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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  November 27, 2013 10:00am-11:01am PST

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starts right now. thanks guys and happy thanksgiving to you. and the fox news alert. the widespread storm that could affect millions of people. travel today could be dangerous or a slog. and welcome to hq, i am alisyn camerota. >> and i am bill hemmer. the storm has a grip on the east coast and dumping snow in new york and pennsylvania, by stranding passengers in the big city airports and 200 flights cancelled so far. our chief meteorologist is looking at the radar map. >> we had now in atlanta, guys, that's how far it reached. it is all rain over the coast and very strong storm pulling all kinds of warm air with it. we had temperatures in the 60s at night in the northeast and then the cold air down here in the southern aplatchias still seeing it.
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we have six hours of the rain to get through and wind and lake- effect snow continue overnight and much of the day tomorrow. still dealing with airport delays. most part flights are getting out. bring patience with you. if you are relying on a plane coming those cities your flight will be be delayed as well. and that is the ripple affect. it is all rain in the cities with the warmer temperatures. look at that 61 in boston and 46 in new york. and colder air trying to get in here. you will feel this. overnight temperatures are dropping and we could see icing on the wet roads still. and morning hours, are going to be cold and windy and that will cause everything to feel upcomfortable. by tonight, the storm is gone and we are looking good. it is a perfect set up for
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a cool fall- like thanksgiving. and roads tomorrow are going to be okay to get home and we'll have to get through the remainder of today. >> thanks, it is moving fast. that is good news. >> sure. >> all right. another fox news alert. the clock is ticking until the administration's self imposed dead line to get running smoothly. the white house scaled back a marketing campaign planned for the relaunch out of concerns that it may draw too much user traffic to the fragile website. chris wallace is editor of fox news sunday. >> this is very interesting, alisyn. they are saying november 30th and this is the deadline and get everybody to sign up. they are scared and they are worried too many people will crash the website and we'll be
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reporting about the signs saying that is not available right now. and they are telling the labor union supporters don't drive them to the web set on saturday. they can handle 50,000 people at one time. but it could be 250,000 and it could crash the site all over again. >> but that is not inspiring confidence, chris. the idea that they don't know it sounds like whether or not they will be able to handle some sort of great amount of traffic. what is the thinking inside of the beltway where you are about how ready this website is? >> people don't know. it clearly seems to be getting better. the word at least when you hear from the administration, that it is getting better. but you know, they are kind of lowering expectations and because they made a hash of it
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on october 1st. and they say it will be better for most people and not everybody. they are trying to make most people a fewer number of people and not guaranteeing that everyone going in will have a great time and they are talking about a waiting list. they can say i want to sign up and like a pass at disneyworld. we can't take you right now. but e-mail you and tell you when to come on and you can go to the front of the line. you are right. it is not saying come one and all on november 30th. >> you can't tell if they are lowering expectation or don't know if it is going to work. the bigger issue in washington, about the president's credibility and the promises that he made that appear to be broken over and above the broken website? >> people in the beltway and people who are affected know it
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is just not a website issue. but it is a policy issue. even if you fix the website, you have millions of people who got policies cancelled and the growing realize that individual people and workers in small businesses and people who are workers in large businesses will have policies cancelled. and the wrong mix of people. older and sicker and nower younger and healthier people. premiums will go up and you will get sticker shock. there is still a lot of problems out there, alisyn. >> chris, what if on saturday it doesn't work? >> it would be a disaster. seriously, if, if, you know, they get 50,000, the number they are talking about and you suddenly the system is freezing up and we get the signs on the website that indicate you know, come back later, that would be a terrible mess. and i will tell you at that
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point, patience inside of the democratic party in washington and folks facing reelection in the house and senate. democrats in 2014, i think they will run away from the president in droves. again, that is if. and i certainly in the white house, they hope it is not the case. if that were to happen it would be a political mess. >> the political countdown clock, 70 hours. and so chris, we'll talk to you again soon. >> it is a telethon. >> we'll be watching to see how it worked on sunday the first day. >> don't sleep wallace. see you sunday. >> and the obama administration has nonprofit political groups for posing tough new restriction to limit how they spend money in political campaigns and majorly impact the future elections. and liz, good day to you. what is the idea here now? >> the idea is two- fold.
