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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  November 28, 2013 3:00am-6:01am PST

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to get two new squad cars. we'll raise the money for him. no need to be tasered. >> we hope you have a wonderful thanksgiving with your family and friends. >> we're thankful to you for watching us every morning. have a great holiday. >> yes. "fox & friends" starts right now. bye. good morning. it is thursday, the 28th of november, 2013. i'm anna kooiman. holiday nightmares. thousands of people stranded, hundreds of flight delayed. will this wicked weather keep you from getting to grandma's house on time? and it could ground the famous balloons at the macy's thanksgiving day parade. we're live on the route coming up. >> this morning the white house would like you to be forgiving because along with the holiday comes another obamacare delay. oh my. and this is going to hit small business where it hurts. >> this will make you think twice about texting and walking. caught on camera, this guy
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got so distracted he almost stepped on a snake while texting. >> remember the guy who fell into the fountain. >> "fox & friends" begins right now. >> this is kenny rogers wishing everyone a happy holiday and to our troops serving overseas, stay safe. >> well said, kenny. welcome to "fox & friends" on this thanksgiving day morning. happy thanksgiving everyone. this is a live look down 6th avenue where they've got everything roped off ready to go for the big parade. the big question, though, will those balloons lift off the ground? >> they have been grounded back in 1971 because of strong wind, and strong winds are forecast for this morning. >> we've seen what happens with those balloons during strong winds but hopefully we will get to see them without any precarious
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situations. >> rick is down at the starting gate for the balloons. rick, is it 23 miles per hour of wind gusts that they will not put the balloons up high? >> reporter: sustained winds of 23 miles of hour which we don't haveif they gusts an hour. that's potentially the bigger issue. when you go down the avenues in new york city it is like a grid. you might be on the avenues and there not be wind and you hit one of the cross streets and a big wind comes up. i was walking down the street and that was happening. that is the big concern. take a look at the balloons. you see a little bit of those flying in the air. at times gusts come through and it gives you a better idea. it doesn't feel that bad and they'll make a decision around 9:00. they have a meteorologist here. they work with the national weather service and the nypd makes that final judgment right at that time. this is such a big day. yesterday they blew up the balloons on the upper west side. hundreds of thousands of people come here to watch
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this. it has become a big annual event here in new york city. you can see that. they blow them up with helium and cover them with netting to keep them contained in the meantime and let them fly hopefully in a couple of hours. take a look at the weather. it's the winds, also the cold air. if you look at the maps you can see what the story is going to be with the parade today. we're talking about winds that are going to be maybe at around 25 to 35. it's going to be a wind chill that is going to be unbe comfortable for a lot of people, especially at the start. wind chill in the 15 to 20 degree range. when you are sitting outside for that long, it gets very, very cold. by the end of it maybe up to 30 degrees. everybody dealing with a cold day today. the good news across the country is if you got home, which most people did, now you just have very cold air. you're waking up and it's 33 degrees. in el paso. 39 in tampa. all you people going to florida thinking you're going to get a nice warm
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thanksgiving, not the case. feels like 33 in tampa with a wind chill. you don't get a wind chill in tampa very often. >> no. rick, you will be there for three hours. his mouth will literally be frozen by the end of the show. he's a trooper. he'll be at the macy's thanksgiving day parade with a ton of celebrities. we'll check back with rick in a while. >> operative word is drink a lot of coca. >> thanks, rick. saturday is small business saturday across the country where folks try to support the local community, get out and support small businesses. tuns out small businesses may feel a bit of a different pinch this holiday because of something obamacare is doing. last night we got word of a delay for small businesses. if you want to sign up workers on the website for, not going to happen. you're going to have to wait another year for this to happen. >> they aren't saying a hard, solid date on this but it is going to be
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november 2014. they aren't saying the date but it looks like it could be slipping past that mid term elections date. what is this going to mean for small businesses while they're trying to make decisions about their bottom line. jean carne says it is not pretty. >> in a year from now it is going to be ugly. what happened today is more insult to injury. this law is so bad for small business. we went to the supreme court and fought it. but what happened today is really a message that says, you know what, small business, you're the last priority for this law. >> small business is so important because a lot of american businesses are built upon small businesses doing well, hiring people, getting them into the workplace and having workforce development. but the bottom line is what is the administration doing here? is it just postponing the day they'll have to be held accountable for this? charles
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weighed -- charles 50 americans lost their insurance for every one person who signed up. you do the math and what you have is a program that is a wrecking ball for the insurances in the united states, and they keep postponing the day on which they're going to be held accountable. they have a website which is a complete turkey and they say it will be okay on december 1. we now know it's not going to be okay on december 1. they have such confidence in the fix that they are urging their allies to stay off the site because they're worried about it crashing at a fairly low level of activity. 50,000, about a tenth of what you get on amazon or other sites. this is a rolling disaster. there is no daylight in sight. >> to be clear, you will still be able to call. small business owners will be able to pick up the phone and call in to get their workers signed up for
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obamacare. but going through the website you're going to have to wait another year. >> here's the additional problem with this. even when you start going on-line, if there are too many people going on-line they're going to put you into an on-line waiting room. so again, you have delay after delay after delay. tphaoeuplt sure this is really -- day after delay after delay. i'm not sure this is how they want to roll this out. >> an on-line waiting room, as if you don't have to wait in the waiting room long enough at a normal doctor's office, adding insult to injury. >> 50,000 people is what they expect to be able to handle. >> their goal is 7 million to sign up. the website can only handle 50,000 at any given time. we'll have more on this throughout the show on this little delay that dropped in right before the holiday. not a lot of press coverage of it right before everyone is traveling. let's go over to heather nauert who has a look at
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your headlines. >> happy thanksgiving. are you all cooking later today? >> we started cooking yesterday. >> we're eating. >> honey, hope you're up this morning brining that turkey. hope you're off to a great day. hundreds of thousands canceled and thousands delayed as millions of people gearing up to travel for the holiday today. this is a small fraction of the nearly 32,000 flights around the country canceled. winds and rain were to blame. most of the delays were new york and new jersey with average delays of two hours. the storm has passed so travelers should be in the clear today. that is good news, but make sure you check with your carrier before you go. overnight a man surrenders after holding his girlfriend and her daughter hostage for nine hours in englewood, california. the neighborhood on lockdown as police surrounded the area during a standoff. police moving in closer to the location and then a gun battle began resulting in an officer getting shot. listen to this.
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>> the officer that was actually shot was shot in the chest but was saved by his bulletproof vest. >> witnesses describe the scene saying it was like a war zone. police say the hostages are safe and uninjured. hundreds of people in ohio will not be spending the holiday at home with their family. they still remain evacuated after a train derailed late tuesday nights spilling highly flammable chemicals. we talked about this yesterday morning. this morning we are learning some families won't be able to return to their homes until saturday. >> every day there's something new we have to do. i guess we just have to make the best out of it. >> you do what you got to do; right? officials say cleanup efforts have not progressed as quickly as they hoped. nearly 13,000 gallons of chemicals leaked out of one of the railcars and there is still concern it could
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explode. >> we're getting tweets what you're up to this morning. >> my family brining turkey. comfy paws says the bird chilling in the sink. will get stuffed soon. get that picture up. there we go. i love it. he's watching "fox & friends," up bright and early. a lot of people sending in fun pictures. >> somebody just baste me. >> we'll take care of that throughout the show. >> the female would be slaving over the stove while the man is in the recliner. >> send in your turkey pictures this morning. use fsthanksgiving as the hash tag. we'll look at your turkey pictures if you're up early. not just the turkey. your families, everything. >> we are talking turkey all morning and butterball is here to answer any questions you may have. >> janice stall from the turkey talk line is ready
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to help and answer questions. nice to see you. >> thanks for having me. happy thanksgiving. >> thanks to bass proshops for setting up a beautiful studio. a frozen turkey, if someone has not thawed out their turkey at this point, what do you do to get it ready for today? >> leave it in the packaging. submerge it breast side down in your sink filled with cool tap water, change that water every 30 minutes and within a couple hours you should be able to get it fully defrosted. >> how about cooking time and temperature for something that is like 12 pounds. you say use an open pan method. what is that about? >> we recommend the open pan method which we have over here to something shallow, two to three inches on the side. put the turkey in there, puts a little vegetable oil in there, salt and pepper, whatever seasoning you like. cook it at 325. two-thirds of the way
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through, take continue foil, tent the breast portion to keep the breast from drying out. when it is fully done, use your thermometer. you're looking for 170 in the breast and 180 in the thigh there. >> thank you. we want you to send in your questions this morning. janice will be answering them throughout the three hours of the show. so we are fsthanksgiving. throw in your pictures and your turkey related questions. >> i'm sure one question my son michael will have is about deep frying. >> coming up, the white house is moving the u.s. embassy to the holy sea out of the vatican. many say it's a slap in the face to catholics. >> and this will make you think twice about texting and walking, a man got so distracted he almost stepped on a deadly snake.
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>> happy thanksgiving.
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welcome back. we're talking about the fight for faith. the obama administration's decision to move the american embassy from the holy sea to its vatican facility to a compound shared with the u. embassy in italy is drawing quite a bit of criticism as you can imagine. some are calling a slap in the face to millions of catholics throughout the world. joining us now is fox news chief religion correspondent lauren green. lauren, this is really something. before we go to this discussion, let's toss to a sound bite from jim nick coleson who is criticizing
3:17 am
this movement. >> this poefplt we have there is a key place. it's the bastion for religious freedom and the protection of christians in working with our diplomatic partner, the vatican. so it seems very odd to diminish the stature of this by moving it into some office annex building down the hall from other things. >> that's jim nicholson, former ambassador to the holy sea. what do you make of all this? >> it's not just jim nicholson who is opposing this. there are four other ambassadors who see it as a real slight to as you say catholics and of course catholicism and the vatican. you lower the stature of an embassy when you do that sort of thing. diplomacy and influence are a lot like rale estate. of prime importance is location, location,
3:18 am
location. whrauf in this situation is the inability for the holy -- what you have in this situation is the inability for the embassy to the holy sea to act like an embassy for diplomacy. we've only had diplomatic relations with the vatican since 1984. ronald reagan did it because he understood the alliance with pope john paul ii to bring down communism. >> the bottom line is the administration says it's all about security, but i haven't heard any security threats to any of our people living in italy or certainly our members of the diplomat corps. then you look at the vatican. what is the problem here? is it really a security issue? >> the american embassies all over the world are somewhat in a tenuous situation. i talked to jim n i cholson
3:19 am
and he said he never felt vulnerable. i've been to the embassy in rome. it stands alone, autonomous area. he said he doesn't see security as an issue. take a listen to this. >> this embassy over there, i was there for four years. it is protected by state-of-the-art technology. it is as safe as it could get. it's in a safe city in a safe country. so that is not a good enough reason to do this. >> i also want to bring out that the current ambassador ken hackkett and his predecessor agree with this move. they say it is a good move. their relationship with the vatican has never been better. you're actually going to move to a more elegant facility. one of the requirements for the vatican and the embassy to the holy sea is that they stand alone, have separate entrances and separate addresses and this fulfills that, although they're not celebrating it. they understand it. remember the u.k. also did the same thing. >> real quick, a full quote
3:20 am
of ken hackett, quote, i see no diminishing of the relationship at all. in truth, the relationship between the vatican and the u.s. government hasn't been better than it is right now in quite awhile. looking at the future of this, where do we go in terms of relationships with catholics and the united states? >> this move was supposed to happen in early 2015 and ji nicholson says it is not carved in stone. we'll see. >> thank you for bringing us up to date. how well do people know their turkey day history? >> a group of people from? >> ireland. >> traveled to north america on a boat called the? >> oh. >> sailing on the good
3:21 am
ship-oh! those college students bombed and we'll be back with more details. atheists boycotting baby jesus, we'll talk about jesus, we'll talk about that as well. ♪ ♪
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welcome back to "fox & friends" on this thanksgiving. the story of thanksgiving has been told many different ways over the years. >> but a few college students have put their own spin on it. on one video you're about to see you may be surprised. >> the pilgrims were led by? >> christopher columbus.
