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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  December 2, 2013 3:00am-6:01am PST

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and a note is better than an act of violence. >> have a good monday. go out and make it a good one. "fox & friends" starts now. good morning. it's monday, december 2. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. we begin with a fox news alert. a holiday weekend horror. after a commuter train bound for one of the nation's busiest stations flips off the tracks killing four and injuring 63. >> horrific when you look at it, just to see the sheer speed that train must >> this morning investigation is on looking into what went wrong. >> and failure to relaunch. this morning the white house is claiming a dramatic improvement on the affordable care act website, but then it crashed again. what is going on? we'll give you an update. >> the nfl banning this ad over politics?
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>> my family's safety is my highest priority. i am responsible for their protection. >> wow. is this really too offensive? we're asking you to weigh in. then we will. "fox & friends" as far as we can tell starts now. >> it's "fox & friends." >> welcome aboard. thanks for joining us on this monday after a long holiday weekend. hope you had a nice thanksgiving. >> it was a nice thanksgiving. you guys do okay? >> absolutely. it's been a few days. the breaking news happened sunday morning and quickly we realized holiday's over. >> fox news alert. brand-new information about the deadly commuter train crash that has left four dead here in new york. the operator told investigators he tried to hit the brakes but the train did not slow down. joining us from the scene
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with new details is anna kooiman. anna, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. ntsb is on the scene, investigators around me actually at the moment. they say they'll be here for up to ten days. we should find out soon because they have recovered the black box which tells the speed of the train. did the conductor actually try to hit the brakes? we will find that information out. also at the center of the investigation is the bend in the tracks. the speed limit is 30 miles an hour for that area but just before it, it was 70 miles an hour. >> we don't know what the train speed was. we will learn that from the vehicle event recorders. incidentally, we have recovered the event recorder off the cab car. we downloaded the data over the locomotive. we have not had a chance to analyze it or verify it at this point. >> we're starting to get an
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idea of the victims killed in the crash. we know james level, a 58-year-old, a father of four. he was headed to rockefeller center to prepare for the annual christmas tree lighting. also killed, a 35-year-old nurse. dan smith, 54 years old, paralegal. and james ferrari, age 69. 63 people also hurt. 11 of them are in critical condition we're told. we have new information about the man behind the controls. according to neighbors, william rockefeller is a motorcycle rider who loves high speed and likes to live on the edge. but neighbors also say he would never take unnecessary risks with train passengers. law enforcement sources say that rockefeller has worked for the nta for at least 15 years and has a clean record. at 4:20 this morning the locomotive was righted. they have crews in place that are working to try to start to move the debris. that will be happening a little bit later. they are also trying to
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figure out if fuel is leaking. that's adding to the problems on top of what commuters are going to be dealing with this morning because, elisabeth, brian, 26,000 passengers ride this line alone on a normal daily basis and you can imagine tens of thousands will be displaced because of it. >> you're right. it is going to be a crazy rush hour. we thank you very much. it's interesting that william rockefeller, the guy who was driving the train at the time, he told his supervisors, i hit the brakes but the train didn't slow down. >> what anna mentioned leading up to it is 70 mile -- apparently a 75 mile-an-hour strip zone and then it goes to 35. the dramatic change in speed could have played in that. we're going to wait for the investigation. our hearts go out to the families that lost those four individuals. >> it is the fourth incident this year. it is incredible it happened in western connecticut and over in mount vernon. two or three times and now this is the fourth time it's been a major issue, this obviously the most
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serious. on almost a lighter note, to the world of health care. yesterday was a big day. the president said it and kathleen sebelius backed him up, we're going to make the end of november, by november 30 we're going to get things working and working well. they did cite yesterday a series of improvements when it comes to obamacare. >> in fact, kathleen sebelius is writing the pages of "usa today" today that when we launched the website we messed up, but we fixed it. we made dramatic improvements. essentially that is what jeff zeints, the director of office of management and budget has been brought ton fix things. there he was at an event. we took a picture of him. he was live yesterday doing a conference call where it's interesting. he says the site is fixed but maybe you should use it when not many people are using the site. here he is. >> bottom line, on december 1 is night and day from
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where it was on october 1. to be clear, there likely will be times that even with this increased capacity that that increased capacity will not be sufficient to handle peak demands. so to prepare for those times when spikes in user volume outstrip the system's expanded capacity, we will deploy a new queuing system to serve consumers in an orderly fashion and to allow consumers to request e-mail notifications when it's a better time to come back to the site. >> a better time to come back to the site indeed would have been two months ago or over that. i believe october 1 is when this thing was supposed to be up and running. certainly there's frustration on the part of many. with these letters and op-eds and conference calls comes a note to americans that we're out to lunch sign is on the door of the obamacare website. they're going to send you a complimentary e-mail to let you know when to log back on. but don't worry because also according to
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sebelius's op-ed that you have until december 23 to sign up for coverage if you want it in 2014 in january. >> i think the best part of the whole thing, i found most disturbing but yet enlightening was the website is moving at private-sector speed. really? isn't that the whole goal of this was to turn it over to the private sector to begin with? wasn't the fundamental argument -- also the kaiser family foundation, larry leavitt said jeff zeinz has nothing to do with the launch. he was asked to fix it. he seems to have made improvements. there is no way to verify from the outside that the majority of people who want to enroll can now enroll. isn't that what the vast majority want to know? can you get through? can you make a choice? >> when they say vastly improved, why don't we see the dash board? why don't they get the metrics. when they had the conference call yesterday, had a lot of graphics but didn't have a lot of verifications.
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it would be great if they could audit it or say this is exactly what's going on. clearly what happened yesterday was yesterday was a political goal. they needed -- the white house needed to show enough progress had been made so that a number of democrats who have been sitting on the fence, who have been siding with republicans, hey, maybe we should delay this thing, to give them cover. they got the cover, they think, yesterday. but then at the same time we saw from our washington correspondent yesterday, he tried to sign on at 6:00 a.m. on a sunday morning, which certainly would be off peak, and couldn't do it. >> right, peter doocy tried -- >> peter doocy could not get his i.d. verified and could not sign on. >> people are doing things, like in connecticut they are leading the way, consider the option to go out and hire a separate company to verify, to your point, brian, because they don't trust the government to do it. they want to have the power to protect those in their state, so they are actually looking to hire an independent company to do what the government says it
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should be doing but can't do yet. >> george will came out and said look out. this will be the best sound bite from sunday shows. he goes when those employers decide if they're going to keep their employees on their health care plan, if they decide not to and take any type of fine, you're talking about hundreds, over a hundred million people will be out on their own. now we have problems with the individual market. the corporate market is going, could potentially be a catastrophe. >> don't forget the catholic market. we have cardinal dolan who said the catholics, they were for coverage for all. but now based on the contraception mandate, he's saying obamacare is actually isolating catholics. take a listen. >> -- kind of along the pros who are providing health care, do it because of our religious conviction and because of the dictates of our conscience. now we're being asked to violate some of those. that's where we begin to worry and drawback and say, mr. president, please, you're really kind of -- you're really kind of
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pushing aside some of your greatest supporters here. we want to be with you and be strong but if you keep doing this we're not going to be some of your biggest cheerleaders. that sadly is what happened. >> under the affordable care act, which is not so affordable to many, people are being forced to buy things they don't need. do you need maternity coverage at your house? do you need pediatric? do you need acupuncture and stuff like that? >> acupuncture i would probably buy. >> would you? the catholic church, they support, as elisabeth said, they support the idea of affordable care but they don't want to pay for birth control. it flies in the face of the basic tenets of the catholic church. >> heather nauert, a lot of people are saying where is she? the answer is to the right. >> hope you all had a thanksgiving weekend. you get a few days off and then it never feels like enough. a man is dead and three people are under arrest
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after a stadium fight at a kansas city chiefs game. the victim was sitting in somebody else's truck in the parking lot after the game and then when the owner of that truck saw him, a fight broke out. the victim then collapsed and died later at the hospital. >> the hospital told us there is no obvious reason for why this person died. we don't know if the person had a heart attack during the struggle. >> we'll keep you posted. tragic details from the death of fast and furious star paul walker. investigators confirming speed was a factor in that accident. walker was riding in a friend's porsche when it crashed into a light pole over the weekend. the fast and furious costar tyrese gibson broke down. he posted a note on instagram. paul is the heart beat of this franchise and we're going to see his legacy lives on forever. walker was in the middle of
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shooting fast and furious number 7. tmz reporting production of that film stopped for now. walker leaves behind a 15-year-old daughter. he was just 40 years old. freezing rain and ice are to blame for a massive pileup that involved 65 cars and 3 tractor-trailers. this crash was near worcester, massachusetts, and at least 35 people were hurt in that but amazingly no one died. the interstate was shut down for four and a half hours. what a mess. today is cyber monday, the biggest on-line shopping day of the year. analysts expecting sales to top $2 billion today. speaking of shopping, amazon confirming that it is testing a drone service that would deliver products in a half-hour or less. they say that service could be up and running by 2015 but they're cautious about that. those are headlines at the outset of this hour. the f.a.a. would have to approve a whole lot of things to allow those drones to operate. >> how many times do you