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you remember the big scandal that the irs was involved in back over the summer and they were targeting tea party groups. c- four status and where it is tax exempt. they were taking too much time and that is the tea party people and now in an effort to sharpen what has been blurred lines from social welfare and political groups. they have redefined some of the rules. none of this is in place yet. it could take years. and in essence, it will make sure these groups are not allowed to specifically endorse certain candidates or single candidates and that in and of itself will clarify. and that is tax exempt status. you have to abide by certain rules.
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>> the irs enforces this now? you know the level of scrutiny that the irs is now especially from the tea party wing. >> they want it cross the board. left and right wing groups and priorities is left leaping and then cross roads that is right leaning. they raise a lot of money and as long as they don't spend 50 percent over that and more than 50 percent on political actions and candidates. it is okay. they remain in the tax exempt status. and no more single endorsement of a candidate or candidates or you lose the tax exempt status. and it will limit voter registration efforts and a lot of money that has appeared to go to one side or another. >> and there you go. >> the administration could do this. there is not congressional
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approval. >> they are asking for public comment. they are cautious, especially considering that they had an investigation byap overseer the irs that slammed them and it did appear they were targeting tea party groups. they are extra cautious. it is going to take a long time and certainly will not weigh in for the 2014 election. both sides are looking at this and crying foul. >> thank you, liz. here in new york, good to have you. >> happy thanksgiving. >> listen up, bill. mother nature threatening a new york tradition. high winds could ground four dozen of the huge balloons in the macy's thanksgiving day parade. they have been on alert for windy conditions since a woman was injured in 1997. the balloons were only grounded
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once when bad weather kept them from flying and that year was 1971. >> i am optimistic for tomorrow. >> another sign of the season. the annual presidential pardon. make it turkeys. and expected to happen a few moments from now and we'll find out who will be the top bird taking the national thanksgiving title. >> two contenders are popcorn. >> carmel or car mal. >> it could be whatever you want. >> that's how you say it. carmel or caramel. >> and in ohio carmel. and in caramel in new jersey. >> we'll want to hear how you pronounce it and what you are thankful for this thanksgiving. >> we'll share your thoughts at the end of the show and we
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encourage creativity this year. >> can you make us laugh or points. >> the pardon happens in a matter of moments. popcorn and caramel. >> look how relaxed that turkey is. >> wouldn't you be? >> not a care in the world. >> nice. i am a free bird. >> all right, meanwhile, on a serious note, a truck catches fire on the side of the road and caught on police dash cam and how the scene played out with an unconscious man in the truck. >> and democrats with a solution to the obama care matter. wait until you hear the proposal that they want the president to consider. >> even as we are getting the darn website up to speed. it is getting better.
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states like california are proving that the law works. people want security of health insurance. pp ÷ó
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braking news on word from the white house a noupsing another delay in the roll out of the law. an on line health insurance marketplace for small businesses now. will be put on hold for another year. november 2014 to make sure the website is fixed first. that is what the article said here. cording to the internal document. employers will have to go through an agent broker or insurance company. the marketplace is supposed to provide new ways to shop for recovery. latest stream of missed dead lines. joe trippi former president yell manager. and how are you doing joe. >> good to be with you.
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>> another day and another delay. what is behind this thing? >> it is a smart thing. i think if that marketplace is not ready, they could have avoided this with the website. >> a year, joe. a year. they are putting it off until january. november of 2014. >> no, but small businesses can buy through a broker the way they do now. and it will be just under. i think it is wise to do this. they have to build up credibility. will the website be working on november 30th. that is a brick in the wall to build the credibility and that's what they need to do. and if you are going to make people believe less or another failure is a mistake. if there is a problem, delay it than to move too fast. that's a lesson they may have learned with the faulty website.
