they are saying it is all right to worship on sunday or synagogue on saturday but it is not how you carry your life specifically and how you run your business. >> president obama was in california talking up the healthcare law speaking to a friendly crowd of a movie studio. the fear is if these companies win these cases over contraceptive coverage others could follow suit and object to other parts law.
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that is the legal challenge. as far as the technical challenges kathleen sebelius says she is on it. the deadline is at the end of this week. it is coming up this weekend. she says as far as the web site is concerned it will be a significantly different user experience even if it is not fully fixed. heather and ainsley. >> i don't know how confident that will make people feel. >> that brings us to this morning's look at who is talkingment eugene craig an undergraduate student in maryland is now under fire for writing an article saying obamacare hurts students. >> months after first lady michelle obama delivered the university address the low cost healthcare plans blaming rising cost on obamacare. >> eugene was getting push back for criticizing obamacare.
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>> i have gotten push back from students, alumni and administrators. >> what did the administrators tell you? >> i had an administrator pull me aside and tell me how our coverage -- indiscernible) especially since we had michelle obama as our speaker. >> you are not supposed to criticize the law because the first lady gave the commencement address? >> apparently commencement addresses supersede free speech right now. >> eugene also says he has had alumni go after him on his facebook page. >> iran calls the new deal invalade saying the white house is misleading the public on key details. in the fact sheet the white house says it could release up to $7 billion up to iran during
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the first phase of the agreement. iran could earn nor $4.2 billion of oil revenue under the deal. iran's objection raises new concerns about the final day's talks. it is a battle for the nation's top turkey in washington and keeping with the old tradition both of these turkeys will be pardoned but only one will meet the president and be given the title of national thanksgiving turkey. >> americans you got oh vote on your favorite turkey, popcorn or caramel. the winner will be crowned and publically pardoned today. the first book printed in the u.s. sells for $14.2 million. the bay psalm book a book of psalms from 1670. the book was bought by an american businessman and philanthropist who plans to lend it to libraries around the country. >> dancing with the stars crowning a brand new champion.
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>> the winners and new champions of dancing with the stars are... >> amber and dennis. >> star amber riley and her partner derek taking home the mirror ball trophy. they received a perfect store on their dance. >> let's get back to the top story the extreme weather alert this morning. the storm could cause major delays on the rails. amtrak expects more than 150,000 riders, that is double the number of people that normally ride the rails. wtfx reporter is live in philadelphia. any delays on amtrak so far this
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morning? oo take a look for yourself. efrpg on time, down stairs they are boarding for the train from boston. you can see them lined up. other than the main terminal for amtrak, it is nice and quiet in here. you mentioned those numbers. 140,000 passengers system wide, that means within the continental u.s. expected to take the train today. that would set an all time record. they had about 137,000 passengers. even with the cost of gasoline going down, amtrak ridership is up. so far we hear good news especially with the nor' easter blowing outside. >> chris, they might be very smart to take that amtrak instead of relying on the airlines. >> chris murphy live for us this morning. the time now is 12 minutes
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after the top of the hour. first comes turkey then comes shopping. a warning for every black friday shopper as you hit the stores. the high-tech kay tway the thie are targeting you. >> using his son to show how to fight a baby. some say it is all in good fun others say this is no joke. send us your take. as a business owner, i'm constantly putting out fires. so i deserve a small business credit card with amazing rewards. with the spark cascard from capital one, i get 2% cash back on ery purchase, every day. i break my back around here. finally soone's recognizing me with unlimited rewards! meetings start at 11, cindy. [ male announcer get the spark business card from capital one. choose 2% cash back or double miles on every purchase, every d. what's in your wallet? i need your timesheets, larry!
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>> a boat cap sizes. it struck a reef and flipped over killing up to 30 people and leaving the rest clinging to the vessel for hours. more than 100 people have been rescued. >> some store clerks targeted others gave up the money.