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think those drones would land in somebody's yard and the people's big dog is probably going to take the dog out. >> right. >> i think it's amazing and i look for it to happen soon. >> great update. >> coming up straight ahead, don't call it obamacare. just call it the government's latest redistribution plan. stuart varney has details you won't be hearing from the white house. he's coming into the room. we're going to talk to him next. >> too bad. you don't need to go to the bathroom? the new dining experience 150 feet in the air. that story coming up. ♪ before using her new bank of america credit card, which rewards her for responsibly managing her card balance. before receiving $25 toward her balance each quarter for making more than ht
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welcome back. is the obama administration hiding something about
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obamacare? >> young healthy people are going to pay more than they currently do in order to subsidize the extra benefits for older, sicker people. isn't that income redistribution? >> you're saying that some people may have to pay a little bit more. and the idea of the affordable care act is that they have a much better health care plan. because the challenge we have in this whole tkurbs >> it sound like you're saying yes. >> the challenge we have in this system. >> it sounds like you're saying younger, healthier people are going to pay more to subsidize older, sicker people. >> i'm not saying more. it depends. >> the president should put it out there like that and it does seem to be the case. why doesn't the white house want you to see obamacare for what it has become. and that is income redistribution. stuart varney from varney and company is here. this gets more preserving now because it is here. >> obamacare fits the patent of the obama administration. it is one giant redistribution scheme. in this case it's from men
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to women, healthy to sick, young to old, from taxpayers to nontaxpayers. you are taking money off one group and funneling into another group. it's redistribution. >> this goes back to what you're saying, rich to poor, men to women, young to old, healthy to unhealthy. here's the thing, stuart. if people had a conversation and they decided that this thing called charity and there is a fund and a whole bunch of people that are coming here and they might have a situation where they might need some help, then we can debate whether that's the best way to get these people top-flight health care. we never had that debate. >> that debate has not taken place. instead what we have is a forced, coercive system of taking from th and giving to that group. we don't know the numbers yet. we don't know the exact numbers of how many people will be taken from and how many people will be given to.
3:19 am
i've used a very, very rough number in the past which is very rough indeed. middle america essentially getting squeezed, having money taken out of it and given to working america, if you want to put it like that, from this group to that group. now look, it's going to be very, very unpopular. when people find out how much more they've got to pay and who they are subsidizing and why, it's not popular. therefore, the white house, as you just heard there, will do anything to avoid the charge that they are redistributing income. >> let's look at the reality as you spell it out. it looks like the poor will have more and it looks like the rich will be able to afford what they want. it's the middle class who is going to end up really screwed more than anything else. >> you're going to have a two-tiered medical system. this group here doing okay, this group here getting it for free but not getting quality care. and the middle squeezed with not much of anything, quite frankly. >> varney and company coming up at 9:20. various topics include
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reviewing what kathleen sebelius wrote and where we are on december 1. >> we've got it all and a market rally. >> great to see you. coming up straight ahead, imagine authorities board the plane you're on, tell you a fellow passenger has tuberculosis. it just happened. but now what? plus it's cyber monday and not only can you shop from your desk, but your phone too. here are the best apps coming your way to save you on this day. "fox & friends." ♪ [ male announcer ] even ragu users a. chose prego homestyle alfredo over ragu classic alfredo.
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>> got some quick headlines for you on this monday morning. a faulty fuel supply may have doomed a police helicopter that smashed into a scottish public that killed at least eight people and injuring 32. authorities are focusing on mechanical injuries. pope francis meeting with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu in rome later today. netanyahu expected to invite the poem to jerusalem which would -- invite the pope to jerusalem. netanyahu is in italy for the annual government conference. elisabeth, over to you. let's talk cyber monday. >> i love it. for nearly 170 million people are expected to shop on-line today, cyber monday. even though it is the holiday's most convenient holiday there are secrets
3:25 am
to saving time and saving even more money. we have the cofounders of with tips. i know a ton of people are going to be on-line today but there is always that person so hard to buy for even on cyber monday. you have apps that can help us with that. >> it is either the teen or between that is always changing their preferences whatever it might be. there's a few apps that can lead you in the right direction. the first is etzi. it is local artisans merchants, vintage products. they have unique products you can customize. you can get them engraved, monogrammed but the lead time is longer. so i would start now. >> birch box, what is that? >> we love it especially for teen or between always deciding or changing their preferences. it is a monthly delivery service of beauty care, personal care products. so they're getting new stuff every month they can try out.
3:26 am
>> probably great for a niece or nephew, you want them to know you're thinking of them. >> 20% off when you sign up with the app. >> i love a good deal. tpab, what is that? >> fap is techy, home good products. this is great for an aunt or uncle that is kind of hard to shop for and you don't want to show up with that same tie. >> in terms of great sales, cyber monday is all about the discount but there's a couple of places you can go. one is huckster. >> if you're looking to shop with top on-line retailers like j. crew, best buy or nordstrom, you need the huckster app. you can create a wish list on-line and we'll alert you the the moment one of those products go on sale. you can say i like this sweater and i want to know when it goes on sale and you'll get an e-mail? >> exactly. you can share that wish list with friends and
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family and they can take advantage of the savings too. >> like a little hint. tell me about slate. >> there is the inevitable returns that happens after the holidays. it is so complicated. you're running around. how can you keep track of those receipts. this is a great app that takes the resraoets from -- receipts from your inbox. let's say you bought a toy for your niece or nephew, it lets you know if there is a product recall. you can use the app to return things. >> thank you both so much. katie and erica, i'm going to start down loading. we appreciate your help on this cyber monday. next up on the rundown, an epic takedown at 30,000 feet. how one man's plane confrontation started with a note and ended with a slap in the face. i'm not kidding. the nfl blocking this ad over politics? >> my family's safety is my highest priority. i am responsible for their
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♪ ♪ it's your shot of the
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morning. sky-high dining, the experience allowing diners to eat a three-course meal 150 feet in the air for a sky-high cost of $230 per person. the dinner in the sky restaurant has popped up in cities all over the world including santa fe, las vegas and london. >> good way to make sure they don't run out on the check. get the money up front. >> interesting date night. >> we're getting bored as a people. >> the ground is just not good enough. >> speaking of sky-high, there was an epic takedown on a delayed flight over the holiday. elan gale who identifies himself as a producer on "the bachelor" show, he was up four rows in front of diane in 7-a. as it turned out, he listened to diane whine and complain about how they were being delayed on thanksgiving. >> i have to be home on thanksgiving. what's going on here? making all types of crazy
3:33 am
demands. >> one of the flight attendants said i'm trying to get to my family also. she said it's not about you. there are 70 tweets that went back and forth between the two individuals. >> as the conversation unfolded, elan kept writing this down and it kept getting momentum. the image is, and if you look at the heat there and how many followers you have, americans from coast to coast were in the bathroom listening to this going i can't get enough of this story. >> he had 35,000 twitter followers. he currently has 130,000. one of the reasons why is he took a picture of a note he sent to diane in 7-a. here it is. it says dear lady in 7-a, it has come to my attention that today is your thanksgiving. it must be hard to not be with your family. please accept this glass of wine, a long glass of red wine. it is a gift from me to you. hopefully if you drink it,
3:34 am
you won't be able to use your mouth to talk. >> that was the tweet. >> she didn't like that. it's good she wrote back. it went like this. dear elan. the wine wasn't funny. the vodka wasn't funny. you're an awful person with no compassion. i'm sorry for your family that they should have to deal with you. diane. >> yeah. >> with that he simmered and stewed and he thought i cannot let this woman get the best of me, and we're not going to stop here. >> so he wrote another note. he did write a couple of notes that were inappropriate. we're not going to mention them. >> maybe on the after the show show we will. >> he did tweet this. he said when i got off the plane i waited for her at the gate. i was holding another note in my hand and i was going to give it to her. then another tweet. she walked right up to me and slapped me immediately in the face. somebody there, a gate agent said, hey, buddy, should we hold her for the cops. and he said no, let her go. so he did not press the
3:35 am
charges. >> he had been holding her with his words and she him. imagine you're trying to get to your family. sure you're complaining. that's not nice, not nice to hear it. but the last note, and i can't figure out if he gave her that last note or not. if he passed her that last note, if he gave her that note, then there's argument there for some consequence. >> to get slapped? >> i'm not sure about a slap because i'm not going to incriminate myself nor am i going to justify hers. but there is definitely some consequence. >> we should not be flying anymore. >> wait until people can talk on their phones during the whole flight. that's going to be crazy. what do you think? do you think it was appropriate for him to send her the note and then ratchet it up to the point where she felt like she had to slap the guy in the face? e-mail us at or twitter us at "fox & friends." >> heather nauert is here
3:36 am
with something else to talk about. >> good morning to you. a house explosion to tell you about in the state of texas leaving one person dead this morning. this home was totally leveled by a massive blast. it is believed a propane leak may have caused it. many neighbors feeling this ten miles away. >> i really thought i was going to get sick. i've never been so scared in my whole life. >> the propane was set off by a water heaters in the basement. we'll watch this story for you. passengers on a u.s. airways flight landing in phoenix being advised to get a tuberculosis shot this after a man with t.b. was removed from the plane. the man was initially cleared to board the plane but his status was learned during the flight. a spokesman for u.s. airways confirm there was a medical issue on board but they would not confirm the case was t.b. many of you may recall the british nanny who was jailed in 1997 for killing
3:37 am
a baby in massachusetts. she's now about to givbirth to . 35-year-old louise woodward was convicted to second degree murder and sentenced to 15 years in prison for killing an eight-month-old boy. friends say woodward has been desperate to have a baby. she is living back in england now. money literally falling from the sky at the mall of america on black friday. a man began tossing 1,000 dollars over the railing to the people below. a 29-year-old claimed he wanted to spread holiday cheer but police charged him with disorderly conduct. disorderly conduct? really? those are your headlines at this hour. >> did they arrest him for that? >> i don't know. i'm going to check into that. >> let it snow. >> by the way, mall of america really big. >> enormous.
