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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  November 27, 2013 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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in temperatures plummeting buy 40 degrees in just a 15-hour span today. be careful if you are traveling on the roads. be patient if you you are traveling by road and train. i'm harris faulkner in for shep. neil with "your world" is next. indeed you are right, harris, fox on top of a holiday travel crunch that is now on. if you can get to anywhere, millions of americans trying to get to grandmas for thanksgiving. we're pretty concerned. we have been watching weather all day. hoping we can make it back in time for turkey. >> we have to be there before the bad weather or we won't be home for thanksgiving. >> i have been delayed for three hours. >> that's okay. it's worth it bring on the snow. >> welcome, everybody. i'm neil cavuto. and jammed airports to ice slick roads it is one big old mess for travelers trying to get home for the holiday at airports across the country. the delays are piling up.
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rizzsry spreading from new york to washington, d.c. atlanta and beyond and we are all over it with rick leventhal in frederick russ road conditions people are dealing with there. rick reichmuth where this storm is headed next. in times times square how bad ts gets for retailers. how is it looking there, rick? >> neil, nearly a worse case scenario on one of the busiest days of the year. hundreds of flights cancelled especially in the northeast. more than 4,000 flights affected. heavy delays, including up to two hour delays on incoming flights in philadelphia and roughly an hour at jfk and other new york area airports. the weather not cooperating into this evening. the winds have picked up. rain is continue iting to fall and the temperatures are plummeting. we are going to give you a look at the george washington bridge behind me here. the traffic moving from the city into new jersey, not too bad. you see the upper and lower
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levels of the gwb moving from new jersey into new york city towards rhode island towards the bronx and i 95 corridor connects cut and beyond where heavy rains have prompted flood warnings some areas further north and west plan cetted. foot or more. portions of west virginia pennsylvania, seeing nine and a half inches of snow. snow falling in northern virginia and central maryland. all of this part of a storm system that's impacted more than 50 million americans since it started in the southeastern. making a mess of the roads. 39 million people driving an average of 214 miles, today or tomorrow. there was a multivehicle accident there. rain well and more bad.
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very busy travel day: bad weather in the new york area. adversely effected. they say they may have to ground those large balloon floats because of high winds. this hasn't happened so: 25 to 35 miles per hour and that is right on the cusp of guidelines. for years if the winds reach that point. they are going to have to ground those balloons, neil. it's a big disappointment for the kids and viewers. if the winds get too high tomorrow morning, they are going to have to ground those floats and that's a decision that will be made by parade officials and new york city officials before the parade begins at the 9:00 a.m. tomorrow, neil. >> thank you very much. happy thanksgiving. now to rick reichmuth on how bad this really gets and for how long, rick? >> yeah. little bit worse towards
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boston over thee of hours. turbulence and delays are going to go up. right now they don't have any delays in the airport. i think that's going to be the place that increases. all the new york city airports running just under an hour and philly has been the worse of it today. for most of the day running at about two hours. it's gone down a little bit. seeing that cloud level race just a little bit when the low clouds are there they can't get the planes off in as fast as a pattern as they generally have. they have to slow that down and that causes that pileup and delay of flights. the t. is cold. tonight those temperatures are going to be into the mid 20's. down in places like atlanta and birmingham. so very significant freeze going on. and down across even towards south florida tomorrow is only going to be into the 60's. so a very cool thanksgiving for florida. people who are head down from to try to get a little bit of a warm thanksgiving not really going to happen. still dealing with the rain across areas of the coastal areas from mid-atlantic up into boston. we will see few more bouts
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of heavy rain. you notice the he snow he which has been solidly across western pennsylvania and new york moving very very slowly here now. getting towards eastern pennsylvania and starting to move in towards jersey. i think the very end of, this cold air starts to come in and whatever moisture is left with it will see that transition to a little bit of snow before this is fully done. take a look at what happens over the next number of hours by around midnight. most of it is gone. but we will see the winds moving in across the great lakes. and we will see some pretty significant snow continue for the weekend. but take a look at these numbers here. they just drop in by the morning hours, that parade that rick was just mentioning, we are going to be at around 29 degrees with the wind. it's going to feel for all those people, the thousands and thousands of people who have to watch it, it's going to feel like the teens. you will sit out there for four or five hours and it's a cold one. everybody behind, this neil is cold. it's a cold day tomorrow but it's a clear day at least tomorrow for people doing that drive. some of the roads will be icy from the rain that we have had now and that little bit of snow. that freezes over. people need to be a little