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this one the would be thief was told he needs to leave. he handed a vancouver store clerk a note. the clerk walks from behind the counter and tells the guy to get lost. >> the robber took off empty handed the clerk called police. officers came in with canine dogs but the suspect got away -- canine team gis. a california judge has given a flasplash of cold water to ho cause maker siracha it partially should down. this after neighbors complained of the spicy smell it was producing. now the company must halt any operations that could be causing the odor or change how they make the sauce. a in you reca new recall warning. >> if you drive a 2013 ford
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escape. they are recalling the popular suv. it is the 7th recall since it was redesigned last year. this time the recall is to fix oil and fuel leaks that can cause fires. ford says the oil leaks have caused 13 fires so far but no injuries. oo next story got our attention. there's a small chance your bank will charge you to keep money with them. the policy makers lend out that money rather than keeping up with the central blank. if you take away the interest banks are earning, they may be inclined to make other ways to make money. beware of e-mail or social media scams. the cyber crooks are out there.
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if you get it that says your item has been delivered it is a fake link and can take over your computer. a quarter of retail traffic is comes from mobile devices and smart phones are the least secure flat form of all. whether you are going to the malls or shopping on-line we put together great tips for you. we want you to stay tuned for that tomorrow morning. heather and ainsley, i have to say i finally learned why people shop on black friday. >> i can't wait to hear. >> i don't know if i can convince you. >> thanks, lauren. >> a video gone viral on-line. shows a dad play wrestling with his baby. you can see him throwing and tackling his baby. >> you think you got what it takes? you think you can take your old man? the video has gone viral over
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2.6 million people watched it. some find it funny some say it is cute others call it disgusting. sta in good fun or is it he cross the line? send us an e-mail >> it is 20 minutes after the hour. a police officer puts his life on the line to save a driver from a burning car. he risks his life a second time. the amazing reason why. >> it was a priceless shot a college student hits the half court shot worth 20,000 dollars. why the school now is refusing to pay up.
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>> thanksgiving is upon us. it's a special time of year the
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family gathers together in one place to look at their phones. >> in the news this morning a drug bust. they spotted crossing over the next co border entering into san diego. at the drop location authorities found 10 bundles of marijuana with a street value of 150,000 dollars. an incredible rescue on the dash cam of a police car. watch as the officer comes from a burning truck. you can see him fulling out an unconscious driver. he looks back to make sure no one else inis inside the truck. the driver remains in critical condition. >> remember the nba fan who hit a half court shot for 20,000 dollars. now he may not be able to keep the money. >> he plays basketball for southwestern college in kansas. the rules say a student athlete can't win.
2:25 am
rodriguez and southwestern are asking for an exception to put the money towards his tuition or donate it to charity. >> rendition of the bon jovi song living on a prayer that you have never heard before. ♪ >> recognize him there singing with bon jovi and taylor swift. >> the time now is 25 after the top of the hour. coming up apparently the government wants to carpool. they are getting behind a popular activity for people on the go. >> thank all of our veterans for their service. >> why the sign's owner may be forced to take it down.
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>> it is wednesday november 27th. thanksgiving over. a massive storm system dumping a mess of mixed snow rain and wind along the east coast. maria molina tracking the storm's latest path. >> that storm making a mess of
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the holiday. what you can expect on the won the of busiest travel day the of the year. >> the choking noise and toxic hazards you need to know before you check things off your child's wish list. fox and frien"fox & friends firs right now. ♪ >> messy on the streets of new york city and much of the east coast. welcome to "fox & friends first". i am heather childers. >> i am ainsley airport. it is thanksgiving eve and we are having an extreme weather alert. >> the monster storm system packing rain, sleet and snow
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moving up the east coast making a mess tore millions of travelers. >> steve centanni is at reagan airport. maria molina in the weather center tracking the storm. >> we begin with maria. >> where is the storm system heading now? >> the storm the area is sent ferred along the east coast. at no ti temperatures are holding up and we are seeing the storm produce snow. trouble on the roadways that is where we will be seeing some of the worst conditions. then the storms slowly pull away later wednesday afternoon during the afternoon hours we will see gradual improvement then thursday morning thwhat will be left behind is much colder temperatures with the storm system and also winds are going to stay gusting possibly up to
