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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  November 27, 2013 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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we'll see you back here tomorrow for a special thanksgiving show. don't miss it. and happy hanukkah everyone as well. "special report" is on deck. thank you to willie robertson. >> thank you, willie. >> all right! no holiday from bad news about the president's health care program. today another long-term major delay ahead of another short-term deadline. this is "special report." good evening. i'm in for bret baier. plenty of work on the beleaguer health care site. the new improved version is sunday. another milestone date has been pushed back a year. white house correspondent wendall goller has the story.
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>> reporter: with time running out on his promise to repair the website and with problems persisting, the thanksgiving holiday was welcomed. aides say the big push to have a lot of people try to enroll the first week of december has been put on hold. one official said, quote, we want to see how traffic is the first week before we suggest people do campaign efforts to drive traffic. critics saw another failure. >> the website they're saying can handle 50,000 users concurrently, which is far less than what they originally anticipated, and which may or may not be accurate. >> reporter: officials also announced a one-year delay in the ability of small businesses to enroll their workers through the website, though they can still enroll them on the phone and in person. the national federation of independent businesses said, quote, small businesses continue to be low on the priority list during the obama care implementation process. and in a telephone conference call that administration spokeswoman suggested there will still be glitches in online
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signups after november 30th. >> it is not magical deed. there will be times after november 30th when the site, like any website, does not perform optimally. >> reporter: democrats in congress who are up for reelection next year want more certainty. some have asked the president to appoint an obama care czar. >> every little step the president and the administration can do to build up credibility that they have lost clearly in the fiasco of the website launch, they need to do. >> reporter: white house chief of staff has been meeting with democrats every week to try and ease their concerns. but president obama's aides heard new concerns from doctors they met with at the white house this week who say obama care limits health care options for their employees, their own access to networks from which they attract patients, and more. >> i am now going to be forced into this much more limited network. and in addition to having less doctors to choose from, i was also told that my choice of
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prescription drugs that would be covered would also be limited. >> reporter: republicans see a pattern of the obama administration delaying parts of the affordable care act that it has trouble implementing. but refusing to delay parts that are inconvenient for health care subscribers. the white house sees wrinkles which is bet willing be ironed out by this time next year. the republicans not. >> thank you, wendell. one of the selling points was the subsidy blunting the effects of the higher premiums. jim angle tells us tonight that the theory does not necessarily translate into reality. >> reporter: one of the frequent refrains from the administration over repeated complaints about sticker shock for those forced into obama care is that subsidies will make it all affordable. but new research is calling into question how much subsidies will actually dull the pain of sticker shock. >> it will turn out that two young people in different places get very different subsidies, one zero, one not.
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you look at a young person versus an old person, the subsidies will be very different. it's going to produce a lot of confusion about what constitutes a fair federal program. >> a lot of people are not going to be getting subsidies, even though they have been told if they make less than 400% of the federal poverty level, which is just under $46,000 for a young person, for a single person. >> reporter: and just over $94,000 a year for a family of four. but determining the subsidy is far more complicated than just income level. it depends on where one lives, which plan one chooses, the amount of premium and income. david uses the example of two 27-year-olds in chicago with similar incomes. >> if you earn $25,000 a year, you will get a small subsidy to put toward health insurance. if you earn around $27,400 a year, you have reached an income level where you're no longer getting a subsidy. >> reporter: the confusion over subsidies and the fact that many young people of low income may
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not get them could increase the incentive for some young healthy people not to sign at all. >> they don't spend on health care. why do they buy insurance? well, only if they're given a subsidy and incentive to do so. >> reporter: subsidies only help reduce the cost of premiums themselves. but much of the cost of insurance under obama care comes from high deductibles and copays. >> the deductibles, 5, 6, $7,000 a year, it really does make you wonder am i better off by getting insurance. >> it's one more incentive that this law creates to discourage young and healthy people from signing up for insurance. >> reporter: the success of obama care turns on how many young and healthy sign up, and that depends on their assessment of the costs and risks of signing up for obama care or paying the penalty and getting other insurance or none at all. either way, several analysts argue many people will soon realize the promise of subsidies for everyone at a certain income level, like other assurances in
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obama care, may not hold true for everyone. doug? >> we'll see in the coming months, jim. thank you. the obama administration wants the irs to rein in tax exempt political groups. here is chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel. >> reporter: with congress still investigating the irs targeting of conservative groups and in the wake of the supreme court citizens united ruling on political speech by corporations, associations, and unions, the tax collection agency has proposed new rules to limit political activity of social welfare 501-c4 political organizations. mark mazer said, quote, this proposed guidance is a first critical step towards creating clear-cut definitions of political activity by tax-exempt social welfare organizations. this comes after lois lerner blamed irs employees in cincinnati for the targeting.