3:25 am
>> the pilgrims landed on a spot known as? >> [inaudible] >> one early morning the pilgrims got up, went into the forest and shot a bunch of? >> native americans. >> no. turkeys. and that was the story of the first thanksgiving as told by a college student. >> oh well. there you go, the good old college students. joining us now is the man behind that video, caleb vaunum. what was your response to the responses given by the college students? >> hilarious. what do pilgrims wait up early in the morning to shoot and the college students were saying native americans. it was a lighthearted video. >> i guess you're going to challenge us now. we're laughing at those
3:26 am
college kids. now i think you're going to put us through a bit of a challenge; right? >> you guys need a little bit of questioning. thanksgiving question: in what year -- i'm going to give you three options here. in what year was the first thanksgiving? was it a, 1465? was it, b, 1621? or as one of my students said, was it c, 1810? i kind of ruled that one out. >> we all answered b. >> it is b, 1621. >> my third grade teacher would be happy about that one. next question. >> which president issued the proclamation that thanksgiving be celebrated on the final thursday of every november? was it a, abraham lincoln?
3:27 am
b, rutherford b.hayes or c, james k. polk. >> i went with a. >> kelly was cheating. >> no, i wasn't. >> was it a, abraham lincoln? >> it is abraham lincoln. in 1863. >> this is a good meal-related question. not necessarily historical. i guess this depends on what family you live in too? >> how many calories are in the average thanksgiving day meal? is it a, 4,500? 6,000? or 11,000? >> if you're in my family? >> kelly's got c. >> 11,000 calories. >> no way. so -- >> the answer is who cares?
3:28 am
it's thanksgiving. >> good answer. >> so we're all right. thank you, caleb. for more of those videos where can people go to see them? >> the leadership institute's campus reform. >> all you parents who have your kids home for college break, make sure you quiz your kids. make sure you're not throwing that money out the window. caleb, thanks so much. have a good thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving, guys. >> 28 minutes after the hour. the moment of impact caught on camera. the twister in indiana ripping a school apart in seconds. >> rick is live at the macy's thanksgiving day parade. rick, what do you have? a turtle? >> a turtle and a giraffe and these balloons blowing around. the wind is picking up a little bit. coming up, we'll talk with john piper, he is the vice president of this event. he will tell us what he thinks about these
3:29 am
balloons, if they are going to be flying or not. we'll talk with him in a second. stay with us. "fox & friends" will be right [ woman 3 ] to come together even when we're apart. [ male announcer ] in stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy and more, swanson makes holiday dishes delicious. it's not for colds, it's not for pain, it's just for sleep. because sleep is a beautiful thing™. zzzquil. the non-habit forming sleep-aid from the makers of nyquil®.
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in an official ceremony, president obama pardoned the white house turkey and then put him in charge of the obamacare
3:33 am
website. so we should see some results. >> always a fun person to watch. popcorn and carmel i think were the turkeys names. but apparently obamacare can't escape. >> when are they going to do away with that tradition, pardoning of the turkey? >> i don't think they'll ever do away with it. it's steeped in american tradition. you've got to have the president -- >> it's like groundhog day. >> the president looks on his calendar and -- >> you've got to save the turkey. >> remember that one turkey bit president bush and he laughed it off. >> you did something remarkable yesterday, feeding 1,000 people. >> not without a lot of help. >> it is not thanksgiving without the thanksgiving day parade and rick is out there. what's going on out there?
3:34 am
>> reporter: everybody talking about the weather. john piper of macy's parade studios. >> that is where we design and build all the elements for the thanksgiving day parade. >> a lot of those elements are 16 balloons, the high-flying balloons that have been the story nationwide. you've been out here years and years. you've seen the weather. what do you think? >> we've got to wait, get all the data. we've got a licensed meteorologist on site. we have our amometers. we need to get together with the nypd. it is their call. but from my experience and what i've seen through the night, it's looking like the winds are not as strong as originally thought. i'm very hopeful. >> i've been out here talking with you many years. all i have to do is say to you, what's new this year on the parade? go. >> we've got four new giant balloons, including snoopy with a brand-new wood stock on top of his head kind of
3:35 am
talking to him helping him fly down the parade route. brand-new sponge bob but sponge bob wanted to put on a santa hat but it is a little big. he is holding on to make sure it doesn't fly off. toothless is a nice fairy dragon. he's at the end of 77th street. dark as night. i can't wait for the sun to come up so everyone can see this enormous dragon. over on 81st street, all of those people who are nuts about the most recent sensation in cartoons from cartoon network, adventure time with ben and jake will be in the parade this year. we're all so excited about that. and five new floats. sea world, a sea of surprises. beautiful sculpted sea turtles, giant sea turtles and baby sea turtles and
3:36 am
all that gorgeous corral and porpoises. cirque du soleil will blow you away, performing on a float defying gravity. >> you ever meet somebody and you think they are perfectly cut out for their job, made to do what they do? >> he's so cut out for it. >> the minions are coming today. >> john, thank you so much. happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving. >> the kids love him. the minions might blow away. >> rick might blow away too if the wind kicks up. >> let's get over to heather nauert. she's looking at our headlines. >> i was thinking about our conversation about guys standing around deep frying the turkey. it is a great excuse for them to drink beer. they stare at the thing and watch the ladies slave over the stove. >> they talk about family. >> no.
3:37 am
they talk about the football game. >> that's a queue. more on that all throughout the day as we celebrate this thanksgiving. good morning to you. take a look at this video. incredible stuff here. watch what happens as a tornado rips through a middle school in indiana. you can see the gym torn apart in seconds. in a hallway, a load of ceiling tile comes crashing down. no one was at the school at the time because this actually happened on a sunday. thank goodness for that. the twister was a part of that deadly storm that killed eight people last week in the mid time. before -- four creative criminals were busted after attempting to use a drone to drop contraband in a georgia prison guard. officials saw the device zipping around the gate and started looking for it. they noticed a suspicious car nearby. they found a drone and two pound of tobacco rolled up for delivery. each suspect could face 20 years behind bars. very creative.
3:38 am
in the war on christmas it is a battle of holiday displays in chicago. an atheist group put up a giant "a" to protest the nativity display. the group also put up an anti-christmas banner and it read happy winter sol soltice. what do you think about that? we'd love to hear from you. >> when you think about looking before you cross the street, did you ever think you would see this. it is an australian guy. look closely. he almost stepped on a snake as he's crossing the road. this is security footage. it shows the guy as he jumps during texting when he sees that snake. luckily the guy was unharmed although he now think twice while texting and walking. got to look out for those critters in australia. they're everywhere. >> if you're new york city you might get hit by a taxi. >> thanks, heather. kelly, you did something pretty special this week,
3:39 am
this year when we're gathered with our family, it is important to remember those less fortunate than us. >> it's really bad what's going on in america today because we have nearly 50 million people living below the poverty line. as a result of that there's always a great need to reach out and help people especially during thanksgiving. that is what the new york city rescue mission is committed to doing. they just celebrated their 15th annual thanksgiving dinner feast for a lot of people who are in need. they fed something like 923 people. and that's just incredible. 923 families being fed. craig mays, executive director of the new york city rescue mission, he talks about what value this has for helping homeless people. >> the vision is that every single person who is homeless, who is struggling in their life had dreams as a child. part of their dreams to be a banker, policeman or whatever. it wasn't to be homeless.
3:40 am
something went wrong and it doesn't matter what went wrong. we have an opportunity to intersect them with hope, joy, faith and belief that their life can change. for me, i always think this is somebody's daughter. this is somebody's son. there is a whole family network out there that is hoping someone is around to help them. we think that we're that someone. >> around to help them, around to feed them and around to sing to them. >> they asked me to do some singing. we did a little bit of "happy day." ♪ ♪ ♪ when jesus washed ♪ he washed ♪ my sins away >> there you go. you're amazing. >> thank you. we really got into it. one of my favorite people in the whole wide world was there and that's the lovely nina who is miss america. she was there to commit her time to helping people as well. >> and especially to actually see it, and we all
3:41 am
hear the numbers, hear the statistics but not everyone is exposed to that every day. to physically see it happen in front of you, it's difficult, very difficult. i think as more people were able to volunteer their time and actually see these things happening it would make a big difference because even one hour can make a huge difference. >> she stayed there the entire day. >> that's wonderful. is there a way people can help? >> go to new york city rescue and it would be good if you can help and think about them, think about the homeless people you can help. it's so important. there is such a great need. unfortunately too many children are falling through the cracks and becoming homeless and in need. >> so sad. this is the united states of america. that shouldn't happen. thank you for that. coming up here on the show, is the mainstream media going back to being a cheerleader for obamacare already? what about all of its victims? we'll dive into the mainstream media question on this.
3:42 am
>> many have been waiting for the return of ron burgundy and friends on the big screen. this morning an anchor man 2 surprise. >> hi. i'm stationed in qatar. i would like to say good morning to my husband jay and my children in albuquerque, new mexico. a very happy thanksgiving. i miss you guys. love you. love you. bye-bye! too big. too small. too soft. too tasty. [ both laugh ] [ male announcer ] introducing progresso's new creamy alfredo soup. inspired by perfection.