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40 miles per hour. i want to show you why are we are seeing rain on the i 95 corridor and not snow. it is the time of year where we tend to see snowstorms creep in across the ooets woes. take a look at the temperatures we saw a sharp rise in the temperatures. temperatures in the upper 50's in new york city. 53 early this morning in the city of boston. that is why you are seeing pran across portions of the east coast. on the backside of it there are cool temperatures covering arou hovering around the freezing mark. colder air wrapping in behind the storm and temperatures will be dipping down into the 30's and even oh 20's for some of you like in dc coming up early tomorrow morning. you are picking up thanksgiving on a chilly♪. 46-37 miles per hour. that is enough to cause travel delays across parts of the
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northeast. pack patience. delays expected along the i-94 corridor from dc up to boston. 6-12 inches of snow western pa parts of new york. wind continuing to gust out here. take a look at thursday. thanksgiving macy's parade is huge concern pointing out gusts up to 45 miles per hour out here. hopefully not. hopefully we see improvement. we will cokeep an eye on it. >> don't want to blow away snoopy. >>s travelers across the country are bracing for delays and cancellations on one of the busiest travel days of the year. steve centanni, how are passengers coping there? you see oh more movement behind you. >> it is picking up. we expect it to be a very busy travel day across reagan national airport. in the east it is a concern
2:34 am
because travelers trying to get home from thanksgiving are going to be greeted by ice, wind, snow and rain. be prepared. take a look at pictures from the airport earlier. things are quiet only a few cancellations here. tsa says get here early so you don't get bogged down. they are waiving the very expensive change fees. >> in many cases in big storms airlines are waving these fees in order to get people to change their reservations a day or two ahead of time instead of all doing it on the same day at the airport when there are so few resources. >> best advice as always call ahead make sure your flight hasn't been changed or canceled get to the airport and allow
2:35 am
plenty of time. >> good advice as always. steve sent any, live for -- steve centanni, live for us. the victims and fist responders of the devastating tornadoes that happened in illinois. the luncheon will be hosted by illinois congressman aaron shot. chicago blackhawks cha ir rit is donating $1,200 to pay for the luncheon. families are recovering from that. >> she died trying to protect her patients. she is being remembered for her bravery during a wild stabbing spree. people were watching in it horror as the suspect started attacking visitors and employees. as the screams were ringing out she w gail was rushing in to help. >> she was just a give. it came out in every aspect of her life and everything that she is. it's going to be cold for a long
2:36 am
while, her grandchildren, her children. >> especially thanksgiving. >> four people were hurt before police stopped the suspect. his motive is still unclear. >> a connecticut judge orders the release of the sandy hook 911 calls. they in unitemust be made publi december 4th. the calls are said to include two gun shots but nothing graphic from the victims. the judge said releasing the recordings would allow the public to decide whether any procedural changes might be necessary. >> the supreme court is now picking up the controversial obamacare provision on contraception. doug luzader is live from washington following the latest there. the court had about 40 cases they could have chosen from on this issue of obamacare verses religious rights. in the end they choose two. they are owned by christian families. one hobby lobby, the other is a cabinet maker.
2:37 am
both objected the obamacare requirement that they must provide contraceptive and plan b which some object to based on their religious belief. even though this it is a narrow of the law both sides see potential for consequential decision. >> i think it would be a terrible precedent for the supreme court to set that americans give up a fundamental freedom just because they decide to open a family business and pursue the american dream. >> i don't think an arts and crafts chain, i don't think the furniture store has a corporate conscience that somehow over rides the individual, independent moral judgments of employees of those companies. this is not anything but an incidental infringement on a tl claim of religious liberty. if every company in this country has a right to exempt itself... >> president obama meantime was in california yesterday rounding
2:38 am
off a number of fund raisers with a visit to the movie studio of a major contributor. he defended obamacare but noted the continuing problems with the obamacare web site. as far as the web site itself is concerned, it is still very much a work in progress and remember the deadline to have this thing fixed is coming up this weekend. u.s. secretary of health and human services kathleen sebelius is saying it will be better than it was before but no one is saying it will be fully function alibi then. >> doug luzader live from washington. we are learning new information about a terror attack in benghazi. some of the main attackers talked to al qaeda. he spoke with megyn kelly saying
2:39 am
the cia was on high alert prior to the attack. the state department knew it. >> wanted us to look like we weren't trying to be part of a neighborhood. the security that was sent down with the ambassador was very light. in fact they took the same route that the british pastor had three months earlier. >> the state department accountability review board maintained there was never any specific credible threat. >> they are on a leave of absence from the network after they discredited 60 minutes report on the pen zi attack after initial lie defending the report. the foreign correspondent issued an apology on the air earlier this month.
