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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  November 28, 2013 6:00am-9:01am PST

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and every year, this is my favorite thing, these pilgrims. i don't know why they're funny. i like them. happy thanksgiving, guys. >> happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving. log on for our after the show show. >> americans are digging out after a winter storm rocks the east coast. there is such heavy snow piling up across parts of the northeast and it's stifling plans for thousands of holiday travelers. we know you are trying to fly home for thanksgiving and some of the nation's busiest airport are feeling the brunt of rain and snow, delaying 4,000 flights. i'm jamie colby, welcome to america's newsroom. heather: the balloons will fly
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as planned in the annual thanksgiving day parade. here is a look at preparation from earlier today. you see, wind gusts slowing down here in new york city. spiderman, all the other thanksgiving day faiths, they are safe to take to the air, jamie. jamie: folks from waiting with bated breath but in connecticut wind are snapping tree lines and take out neighborhood. neighbors say the transformers blew up one by one. >> they burst into flames. it started coming down the next wire. you could see explosions. >> this morning i was wondering if we had to set up the generator. sure enough. we wanted coffee.
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>> the crew were able to get the power restored. lake-effect snow slamming parts of the midwest causing major driving issues. michigan ands indiana starting to pick up the pieces. visibility could become a problem later today. up to a foot of the snow expected. wind gusts to reach 30 miles per hour. heather: thanksgiving and all your meals could be more expensive in 2014. lawmakers haven't passed a new farm bill. if they don't do it before january 1 you could expect your food prices to spike. we are talking $8 for a gallon of milk. happy thanksgiving. let's talk about milk and other
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groceries. the farm bill negotiations. what is the status? >> reporter: that bill is two years overdue. the house and senate have different bill that have to be in a conference committee. if we don't get a farm bill milk could go up to $6 or $7 a gallon next year. the deal they seem to have reached last week fell through. according to politico there was a conference call to get things going. but the bottom line is the negotiations are still ongoing. >> there are a lot of people whose livelihoods depend on them. what is the major sticking point? >> reporter: subsidy are always a big one. but the other one is that provision for food stamps or supplemental nutrition
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assistance program. or snap. >> the changes being made, will they make hunger worse? if they do, i can't vote for that bill. i do not think you can get a farm bill passed without an adequate nutrition title. >> reporter: this is the biggest element. it accounts for 80% federal agricultural spending. some predict there won't be if a farm bill at all and congress will extend the terms of the old one for yet another year. >> it's a day to remember those who farm. thanks so much, steve. >> reporter: forget the parade downth avenue in manhattan. there is a parade, we are talking about the one going into stores. more retailers are opting to go
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into thanksgiving instead of waiting for black friday. which store are opening today and why are they doing it? >> happy green thursday. that's what some are calling this thanksgiving day as more and more stores are opening on the holiday because they say it's what customers wants. but others say the trend ruins the holiday for the employees. macy's is opening at 8:00 p.m. and staying open until 10:00 p.m. tomorrow night. target, best buy and jc penney also opening tonight. walmart is open as it has been for the last 25 years. >> shopping on thanksgiving is becoming a new tradition. and retailers are listening to their customers and responding to demand. >> reporter: the national retail federation he another reason stores are open on
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thanksgiving is the holiday shopping season runs just 27 days. retailers are expecting the average american to send $738. that's 2% less than last year. >> reporter: not all stores are following this trend. some are remaining closed because it's the right thing to do? is that why they are choosing not to the open? >> reporter: other retailers are choosing to buck the trend. p.c. richard said thanksgiving should be spend at home. north strom and costco are staying closed, too. they say retailers are ruining thanksgiving for their employees who are underpaid and not getting enough hours year round. >> it's a false choice. if they can't make enough to put their own thanksgiving dinner on
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the table for their families they might have to make that choice to work on thanksgiving. >> we are working. happy thanksgiving. we certainly fresh why it it. heather: we are work and cooking. if i wasn't work i wouldn't be in the store, how about you? we have a jam packed show. we are so happy you are with us this thanksgiving. democrats taking a hit in the court of public opinion over the obamacare rollout. could give republicans the edge in 2014? heather: it's access to the 9/11 museum no one has seen until now. plus ...
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jamie: the u.s. military in japan is holding its annual war games. this year's games coming days after a china announcement of a controversial new air defense zone in the area requiring all military planes to report their flight plans and maintain radio contact. china has warned it will take defensive measures if its rules are ignored. the american military brass says they will continue as planned with the joint drills with japan. heather: new evidence the
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botched obamacare rollout could hurt democrats. 39% of americans said they would vote for a democrat if elections were held today. dead even. but that's a big change from october when democrats had a 9-point lead over republicans. doug schoen is a former presidential adviser. a lot of people worried they lost a 9-point lead in just one month. >> the democratic party is in free-fall. they are very nervous. this doesn't mean they can't hold on to their position. but it will require distancing themselves from president obama as an individual and obamacare as a policy. heather: just before the thanksgiving break democrats were already distancing
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themselves. you had democrats voting for the house plan to allow americans to say on their health plans. this was after the president announced his own fix to the plan. >> we are getting more and more bad news about obamacare each day. yesterday it was the small business rollout has been delayed for about a year. democrats understand the only way they can get reelected is to distance themselves from an increasingly unpopular president and unpopular policies. so it's every man and woman for themselves. >> the small business plan pushing it back possibly until after the 2014 mid-terms. they didn't have a hard date. but that seems to be the plan there. is that a strategic move by the
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administration? >> the administration knows obamacare is not a winner. so they are trying to push back as many of the deadlines as far as possible. but that being said, that's not a recipe for electoral success. heather: what is happening between the president and the democrats who are up for reelection or facing losing their seats. what type of pressure is he facing? >> he announced that delay because he's getting huge pressure democrats in marginal states. they say you are not going to have to run again and we stood up for you and right four your credibility is low and you need to do things that gives us political cover and bottom line all democrats believe the white house is not their ally as they go forward. heather: what is the solution
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for the white house to get everyone back in their corner. especially their own constituents and their own party. >> first and foremost they have to change the subject. they have to talk about economic growth and immigration reform. and you will see more negative ads and attacks on the republicans. as unpopular as the democrats are the republicans remain unpopular. the horse race showed a tie. you demonize your opponent if you don't have an argument to make for yourself. >> reporter: don't you think americans are smarter than that? they are starting to see every time there is a controversy or scandal or problem with the white house they try to do that. it's obvious to every one, they switch it around and start talking about the economy. on at least five occasions. do you think that people will start seeing through that? >> i think they will if the republicans offer people
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something they haven't done, which is hope, an agenda of change, economic growth, a sense there will be progress with the republican majority in a way there hasn't been with the democratic majority in the senate and white house. heather: heat's talk about the president's own poll numbers when it comes to credibility and honesty. it seems to be something the president has been able to maintain through every scandal that happened with this administration. benghazi, the irs. but his numbers how at their lowest. they dropped. people don't trust them. they don't think he's reliable or credible. >> let me be clear for somebody who has been there. when the president's approval is below 40% and you have over 50% saying he's not honest or believable, bottom line that leaves democrats to understand they have to get as far from him and washington as possible. that's the real challenge democrats face and that's why
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this election is so problematic for the democratic majority in the senate and the house. heat will be predict the next thing that will happen with obamacare. >> i would tell them to put the policy on hold. to do a fix where they get the republicans together, say this is a bipartisan problem. we have to solve it together. bottom line, the current trajectory is one that is a recipe for defeat along the lines of the 2010 election. heather, thank you. jamie: the new technology the u.s. air force is using to train its pilots. and the controversy and now confusion over the nuclear deal with iran. finger pointing between tehran and washington that someone is misrepresenting the facts. does this mean there is no deal? captain chuck nash explains
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heather: welcome back. a police officer sentenced after getting caught on tape tossing a female suspect into an interview room. watch. heather: that woman busted for drinking and driving. police say that suspect had been acting unruly and the officer pled no contest to misdemeanor battery. he must do 500 hours of community service and serve a 30-day suspension.