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>> is there a possible solution that democrats have come up with. they are trying to figure out how to ease all of the concerns about obama care. and seven senate democrats sent a letter to president obama. they have asked him to come up with and name a new ceo for the website. when jeffrey zins leaves they want a ceo. is that the solution and do you think that will allay everyone's concerns? >> i don't think it will allay concerns, but it is an idea that the president should look at and again, members and senators in that letter. they thought it was a step they were in favor of obama care and in support of the law. this is a way they thought to build credibility and again, going back to what i was saying, every little step that the president and administration can do to build up credibility that they lost clearly in the fiasco
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of the website. >> but that would seem to suggest that they don't trust the people in the administration or in the white house. because the fixes have not come. >> well, first of all, we'll see what happens with the website on november 30th bill. but how could you. look at the launch. they believed that it was going to be a- okay or department tell the president or whatever happen, happened. it makes sense that seven members of the senate and good if there were republicans on that, to. >> and it sounds like what they are asking for is a website czar. it would be great for someone to be accountable if there were more glitches with the website. but it overlooks the idea that people seem, americans seem to be less concerned about the website getting fixed that all
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of the cancellation letters that they are getting. are the senators placing their concern in the right place? >> i think there are a lot of ideas to make the law better. and this is one of the suggestions that we are seeing. but the other thing is the polling is getting interesting. a lot, 59 percent of the americans said that the law has affected them in a recent poll. and so it is interesting, we'll see how this all plays out and independents and democrats said they are open to giving it more time where republicans, 75 percent of them are not. there is room here for the administration to right itself on this. but it is going to take step by step incremental steps to prove they have it going. >> you are going to talk about it over thanksgiving? and passing over the turkey and
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cranbesauce. think of the national embarrassment. i know it is a website but it is it the foundation of the law and push everybody through and track them to it. sorry. >> it is two months late and it might be later depending on what happens. >> it is a debacle and there is no way around that and taking a 70 year push for health care to get it to the one yard line and fumble it so badly. and maybe cause real trouble in terms of fully implementing it. and i am still optimistic about that is a big mistake. >> well said. thank you have a good turkey. >> and meanwhile, the administration is facing serious questions and how confident they are to get the dead line done. >> and one law maker launching a new push to declassify
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documents captured in the raid on the bin laden compound potentially changing the way the american people want the network. >> and thanks to massive storm slamming the east coast. we are watching that on the radar and that's next. [ sniffles, coughs ] shhhh! i have a col with this annoying runny nose. [ sniffles ] i better take something. [ male announcer ] dayquil cold and flu doesn't treat that. it doesn't? [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus fights your worst cold symptoms plus has a fast-acting antihistamine.
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oh what a relief it is!
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thanksgiving eve, camerota. there is popcorn? >> all right. >> i am waiting for a better
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view of popcorn. there we g. i have stats on popcorn. you know that popcorn weighs 37 pounds. >> oh. you know what is impressive about that? popcorn is only four months old. >> wow. what are they feeding popcorn? >> butterballs. >> i have another one here. caramel not to be confused with carmel. and born in july. 38 pounds and four ounces. >> wow. and by the way, did you know both turkeys spent the week in the dc wilard hotel where rooms can deputy up to 3400 a night. >> well deserved. >> wow, that is treatment. >> that is your money, america. >> when the pardon happens we'll take you to the white house. funny line. millions about to hit the roads for thanksgiving and bad news in
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parts of the east and icing on the highways. and they are in fort lee, new jersey and overlooking the i- 95 and george washington bridge across the river. and rick, how goes it today? >> bill, another element of the storm and the temperatures are dropping like a stone and it was 61 degrees in central park and now in low 40s in new york. and expected to drop in the 20s tonight and we could get snow here in new york city and the snow is falling in northern virginia and pennsylvania. things are moving out of the city and in new jersey and over the bridge and toward new york and long island and connecticut. there is strong wind gusts in the area. 48 in jfk and 46 in long island and things are a lot worse when
10:27 am
you head north and west, including in onrochester new york. there are flood warnings in affect in the northeast and thousands of power outages are reported and that makes it tough to cook a turkey. if you are flying expect delays. jfk, delayed 45 and 51 in laguardia and two hours getting in to philadelphia. and the volume is area on the area highways and flowing on the new jersey turnpike. and folks hope to beat the rush but were notes inially successful. >> making a rest stop. we can't make it. it is two hours and it will be another half-hour. >> it is a wrong time to travel. some of the 39 million people
10:28 am
who will be driving somewhere today and tomorrow, pill and alisyn in less than ideal conditions. >> and a warning about the temperatures dropping by the hour. >> also in new jersey, a dramatic rescue to show you. a officer risking his life to rescue a 61-year-old man. and the officer checked inside for more victims and no one else was in inside. the 61-year-old krifr is now in critical condition. >> good for him. >> they do good's work. >> obama care had a bumpy ride. and the administration said they are on track to get the website running smoothly but at the same time they are worried it might crash again. >> we'll ask our guests to debate it. >> and new details about security in benghazi the night the consulate that was attacked and the warnings that went
10:29 am
ignored. >> every time i see this on tv, i see bloody finger prints crawling down the wall of the benghazi place, do those belong to my son? and no one has told me anything.