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bit careful for your drive tomorrow. >> good words of advice. thank you, rick. appreciate it in the meantime, forget the weather hurting holiday sales. wait until i told you if it might help those sales. "new york times" square on the flip side of all this buy doom and gloom side. diane? >> neil, it might be surprising that we spoke to a few retail analysts today all of whom says that the cold weather or the wet weather i should say earlier in the week might actually give holiday sales a boost this weekend there are a few reasons for that one is pentagon up demand. people would be so sick and tired of being stuck in their home because of the lousy weather earlier in the week that they're driven thatch more to go out shopping this weekend and spend that much more because of it. the other part of it is that cold weather apparently reminds us that it is the holiday even and puts us in more of a holiday shopping spirit. and then, of course, there is a simple fact that when it's cold outside you need stuff to keep you warm and people are expected to go out and buy a lot of that this weekend, coats, hat, gloves, scarves, you name it it retailers do want to
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avoid is wet weather, rain, snow, the kind of stuff that clogs up the roadways and keeps people in their homes. this being a shorter holiday shopping season than usual getting that kind of weather on the weekend could be detrimental to retailers this year more than usual. pretty dry -- pretty wet day here doesn't seem to be stopping shoppers. >> what's going to stop us a little weather? no way. everybody is searching for a deal especially in this he economy. you will still see masses going to the stores. >> i think people want to get out shopping and look around. that's what we are doing. >> check out the specials. >> i will be heading out shopping tomorrow. >> it's the hell day. people are are the in spirit. she just want to shop and have a good time. >> that's right neil. we also spoke to the national retail federation and cathy dennis says there that you would really need a pretty major storm to evening the needle on a national scale in terms of national sales. as for this weekend the national retail federation is predicting 140 million
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turkey, stuffing and obamacare. that should do it. [doorbell] >> what did you want to talk to me about? >> we know you you don't have health insurance. we love you no matter what. but it's time to get covered. >> that's it? health insurance? >> it's important. >> yeah. >> team obama is hoping that you will dish up the side of the healthcare law tomorrow. mary katharine ham is not biting. ads of course running to sort of push young people even if they have to do it
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through their parents to sign up for the healthcare law. normally though the old rule is politics is forbidden at the dinner table. you don't mention it i guess healthcare and obamacare is a little different. >> neil, i don't i don't think u are seeing the upside who needs sweet potato pie when you can pass the propaganda so delicious. obama group ofa sent out email in convenient talking points form for you to give to your family. i think this is obviously a misstep when you are gathering with family this year. i think any political junky and i can say this as somebody who grew up in a hometown where no one agrees with me. has some thoughts things they could refute if they are brought up. number one rule is to act like human being not a talking points robot. i think printing off your talking points about obamacare which has not been going swimmingly lately that's a foul, that's a party foul. >> in my case it's a leap to act like a human being.
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try to limit it by not getting into politics or to venture to this territory. that what the administration needs to be seeing those advocating healthcare law is saying bring it up, talk it up and look at the -- not much different than using nba or or nfl players or stars or celebrities to market something that right now isn't telling. will it work at a dinner table. >> i would say i doubt it things have been going so bad for obamacare, that narrative has seeped through for people not paying attention. late night cop mick, stand up routines, that kind of thing. people know what is going on here. the happy talk that you give them if you are indeed the talking points robot for ofa yonk is going to be be terribly convincing. as a friend of mine says, one of the talking points suggests that obama supporters should go ahead and offer to help people sign up. and a friend of mine wrote that you should have -- take them up on that offer. send them into the room and wait until they come out which will be, i don't know,
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six days later. >> i guess it takes a certain amount of intellectual depth, really. i admire families on the left or right who can sort of get a conversation going healthcare. with me i'm thinking how did you get the marshmallows to melt on the yams. and then i sort of take it from there. >> brown them. >> very different families. mary katherine. great to he sue. have a wonderful thanksgiving. >> thank you. i will do my best to act like a human being. i'm a pundit and can i still do it. >> you can do it. you can can pull it off. in the meantime while the president is busy saving this turkey, who is saving the millions of americans losing their healthcare plans from, well, its turkey janet chapel will soon be one of them. janet, what happened to you? >> wee received a notice from kaiser that our small business healthcare plan was being cancelled and would not be offered for 2014.