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lerner has refused to answer questions on capitol hill and ultimately resigned in september. darrell issa says these new rules could hurt the little guy. >> small grassroots organizations, perhaps an organization that is simply trying to speak out against somebody, some company hurting pets or small animals could find themselves objecting to political speech while a trade association or a union is completely exempt from these rules. >> reporter: ways and means chairman dave camp says his committee should be allowed to finish its probe, and the agency should not be rushing new rules. >> it will have a huge impact on political discourse, political speech, and i think anything we look at it should be restrictive of free speech in the political process. it looks as though it's going to quiet critics of the administration. >> some democrats say it's important to address this issue after more than $300 million were spent by tax-exempt organizations in the last election. maryland democrat congressman chris van hollen says, quote, the public has a right to know who is spending millions to
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influence the outof our election and we must put an toned the flow of secret money. but karl rove said democrats didn't have a problem when it was groups backing them. >> it is hypocritical. and it's interesting it only started to happen when conservatives started to do what liberal have done for decades. >> reporter: it's clear these rules are going to be a huge fight. it's thought they won't be in place for the 2014 cycle. but will likely be a factor in the 2016 presidential election. doug? >> mike emanuel, thank you, mike. stocks headed into the holiday on a high note. the dow gained 24.5 for another record close. the s&p 500 up 5. nasdaq gained 27. up next, new images and documents from last year's benghazi terror attack. but here is what some of our fox affiliates are covering tonight. fox 5 in las vegas on a judge's decision to reject o.j. simpson's request for a new trial. simpson contended his defense was inadequate in his robbery trial in 2008. fox 4 in dallas with another judge's ruling ruling a merger
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between marlins and us airwaames airways a little closer to reality. and this is a live look atlanta hartsfield. the big story, another huge holiday travel day. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from special report. we'll be right back.
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and truecar users... save time and money. so when you're... ready to buy a car, make sure you... never overpay. visit today. a special back from afghanistan's president tops world headlines tonight. hamid karzai says he has softened some of his demands on a security agreement with the u.s. karzai stunned even his own supporters by saying he could not sign a deal to keep american troops in his country after next year. now he says he will sign if the u.s. agrees not to raid afghan homes and helps restart peace talks. the obama administration is
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reluctantly complying with the law and releasing previously classified material about last year's deadly terror attack on the u.s. diplomatic facility in benghazi. adam housley is in san francisco with new documents and images and what they tell us. >> reporter: quietly, the u.s. state department this week posted 57 entries from freedom of information act requests online in its virtual reading room. the documents and photos, which reveal little new information, are just a fraction of the benghazi evidence still being withheld now more than a year after ambassador chris stevens and three others were killed in a libyan terrorist attack. >> this is an administration that is in full stonewall mode when it comes to benghazi. >> reporter: the government watchdog group judicial watch is one of the organizations that has forced the state department to release a few documents through lawsuits. but this posting of photos and press reports however small hasn't come without a fight. >> the fact is that a nonprofit organization had to sue the
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state department to get documents and photos of the benghazi consulate attack. it came as a result of our lawsuit. it didn't come from congress. it didn't come from a voluntary release of the obama administration. >> reporter: in fact, the state department isn't alone. requests for information from other government agencies like the fbi, cia, and the pentagon have gone largely without any response. in reply to inquiries by fox news about posting documents online thanksgiving week when washington is mostly shut down, the state department released this statement, quote, in response to the various and often overlapping freedom of information act requests regarding the 2012 attack on the special mission compound in benghazi, the department has made previously released documents available through its virtual reading room. any future releases in response to such requests will be similarly available through this resource. fox news national security analyst kt mcfarland says now may be the time to support a special prosecutor. there. >> are so many unanswered questions. and it seems like every week
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there is another series of revelations there are another series of reports that we find. other people are stepping forward. >> reporter: anyone from the public can review the documents by going to the state department website and then on a reading room search page type in the word benghazi. oddly included daily press clips and a template for benghazi invoices. doug? >> adam housley, thank you very much. there is also apparently a ton of information still under wraps about the late osama bin laden and his operation. catherine herridge is here with details on why. good evening. >> reporter: well, thank you, doug. some republican lawmakers say the obama administration can't have it both ways. the president says the al qaeda leadership in pakistan is in decline. yet more than two years after the raid on osama bin laden's compound in pakistan where s.e.a.l.s recovered documents, critics charge the documents were cherry picked to portray