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this is the moment we waited for. popcorn and caramel are about to be pardoned.
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>> we officially declare that popcorn is the winner and proving. there you g. proving that a turkey with a funny name can find a place in politics. as for carmel he is sticking around and raising money for the next campaign. yeah. on a more serious note. later today michelle and malia and sasha will bring less fortunate turkeys to a great organization to help our neighbors in dc. thank you ginnedal turkey farm for donating them for the fifth year in a row. it is a reminder not only to be thankful for the incredible blessings we have and remember the neediest and serve those not
10:34 am
fortunate. we give time to thank our friends and family and citizens that show compassion to those in need and neighbors who help strangers they never met. and give blessings for freedom and opportunity that previous generations worked hard to serve. and we thank the brave men and women in uniform. and for those who watch. you keep us safe and make us proud and remind us to work and leave something better for our own kids. on behalf of the obama family, i wish everybody a happy thanksgiving and as we gather with our own friend exercise family we count ourselves lucky that there is more to be thankful than we could so or hopeful for. with the power vested in me, i want to grant popcorn a full reprieve.
10:35 am
come on. and i want pop cooper, you have a full reprieve from cran perisauce and stuffing and wish you well. and we'll give carmel a break as well. . congratulations. >> well, popcorn is relieved. >> it is a good day to be popcorn. >> have a happy thanksgiving. >> and a nice message from the president, too. >> and the popcorn is known for a proud strut. >> and an interesting garble. >> longer notes than carmel that has a quick clear and frequent. >> and the president said something funny. there are many solemn occasions in the white house and this is not one of them. quick check of the head lines in new york. a potentially dangerous chemical
10:36 am
leak from a rail car. and hundreds were forced from their homes overnight. wilard, ohio and no injuries are reported. there >> the iran president is plosed with the deal reached but defends his country's right to enrich uranium and said that israel is isolated following that agreement. >> and hunting in north carolina and a huge circle of ice in the river and posted on line. and they got back to him and said the disk was created by cold dense air and the natural current of the river. and how is that for the science project. it is nicely done. >> and president obama is saying that the site is getting better every day. >> and the white house is dialling back enrollment efforts and the site crashes again and that would be another embarrassment. and christen powers and fox news
10:37 am
report and brett blakeman also a fox news contributor with the first question is alisyn camerota. >> this is a interesting business model that the administration set up. don't trump it. one of your signature achievements for fear it might get too much traffic and too much interest. what is going on? >> i think they are afraid that it will not be able to handle the traffic that gets driven to it. and they are telling people who are supporters not to push traffic in the initial week. they want people to get on. i guess what it tells us, they don't have complete confident that they fixed the problem. >> i am confused. yesterday was go out and talk
10:38 am
about it in thanksgiving diner and now it may not go the way they expect. >> it is an administration chasing its tail. they are telling people not to rush off to the website and it may not beperfect. and they need the metrics and numbers of people in order to meet the standard of reducing costs. and if they a dead line. and now they need to sign up. and most likely. and they are going to be in a world of hurt. christen are you peszistic as brad. >> i was skeptical like a lot of people were when they made the deadline. we'll have it all fixed in a month and they heard the
10:39 am
details of all of the problems, it seemed like they were bigger than what takes a month to fix. yeah, i am worried about it. and i am afraid they are going to continue to do the problems. and the site handle 50,000 people a day in a country of 3 and 30 million people that is not enough. >> and there is another delaw for small businesses and trying to get them to use other means through paper work or through a telephone call and that delay just came out in the last hour and extend for another year. >> if the president were smart, before the democrats shut down the government, they should have taken the last offer. delay obama care for individuals and the president would be in a better position today than he was a few short weeks ago. the fact is, the sight is not going to be where the
10:40 am
administration hoped to be for sure. and it is a systemic problem and it is trumping the website failure and people are denied insurance coverage by the millions. >> you know who is having a better day than >> the turkeys? >> yes. thank you for coming in. thanks. >> and there are new revelations about security in benghazi and warnings from the cia as new documents and photos are released.