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3:46 am
fans getting an early christmas gift. anchorman 2 is released early. the sequel will come out december 18, two days earlier than planned. experts say the studio is likely trying to get a jump on other holiday releases at the box office. shades of thor. ron burgundy here. >> four full days, that's how long nbc went without airing a single story on obamacare. now even as millions of americans continue to lose their insurance plan and face skyrocketing costs, the mainstream media digging in for a few positive stories. has the press gone back to abandoning the victims of obamacare? joining us is the managing editor for the town hall magazine. elizabeth, nice to see you. happy thanksgiving to you. the other day i saw a couple of stories saying it's not so bad if you look towards the states. the states are doing pretty well with the signup
3:47 am
process. have they forgotten the federal website is still a disaster? >> history seems to show when it comes to obamacare that negative coverage is the anomaly and positive coverage or less than critical coverage is par for the course. the media research center issued a report at the beginning of october to analyze air waves of abc, nbc and cbs going back to july and found out they were not adequately updating their audiences on changes to obamacare. keep in mind that is what nbc did last week. it is incredibly frustrating because this story deserves significant coverage. it is still developing and affecting millions of americans. >> millions of small business owners as we know this morning. it will be interesting to see what coverage we see on the nightly news this evening, the delay happening for small business owners to sign up pheplgs of their staff. they can't use the website for another year. do you think we'll see a mainstream media response to that? spoeupb -- the kpwo*epld -- the
3:48 am
obama administration has tried to get around by going through local media. you had obama tweeting about talking to family members over the holidays about health insurance, and giving talking points for you to use when talking about the health care bill with your family over the holidays. i have no idea how i got through a holiday dinner before without talking points from the white house. >> that's from the democrats. but here's a "washington post" article. we'll put this on the screen. this is how to survive your obamacare debates around your thanksgiving table. from "the washington post." your uncle who is losing your health insurance plan thinks he'll pay more on obamacare. perhaps he brings out his cancellation notice after a few glasses of wine. who knows? >> what happened to the politeness and manners of maybe not discussing politics at family gatherings. you can say the media's
3:49 am
inadequate coverage of obamacare played a part in the train wreck we're in now. how many times did they let the president get away with the statement, if you like your plan you can keep it without adequately fact checking that. >> they were complicit. maybe that is why they are not covering it. happy thanksgiving to you. coming up on the show, months after we found out the i.r.s. was targeting conservative groups, the changes the president promised to make at the i.r.s. are in but they are not what you think. >> bass pro pro shop is in with incredible deals you can gets starting today. ♪ ♪
3:50 am
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3:53 am
we are thankful for you. thanks for watching "fox & friends." it's one of the biggest shopping days of the year and it all starts today. >> bass pro shops is open for business today and they've got some incredible deals for you. >> yeah. luke snyder joins us live. let's not waste time. let's get right to the toys. what do you have available today? you guys are open today? >> that's right. happy thanksgiving, everybody. we just want to stop by and remind everybody we are open today and we have a five-day sale going on through sunday. we're offering a some big deals on some national brands, including underarmor, north face, and especially these goodies. >> my son would flip out for this. what is this? i want to play with it right now. >> going around the cul-de-sac, a monster truck. you'll get that for under 50 bucks. saving 20 bucks during this sale. this is great. comes with a charger and the battery. you can get this out of the box
3:54 am
and have it souped up for the kids to start immediately playing with christmas morning. it's pretty neat. >> what about the led light combo there for just 8.97? >> right. these for under nine bucks, come for a pack of six. great for a big family to being stuffer -- stocking stuffer. comes with a battery. >> everybody needs one. >> clayton is holding it. led light combo. >> yeah. you shove them in the stocking, too. what about the wildlife embossed dinnerware set. this would be perfect for a cabin or around the holidays, right? >> oh, yeah. they have the wildlife embossed. 16-piece set, from the bass pro wilderness collection. you can hustle to a store, you'll get this and save 50% off, 29.97. if you hurry today, you can have it on the dinner set-up plate for thanksgiving dinner. >> that is right up my alley. how much is that? >> bass pro is thinking everybody needs a good deal right now and that's what they'll get. these are going for ten bucks.
3:55 am
men's, ladies and kids. like i said, we go right along to the natural reflection line. these are ladies jeans. they come in classic fit and modern fit. these are ten bucks as well. >> you're kidding? >> this is only during the five-day sale through sunday n would it be wrong if i wore ladies jeans? >> do they have those for men? >> they're slimming, that's why i'd like to wear them. >> last but not least, these are really popular. >> they're colorful. >> those are ten bucks as well. these are great for layering, doing some hunting or fishing. >> so go over to bass pro shops now. you got santa's wonderland set up, right? >> it's amazing. not only with the five-day sale going on through sunday, you'll get the kids to come out. they get a free picture with santa. they get to go through the whole entire maze. they have the elves, reindeer, great fun for the whole family. >> let's not forget fishing either. cast out a line and do great
3:56 am
things. >> family bonding. >> this is the bionic reel with the spinner combo. you get the whole entire combo. this is ready to fish. you can't beat the deals on this. you just come in. this is great for the fisherman in the family. you can run out there and hopefully pull out big fish. >> get all the goodies and hang out at santa's workshop with the kids. let them do free crafts and get a picture ask save cash at the same time. happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving to you. >> coming up here on the show, the white house promised to have the obamacare glitches fixed by saturday. but it looks like this deadline isn't going to happen. details at the top of the hour. plus this gal is a real sly fox. how she outfoxed zoo keepers. got to watch this i'm overhe hill.
3:57 am
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4:00 am
hey there. happy thanksgiving. it's thursday, november 28, 2013. i'm anna kooiman. holiday headaches, thousands stranded after weekend weather delays, hundreds of flights across the country, and the weather threatening to ground the iconic balloons for today's parade in what could be the first time in more than 40 years. >> this thanksgiving, the white house would like you to be very forgiving because along with the holiday comes another obamacare delay. this one is going to hit small business where it hurts. >> on this thanksgiving day, it's time for the annual turkey drop. this has nothing to do with dinner. we'll explain. such a tease. "fox & friends" hour two starts right now.
4:01 am
♪ ♪ >> right here in new york city, we show think picture a lot outside of our fox news channel studios. why are the cops there? they're not coming for us. >> they should be. >> they're there for the 87th annual macy's parade. >> rick reichmuth is there on the plaza, i guess at the starting line. >> the real question this morning is, hey, by the way, steve, elisabeth and brian are enjoying their holiday. >> happy thanksgiving to you. >> it's interesting whether or not those balloons will be able to get flight today because of
4:02 am
all the high winds down there. rick reichmuth is standing by at the starting gate and to see exactly what the conditions are, what speed will the wind have to blow before those things are grounded? >> reporter: if it's a sustained wind at 23 miles an hour, and i guarantee you we're nowhere near that, that's good. if gusting over 34 miles an hour, that causes the problems. at times the winds gets gusty. you can see those balloons flopping in the air. that gives you an idea of some of the wind that we're seeing here. it's just gusting, coming in and out. you can also see that. 77th street, that's all of those balloons that we're talking about. those are the high flying balloons generally. they filled them up yesterday, this big event they do the day before the parade and strap them down underneath the nets and hopefully soon let them go. there is meteorologists here working with the national weather service working with the nypd. i can tell you, it does not seem that bad here. i'm hopeful that these balloons
4:03 am
are going to go. take a look at the weather maps. it is certainly cold. that storm that we dealt with yesterday is gone. that's great news. there you go. the end of the parade, 31 degrees. cold air will certainly be here. this is behind that storm. it's going to be a little windy from time to time. my maps are stuck there. we'll talk about the parade. yeah. that's the big story. but yesterday we had that big storm that moved through causing so many problems in the airports and places that got snow, especially interior areas of new york and pennsylvania. the only place for the next three days we'll see any precipitation is around great lakes. the winds will move across. overall, you can get home today without a problem and that will be good news for everybody. the rest of the week is looking nice. >> that's good to know. when that parade starts, people will be looking for those floats
4:04 am
and those wonderful balloons and because of the canyon effect, the wind could be really hazardous. >> yes. hopefully everything goes off without a hitch and snoopy flies lower. thank you so much. we'll check with new a minute. >> someone on twitter saying, wouldn't you like to see underdog break free? >> that would be kind of cool. let's talk about this. november 30th, we were told that the obamacare web site, health, would be up and running and ready to go. that was the deadline we heard. everyone was saying, that's not going to happen. now we're hearing this morning that it is not going to be ready in time, that there are still warnings out there as to whether or not this will be ready for even 50,000 people locking on that. will be the upper end of the amount of folks able to log on, a fraction, a fraction of what they had hoped it would be. >> we heard that their marketing team that have -- they were ready for a full court press to get everybody trying to sign up because 5 million americans, more than that, have lost their
4:05 am
coverage. but they're going, maybe we shouldn't do that just yet because we don't want the web site to crash. listen to what the director of office of communications for centers for medicare and medicaid services had to say yesterday. listen to this. >> if the site does experience spikes in volume, as we saw in the first few days of october, we will recommend that consumers considering visiting during offpeak hours such as morning, evenings or weekend. again, we're seeing improvements with lower error rates and faster response times and our work will continue. >> meanwhile, states' web sites are doing pretty well. reports this week that if you go to new york state web site, it's fine of the it's funny how the states are manage to go pull this off, but when you have to rely on the federal government, there is a problem. >> what does that tell you? state governments can handle their things better, like a well
4:06 am
oiled machine. they tested it and made sure that it was full proof and this site has not been, although they're trying to do the right thing and correct it. but speak of something else that's going on with this obamacare, the holiday document dump. they did this yesterday. enrollment for small business will be delayed a year. that's going to really cause problems for small business throughout america. they don't know what they're going to do. >> saturday is small business saturday in your local community, i'm sure you've seen the stickers up in your local stores to support small business. well, come saturday, they are going to be faced with another delay for an entire year, that if they want to sign up workers, small businesses want to sign up employees, they'll have to wait an entire year to be able to use the web site it do that. they can still call and pick up the phone and do it that way, but they would not have access to the web site. >> we heard from gene card who represents independent businesses and she basically said this shows utter disrespect for small businesses here in
4:07 am
america from the obama administration. >> a year from now it will be ugly. what happened today, i think is more insult to injury. this law is so bad for small business. you know. you know we went to the supreme court and fought it. what happened today is really a message that says, you know what, small business, you're the last priority for this law. >> it's amazing that the obama administration gets to sort of cherry pick what delays they roll out. >> and when to do it, too. remember just before independence day, we found out about the employer mandate being delayed. >> right. >> if you're developing a business and you want it to be successful, you have to have a very good business plan so you're able to implement it. you have to cast a vision, make it plain. then you have to have the smoothness of implementing with style, substance, with grace. >> you're saying this wouldn't be a good business plan? >> i don't think it would be a good business plan at all. now you're hurting the backbone of america, small business. >> we're going to spend tens of millions to build a web site
4:08 am
over three years. first of all, that wouldn't fly if you hand that had to a business. >> let's say they presented it to our ceo. >> right. i think he would laugh you out of the room, by the way. >> maybe worse. >> other stories making headlines, heather nauert has a look at those. happy thanksgiving to you. >> happy thanksgiving to you. great to be with you. you see all the people lining up on 6th avenue getting ready for the parade. going to get pretty crowded out there. overnight, news happening in california. gunman surrenders after he holds his girlfriend and her daughter hostage for nine hours in inglewood, california. neighborhood is on lockdown as police surround that hour during a stand-off. as police moved in, there was a gun battle that began and intensified, resulting in an officer getting shot. listen to this. >> the officer that was actually shot was shot in the chest, but saved by his bullet proof vest. >> thank goodness for that. witnesses say the scene was like a war zone of the the hostages not hurt.