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bin laden as a frustrated micromanager who lost control of his neck work. the administration declassified a series of videos which showed bin laden watching television while awkwardly rehearsing messages for his followers. these images also reinforced the view that he was isolated and struggling. but critics believe the million plus files will tell a different story. >> the documents also show that al qaeda senior leadership maintains command and control over a number of branches around the globe. and that this was not haphazard at all. effect, this has long been a plan for al qaeda senior leadership to establish these affiliates in several countries. >> reporter: buried in this budget document for the intelligence community is language that calls for the files to be reviewed and made public. the republican who authored that section of the legislation says there is now strong evidence military teams charged with targeting al qaeda operatives are also being blocked. >> it's a real concern that the war fighter, the guys that have been chasing down al qaeda all throughout the middle east, have
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not had access to these documents that is a serious concern of mine and the committee's, and hopefully, this is going to be rectified here in the short-term. >> reporter: privately, analysts and congressional sources question what role cia director john brennan is playing in all of this. a spokesman for the agency took fox's questions and said they would get back to us. >> catherine herridge, thank you for that. >> you're welcome. two workers were killed today when a crane collapsed at the stadium in brazil that will host the world cup opener next summer. brazil has already been hit with problems getting the last six soccer stadiums ready by next month's deadline. brazil is also scheduled to host the olympics in the year 2016. and still ahead, the u.s. pokes a finger in china's eye. but first, are you going to be able to get home for thanksgiving? [ male announcer ] introducing new fast acting advil.
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the massive weather system rolling up the east coast has travelers on alert and holiday flights in jeopardy. chief political correspondent carl cameron, who is no stranger to airline travel, and that is an understatement, is doing double duty tonight at reagan national airport. good evening, carl. >> reporter: big surprise. another thanksgiving eve in an airport. thanks, doug. it's pretty quiet here in d.c. there have been some delays, but not particularly bad ones. up north it is a thanksgiving nightmare for an awful lot of travelers. the airports up there have been pounded by a storm that has been moving from the southwest up to the northeast this evening. by morning today, there were some 1600 flights that had already been canceled. and this has been a three-day storm that has been rolling cancellations and dropping a foot of snow all across the country. the airlines expected 2.8 million passengers across the country today. that's about a half million more than normal. so far 548 flights have been
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canceled. about 4700 have faced delays. the worst has been in philadelphia, newark, and la guardia. there have been problems in miami and atlanta. that's mostly as a consequence of the ripple effect. all in all, it's about a two-hour delay at most of the big airports. watch. >> my family is in california. i'm going to see them for thanksgiving. but my flight got delayed overnight. the plane from philadelphia is still late. so unfortunately i can't fly out until tomorrow morning at 10:00. i'll have to make due until then, i guess. >> reporter: that ripple effect means even airports without bad weather could feel the impacts of delays and cancellations for a few more hours. tonight everybody is urged to check online, download an app if that helps, call ahead for flight information. perhaps the smoothest trips have been on amtrak. no cancellations and only a few delays, all of which were in new england. amtrak added trains today in order to deal with the holiday crush. the highways, on the other hand, have been a different story and a real mess. interstate 95 has been a parking lot in some places there was at least one multi-car wreck on an
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interstate in pennsylvania today. >> today still stacks up as the country's busiest travel day during the holiday season. we know the storm has caused some people to alter plans, leaving yesterday or perhaps maybe even waiting until tomorrow morning to leave. but today is the day, the very busy day. >> reporter: and it looks like it's going to be that way this evening. if you're traveling, try to be patient, try to take it easy. out of d.c., most of the delays are under an hour, and in the worse cases about two hours. despite the cancellations, most people will get there. perhaps just a little bit late, doug. >> that's reassuring, carl. good to see you in that unfamiliar role. thank you. let's get an update on where things stand right now. rick reichmuth. >> still the delays, especially the new york city airports. most of them dealing with delays just under an hour. and as carl just mentioned, philadelphia has been over two hours for most of the day. and you're still at about 2:15 delays. any flights in or out of there, big problems. temperatures, though, are beginning to plummet behind the
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system. down across areas of the southeast, you're clear. but you're going to be incredibly cold. i'll show you that in a second. we've got temperatures changing, you can see that. we've got the snow now moving in across parts of the hudson river valley, in towards new jersey, in towards philadelphia. that cold air moving in behind the system. and it's going to be incredibly cold. tonight's low temperatures across the central gulf only into the mid-20s. so it's a hard freeze here. take a look at this. down towards florida, only getting to 41 tonight down in ft. myers. and across the northeast and the great lakes, these are actual air temperatures only in towards the mid teens, upper teens. it's going to be windy, doug, on top of that. you factor that in. it's going to feel like single digits for almost everybody. the big parade in the morning is going to be a brutally cold one. and the wind is going to continue throughout much of the day tomorrow. the only good real news is that by tomorrow the precipitation stops. and most of the country is going to see a lot of sunshine, but chilly temperatures. doug? >> all right, rick. good weather, putting on an extra layer of fat this holiday. >> good call.