3:38 am
>> there he was trying to make it rain. >> that's why he needed a lot of it. >> speaking of rain and snow, that's her department. maria molina joins us on this first monday in december. >> good morning. i hope y'all had a wonderful thanksgiving with your families. hello everyone. >> it was great. ate a lot of turkey. >> i ate pie for every breakfast. >> pie for breakfast. >> if you live out west, we have a brand-new winter storm that has arrived. this storm system is going to be producing a whole lot of snowfall. take a look at some of the snowfall accumulations forecast, western colorado more than two feet of snow. that's some of the higher elevations. parts of western wyoming also expecting more than two feet of snow. and even across portions of the upper midwest, we could be seeing over a foot of snow. a lot of snow with this storm system. freezing rain could be mix ing in with that. be careful on the road ways. that storm could be sticking around through wednesday. a number of warnings have been issued from colorado
3:39 am
up into north dakota. temperatures with the storm system are going to be getting very cold behind it. look at rapid city. you're in the 50's today. by wednesday and thursday only in the teens. and then on friday, single digits. during the nighttime hours you're going to be below zero. bundle up. otherwise the east looking much milder after a very chilly thanksgiving weekend. temperatures much closer to average. 50's and 60's. atlanta, memphis, 49 will be the high in new york city. let's head over to you, brian. >> thank you very much, maria. monday morning nfl highlights. let's go to the game where the new york giants were taking the washington redskins last night. robert griffin iii had a good game. he had his team rolling, up 14-0. paulson made it 7-0. you'll see later on with under two minutes to play, giants up 21-17, rg
3:40 am
ii, giants take it away. the giants win 24-17. sorry, chris wallace. college football, one of the most stunning final moments in the history of college sports. auburn, alabama field tkpwoeg. listen. >> 56-yarder. chris davis takes it to the back of the end zone. 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55. davis is going to run it all the way back! going to win the football game. auburn is going to win the football game! they ran it back 109 yards! holy cow! >> it just gives you chills to listen to it especially when you consider alabama was supposed to be a shoe-in. auburn gets the victory but
3:41 am
they would not become the number one team in the nation. the two top spots, ohio state and florida state. the way it looks now they'll play for the national championship in the b.c.s. soon they'll have a final four. auburn number 3. what a stunning finish. embattled crack smoking mayor rob ford, ford attended the bills-falcons game. the mayor took pictures with fans and endured a bit of heckling but it wouldn't be a rob ford moment without a little controversy. the mayor stole somebody's seat. the canadian singer matt mays tweeted rob ford is sitting in my seat. he stole my seat. i don't know what to do. mays eventually got his seat back. by the way, over the weekend, we just got news, thanks to everybody out there, george washington's secret six is now number 4.
3:42 am
charles krauthammer and bill o'reilly are up there. channel 5 locally did a retracing of the steps. met in front of the tavern where washington said goodbye to his troops. really appreciate it. >> in great company. coming up, the nfl blocking this ad. >> my family's safety is my highest priority. i am responsible for their protection. >> so is this ad, which is really for a rifle, really too offensive? that little baby they are cuddling in the crib. we report, you decide. >> the catskills made famous by the movie "dirty dancing" coming up, what just happened that will make fans of the"dirty dancing" movie kind of sad this morning. ♪ ♪ [ woman ] my doctor wanted me to get one of those emergency pendants.
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welcome back. time for some entertainment news. michael jordan is expecting a baby at the age of 50. jordan and yvette got hitched seven months ago. it is his first baby with the 34-year-old model. dirty danceing, the buyer will transform the location into a vacation complex. >> memories. >> more on that fox news alert. this will dominate the covers locally. new york city bound commuter train derailed killing 4 and injuring more than 60 passengers. >> residents in the area describing scenes of horror and devastation. this man was minutes away. he rushed to the site and joins us with an eyewitness account and the pictures he took during that moment.
3:47 am
trevor, thanks for being here. you woke up at 7:30. you saw on facebook this accident occurred? >> yes. i went to my facebook page. a friend of mine had said a train car was on its side minutes from where i live. i went to the website and i saw a notification that the had you hudson line had a disruption. i went, i live so close. >> did you walk there or drive? >> it is a two-minute drive. parked the car, walked over the henry hudson bridge and the first thing i saw was the car that was closest to the water. my first impression was that there might be a car in the water. >> submerged? >> right. as i walked farther across the bridge. i'm a rail enthusiast so i know what certain cars look like, i saw the face of the first car so i knew there
3:48 am
was no car in the water and so i was thankful for that. >> you're also a guy that likes to take a lot of pictures. we've got images you took yesterday shortly after it happened. that's what it looked like. what did it sound like? >> when i got there it was eerily quiet. the only thing you heard was the chopper and you heard e.m.s. still arriving to the scene. there was no news on the scene yet at all. >> were people crawling out of the train? >> no. you couldn't see anybody that was, you know, involved in the accident scene itself. >> the speed at which the train may have been going is under question, certainly under investigation going forward. from what you could see, can you make an assessment at all? >> i'm not an ntsb investigator but i read that line a lot. the speed before that curve usually ranges between 75 and 80 and i do know it is supposed to drop to 30 before that curve. >> roughly how long was it
3:49 am
from when you think -- when you learned the accident occurred to when you were down there? >> maybe 25 minutes. >> how many emergency workers were there when you got there? >> there is a bridge over the line and then all the roadways down there, you saw maybe 10 or 12 on the lower roadway and some emergency people on the upper roadway and there were people arriving, coming across the bridge. >> as bad as it was, as you look at those images right there, that one car that almost wound up in the harlem river, it could have been so much worse. >> yeah. it could have been far worse. >> it was bad enough. >> five miles faster and that car probably would have been in the river itself. >> trevor logan, appreciate your firsthand account. 11 minutes before the top of the hour. coming up, is this ad too much for the super bowl? >> my family's safety is my highest priority. i am responsible for their
3:50 am
protection. >> the nfl thinks so. but we want to know what you think. >> no obamacare for baby. you will meet the parents who learned about the
3:51 am
3:52 am
3:53 am
at the end of the football season is the super bowl. we're about to show you a commercial that the nfl and fox will not run because they say it flies in the face of their prohibited advertising category. it's for a company called daniel defense. it ran this commercial last year
3:54 am
regionally in atlanta. you won't see it this year at the super bowl. i wonder why. watch. >> in my family safety is my highest priority. i am responsible for their protection. and no one has the right to tell me how to defend them. so i've chosen the most effective tool for the job. >> daniel defense. defending your nation, defending your home. >> that gun is in the spot and that print u about it's nowhere else. but that is their logo. >> what they have offered is said we'll get rid of the gun and just put an american flag instead. >> has that been accepted? >> no. still won't go for that. >> it's not fox turning it down.