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jamie: we want to talk about new questions surrounding the controversial nuclear deal that's made with iran. apparently there is confusion as to what has been agreed to. iranian officials suggest they can keep building a nuclear facility in iraq. but the state department is taking issue with that claim. arak would be the proper pronunciation. jamie: everyone wants to believe there is a deal with iran about halting its enrichment and
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nuclear ambitions. how do you feel? >> when both side each think the deal is something other than what the other side thinks, there is more than enough confusion there to cause one to doubt that there is a deal in place. neither side is willing to live up to what the other side thinks they agreed to. so there is no deal. if that's the cause. one of the things that could be most disturbing. iran being a supporter of terrorism around the world. no matter what deal is made, not being able to go in and verify. how do we get there? >> the united states is called iran the biggest supplier of international terrorism. that's remained consistent throughout administrations so there is no change there. so sit does draw into question
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what are we doing, even the u.s. is saying that okay you can enrich but not more than 5%. they shouldn't have any right to do enrichment, period. it's as if this exercise has been done out of desperation. a. >> you see secretary of state john kerry flying back and forth to geneva. then they come back and everybody stands in front of the microphones and the iranians go, that's not what we agreed to, and the west says yes you did. so there is a credibility issue. if you look at the polls, this administration does not have a lot of credibility. jamie: there was almost an air of celebration after this aagreement was made. what's the next step to be able to go in, verify and make
6:25 am
adjustments as necessary. >> they said the next step is a series of technical meetings where they will get down to the working level where supposely they will put the meat on the bones of the super structure that was put together in the grand deal with secretary of state kerry and the iranian foreign minister. everybody is saying the bones aren't the bones. so i don't know the technical meanings. this is all a whole series of delaying tactics. the west is getting played by the iranians, and what they are playing for is time. and when they set off their test nuclear device, everybody is going to go, well, we did everything we could. if we did everything we could, no, we didn't. one of the things that has been reported in the press recently is that the president preemptively removed some of the sanctions against the iranians to condition the table so they
6:26 am
could come to this grand deal which isn't a deal. if that's the case, those were the on things that were holding a shard edge against the mullahs in iran. and they take a lot of time to work. jamie: those sanctions were putting the pressure on. though the people of iran were suffering as a result. the folks in charge there, whether it's the ayatollah or the new president. they really were feeling the pinch. now that they have been eads do we go back in and try to renegotiate this deal? >> that's just it. they haven't kicked the can down the road, they kicked the can over. it's really a mess. the middle east is a mess. southeast say shah is samels. at least the sanctions were biting and starting to work and we kicked that can over, too.
6:27 am
where to start in something like this, it almost becomes so incredibly complex and painful that you don't know where it starts. jamie: what about this one facility, arak. why is it so important to iran? >> because it's critical to the enrichment and the creation of plutonium which you need for a bomb it's a heavy water reactor. that's what the west is concerned with. if they enrich uranium. but if you produce plutonium, it's not used for power plants. plutonium is used in nuclear weapons. jamie: before the granted deal they were saying you could be as a month away from producing the weapon. happy to have your insight on it, perhaps those that can will
6:28 am
go back and take another look. thank you captain nash. we wish and all our service members and their families a happy thanksgiving. take care. >> an exclusive weak inside the nearly finished 9/11 museum. we'll take you inside to places never seen before by the public. as we give thanks on this thanksgiving. let's not forget our brave men and women serving overseas. >> i want to wish to my daughter and my sister happy thanksgiving. i love you and i miss you. [ grunts softly ]
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6:33 am
they can't do in the air like have missiles shot at them and fly close to the ground, those kinds of things. prime minister netanyahu said the israelis are not bound by any deal made with iran and may use military force if they think iran is close to a nuclear bomb. now it's up to israeli military planners to find a way to live up to that threat. each time they take off for a training mission the costs run into the tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars. a new simulator makes it impossible to tell the difference between actual flying and make believe. the israeli simulator looks a lot like a private imax theater. we were given unprecedented
6:34 am
access. we agreed to conceal their identity. >> as an air force we want a big air space so we can fly. the israeli air force has a new mission. planning a possible attack on iran's nuclear program. >> i can fly lower, i can fly high level. >> reporter: where before pilots took off on combat missions just look at photos of their targets. >> i can see everything. >> reporter: now they have already flown over them and attacked them in a simulator dozen of times. you will note the israeli pilots we interviewed and the defense establishment will never talk
6:35 am
specifically about an attack on iran. but it seem as though that is the way they are going to make this a credible military threat. something they have been talking about for a long time and something they worked hard to get a lot of the military hardware they might need. those kind of things they are trying to buy from the united states. >> would an israeli strike on iran do enough damage to make a difference? >> reporter: that's the cost benefit analysis they are doing in jerusalem as they make that go with no-go decision. it's thought the israelis have enough range to get planes to iran and back. israel has bombed nuclear facilities in iran and iraq. iran has built facility underground that's why they are pushing for the u.s. to make a
6:36 am
strike or to sell them those bunker busting bombs. >bombs.. jamie: right now we are 6 month away from the next chapter in the aftermath of 9/11. here in new york after 13 years the museum at the world trade center is expected to open in may. our bill hemmer'exclusive access to parts of that museum that the public has never seen until now. >> this is the entryway to the memorial museum and this is where the history will be told. bill: we were given an inside look at the only part of the museum above ground. >> we built this atrium so we could show the first artifacts. they are beat up but they are
6:37 am
standing strong. it's a rereminder that we have the ability to be resilient. bill: the museum go 8 floors to the bedrock. i don't think people have a grasp until they walk inside. on the second floor this will be an auditorium seating for 180 people. on this floor a private room for the victims' families. it's very dr. mat nick this area where you see the soak trees and the fountains in the background and you are elevated. you are above it. >> this is one of my favorite locations in the museum. it's that idea of light. you are seeing the memorial pool. the north and the south and you see the tridents. then you see that juxtaposition of the trident against one world trade center. and in one frame there is this idea of remembrance and
6:38 am
resiliency and rebirth. bill: the atrium will be a place many people will not be able to forget. >> there is a sense of peace. this atrium puts that into view. >> tell me what you see as a designer. >> the building is balancing and it represents the traility and resill gentsy. they will see their reflection the glass and be aware of themselves. then as they move closer to the glass in this giant atrium are two of the original columns of the world trade center towers and it's a surprise to them. they see themselves as part of
6:39 am
the past and part of the present. jamie: such an important place. having been in one of those buildings that day i have to say we can never forget what happened. heat rrp when you are down there at the site you can feel what it means to so many people. heather: the white house says it has the best and brightest and they are working to fix the by that self-imposed november 30 deadline. but has the damage already been done? a fair and balanced debate on the healthcare rollout disaster. jamie: your fast it hot sauce. [♪] ♪ ho ho ho
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>> do you like it hot and spicy. a judge ordering a chili sauce factory to halt production after neighbors made a stink over the smell. research found no direct link but the judge ordered the company to close its doors until it finds a way to get rid of the odor. heather: the tech teams are scrambling to make sure the obama administration can live up to itself-imposed deadline for
6:44 am will they be functional by november 30 midnight? >> we are on track to have a significantly different user experience by the end of this month. that was our commitment. and people experienced on october 1. the experience is vastly improved each an everyday. >> happy thanksgiving. heather: you hear things like that. on track to have a significantly different user experience by the end of the month. that was our commitment that people experienced october 1. the white house hedging its bet on whether it will fully meet
6:45 am
itself-imposed deadline. how closely are democrats watching this deadline? >> i think all democrats are an is baiting this white house is going to do. one thing that all democrats know is that this healthcare rollout will not be judged about whether the website works in the first 6-8 weeks. it will be judged in a year or two years or three years when people are going online and getting healthcare and getting chance to see the doctor. that will be the ultimate success factor in this law. that's what it boils down to. >> richard, either the change works or it doesn't. either people are getting cancellation notices and they can find acceptable affordable coverage or they can't. for every one person getting insurance 50 americans lost insurance. so does it not matter until down the road? >> i don't think whether it starts december 1, after the elections next year, five years
6:46 am
from now, if they don't come up with a better plan that what they have right now americans are in a very, very bad situation in terms of healthcare. and what we are talking about is basically every promise we were told about this program, not working. people were told they would pay less, they are getting into the exchanges and paying more. they were told it's simple, it's been anything but simple. the quality of care has gone down. employee coverage of healthcare, there is going to be millions more that lose employee coverage because of relationships to how the law is implemented. so what we are talking about is a massive problem with many tens of millions more out of coverage than there were when the law was passed. >> more and more people are looking to the administration saying this is not working. we don't trust the president. how long until someone is held
6:47 am
accountable and who will voters hold accountable? >> i think voters can hold the president accountable. the president held himself accountable. the reuft mother is any time you see this type of rollout. when the facebook ico went out. this happens all the time. it happened when george w. bush rolled out the prescription medicaid part d. wait requires is an administrator focused on getting it fixed. i just want to go back to one point that you made. this whole rollout has been lies and that's not true. 50 million people have a chance to get healthcare that haven't been able to get it before. heather: how many people have lost it and how many people have had their premiums rise.
