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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  November 27, 2013 6:00am-8:01am PST

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of course, tomorrow is thanksgiving and this is our chance to remind all of you, we're thankful for you watching. we've been number one for over ten years thanks to you. and tune in tomorrow because we've got a big show, starts at 6:00 a.m. eastern. >> right. >> while you're cooking and getting everything ready. bill: the holiday getaway is underway and so are the delays. airports are starting to see delays up to two hours. hi winds and conditions expect to get worse as the day progresses. first, the irs once again going after tax exempt groups that could have a big impact on elections. only months after the agency was criticized for targeting aparty
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organizations. the irs wants to place restrictions on how tax exempt operations can spend their money. i'm heather childers in for martha maccallum. they would change how tax exempt groups change elections on both sides of the aisle. bill: what would this affect. >> reporter: it would affect vetter rick straition drives. get out the vote drives and affect the amount of money tax exempt fupped group to go to, send to a highly political group. city the would have a big impact because it would reign in the political activity of tax exempt groups. in many ways this proposal would formalize the restrictions
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placed on the tea party when the tea party was intimidated right before the last election. bill: these are groups that don't have to reveal who are giving them money. >> reporter: they are 501chs, you give money to them, you don't have to reveal your name. let me quote darrell issa. he says this is an effort give the administration to get what political advantage they can when they can. he believes it's being pushed about it administration for political advantage. meaning it would slant towards the left. it would almost punish the right and that's how he sees it. bill: you wonder if it could affect one side more than the other. >> reporter: the rules are the same for both sides. but many of the big donors want to remain anonymous and they are
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republicans and conservatives. it probably affects them a great deal more than the left. bill: would it need congressional approval? is this a congressional approval? >> reporter: no, it's a rule change. it simply needs to be approved by the treasury and the white house. it's a rule change, not a new law. it would affect 2016, probably not 2014. stuart, have a great thanksgiving. i know you adopted our holiday with vigor. receive you later, buffedy. heather: supporters say the current rules are confusing and easy abused. but dave cam, an republican from inch says there continues to be taken ongoing investigation with
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many documents yet to be uncovered into how the irs abused and targeted conservative leaning groups. this smacks of the white house trying to shut down potential critics. bill: karl rove's american crossroads is the biggest of these organizations. we'll talk to him directly when he joins us in 10 minutes. after the botched healthcare rollout the obama administration says things are definitely on track to fix the obamacare website by the self-imposed deadline by november 30. but they are questioning whether meeting that deadline will make the problems go away. james, the white house is trying to get back on the outing the benefits that aids to the president say obamacare is
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already delivering. correct? >> good morning and happy holidays to you. the president telling the american people that the u.s. stands poised to add health coverage for millions of people. visiting the dreamworks animation studio of, president obama perhaps in need of some transformational hollywood magic of his own said the rollout of obamacare was rough but the law is quote in part responsible for positive change already. >> healthcare costs are growing at the slowest rate in 50 years. and that means that if the studios of here, your employers aren't having to spend as much on healthcare, they can hire more folks and reinvest more in the business and couple with those cool technologies. i doesn't understand how they
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work but they are neat to look at. >> reporter: california led the nation in signups for obamacare. but a million golden state rest didn't have lost their coverage. heather: the memory of the crashed website is not going to vanish. how will they deal with that? >> reporter: white house officials are signaling when it relaunches this coming saturday they said there will be times when usage exceeds capacity. that's a techno geeky nerd way of saving it will crash again at certain points. kathleen sebelius told state and local officials that obamacare 2.0 will not be a pale remake of the original. >> we are on track to have a significantly different user
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experience by the end of this month. that was our commitment. than people experienced on october 1. the experience is vastly improved each and every day. >> reporter: that said, democratic senators, 7 of them sent president obama a letter urging him to permanent ceo to run obama care. it's a reflection of anxiety within the president's party not just about the looming dead lines for obama dare but about the looming election season. bill: extreme weather alert. i want to keep you updated on what's happening outside. it's barreling up the east coast. the radar is a mess. all that green in the background making it a mess for millions. thrferl several targets along the eastern side of the country. one person was killed in a multi-vehicle pileup near philadelphia.