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fortunately, my boss was able to renew early. and so we are locked in for next year, but after that, it's anybody's guess. my husband's company neigh works for. their health insurance, note kaiser. another health insurance company was also small business plan was dropped, also. they were able to renew early. we don't know what happens after that anybody's guess. >> did your boss or any other higher ups explain that when do you transition or whatever they call it now, when you lose your healthcare coverage, that you are going to be transitioning into something that will be more expensive. >> we don't have the details. did i call kaiser today. and they said our coverages and our co-pays are basically going to be the same next year i'm sorry,
1:16 pm
janet, the extension that you got, was that courtesy of the president or did they explain keep anyone's policies outcry that faces the result of that? >>. no it was by my boss' action and our kaiser rep that was able to renew it early. the president's actions had no bearing whatsoever on it. i was reading up on your case a little bit. then i thought of the last guest we were talking about pushing the healthcare law, bring it up at the dinner table, thanksgiving table and go ahead and discuss it at the table. something tells me given your experience you might mention it but it might not be quite the way the white house envisioned. >> exactly. it's not -- it would not be a favorable thing. >> no.
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hang in there, kid doe. try to have a good thanksgiving. maybe leave the healthcare law out of it and say pass the poo at a time pass the potatoes. thank you very very much. >> thank you. remember what we found what was in it after she touted it? guess what he was hiding after he announced it? now, of course, one made us sick. the other should make us all scared.
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if this doesn't make you puke a nuke, explosive detail in a deal, deal with iran the one where we suppose supposedly get them to dig out of this nuclear fix apparently not before we give all of their airplanes a fix.
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it's true. a provision in that pact. one democrat sounding off. now we have cia operative wayne simmons going nuclear. wayne, what do you think of this? >> well, you know, neil, this is nothing surprising quite frankly to me. it's indicative, of course, and you know i was going to say this, lack of leadership out of the white house. we have got one of the greatest exporters of terror and terrorists and terrorism around the world, which is iran. they have a fleet of airlines which are are an average age of 27 years, which are air buses and boeings and a few folkers in there. we have got them in a very very tough spot economically which some would arguably say that the economic sanctions have been working. certainly we don't want to put them in a position now, neil, where they can load up their air cargo fleet of which they have 20 destinations and continue to
1:22 pm
export this terror and terrorism and quite frankly weapons. and narcotics which we know they are involved in. so, i'm not sure what the obama administration is trying to give away besides the entire farm, but this is ve. >> all right. now, they talk about this -- that a is both sides tentative deal leading to something bigger down the road. are you confident that this carrot, let's say of helping repair their planes, a lot of them that were purchased many, many years ago and fixing them up is the best we could do or the worse we could do? >> well, i think -- look, remember, as far as i understand, neil, the americans can go in and inspect most of the planes, those are european air buses, french air buses, those were folklers. the boeings we can go in and fix. i don't think they are going to do as good a job. we know the european union and continuing to refuse to refuel anything coming out
1:23 pm
of iran on the iran air side. they have 80 destinations and they are being forced to refuel in the balkans. so, this is a bad, bad deal for us. we need to keep the pressure up on them. make sure that they are not continuing to export terror. and that's not the case, neil. we he have given them. >> that's always the trouble. there is no way stack on whatever, they have nothing to do with it again, you know the details of this better than i do. there does not seem to be any quid pro quo here. still early. tentative deal. benefit of the doubt. what do you think? >> well, i'm not sure, neil. you have heard that the deal is a real deal today or in the last 2 ominutes because what i'm. >> one description, wayne, it was a teaser deal. in other words, a place setting for something more permanent. >> yeah. i think that's probably a great term. it's a teaser deal, neil. so we really don't know if it weren't so very very
1:24 pm
serious for the united states for the west for europe, it would be laughable. this is, again, indicative of lack of leadership. no one knows what they are doing. i would give anything, quite frankly, to have ambassador bolton in there, you know, straightening this entire situation out. we know that's not going to happen and that's unfortunate. >> all right. thank you, wayne. happy thanksgiving, my friend. >> happy thanksgiving to you as well, neil, thank you. >> wayne simmons. so what is the big deal if wal-mart is open for thanksgiving? it's been doing that for years, right? pay attention to the stores that never have. and they are making history now. how a new york institution bit the bullet, got the bug. let's just say stores being open on christmas day all bets off.