6:48 am
>> you are right. people have seen their healthcare canceled. that has nothing to do with the rollout. >> my colleague is flat wrong. we were told average families would be pay legs for coverage. thage family is paying $2,500 more. it's the impact of small to medium to large size companies that cannot afford the mandates in this law. adding dloik cart doesn't count giving people coverage. what we have got is 50,000 people that enrolled in today. we need to be upward of 100 million if we are going to solve the problems we are told this process would solve. there is nothing about this process that is more efficient or offering coverage to people.
6:49 am
heather: 106,000 people were able to sign up in october. and 7 million is their target for signup. they are nowhere near that. >> california, connecticut, maryland, oregon, all those states have seen overwhelming support and enrollment in their state exchange. don't get me wrong. there are problems with the website. but that's a lie to say this program is all lies. 3 million young people are back on their parents insurance. heather: we have to wrap it up. thank you for joining us. i wonder if the white house wants that conversation happening at the thanksgiving meal and dinner table today. i hope not. >> for families that have lost it it sure is. heather: thank you for joining
6:50 am
us and happy thanksgiving. jamie: we'll talk more about it in the next hour. we are here for three hours with you today. i want to tell you about this deadly accidents at brazil's world cup stadium. it could affect brazil's world cup future. heather: the art of safely jumping out of planes. we are touring the factory that makes the parachute for pour troops. speak of our troops we wish them a happy thanksgiving. >> i'm brian gross, i'm deployed to kandahar, afghanistan. i would like to say happy thanksgiving and merry christmas and happy holiday to my family and friends back home in honolulu, hawaii. i'm overhe hill.
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jamie: i hate being the bearer of bad news. but thanksgiving dinner can mean extra holiday pound. douglas kennedy reports on a new way to stay on track for your weight and health. >> thanksgiving is a day for full tables and full plates of food which used to make the day difficult for katie thompson. >> reporter: thanksgiving was not a day you looked forward to. >> it was a day to pack on the pound then you wanted to sit around after eating all that food. >> reporter: thompson used to believe her problem was based solely on what she ate. she now believes it's based on what she does and doesn't do.
6:55 am
the's a revelation she attributes to this bracelet by vibrates any time thompson is static for more than 20 minutes during the day. >> it's motivational. especially when i'm sitting at my desk. it's amazing how much i don't move. >> reporter: this is one of five health monitoring base lets on the market. all track movements of users on graphs and charts. >> it's important because every day the majority of america sits down. we are sitting at our desk, we are not moving. >> reporter: this fitness experts says the bracelets are transforming the way people get in shape. downloading every step to a smartphone and keeping track not only of what you are eating but
6:56 am
more importantly what you are doing. she he it's essential in keeping healthy. >> it many great for your body. you have got your limbs moving. your blood is moving through your body. >> reporter: you can eat all that turkey but you can't stay at the table too long. >> i'll be moving after. reporter: a reminder it's good to be on the go, especially after the pumpkin pie. in new york, douglas kennedy, fox news. jamie: i'm so happy for her. but not today. that's why gyms are closed in the afternoon and butter is off the shelf. heather: today is the day, we are waiting for it. jamie: no worries, not low calorie. heather: is supposed to be fixed by saturday. but what if it isn't.
6:57 am
the white house is down playing expectations. we'll take a closer look at the potential fallout. stay with us. [ male announcer ] 'tis the season of more.
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♪ because during the holidays, keeping your identity protected means keeping your family protected. scrambling to iavoid another obamacare disaster. 48 hours before the deadline, the administration delaying another part of the law. this one affecting small business. i am heather childers. and welcome to america's newsroom. >> i am jaime coby. bill and martha have the day off. the online enrollment for small business is being put off for an hour. >> this is an hour after they
7:01 am
urged people not to direct too many people to the website over the weekend. >> if you spend part of your thanksgiving dipper and talk about health care and decide to sign up which website will you find? this page? or that page? that is the big question for the consumer and website. so many problems have cropped up wi , the administration seems to be downgrading support. there are reports they are telling people to back off due to fears it will crash again. the saturday deadline isn't so concern. >> it is not a magical date. there is going to be times after
7:02 am
november 30th, when the site, like any website, doesn't perform optimum. >> kathleen sebelius says they are in for a different experience. didn't say better. but obama told small businesses they will not be able to buy insurance through the online exchanged as promised. they will have to go through insurance companies or brokers. but the individual mandates span. >> if you are an individual who is not the individual of the benefits, the mandate applies to you. you will say why am i not getting special treatment. >> the white house says the
7:03 am
website is on track to handle 50,000 users some saturday. and they said there were still plenty of bugs to be fixed. >> hedging their bets for sure. let's look at the big picture on this and the impact it might have. right now, 7.3% is the unemployment claim. will the new delay give the small businesses breathing room? maybe they will hire more people. bob is here with us. happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving. >> i was curious if people can be optimistic and have hope about new jobs. if small businesses get the break, what do you think?