3:55 am
it's fox in the nfl has told to us turn it down. >> according to a statement from fox, the daniel defense quote here, unfortunately we can not accept your commercial in football super bowl spots due to the rules. the nfl itself set into place for your company's category. so certainly they feel like they're tied behind their back. but these regulations are preventing this commercial, which is really soft. >> you don't see anybody with a gun. he's talking -- it's a basic principle that this country was founded on. >> sure. i don't know if you saw it. it was the nra spokesperson, he was trying to find some sense in the fact that this commercial was banned and we actually have sound of him defending the commercial and why it should be played and why it doesn't make any sense why it's banned. take a listen. >> selective censorship is bordering on a line of social lunacy where the idea of self protection is considered offensive.
3:56 am
but i can watch beyonce happily hump the half court show. when mayor bloomberg is allowed a commercial where he advocates taking away the constitutional way. with bob costas -- >> i was asked to by a social media team which consists of a lot of people to tweet this out. when and one of the e-mails and tweets came in. what you're saying is the nfl does not support the constitution and it's second amendment rights. a lot of people feel differently. they think the nfl is right to do this. this guy jeff says they're wrong. >> they have a list of stuff that they won't allow. like for alcohol, beer is okay, video games, no. and things like that. and firearms. but this particular company also sells apparel and stuff that's an actual brick and mortar store. so it looks like there is a reason they could allow it. what do you think? e-mail it.
3:57 am
>> that's right. and next up, the minorities becoming the majority at the community pool. how sharia law is changing everything farmer: hello, i'm an idaho potato farmer. and our giant idaho potato truck is still missing. so my dog and i we're going to go find it. it's out there somewhere spreading the good word about idaho potatoes and raising money for meals on wheels. but we'd really like our truck back,
3:58 am
so if you see it, let us know, would you? thanks. what?
3:59 am
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call 1-800-ishares for a prospectus, which includes investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses. read and consider it carefully before investing. risk includes possible loss of principal. good morning. today is monday, december 2. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. brand-new information about the train bound for one of the nation's busiest stations, killing four and injuring dozens more. this morning the investigation into what went wrong. donald trump accused of ripping off thousands of people on his on-line university. but this morning donald trump is firing back with us. he'll join us live in a few minutes. and no obamacare for the baby? meet the parents who learned about the obamacare glitch the hard way. "fox & friends" hour two for the first monday in december starts right now. that's a sign, you better
4:01 am
wake up. in you woke up early yesterday, you saw this. the fox news alert we're still covering. new video showing the train that derailed and uprighted. we have brand-new information into that deadly train crash that left four people dead in the bronks: the operator told investigators he tried to hit the brakes, but the train did not slow down. >> joining us live from the scene with new details is anna kooiman. good morning. what can you tell us? >> reporter: good morning. you can really start to hear the him of the heavy machinery, the cranes uprighting those cars. you saw some video of that. we can show awe little bit more because one of those cars, one of the seven passenger cars was actually left teetering where the hudson and the harlem rivers meet. just inches, literally, away from the water. we're hearing -- we'll be hearing from ntsb investigators. they'll be here for up to ten
4:02 am
days. they're investigating speed and human error as possibilities. speed is being looked into. there is a sharp curve in the tracks and just before the area that was 30 miles an hour, the zone where the incident happened, it was 70 miles an hour. there was a sharp dropoff. take a listen. >> we don't know what the train speed was. we will learn that from the vehicle event recorders. incidentally, we have recovered the event recorder off the cab car. we have downloaded the data off the locomotive. we've not had a chance to analyze it or verify it at this point. >> reporter: we're getting a look at some of the victims. james lovely, a 58-year-old father of four. he was headed to rockefeller center, to prepare for the annual tree lighting. a a 4-year-old paralegal. and a 35-year-old nurse. and james ferrari, a 59-year-old. at last check, an additional 63 people were hurt.
4:03 am
11 of them are in critical condition. there is also new information about the man behind the controls. according to neighbors, the motorcycle rider loved high speed and likes to live on the edge. but neighbors also say he would never take unnecessary risks with train passengers. law enforcement says he worked for the train service for 15 years and has a clean record. the ntsb will be here for up to ten days. they're also checking into the possibility of fuel leaking. really compounding the problem, 26,000 passengers ride this line alone, elisabeth, brian, and steve. so you can imagine the commuters are really going to be having to pack their patience this morning. >> sure will. all right. anna, thank you very much for the live report from the bronks. just have to wonder whether or not the fact that the train was being pushed by the locomotive rather than being pulled by it had anything to do with it
4:04 am
because just by nature of the fact that there is no room to turn the train around, that's the way it goes. when you're southbound, it's always pushed. >> right. certainly there is to great time to lose someone you love. so our hearts during this holiday season go out to the families who lost somebody or have somebody injured. in the meantime, heather nauert is here with some other headlines. >> hi there. good morning to you. on a happier note, we've got more christmas decorations outside on the plaza. >> i know. >> a great big white reindeer. >> i need to take a picture for the kids. >> yeah. really beautiful. good morning to everyone. i got news to bring you. one man is dead and three people are under arrest this morning after a stadium fight at a kansas city chiefs game. police say the victim was sitting in someone else's truck in a parking lot after the game. and when the truck's owner saw this guy, a fight broke out. the victim collapsed and then died at the hospital. >> hospital told there was no obvious signs of how this person died, so we don't know if the
4:05 am
person had a heart attack during the struggle. we don't know. >> officials say that incident had nothing to do with the fan rivalry. tragic new details in the death of the fast and furious star, paul walker. investigators now confirming that speed was a factor in that accident. walker was riding in a friend's porsche when it crashed into a light pole. tyrese gibson broke down at the memorial and posted this, paul is a heartbeat of this franchise and we're going to see to it that his energy and presence lives on forever. #my heart hurts so bad. walker was in the middle of shooting "fast and furious" 7. tmz reporting that production of that film has stopped for now. walker leaves behind a 15-year-old daughter. he was just 40 years old. freezing rain and ice are to blame for a massive pileup that involved 65 cars and three tractor-trailers. this crash was near worcester,
4:06 am
massachusetts. at least 35 people were hurt. amazingly, no one died. the interstate was shut down for 4 1/2 hours. how frightening. are you a bruce lee fan? you'll like this story if you are a fan. this famous yellow jump suit that he wore in "game of death" is going up for auction. it's expected to sell for around $35,000 and those are your headlines at this hour. yellow jump suit? elisabeth, you got a pretty yellow dress on this morning. >> you know, i like the ground. >> i'll see you later. >> all right. thank you very much. today is cyber monday. i wonder how many people are going to go on-line and shop for insurance because the government says it's all better. donald trump joins us on this monday morning as he always does. good morning to you, mr. trump. >> good morning. >> what did you make of the white house conference call yesterday? we're going to play a snippet. saying it's better now, as long
4:07 am
as you don't use it during high traffic times. >> bottom line, on december 1 is night and day from where it was on october 1. to be clear, there likely will be times that even with this increased capacity that that increased capacity will not be sufficient to handle peak demands, so to prepare for those time when spikes in user volume outstrip the system's expand capacity, we will deploy a new queuing system to serve consumers in an orderly fashion and allow them to request e-mail notifications when it's a better time to come back to the site. >> looks like it's up and running. >> still not fixed. >> is that an improvement? >> the site is a disaster. we know it. it's going to be a disaster. probably long into the future. they're advertising -- they're saying you have to discuss it over thanksgiving meal. you have to do all sorts of things. but the site is a total disasser and it's not going to get that
4:08 am
much better. right now the insurance companies don't even know the people who signed up. so people think they signed up. where they were successful on the web site. they go to the insurance company and the insurance company says, we have no record of you signing up. it is a catastrophe. >> they say come to the web site with your tax information as well as your income. that's great. in a web site that's not secured, i think i'll put my tax information in. i love this line, the team is operating with private sector velocity and effectiveness. it cost about a billion dollars and now they're operating with private sector effectiveness. >> now they're way over a billion dollars and nobody understands how can a web site costs that much. you do web sites for free. i have many, many web sites and they're up for nothing. you hire some young guy or some guy or woman who is intelligent and they give you a web site. but you don't spend a billion dollars and you don't spend a million dollars. so i just don't understand why aren't we suing the company thistly screwed up the web site? they're going to blame kathleen sebelius and they're going to blame everybody else and they
4:09 am
probably have a pretty good defense. but why isn't this country doing something about getting the billion dollars back? this is a web site that is totally grossly disgusting. >> on all days, cyber monday, not going to be a great day. >> beautiful. >> meanwhile, we've got another sound bite to play. this is congressman keith ellisson, a democrat from minnesota. he says that while he acknowledges there have been problems with the web site, this is going to be good for the democrats next year. listen to this. >> i think even though he may have said if you like your decent insurance, your insurance works, then you can keep it. i think the people really get that. he owned it. he said look, man, if you misunderstood what i was trying to say, i'm sorry about that. i think that shows integrity. he didn't do anything to self-promote. >> if you misunderstood when i was trying to say? i'm sorry about that. >> well, this is a disaster, absolute disaster for the
4:10 am
democrats. all of a sudden 14 is looking a lot different than 16 because they're talking about hillarycare which is can offshoot of this. i think obamacare will be about 95% of the reason. amazing what's happened in three weeks. four weeks ago it was looking like it was not going to be so good. people have forgotten about that for the republicans. i think this could be catastrophic for the democrats. a loft democrats are running away from obamacare. this could be catastrophic for the dems. the election coming up will be anames. >> they are saying this, republicans are saying if you look back at hillarycare, nobody remembers what it consist of. it was the same thing. >> that's right. they had a lot of problems. now the difference is that they didn't get it passed. so nobody can really complain. but this one is going to be really -- it's ad about thing for the country, so we shouldn't be so joyous and so happy. it's a horrible thing what's
4:11 am
going on. >> this is just the web site. what happens when weather it's actually our health care? >> that's going to be worse because -- like a woman couldn't get her plan the other day because she's 65 years old, but they demanded that she have pregnancy insurance. she's 65 years old. she's got a grown family. she says i have a 20-year-old son. i'm not going to get pregnant. i'm 65 years old. they wouldn't allow her to have a plan because they demanded that she have pregnancy insurance. so it is so screwed up and it's so bad, and i think ultimately while it's very bad fort country and certainly is, it could turn out to be very good because the republicans will have a lot of victories in 14 and the democrats know it. and they are running for the hills. >> just stand by. we'll find out. got to ask you, there is an item in the new york daily news today that talks about the attorney general suit of new york against you and trump university. give us an update. >> i will give you an update.
