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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  November 30, 2013 9:00am-10:01am PST

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>> people call me a socialist sometimes. you to real socialists you will have a sense of what a socialist is. >> problem is, obamacare is socialized medicine and president obama is a progressive idealogue. walks like a duck, quacks like a duck. see you in "the five." this is deadline day for the obamacare website do-over. after a disastrous roll-out, that caused the online headaches for so many americans trying to buy healthcare coverage. administration says today is the day the site will work for most users. will it? we'll have a live report. even the site does work after a stream of missteps and missed deadlines will it be too little, too late? i'm doug mckelway in for uma pemmaraju. one of obamacare's harshest critics, congresswoman blackburn is standing by. but first go to chief washington correspondent, james rosen. >> good afternoon. from president obama today semi-official relaunch of obamacare 2.0 could prove a decisive point in his
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presidency. the latest fox news poll conducted before 2014, when obama issued a hour long mea culpa. the poll found high 55% of registered voters disapproving of the chief executive job performance. 4 in 10 approved. 5% said they didn't know enough to form an opinion. of the president's off-repeated promise if you like your health plan you can keep it. fully half of the registered voters think that obama lied. four in ten believe he didn't know that promise would turn out to be untrue. only one% think he was exaggerating. 10% don't know what to think. of the apology, 38% of the recommend centered voters regard it as sincere. 58%, nearly six in ten believe it was political reasons. the first dadely by his side. first lady sat for him by the excruciating exercise, where
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mr. obama was confronted with the fact that walters put it, "people just don't think you are trustworthy." >> i got re-elected in part because people did think i was trustworthy and they knew i was working on their behalf. bottom line, bashra , i don't know any president who hasn't gone through certain periods in the presidency. >> it's a hard job. >> i am fortunate to be living with a man who has a long view of this job and understands in the case of healthcare this is all about the folks who don't have insurance. the folks he sees every day. >> very rarely the president added in that interview to the things that happen that work well get the same attention as things that aren't working well. >> james rosen, thank you very much. >> here to weigh in on the website and obamacare in general, congressman marcia
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blackburn of tennessee. thank you for joining us. >> good to be with you. thank you. >> start with "washington post," posted 12:01 that reads, "administration officials are preparing the announce sunday that they have met their saturday deadline for improving, according to the government officials by expanding the capacity so it can handle 50,000 users at once." that may be premature. what are you hearing if anything at this point? >> we know in order to meet an adjusted deadline, with reset expectations, what they have done is to say okay, the small business, the shop is not going to work. so we take it out of the picture to delay that. the payment process to send subsidy dollars for insurers are not going to work. we'll manually do that.
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so now what is left, look at what is making the website work for most users. the expectation is for 80% of those that go to the website that it should work. you know you got to look at the fact that they did take it down, again. for another 11 hours. i understand this morning it is sporadic whether it's working or not working. >> i guess it will become clearer and clearer as the day not gless. >> how important politically for the obama administration is the relaunch? >> i think that it is a very important. because what they have done was to reset the expectations. so many different times. they have missed half the legal deadline. they have had 22 delays. they have given 1700 waivers. people are saying wait a minute. this is not the way it was supposed to be. doug, one thing you have to remember is that on october 1, when they launched this, you didn't see an obamacare situation room.