4:09 am
we'll keep you posted on any developments. hundreds of flights canceled today and thousands delayed as millions of people geared up to travel for the holiday. most of the issues out of pennsylvania, new york and new jersey with average delay times of about two hours. those problems were just a small fraction of the nearly 32,000 flights scheduled around the country. the storm has passed, so travelers should be in the clear today. but always check your airline before you go. hundreds of folks in ohio will not be spending thanksgiving at home with their families. they remain evacuated this morning. a train derailed late tuesday night, we told but this yesterday morning. it spilled highly flammable chemicals onto the ground. learning some of these people won't be able to return home until at least saturday. >> every day there is something new we have to do. we just have to make the best out of it. >> officials say the clean-up efforts have not progressed as quickly as they hoped. nearly 13,000 gallons of this chemical leaked out of one of
4:10 am
the cars and there is concern that it could explode. talk about a sly fox, this 8 month old red fox named montana, cute guy, is on the run in new york city. she escaped from the staten island zoo by burrowing out of her outdoor enclosure. montana has been vaccinated, is no threat to humans. but they're more concerned with her safety and asking anyone who sees montana to not scare her away. mark the location and call the cops. those are your headlines at this hour. >> when the cops show up, montana will be gone. >> yeah. >> you got the family over today and the day stretches into evening and at some point, you might get a little, i don't know, restless, cabin feverish and you want to get out of the house. >> might want to go shopping. >> get me out of here! >> and i think what happens is maybe businesses are really smart this year because a lot of them are opening their doors on thanksgiving day, especially after dinner, maybe you want to
4:11 am
run down to the stores. what do you think about all this? here are five stores that are refusing, though, to open on thanksgiving day. they're saying we're not going to open at all this thanksgiving. you'll is to deal with not being able to build that fence. home depot. >> costco, nordstrom, t.j. max, burlington coat factory, marshall's and a whole host of others. we did tee up on facebook and twitter. what do you think? is this good or bad? is black thanksgiving something that should continue or should we end this right now? it seems like reactions have been mixed about all of it. i did hear a statistic that 20% of americans will eat thanksgiving with their co-workers. we're all here at work and happy to have a job. >> i can smell something that smells very good. before that, who should have the final say when it comes to medical treatment for children? that's a big question. the hospital or the parents? we'll have the very latest on one family's fight. >> we had that and also this,
4:12 am
months after we found out the irs was targeting conservative groups, the changes the president promised to make at the irs are in, but they're not what you think. ♪ ♪ >> i don't agree with this, but i don't know. i guess wal-mart, best buy, target, macy's, all these stores are going to be open on thanksgiving night. yeah. thanksgiving isn't about shopping. it's a day to be home reopening old wounds with pseudo relatives. ♪ ♪ there are seniors who have left hundreds of dollars of savings on the table by not choosing the right medicare d plan. no one could have left this much money here. whoo-hoo-hoo! yet many seniors whoompare medicare d plans realize they can save hundreds of dollars. cvs/pharmacy wants to help you save on medicare expenses.
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4:16 am
the obama administration launching an attempt to rein in tax exempt political groups. >> yeah. remember these are the same groups that the irs was accused of targeting last summer. so why the sudden turn around? jordan sekulow joins us this morning. happy thanksgiving to you. >> happy thanksgiving. >> are you surprised by this sudden turn around? >> you know, it's not too shock that a couple days before thanksgiving, the irs, through the obama administration announces new rules that would regulate only a 01 c 4's only after the irs targeting scandal. while it's ongoing, they want to change the rules of the game. they proposed a set of draconian changes and guidelines that would totally change the rules for what 501 c 4's can do to limit the free speech of organizations, community small groups, but it fully exempts labor organization or trade associations. the big guys when it comes to political money.
4:17 am
>> so freedom of speech under fire, according to some critics, including yourself. why do you say that? >> first of all, when you look at these proposed guidelines, what will be considered political activity for 501 c 4 are things as simple as voter registration. so not partisan, just doing voter registration alone means you've done political activity. so that will bar you. how about get out the vote, just putting up a sign saying remember to vote today. even if it's not partisan, that's going to be partisan political activity. they'll define it that way. how about this? take it one step further. a volunteer for your organization does something on behalf of a candidate. they still are a first amendment right to speak and they're volunteers. if they do that, it can be attributed to you and that will also count towards political activity. that's just a few examples of how it will change the game, while we're still in court, because we've got 41 clients, 13 of which still haven't gotten a decision by the irs, are theurgy
4:18 am
to apply these to them? >> i wanted to get an update on them. the targeting scandal and the obama administration is continually said hey, we are investigating this. the probe continues. have any of your clients in that lawsuit been contacted by the government? >> pretty bold irs because none of our clients have been contacted by the f.b.i. or anyone at the department of justice during what is supposed to be an ongoing criminal investigation since may. we're getting now, and it's thanksgiving, not one of the 41 clients have been contacted. we still have groups, for people out there who are going to be in court, who waited up to three or more years to get an answer from the irs, an irs who didn't have guidelines like this published ever before, who will go back and try to change the spruce -- rules and only do so because -- they're fine with the labor organization, and fine with the trade association. by the way, those usually back obama, usually back democrats. but had weather it comes to conservatives, when they got involved, suddenly rules that have been in place since 1959
4:19 am
have to change. >> thank you so much for the update. enjoy the holiday. hope you're spending it with family and friends. >> thanks. coming up here, it's thanksgiving. that means it's time for the annual turkey drop. this is not what you think. >> most children hope for a new smart phone or expensive toy for christmas. what's on these kids' wish lists is going to be warming your heart. stick around. ♪ ♪ >> i'd like to wish my wife happy holiday. i love you and i'll see you soon. ♪ ♪
4:20 am
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4:23 am
hello. time for news by the numbers. thanksgiving edition. first, 242 million. that's the estimated number of turkeys raised in the united states in 2013. about 48 million of those will be eaten today. next, 14 billion. that's how much americans are spending on gas, air fare and lodging over the thanksgiving weekend. and finally, 140 million. about one in three americans will pick off their holiday -- kick off their holiday shopping this weekend. don't spend too much. ♪ ♪ thank you. we're talking about the american dream and while many people may want an ipad or the newest video game, the children of pictures of hope, they're asking examiner something entirely different. they're asking for their family's happiness and an education. and they do this all through
4:24 am
talking or taking photos of themselves. joining us now, founder of pictures of hope, linda solomon and 12-year-old, my buddy, s shahid and linda. how did you embark upon this adventure to help a lot of families in need? >> well, it has been a wonderful adventure for me as a photo journalist, to be able to give the children cameras and have them express their hearts through photography. they first go off as journalists to capture their hopes and dreams. then we create holiday cards with their photographs and thanks to chevrolet, 100% of the proceeds goes right back to their shelters. and shahid is an incredible young man. >> you and i met a few moments ago, just an instant bond. got to say, i love you, man. really think you're going to do great things in lifement tell me about your picture of hope and what you're hoping for. >> i picked my picture because i want to love somebody and
4:25 am
somebody can help me. >> what does your picture show? >> my picture shows -- >> let me hold that to you. you talk about it. the road to victory is paved with? be. >> defeat. >> the road to victory is paved with defeat. what do you mean by that? >> i mean like if somebody need help, that's the road, like if somebody hurt, the road, then they practice and practice and defeat what they want to be. so like if they want a job, they need to practice and practice. then they can defeat it. >> how old are you again? >> 12. >> that's amazing that you would see it that way. what's your hope for your family? >> my hope is love and health. >> love and health. what kind of love and help does your family need at this time? >> my family needs -- we need a house. we've been looking for it, but we can't find one. we need a car. it's hard out here for us. and we be looking for houses and look, but we can't find none. >> you told me your dream is
4:26 am
make sure that people get educated, that you get educated, that you achieve your dream so you can give back and help others. linda, this is really sensitive and this is what we need to talk about. because he's with the salvation army in cleveland where they try to do the most good by helping families in need. >> that's right. the children can write anything when they're asked to write their hopes and dreams. yet, the children that we meet, like shahid, hope for the things that truly matter. they express life values, life lessons in their pictures of hope. and i think that sometimes we forget the things most important. surely shahid will never forget the need to help others o'clock the need to help his family, the need for a home. >> how can we help? >> certainly buy the pictures of hope cards knowing that all money goes right back to helping. go to my web site,, and know this photo can really change someone's life. >> look, america, if you can do it, help out.
4:27 am
buy those wonderful cards where children are expressing their dreams, children who have been victims of domestic violence or homeless, really reach out and help them. linda, i can't thank you enough for bringing this up. shahid, i want to give you a hug. we can do this on camera. i love you and i want you to have a happy thanksgiving. i'm glad year here with fox news and enjoy the parade before you get back to cleveland. the salvation army is helping out where they do the most good. do your good as well. next up, who should have the final say when it comes to? >> children. >> all right. medical treatment for children. the hospital or the parents? the very latest on one family's fight. and bass pro's got -- say that. >> black friday deals that you want to miss out. details. >> i think you got a future in this business. ♪
4:28 am
♪ [ male announcer ] introducing new fast acting advil. with an ultra-thin coating and fast absorbing advil ion core™ technology, it stops pain before it gets worse. nothing works faster. new fast acting advil. look for it in the white box. to help secure retirements and protect financial futures. to help communities recover and rebuild. for companies going from garage to global. on the ground, in the air, even into space. we repaid every dollar america lent us. and gave america back a profit. we're here to keep our promises. to help you realize a better tomorrow.
4:29 am
from the families of aig, happy holidays.
4:30 am
4:31 am
♪ ♪ happy thanksgiving, everyone. you're looking live at the
4:32 am
macy's thanksgiving day preparations for the big parade today. hopefully the wind will stay low enough for the balloons to actually fly. >> yes. the 87th annual -- we've seen video of them blows these up with snoopy and sponge bob and spiderman and all those. you can actually follow the parade route. >> yeah. if you're at home, you can download the macy's thanksgiving day app that you can download for your iphone. if you got an ipad, you can put it on your ipad. make sure you realize it's an iphone version only. as the balloons are coming down on the app, and i downloaded it here, you can follow along and see what balloons are coming next down the road. you see santa, you get more information about it. what's cool is if you want to get your family involved, go to their elfomatic that they created. you can create your own balloon. you take a front facing picture here. >> you're pretty good with that. >> i'm very good at this. then here is what you want to do.