2:40 am
>> alec baldwin short lived talk show up late has been canceled. the team announced they have mutually parted ways. the show was suspended for two weeks after baldwin caught on camera tirade. they were supposed to resume production on friday. we have all heard of crop circles but what about ice circles. a man from north dakota dakota had a giant circle of ice around the cheyenne river. the phenomenon is considered to be very rare. they have been documented in russia, england and the northern u.s. >> i have never seen that before. the signs owner will be forced to take it down. why he says the town isn't telling the truth. >> black friday starting earlier than this year. in some cases before the thanksgiving dishes were even on the table. we have your reaction next. hi, i'm terry and i have diabetic nerve pain.
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it's specific treatment for diabetic nerve pain.
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>> this system is causing problems and headaches especially for all of the travelers waiting and waiting to fly home for thanksgiving. robert moses is live at laguardia airport. >> so far pretty good. good morning everyone. i want to show you the departures board at laguardia. you will notice a lot of white. that means they are by and large on time this morning. we have been speaking to laguardia passengers. many got here early to make sure they get on that flight. the crowds are building. so far today more than 200 flights nationwide have been canceled.
2:45 am
some of those arrivals and departures have been here it is hard to tell how much of that is related to the weather and how much is because of other causes. the cancellations come at a bad time as people try to get home to make things easier many waved the change fees so people can adjust the travel plans to get around the storm. >> that is the latest live from laguardia. ainsley, back to you. >> wednesday is the new black friday. now they are opening thanksgiving day. diane macedo has more on that story. good morning, diane. >> the holiday shopping season is supposed to start on black friday. but kicking things off on thanksgiving thursday is becoming increasingly popular. smart will be leading the path 6:00 a.m. at 9:00 a.m. the workers should have some time to enjoy the thanksgiving turkey.
2:46 am
the store opens at 5:00 p.m. wal-mart and best buy will open an hour after that. the big rush comes at 8:00 p.m. when macys target, colkohl's ofe depot open their doors. they are getting mixed reviews from consumers. >> i feel bad. >> i feel like i am late. i am behind. >> resales have opened up to allow more time to purchase for the holidays. >> we asked viewers what they thought about stores opening on thanksgiving and where they intend to stop. many are in favor of spending the day at home. many say they got their turkeys and credit cards ready to go. no way turkey day is for your
2:47 am
family. wal-mart and best buy will be open so i will be christmas shopping on thanksgiving and black friday. sandra posted let us give thanks, no shopping. >> it is the sales number that will tell us how consumers really feel about this whole early shopping season. it is it is a shorter holiday season. they predict it will be an up year with $402 billion in holiday sales. >> diane macedo, thank you. >> 47 after the top of the hour. trouble in toy land. darrenings are lurking on store shelves. what you need to know before you start shopping. >> he sued subway for slipping on a banana peel. the one problem the secret security video is showing. >> after you are done with the banana peel story we are going to forge on with three hours of things that were entertaining
2:48 am
and interesting. first off the author of this boy. why the country of iran is saying we are -- you will meet the mom of a 3-year-old child with a rare blood disease why she is fighting the government to save your child's life. did you know there's a thanksgiving doughnut. i know what you are saying. finally the greater joys of life. dr. keith ablow is here. he will prove it to us. football team got behind their bullied water boy. how they showed their support will warm your heart. go to mike huckabee in person. :=
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welcome back to tpobgz tpobgz -- "fox & friends" first. a bar in california has to take down this sign. it reads thank a veteran for your freedom. the city will fine the restaurant if it is not removed. >> it's been up for ten years. i don't understand why it is a huge problem now. >> the city says the issue is over a permit. >> forget talking on a cell phone. new jersey doesn't want you to do anything behind the wheel except drive. what a novel idea. the state assembly taking up a new bill that would ban drivers from eating, smoking or putting on makeup behind the bill. authors of the bill say this is meant to get rid of all distracted driving. >> shopping for toys can be tricky. >> everything from choking to toxins to ear damage could be happening for our
2:53 am
children. >> what to look out for when shopping for toys. >> he's making his list and checking it twice. >> there is a choking hazard here. >> and these are the toys that aren't so nice. >> we'll be testing for toxins. >> the 2013 trouble in toy land list by a consumer group. >> to help parents and consumers identify toys that could potentially hazard. >> this year they have identified over 15 toys that would not make a good gift. >> we looked for toys that we think could have toxic chemicals or could be choking hazards. >> the list is not comprehensive but is designed to get parents thinking. toys that are choking hazards, damaging to hearing, and using dangerous chemicals should send a red flag to parents.