10:41 am
10:42 am
10:43 am
what we have learned, the cia did inform the folks in the annex that hey, there's been a lot of chatter and we want you on high alert. they shared the information with
10:44 am
rso in the temporary facility and invited the guy over to spend the night with me. >> and that was a chairman. georgia republican lyn westmore land. and heading the investigation. benghazi terror attack and raising serious questions about the lack of security. kt, great to see you. so there were closed door hearings with the house intel- committee and new information came out and basically said the cia was aware that the security situation in benghazi is deteriorating and aware that 9/11 could be a flash point of violence and alerted the state department. so why didn't the state department take better precautions for that day? >> that is the big day. now we realize that our intelligence is pretty good.
10:45 am
there were red flashing lights and there were alarm bells clanging and the cia told the state department and ambassador that something is going down and somebody ignored it. there is a paper trail to this. i have been in government and there is always, especially if it is military state department and everything it is in triplicate. the cia told the ambassador and state department there is an e-mail and who got it? and why did they ignore it? did it go to the spam folder? i don't believe it. there is a trail and it is important to look and find out what happened. four families going through another holiday where they don't know why their children died. one of the head scratching things that came out. congressman westmore land learned that none of the security officers in benghazi were armed.
10:46 am
what kind of security officers are sent that are not armed? >> i think it fits in with the narrative that the administration had all along. a year ago, it was right before the election. they wanted the president's reelection themes, i got bin laden and al-qaeda is on the ropes and al-qaeda is on its heels and finished. the fact that the intelligence said no there is a problem in eastern libya and benghazi and watch out. it was like the administration didn't want to hear. it they wanted to make sure that everything looked normal and we were not worried about anything. and as a result we were unprepared despite intelligence warnings we were unprepared for the attack while it was going on and now it appears that there was not a lull in the attack and there was never an attempt to rescue or start an attempt to rescue our people. and finally after the fact, we know who did it and still haven't gone after this and held
10:47 am
anyone responsible. >> congressman westmore land had a different theory of what went wrong. he said that the state department didn't heighten security on 9/11 because i think they wanted us to look like we were not afraid. we were just trying to be a part of the neighborhood. and we know that ambassador chris stevens went out and jogged and is it that simple that we didn't want to tip our hands on the terrorist and make them afraid. >> somebody chasing you down the street and dark alley and looks suspershes and what are you going to do. whistle and pretend that there is nothing there? no, you should protect yourself. if it is something that we didn't want to look scared and we put people's lives at risk? that is not just incompetence that is criminal negligence when
10:48 am
you get to that point. the other question, ally? what were our contractors doing there. they throw around consulate and annex. that is where you go to get a visa and lost luggage. and a consulate is not where you have special ops guys and armed to the teeth. there were rumors in the shadows circulating for the last year and what they were doing is running guns and taking weapons that we had supplied libyan rebels and we the contractors were taking them back and running them to the syrian rebels. maybe it is a rumor. that is not just incompetence but illegal. >> that is a lingering question. thank you for being here and have a great holiday. >> you too. their community devastated by a tornado but the people of washington, illinois coming together to give thanks. mike is there for their story
10:49 am
today. the people are watching a video of what happened to their community and i will speak with the voice. you can see them who came together for a thanksgiving lunch and bring in someone who is devastated by the storm. this is lisa hunter lisa took her kids down in the basement and doesn't have a rough over her head. and let me ask you first of all. i can see the emotion got the best of you. what is going knew through your mind? >> i can't believe we survived. this is the first time we have seen each other. our kids play together. and just to see that. we haven't got to see a lot of things. we all survived. >> we didn't know we were home. first time i have sewn her. >> what does it do and you share a meal for the first time?