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police urging people to take it slow. >> we want to be with our families for the holidays so we better get going. >> i try to slow town even though i have a lead foot. >> definite live the speed limit, a little bit under. check your tires. bill: that gentleman has the right idea. take it slow. how is it out there, rick? >> reporter: it's a pretty nasty day and it's expected to get worse. winds are gusting up to 60 miles an hour across the northeast. it's having an impact along area highways including the george washington bridge. there are severe storm warnings. the storm is blanketing a path
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from pittsburgh to buffalo with several inches of snow. just state new york under winter storm warnings. there are 20,000 power outages in the state. that means some turkeys don't get cook. there is 2-4 inches of rain. if purchase flying today, good luck. the delays average 59 minutes. if you are flying from philly to new york those flights are delayed 2 hours. bill: rick leventhal there. heather: millions of people hitting the skies or the roads. this holiday weekend will be one of the busiest since 2007. according to aaa, 43 million
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americans will travel 300 miles or more to get home for thanksgiving and 1 million will travel by air. bill rrl what are you thankful for dil -- dill *what are you t. we want to award creativity and humor. you can serious if you want. we are gratefu grateful for famd friends. but if you have creative thoughts we'll give you a chance to share with the rest our viewers. it's a move about it irs, restricting political spending by non-profit groups. karl rove's american crossroads
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will be affected if that decision goes through in a big way. heather: details of a secret cia program recruiting spies. bill: three girls finally free after they say they were locked in their bedrooms for years. how they were able to escape finally. view * to the two who did this, how could you? i hope you burn in hell.
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heather: a fox news alert. near cleveland hundreds of people forced from their homes after a train derailed spilling chemicals. there is concern that it could explode. >> about 2:00 the police came to the door and said we have got to go. they wanted us out of the house
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and out of the area. >> i'm not sure. we don't have an estimate when we can get the all clear. they are monitoring the air right now. heather: legal police, fire and railroad cleaning crews are all on the scene. bill: three days and counting for that obamacare website fix. the administration said things should be working properly give the end of november. but what does that mean? and what happens monday, december 2 when america comes back to their thristles after the holiday? karl rove comes back from austin, texas. karl, how are you? everybody has been focused on the website. a few people talking about premiums and deductibles going higher. what do you believe the focus
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for obamacare will be when america comes back from its break. >> the media will focus on the website and the administration is saying it will work better than it did on october 1. well, it didn't work on october 1. they are discouraging -- reports are they are discouraging allied organizations from pushing people to the website on monday for fear it will collapse and they are looking for alternative ways to sign up people. even if you have a good experience on signing up, there is a part of the website that transmits the information to insurance companies that is still broken which means it will add to the cost of getting you signed up and perhaps even delaying people past the january 1 start date. bill: you mentioned in the "new york times" we were told they want people to talk about obamacare over thanksgiving dinner.
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now the story suggests they don't want too much traffic there? does that mean the website is not able to handle it yet? >> the website they are saying can handle 50,000 users concurrently which is far less than they originally anticipated and which may or may not be accurate. the administration is going out of its way to lower expectations. my sense is they figured it's better for them to over -- to under promise. the real problem is the program itself. we have news reports how people are starting to get cancellation notices for medicare advantage plans. and we are getting cancellation notices because those programs are being cut in order to put that money behind the exchanges
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and the expansion of medicaid. bill: i want to get to this irs story. there are a lot of people who argue the problems the law will lead to the law's collapse. are you one of those people who believe that? >> i think the law will have continuing problems throughout next year. whether it leads to its collapse per se is -- you have to define what collapse means? does it mean it will cost a heck of a lot more than an is pair ited and more people will be covered? does it mean we'll end up with 30 million people who don't have understand coverage? that's what the administration already forecasts. there will be 30 million people in america. we will get to all of this even if the program is successful. i think that program is a disaster. bill: i did not hear a yes when we asked if it will collapse.
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>> it depends on what you define as collapse. a spiral -- so-called death spiral which premiums and deductibles are both rising, yeah. bill: 90 seconds. you run american crossroads. as far as i can tell that's what the most successful political group raising money for the 2012 election. >> crossroads gps which is the 501c4. american crossroads is a 527. bill: the irs and thed administration is going to crack down on these groups, what do you think of that. >> it didn't matter for decades when they were primarily democrat groups it was when
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conservatives started to him you can what the democrats were doing that they became a con southern. you didn't hear the president denouncing the sierra club. there are clear rules that have to be abided by by all of these groups that have a any north your expenditures on politics and the majority on your so-called crossroads goams. crossroads doesn't even spend 51% on social welfare goals. the goal is to send 60% or more on social welfare and no more than 40% on politics. there are clear sets of rules in place right now. this is clearly an attempt to discoverage conservative groups. it won't apply to 2014. but they are trying to discourage groups from doing what they have done for decades. bill: this does not need congressional approval.
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they could go forward with it. i assume people like yourself will bring lawsuits. >> there are rules now and we'll just have to wait and see. but it is hypocritical and it's interesting that it only started to happen when conservatives started to do what liberals have done for decades. heather: the coast guard comes to the rescue saving more than 100 people from certain death after this sailboat sipgs on the high seas. bill: police in one city making a shocking discough are you. three sisters locked in a house, imprisoned for at least 2 years. >> i didn't know people wearing living there. i leave early in the morning and i come back.