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with president and mrs. obama being enrollees number one and two. you didn't see h.h.s. officials. i.r.s. officials choosing to opt in to this system. so what people are looking at is first of all, website that didn't work. with the expectation that the delivery system is not going to work. they are hearing from their health insurers that continue are going off. from their doctor that they are no longer part of the network that the insurers are making available. it's not about insurance for 30 million people who didn't have it. it's a takeover of the sixth of the nation economy, which is the healthcare system. the limiting of options for individuals and the capturing by the government to distribute who gets access to what kind of healthcare in different areas in country. >> subject of redistribution, jim angle reported on special
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report that a consulting firm estimates medicaid residient is blossoming under the plan. 142,000 people paid in it. it's a 4:1 ratio. we are expecting millions of more americans to enroll in medicaid in coming months. >> many essence it is. whether the grocery store, bam game, church, music concert, when i'm out and about, during the thanksgiving holiday and working in my community, i am hearing from healthcare providers if hospitals, from insurance companies. everybody is concerned about this. escalation in enrollees and the number of those opting to purchase or make a purchase to
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insurance. this highlights need for certification. >> real quick, basically out of time. what is the republican strategy in the face of obamacare over the next several months? wise to sit back and watch it unfold? >> our strategy is solving problems. that's why we continue to push for delaying all of obamacare. it's why we want to push for across state line purchase of the health insurance so you control your healthcare decisions and dollars. >> thank you for your time. good talk to you. >> thank you. >> scotland police say eight people confirmed dead from a helicopter that crashed in a scottish pub. all three people on the chopper and five others inside the pub are dead. the next guest liberty viter lives a short distance from the pub and she is looking down on the crash site as we speak. liberty joins us by phone from
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glasgow. are you there? >> yes, i'm here. >> tell me what you know about this, what you saw. were you home when it happened? >> yes. i live down the river from the pub. and you couldn't hear anything. there was no, you know, no big loud crash. but you saw on the news right away and friends calling friends. asking if anyone was there. >> what is the site look like now? >> well, there is over 100 fire and rescue crew all over scotland that have come to the pub to try to help with the rescue effort at this point. they are still looking in the trouble see if there is anyone trapped. the police erected temporary walls around the crash site. the only way to see is from above. >> so i assume that the helicopter must have landed on top of the structure itself and the structure collapsed.
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is that a scenario? >> i think it went through the roof. i was speaking to the scottish engineer a couple of moments ago and he said that actually the fact that it's such an old pub and a solid structure that that may have sort of been the saving grace than having more people injured because it held up the helicopter a bit. >> i see. because i understand that the pub was quite crowded at the time of the crash, correct? >> oh, it's a very, very popular pub. there was a great local band playing. so i think it was packed to the gills. >> right. okay. well, we wish for the best and hope that serve out of there alive. i sounds like they're still doing rescue work. we'll keep an eye on it. liberty vitert, thank you. >> thank you. >> the u.s. government offered to help destroy some of the most dangerous parts of syria's chemical weapons stockpile. that word from an international chemical weapons watchdog group. the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons says that the u.s. is offering technology and
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operationm support which will be completed on a ship offshore. the united nations says the mission remove all chemical weapons from syria by december 31 is on track. >> a quick trip but the leaders of afghanistan and pakistan say something came of pakistani's prime minister one-day trip to kabul. he and the afghan president karzai say they have agreed to strengthen their relationship. both men talk about bringing the taliban lead torres table for talks. karzai says the strike indicates that the u.s. has no regard for the lives of the afghan people. he is using it to bolster the refusal to sign security agreement with the united states crucial for the u.s. forces to remain in the country after the first of the year. and joining us now to talk more about that is lieutenant general tom mcanerny, fox news military analyst. welcome, general. god to see you. >> thank you, doug.
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>> karzai shifting the stance on the agreement day in and day out. what is his motivation for doing so? >> it baffles me. the gathering of all the tribal leaders said they agreed with the agreement as it was reached. karzai continues to purr cyst and things that are not reasonable. for instance, no u.s. forces can go in to afghan villages or homes without prior approval. which means the taliban fled in there will get a sink ware. they want to us work with the taliban to restart the me goshiations. doug, the taliban is like putting a cancer if to a government. radical islamist. there is no way you can get any form of government that is acceptable if you put them in it. that's always been a nonstarter.