10:50 am
>> it is so good to so people you haven't sewn. >> and our kids play together and feels so good to see our street and friends. >> all of the children and all summer, always at my house or their her house and all of the neighbors, we were close. >> and like you didn't have to worry about the kids going out on our street. we had each other's back. your kid being bad, go home. and the kids are having a hard time. >> it is one thing we heard over and over again. people lost everything and lost all of their belongings and they got out their lives and community and they are thankful and one example of the way they came together. 17 families were displaced by the tornados and so many friends were taken in by friend exercise family. >> great story. >> thank you. and our best to them. give it to them. back in a moment.
10:51 am
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millions hitting the stores on black friday. >> we've got you covered. retail me black friday is coming early this year. some stores are going to be open on thanksgiving. isn't there a law against that? >> there's not. a lot of consumers went out and shopped on thanksgiving. >> four points. are you ready? >> yes. number one, you say strategize. >> yes. >> how? what do you do? >> focus on electronics, dvds, clothing. that's where you'll find the deepest discounts. >> really? >> yes. if you can peel yourself off the
10:55 am
sofa after a thanksgiving meal, you say know the schedule. what do you mean? >> yes. all of your favorite stores will have a different schedule. a majority of them are opening at 6:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. there are door buster deals that might filter through. if you plan on hitting walmart, check out their site. >> that's good advice. so arrive prepared then? >> absolutely. are the door buster deals real or do they try to lure you in? >> they are real. sometimes they're in limited supplies. don't be surprised when you ma i can it in the store, that deal might be sold out. don't make an impulse purchase. make an educated purchase. >> point number four, the deals don't stop there. what does that mean? >> this is a big shopping weekend, from thanksgiving weekend to cyber monday. if you don't get your shopping done on black friday or thanksgiving weekend, you can do your shopping.
10:56 am
>> i don't need to go out on thanksgiving. >> i'm reporting on black friday. are you kidding? thanks a lot for the tip. have a great weekend. on twitter we've been asking you what your favorite -- what you're most thankful for over the past year. >> right. we're going to share some of those, the most creative ones momentarily. >> we have a few good ones, too, don't we? >> we do. come on. oh! that's a lot of water up there. ♪ go. go. that's a nice shot. [ male announcer ] share what you love with who you love. kellogg's frosted flakes. they're grreat!
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we asked and you answered. >> oh, indeed. eric alvarez. >> what are you thankful for? >> he had to be creative. >> alisyncamerata on this on thanksgiving eve. >> i think i love him. >> diane walz said she's thankful that she had a kidney stone that was tearing me up a
11:00 am
couple of days ago. >> so are we. >> john rooney, thankful to a teacher at your alma mater, shrewsbury borough school. >> my grammar school friend debby buck happens to be here. >> you stacked the deck. >> happy thanksgiving. >> ciao. fox extreme weather concern. wintery blast. i'm gretchen carlton today. welcome to "the real story." this storm is blamed for car crashes and 11 deaths. now it's pushing its way east bringing slick conditions. up to a foot of snow in spots from pennsylvania to new york to new england. of course, we have fox team coverage for you. we are covering the skies, molly line the trains. first, chief meteorologist rick


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