7:04 am
>> i think this is the key thing on obamacare. this is going to be small and big businesses and whether they keep their health plans or put people on the health exchanges. we are talking about a holiday weekend where shopping and obamacare are talks. this has been a six-week disaster after the shutdown. democrats can't believe they are getting toward the deadline. it is a magical date because the administration said they would fix the website by the weekend. >> what we just heard was even after the deadline it may not work optimally. you think about the shopping websi website's preparing for monday and the traffic will be as big, or bigger, than the
7:05 am wb site is web -- website is going to be. >> i think people are going to be giving kathleen sebelius leeway, and not to resign, but if this doesn't improve and is a story going into christmas, i think you will see democrats worried about their reelection, calling for her to step down. it has been all bad news. >> delay. delay. delay. now this new one. the markets hate uncertainty and small businesses have been living with uncertainty for a
7:06 am
long time. many holding off expansions. do you think they may feel more comfortable to bring on new emfle employe employees? >> they could. there is a lot of fear about obamacare. both sides are using fear. his trust and management have take an hit. if you are commander and chief and you lost the trust of more americans that is a major concern. going to the new year, there is a lot of uncertainty what is going to happen with obamacare. if this continues to be a train wreck, what the democrats fear privately is there is going to be some democrats appealing the law. >> i don't know if you want to name names, but when it comes to
7:07 am
midterm elections are they thinking that far ahead? >> there is mark prior from arkansas distancing himself. president obama one big during the election and now the democrats have to look out for themselves. and they are thinking how can they one and that is putting themselves a distance from the unpopular president. >> have a wonderful holiday. >> sure. you, too. >> congress better count their blessings because there is no holiday once the lawmakers are back. there is another shutdown
7:08 am
threat, debt crisis, immigration, and not to mention obamacare. are we looking at post-thanksgiving gridlock? carl cameron is live in washington with more on that. that is a lot, carl. >> it isn't just post-thanksgiving gridlock. it was pre-thanksgiving gridlock. the truth is lawmakers are not coming back next week. the house does. but the senate is taking a week off. they are getting an ear full about the economy and obamacare at home. when they come back they have serious issues. the policies being canceled with obamacare. the president took a fundraising swing trying to change to talk to immigration. but any legislation will take a back-seat to fixing obamacare
7:09 am
and upcoming budget series. listen to howl rogers, the chairman of the house committee, who says there is going to be a lot of work to do and less than five weeks to do it. >> it is not easy. it will be difficult. but i do think there is a renewed commitment to avoid a shutdown. perhaps that didn't exist before. >> when lawmakers are talking about a shutdown, that means one is in the offing. here is a look at the unfinished business that could lead to that. obamacare fixed could take months and years and people have not registered the possibility of tens of thousands of pore more paul
7:10 am
more paolicies. republicans will also insist on o off-spending cuts before they let the democrats borrow more. and then you have the farm bill and that is crucial. it has failed to pass twice. it is over a year past due and hung up over food stamps. and immigration reform. the president wants it done as soon as possible. boehner has said the house is going to break it apart and do boarder security and visas. that is one of the president's top priorities and it falls to the end of the list and that will get us into spring and that is electioniary year where there
7:11 am
is going to be brutal elections. >> make no mistake that is at the top of the list when all of the legislators are considering all of the topics. the mid-term election >> this is years and years of gridlock in washington that hasn't included getting budgets pass for five years. it is coming to roost at the worst time. it is second midterm of what might be a deadlock. >> happy thanksgiving, carl. >> you, too. >> there is a major sporting event many of you follow. it is in jeopardy now. another setback for the city hosting the 2014 world cup. we will tell you what happened.
7:12 am
>> and behind the scenes to see how brave men and women pair chute into most dangerous places on earth. and we are learning more on the horrible treatment tree sisters received while being held captive. >> evidence that came from the residence that validated the statements of the girls and there were have variety of means they were in prisoned inside the bedrooms of the residences. pair churachute
7:13 am
7:14 am
7:15 am
>> welcome back. more trouble and city for the city hosting the world cup. part of the stadium collapsed killing two workers.
7:16 am
it comes before top players are going to arrive in brazil. the games are scheduled to begin in june, but it has been one problem after together. high cost, delays and street protest proceeded this. >> three sisters alleged endured horror at the hands of their own parents. they are being accused of being held in their arizona home for two years. police have collected evidence from the home including a satchel holding something that could be key in the investigation >> inside the satchel was a detail journal that accounts for over a year and a half of days with information. i will tell you the condition of the children, unkept filthy
7:17 am
condition they were in, the condition of the house, evidence in the bedrooms indicates the solidili solidity vu --alidity -- of the girl's story. >> the police chief is saying it is detailed and a lot of information to go through. the police chief is being tight-l tight-lipped. this is by the 17-year-old and is a chronicle on what happened to the girls. they are hope to build a case on the journal. but the girl's step-father and
7:18 am
mother are facing three counts of abuse and the step-father is facing sexual charges also. the room the girls were locked in had a video system so they could watch them 24/7. and used loud music to torture them. if the girls liked the music, cops say white nose and static was used inside. in fact, when the police found the 17-year-old locked in her room the music was blaring. the girls were dirty and probably had not been bathed in the bathroom. they were not given permission
7:19 am
to use the bathrooms. >> what was their life like on education? >> they will be undergoing counseling in this. no sign they attended school or received any education. >> we did check with several schools in the area. no record of enrollment. the statement of home schooling came from the mother and we have no way of disproving or proving that. no way of seeing if they are following a home schooling curriculum. >> we pray for those children. awful. still to come, every pocket dial
7:20 am
someone on your cellphone? of course you have. i know i have. a pocket dial that revealed, not dinner plans, but this guy's murder plot. >> that is the dumbest criminal. and another call leading to a shootout. neighbors say it was like a war zone >> i heard the gunshots. about 7-8. i take prilosec otc each morning for my frequent heartburn. because you can't beat zero heartburn. woo hoo!
7:21 am
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7:23 am
>> luckily, it was a quite end to a nearly nine-hour standoff
7:24 am
in california. the man surrendered but first turned the neighborhood into a war zone. the police responded to at a call and then the man started shooting >> i heard the gunshots and then retaliation shots going back. >> there was male dragging a female by the hair and hthat is what brought us to the residence. >> one officer was shot in the chest but wearing a vest and stopped the bullet. a second officer was hurt in a fall and both will recover. the suspect held his wife and 14-year-old daughter hostage. both are say -- safe.
7:25 am
no word on charges they will face. >> a huge thank you for men and women serving overseas. many of them got where they are from dropping out of airplane and it takes american know-how to put them on the ground. we took a tour of the airborne test facility. >> some of the most progressive parachute testing is happening in arizona. >> we do all of the air testing for the drop equipment. >> i got a special tour of the facility from two parachute experts. matthew went to afghanistan and
7:26 am
saw the labor first-hand. >> definitely the types of parachutes we have tested here are being used here there on a daily bases. >> before they pack up this parachute, or others, they inflate it to make sure there is no holes they need to repair. before shipped out, it is inspected by dozens of people. there is a method to this. >> safety is number one in everything we do. >> specially trained jumpers test the parachutes that are used to drop the troops >> it is someone's life every time i pack a parachute. >> i tried on one of the military parachutes used.
7:27 am
it is heavier than it looks. it could last up to 30 years, but any kind of imperfections there is an entire crew dedicated to fixing it. each member of the 18-member spot team is equipped to look for issues. they shake out the rocks. >> desert creatures coming out like scorpiams >> reinforcing the training is important because you can forget aspects or details. so it is critical to reinforce.
7:28 am
>> i have flown with the airforce, but never jumped from the air. you have done something similar? >> i have repelled. it is on the bong bucket list. it surprised me how many women are doing these skills as opposed to just the guy. maybe we will get our chance. >> that was not always the case. good for them. >> the crowds are out. and not just watching the parade but starting black friday shopping 24 hours early and they are calling it gray thursday. some folks say it is disgrace and/ and/ others asking what the big deal is. >> we have to remember the brave men and women and their families as they serve overseoverseas.
7:29 am
>> i am with the 4th battalion and i want to give a shout out for friends and family. a amy, love you. kids, take care of mom.