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i would say karzai sign by the 31st of december or we'll see you later. taking the money and leaving. >> shifting alliances which karzai is demonstrating day in and day out is part and par sal of the history -- parcel of history of afghanistan. nation overtaken by various empires. or countries throughout human history. it's a survival mechanism, is it not? >> it is. they are clever at it. except they have never seen so much money in their entire history. that's why you have the corruption you do. but we also had a failed strategy. it sounded good. particularly if you had a ph.d. from princeton or somewhere. but the fact was you could win hearts and minds in afghanistan. doug, as soon as we pull out of a village, they love to have the money. but they crush the girl school, put a burqa on their head and go back to the way they were living for 1400 years. they don't want a jeffersonian democracy. i don't think that the key is afghanistan. i think we ought to tell the
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pakistanfys who created the taliban when the russians left, to cut then off, cut the money off. and then the taliban will disappear. >> you talk about the night raids and i have seen many videos of the type of raids. if you look at the things, it has to be offensive to the villagers. imagine home with the police come in your home. it has to leave a lasting impression. >> otherwise they are sanctuaries. this is a counterinsurgency, gorilla warfare. the tips they get are accurate. they are normally accurate. that is a counter you to
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accept. it didn't perfect but the only way to believe we will get the high-value target to eradicate the taliban. >> i want your reaction to the latest on this. p-5 plus one agreement with iran. listen to a sunday bite from secretary of state kerry released this morning. >> we drove a very hard bargain to achieve what we needed to. in terms of our verification. certainty about where they are going. we drove hard bargaining because -- bargain because we have one unwavering purpose in our goal. president obama has been clear that iran cannot and will not acquire a nuclear weapon. >> you reaction? >> the words are nice but the deeds aren't. they fundamentally open the
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opportunity to continue toward going nuclear. they are not stopping any of the enrichment. up to 20% they have. >> will israel mount an attack? >> i hope they do. >> good to hear from you. >> new claims surfacing that the i.r.s. is used to impact the outcome of the mid-term elections. we have a fair and balanced debate when we come back. the nfl strikes a new deal with the miami dolphin player masamori inoue. -- richie ingog any toe. black friday is black and blue friday for some shoppers at a mall in philadelphia. we have that coming up next. [ sniffles, coughs ] shhhh!
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video proof as you can see that black friday can be a little on the dangerous side. a woman in the middle of a brawl whips out what appears to be a stun gun. it broke out 2:30 in the morning on friday at the mall in philadelphia. mall spokesperson says they still don't know what sparked
9:20 am
the fight. hard to know if a stun gun was usedded. both female shoppers were escorted out of the mall. despite drama, the sales seemed strong. personnel mark says the online sales -- bench mark says online sales up 9% for last year. thill day, the sales were up 20% from last year. they won't release official numbers until tomorrow. it predicts the holiday sales will increase from last year. >> it mate have started as a promotion for american express. but the idea behind small business saturday is a good one. spread the wealth to mom and pop shops. laura engal has more. laura? >> they are hopeful that today will be a great day like so many other small business owners across the country.
9:21 am
on the day that is declared a day just for them. consumers gut out to support the mom and pop brick and mortar stores. you can see that we have a store that is ready for shopping. they are creating a holiday shopping celebration since it started in 2010. last year, $70 million people shopped small. on the day for estimated 5.5 billion in sales. this is something that the business owners hope to see a repeat this year. panel owns dinosaur hill toys and hopes that the day will keep people coming back for more. >> i think it reminds people that shopping small is good. there is a really wonderful
9:22 am
exchange between the local people and the local her chants. >> the small business administration reports over 28 million small businesses across the country. and that half of working americans either own or work for a small business. so today, obviously, a very big day for many. while black friday is for big box stores, cyber monday for ecommerce. today is getting out and showing love for your local community store. showing love with the wallet too. >> great idea. i can guarantee you that there were no brawls in mom and pop shops over the holiday weekend. >> hopefully not. >> maybe between mom and pop. but not customers. thank you. >> still ahead -- the failed launch of the obama care website has hurt the president in the polls, but how bad will the fall-out be for democrats in the mid-term elections next year? we ask the panel. richie incognito and the dolphins strike a deal over a suspension for bullying
9:23 am
another player. we tell you just what that is. ahead of the anniversary, remembering pearl harbor, the oldest survivor recalls the world war ii attack coming up.