4:33 am
you get to blow into the ipad or the balloon to blow it up. >> what would happen if you didn't do that? >> clayton, that's all right. >> you're going to pass out now. >> we premade some. thank >> great. another lovely face. >> oh, my. >> i think we have anna's here. >> oh, yeah. this is a fun thing to do with the kids. and there is kelly! oh, man. of course, we didn't get to do rick. >> we need to do rick. >> i think his face is frozen in time since it's so chilly with all the winds. good morning, rick. how are you doing? >> i'm doing really well. some crazy stuff going down here. when you come at the beginning of the parade, you've got clowns and you've got the marching
4:34 am
bands and clowns like confetti, clearly. we've also found sir james madison university. that's not you. you're a clown. you're not in the marching band. so you guys are the first band to go, right? >> yes. >> you're not a small band? >> no. >> how many people? >> 485. >> that's ridiculous. >> i know. it's ridiculous. >> i can imagine that's a good time in the hotel. so one of the tuba players apparently can do the splits. >> hello. >> you don't do this in the parade? >> unfortunately not. >> but you were playing some tunes? >> i was. >> okay. so stand up and play us out. we've got clowns. you're the clown captain. how do you get to be the clown captain and is he a better clown than you? >> the best! the absolute best. we aspire to be the clown captain. >> what makes you so special?
4:35 am
>> the best clown everywhere. i even kiss grown men on the cheek! >> happy thanksgiving! >> that wasn't planned. this is the best part of the parade if you ask me. >> 900 macy's volunteers are out there. and rick can getting kissed. >> thanks, rick. let's get over to heather nauert. let me explain something to you in our studio. we have so much stuff in our studio right now, we're cooking turkeys here, bass pro shop is here. heather is having to navigate through turkeys. >> can we show everyone, just all the piles of stuff we have around here? look at that. good holiday gear. we've got all the sweat shirts and everything. got a lot going on in the studio this morning, don't we?
4:36 am
>> we do. >> actually a lot of stuff going on this day. let me tell you about this. right now police discovered explosives in a kent apartment. a bomb squad report to do a report of a suspicious item left in the apartment of a tenant who had been evicted. that's not all they found. they also located potentially threatening messages posted on the apartment door. nearby apartments had to be evacuated as a precaution. local fire officials says the tenant is in jail on unrelated charges. we'll keep you posted on this. amish girl who needs chemotherapy fled with her family in order to avoid that treatment. the ten-year-old girl has leukemia and an ohio court ruled she must receive the chemo to save her life despite her parents' objections. the hospital says she has stopped getting that treatment and her family now cannot be found. doctors believe her leukemia is treatable, but say she will die without chemotherapy. we'll keep you posted.
4:37 am
a florida man says he knows the odds are astronomical, but convinced his 7 yearly was struck by a small meteorite. 7-year-old steven was hit by what looks like a bunch of small pebbles. he was outside playing at his florida home. there was a chemical test done on the stones and it shows that the boy -- that these are metallic. so they could have come from space. that's the theory. the boy was left with a gash on his head, but otherwise okay. and trick shots by the dozens. this was postd on youtube. it took three years to compile dozens of ping-pong trick shots. when asked why he would spend so much time mastering ping-pong, he replied it's fun. those are your headlines at this hour. we're still get not guilty thanksgiving pictures. that's been fun to see. >> send them in. fsthanksgiving is the hash tag you can use. >> thanks.
4:38 am
it's black friday tomorrow and if you're still looking where to shop, look no further. luke snyder of bass pro shops is here with some of the biggest deals of the season. nice to see you. welcome back. >> happy thanksgiving. thanks for having us. >> happy thanksgiving to you and thanks to bass pro shops for setting up this great display. it feels like the holidays when you show up. so i appreciate it. let's start what you have for deals. you're opening doors today? >> absolutely. >> black thursday. >> yeah. we have a big five-day fleece. they come in several different
4:39 am
colors. that's for men, women and the kids. >> all right. then you also got home decoration items here as well. like the clock. >> yep. this is a concealment clock. this is real solid wood and a quartz movement watch. you can see your valuables. you can put your important papers, even a handgun. >> i need one of these. >> that's under $40. >> it's my little girl that takes my wallet. what else do you have here for up on sale on black friday? >> this is the real deal. a standard issued g.i. box. the same thing that our military men and women are using overseas. it's waterproof. it's steel construction and made here in the usa. you can put this in the trunk of your car, anywhere you need to keep something dry. it's great to store your valuables. >> a smart move for like a smile kit for your car. >> absolutely. and ten bucks, you can't beat it. >> especially when hazardous road conditions are coming up soon. something for the kids. how about a big wheel? >> yep. everybody remembers these.
4:40 am
this is a standard big wheel. just custom made for bass pro shop. has three different seat position. so this will grow with your kid as he gets bigger. it's got the 16-inch big wheel on the front. under $40. this is black friday only. so you got to get there in a hurry. >> and we're big fans of master build guys and their smokers of you have a sale on these, too. >> this is one of our top sellers. we sold out this in 30 minutes nationwide last year. >> wow. >> basically 'cause the price cannot be beat. >> put the wood chips in the bottom? >> right. digitally controlled and remote controlled. you can sit on your couch, monitor your meat, watch the game, whatever you want to do. come in on black friday, you'll save 130 bucks on this. >> who wouldn't want to monitor their meat from the couch? something dad always told me to do. luke, we appreciate it. thank you so much. go to bass pro shops because you're open today and then you have the big sale for the next couple of days. >> right. don't forget about santa's wonderland. the kids can meet santa and get
4:41 am
a free picture. >> wonderful. we'll check back with luke a little later for other deals coming up on the show. what better way to celebrate thanksgiving than with free booze? we're going to tell you where they're giving it away. then still are last minute questions about how to cook your thanksgiving bird? our butterball expert is here live answering them all for you when we come back. >> this is a tense between u.s. and china after two bombers flew into the chinese air space this week. obamacare promised to investigate the incident with the b 52's, while biden said, do you think they'll play "love shack" good job!
4:42 am
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or trouble breathing. tell your doctor your medical history. and ask your doctor about celebrex. for a body in motion. back more with "fox & friends." happy thanksgiving to you. some quick headlines. for many, thanksgiving is a time for togetherness, but for others, it's the perfect time to dump someone. the phenomenon is called a turkey drop. it refers to the breakup of high school couples after the first semester of freshman year of college. it's so popular, it even has its own web site. clayton should know this. turkey not that you've been dumped, but you should know about it. and southwest airlines feeling thankful for its customers. today the airline is offering a all passengers one free cocktail. beer or wine on their flights. that's your thanksgiving look.
4:46 am
>> i went to >> i remember, that happens to so many people. >> they do it because they don't want to buy the christmas present. let's tell the truth. >> there is another web site you need to visit. you need tips on this thanksgiving morning? janis stall is here to help answer questions. we've gotten so many questions this morning. you think they would have it wrapped up on thanksgiving morning. >> it's panicky this morning. people wake up and the turkeys are still frozen and we're worried. >> what about joanne? she asks this question: what is the best way to keep a turkey warm without it drying out before the family arrives? >> great question. we get that all the time. super easy. wrap it up in tin foil, lower it into a cooler, bought towel over it, shut the lid, it will stay warm for three hours. >> really? >> people call back and say thank you. they're like that really worked. >> tin foil, wrap it in a towel. >> put a towel over it. put it in a cool and three
4:47 am
hours. >> greg wants to know if your bird is still a bit frozen, can you still put it in the oven, giving it a little more cook time? does it change its flavor? i would so do that, which is probably the wrong thing to do. >> you can. but you still are time now, if you want to use our cold water thaw. keep it in the packages, submerge it breast side down in some water for an hour or two and that will jump start it. it may not be as frozen. but then you can put it in. it will cook longer. >> here is a question from diree. she says asked my father-in-law left his turkey on the turkey for 24 hours to thaw. now he's going to smoke it this morning. will it be safe? >> lot of people use that method. i don't recommend it. he might have gotten lucky 'cause it was only out 24 hours. it may still be cold. if it's cold to the touch, if it still feels like a gallon of milk, you're okay. but if not, it needs to go. >> what about with this?
4:48 am
we left ours out on the porch. is that okay? >> we get those calls, too. depends on where you live. florida doesn't really pan out. >> yeah. >> alaska, that's okay. >> the raccoon made off with it. she'll be back answering more questions and people can go to our web site and send them in on our facebook page. >> we have a lot more for you coming up. caught on camera, a police officer risking his life to save another. pulling a man from a burning truck. that hero is here to share his story. plus, you probably seen this happen before deep frying turkey disaster. this thanksgiving, we'll show you how to avoid this. ♪ ♪ ♪ or cherry? cherry. oil...or cream? definitely cream.
4:49 am
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4:52 am
kelly wright, anna kooiman at your service. we hope off great day. it's not just about the balloons at the macy's day parade. >> rick is standing by with a special guest. country superstar, bret eldridge. >> yes. he stopped by. not a bad 2013 for you. you released your first album. your first song was number one. and now you're in the macy's parade. >> that's the best part. the macy's parade. last year i was at the beach. i got up extra early just to watch the macy's parade. the year before that, my whole life i've watched it. to finish the year has been an amazing year. >> what's it like for you being here and seeing all this? it's pretty crazy when you're here at the beginning of this parade. what's going through your head?