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rare holiday double dip. thanksgiving and the first night of hanukkah. u.s. trade representative michael froman was on hand at the white house as the national menorah was lit. we're start of the eight-day jewish holiday coincided with thanksgiving for the first time since the late 1800s, and this will be the last time for 70,000 years. apparently one county in georgia considered slave as an occupation. and why civil libertarians have a beef with the president over pardoning turkeys. the grip vine is next.
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and now some fresh pickings from the political grapevine. after pardoning turkey's carmel popcorn at the white house, the president has pardoned as many flightless birds as drug offenders. the number of turkey, 10, the number of drug offenders 12. that's from a total of 39 pardons. by the same time in his presidency, president reagan had pardoned 313 people. the american civil liberties union is petitioning the president to review the cases of some 2,000 people serving life sentences for nonviolent crimes who as "the huffington post" notes, unlike overweight turkeys will most likely be around next thanksgiving. an online questionnaire for potential juror's attention. intending to list his occupation as sales, he clipped the letter s and saw slave. the software company that
3:30 pm
designed the program said the county entered the information in the drop-down menu. officials reportedly removed the word slave from the site within an hour of its discovery. it's unclear how long the word was actually on the list. and finally, proof that two wrongs still don't make a right. an oregon man's child was elbowed in the face while playing football in a local park. the father demanded to know who hit his son. one kid spoke up. the man struck him in the temple and knocked him unconscious. it turns out it was not the child responsible for the incident. the man was arrested and charged with second-degree assault and held on $25,000 bond. the u.s. is blatantly defying china over a territorial dispute. it involves sending american bombers into an area china claims as its own. national security correspondent jennifer griffin has the story now from the pentagon. >> reporter: soon after the united states sent a pair of unarmed b-52 bombers to challenge china's attempt to assert control over the disputed
3:31 pm
senkaku islands, the chinese military launched its own aircraft carrier into the south china sea, along with a verbal defense of its recent actions. >> it is a rights for countries to make sure that its sovereignty and airspace is safe. >> reporter: japan has administered the uninhabited islands since the end of world war ii. the chinese air force did not challenge the nuclear capable u.s. bombers, despite its recent demand that all aircraft identify themselves to beijing. the 5-52 pilots spent an hour over the islands on a, quote, routine training mission, ruffling feathers in the union. >> maybe we should open fire and take down one or two. they can't just fly back and forth at our home gate and ignore our portion. well don't really have to open fire, but we should give a warning. >> reporter: caroline kennedy, the new u.s. ambassador to japan issued a warning to the chinese just days after the nation remembered her father's legacy, including his role in diffusing
3:32 pm
the cuban missile crisis 50 years ago. >> unilateral actions like those taken by chinese with their announcement of an east china' defense identification zone undermine security and constitute an attempt to change the status quo in the east china sea. this only increases tensions in the area. >> take all steps they consider necessary to operate safely in the east china sea region. >> reporter: the uss george washington is currently carrying out joint activities with japan near the senkaku islands. >> the chinese need the islands because they guard the gateway to the pacific and chinese navy needs broader access. without these islands they are then going to be subject to harassment on their way to and from the pacific. >> reporter: perhaps the chinese are testing the so-called u.s. pivot to asia. in the meantime, chinese reporters questioned whether their leaders are behaving like a paper tiger. china's new aircraft carrier, for instance, doesn't have any
3:33 pm
aircraft on board. doug? >> jennifer griffin at the pentagon. thank you. some catholics are reportedly calling the obama administration decision to close its vatican embassy a slap in the face. the washington times reports the administration will relocate the office to the larger american embassy in rome. the official reason? better security. but one former u.s. envoy says the move reflects the obama administration's hostility towards the catholic church. we have a virtual seat reserved for you tonight in our panel segment. if you have not yet participated in our sr pulse, take a moment to go to and watch the special instructions. you can provide and monitor realtime feedback to what the panelists are saying. you can also access the pulse on your smartphone or tablet by going to and we'll talk about the less is more strategy on obama care, supporting the website by staying off it? the panel coming up next. [ susan ] though he had never left.