4:12 am
we're suing them now. we brought -- because it's such nonsense. what's interesting, we have a lightweight attorney general, a real dope in new york. not respected by anybody. he meets with obama, president obama, the next day he files a lawsuit. they wanted to settle the suit so bad. everybody was saying, settle it, settle it. what the heck? no big deal. settle it. they wanted it, the other side, the lightweight attorney general. they wanted to settle it. i don't want to settle. he said oh, trump will settle because he doesn't want bad publicity. i don't care about bad publicity. who gets more bad publicity than me? nobody. so they said, settle it. i won't settle it. what happens is we have a school that at this to help people. this is a very small thing for me. i did it to help people. a very good school. had a 98% approval rating. everybody that took the course had to give a record card on the school. 98% approval rating and i got sued. now, he wanted publicity. he wanted to get some things. again, if i settled it, it would
4:13 am
have been easy. i just can't do it. i see all the time these banks are settling. they settle, they made all this money. >> you want your day in court. >> they are complete jerks. you don't settle. you do it the old-fashioned way. you get yourself a good lawyer when you're right. when you're right, you get yourself a good lawyer and go in and fight it. so we're going to do very well in this. you have a 98% approval rating and we're going to do great. >> on cyber monday, this would be a good time to get a trump tie, see at least one of those ties is a trump tie. >> i think they both are. >> are they both? i'm very proud of you. i would be
4:14 am
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welcome back. cornelius and jennifer kelly recently welcomed a beautiful baby girl into their family. but along with their bundle of joy came some really bad news. first, their health insurance was canceled under obamacare. then they couldn't find a new family plan that would cover their youngest baby. cornelius, kelly and his wife are my guests. how is it possible that you go to look for an insurance plan and baby erin is not covered? can you walk us through that? >> it was a nightmare. my wife and i both have small businesses. we work for ourselves.
4:18 am
and for the past ten years, we've had no problems getting insurance in the private markets. about a year ago, our policy was no longer offered in the market. it was canceled. so we went out and scrambled and found a new private policy in the market and that lasted about a year. that has been canceled now as well. >> because of the regulations of obamacare? >> because of the regulation, yeah. so twice in a span of ten months, 12 months. we went on the obamacare web site when it opened up for new york. the new york health benefit exchange, and looked for policies. typed in all my information and waited a few days for quotes for our family. the family plan, quotes came back. we got 56 different quotes and they offered coverage for myself, my wife, our six-year-old daughter, our five-year-old daughter, our three-year-old son, but 1 1/2-year-old daughter was left off. >> why? >> i thought it was an administrative glitch. i thought okay, i'll call them up and we'll get this fixed. they said no. she's below the age of two, so she needs her own plan. they sent us 32 separate quotes
4:19 am
for her to have an individual plan, like she's some adult on her own without a family. >> right. a plan that would include birth control? >> right. >> contraception? >> right. complect what she needs. so i called up the site and said, we need to fix this. they said no problem. then they came back and said no, we can't. she can't be on your family plan. i said all right. i still didn't believe it. called back again, spoke to another person. they spoke to the manager. they said no, she can not be on your plan. waited a few days. called back again, got the same information. >> it was an expensive rate, right? in terms of premiums? >> absolutely. >> you finally got through, but had -- once it became public that, when they did something. >> once we went to the papers and said look, we're having this problem -- i had given up on the web site. the papers called them the state. the state panics. they called me up and said, we apologize. weight put your 18 month i would on your family plan. they completely capitulated.
4:20 am
>> we have their quote. no separate policy is required for children under two years old. all children are covered under the family plan. jennifer, what's your biggest fear? i understand there is a whole host of other issues that followed. >> yeah. so basically, being a parent, of course, and having four children, to find out that the baby is not going to be on the plan is distressing. our fear is eventually we're going to have to go to obamacare plan and that there is going to be a problem with getting out of network coverage. my husband did a lot of investigation and most of the plans, every plan did not offer out of network coverage, which is very concerning if your child needs a specialist. >> you think with one child, but four. we're thankful that the baby is covered now. but your concerns are valid. we thank you both for being here. >> thank you. >> thank you so much. coming up, the nfl is blocking this ad. >> family safety is my highest
4:21 am
priority. i am responsible for their protection. >> so is the ad really for a rifle too offensive? your responses are pouring in. we're going to read them. ♪ ♪ na, impact wool exports from new zealand, textile production in spain, and the use of medical technology in the u.s.? at t. rowe price, we understand the connections of a complex, global economy. it's just one reason over 70% of our mutual funds beat their0-year lipper average t. rowe price. invest with confidence. with investment information, risks, fees and expenses to read and consider carefully before investing.