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take a look now at the stories making news on the fox news flash. >> it's a crucial weekend for the problem plagued obamacare website. today is the day the white house has been promising the approved version of the site is up and running for the vast majority of users. the site was shut down overnight for 11 hours for maintenance. four people are dead including an infant after upleap crashed overnight in western alaska. no word on the condition of the other six people aboard the single engine cessna. the state of montana is trying to put a teacher convicted of raping a 14-year-old girl behind bars. it sparked national outrage when he was sentenced to just
9:28 am
30 days. attorney general is asking for the heist court to reconsider that. romney to the rescue. josh romney, one of the former candidate's son on his way thig night. he saw a car crash in to a house. he tweeted a photo of himself saying he was the first people on the scene and he helped four people from the wreck. no one was seriously hurt. those are the top stories. the obama administration moves to clamp down on political activity by tax-exempt non-profit groups. they would prohibit tax exempt organizations in the past that been able to spend hundreds of millions on elections without revealing the big donors. some say the goal is to impact
9:29 am
the 2014 congressional election. is it? joining us for a fair and balanced debate, david mercer, the former deputy national finance director of the dnc. ron, the chief of staff for the republican congress. >> great to see you. >> will it impact 2014 elections? is it designed to do that? david, start with you. >> given the clarity that they are seeking on the activity of the 501c4 and the 511, the groups, you won't see anything impact until 2016. for 2014, they will be trying to get the clarity but i don't think it will much impact the 2014 elections. as it stands. >> i think it's unlikely to imfact 2014 election in terms of the rule-making. with the politics itself it could do so. this is a nasty game the i.r.s. is playing. they went after the conservative group. they were caught going after them.
9:30 am
now a simply trying to change rules of the game. politically it looks like restriction and freedom of speech here, and that could hurt democrats in the 2014 election. >> this is a proposed rule at this point. printed in the federal register, without going in weeds about the federal rule making it takes at least a year does it not for the things to -- >> it does. to add clarity to ron's point, this is already been put in law. the activity that are permitted. whether they have a candidate or advocate for an issue. given what happened last year with the i.r.s. they are seeking to clarify that. so it is clear what the rules are. add to ron's point that progressive and liberal groups were among those that were reviewed. by the i.r.s. as to what the activities are and whether they are entitled
9:31 am
to tax exempt status. that is the key. you can't be politically active and then seek also a tax exempt status. that is what the rules are design topped sure went i'll get the greater clarity as a result of that. >> a lot of cop servetive groups are up in arms over the proposed -- >> they are always up in arms. >> over the rule. >> listen to isa repect his point of view. >> organizing for action. the many hundreds of millions of dollars. 501c4, continues to be active in politics without disclosing the contribution. attacking the group in every way. now they can't forestall it longer they look to change the rule. >> is there a legitimacy? >> legitimacy. the majority groups are conservative and republican. they are trying to change the rule to get the,
9:32 am
quote/unquote, greater clarity. which means they look to restrict activities of the group because they weren't effective in doing so. >> you can't argue that greater clarity is sneeded. there is obfacecation, o'bake makeness -- opaqueness about the rule. less than 60% of the activity can be devoted to politicking. >> we find, what the i.r.s. seek to ensure among the voter registration groups, the progressive groups and the conservative groups is that they -- seeking tax exemption. not politicking or playing the politics. we will get a greater clarity. >> after it's said and done,
9:33 am
the pushback now that the rule is being propoed is tremendous. they look for the feedback. they will get it to make sure that the fine print is clear. >> looking down the road i imagine the conservative groups challenge this in court. if you throw in that mix the nuclear trigger that harry reid pulled, they will hear the regulatory challenges would have to hear this case. this is a busy -- they will be busy. >> the democrats are change the rule of the game to alter landscape for 2016. that is how it looks to us. if you go 30,000 feet to look at what they are doing. restricting the filibuster
9:34 am
rule for senate republicans in the minority. this look like a political game-playing. >> in contrast to that, the obstruction, denial of appointing the executive, it's a do-nothing congress that the democrats won't allow to happen. if they get movement they will seek it in the filibuster the way it was abused. with something curtailed. that is what senator reid marx jurorty leader sought to do. >> i won't let you get out of here without a comment on the relaunch of obamacare. have you heard how it's going? either one of you? >> i have not heard anything about bad news so far. >> coming from you. >> coming from the news media. people are having problems on the website. people are kicked off the health plan. it's bad news. unlikely they will follow
9:35 am
through on the deadline. >> i believe they are following through on the deadline. >> there may be a few glitches but it will be fixed. in kentucky and they get the high enrollment. unlike a lot of governments up for re-election. >> the democrats, vulnerable democrats run away from this in drove. they send in a bill to delay obamacare. if the blood pressure goes down. that means obamacare is working. >> smile on the voters and those getting insurance. >> thank you. the new video now of the american veteran being held in north korea. north korean government release video. ad showing newman, apologizing
9:36 am
for the the hostile acts against the country. dominic di-natale has more on the developing story. >> this is the first time we have seen him since he was dragged off the plane preparing to leave north korea. look at the video. he looks in good condition. he seems to be reading that apology there. caution here, we are hear from him in a second. from the clunky disjointed and unnatural language, is he reading a prepared statement? north korea accuse him of war crimes in korean war and while a tourist there last month. here is what he said in that apology. take a listen. >> they collected information of the k.p.a. and attacked communication system and killed three innocent
9:37 am
operators. delayed the munition supply. using explosives. obtained from the mine. they attack the k.p.a. and operation of the rear base, ten times. in the province area. >> no doubt the state department had relatives wondering how natural his delivery really was there. that statement had been prepared on november 9. we can read more from that. this is what the news agency also issued. newman saying after i killed so many civilians and soldiers and destroyed so many objects in korean war i committed indelible offense acts against the government. and the korean people. the north koreans have actually accepted his apology more from that apology.