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bill: new video from the coast guard. a sailboat packed with haitian migrants hoping to illegally make it to the u.s. the coast guard was able to rescue 110, but at least 30 drowned. heather: police arresting a mother and stepfather, accused of keeping the three daughters locked in their rooms for at least two years. >> they were kept in filthy living conditions separately and told patrol officers they had not seen each other in at least two years. heather: what do we know about the girls' conditions?
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>> reporter: police said they were found in deplorable conditions and dirty. they were allegedly locked you have and kept in the bedrooms of their tucson, arizona home. the two youngest girls were able to escape out of a window after they said their stepfather tried to break into their bedroom brandishing a knife. >> they found two juvenile females extremely filthy ages 12 and 13. officers responded to the family residence and discovered a third female imprisons within her bedroom, a different bedroom than the bedroom her siblings were occupying together. >> reporter: versus versus ar
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>> reporter: investigators are trying to determine how long they were in the rooms. the stepmother and stepfather are scheduled to appear in court for kidnapping, child emotional and physical abuse with an additional charge of sexual abuse. the mother is being charged with three counts of kidnapping and physical and emotional abuse. other neighbors telling local reporters they didn't realize any children were living at the house because the house is set back from the road. the house is off the road. heather: i heard some of the neighbors saying they didn't even know children were there. bill: bombshell information about a receive kret program
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that sounds like it's out of the series "homeland." recruiting people from gitmo and turning them into double agents. bill: the president was hobnobbing in hollywood. is this just another distraction from the healthcare mess? >> the rollout of the healthcare marketplace was rough. and nobody was more frustrated about the problems with pour website than i am.
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bill: keep an eye on the weather as best we can. airports are packed and several are looking at significant delays. two hours in new york city. a couple hours in philadelphia. if you are driving play of it safe. the rain and wind make for dangerous conditions. another fox news alert. we'll go back to ohio, southwest of cleveland. officials southwest of willard, ohio say they contained a chemical spill of potentially flammable liquid leaked from a tanker car forcing hundreds from their homes to evacuate. no word on when those folks will be able to go home.
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heather: we are getting stunning information about a secret cia program organized after the 9/11 terror attacks. the program was carried out at a secret facility at a guantanamo bay detention center. you can see a series of cottages hunds the administrative offices. it was used to recruit prisoners being held there and turned into double agents. general jack keane is the former vials chief of staff of the army. he joins to us talk more about this. thank you for joining us. happy thanksgiving, by the way. you have been to gitmo plenty of time. you witnessed first hands this multi-team interrogation. >> gitmo exists to take
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terrorists off the battlefield and also to get intelligence information. they were all exposed to multi interrogation teams. those that have valuable intelligence or we perceived they have did were interrogated more than others. then there was a triage where others were recruited by the cia to be spies. i never would a ex posed that program. that was highly classified and now it unless open sources. but it's not surprising a program like that exists. we always recruited spies. that's the fact of it. we did it 40 years to penetrate into the soviet union and we are doing it in many places in the world today. heather: do you find the timing interesting that this is being released at this time?
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>> i can only speculate. i don't know why it's being released. certainly some of the leaking that goes on by our government and other officials to me is always disturbing. we have operations like this going on. i would suspect some of these agents are still working for us and it doesn't do us any good to tea rowles the suspicious of organizations that they are a part of that somebody may be a spy in their midst and look for interesting behavior that can contribute to it. so i have a fundamental concern about that. secondly who knows what the motivation is. whether this is because there is talk about gitmo closing begin or people want to take some credit for it, or arouse the dormant thoughts about anti-gitmo feelings. i can only speculate. it would be best if it was not discussed before it's not surprising it took place. >> reporter: the bush
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administration described the gitmo prisoners as the worst of a very bad lot. so this was a dangerous gamble. how do we know these folks won't turn around and fight against america? it's been shown 28% do. >> certain live that's true. and that was always the case and concern about releasing people out of the general population. now in terms of recruited spy. that's something entirely different. this is something -- the clandestine service does. this cities job one. they are very good at this. and how to recruit a spy and how a case officer would manage that spy to make certain they have continue to get information, but also obviously protect the leave it of that spief in an inherently dangerous situation. heather: what are the incentives provided to get someone to do this. protection for their family. things like that, maybe cash.
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>> it depends on the individual. first he person is selected because of certain qualities they are bringing to the table. their position in the organization and knowledge in the organization. how much of a belief system and how committed they to the ideology. have they been able to break that down somewhat. what kinds of mental toughness does this person have to commit to something that's very dangerous as this inherently is. then also we have to train that person a little bit in how to do this. and they are going to have a shelf life. i'm sure the cia has in their krorn kels tans archives wonderful stories to talk about spies that worked for us in the soviet union for 20 years. but most of them will be short-lived in terms of shelf life and intelligence gained. heather: the key would be those
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higher up to have contacts with us and the taliban. presumably some of them are still working with us? >> i would think they are. these are secret organizations and closed societies. to have somebody on the inside is of enormous value. it's one thing to take satellite photos and listen to conversations from time to time and penetrate their internet communications. it's another thing to have somebody inside the organization reporting to you. that's of enormous value. thank god we have qualified people that do this successfully. heather: general jack king joining us to talk about this today. once again, happy thanksgiving. bill: the obamacare rollout limps along. the president is off in hollywood hanging out with the rich and famous. so is he trying to change the subject or not.