2:54 am
>> look at the packages. read the instructions. follow the recommendation. and beyond that, use some of the tips we provide. >> to determine whether something is a choking hazard. >> most toys are safe and a little scrutinizing before you buy will make for a very merry christmas. >> speaking of children, a comedian using his sign to demonstrate how to save a baby. some say it is in good fun. others say it is no joke. your responses next. >> we have more on this adorable puppy saved after spending a week trapped inn th a storm drain. now this puppy has thousands of reasons to be thank ful. the best protection looks, fits, and feels just like underwear. get a free sample and try for yourself. too small. too soft. too tasty.
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[ both laugh ] [ male announcer ] introducing progresso's new creamy alfredo soup. inspired by perfection.
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it is now three minutes till the top of the hour. before you leave the house here's what's happening today. that nasty winter storm, it is hovering over the east coast. right now it's bringing a lot of rain and strong winds. a gradual improvement is expected this afternoon but temperatures will continue to drop. that improvement not coming
2:58 am
soon enough for holiday travelers. the storm is making a mess on the roads, on the railroads and in the air. double check if your flight or if your train is going to leave on time before you leave the house this morning. two turkeys will be pardoned in washington today. one will be voted the national thanksgiving turkey. >> time to look at the good, the bad, and the ugly. up first, the good. a puppy pulled from a storm drain in texas will find a new home this weekend. we first told you about the rescue yesterday, and so many people want to take in stormy that an adoption lottery is being held on wednesday. up next the bad. the kansas city chief mascots injured while rehearsing a zip line routine. the 46-year-old was practicing his entrance into the stadium when something fell from the zip line. he had to undergo back surgery. finally the ugly. a new twist in the case of
2:59 am
a maryland man who sued the d.c. metro for slipping on a banana peel. but look closely. the video shows it was a scam. you can see he planted the slippery skin himself. he is now charged with fraud. >> thank goodness there were cameras in there. now time for your brew on responses. earlier in the show we showed you this video. a father play wrestled with his baby. it has gone viral. some people love it. some people are furious. the video has more than 2.6 million views and we asked you, do you think this is in good fun or did this dad cross the line. >> susan tweeted over the line. teaching hostility to a baby is wrong. >> mackenzie tweeted that dad is apparently a loving parent and the baby is having fun. i wouldn't call it deliberate abuse but i also wouldn't call it safe. >> thomas wrote there is nothing wrong with this. i did it with all of my
3:00 am
kids and most of my grandkids, nieces and nephews. they all loved it. thanks to everyone who responded. >> thanks for responding. appreciate that. have a great day. >> if you're cooking tonight, a good thanksgiving eve. we'll see you tomorrow. >> absolutely. we're both working. "fox & friends" starts now. >> bye. good morning. it is wednesday, november 27. as america gears up to give thanks, wicked weather and how it can impact you. >> forget about saving his signature legislation, the president has better things to do like go to hollywood. why he's catching up with his celebrity pals and his health care hangs in the balance for millions. >> we're just jealous. bon jovi, taylor swift, prince william singing. what? ♪ ♪


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