7:30 am
7:31 am
7:32 am
>> happy thanksgiving, here in
7:33 am
new york the windy weather is proving to be no match for the holiday spirit. the macy's thanksgiving day parade is underway. the weatherman today is like a kid in the candy store. thank goodness they went up. >> thank goodness the storm was yesterday. this is the front associated with the storm. well offshore. only problems in the east is we have the northwesterly wind kicking up the lake affect snow band band. we will see that for the remainder of today, but it will
7:34 am
calm down tomorrow. southern california is having the cloud cover today and that is going to keep the temperatures down and bring clouds. a cool morning across a lot of texas. 29 in dallas with the wind. colder air is in place. but we had the rain all week. and look at the future radar. this is a forecast simulation of the radar. little snow in the great lakes. nothing else going on. everything looking good on friday. saturday morning the only thing we are watching is the next disturbance from the pacific organ -- northwest. -- that is the only problem. all of the airports on sunday
7:35 am
look good. pacific northwest is going to be a powerhouse storm mid-next week and going to get cold. >> you know what is looking good? your thanksgiving table. people may not know, rick is a fantastic cook. have a good holiday. >> same to you. >> putting in for a invitation. >> many businesses are striking back claiming workers volunteered to work. and with earnings down is this the last chance for businesses to turn it around? let's asking the managing partner of hedge groups.
7:36 am
how do they feel about working? >> most people are thrilled. a lot of people want to do it because they are getting paid time and time and a half and some are getting a vacation day. people are excited for the extra pay. >> what about meeting their bottom line? is this a case where companies have to open up and keep up with the jones? >> this year it is tough for retailers. they will have to make a strong decision after the holiday season. you will see this everywhere, businesses are going to fold on january and february because of the rising cost for them to do business. their cost are soaring all of
7:37 am
the time between taxes and keeping up with regulations and insurance companies and obamacare is a negative thing going through the blood stream because of how much it cost them, not only employer cost, but health care. this is the year we will see more retailers going out of business in january and february than in many years. >> and we hear people complain and say these businesses shouldn't open on thanksgiving. stay home and gave thanks. which we should give thanks. but does that affect the businesses when the delay opening until friday? costco one of them. do they benefit in anyway by doing that? >> this is the thing. when macy's announced they would
7:38 am
open earlier all of the competition had to do so. on the big scale, it isn't a big thing. most of the shopping isn't going to be done on one day. i am not going shopping, but my wife and family will make up for it. i don't think it will help the numbers. but some people need early sales and traffic coming into the store. it might help a little bit, but not a real significant number at all. >> we don't know what is going to happen. 35 million showed up last year. 21 percent increase from 2011. do you expect them to go up? >> yes. i think more people have more money in their pockets. the percentages are not lower numbers so i cannot say it will go higher. but a lot more is going to be
7:39 am
done online and that will put pressure on them. cyber monday is going to be having a lot of buying online. retail retailers have a bullseye on their head. i love going to small businesses and going to the great companies. it is a very tough place to be in business >> small businesses have a small business saturday to get people out there. we had the small business mandate of being able to sign up for health care online and those businesses got that news yesterday. a lot saying that was a huge insult. so imperative on saturday to get shoppers out. >> it is imperative throughout the whole time. i know a lot of small retailers and i want them to do well. it is going to be a tough year,
7:40 am
i will tell you that. cyber monday will go up. no question about it. people are comfortable shopping online these days. a lot of people are going to get good gifts but it is tougher. >> happy thanksgiving to you. >> thanks to you and jaime. >> it is better to give than receive. >> you maybe spending hours cooking for thanksgiving and no one finishes the whole meal. what do you do with the leftovers? we have suggestions coming up. >> and a story of an arkansas man arrested after making an accidental phone call and we will talk about this with our legal panel. you will not believe what he is overheard saying. ♪
7:41 am
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7:44 am
>> welcome back. a little inspiration on what to do with thanksgiving left ' -- leftovers -- houston's restaurant has a throw down to get creative >> blue berries in the blender. apples in the blender. and one more slice of pecan in there. >> there is mash potatoes, dumpling dough and relish. >> prize is bragging right and the golden gobbler turkey.
7:45 am
>> an arkansas man is facing charges for plotting to kill a formal co-worker. but it is how he was caught is the real twist. police are saying this 60-year-old was deep in the midst of laying out the plan when he accidently pocket dialed the intended victim letting him in. we have a former prosecutor and a fox news legal analyst. >> happy thanksgiving. >> turn off your cellphones. >> who could resist this? and yes, he sat and dialled. is this admissible if he makes this call? >> sure. we have a witness to the entire conversation. the police now have the ability to get the phone records and confirm he was in fact talking
7:46 am
to somebody at the moment. they have found who he was speaking with and will say i am happy to fell you everything >> spoken like a true federal prosecutor. >> would you take this case and defend him? >> there is a financial motive that was made. we don't know the substance of the phone call. you have to rely on the other's. there wasn't a witness in the room. it could be a butt dial. but what is said and how well ladies and gentlemen, could you hear the conversation when someone is sitting on their phone. sound quality. it depends on how much you weigh.
7:47 am
what part of the butt cheek is the phone on. >> and the size before and after thanksgiving could be relevant as well. in the meantime, any other evidence? no prior records. but he never carried out anything. >> when the guy heard the conversation he was frightened and went to the police and the police went to his home with him. part of the conversation he overheard was if you need to put the house on fire with the guy in it, go ahead. they go to the house and find the house has been broken into and the gas is on. >> that could be a little problem. because of the con spaespiracco.
7:48 am
>> the or thick thing -- the other thing they are doing is looking at the bank records. -- if the one planning this has with drawl maybe they were silly enough to write a check or a payment. if they can show money exchanging hands. there maybe surveillance if they went to a restaurant or something. >> how difficult is it to prove a conspicy? >> they have a solid case if they can get the recording.
7:49 am
but i am cooking to turkey. >> no crock pot for you? >> i watched night tv and i am going to set it and fuel it. flavor inject the thing. the lesson is don't sit on your cellphone when you are planning a murder. >> thanks for coming in. happy holiday to both of you. it does go into the stupid criminal file. >> without a doubt on that one. the state department causing a stir with new plans for an embassy in europe. why the united states is moving their vatican embassy and some say it is on offense to the catholic church >> and we are remembering all of the men and women who serve overs overseas, and here at home.
7:50 am
>> i want to wish my mom and the rest of my family a happy thanksgiving. i would like to spend a special shutout to a tiny person in my life. i love you and will see you very soon.
7:51 am
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the triple choice sale ends sunday, thanksgiving weekend. ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
7:53 am
>> the state department is looking to save taxpayer dollars. nearly $1.5 million. but what if it comes at insulting the catholic church? some are move a slap in the vatican face and wonder if is tied to domestic american politics.
7:54 am
jim -- james rosen -- is here and what is happening to the embassy? >> they are moving to a new location a mile & half away. this state map shows the current location at the bottom of the screen and the new one at the top of the screen with vatican city at skroen -- screen left --. in light in benghazi this is not set back from the street. this host three united states embassy on the ground. mission to the vatican, republic of italy and the u.n. offices.
7:55 am
there will no reduction to the staffing >> why are people in this country criticizing the move? >> the vatican has requested that embassies to the holy sea and republic of italy be maintained at separate locations. jeb bush tweeted why would our president close the embassy to the vatican. raymond flynn called the move part of a broader secular to religious group. and jeb bush called it an insult >> for members of the vatican to have to come inside the compound
7:56 am
of the embassy of the republican of italy to see the embasder. >> this move is scheduled to occur in late 2014 or early 2015. >> thank you, james. >> the supreme is about to take up a question they have never answered. does a for-profit company have a right to deny a law on religious grounds? a fair and balanced debate for you next. embasdsador
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
>> a powerful winter storm is slamming the northeast right now making a mess of the thanksgiving rush. heavy snow was piling up across parts of the midwest as well.