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we'll debate that. tucker and allen are on deck. >> our father who art in heaven hall offed be thy name ... heather: a communities finding even in the face of tragedy there is much to be thankful for.
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heather: mother nature threatening a beloved big apple tradition. the nypd says high winds could grounds a dozen balloons in the macy's thanksgiving day parade.
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a giant balloon seriously injured a woman in 1997. bill: i'm hoping for the best. >> reporter: they are saying 45-mile-per-hour winds are being predightd. bill: my brother is coming to town, we'll have a great time. the night before you go to the natural history miewf seem and you can see the those. it's a cool moment. the new york moment. it's an american moment. that's the hemmer thanksgiving tip. >> nobody was more frustrated about the problems with our website than i am. but here in southern california and across is state there are thousands of people every single day who are getting healthcare for the first time. give the way, the website is
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continually working better, so check it out. bill: the president in hollywood rubbing elbows with the rich and famous. alan colmes is rich and famous. tucker -- good ploarn good mornh of you. tucker first. >> this is a low point in his life. when you are you seek out people who love you have uncritically. no one returns the love uncritically more than hollywood. he tells them they are not filth merchants, but that they actual live reflect american values. he appears to feel most
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comfortable around the indolent rich. >> who was his opponent when efrain for president? a rich guy. there is a good reason why obama is president and mitt romney isn't. it's absurd to suggest every time he talks about something else it's to avoid obamacare. just now we've sea dressed it and talked about how bad the website rollout was. and to have republicans say every time he brings up something else like senator john cornyn who tweeted the iran deal was an effort to deflect attention away from obamacare is absurd. bill: what about the million-plus who had their plans canceled because of the law. that's reality, too.
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>> what about the country been santa monica and d.c.? has he been there? you can't go anywhere in the country and not see shuttered stores or a country in decline. for the president to repeatedly return to hollywood shows a need for adulation. is there anybody in the world who has less contact with america and the so-called creative community in hollywood. the country is in trouble. leave d.c. and go receive the rest of it. bill: the middle class is getting crushed. >> i think you are ignoring what this president has done for the middle class, including getting millions of people healthcare
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who didn't have it. the fact that this president turned around the job market in this country and of course you are in denial because you want to get republicans back in power. because the republican party is rating much lower than the president. >> if you are addressing that to me there isn't anyone less interested in republicans than i am. i'm a journalist. these are the obsessions of the rich and famous. i'm not interested in that nonsense at all. bill: his point is you go to middle class america and talk to them and hear their concerns and you try to help them. >> i think that's exactly what the president has done. he has don't with healthcare and jobs and he has nothing but reaction on the other side, in spite of the fact that no
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republicans work with him, he has had an amazing success. >> if this is amazing success i would hate to see failure. bill: if the website is two months late, i would try to get as far away from washington as i could. >> he's a fantastic fundraiser, i will say that. bill: i know you are both thankful for sharing this time. thank you, alan, tucker. heather: new information on the dead live attack on our consulate in benghazi, libya. >> our father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name ... bill: tornado victims giving thanks for surviving the unthinkable tragedy that came to
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their home and their town. >> hail mary, full of grace, the lord is with me. blessed thou among women. pray for us sinners.
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bill: a chili sauce factory is ordered to halt production after people around the factory reported health problems. a judge called it extremely annoying. they ordered the company to close their doors until they couple with a better solution. heather: i love hot sauce on eggs. i know you wanted to know that.
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here is a good story. hope in the face of tragedy. nearly two weeks after their community was devastated by a powerful tornado. the people of washington, illinois are banding together to show despite their huge loss, they still have a lot to be thankful for. first of all, how are people doing there? >> they are getting by with a little help from their friends. this an example of the clothing donated to the people out here. this is a community center here where all of the volunteers and people looking for help have been con grow gaights. around town we see the insurance companies that from here with their disaster relief trucks. different aid agencies. we see people picking through the debris clearing towel the farmer's fields. but i want to show you have the main event. this is the bing get hall made possible for the chicago
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blackhawks charity. they will have a thanksgiving meal by people bringing so many tornadoes. you will see a lot of people coming together. he says it's important for the people to get together, enjoy some fellowship and more important than anything, get a break from the hard work of rebuilding. get out of the cold and get a hot meal. heather: are they getting any help from the outside? >> reporter: they are getting help from the outside. the federal government just freed up disaster relief money for 15 counties. you have got to get the scope of how big the damage was. 24 tornadoes were formed up by the storm system and they raked across illinois. they ripped apart 500 homes in the area and the people displaced from those homes are the people coming from that banquet hall looking for a break and a hot meal.