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>> well, say it ain't bo. bow dels. for you outside in new york city in new york the family owned sporting store. up to now it's been consistent icon. never ever ever open on thanksgiving day until this thanksgiving day because tomorrow, modell's will be open for business to the store's ceo mitchell modell says it's just business. you are not fighting with your family, are you and wanted to get out of the house. >> absolutely not. at the end of the day we had to service our customers. i thought we would never ever make this decision, ever to open up on
1:29 pm
thanksgiving. but something like, this neil, we are never the leader. we will be the followers and we were watching this thing very closely and this thing became once macy's decided to do it, it became, you know, a rampant type thing and we had to follow suit. >> you feared that you were going to lose business if you didn't follow? >> we couldn't be in a strip center where we are the only store that was closed. >> i see. >> we can't be a mall where we were the only store that was closed. we just had to follow suit. >> you are a little different, aren't you, in that you are a special -- especially to new yorkers and new jersey. tristate area in the northeast. you have merchandise that's kind of exclusive. you just don't go to macy's to find that you don't go. so you could have, right? >> well, you know, we have our competitors opening up. you have everybody opening up. so, again, we waited as late as we possibly could. we tested the waters, talking to our oassociates. >> what did they say by the way? we only hear from associates oh o, it's thanksgiving. >> if we had gotten major repercussions i wouldn't have opened. we tested the waters through
1:30 pm
the district managers, the managers, and then we thought you know what? if everyone is going to work, let's make it fun. paying aural our associates no matter when they started with us time and and a half for thanksgiving. everyone is getting a $25 modell gift card and we now offered a raffle prize for 155 stores so they could win sports tickets. they could win head phone sets, tv's. they could win gift cards so we really made it a fun thing when we posted that the response was overwhelming with the associates, beyond. >> are you showing up? >> i will be there at 6:00 with my boys. i'm having a quick. i'm not having a turkey my wife packed me a roast beef. >> you look great you lost. >> 70 pounds. >> i found your 70 pounds. but, you know, here is what i worry about. this i understand the business reasons why did you this and i talked to the retailer about wal-mart say the same thing. what have we come where this is the reality? i know it's all about customers and you say they are number one. but, what does it say that
1:31 pm
we are shopping on thanksgiving day? what's next? christmas day? nothing sacred? >> if you look at two years ago, we were open 6:00 in the morning the day after thanksgiving, black friday. >> who shows up at 6:00 in the morning? >> people that want. >> besides my wife? >> people that want incredible -- we're giving our goods away thursday night starting at 6:00. >> do they trample each other. >> have lines starting early in the morning. if people check the local papers tomorrow they will be in shock. i can't do it because my vendors will be upset with me today on what we are running? >> we have never run these prices ever before go. in modell's and see it it. store hours are online sites. that's not good enough for people. >> in our business people have to touch and feel the goods. something about the excitement of people feeling the energy. you know, throwing goods off the racks and off the table. >> do you ever feel you just
1:32 pm
take the business that you would have gotten later in the season now. doesn't really move today raining hard. never. beautiful daughter. dad or do you just annoy them and they would prefer you. >> my father and brother may they rest in place. probably going what in the devil are you doing? you know what? we are here to service our customers. if we were closed and everyone was open. it wouldn't be a good story to tell. >> you know, switching gears with some of the sports merchandise you have. it's looking so far, i could be wrong, new york giants are super bowl bound. just yet. how much does that effect your business? >> i will tell you what, we will have coupons tomorrow. >> you still have those insanity. >> why do you do this every
1:33 pm
time i'm on the air. >> bigger headache is the health care law? that's the big for you? >> listen. we are monitoring very closely and we will be going by the guidelines. it's going to be very cost -- >> do you know whether your guidelines fulfill the new guidelines? cost you more and them more costing more. at the end of the day we have got to make sure that we have the volume of the profit to cover those kind of issues. >> amazing. amazing. amazing. we had some extra food out in the green room. vegetables? >> no, we brought sweets in. michelle modell. ceo. following the trend. might be getting turkey to go this guy is not. richard ceo of electronics giant. why he is bucking this growing trend. why he thinks longer term that this will resonate with
1:34 pm
customers and his workers. will it? we shall see tonight at 8:00 p.m. are looking forward to that turkey tomorrow? how about some ham in the meantime? look who is back? love, love, love this guy. he is he no mitch modell but he is close. richard simmons is next. [ male announcer at red lobster,
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[ male announcer ] we serve it the only way seafood should be... prepared to order by experts. if i wouldn't eat it, i'm not gonna serve it. [ le announcer nd delivered hot from our kitchen, right your table. ♪ that's how sea food differently. now get ten dollars off any two seafood bakes, crabr lobster entrees. before you dig in you better be careful about packing it on. thanksgiving gets the holiday roll going. eat like crazy and put you on wheels to keep you moving. >> that wasn't funny. >> i didn't care. that wasn't funny about putting you on wheels. >> look who is here. >> hi. i took a two year absence because, neil hurt my feelings. >> how did i hurt your feelings? >> and and i got thousands of tweets and facebooks but i'm back because i am
1:38 pm
forgiving. hello, neil. >> hello, how are you? >> no, no, back to me what you were saying. >> no we don't have time for you. what did i say to you the last time you were here. >> we don't have time for you. it's about me. >> wow, so whatever i said hurt your feelings? >> you made fun diswrnchts of what. >> the pe thing. >> no, i said i. >> i admire what you were doing. you were trying to get school kids fit. >> came in today. more obese kids. >> you want them to be going to pe. >> put pe back in the school system. we have to find the money somewhere our kids are sedentary. parents are not working out. they are getting lethargic. you have so levy worth. you look so handsome today i can hardly deal with not climbing over this desk.