9:38 am
if i go back to the united states i will tell the truth. the life the korean people are leading. well koreans accepted an apology it's good news. because if they want to hang on to him we wouldn't see him on video. they would announce he has been convicted of the war crime. like americans held, six americans being held in the year by the korean would have received a jail sentence. the family this week pleaded for him to be released in time for thanksgiving. we'll see now whether the language used he could be home in time for christmas. we'll see whether it happens. back to you. >> thank you. >> the phraseology is interesting. not language american would use. not his own words. thank you. now the latest on the attack on the consulate in benghazi. the obama administration is reluctantly complying with the law and releasing previously classified material about last
9:39 am
year's deadly terror attack. fox news senior correspondent adam housley looks at the new documents and images and tells us what they mean. >> quietly the u.s. state department this week posted 57 injuries from free -- inquiries from the freedom of information request online in virtual reading room. document and photos that reveal little new information are a fraction of the benghazi evidence still being withheld now more than a year after ambassador chris stevens and three others were killed in the libyan terrorist attack. >> this is an administration in full stonewall mode when it comes to benghazi. >> the government watchdog group judicial watch is one of the organizations that is forced the state department to release a few documents through lawsuits. but this online posting of the photos, contracts and press reports, however small has it come without a fight. >> the fact is that a non-profit organization had to sue the state department to get documents and photos of the benghazi consulate attack. it came as a result of the
9:40 am
lawsuit. it didn't come from congress. or from the obama administration. >> the state department isn't alone. requests for information from the other government agencies like the f.b.i., cia and the pentagon largely without any response. in reply to inquirries by fox news about posting documents online thanksgiving week when washington mostly shut down the state department released this statement -- "in response to various and often overlapping freedom of information request on the 2012 attack on the special mission come pound if benghazi, the department made previously released document available through the virtual reading room. any future releases in response to such requests will be similar larry available through this resource." fox news national security analyst says now may be the time to appoint a special prosecutor. >> there are just so many unanswered questions and every week there is another series of revelations. another series of reports that we find. other people are stepping
9:41 am
forward. >> anyone from the public can view the documents by going to the state department remember diet. in reading room search page stripe in the word "benghazi." oddly included the 57 postings, daily press clips and template for benghazi invoices. >> in san francisco, adam housley, fox news. >> thank you, adam. coming up next, really scary situation in las vegas, as a mystery illness sends several children and adults to the hospital. we will tell you what we know so far after the break. an amazing story from the oldest pearl harbor survivor. he will share his war-time experience. story you don't want to miss coming up. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] everyone deserves the gift of all day pain relief. this season, discover aleve.
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where's tommy? i thought he was with you. no. jack! (playing twinkle, twinkle, little star.) don't stop! keep playing! here we go. here's the fun part!
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a mystery illness sent children and adults to the hospital. a group got sick at the rio hotel in las vegas yesterday. >> flu-like symptoms we can't tell. we don't know that right now. we don't know the source. it could be airborne virus or food-borne. we don't know the answer to that. >> food poisepping has simmons toms but the youth team manager said they didn't eat the same thing. december 7, 1940 is a day as you know that will live in infamy. now 65 years later, jim downing the oldest pearl harbor survivor has a crystal clear memory of how the day unfolded. fox 21 kristen leon has the
9:46 am
story. >> i got on board everything above the water line is on fire. >> something that jim remember feeling in pearl harbor. >> in those days we had no satellite, no radar. so all we know what is happening is what we saw. >> sense of pride is what he carried with him 72 years later. >> our exposure was less than three hours. the way we responded. heros that morning. >> heroes like mr. downey, who was 28 years old when the japanese attacked pearl harbor on december 7, 1941. >> the >> japanese dropped 40 torpedoes. nine hit the ship i was on. >> to tabe to those who experience events in history is amazing to hear personal stories of what it was like to be on the ground. to have it happen to you.