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>> reporter: mike tobin live for us and that is what thanksgiving is all about. people helping people in need. bill: we were asking people what they are thankful for. heather: there are were responses like that. people saying you need to get out and help someone. bill: are companies required to offer their employees contraception? heather: plus we get an update on that nasty storm and whether it will put a big tamper on your thanksgiving day travel plans. >>'s a little crowded. and it isn't very fun. >>' the holidays. we expect it. we knew of it was raining when we left and when we got here.
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an extreme weather alert. there is a nasty storm slamming
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the northeast coming from the southeast where it was dumping rain. several inches of rain on the east coast in new york and pennsylvania and all up into the new england brace for what could be a foot of snow. welcome to a fresh hour here. >> i am very happy to join you. i am heather childers. the heavy snow and cold blast of wind isg damage and causing problems for people trying to get home. it might lead to problems for the macy's thanksgiving day parade. 45 miles per hour wind gusts? >> that is why such a big concern as far as whether they will have the balloons up in the air for the thanksgiving day
7:00 am
parade. they may have to reel them down and keep them closer to the ground. we are still seeing the areas of rain in parts of southern florida, stretching along the coast across parts of the carolinas, virginia, and in the northeast where we have the heavy precipitation. the worst of the storm is over for new york city. overnight is when we saw the worst and saw 47 miles per hour gusts. otherwise, on the backside of the system, west virginia has snow and eastern parts of kentucky and western virginia. the highest accumulations, about a foot of snow or maybe 18 inches, it is right off of the
7:01 am
lakes. they got a round overnight and now the lake affect is picking up and will crete more in northeastern ohio, pennsylvania, and around buffalo. 37-39 in mantucket. the combination is causing delays at the airport. so pack the patience if you are doing travelling. today, very mild temperatures, in the 60s in boston, and 50s n new york. by early tomorrow morning, though 30 degrees is the temperature in new york. 32 in boston. only in the 20s in buffalo.
7:02 am
the wind chill is going to be bitterly cold. bundle up. >> be careful out dollar -- out there on the roadways -- >> the white house wants americ americans to talk about obamacare over thanksgiving dinner. now they are worried about a holiday rush and feeling the site might know overwhelmed and crushed by the users. what is going on? sir, what is going on? this story suggest they don't want people to log on. what is behind that and does that suggest that te website is where it needs to be. >> obamacare's online home isn't the most super website built.
7:03 am
they are trying to do, during the pre-launch, the president says it is pfixed by november. now they are saying it be be different than it was when they launched at the beginning of october. you get the impression it is held together with bailing wire. they told government workers and others that might be coming on the site to sign up, or sign friends up or be part of the holiday outreach, don't go all at once because you may break it and then we will have less confidence in the program. >> i am trying to decide if the website is healthy. i guess we will find out on saturday. that is the deadline >> that was the deadline and now it has been walked back and
7:04 am
changed the definition and they will continue to do that because they are politicians. remember this, and this is what counts: it is about the raw numbers. they need to get people who didn't have insurance previously to buy insurance. this is the worst product launch ever. and these folks who they want to be paying customers to come in, including those whose insurance has been canceled, if they don't show up by the end of march, all of america has a problem. >> there is another topic about an approval rating in ohio. what does that mean? >> we let ohio, your home state, decide every election. it is something we ask you to do. the president won ohio by four
7:05 am
points in 2008 and 3 points in 2010. a few poll out this morning, the president is down in the mid-30s. people don't trust him. this the lowest approval rating in any state for the president that they have found thus far. this is what we call a leading initdicateeri init ducater. >> what the strategy to get out? >> attack. attack. attack. if you are obama. go after the other guys and say it was their fault. they will stay on the attack and pick out wedge issue and focus on those things and demonize people opposed to the law. no amount of spin changes the tens or hundreds of millions of
7:06 am
paolicy cancelations. >> we will check out your read, too. have a great thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving. >> it is paul politics every morning. sign up for your fox news first news letter. >> read it every day >> fox news alert for you. we are getting new information on the deadly attack on the attack in ben gaza, libya. you will remember three americans were killed more than a year ago on that september 11th. information has been tough coming from washington. what have we learned this week? >> what the state department did
7:07 am
was release the 57 different documents. contracts of the group providing the non-lethal guards on the site that night. they put this on their website and people were surprised because there was no notification as well. very few documents would have been requested by the freedom act request. we have a small number. no response from a the cia, fbi, and pentegone. >> the fact is a non-profit organization had to sue the state department to get documents and photos of the attack. it didn't come from a release on their own from the state department >> the state department
7:08 am
responded saying in response to the overlapping freedom of information request regarding the 2012 attack, the department made previous documents available in their reading room. that is coming from the state department >> no doubt people listening want to know where does the investigation go from here? and will this lead to arrest? >> there is a lot of request out there. we have known about suspects there since january and nothing has been done. we know what is interesting with these documents is they call the first complex that was hit a special mission. there is differences mt in the way where this is set up.