1:39 pm
[ laughter ] >> all right. good to see you, too. this youtube thing you are doing. do people know about this? guys, i want you to look at this. this has become a phenomenon. ♪ get something cute ♪ get something girly ♪ short, long, straight or curly ♪ get something cute ♪ get something girlie ♪ yes, yes, look ought ♪ i think you need a new hairdo ♪ short long, straight or can you recally ♪ french twist ♪ pick a style that will give you a lift ♪ duck tail or a bubble ♪ choose a -- >> i have this one. and i have a new music video with steve, who is a number one dj in the world. what are you trying to do in this one? >> it's just, now, we live
1:40 pm
in a world with a lot of stress. and i think if you can create anything that's going to make people happy,. >> what's the point of it. just to make people feel good and laugh. >> whether they are laughing with me or at me is fine. when the king guess upset, he doesn't call for his wife or the cook, he calls for the court gesture. >> that's true. you make people feel good. >> last 40 years i have been making people try to it like themselves more. we live in a world where everybody is bullying. >> what do you think of that? >> horrifying. but, you know, i never told you this story but when i was in high school and all catholics -- all catholic boy's high school, when i would go to the bathroom stall they would put lighter fluid under and put a flame under it to burn me. you know, if you are very different and it's gotten
1:41 pm
worse now, this is in the '50s, but if you are different in any way now you were tortured. we learn that either from our parents or tv or kids at school. but it's got to stop because i buried a lot of people this year. people who couldn't fight the battle of obesity anymore. or anorexia or any of it. >> you even said to me it's really the one accepted form of prejudice that's beyond silly and stupid. how do you deal. >> there is always prejudice against. >> see you. >> i tell them to be nicer and kindler and accept everybody. i mean, you know, god gives us a bracelet, and we put the charms on it, neil. they are not happy charms. we all go through the ups and downs of life. at the end ever the day you are really too blessinged to be stressed. and when you get another day on this earth.
1:42 pm
don't fill it with blindness. fill it with kindness. especially seniors and veterans not being taken care of. i teach all over the world. it's not just here in the united states. tching everywhere. the fighting over land, over wealth. over buildings, over. >> what about over healthcare? you mentioned obesity. part of the strategy behind the healthcare laws. good behavior, responsible behavior. make yourself i feel so hard to talk to you i want to climb on this desk so bad. >> i wish you wouldn't. i want you to sit down. i enjoy you, too. >> okay. >> please? >> i'm sorry, everybody. i know -- i know that you know, is he happily married. >> i have had a number of guests. [ laughter ]
1:43 pm
, sometimes they do want to climb on the table to hit me. >> no. i love you unconditionally. even though you have got, you know, like a sharp tongue and you can be harsh sometimes. mother daughter, mother daughter. thanksgiving day on the parade macy's float. it's the tortoise and the hare. it's a 12-foot turtle. >> obese -- >> -- see how you crossed the line? >> i'm sorry. >> look, here you are and there is the line. >> but you know that they might not get it off tomorrow as planned. they might not be as many. >> balloons. >> how do you feel about that. >> still be a parade and have bands and wonderful people as dr. phil would say we can't they about the balloons that don't make it. >> you have a lot of issues. >> we have to think about the balloons that are there.