4:53 am
>> i've been practicing my wave. i'm having a competition with the guys from "duck dynasty." they said who can hold their hand up the longest and wave? so i'm going to try to hold it the whole time. >> you're losing on the "duck dynasty" beard competition. >> i don't have the beard going, though. >> what's your float? >> the domino sugar. >> you've got a new song coming out? >> yes. called "beat of the music." we just got back from the bahamas from shooting the music video. >> thank you so much. congratulations. >> thank you. >> happy thanksgiving to you. >> same to you. >> back to you. >> i thought he was going to sing a few bars four. oh, man. thanks, rick. clayton, over to you. you have an amazing guest. >> we're grateful for our hero police officer who made a daring police officer running toward a burning truck to save an unconscious driver. then going back to make sure there were no other passengers in the car, all while risking his own life in this incredible rescue all caught on his
4:54 am
dashboard camera. this is officer scott of the cape may police department and joins us this morning on this thanksgiving morning. happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving. >> and happy thanksgiving hopefully to the gentleman whose life you saved. take me through that moment when you pull up to a scene like that. what is going through your mind? did you have a partner with you at the time or just yourself? >> just myself. >> what happened? when did you start your shift? >> at 6:00 p.m. and the call came at 6:02. >> this is the first thing you do. someone reports seeing a car on fire. when you pull up, describe what happened. >> i just wasn't sure if anyone was in the vehicle or not. you see me run up, i try to hope it was unlocked. it was. i couldn't see much. i was able to grab for him, felt him and pull him out of the car. >> you reached into a fire and felt -- you couldn't see with all the smoke there? >> correct. >> did you know he was unconscious at the time? >> not until i got him on the ground and he just wasn't moving. he wouldn't talk to me. >> did he have a seatbelt on? >> no. >> he didn't have a seatbelt on, you were able to pull him out. do we know how he's doing this
4:55 am
morning? >> last i heard issues he was in critical but stable condition. >> but wouldn't have survived had you not arrived on the scene. >> correct. >> when they train new this sort of scenario and you pull up -- i mean, what's going through your mind when you pull up to a scene like this and a car is on fire, how does your training kick in? >> a million things were going through my head. i thought what am i gog -- going to do next? >> i mean, you know that these cars will explode. >> right. >> once that fire hits the gas tank. did you have any idea how long this car has been on fire when you're pulling up to it? >> i had no idea. i wanted to get him out and away from the car as soon as i could. >> what did the other officers say to you back in the station when they saw this video? n they were very proud of me. >> unbelievable. you are a hero on this thanksgiving morning. we hope and pray for this gentleman and hope he's okay this morning. you have a wonderful thanksgiving. i know you're going to spend it with your mom today. >> yes. >> what a proud mom to have a son like you.
4:56 am
thank you so much. >> thank you very much. >> coming up here, what's the thanksgiving day parade without the balloons? we may have to find out. whether the whether or not keep them grounded in will that wind kick up? plus, many stores want to you skip dessert and start shopping. not everyone is giving in. so should stores be open on the holiday? your comments are pouring in about this. we will share them, top of the hour. ♪ ♪ >> i'm katrina king from afghanistan. i want to send a shout out to my son, eric king, in florida. happy thanksgiving, son. take care. mom loves you. ♪ ♪ ♪ hi honey, did you get e toaster cozy?
4:57 am
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good morning to you. happy thanksgiving. it's thursday the 28th of november, 2013. i'm anna kooiman. holiday nightmare, thousands of people stranded, hundreds of flights delayed and temperatures continue to plunge. will this wicked weather affect your travel plans? and this wicked weather could be grounding the famous balloons at the macy's thanksgiving day parade. we're live along the parade route. forget being thanksgiving. this thanksgiving, the white house would you like to be forgiving because along with the holiday comes another obamacare delay and this one is going to hit small businesses right where it hurts. plus, do you reach for a second serving of turkey or head straight to the sweet potatoes? what your favorite thanksgiving day dish says about you. "fox & friends" hour three starts right now.
5:01 am
♪ love, love will keep us together ♪ ♪ think of me babe whenever ♪ some squeak -- >> happy thanksgiving, everyone. a live look down 6th avenue right here in midtown manhattan as folks are already lining up for the big macy's thanksgiving day parade. the 87th annual. every year it seems like they shrink the path a different way. this year it's coming down 6th avenue. >> remember this thanksgiving, love will keep us together. thank you neil sedaka. >> thanksgiving will be a little cheaper. the farm bureau federation say the turkey and left overs for ten people coming down to 49.04. that's about five bucks a person. thirty-four cents cheaper. >> a little bit cheaper. and the nor'easter has finally left us. gone to sea, good-bye. good riddance. had enough of you yesterday and the day before. so what else is in store for your thanksgiving forecast?
5:02 am
let's check in with our very own rick reichmuth is who is on the parade route. >> hey, guys. all the clowns are here. i got to be honest with you, i'm cold. and i'm all dressed up. you guys are in these -- how many layers do you have underneath this fish suit? >> six. >> six. how many? >> seven? are you warm? >> i'm okay actually. >> it's clown energy. i think it's keeping you going right now. let's talk about the weather. take a look at the weather maps. it's chilly. it's not horrible, but it is certainly chilly across much of the area. you can see your temperatures as you're waking up. 30 degrees here in new york city. we're only 23 in atlanta. that breaks your record for this -- for the month of november. incredibly cold there, all the way down across the southeast. also windy for so many people. the wind chill feeling much kohler. feeling like the teens cross a lot of the area. looking at your forecast for tomorrow. i guess a lot of people like to
5:03 am
shop on the day after thanksgiving. pretty good day for it for almost everybody. of course, the big story here is the parade and will the balloons fly? they're making a game time decision. back on the other side, you see snoopy there. they have taken the net off of him. i think that's good sign. but i'm feeling positive about it. i have think that's looking good. thanks, clowns. >> thank you. >> all right. >> 15 of them that are going to be going down this year. looking forward to it. >> beautiful floats. >> rick is trying to keep it together while men in fish suits are swimming by his head. >> and kissing him. you can rewinds and watch it. >> that's the least crazy thing he's seen in new york this week. let's talk about obamacare. last night while you were driving to grandma's house, the obama administration decided to put out a little bit of a document dump last night and the delay now is for small business owners that wanted to sign up their employees on obamacare. that will be delayed until next
5:04 am
year now. you will not be able to go on the web site at to sign up your employees on the plan. >> right. granted, you will still be able to do it over the phone. but they haven't given us a deadline here, a solid date for next year, except at some point in november, which is important because it could be slipping past those all important midterm elections. but really the big issue is what are all these small business owners going to be doing and what does it mean for their operation? we spoke to one representative from the federation of independent businesses and she says it's not going to be pretty. >> a year from now, it's going to be ugly. what happened today i think is more insult to injury. this law is so bad for small business, you know. you know we within to the supreme court and fought it. but what happened today is really a message that says you know what, small business, you're the last priority for this law. >> the other problem with this is that there is also a prediction from various experts who have watched this closely who say that also next year when the employer mandate kicks in,
5:05 am
some 80 million people will receive cancellations or watch their insurance rates go higher because it doesn't fall in line with the obamacare requirements. now, having said that, is the administration, when you look at the web site and now the small business dump, is the administration postponing the day that they will actually have to be held accountable for this going south? >> that's what charles krauthammer thinks, by pushing it past the midterm elections that you don't have to then deal with the wrath of this prior to that election time. listen to charles. >> for every one person who is now acquired insurance through obamacare, 50 americans have lost their insurance over obamacare. you do the math and what you have here is a program that is a wrecking ball for the insurance system in the united states. and they keep postponing the day on which they're going to be held accountable. they have a web site, which is a complete turkey, and they say well, it will be okay on
5:06 am
december 1st. we now know it's not going to be okay on december 1st. there is such confidence in the fix that they are urging their own allies to stay off the site because they're worried about it crashing at a fairly low level of activity. about a tenths of what you get on amazon or other sites. so look, this is a rolling disaster. there is no daylight in sight. >> and it's also a slap in the business owners' faces. saturday is small business day. if you're around your community, you'll notice the signs in the windows, come out saturday to support small business. this is not a christmas present they'll like n this is painful to watch, especially those adversely impacted with their own personal insurance, watching those plans get canceled or having their premiums get jacked up. this is a jacked up plan and just do it all over again. >> remember we heard from the obama administration earlier this week saying, you know what? encouraging everybody to talk about it around the thanksgiving table while you're eating your
5:07 am
turkey, talk about obamacare and tell your elderly parents to bring their social security cards and other documentation to get on the web site and sign up. but now they're pulling the reins going, whoa, maybe we shouldn't because we can't handle more than 50,000. >> that's not something i want to be talking about over my thanksgiving -- heather, do you want to have that conversation tonight? >> absolutely not. can you imagine? families get a little complicated as it is anyway. especially around holiday time. then you want to talk about obamacare and politics? >> just talk about football and family time. >> yeah. probably better idea to leave that one alone. good morning to you all. happy thanksgiving, everyone. hope you're all having a great day. hope you can make it to your destination okay. hundreds of flights have been canceled today. thousands delayed as millions of people gearing up to travel for the holiday. most of the issues were out of pen opinion, new york and new jersey with delay times averaging about two hours, we understand right now. the problems were really a small fraction of the nearly 32,000
5:08 am
flights that were skilledded around the country -- scheduled around the country. the storm has passed. so travelers should be in the clear today. as always, make sure you check with your carrier before you head to the airport. overnight, news breaking in california. a gunman surrendering after he held his girlfriend and her daughter hostage for nine hours in inglewood, california. the neighborhood is still on lockdown as police surrounded the area during a stand-off. as police move in, a gun battle intensified resulting in an officer getting shot. listen to this. >> the officer that was actually shot was shot in the chest, but was saved by his bullet-proof vest. >> witnesses say the scene was like a war zone there. the hostages were not hurt. the former nfl star aaron hernandez is taking the fifth over accusations that he shot a man in the face outside of a miami strip club. 36-year-old alexander bradley claims hernandez shot him after they got in an argument back in
5:09 am
february. he's seeking $100,000 in damages. hernandez is already facing separate first degree murder charges in the death of his friend, odin lloyd. if you finish your pumpkin pie early and you want to hit the sales, there are plenty stores open today. but a handful will be holding back. shear a list of some of the national stores that won't participate in all the mayhem of thanksgiving shopping. costco, nordstrom, t.j. max, marshall's and burlington coat factory are among some of the companies that will keep their doors closed today. so we asked you, what do you think about this? good or bad for business to be open on thanksgiving? here is some of your responses so far. gentleman nell tweets, it depends on the type of business. there are needs even today. another says i don't agree with businesses being open. today is the day for friends and family. shopping should not come first. concept of delayedness. gratification. most deals are for subpar junk anyway. thanks to all of you who respond. those are your headlines. i like the idea of people
5:10 am
staying home on thanksgiving. >> i do it for most of the day. then at some point -- >> you get bored? >> yeah, when the in-laws are hanging around. you're like, i got to get out of here. >> here is somebody who is traveling and the gas station happens to be closed where you're trying to shop, then you're upset. >> when i am home, i enjoy being there because everyone gets to chew the fat and talk all day and i mean chew the fat and talk all day and eat more and talk more. eat some turkey go to sleep. always fun. >> depends on what you're eating. we thought this was interesting. a study that looks at exactly what type of thanksgiving dish that you like the most. my wife asked me this yesterday. she said what's your favorite thing? i think the turkey. it's the centerpiece. it's the main dish. i love turkey. i love getting a little skin on there and going back for seconds. according to this study, if you like turkey, that means that you're patient -- i don't know if that's accurate. you believe in second helpings and second chances. i like that. >> so i like turkey too, then.