7:09 am
you also might remember about two weeks ago, a number observation survivors went -- of -- to the hill and i am going told those survivors are upset with the way their story has been told. they continue to say there was 93 no lull in fighting. and they want to know why congressmen are saying that. it is the administration and state department said the lull in fighting is why they didn't send anybody in to help >> new reaction from the deal cut with iran. government officials are claiming the white house is misleading the public about the details of the neal. former connecticut senator says we should put the brakes on this deal. >> i cannot blame them for hoping we can work this out
7:10 am
pea pea peacefully. the iran regime are the enemy. >> he says iran's inter preitation differs from the white house. we have a question for you on thanksgiving. on twitter, what are you most thankful for this thanksgiving holiday? >> what are you thankful for? >> for you showing up to work.
7:11 am
we will read a few at the end of the broadcast. >> obamacare back in america's highest court and how the justice could decide if one key piece of legislation violated religious beliefs >> and remember this -- >> i wasn't there to hurt anybody. i was stupid. i wanted my personalt things. i didn't mean to steal anything. >> simpson back in court and we will tell you what the judge had to say about his new trial. plus -- >> fire down here. >> look at that. a truck on fire with a driver still inside and a hero police officer risks his life to save him.
7:12 am
ben gaghazi
7:13 am
pent goagon indicator
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>> a daring rescue caught on
7:15 am
tape. watch now. dash cam video. that is a police officer in new jersey. you see the smoke and flames in the truck. pulling the man from the inside vehicle. you will see him running back looking for more passengers. that man is alive in critical, but stable condition. >> another tough fight on obamacare heading to the supreme court. they will consider the religious objections of employers opposed to the contraception mandate. the white house says reproductive health treatment is between a woman and her doctor. the president believes no one should be able to dictate those decisions to women.
7:16 am
thank you for being here. we have the chief of justice and organization. you have a case pending at the supreme court. what is at stake here? >> well, i think it is one of the most significant religious cases the courts have taken. some are saying it is about contraception. but what this case is really about is religious liberty. can the government demand an employer to purchase items that violate their religious believes. we have seven injunctions on this subject. what is at stake is if the government can compel a
7:17 am
religious employer to violate their conscious. no one is saying they can not obtain contraception, but they are saying we ask not be compelled to pay something we disagree with. you have the morning after people which many consider to be an abortion-type pill. we think it knows too far and violates the this amendment. >> if you take the beginning of the statement from the white house, the first part says the health care law puts women and family in control of their health care by covering vital preventive care like cancer screening and birth control free of charge. but that is there organizations, specific groups hobby lobby being one of them, this doesn't include preventive care and
7:18 am
birth control they argue it is some procedures that are basically abortion. >> the health care law mandates, despite the president's claim, it does include those things you mention. and hobby lobby has thousands of employees throughout the united states. the idea the government is telling the owners you surrender your free religious when you enter into the business scheme and you must supply your employees with something that violates what you believe in. the supreme court has said the free exercise of speech applies and we will see if religion
7:19 am
does. the court of appeals in our case and the hobby lobby case ruled correctly. it will be a fascinating case and very close. >> what do you think the supreme court will decide this time around? >> i think it is going to be really close one to call. it could be 4-4 and one in the middle. maybe justice kennedy. he sides toward libberty and i think that will outweigh the interest. at the end of the day they carry it. >> those are for-profit businesses. let's move to non-profit and the decision made they will provide tax breaks. you said that it is yet another blow at civil liberties. >> it sure is. i am litigating right now 149
7:20 am
clients against the irs. they are coming up with new rules and saying we will change the rules and sew it looks like what we did wasn't as bad as it was. no one is going to buy this. it is regulatory environment that is going to take a year to get ford. it is really significant violation of free speech. i think it is non-sense and they are trying to move the ball while it is in place and that is not supposed to happen when you are a referee and the irs is had referee. i think we will win it back. >> both outside groups pouring in $305 million in the 2012 elections. effects a lot of folks. >> the united states and china in a military matter now as tensions run high over disputed
7:21 am
te tear terry. >> and man goes on a stabbing rampage at a hotel leaving four people injured a nurse dead. >> she was a giver.
7:22 am
7:23 am
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>> welcome paback, a man goes oa rampage in a hospital with a knife. four people wounded and a nurse killed. gale sanders lost her life after a suspect became agitated and started stabbing people at random. it was in longview, texas.