1:44 pm
>> do you know one thing. >> now planet of the apes, wait. [ laughter ] >> you know, i knew there was a risk working the day before thanksgiving. i just didn't plan it out. [ laughter ] >> that's great. is this what you show though to try to help youtube. >> i think most kids don't exercise. how often do you exercise? >> not enough, you are right. you know you sit here, you are on the computer. >> you are right. we live a lame existence. >> you need to get up. you need to stretch. >> what is the rule is on that. >> every day you you eat you need to work out. >> i got up at 3:30 this morning and worked out. >> you are a recognizable face you go to a restaurant and pig out. >> i don't pig out. >> come on, look at me. you go to restaurant and where a disguise and pig out. >> ♪ touch me
1:45 pm
♪ hi. >> no, you have to go on to something more like calling butter people butter ball turkeys or putting little wheels on them. [chipmunk] >> do they laugh like this all the time? >> just when you come on because you are that good. >> i don't want to give you a hand. i want you to answer me. this you say that you never go to it a restaurant and pig out. >> no. >> never? >> never. i can't. >> i owe it to people to be a good example. are you ever tempted though. >> look, i have had eating disorders all my life. when i call 30 to 40 overweight people a day, do you think can i eat. >> yes, i do. >> i can't. >> yes, you can. >> no, i starve. >> i don't believe it. >> well, it's the truth. >> so, through the holiday, i started this by saying through the holidays going
1:46 pm
to my manager lives here. we live in l.a. his family is here and there is 30 people last surf. >> do you watch how they eat or do they feel like a big pizza pie that's amore ray. [ laughter ] >> so, you are -- >> i would sit at your feet and do this interview. >> i bet you you would. >> you are set for this dinner tomorrow? >> well. >> you don't make them feel guilty if they are having seconds? >> i actually bring a bathroom scale and weigh them in before. >> i bet you would. >> i carry it with me. hi. >> there is no one there. >> really, there is a whole bunch of people there. >> okay. whatever you say. [ laughter ] >> so you are doing well? >> you had me on more than the guy who is selling
1:47 pm
clothes. >> you know that one who has got all the sporting good stores? >> mitch modell. >> so are you cooking or your wife cooking? >> i don't think that's your concern. >> i don't think these notes are your concern. >> okay. fine. i don't need them. >> really? >> yes. >> hi, i'm richard simmons taking over for neil cavuto. neil had to go home and make dressing and a turkey. homemade cranberry sauce and then he is going to play tennis. [pop, pop, pop. [. >> okay. i hear you have got to go. isn't that amazing? >> gonna -- i'm going to go see the balloons being blown up. >> it's not going to happen. >> it's going on right now. >> they're not going to be out there tomorrow. you realize that? >> look. negative and positive. look at the whole situation. you want to be positive that the floats are going the balloons or are you going to be negative? >> you are absolutely right. are we okay now? because you were mad at me and i don't know what i did.
1:48 pm
>> do you want to kiss me and make up. >> no, i don't. i want to say goodbye. >> why don't you go outside with your imaginary fans. people love you. have you had millions of hits on that video. >> little thing from -- [ laughter ] ♪ let your fantasies unwind >> you have talked to o'reilly yet? because he could do a killing simmons. >> he doesn't like you? >> no. let me say this to yours viewers. watch what you are eating tomorrow. the most important thing is your family and friends, not how much stuffing and listen to this sound when you eat too much and the buttons pop. [pop, pop] >> it's one day. >> turn around being look at them. hi. [ laughter ] >> did you see that? >> it's just one day, richard. >> i don't care. >> one day. >> no. what happens to somebody in
1:49 pm
one day puts on three pounds. what is 350000 calories. >> so you will be tough tomorrow. just a warning to these other 30 people you will be dining with tomorrow they will all be -- >> -- i don't care about them. >> really? >> no. the thing is it takes you sometimes a month to lose five pounds. why put on five pounds in one day in the food is not -- there is no new food. >> i'm going to have a camera on you and follow you and see if you ever pig out. which you should, you look great. you can afford it? >> i want to take my clothes off. >> don't we all? look at this. we are out of time. i want you to stop. >> don't worry about it. >> i want you -- >> -- seriously. ♪ let me ♪ entertain you ♪ >> okay. >> thank you so much for having me on fox, being on mr. cavuto's show has really been very exciting. we have made up so you don't have to do any more negative bless you and your family and say hello to them. >> is there anything you want to say to my fellow talent?