8:00 am
up to a foot of snow hitting several states delaying plans for thousands of travelers flying to see their families this holiday. we want y'all to be safe out there. welcome to "america's newsroom." >> the stretch, seventh inning. heather: happy thanksgiving. american sticking out this morning as the rain and the snow make a mess of the roads as well, windchill making much of the north bone chilling cold. trying to keep a positive attitude while waiting to board their flight. >> i was worried about it, but thankfully we have the warm temperatures today. >> chicago and then onto tulsa. the trip is going to be getting out here. we have been getting calls from
8:01 am
oklahoma saying your flight is not going to make it. 59 miles per hour wind is coming. heather: at least she is smiling. i live update with chief meteorologist from the fox whether sentra little bit later. jamie: there is another major setback for obamacare as the clock ticks down to this weekend's deadline to fix the website. the administration is now admitting the website for small businesses is busily dead for now saying it will not be fixed for another year. joining us live at the white house. why is it so important? >> it was aimed to make it easier for small businesses to ensure the workers something they are not required to do, but something the obama administration wanted to encourage them to do. the small business help option was one of the few parts of the affordable care act that actually had some republican support, it was pushed by senator olympia snowe.
8:02 am
saying in a briefing at the daily conference call small businesses will still be able to sign-up workers, but they will have to do it by mail or phone or in person. with an agent p had >> is important to recognize with small businesses in particular, many of them today are served using agents and brokers for the particular mechanism we have outlined today in many cases is something very familiar with the small business community and something that will work for them. >> officials are trying to come up with a way to make it easier for people to estimate their insurance subsidies to you insurance companies some confidence that it will be accurate. >> it varies that parts of the affordable care act are not
8:03 am
ready for prime time, but something the whole thing needs to be scrapped and start over from scratch. here is darrell issa. >> the website is still not delivering what the american people want, which is answers to their questions about costs and benefits but most importantly people are finding out it isn't the website, the problem are the policies driving up the cost of your health care and down the choices you previously had. >> to come up with a more importantly the federal government to buy information technology. right now attends to pay too much and things that do not work as well as they did. jamie: we just learned what the mail will be inside. i don't know why he didn't earn an invitation. i have to tell folks if you're worried about the calories, you
8:04 am
know how many pies they're going to have benchmark huckleberry, p kong, sweet potato, peach, apple, pumpkin, banana and coconut cream. hopefully somebody will bring something out. >> you may want to go over it, it is really starch heavy. jamie: oyster stuffing. most of the food groups are met including the all-important macaroni and cheese. sorry, not this year. heather: a little bit of something for everybody. crossing both sides of the aisle with that. count your blessings and enjoy your meal today. quickly moving on a new farm bill, food costs could go up including a huge spike in the price of milk, hence the cows. it could be a lot more expensive, national correspondent live in
8:05 am
washington. so, steve, what could happen to food prices and why? >> those cows sound angry. >> they see the price of a gallon of milk, up $8 per gallon. if you don't have a farm bill, agricultural for the 1940s could eventually kick in. the government forced to buy milk at exorbitant prices based on dairy farm production and cost in 1949. cashing in on this financial windfall, requiring them to sell their milk creating a shortage for everybody else and driving prices higher. they have yet to pass a farm bill that would supersede the antiquated laws in 1938 and 1939. the farm bill about two years overdue right now.
8:06 am
heather: where do we stand getting a farm bill? >> not very good. the house and senate both have farm bills. they are very different, a conference committee will have to work out those differences and that committee is deadlocked. the stumbling block is food stamps or the assistance program now called the house cut in the program over a decade, the senate bill only 4 billion. democrats were 3.4 million americans could see their food stamps cut off. >> are any of the changes, will they make hunger worse? if they do, it could in good conscious make things worse and i could not vote for the bill. >> he would have to have a framework for a new bill by last week to pass it by the end of the year. it didn't happen. heather: i have an idea. to help get this through, have
8:07 am
the cows go down there and stand there until they come to a decision. >> i would react if i had those cows. heather: thank you. jamie: house trying to find a way to bring the cows into this, but i can't. i ran increasing production of rhenium even if it agreed to suspend production of highly enriched weapons uranium exchange for using economic penalties imposed by the west. meanwhile the watchdog group says iran has invited and inspectors to check the plans the first time since 2011. progress? is linked to a reactor that could produce plutonium for nuclear weapons when it is completed. meanwhile 5.6 magnitude earthquake report of a striking of iran's main nuclear sites.
8:08 am
nearly 40 miles from the epicenter, so far no word on any deaths or damage, but reports people felt the earthquake across the persian gulf in saudi arabia. a new plan for syria to get rid of its chemical weapons, u.s. offering to destroy the weapons in international waters aboard an american ownership. it still hasn't approved by international chemical watchdog group. no country has agreed to destroy weapons from serious so far on its soil. destroying the weapons on land would pose environmental issues. jamie: a flight similar allowing them to fly over realistic terrain as prime minister says they will act as long as a happy to stop iran from getting a nuclear bomb. here with more.
8:09 am
>> happy thanksgiving. not a happy story for the israelis but one they are taking very seriously. now realizing they going to have to possibly make good on that threat to take military action against iran and at the very edge of the technical ability in terms of range, payload, those kind of things. trying to get every possible training in it they can. each time an israeli air force takes off for a training mission, the cause in the tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars. but a way to practice until now. anderson later that makes it nearly impossible to tell the difference between actual flying and make-believe. >> this is what it looks like we are landing? >> same thing. report negative looks like a private imax theater.
8:10 am
for granting fox's unprecedented access, we have agreed to conceal their identity. >> we are a very small country so our airspace is very small. as an air force we want a big airspace so we can fly and that's different missions especially a long-range mission. reporter: the israeli air force now has a new mission, finding a possible iraq on iran's nuclear program. >> i can fly all the different phases of the mission. high terrain and short on fuel. reporter: before having just looked at satellite photos of their targets. >> icy roads, houses, farmers. >> you can see everything. reporter: attic and i've already flown over them and attacked them in the simulator dozens of times. >> speaking of targets, the one issue for the israeli airport is
8:11 am
how to reach the targets. they have many targets buried deep in the mountains. they would have to use pretty sophisticated bunker buster bombs. they have some of them and in the past have asked the united states to buy more of them whether the sale goes through and if israel will take delivery of them, so far we have not been told. back to you. jamie: when you are, you will let us know. happy thanksgiving to you as well. thank you so much good heather: still to come, president obama's poll numbers at record low territory. what is he doing to help recover? jamie: crazy holiday shopping get started a little early this year as retailers open their doors. >> i think it is horrible, thanksgiving day is to spend with your family. and it puts pressure. i bought a car, over and tells you, and you're like. a good deal or not. looking at there's no buyer's remorse.
8:12 am
save time, save money, and never overpay. visit across the country has brought me to the lovely city of boston. cheers. and seeing as it's such a historic city, i'm sure they'll appreciate that geico's been saving people money for over 75 years. oh... dear, i've dropped my tea into the boston harbor.
8:13 am
huhh... i guess this party's over. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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8:15 am
jamie: camping out for black friday deals could be a thing of the past. more stores are deciding to open on thanksgiving itself. some open their doors as early as 6:00 this morning. with all the competition, retailers are hoping you will start spending early, but feelings appear to be mixed on that on the idea of trotting over to the mall on turkey day. >> we have had a lot of feedback from the customers and they want us open as early as possible. >> nappy will have to work when they could be spending time with their families. i think that is unfortunate. jamie: we will look at the shopping going on later in the show. jamie: in all the administration is struggling to roll out obamacare. there has been a lot of bad news about the crippled website and millions of americans with had their health policies canceled.