7:25 am
the nurse's sister is speaking out >> we have had an outpouring of family, friends, church members and people she worked with sharing the grieving. it will be a hole for a while. >> the 22-year-old is being held on $2.6 million bond. >> the united states is flying war planes after bejing moves to control airspace. what should we make of the b-52 fly over? >> there were two flying over the islands. they didn't react.
7:26 am
but it was a warning by the united states. these planes are capable of carrying nuclear weapons. so it isn't the same as sending a commercial jet. it is the first diplomatic crisis the new united states ambassador to japan, carolyn kennedy, has had to face. >> these announcements of a zone like this undermine security and con stiitute a difficult change >> how ironic that is the daughter of john f. kennedy who we were remembering for his role of diffudefidy -- difussing the
7:27 am
issues. >> why are they doing this? >> the pivot the rights of asia. >> it is right of every country to defend their air space and make sure their sovereignty is guarded. >> they guard the gateway to the specific. without the islands, they are subject to harassment on the way to the pacific. >> chuck hagel rereaffirmed the united states joint pack today.
7:28 am
>> new accusations that obamacare is favoring labor union. >> check out this picture, that is a tiger on the move and maybe on the attack malling a trainer in -- mauling -- front of people. >> a major storm and the impact it is having on millions of americans. >> 14 inches our way. we better get a day early run. >> i am more worried about sunday coming home. i bought a car, over and tells you, and you're like. a good deal or not. looking at there's no buyer's remorse.
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>> a fox extreme weather alert for you. in case you have not heard: a major storm system causing pig problems for travelers heading out for thanksgiving. you can expect flight delays all over because of the nasty weather. steve is live at regan airport. >> there is a domino effect where a flight delay in one city affects many others city. let's take a look at regan national airport in washington, d.c. it has died off, but it is
7:33 am
coming in waves. there have been 209 cancelations >> we are seeing about 200 flight cans cancelations and about 150 delays. that number is likely to grow. during the day it will impact more and more people. a cancelation from boston impacted someone in dallas-fort worth or detroit. stay on top of the flight schedules and get to the airport early and be patient. >> those numbers have been updated. 209 cancelations for today only. and 1, 596 for the week >> the fellow gave advice, what else can you do? >> check ahead before coming to
7:34 am
make sure the flight isn't canceled or delayed. check the social media. check online. and if you do need to contact the airport, you can do that best by calling them. but of course the tsa check-pointericheck check-points are a major consideration. they are gearing up. >> we school 1.8 million and today 2.4 million is what we expect. more than half a million extra. we are staffed to get the people through and to the gates on time. >> some delays here. but the biggest problems are in newark, philadelphia and new york. allow time and be patient because it could be a tough day out there.
7:35 am
>> or stay home. >> yes, and eat. >> if you are a union working will you get a special credit from the white house? john thun introduced a bill to block this. he says despite working to get obamacare passed unions are experiencing the ugly reality of the law. this is crony capitalism at its worst. good morning to you. what does this story mean? what is the attempt here? >> despite president obama's claim about never raising taxes on the middle class, there is a lot of fees and taxes built into it. it is $63 fee because people
7:36 am
with pre-existing conditions will enter the exchange and they will have high cost. >> some people get relief, but there is a reinsurance tax. without getting fanc ay why is that important? >> that is designed to spread those pre-existing cost around to the rest of the population. i call it is a tax. the unions call it is fee and say it will fall on their members and many are covered by uni union health care plans. they don't want to pay it. the white house proposed exemption from the fee and union pension plans. it is an exception. and people are saying the unions campaigned for obamacare. now they want relief from some of the pain? >> you told our producers the
7:37 am
union hates it. how does it hurt them? >> everyone of them is assessed $63 and every viewer is. they don't want to pay it. >> the insurance tax must collect $12 billion in 2013. holy cow. >> if the unions get out of the $63, guess who pays that? the rest of us. there is an old saying: don't tax me, text that fellow behind the tree. >> this isn't just the wealthy doing this. this is going to hit the middle class, too. >> this is everybody. $63 per person. >> the health and human services and official said this isn't directed at the union. what do you say a to that?