5:11 am
>> what about people who liked mashed potatoes? >> with gravy, then they're stating you are more concerned with the immediate happiness than future consequence. you want all of it now. >> if you're somebody who eats mashed potatoes without the gravy, then you feel you are not entitled to truth status. >> who would -- who would deny themselves because a nutritionist said, be careful. don't eat everything on the plate. >> throw it out window and just eat. >> for me, it trial is stuffing. really, it's all of the above, except for the cranberry sauce. i think i would go with stuffing. >> you're pretty sure of yourself. in a good way. >> i'm not emotionally vulnerable? >> that's accurate. >> sorry, guys. >> that's okay. even right now she's breaking down on the air. what about sweet potato casserole? you're a paradoxical soul. you can't make up your mind is basically. >> sweet potato casserole?
5:12 am
>> brown sugar. >> what about this one? cranberry sauce? you'd rather boil your problems in sugar than deal with them straight up. >> i'm not a cranberry sauce person. are you? >> i hate cranberry sauce. >> chris is laughing over there. >> i'm just the opposite. i would rather get my problems straight up. >> send us what you like the most this morning. ffthanksgiving #is the hash tag. coming up, a pizza hut manager refuses to open the doors today and gets canned. why the company is backtracking on its move. >> a deep frying turkey disaster. this thanksgiving we're showing you how to avoid this. bass pro shop is here to help. ♪ ♪ come on.
5:13 am
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am i forgetting something? no holiday's complete without campbell's green bean casserole. wish you were here. ♪ [ doorbell ] [ gasps ] ♪ [ gong ] [ wisest kid ] m'm! m'm! good!
5:16 am
thank you for joining us here on "fox & friends." and thank you for watching and for making us number one. >> that's right. >> number one with a bullet. our own peter johnson, jr. is continuing his half century family tradition of attending the macy's day thanksgiving day parade. >> and he's there with his daughters and blanch and veronica, two lovely daughters who are going to a great college. and as the parade gets ready to kick off, he's thinking about what saying thank you really means in america. peter, good to see you. happy thanksgiving. >> good morning. happy thanksgiving to you. my mother and father brought my
5:17 am
brother, christopher, and i to this parade for the first time a half century ago. since then, i've been drawn to it. smoky the bear and sinclair the dinosaur yesterday, to spiderman and snoopy today. drawn what this day says about who we are as a people. today the youngest will haltingly recite the dinner prayer of thanks at our tables. and the oldest will give silent thanks for another day to be proud of the very youngest. and we will watch this parade, hot chocolate smiles and high flying heros, parents released from work and children from school. equally liberated and today we all give sincere thanks freely and fully. to the bus drivers who bring us here, to the teachers who explain us our history, to the farmers who feed us, to the night shift who protects us
5:18 am
every night, to the nurses and dorks and care givers who heal us in life and console us in our deaths. the chain of gratitude is as unbroken as our american cycle of progress and as unpredictable as the line of march here at this parade. from gety gettysburg, we thank those who gave their lives so we could lead our lives today. thank you. is it a mindless, meaningless reflex? no. it's much more here in america. see it in an airport waiting room erupts in gratitude for a returning veteran. feel it when a stranger's kindness provokes your thankful tears. when a dying child finds grateful solace in a clown smile. the ways to say thank you are as limitless as the acts which elicit those thanks. much obliged. i'm in your debt. that's the music of our shared
5:19 am
dependence. promises renewed for promises kept. tonight children will hug their parents and say to them, thanks, daddy. thanks, mommy, for the parade. it goes without saying that they are welcome, but we will say as parents, thanks for spending the day with me, with mommy, with daddy. so the cycle of americans being thankful for others, thankfulness begins again today here on central park west in manhattan. these happy united states of thanksgiving comes together, a country strong enough to be proud of our gratitude. i'm proud to be with you. i'm proud to be with "fox & friends" and we thank america for watching on this day and every other day throughout the year. i love you guys and happy to be with you. >> love you, too. god bless you. >> happy holy ghost to you. one of the finest and nicest persons in this building and on the "fox & friends" staff. peter johnson, jr., thank you and have a wonderful thanksgiving.
5:20 am
>> happy thanksgiving. >> thank you. >> thanks to all of you for watching this morning because we've got more on the way. you can say happy thanksgiving, but john stossel wants to wish you a happy starvation day. huh? >> what? >> he's here in our hallway to explain. >> john always knows how to get to you. and this will make you think twice about texting and walking. caught on camera, this guy so distracted, he almost stepped on a deadly snake. boy, he's thankful. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] introducing new fast acting advil. with an ultra-thin coating and fast absorbing advil ion core™ technology, it stops pain before it gets worse. nothing works faster. new fast acting advil. look for it in the white box.
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5:24 am
quick headlines. thanksgiving means football and there is plenty of it today. the dallas cowboys will host the oakland raiders this afternoon, wearing home blues for the first time since the 1960s. they must always wear white at home because some fans consider the blue jerseys bad luck. the newtown high school football team is headed to the playoff. they dedicated their season to the victims of the shooting at sandy hook and went on to win every game this season. thanksgiving all about sharing, right? but john stossel says sharing almost killed off the pilgrims and today society is on the same track. >> isn't sharing nice? look at this place. a big public park. it's a big space where anyone can come. no one person owns this. everyone shares it. >> sharing is caring ♪
5:25 am
♪ it can be fun. >> everybody knows that song. john stossel joins us now to explain. happy thanksgiving. >> happy starvation day. >> tragedy of the commons. what do you mean by that? >> the phrase came from england originally where they said, let's share the commons. everybody brought their sheep to graze there. soon there was no grass and the sheep all died. the principle of the commons, like the song and everywhere i can get people to sing that song, is that parks, they're good 'cause they're public and we share it. but when you think public, i think public toilets. when people share something, nobody takes care of it. that was a beautiful park that was totally run down. same with central park -- until a private group said, look, we'll take care of it. >> right. >> now they're immaculate. >> disclosure, i'm not involved with brian park. it used to look like that and today it's just crowded with people. they love it. people don't even know that it's privately run. >> so the point you're making
5:26 am
then, when you look at history and what -- not our founding fathers, but forefathers, pilgrims and all, they almost got in a lot of trouble. >> they did. jamestown, the colony right before, one guy chopped up and salted his wife. it was the only instance we know of that's cannibalism in the colony. they were starving because they came over and said, we'll have a communal garden. same way with the pilgrims. the reason we have thanksgiving is after two years of starvation, the governor said, this isn't working. set every corn, every man for his own particular and so assign to every family a parcel of land. once that happened, people took care of their own stuff. before the 18-year-olds were saying, we're all sharing, i don't feel well today. i'm going to call in sick. >> this is really condemnation of socialism? >> yeah. it's socialism. communal societies have been tried again and again and we keep trying. you could say some of it's good. medicare is unsustainable. all these government programs
5:27 am
are a form of let's all be in it together. >> what is it when you talk to these people in the park, do they think the parks magically clean themselves at the end of the night? they don't realize that private companies are usually involved in doing the cleaning? >> it doesn't happen overnight. it took a few years, so they don't notice. most of the people who were there that day think it was always this way. >> but they do notice when they go to the toilets. >> that's right. public toilets make people go oh. >> john stossel always challenging the way we think about things in this country. thank you very much. happy thanksgiving. >> happy starvation day. you can watch him tonight. >> we'll have more on the tragedy of the common. >> tonight on the "fox business" network. thanks. coming up here, the moment of impact caught on camera. brand-new video of that terrifying twister in indiana ripping a school apart just a few seconds. then don't let your turkey turn into charcoal. bass pro here to teach us how to deep fry the right way. >> this is specialist jackson.
5:28 am
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♪ ♪ you're look at elisabeth hasselbeck's kids. they're look at the cookies. can't wait 'til they come out of the ovens. >> pumpkin squares. all right, elisabeth. and here is a baby watching "fox & friends." get them started early, i always say. >> yeah! raleigh, north carolina. >> and raleigh, income in connection with, where i used to work. >> yeah. wonderful. >> he wanted to weigh in this morning on our obamacare talk points. >> elisabeth, we'd like to taste those. send them in.
5:33 am
>> they're going to be delicious and gluten free, by the way. >> let's get out to rick reichmuth at the 87th annual thanksgiving data -- day parade. we're up in midtown right now. they're lined up up here on 6th avenue. you're way up in the 80s? is that where it starts? >> yeah. 77th street and central park west is where it begins. there is also news that the floats are -- the balloons are going. so that's breaking news. the other great part is that we have chesten chenowith with us. happy thanksgiving to you. >> happy thanksgiving. >> we're very excited you're here. i bet you're excited that you're in the macy's parade. this isn't your first time? >> this is not my first rodeo, okay, rick? hi, everybody. it's actually never gets old 'cause i'm looking at the floats and at the excitement of the bands and the kids from all over the country. makes me very proud to be part of this tradition. >> i bet it does. what's the float you're on today? >> i think i must be on the best float, for royal caribbean. i don't know if you know, but i'm the godmother of their knew
5:34 am
ship, quantum of the cease. the cool thing about this experience is that this float is going to have things on it that will be on the new ship that launches next november from this city, from new york city. >> kristen is from new york city. every time i hear you speak, i think, i can't believe she has that voice that she has when she sings. >> so do i. i'm like really? and i didn't suck helium? okay. great. >> speak of helium, there is a lot of that here today. first of all, you are a toniy winner. more than one? >> tony and emmy. winner of other things in my own mind. >> and you're work on a movie now? >> working on a movie with jennifer lopez, who is one of the best entertainers and people i've gotten to work with. called "the boy next door." it's a thriller. i fly back to l.a. after the
5:35 am
parade. >> what are you thankful for today? >> oh, goodness. i'm thankful for my family and we always say that, especially as you get older. you're like it's about family. but i want to say to my aunt rose lynn, i love you so much. i'm thinking about you and your family, too. >> thank you so much am happy thanksgiving to you. thanks for stopping by. guys, back to you. >> i'm thankful for kristen chenowith and her amazing voice in "wicked." >> thanks. let's get it over to heather nauert. we're thankful for you as well. >> thank you. thankful to you as well. hope you're off to a great day and a happy thanksgiving to you. video that you're about to see is pretty incredible. take a look at what happens when a tornado rips through a middle school in indiana. you can see this gym completely torn apart in just seconds. then look out in the hallway. you see the loads of ceiling tiles come crashing down. no one was in that school at the time because it happened on a
5:36 am
sunday. you remember this twister was a part of that deadly storm that killed eight people last week in the midwest. hundreds of folks in ohio won't be spending thanksgiving at home with their families this year. they remain evacuated after a train derailed late tuesday night. we told but this story yesterday. it spilled highly flammable chemicals all over the ground. and this morning we're learning that some families won't be able to return to their homes until saturday. >> just have to accommodate with what we got. every day there is something new we have to do. i guess we have to make the best out of it. >> making the best of it indeed. officials say the clean-up efforts haven't progressed as quickly as they hoped. nearly 13,000 gallons of the chemical leaked out of one of the cars and there is concern that it could explode. an amish girl who needs chemotherapy has fled with her family in order to avoid that treatment. she's ten years old and had leukemia. an ohio court ruled she must receive that chemo to save her life, despite hers parents'
5:37 am
objection. the hospital says she's stopped this treatment and the family just cannot be found right now. doctors believe the leukemia is treatable and say she'll die without that therapy. a pizza hut manager, he's in indiana. he says he was fired for refusing to open the restaurant on thanksgiving because he wanted to give his employees the day off. now he's getting his job back and this story made national headlines when pizza hut announced on his facebook page that he has been offered that job back. he worked for that restaurant chain for more than ten years and says he thinks today should be for families. listen to him. >> you can have the day off. and the whole year there are only two days those people are guarantee to do have off and spend them with their family. >> what did a good guy. and how right is he? we are still waiting to hear if he's going to take that job back. traditionally thanksgiving and christmas are the only two days out of each year that pizza hut is closed. if he doesn't take this job, he
5:38 am
should head here to fox. sounds like the kind of employee we'd like. anna, what you got going on over there? >> turkey. a little bit more. thanks so much. happy thanksgiving to everybody at home. we have luke snyder with us, our friend from bass pro shop of the people are thinking what's the best way to cook a turkey? deep frying turkey people say can be dangerous. you have a different twist. >> that's right. this is a butterball indoor electric turkey fryer. i said electric so there is no open flame. so this is very safe to use inside your home. basically you just want to marinate the bird before hand. we've done that for you. we have all the spices and marinades right there at bass pro. you preheat the oil to 350 degrees. slowly lower this bird in there. when you're dealing with hot grease, just nice and easy. once this goes in, the oil will seal all the juices inside that bird. >> when you say you can do this inside, are you talking in the garage or where are you talking? >> in the kitchen while everybody is there. >> okay. >> it's very safe.