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we are announcing that going forward small businesses will be able to enroll directly in a shop plan through an insurer, agent, or broker and can get certified for a tax credit after they enroll. we will also offer an improved comparison shopping feature online so small businesses can pick a plan before enrolling in one. >> the website they're saying can handle 50,000 users concurrently, which is far less than what they originally anticipated, and which may or may not be accurate. but look, just look at the body language. the administration going out of its way not to raise expectations, but to lower them. >> there you have it. the administration announcing today in a conference call with reporters. another delay, a one-year delay in the online enrollment for small businesses. some can still enroll their
3:38 pm
employees through traditional means, 20th century means, phone, mail, and in person. let's get the panel's reaction to that. tucker carlson, host of "fox and friends weekend, juan williams and charles krauthammer. >> the timing, it extends past the midterm election. this results in genuine panicked in. the consensus is among the democrats in the senate is they could very easily lose control of the chamber which is a big deal for the administration because it's two more years of dealing with the congress uniformly against them. i have to say if you're an individual who is not the beneficiary, you're not in the labor union, you don't own a small business, but the individual mandate still applies to you, at some point you're going look and sigh why am i not getting special treatment? it's interest group politics at its worst. >> juan? >> i think this is an administration that is struggling with a program that so far looks filled with flaws.
3:39 pm
but i take a different view of it, which is i'm glad that trier trying to fix it. i think it's important that people acting in good faith to say we're trying to deliver a health care system that covers more people that addresses the fact that the health care system is so costly for so many people, and inadequately insures people. there have been benefits put in place already under this that have made improvements. in fact, what we saw in the news today is that the democrats were going out there, asking their local officials, state senators, senators i should say, u.s. senators, to get out and speak to the american people about what are the benefits. so it's not just the negativity about oh, there is churning in the marketplace. some people got cancer. we're delaying this part. but to speak about the broader as specks of the benefits of the program. >> diminishing expectations. he makes a valid point that is prudent on the part of the administration to do this after the disastrous roll-out of october 1. >> it has no choice. but the idea that somehow it's
3:40 pm
the gop that is creating these negative implications, here is a program the foundation of which is as the president says. over and over again is the idea that you want to increase the number of americans who get insurance. and the facts are this isn't a gop talking point. it is a fact that for every one person who is now acquired insurance through obama care, 50 americans have lost their insurance over obama care. you do the math and what you have here is a program that is a wrecking ball for the insurance system in the united states. and they keep postponing the day on which they're going to be held accountable. they have a website which is a complete turkey. and they say, well, it will be okay on december 1. we now know it's not going to be okay on december 1. they have such confidence in the fix that they're urging their own allies to stay off the site because they're worried about it crashing at a fairly low level
3:41 pm
of activity, 50,000 is about a tenth of what you get on amazon or other sites. so, look, this is a rolling disaster. there is no daylight in sight. and that's why you get the letters from democratic senators who have been kept quiet. the democrats who were in revolt before the obama mea culpa press conference where the mea culpa lasted about an hour and a half, and then it was gop culpa ever since. but he does this press conference. he announces a fix which was a sham from the beginning. it wasn't a fix to undo the cancellations. and the idea is that democrats should be quiet. it stayed the revolt. but there is only so long that democrats who are going to be -- going to lose their seats in the senate are going to stay quiet. and it's not going to be a long time. >> see, i think that's a distortion, charles. the fact that you lay out the numbers, look, there is turn in the insurance market, especially in the individual market.