7:38 am
>> that is just snot -- that is not just true. -- 4/5ths of the plan benefits the unions that backed him in the 2008 election and he is rewarding them. >> have a good thanksgiving. >> pleasure to be here. >> look at this. tiger handler now in stable condition after being mauled ad an australian zoo. you see the tiger biting the trainer. the 30-year-old trainer was a ' airlifted to a hospital. the zoo said the tiger was just
7:39 am
excit excited. >> that thing has to be 350 pound. >> alec baldwin isn't happy about his show being canceled. but not martin brusheer? >> and we will tell you about this and it is just a little bit more than friendship. martin bashir
7:40 am
7:41 am
7:42 am
7:43 am
>> it isn't bad for care okkar e karaoke. that event raises money for center point and that raises money for homeless family. >> alec baldwin lashing out after msnbc canceled his show when he used anti-gay slurs. this is the same network that kept martin bashir made comments
7:44 am
about palin. he said they killed my show and i have to take responsibility for that myself. we have the author of "outnumbered conservative" a. different standards for different folks. why? >> actually, this maybe the first time i agree with ann colter. this is such a double standard. for women in many cases there is a double standard when they are attacked. i don't think baldwin is a homephoophob
7:45 am
homophobe. maybe they put together a bad show and wanted out. >> it only aired five times with low ratings. what about the different strokes for different folks? >> baldwin's comments were made on the street. martin bashir was pre-prlanned and several people have approver that. i think they are required to provide consistency. or are they making the statement it depends on the target. a conservative woman is okay. you had ed shultzs making comments about ingrid. are they trying it say if a most makes at a statement about gay people that is horrific. but conservative woman no.
7:46 am
>> maybe women in general? >> the silence is deafening here. in 2008, david shoester was disciplined for saying things about hilary clinton that were unacceptable. so i do think women in general do have to deal with these attacks more and are not protected by the networks. but for some reason they don't like sarah palin and they will let him say it. that is not right. they should say something and suspend him. >> the interesting thing is that wyou see a war on women by republicans. and republicans have a problem with women and want to prevent them from getting access to contraception and the republican party is anti-women. >> they do enact a lot of laws like that. >> if you are going elevate host who have a problem with republican women and in some
7:47 am
cases woman -- women -- in general. what do you say? >> msnbc is in this for a business. they are not the democratic par party. >> you are saying the networks should be consistent. what about the national organization of women? have they yet to come out with a statement between what happened between martin bashir and sarah palin? >> i don't think if they have come out with a statement. there are a number of women's organization that said this is unacceptable. but msnbc is sigh lnt on this -- silent -- on this. >> if this had been said about
7:48 am
michele obama there would be a rush to defend her and rigthe problem is when you have a conservative women you have a hesitant from people on the left because they don't like her and her stands. but you ask not condone this attack >> when you attack one women, you attack all of them. research shows that in the past they have been silent and let it go. but it helps to do what sarah palin has. writing a letter and calling for action to be taken and being vocal. >> and these are defining mom t moments for network. if this happened here it would be up to us to define where they stand with people.
7:49 am
>> happy thanksgiving to you. bill? >> thank you ladies. what a thanksgiving day blessing we have. an autistic boy has been found alive missing after a week. wait until you hear where he was located. and a ruling in simpson's bid to toss the robbing and kidnapping charge. >> sorry. somewhat confused. i feel like apologetic to the people of the state of nevada. i didn't want steal anything. i wanted my own stuff.
7:50 am
7:51 am
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>> it is a weather nightmare
7:53 am
from travellers from coast-to-coast delays planes, trains and automobiles. and twist and turns on obamacare as the president send congress home with work. and a collision course at the supreme court. >> a new jersey boy with autism is home in time for thanksgiving. we went missing after getting into a fight with his parents, walked out of door and never came back. michael was found after he tried checking no into a hotel in cleveland. investigators have trying to figure out he got there in the first place
7:54 am
>> simpson is not getting a new trial. we was convicted of leading a group of men into a hotel room to take by force sports items that were his allalong. what was simpson's claim? >> this was simpson taking aim at his lawyer claiming he didn't do his job. surveillance cameras caught simpson and others into the room intent on retrieving sports items from dealers who were staying there. he had every right to take back the things. guns were drawn during the event
7:55 am
and he was sent to jail. and after 22 claims of malpractice the judge didn't by it so he is staying put five years into the a 9-19 years sentence >> the judge left no doubt. >> she took five weeks to issue the decision. she considered each claim carefully, but came out swinging. she said he failed to prove he was badly represented, but even if had it would not had made a difference in the case because none of the errors in the court cause us to question the conviction. bill, in the mind of this judge, simpson has had his day in
7:56 am
court. >> thanks. >> stay with us. what you are thankful for and the latest on the storm thank full
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
bill: a bit earlier we asked you to tell us what you are grateful for. martha: one of our waters that i am happy that i have my insurance for now with my employer. bill: and one viewer says they are happy not living in the northeast due to the weather. [laughter] and kelly kirkpatrick said something to let have to work tomorrow, it's one of the most entertaining days per year for a cop. have a tryptic time and happy
8:00 am
thanksgiving to you and your family. martha: we will see you again. bill: "happening now" starts right now. speak to the east is getting slammed by a strong nor'easter. warnings in effect for the holiday. rain and snow, blustery conditions making airline delays the storm has already been deadly as it moves across the country. we will be following it so you and your family can have a safe thanksgiving. right now, today's top headlines. spew on a las vegas woman learns her fate. she says she did want her husband dead, but she did not try to get him killed. the jury has reached a verdict. and a police offi


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