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time for news by the numbers. 114,651. that's how much it would cost you if you bought all 364 items repeated in the 12 days of christmas. $110 million. that's how much "hunger games: catching fire" earned over the long thanksgiving weekend. the squall starring jennifer lawrence was the number one movie in america for the second week in a row. i saw "frozen" yesterday. finally a music that's a comic strip. 63 women. that's how many plunged head first out of a plane towards the arizona desert, shattering the female vertical formation sky
4:25 am
diving record by a lot. steve? >> thank you. millions of americans take the train to work each day and while crashes are rare, this weekend we saw just how horrific an accident can be. if this happens to you, how can you make it out alive? mark ash is the former ceo of the rochester regional transportation authority and joins us live today from harrisburg, pennsylvania. good morning to you. >> good morning, steve. >> you have some tips on how to survive a train accident and people -- i think generally think, a train is a lot safer than an airplane. but what happened yesterday can happen anywhere. one of the first tips you suggest is know which car you're boarding. why is that important? >> well, just like when we all go shopping at the mall, it's december, lots of folks are shopping. you go up to one of those maps and there is going to be a great
4:26 am
big sign that says this is where you are. the same thing is true when you're boarding a train. don't just get on. know what train number you're getting on. know what car you're on so if you have to communicate with emergency personnel, you can tell them exactly where you are. be aware of what you're getting on. >> and for a lot of commuters who take the same train every day, they certainly know that. you also suggest find an alternate exit. >> that's something that we should all practice in our lives every single day. i know when i go into a restaurant or a hotel room or a movie theater, know a secondary way to get out without going out the way that you got in. that's just good common practice. always know a secondary way to exit. >> okay. you also suggest, if you notice something is going hay wire, much like sully sullen berg suggested to his people as he was landing that u.s. air jet out in the hudson, he said, brace yourself for impact, you got to do that on a train, too. >> that's exactly right. the movie is called "planes,
4:27 am
trains and automobiles" for a reason. all the same practices apply. just as he was able to get his passengers off safely, if you realize you're going to be in an incident, brace yourself. cover your head and prepare for what's about to come. that's how sully got those folks off the airplane. same thing holds true on a train. >> these days, it seems the first inclination a lot of people have is to pull out their cell phone, call somebody and say hey, i just survived this thing that you haven't heard of yet. you say don't do that. >> right. that's the last thing you want to do. facebook and youtube can wait. no one who loves you realizes that you've been in an accident yet. so keep those lines clear. allow the emergency personnel to communicate with one another and to communicate with you and this is one of those where you want to make sure that people that are really badly injured, emergency personnel can get them. so wait that extra half hour and then you can tell people who love you that you're safe. >> sure. also, talking about fight or
4:28 am
flight. the first inclination might be to jump off the train as quickly as possible. but you say don't do that. why? >> well, this is where airplanes differ greatly from trains. in an airplane, as soon as you can get off, you want to be able to do that obviously. in a train, do not jump from the frying pan into the fire. you may be able to avoid the accident and not be able to be seriously injured. you do not want to exit the train because many trains are operated through electrical currents. so you go and exit the train without being directed by emergency personnel, you can put yourself in a lot more harm than the accident itself. stay on the train until you're let off. >> you could jump right down on an electrical track and that would be awful. >> that's right. >> all right. >> not what you want to do. >> it is not indeed. we thank you very much today for joining us from harrisburg in pennsylvania. thank you. >> thanks, steve. 28 minutes after the top of the hour. next up, the minority is
4:29 am
becoming the majority at one community pool. how sharia law is changing everything. and is this ad too much for the super bowl? >> my family's safety is my highest priority. i am responsible for their protection. >> the nfl thinks that's not appropriate for the super bowl. but we want to know what you think. we're reading your comments next. e-mail us, facebook us, or tweet us. right back live from 48th and 6th avenue in the heart of midtown manhattan. ♪ ♪ so they savor every last bite. marie callender's.
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♪ ♪ when we drove up to work today, we saw brand-new led reindeer here at 48th and 6th avenue in front of our building. so when you look in at our magic window here on the set of "fox & friends" behind us, if you're wondering what that is, those are the legs of the reindeer. >> we can not tell if it's a male or female. >> i like them. >> that's the first thing you think of? >> i'm just saying. >> brian will be spending the rest of the show checking. >> right. >> my kids will be so excited. i love those. >> i would say in all the years we're here, this is the best decorations we've ever had. >> they're beautiful.
4:34 am
>> you got to see the front windows where the tree is. >> 'tis the season. >> meanwhile, and there are the reindeer -- let's talk about this. at the ends of this football season is the super bowl. there is a commercial you're not going to see. it's run by daniel defense, is an organization, they help people defend themselves. they've got a commercial. they submitted it to fox. fox said no, based on the fact that the nfl has these rules, including prohibiting ads featuring firearms. however, this ad doesn't feature any firearms. it simply talks about defense. watch this. >> my family's safety is my highest priority. i am responsible for their protection.
4:35 am
and no one has the right to tell me how to defend them. so i've chosen the most effective tool for the job. >> daniel defense. defending your nation. defending your home. >> here is what daniel defense says. they say, daniel defense has brick and mortar stores like the nfl demands and they sell products other than firearms such as apparel. the commercial itself does not mention firearms, ammunition or weaponry. so they're pushing back. they just want to spend the money. >> sure. the commercial itself is benign and actually patriotic in the minds of many. then we have a quote from fox, they say, unfortunately, we can not accept your commercial on football super bowl spots due to the rules that the nfl has set into place for your company's category. when we're watching games, there are so many things that come across the screen. we're a football family. i hear my kids say, mommy, it's
4:36 am
bad, it's scary! this is something i would let them watch. i'm sure there are parents who feel the same way. >> it is, because they pushed the family thing through. if you watch the terminator promos, there is killing, shooting, bad guys and good guys. here is an e-mail from jason. >> he says, it's funny how bob costas can run his liberal views on guns during half time, but to try to run a pro-gun ad that is paid for, ridiculous. >> jack had this e-mail. if that ad is too much for the nfl, maybe they should ban all players who get caught with a hand gun. then they could really make a statement. >> who is to say they use it for self protection. a lot of them get licenses. marsha says this, marsha, marsha. if you can't advertise cigarettes on tv, you probably shouldn't advertise guns either. >> all right. darryl chambers on facebook says, what's wrong with the nfl's right not to show it? >> nothing. >> absolutely. >> private company. >> if that's what they want to
4:37 am
do. >> gail said let the ad run. it says what a lot of americans feel. >> and a tweet from elizabeth. the adt alarm commercials are way more violent than that gun commercial. >> that's true. they scare me every time. >> they scare my kids every time they run of the my daughter goes, didn't we have a better alarm system? >> what about those that don't text commercials? those are the scariest ever. did you ever see those tsa's? >> yeah, scared straight. >> what do you think? e-mail us or tweet us or you can go to our facebook page. >> that's right. in the meantime, heather nauert, good morning. >> good morning to you. those adf ones are scary. a burglar break in and threatening the lady. >> i know. >> good morning, everyone. hope you're off to a good day. we have an update on that house that exploded over the weekend in texas. it left one person dead. this house was totally leveled, as you can see, by just a massive blast. we're now learning that devastation may have been caused
4:38 am
by a propane gas leak. neighbors say they felt it ten miles away. >> i thought it was a tornado that hit. >> i thought i was going to get sick. >> i have never been so scared in my life. >> investigators say that propane filled the basement and that a water heater may have sparked that blast. the minority becoming the majority at one community pool. sharia law is now changing everything. a ymca in minneapolis, st. paul is starting a swim group for muslim groups but special considerations have to be made to keep with their religious beliefs. this means during the one hour class, the pool is being shut down. the men's locker room is being locked. and female life guards are being brought in. similar classes are now starting at towns across the midwest. we'll keep watching this story for you. and imagine buying your on-line purchase and finding it 30 minutes later at your doorstep. amazon concerning this may be a reality. it's testing a drone service
4:39 am
that would deliver products to your house in a half hour or less. they say it could be up and running by 2015. the faa is still working on how to regulate that program. talk about a balancing act, caught on camera, a mom possum is toting around 15 of her babies on her back. apparently possums carry their young children on their backs while they hunt for food. this is considered normal behavior. by the way, possums can have up to 20 babies at a time and elisabeth and i talk about this. sometimes we feel like we have 20 babies at a time. >> that's how i carry my kids around. >> they're crawling around your back. >> i was like brian, hush. >> usually we would see maria molina right there, but there are reindeer where she normally stands. where is she? >> i am outside. you're right, steve. i got booted for the holiday
4:40 am
decorations. they're beautiful, i'll take a back seat an day for those decorations. they're beautiful. actually in year's past we've had fake christmas trees as well. the reindeer look great. let's look at the weather conditions now across the country because we do have a major winter storm to tell you about. it is going to be impacting parts of the rockies and also portions of the upper midwest. we're talking significant snowfall accumulation. we're looking at two feet possible in western colorado, western wyoming, overall to a foot possible in parts of the upper midwest as well. winter storm warnings are in effect and winter weather advisories. temperatures behind this storm are going to be dropping significantly as well. take a look at denver. your high temperature today for monday, 60 degrees. then by wednesday, you're only in the teens. thursday, your high temperature, only 9 degrees. during the nighttime hours o'clock you will be dipping below 0. you factor in the wind, and those wind chill temperatures will be much colder. otherwise across the east, temperatures returning to more seasonable levels.
4:41 am
high temperature in new york, 48. 50s in raleigh and atlanta. let's head back inside. >> thank you. let me tell you what's coming up in the next 20 minutes of this hour. you heard the president say al-qaeda is on the run, right? now a shocking admission from both sides of the aisle. terror risk is higher than before 9-11. that story next. and it sounds like a scene from eternal sunshine of the spotless mind. what if you could erase all of the painful memories in real life? we got details on a new breakthrough. >> first, the aflac trivia question of the day. born on this day in 1981, this pop star signed her first record contract at the age of 15. who is she? be the first to e-mail us with the correct answer. who could it be? ♪ ♪ ready to run your lines?