1:50 pm
i mentioned bill o'reilly, sean hannity, megyn kelly. do you watch us? okay. >> what is that? what is that? what is this? >> oh, this is for you. i got this for you. a cupcake. >> what is this? >> this is for you. >> you know what? >> no, it is. it is. >> just a minute. >> we'll be back. we've got to go. when i first got shingles it started on my back.
1:51 pm
and i had like this four inch band of bumps that came around to the front of my body. and the pain from it was- it was excruciating. i did not want anyone to brush into me to cause me more pain than i was already enduring.
1:52 pm
i wanted to just crawl up in a ball and just, just wait till it passed.
1:53 pm
all right. now, i don't know where you plan to eat your thanksgiving din din tomorrow, but here is hoping it's not in your car and not in new jersey because pretty soon you do either in the garden state, you're in a world of
1:54 pm
hurt. new jersey considering cracking down on any activity that keeps drivers' eyes off the road. pretty much anything that happened on this set a few minutes ago. not just cell phones but snacking, smoking, primping, anything that is not driving. is that a little too overreaching? to page butler, karen, what do you think? >> no. i think that this ban is similar to the cell phone ban. i mean, if you can't use your cell phone and that distracts you, putting on makeup in a car, i mean, i've seen women putting on mascara with their sun visor down holding on to the wheel with one hand, and it's distracting. i think that the states have the right to do whatever they need to do to assure that the other drivers are safe while these, you know, distracted drivers are on the road. >> but extending it to eating in your car? >> richard simmons would like that, i think, no eating in the car limits it. but it is too general. it's too vague. >> could you imagine if somebody pulls him over? >> it would be a riot. it would be fun. it's too general, though. it's ridiculous. it is too broad.
1:55 pm
you're saying that drivers can't do anything that's unrelated to operating a motor vehicle. you can't have your granola bar, your doughnut, you can't have a sip of your coffee. it's crossing the line. >> i think it should be more specific. maybe not putting on makeup, not eating, not smoking. >> but it just seems to me you could extend it to, if you wanted, raise the volume or play with your radio a little bit. >> well, yeah. >> then that's getting kind of weird, right? >> that's why officers shouldn't have the discretion. the officers shouldn't have the discretion to say whatever i see you doing is draistracting you. i think the law needs to be specific in saying, look, these are the specific things you can't do. and if you are found doing them, can you get a ticket. but i don't think it's overreaching to say you shouldn't be eating. >> but what would draw the cop to pull you over if he is seeing the woman putting on the makeup? is that the same thing? >> it's discretionary. the way the bill is written right now -- and i agree, it should be more specific, but it's not.
1:56 pm
it is written very general and the officer has discretion. neil, if you're driving down 95 and eating something, the officer might think, it doesn't look like he's distracted. i'll let him go. you see me driving, it's a different officer, he sees me eating. that's a problem. >> the officers need that discretion to regulate the drivers in a sense. it is a little, you know, general, and it needs to be more specific, but i think ha, you know, the states have the right to do this. and it's reasonable for officers to pull someone over for, you know, doing something that's distracting them while driving. >> ladies, i wish i had more time. we are getting apparently tweets and e-mails left and right on richard simmons. absolutely hilarious. rick, i do believe that richard simmons made neil blush. just feel the love. that wasn't blushing. i have a feeling what's going to happen with that and where we go with that.
1:57 pm
but the fact of the matter is richard simmons does a great deal of good for a good many people, and he does make people laugh. he does make you think about not taking yourself so seriously. he also torpedoed my career at the exact same time. happy thanksgiving. only gaviscon® forms a protective barrier that helps block stomach acid from splashing up- relieving the pain quickly. try fast, long lasting gaviscon®.
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this is a fox news alert. we have a jam-packed show for you tonight including another holiday surprise from president o. a new obama care delay, plus all the facts you need to know about the law when your crazy liberal uncle shows up at thanksgiving tomorrow. also, alec baldwin goes ballistic after getting canned from msnbc. and is kanye west the dumbest man in america? you'll want to hear what the rapper has to say about president bush and president obama. but first, the biggest travel day in america. tens of millions of people are heading home to see the family. how's the weather and how are the airports? for an update we're going to go right to rick in the fox extreme weather


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