3:42 pm
you say oh, there has been so many people added for the thousands that have been lost. most of the people within the six-month period were going to lose those policies anyway. what we're talking about is a problem with health insurance in the united states that has been, you know, just demanding that somebody fix it. and in the good spirit i would hope that republicans would say to their republican voters, we know you need a better health care system as well. >> i love the idea, and it's so consistent with the alabama administration and how it sees the world. the real problem here is we just haven't told the right story. it's a communications failure. i think the president needs to get another speech. better yet, you need to talk about it over thanksgiving dinner. imagine coming up with that idea. imagine thinking that there are actually families out there who in the middle of carving their turkeys, let's talk about obama care, shall we? what kind of family would do that? >> the curious thing to me, after that pronouncement was made, the administration just in the past couple of days encouraged some of the allies to not flood the website this coming weekend as apparently more troubles begin to surface
3:43 pm
in the last few days. and yet today on that conference call, mrs. -- i don't have any glass for this, i think her name is batalle from cms said for the vast majority of users, the site will be up and working by saturday, november 30. so they're, again, putting this out there. courting disaster. >> check in with us on monday. but look, what tuck versaillesing is exactly the theme of this administration. and it explains why obama's on the west coast, chatting up movie executives and arguing against -- blaming it all on the gop instead of doing what a ceo would normally do, stay home, knock heads have, endless meetings where you get in the technologists, you get all is the people in health care, you get all the rule makers, you get them in a room, and you actually try to develop a management strategy to fix this.
3:44 pm
but they imagine it's fixable with rhetoric. and it is so divorced from reality that you wonder, well, i'm not going the play psychiatrist here. i'll just say that it is -- it's a problem. >> let's get some reaction from where it really hits home, the national federation of independent businesses, which issued a statement shortly after this decision was made today, quoting now, it probably matters little to people in washington that the failure to get the small business exchanges online adds yet another onerous paperwork requirement for the job creators. the continued delays add to uncertainty and contribute to decision of many owners to take early renewals of their small group plans. >> i think that's right. the problem here is that given all the negative publicity, all the negativity that's surrounding not only the website failure, but the problems with the cancellations and the inability of the administration to put forward people who have benefitted from the changes in the plan, because people have been unable to access the marketplace in the way they anticipated, now you get into a situation where there is so much anxiety and distrust of the
3:45 pm
overall structure. and people are thinking, well, maybe it's all a bust, which is why they're saying, hey, you know what? if your kid or something doesn't have insurance, speak positively and let them hear that there is a reason to get health insurance. or remind people as they were saying to the u.s. senators in that memo, doug, they were saying remember, if you had a preexisting condition before, the insurance company could throw you off. not now. look at the consumer protections involved. >> more propaganda, please. that's what we need. now the wheat harvest has fallen short by 50%, but you've had enough to eat. just telling yourself that that's in effect what they're saying. if we had more positive examples. there aren't many people who feel positively about obama care. that's the problem. >> i think they don't know. >> they don't know how lucky they are to have obama care, those people. >> the last word from comrade carlson. coming up next, is the irs going after conservatives again?
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this president has asserted the ultimate in hypocrisy. organizing for action his own many hundreds of millions of dollar 501-c4 continues to be active in politics without disclosing any of their contributions while attacking conservative groups in every possible way now that they can't win any longer, they can't forestall it any longer, they're looking to change the rules. >> that of course is the chairman of the house oversight committee darrell issa reacting to a rule announced late yesterday by the administration that would rein in the political activity of 501-c4, nonprofit groups. it would in fact end candidate-related political activity, including, and we put this up on the screen for you,
3:50 pm
communications that have advocate a clearly identified political candidate, communications that are made within 60 days of a general election, communication expenditures that must be reported to the federal election commission. communicated to the federal election. the irs commissioner read a statement: look, if there is any part of the first amendment that is sacred above all others, speech above all other speeches, political speech, and this attempt to make rules and define what political speeches is allowed in what window of time i think is is a real attack on the first amendment in principle. here, it is so cynical it's breath-taking. here is the irs obama irs
3:51 pm
caught with its hand in the cookie jar. 501 c 4s and 3s. instead of looking into it it, investigating it, reporting it, and making people responsible, pay for it. they are now going to change the rules. remember, the implication of their defense while the scandal was underway in being investigated was, well, the rules were unclear. well, they were rather clear in attacking conservative groups there was no lack of clarity here. it was a direct attack on conservatives and deliberately so. so, this is part of the argument that there was a lack of clarity, so, therefore, we now have to have a set of rules that will make it more clear. that was not the problem. it's not the problem now. and all of this will do is restrict political speech. it's not healthy in a democracy. especially if the restrictions of speech are determined by a bureaucracy under the control of one party. that is ultimately in its
3:52 pm
essence a corrupt way to make rules. >> juan, i thought this case was settled buy the supreme court and citizens united. >> that's right. that's why you have the rules as they are right now which is a muddle. i mean, that's why you got into this situation where the irs said that they were not pursuing a political agenda. but, in fact, just simply trying to apply rules and there were more of these independent tea party groups than democrats at that time who were, you know, trying to create groups. that was their explanation. it was taken as trying to rationalize an attack on conservatives by conservatives you just heard from charles. what i think you you saw today was an effort by the treasury department, irs to lay out straight rules as you you put up on the screen, doug, which i don't see any problem with that. to me, it's not a matter of speech or any kind of impingement on free speech, it's a matter of me to disclosure. remember, these groups can make donations, and they have made donations in the hundreds of thousands of dollars anonymously.