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it is exactly quarter before the top of the hour. quick look at monday morning headlines. passengers on a u.s. airways flight landing at sky harbor airport in phoenix being advised to get tuberculosis shots. this morning after a man with tb was removed from the airplane. a passenger was initially cleared to board, but that changed during the flight after the tsa learned of his health condition, that he had tb. and it may seem like a scene from the movie "eternal sunshine in the spotless mind," but what if you could erase all painful memories in real life? scientists revealing a chemical compound in mice can be used to subdue or even delete memories. researchers are hoping it will help people suffering from ptsd
4:46 am
and various kinds of addiction. all right. brian, over to you. two years ago the president said al-qaeda was on its heels. they were on the run. this week intelligence leaders from both parties made a shocking admission. we may be losing the war on terror. listen to senator, democratic senate diane feinstein and congressman mike rogers. >> terrorism is up world wide. statistics indicate that, the fatalities are more up. >> more groups operated independently of al-qaeda have joined them around the world. the threat is higher today and we are probably less safe. the more efforts they try, the more perfect you have to be in order to stop something. that's a huge challenge. >> that may be -- that news may be new to you, but not to general jack keane. fox news military analyst, been saying this for years. general, your thoughts about those two coming out and making those statements on national television, what's behind that? >> i think it's frustration, the
4:47 am
fact that we're not making the kind of progress we should be making. they're probably validating what fox has been saying for two years, that clearly is on the rise. at the heart of this problem, brian, last time we dealt with an ideology that was seeking world domination was communism. we organized against it. we have no formal alliances against al-qaeda or radical islam like nato or the southeast asia treaty organization. none. we don't have a comprehensive strategy to defeat it. i ask anybody in the administration to tell us what is that strategy to defeat radical islam? it doesn't exist. we don't have a military strategy. it's a military tactic, drones, which are effective, but it's not a strategy. >> it's not to infiltrate. that's what you need. china, russia would be with us on this. other regimes, sane regimes would be with us on this. we would be dividing it between chaos and organizations, not between socialism, communism and
4:48 am
democracy. it seems natural. however, i'm living in a time and so are you that the french are more aggressive than the americans! >> they are. what they did in mali because when we had the failure in benghazi, lost a consulate, c.i.a. base we were run out of, ambassador killed and three other brave americans, the fact we did nothing about that emboldened the al-qaeda in mali and they decided to seize the country. that's what put the french in there to stop it. they don't have the capacity by themselves to defeat that movement. but they did have the capacity to push them away from the capitol and not let that happen. we need to form these alliances, to organize intelligence not so much that we're on the ground fighting, but we're organizing and training others so they can do the fighting in their own country. >> yeah. general, we're fighting, general rogers said we're fighting amongst ourselves about surveillance methods rather than focusing on the enemy and the reason we have those surveillance methods. not to find out what our
4:49 am
shopping habits are or who you're dating, but to find out where al-qaeda will hit next. >> i'll tell you, senator feinstein and chairman rogers are doing a great service by informing the american people. it's a tragedy the administration is not doing this on a systematic basis. what is our strategy? what kind of success are we having? and keep the american people informed. >> thanks so much. appreciate your time this morning. >> good seeing you. straight ahead, ever feel like you're the underdog? don't worry. best selling author says that gives you the advantage. he's here to explain with his best selling book "david beats goliath." and hate house work? like cleaning the windows and painting the walls? we're about to make those difficult days a whole lot easier. that means getting somebody else to do it. ♪ ♪
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the answer to the aflac question of the day is britney spears and our winner is elaine spalding from north carolina. you are going to get a copy of brian's new book "george washington's secret six." that's awesome. >> we will sign it and send it. now something else that could help you. i think i'm ready to talk now. whether you've got a brand new house or living in the same old house, our guest now has some great gadgets guaranteed to make your life easier. >> that's right. the editors of "this old house" releasing the list for best home products. joining us, special products editor, eric hagerman. welcome. >> hi. >> you have some things that have been tried and tested. >> absolutely. we've been working on this all yearlong. this is the big moment for us.
4:54 am
>> let's get to the windows. >> i heard about this. ultimately. >> who likes to clean windows? nobody. this vacuum will do it. you spray the fluid on there. then you just suction it on the window, like this. >> right. >> it will move on its own? >> once it gets all the way on there, it's going to move around the whole window and clean that window and you can sit back and make cookies. >> that's good news for those guys there because that's what they're doing. >> he's looking at it. he wants it now. >> what is this now? >> this is exactly the kind of thing we love for the top 100. it will prevent your house from burning down. circuit interrupter. not like the ones in the kitchen and bathroom that protect against water. this protects against sparks behind the walls. bare copper to bare copper. old house, old wiring. you don't know what's back there. >> what's the actual product? >> so there is a breaker in this outlet.
4:55 am
so instead of having an electrician come and install something at great expense at your breaker panel, you can put this in yourself for less than 30 bucks. it's going to help -- >> you can go around your house? >> you only need one for each line of outlets that you have. >> that's fantastic. >> let's move. >> all right. this is what we've been looking for in home automation. it's an electronic dead bolt. if you watch this, magic. i can open and close the lock by touching it. >> does it know your finger? >> with your cell phone or finger? >> when i touch it, it wakes up the lock. it talks to my phone via blue tooth and opens. so you can set that up. the great thing about this is i can e-mail a key to my in-laws, my plumber. maybe not the in-laws. >> but you get the app? >> yep. download the free app. open the lock and go from there.
4:56 am
this is the first food processor that dices. >> this is massive. >> if you want to make salsa but not gazpacho, two stages. slices vegetables here, and then pushes them through the dicer here. >> i like this 'cause it looks like a tool. >> how much does this cost roughly? >> this is something you want to ask for. it's about $600. >> great. >> these are just the extra attachments for this. >> what's this wind bag? >> this is like -- basically a wedge to shim up like a table or a refrigerator. you pump it up like this and it will raise up to 200 pounds. it's also great, you throw it in your purse, take it to a diner. >> listen, eric, thanks so much. it's good to see my nickname on
4:57 am
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honey bunches of oats. ching! mmmm! mmmm! mmmm! wow! it's the oats. honey. yeah. honey bunches of oats. this is a great cereal. good morning. today is monday, december 2. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. brand-new video and brand-new information about the man behind the controls of this train when it went off the tracks. did the brakes give out or was he speeding? it's a big question. and failure to relaunch? this morning the white house is claiming dramatic improvement to the obamacare web site. guess what? didn't work yesterday. all right. it was the call heard around the world. >> 109 yards! holy cow! >> the man behind the voice joins us live in the hour. how auburn beat alabama and what it was like to call it and
5:01 am
witness it live. "fox & friends," according to steve and elisabeth, is live now, and starts. >> true. i got a feeling the guy who called that game today needs a lozenge. >> and maybe a raise because he made it more exciting. >> it was exciting to heart voice. certainly fun news after the weekend of news that we heard. derailment. fox news alert, new details this morning about the man who was behind the controls of the train when it was derailed, leaving four people dead. did the brakes give out or was he speeding? joining us live from the scene with new details, anna kooiman. good morning, what can you tell us today? >> reporter: good morning. i literally just spoke with the ntsb, got an update. they said they should know today, using information from that black box, which does track
5:02 am
speed, whether the conductor did indeed try to hit the brakes as he was rounding that sharp curve. that sharp curve also under investigation. the speed limit there at the point of the incident, 30 miles an hour. but sharp dropoff of 70 miles an hour. you hear the heavy equipment behind me, the trains that are continuing to right these seven passenger cars and tear away the debris. governor cuomo says the carnage is even worse than our cameras can see. >> it was actually much worse than it looked. it was truly a horrific situation. from the pictures you see, the trains are posted about. it looks like a child's train set that was just strewn about. >> reporter: yeah. one of those parts literally teetering on the bank of the river where the hudson river meets the harlem river. we're beginning to learn a little bit more about the victims. the four people who lost their lives. james lovel, a 58-year-old father of four, headed to
5:03 am
rockefeller center to prepare for the annual tree lighting. donna smith, a 54-year-old paralegal. a 35-year-old nurse, james ferrari, a 59-year-old. at last check, an additional 63 people were hurt. 11 of them in critical condition. there is new information about the man behind the controls. according to neighbors, he's a motorcycle rider who likes to live on the edge, but also say he would never take unnecessary risks with train passengers. law enforcement says rockefeller has worked for the mta for 15 years and does have a clean record. crews continue to investigate this morning. they're also trying to find out if there is any fuel leaking. you have to remember, this train was headed southbound to grand central station, one of the busiest, one of the two busiest in the nation. 26,000 passengers ride this line alone every day. so very popular. you can imagine that it's going to be a nightmare for commuters. they'll have to pack their patience. and one more thing, the ntsb