9:47 am
>> the commissioner sally clark has personal stories that leave a lasting impression. >> we should never forget sacrifices made and wars that come before us that give us freedom we celebrate today. >> rather than dwell on the past, he is making the most of the present. >> i live for today and tomorrow. not in the past. >> that was kristen leon reporting. mr. downey says he makes at it mission to share his experience with the college students across the country. as a relatable history lesson. the board presented him with the annual pearl harbor day proclamation. richie incognito is back on the miami dolphins' payroll. but will he play again? that is coming up next. time to duck the halls? we have the perfect gift idea
9:48 am
for the "duck dynasty" lover in your family.
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the miami dolphins are suspending richie incognito.
9:52 am
he will be paid retroactively for the last two weeks. not bad. get this, 140 million people are expected to work on their holiday shopping over the long thanksgiving weekend. does that mean retailers will cash in on their hard work? joining us now is the senior vice president of the national retail federation. thank you so much for coming in. i know you come out with the official figures tomorrow. but what are the indications of black friday's success or not? >> so far, it looks like a really good start. we saw more retailers this year opening on thanksgiving night which seemed to do a lot for sales. there were a ton of people out at 8:00 p.m. that's four more hours for retailers, so that's important if you're looking to bring in millions of dollars this weekend. >> we heard that black friday is traditionally the day that business turns from red to black, that they start to make a profit. is that still true in the modern era? >> it's changed a little bit.
9:53 am
over the last few years, black friday has been the biggest shopping day of the year, and still an important day for the retail industry overall, but for the most part, this used to be the day when people started their holiday shopping. by now, on black friday, about 50% of americans have already started holiday shopping. >> how has online shop changed that dynamic? >> online shopping has changed everything. online shopping is why stores are open on thanksgiving. people were going to their websites when football and the parade and dinner was other and they were looking for something to do. retailers saw a lot of people shopping online. many of them decided to open their stores and let shopping be entertainment for a lot of families. >> are the brick and mortar stores dealing with the influx of online sales well? >> well, a lot of the best brick and mortar stores have really robust websites. you look at walmart, macy's,
9:54 am
kohl's and target. those are ones that do very well. at the end of the day, that's really good news for shoppers. >> "the wall street journal" reported earlier this week on november 25th, i'll read the quote, big retailers work backwards with their suppliers to set starting prices. that red sweater on sale wasser in never meant to sell at its starting price. it was designed with the discount built in. will we be seeing these mobs of shoppers on black friday if those shoppers knew that? >> it's interesting. think about what penny's did about a year and a half ago. they said, we'll make everything low prices all the time. and shoppers didn't buy it. even though sales are sometimes built into a price, the average shopper, the really savvy one, knows there's still something to be had on black friday and there were some really good deals out there yesterday. >> the national retail
9:55 am
federation. thank you for your time. we'll find out tomorrow, right? >> yes, we'll find out. >> all right, good. the first family of backwoods usa is taking over the holidays. we're going to give you a rundown of the robertson family christmas gifts. hey kevin...still eating chalk for heartburn? yeah... try new alka seltzer fruit chews. they work fast on heartburn and taste awesome. these are good. told ya! i'm feeling better already. [ male announcer ] new alka seltzer fruits chews. enjoy the relief!
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washington. kelly wright and jamie colby standing by in new york to take over from here. we appreciate you watching. ♪ the more she bakes ♪ the more i eat hello, everyone. i'm kelly wright. >> i'm jamie colby. i get to be with kelly wright. welcome inside america's news headquarters. topping the news thi talking aba care website deadline. it is now. we'll check the progress of health and see where the administration stands. >> plus, an american still detained in north korea. allegedly confessing to things he did during the korean war. we're going to see what he has to say as his family pleads for his release. >> and the tensions are indeed rising.


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