8:16 am
lot of talk at the table. and the approval rating deep in negative territory, the lea latt poll shows 44% of americans approve of the job the the prest is doing. a fox news political analyst joining me now. very happy holiday to you and your family. >> happy thank things given to d your family. >> what about these approval numbers or disapproval numbers and the fact now there is an additional delay on the obamacare at least with regards to small businesses, what is going on? >> they'r there playing politics instead of fixing the problem. american people are smart and figured out. this administration has put politics before policy and that is why the poll numbers are
8:17 am
falling and i believe they will continue to fall until this administration works with congress. congress poll numbers are not that great as well. leaders should come together to fix the problem. jamie: lets take a look at ohio and their poll numbers. at 34%. only 34% approve. we have elections coming up, all-important midterm elections coming up. a lot of democrats of trent separate themselves from this whole obamacare debate. can they successfully? >> they can try. bill clinton gave them a go. democrats were lock and step until he said the president needs to fix the affordable care act. now with that you have democrats joining republicans and promoting legislation. some democrats say let's delay
8:18 am
it. republicans believe we should scrap it. i don't believe we should scrap obamacare. it is a great basis to work from. until they work together, some folks just want to clean house and reelect a new congress. >> now that so many people have been dropped from their health care plan that has been a solution to these folks covered. do you think one exist? it seems it could be fixed, if there was a resolution, we would be making the kind of progress you would have to say you know what, they are fixing the problem. >> you have had fred upton release a bill, that would in retrospect give people back their coverage, but also the white house has come up with an easy app for people who need federal subsidies don't have to go to the website to be able to get coverage. even with the easy app, in the black community you have the digital divide, it seems like
8:19 am
the people who have supported the president the most have been hurt the most of his legislation. so again you have many remedies out there, but we won't know if they work until it is actually implemented. jamie: along the way republicans have had different ideas of what should happen where health care is concerned. obamacare is the law. what other ideas to republicans have, what would you like this the party put forward? >> you have had many proposals. putting forth an alternative to the affordable care act. now paul ryan wants to do a fixed handle new with affordable care act but also obamacare. they want to actually reform medicaid. i am in memphis, tennessee. they have been offered legislation allowing people to
8:20 am
purchase insurance across state lines. how the government should work, how the forefathers meant it is not just one great plan, all parties should come to the table and hammer out a plan. the problem is when we pass affordable care act, we will pass it without reading it, now we see the problems. republicans have put forth proposals back in 2009. the president and democrats did not want to listen to those bills and nancy pelosi, the speaker at the time, did not even want to put them on the house floor for a vote. jamie: let me ask you this before i let you go. in texas particularly in san antonio, the biggest market, there will be a commercial that talks about ted cruz put forth by a tea party group that he has spoken out and has been a leader in the area. what is behind that kind of movement, where does he fit in
8:21 am
now with the party and his position on obamacare? >> the republican party is divided and i'm hopeful the party will come together. so to answer your question, it is politics. now what we need to do, we don't have to follow the president's plan. what we need to do is put forth policy and come together. they are looking forward to 2014 doing with politics rather than policy. not for the tea party down, but come together as a party. president lincoln said a dividd party cannot stand. thank you, goodbye. heather: a lot more news ahead. a deer getting stuck on the ice. we will play what happened. jamie: thanksgiving falls in the very same day as the start of hanukkah. that is being called a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence.
8:22 am
a guest will join us to explain what is so unique about today.
8:23 am
8:24 am
8:25 am
jamie: firefighters had to rush to the rescue and no flames in sight, just a couple of deer stranded on a frozen lake in iowa. slipping around on the ice, they could not get traction so they used ice picks and robes to drag them to shore. the child could not be saved. the buck was treated and released into the wild. heather: i was hoping ha you haa happier ending than that. jamie: at least it is not being
8:26 am
eaten. heather: true. what are you planning on doing on this with some are calling gray thursday? somsomeone either waiting for bk friday. they say they need to do whatever they can to boost their bottom lines, some stores are refusing to do it, and in some cases it is actually in some states it is illegal to open today. is that right? explain it a little better than i am. >> ; it the thanksgiving malliday. some say this trend ruins the family day for everyone. especially employees. some major retailers open today including target and toys "r" us. walmart open as it has been the last 25 years and for the first time ever, macy's is opening at 8:00 p.m. to code that says last year's midnight opening on black friday was such a success.
8:27 am
>> retailers know shopping on thanksgiving is becoming a new tradition ended retailers are listening to their customers and responding to demand. reporter: another reason stores are open on thanksgiving is the average american is expected to spend about $738 this holiday season. about 2% less than last year. retail action project says retailers are running thanksgiving for thousands of their employees. while those people are underpaid because they are not getting enough hours year-round, but some are choosing to buck the trend by staying close, those stores include nordstrom's, costco and pc reached and son. the new york area hardware and appliance store releasin leasina commercial explaining their decision. >> we are all here together at thanksgiving again.
8:28 am
at pc richard & we believe things he should be somebody at home to don't have to fight. >> perhaps the pilgrims saw this coming. in maine, massachusetts and rhode island is against the law for stores to be open in thanksgiving things to puritan inspired blue laws. heather: i was not aware of that. happy thanksgiving to you as well. jamie: a powerful storm hitting the northwest and northeast. we're going to go live to the weather center to let you know what you can expect today. heather: and the comment of the century. thhistory don't want to miss. >> this is floyd hopson. i'm currently deployed in
8:29 am
southwest asia. i want to send a special shout out to my family and friends back home in memphis, tennessee. i love you all, i'm having a great time, shout out to my mom, shout out to my sisters and brothers, love you all. i will see you soon. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] with five perfectly sweetened whole grains... you can't help but see the good.
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jamie: heavy snow and rain slammed the midwest and
8:33 am
northeast this week. what is going on today? in the fox extreme weather center. >> the storm is gone. we had it yesterday, made things a little difficult for some people to get home. but take a look at it now, the cold front way out to the sea. any precipitation across parts of canadian maritime be at the wynn will push across, so areas typically used to seeing lake le effect snow will see a little bit of that for today and part of the day tomorrow but not anything that will be huge. in the west things are looking great except southern california. it will continue to bring clouds, a brief shower to southern california. keeping temperatures down a little bit. temperatures across the country, it is certainly cool out there behind that front. 39 in dallas, windy and little bit, temperatures toward
8:34 am
minneapolis around new york city 23, down to the south it is colder, atlanta 23 this morning a record low for today. the future radar, nothing really going, some snow flurries across the great lakes and throughout your day tomorrow. a little bit of snow in the arrowhead of minnesota. but we will watch a storm into the pacific northwest for sunday bringing rain and snow in the higher elevations plummeting by monday and that will be our next storm we will watch for next week. the airport looking good. i was just looking for people who maybe did not get out yesterday, no delays anywhere in the country. jamie: thank you so much. happy holiday to you.
8:35 am
>> you too. jamie: something is happening today that will not happen again in our lifetime because it will not happen for 70,000 years. heather: this is pretty cool, the first full day of hanukkah falling on the same day as thanksgiving. thousands gathering at the white house on wednesday. joining us now to discuss what is being called a thanksgivukkah is rabbi, founder of this world, the values network. you say this is a hanukkah miracle. >> 70,000 years plan to have antenna coming out of my head. two messages, thanksgiving is about giving homage for saving us from a terrible winter and hanukkah is about practicing or religion when the greeks tried to stop us. it is a beautiful idea they are working together as one.