5:39 am
>> party doesn't have to go outside. perfect for cold weather. >> got an electric timer. we close the lid, set the timer, you can't even overcook it. >> again, we said electric. so don't try the other kind in your house. what else do you have? >> we have this bird we cooked earlier. >> let me taste it. the boys will be so jealous. let's see. >> that was done about 30 minutes ago right here. >> oh, my gosh. it's so moist. it's great. the marinade you can get at bass pro shop, too. this is probable will he my favorite thing is this turkey jerky that you put in a dessert? >> yeah. with this turkey jerky or the steak and jerky, you can make it whenever you want. we made a holiday peppermint bark and sprinkled turkey jerky on top. >> can i try that, too? >> absolutely. >> you see those big chunks on there? mmm.
5:40 am
>> next we have this awesome new product. you can get this at bass the hot sauce. the flavor is so good. >> we have a turkey theme. kelly, what are you doing? >> sprinkle a little of the moon shine hot sauce on something like green bean casserole and it brightens the whole thing up. >> great ideas from our friends at bass pro shop. thank you so much. >> you bet. >> stick around of the rick is live at the parade with a very special guest and a big superstar, kellie pickler, joining us live. don't go anywhere. [ male announcer ] it's simple physics...
5:41 am
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well, did you know that just one sheet of bounce outdoor fresh gives you more freshness than two sheets of the leading national store brand? who knew? so, how do you get your bounce? with more freshness in a single sheet.
5:44 am
love our graphics department. look, what is thanksgiving without the macy's parade? rick is live right now with one of its stars, kellie pickler. hey, kelly. >> we've already had kristen chenowith. >> i love her! >> i feel like you -- there is a similarity between the two of you right now. >> she has -- i think we could be -- i think we're a lot alike. >> we can get in some trouble together, i'm sure. >> bad trouble, blond trouble, right? >> right. and i love your hair. it's so beautiful. love it. >> thank you. you know how it is when you first cut it. >> absolutely. girl talk! >> all right. kellie pickler. suddenly the two of you, you kind of look alike. >> i love her. thank you for saying that. she's beautiful. i love her. she's a doll baby. so sweet. >> so are you. you have a new album out. right? >> i do. >> fourth album? >> number four called "the woman i am." we just leased my new single not
5:45 am
too long ago. we'll be performing that today on our float. >> what's your float? >> i don't know. i hope i'm on a float! who knows? i may have to walk this parade. >> it's been seven years since you were on "american idol." four albums. how has life changed and what are you thankful for now than what you were thankful for before? >> my life has changed so much. but i think for the better. i'm so blessed to be able to do what i love. i love country music. i've always wanted to grow up and do what dolly parton does. i just love country music and i'm blessed to be part of it. got great friends, great people around me. i have so much to be thankful for. >> do you know the place you're going to eat after you're in the parade? >> i actually have a show tomorrow in delaware. so i think we are -- i think we are going to be on the road. i don't know. either that or hotel food. life on the road. >> did you ever think as a kid, i'm sure you grew up watching the parade and what's it like to
5:46 am
be here now? >> it's an honor. and it's really exciting. like you said, everyone is gathered around the tv right now watching and/or getting ready to watch the parade. it's really neat to be a part of it all. >> thank you so much for stopping by and talking with us. >> happy thanksgiving to you. >> happy thanksgiving. >> guys, back to you. >> i love they were just doing girl talk there. >> you know when you first cut your hair. >> get some insight. >> thank you. >> we saw kristen chenowith, miss america 2014, the list goes on and on. >> meanwhile, you probably are getting your turkey ready this morning. are you in panic mode? butterball is here to help. janet stall is here from the talk line to answer some of your questions. >> thanks for having me. >> your busiest day of the year i suppose. katy asks on facebook this morning, says i have a 26-pound unstuffed turkey. that's a massive bird. what temperature should i cook it at and for how long?
5:47 am
>> 325 degrees. you always cook a turkey at 325 so we can keep it simple. then should take between 4 1/2 and five hours. use the meat thermometer. make sure you're getting 170 in the breast. 18 in the thigh. >> she says unstuffed. i heard -- if you're not going to cook the stuffing inside, put other things in there? >> you can. it will flavor your meat and makes the house smell nice. if you want to flavor the meat, it creates a steam bath. >> i had no idea you were such a turkey sore. another says to cover or not to cover? >> don't cover up front. two-thirds of the way, put a tin foil over the breast and that will keep it moist. >> mike says, when brining a turkey, is there such a thing as too much salt? >> there is. butterball turkeys turkeys are d if it's frozen. if you have a fresh one, go
5:48 am
ahead and brine. you may add a little extra salt to it, be sensitive to that. >> we're about to wrap it up here. where can people go to get more tips? >> 1-800-butterball. we'd love if you would send us a picture on instagram. and we're on facebook. we are on twitter. we are on live chats with you and we're there 'til tonight. >> the whole social media. >> thank you for stick around and answering our viewer questions. >> speak of sticking around, up next, check this out. the great turkey carve-off. which one of us will be able to slice up the bird in just one minute? ♪ ♪
5:49 am
you really love, what would you do?" ♪ [ woman ] i'd be a writer. [ man ] i'd be a baker. [ woman ] i wanna be a pie maker. [ man ] i wanna be a pilot. [ woman ] i'd be an architect. what if i told you someone could pay you and what if that person were you? ♪ when you think about it, isn't that what retirement should be, paying ourselves to do what we love? ♪
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5:52 am
thanks for sharing your holiday with us here at "fox & friends." after all the preparation, it's really finally time for the all important thanksgiving feast. >> yum, yum. fairway market meat consultant ray v. >> izia is here to tell us how to carve the turkey this morning. nice to see you this morning. >> happy thanksgiving to everybody. >> what are the secrets to carving the proper turkey? >> first you want to start with the leg. go the leg off first which allows the breast to continue to
5:53 am
cool, 'cause you want it to sit 15 to 20 minutes before you carve. >> you said never use a fork. >> yes. that's when you know sat along enough, warm, but not too hot it touch with your hands. >> the first part you take off are the legs? >> take the leg off. right off the side. take the leg. and open it up right against the body. it exposes the joint. that's where you can go through. you can't cut through any bones. then through the v of that leg, you separate the drum and the thigh. again, where the joint is is where you can cut through. >> this all looks very juicy, which is what you want to do for the white meat, too. and you say that you ought to do a quarter inch to an eighth of an inch? >> a quarter to an eighth of an inch thick so that there is a little meat there to retain the juice. so when you bite down, you get all the flavor. >> when you look at the three of us, who do you think has greater carving skills? >> i think she does. >> me? >> you know that was always my
5:54 am
dad's job. >> what i learned this morning from anna, she's never cooked a turkey in her life. this ought to be entertaining. >> men are manly, they like to rip it apart. >> one minute on the clock. we're going to attempt to see who can carve it faster. one minute and go! ♪ ♪ >> like that? >> yeah. >> no helping. >> then right in this v shape. cut again in the v. >> go to the next joint. >> you have to be strong for this, huh? >> not that strong. >> now what? >> then come up and take that part of the wing off in a v shape. you leave that drum on so you gives you stability on the body when you take the breast off. now along here on the side of the bone, open that up.
5:55 am
that's the breast. then put your hand right in here. >> i can't believe you trust me with this knife. >> now the bone is curved. at the point of the knife, you're going to come curved around and pull and follow at the same time. >> look at kelly's! that's beautiful. >> thank you. >> check out this bird right here. >> i've been working hard. >> you have all bone. >> solid piece of breast. >> he's showing favoritism to the lovely anna kooiman. >> smart man! he's a smart man. >> we'll call the winner after the break. >> check out fairway markets if you're here in new york city. thanks, ray. i'm going to keep work on this. you know what? my knife was dull. >> i did a good job. ♪
5:56 am
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visit truecar.comoney,com,t. and never overpay.yer's remorse. a good deal or not. "okay, this is the price,"sman comes and you're like.ells you, ♪ ♪ look live at the parade route. it will pass right by fox news headquarters on 6th avenue. >> exciting and if you take a live look here in our studio this morning, you can see all of the people lined up right outside of our windows here. this is where the balloons will come down and our own rick reichmuth live. have things started yet down there, rick? >> it is getting ready to. all the bands are in place and all the floats are up, which is
6:00 am
great news. and every year, this is my favorite thing, these pilgrims. i don't know why they're funny. i like them. happy thanksgiving, guys. >> happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving. log on for our after the show show. >> americans are digging out after a winter storm rocks the east coast. there is such heavy snow piling up across parts of the northeast and it's stifling plans for thousands of holiday travelers. we know you are trying to fly home for thanksgiving and some of the nation's busiest airport are feeling the brunt of rain and snow, delaying 4,000 flights. i'm jamie colby, welcome to america's newsroom. heather: the b


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