3:53 pm
influencing the political outcomes in the country. to me, that is not healthy. >> correct me if i am wrong, unions are exempt from that because they are 501 c 5s. >> this applies to 501 c 4s. this is the kind of change that ought to be made by the congress, legislative branch, people elected to make these kind of decisions and not unilaterally by the executive. this is part of a much larger pattern. a little much getting subpoena not take matching funds. this guy by the standards of finance campaign reform is complete outlaw. i would say goes further than stifling speech it stifles political expression itself. this will prevent 5015 c 4s from launching voter registration drives which is pretty unbelievable. the administration is against showing id at the polling place because they don't want to curtail participation in the political process and now they are stopping voter registration drives? how can they justify that? >> this is a rule that if it
3:54 pm
were to be challenged would have to be challenge long the courts, the d.c. court of appeals, correct? >> which is going to be packed with liberals as a result of something else the administration has done. well, at least has been done in the senate with a nuclear option it means that the democrats will be able to put anybody the democrats want on that court, three of them with a 51 vote, which, of course, they have. as opposed to in the past up until now, when you have to have at least some support from republicans if you were going to get 60 votes. so, yes, but i think it's a larger effort than just packing the court. as a way to allow these rules to go ahead. restrain the overt influence of money. what we have discovered in 30 years, every time you try to make a restriction on, this there is always a loophole so it's always abated and but what it does do is suppress legitimate
3:55 pm
political speech. i think it's an effort after 30 years that should be entirely abandoned. >> all right. and that's going to do it for the panel. stay tuned to see the national thanksgiving turkey celebrity lookalike.
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3:58 pm
here is tonight's big highlights. all parties disagreed strongly with juan that the administration is acting in good faith to fix the obamacare web site. approval from men and women shot up when tucker mocked the idea of families talking about obamacare over thanksgiving dinner. 21,000 votes per minute when charles said the administration thinks it can fix the situation with rhetoric. and in the second panel, high agreement from all parties during the clip of
3:59 pm
congressman issa saying the president's 501 c 4 organizing for action is the ultimate hypocrisy. high agreement from all parties when doug pointed out to juan that the case of citizens united, that's me was settled by the supreme court and high agreement from all parties when charles said that obama and the irs were caught with its hands in the cookie jar. total votes tonight. 215,000. and finally tonight, in an effort to get into the holiday spirit, one late night tv host asked his audience if they could tell the difference between the neck of a turkey and an old geezer. a hint, a picture shown was taken right here in the nation's capitol. ♪ ♪ >> houmsee old geezer? >> old geezer. >> houmsee turk j? >> turkey. >> let's find out. >> it's harry reid. there you go. harry reid. there you go. >> we're all heading in that direction. that's it for "special report." i'm doug mckelway. good night from washington.
4:00 pm
no online show tonight. "on the record" starts right now. well, it's the night before thanksgiving and the white house sneaks in another obamacare delay. today i wanted to let you know that we are announcing going forward small businesses will be able to enroll directly in a shop plan through an insurer, agent, or broker. online enrollment will only be available in 2014. >> this announcement comes not only on thanksgiving eve when americans are occupied with other things other than the news, four days before the semi relaunch of the obamacare web site. >> november 30th does not represent a relaunch of it's it not a magical date. >> it's a failure and people are seeing it