8:36 am
jamie: i had to show you this picture because a young child put it together. instead of a menorah, what were they calling it? heather: i think that is so inventive. people who know me know i am so grateful, i wake up grateful, i remind myself to be grateful some a bit makes sense to take these holidays and give thanks and be grateful and we should all be happy. >> we had to do enough that it kind of extends. gratitude is the essence of life, you appreciate a blessing. you don't allow it to pass over us if it doesn't mean anything to you. we in the united states have a tendency to take our religious holidays and commercialize them. today a lot of people are shopping. the one day the family had off and everybody was going to eat
8:37 am
turkey and stuffing so we had to examine those things because not everything can be commercialized and consumer eyes. jamie: can he tell us about the meaning of hanukkah? >> america was founded on the principle we can practice religious liberties. he put only three things on his tombstone. he put he was the author of the virginia statute of freedom. they came here to practice freedom. telling everybody that they could not practice, they were the only people in the world at the time who believes in one god sleigh tried to introduce these large idols in the temple, which we had to worship. and the jewish fought back. when they defeated the soldiers essentially the soldiers of alexander the great, a formidable army, they did not
8:38 am
celebrate with any kind of military arch or military parade, they celebrated by lighting candles. it is like america. we liberate countries for liberty and freedom. the menorah is the original celebration. they did not want to have great nights of armor. they wanted to light the candles. heather: you called it gratitude is a dying art. how do we keep that from dying out? >> thanksgiving is one of the greatest holidays practice by any religion. it is unique to north america. we can be careful, it is not about buying a flatscreen tv. i don't know why we have the do it today. tell our children and tell ourselves we can't assume things come naturally.
8:39 am
there is a god who is bountiful, friends who are loving. you make people better, you close people's hearts. this is where you get a very cynical view of no good deed goes unpunished. i do a lot of marital counseling. husband and wife's stop loving each other because they become lonely even in their relationship. we are not focusing in america is the breakdown of relationships. this one-day people have prepared to spend a fortune to brave the cold, just in order to get home. that should not be lost to us. heather: you talk about the one thing common in all of human nature is recognition, but in a different way. >> i think everyone of us is born with a condition that we are special. if i am in front of a camera, i must be special.
8:40 am
if you have a tv show, you must be special. but it is by being in relationships where our loving acts are appreciated and acknowledged. you are not recognized for it, you begin to feel taken for granted and you stop becoming loving. that is where loneliness accrues. the feeling we are unique and special is validated when somebody appreciates us and comes home for thanksgiving. it is about making somebody feel special like you are unique. it cannot just come from our jobs or careers. jamie: in closing i want to say stuff does make you happy. being a good person does make you happy. reach out and touch somebody when you can. we are all about it. >> i'm glad we took advantage. heather: we should do it more
8:41 am
often. jamie: obamacare, we will get back to that. heading back to america's highest court, the supreme court said to consider if a key part of the law violates those rights and religious beliefs. we will have a fair and balanced debate on that coming up. heather: and why this comet is on a crash course toward the sun. taking a wild ride. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] if we could see energy. what would we see? ♪ the billions of gallons of fuel that get us to work. ♪ we'd see all the electricity flowing through the devices that connect us and teach us.
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♪ e'd see that almost 100% of medical plastics are made from oil and natural gas. ♪ and an industry tt supports almost 10 milln american jobs. life kes energy. and no one applies more technology to produce american energy and refine it more efficiently than exxonmobil. bause using energy responsibly has never been more important. energy lives here ♪
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8:45 am
the naked eye. we will let you know. the fate of obamacare is controversial birth control mandate now in the hands of the highest court in the land. supreme court will consider whether providing contraception infringes on the religious rights of private employers. hobby lobby, one of the companies leading the charge against the mandate. a former attorney and jason webb is the host of the radio show and tea party 365. thank you for joining us. >> good morning. happy you too. heather: in 2012 the high court upheld most of the affordable care act but one thing they have not answered is this question will be answering perhaps in the spring, does a for-profit company have the right to object
8:46 am
to the law on religious grounds? as an attorney, what do you think? >> we believe not politically this is a really interesting question because this doesn't have to do with necessarily if you are pro-choice or pro-life. this has to do with whether or not the company say a catholic businessman is engaging in an evil by allowing an employer to get birth control. if he, an accomplice, if you are a getaway driver or a guy breaking into a bank similar thing, are you helping somebody engage in evil behavior? that is really the question. the issue is whether or not it is a private company or the catholic church or catholic hospital. will the court see these as two different issues? heather: what about when it comes to religious freedoms? the next 9 93 religious freedom
8:47 am
act. >> if you look at the '93 act or the brazilian group under roberts in 2006, you're talking about your right to practice. corporations are built by people, they can offer whatever benefit packages they want. this is another problem with obamacare. it rules choice. creating what you want. there is no forced labor in the united states so for people who object to this, you can work someplace else. what we have is a legal issue that has to go before the court, nobody can predict what they will do but likely they will uphold religious freedom because when you look at the establishment clause and substantial burden in the registration act, religious freedom restoration act, they cap for the company to go beyond an undue burden.
8:48 am
heather: you don't see it as a freedom of religious case? >> i do, actually. the question is whether or not the government has a compelling interest, the legal burden of compelling interest in forcing private companies to allow birth control without pay. what is the compelling interest? i don't actually see that, and i think maintaining the protectioe important. although my personal beliefs about birth control may differ from a pro-life person, and the court may uphold that. >heather: these companies are nt saying they will not allow their employees access to it, there is simply saying they will not pay for it because it is against what they can religiously and they don't just believe their faith, not just believers on sunday, they live it every day.
8:49 am
>> and they have a right not to engage in some sort of evil cooperation. what they consider evil cooperation. and i mean actually in support of the people against the mandate. >> taxpayer dollars should not be applied against our beliefs. that is how our country was founded. we wanted to escape persecution in any form by a government. you think of the planned parenthood argument, where should your dollars be applied? you cannot quantify somebody's beliefs. they have a right to them whether anybody agrees with them or not. that is an undue burden because it goes to their conscious or their belief in god. heather: quickly, we're on a hard rep. >> this is about taxpayers. this is if a private company is engaging in some sort of evil
8:50 am
behavior. >> it is upheld as a tax. >> you both actually agree on the point you think the supreme court will allow these companies to do what they want to do. >> right, because religious freedom wins. jamie: two hours and 50 minutes in, we will soon talk. >> hello, how are you? happy thanksgiving. a little more than two days to go until the white house looming health care. one group is now reportedly getting big box to find enrollment, success stories. how about the pizza hut employee opening on thanksgiving day because he wanted everybody to have off for the family.
8:51 am
and some stories are already running out of the hottest holiday potential toy shortage. we will cal tell you about thatd coming up at the top of the hour. we will see you then.
8:52 am
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8:54 am
jamie: happy thanksgiving and happy hanukkah to you. the controversial exhibit opening at the national archives featuring treasures stolen from a jewish synagogue in iraq. now some iraqi jewish state should be returned. lauren green takes a look. reporter: the gun toting agent stole the items from the synagogue.
8:55 am
they have lived in the region for more than 2500 years. iraqis jews now just five individuals remain. in a deal signed in 2003 with the iraqi government, the items are shipped to washington, d.c., for preservation and digitizing. the arrangement required they be returned but i iraqi jews now living in the u.s., israel say the documents belong to them. >> since the items were taken at gunpoint, little bit like the property the nazis stole from the jews in the second world war. reporter: iraqi ambassador says they are part of iraq's heritage not just jewish heritage. >> for those historians or anthropologist, they will find this fascinating. give you a different perspective from the standard analysis. the document states that was
8:56 am
part of the community. heather: we thank you so much for that. still to come, spirits are soaring after this, the big balloons, they were there just a short time ago making their way through the streets of new york city for the parade passing by our building in midtown manhattan. how many americans are celebrated the holiday all around the world and out of this world as well. >> i would like to give a shout out to all our friends and family from san diego, california. particularly my daughter, michelle and my husband, james. too big.
8:57 am
too small. too soft. too tasty. [ both laugh ] [ male announcer ] introducing progresso's new creamy alfredo soup. inspired by perfection.
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8:59 am
>> for 87 years the huge crowds have been coming for the macy's
9:00 am
day parade. it was cold million bucks and ws all of the money used for. >> inviting inspectors to nuclear sites but making it clear they will continue. is this trouble with the nuclear deal? >> and some stores opening today. but shoppers may get less than what they bargain


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