5:04 am
tells me it will be a few days until things are back to normal because hundreds of feet of track need to be replaced. >> sure. anna kooiman joins us live today from the bronks. >> fourth major disruption this year alone and this directly affects people like you. let's bring in bret baier, getting set for "special report." had not had his morning meeting yet. but you have an idea of what's going to be on the show today. welcome back. >> good morning. >> november 30th has come and gone. kathleen sebelius radio its an editorial today. what do you ascertain is the state of the obamacare web site and program? >> listening to jeffrey zintz, saying taking 90% done. there will be problems, to hear them talk about it's night and day from october 1. yes, it is definitely that. and on page 3 of the report that
5:05 am
it is at private sector velocity, that public sector velocity was not getting it done. but private sector velocity is at speed now. the question now is about the insurers and whether they're getting the data and information they need on the back end and whether there will be people who come january 1, think they have signed up and have not. so that's the real back end question now. the administration says they're doing fixes and they made 50 software fixes saturday night. >> sure. then what about david plouffe, senior advisor to the president who said, once the states get everything under control, we should see everything running well in about 2017. >> 2017? >> 2017. listen to this. >> this program was designed to be implemented by the states. in most of the states that are running their exchanges, it's going quite well. you talked about medicaid expansion, i think it's a fact, and it may take 'til 2017 when this president leaves office,
5:06 am
you'll see almost every state in this country running their own exchanges and expanding medicaid. i think it will work really well then. >> so just hang on. people complaining about it not work now. by 2017, fantastic. >> yeah. that's a lot of investment if you're going to talk politics. democratic politicians saying hold on. wait through 2014, wait through 2016. that would be something. we'll see how this develops over time. i think there are some hurdles obviously ahead. one thing on the private sector velocity thing, i was kind of joking obviously. but if you talk to anybody in the business field in the high-tech field, in any field, private sector velocity in the private sector, somebody probably would have been fired by now. no one really has. >> and in the private sector, it would not have cost a billion dollars. it would not have taken 3 1/2 years. and then they wouldn't have had
5:07 am
a relaunch. what happened yesterday, wouldn't you agree, they had to have essentially a political deadline to give the democrats in congress behind you some cover because a lot of them have been getting a little wobbly siding with the republicans saying, you know ha? maybe we should delay this thing. they rolled everybody out yesterday, hey, it's a lot better. show is over. go home. >> yeah. the show continues because december 23rd, you have to sign up if you want your insurance by january 1. the question is whether you're actually going to get your insurance by january 1st if they have all your data. >> i think it's amazing -- >> the recommendation would be to check with the insurance companies because they're saying that they're getting inundated by calls by people calling in and they don't have them. >> it's just amazing, on one level you have amazon delivering my packages via drone cheaper than i can't even log on to a web site that cost 20 times as much to even get going.
5:08 am
on cyber monday. cardinal dolan is in the eye of the storm when it comes to what's happening with obamacare. he's saying the president's alienating catholic >> we catholics who are kind of among the pros when it comes to providing health care, do it because of our religious conviction, because of the dictates of our conscience, and now we're being asked to violate some of those. so that's where we begin to worry and draw back and say, mr. president, please, you're really kind of pushing aside some of your greatest supporters here. we want to be with you. we want to be strong and if you keep doing this, we're not going to be able to be one of your cheerleaders. that sadly is what happened. >> how much will that weigh into what's happening next? >> this comes after the u.s. supreme court obviously took up the hobby lobby case and that will be adjudicated i think march is the arguments next year. and obviously cardinal dolan is saying he wants catholics -- he
5:09 am
says and the bishops are supportive of universal health care. they've been fighting for that for a long time. he's saying at the end there, we wanted to be cheerleaders, but there was this alienation, he said in this interview by the contraception mandate and the continued mandates by the administration on this health care program. >> why should catholics be forced to pay for something that flies in the face of their core beliefs as a religion? stand by. the supreme court will decide. bret, you've got 'til 6:00 p.m. eastern time to get a show together. do you think you can manage? >> i think we'll have plenty. >> you always do. >> thank you very much. >> take care. heather nauert has the rest of the headlines. >> there is always so much to talk about in washington. i got some news. one man is dead this morning and three people are under arrest after a stadium fight at a kansas city chiefs game. the victim in his mid 20s was
5:10 am
sitting in someone else's truck in the parking lot after the game. when the owner of that truck saw this guy in his car, a fight broke out. the victim then collapsed and later died at the hospital. >> hospital told us there is no obvious signs of how this person died. so we don't know if the person had a heart attack during the struggle. we don't know. >> officials say that incident had nothing to do with the fan rivalry. tmz reporting moments ago that the car crash that killed actor paul walker may have been caused by a steering fuel leak. this according to sources tied to the auto shop where the car was stored and maintained. walker's friends was speeding when he crashed into a light pole over the weekend. fast and furious co-star tyrese gibson breaking down at a makeshift memorial and posted this on instagram. paul is the heartbeat of this franchise and we're going to see to it that his energy and presence lives on forever. #myhearthurtssobad. he was in the middle of shooting fast and furious 7.
5:11 am
tmz reporting that production has stopped for now. walker leaves behind a 15-year-old daughter. he was just 40 years old. take a look at this. this road was really just a sheet of ice. that is the reason for this massive pileup that involved 65 cars and three tractor-trailers. this crash taking place near worcester, massachusetts. at least 35 people were hurt and all of these accidents, but thankful no one died. it was shut down 4 1/2 hours. talk about bumming a ride. a seattle guy is accused of stealing a ferry boat and then taking it for a joy ride. at first it was believed that the ferry was adrift on its own in the water. but then police got a call reporting it stolen. how about that? steve, earlier we were talking about the guy at the mall of america throwing $1,000 worth of dollar bills over. he was arrested for disorderly conduct and he was later released. you had asked about that. imagine that, so much for minnesota nice, right.
5:12 am
>> an act of charity. >> i'll see you later. >> thank you. straight ahead, it's our top story, four people dead after a commuter train went off yesterday morning. who is responsible? peter johnson, jr. on that next. ♪ ♪
5:13 am
5:14 am
5:15 am
four people are dead and 11 still in critical condition after a horrific train derailment in new york city. the question now, can the railroad or can the city be held responsible? both or either? peter johnson, jr. here to explain the legal fallout. we know four lost their lives. over 60 injured.
5:16 am
11 in critical condition. >> metro north is the entity that's responsible for this. the people want to bring action for wrongful death and personal injury. they have 90 days to bring a notice of claim for that. at the same time, they will be a criminal -- there will be a criminal investigation to determine whether the operator or the engineer of the train was drunk in some way, was on drugs in some way, or acted in some criminally negligent fashion. i don't think that's going to happen. it doesn't appear to be any signs of that. but there is an issue as to brake. there have been some reports that the engineer of the train said that he dumped the brakes, that he used the braking pattern as if it was a crash at a railroad crossing, kind of a last-ditch thing. so what happened before that? was the train going too fast? had the conventional brakes not been operating before that? a lot of questions. >> so does it matter at all, peter, to knows who are victims of this in some way, shape or form, traumatic, physical or
5:17 am
emotional, if it was operator error or a mechanical malfunction? >> in terms of a recovery, in terms of compensation for injuries, no, it really doesn't matter in terms of the causation. there are passengers on this train, they're owed a duty of care. obviously the care was breached either through error or some deficiency in terms of the operation and maintenance of the train. so it's just a matter of how much they'll be receiving in terms of compensation. there is also a big issue in terms of the ntsb investigation and railroad safety going forward in the future on two issues. we should talk about this. the push-pull feature. on metro north trains, on this particular line, and steve was talking about that earlier -- this train was being pushed and did the train being pushed exacerbate the forces that would cause the derailment, especially at a high speed? secondly, there is something called positive train control. that's a device that needs to
5:18 am
shut down or shut down the speed of a train moving down the tracks on a curve. metro north, unlike many other train systems in this country, does not have that particular positive train control feature. >> we just look at the whole thing t. could be four separate incidents, but four in one year, all to do at metro north. >> they had a terrible, terrible record. they've been before the ntsb this year testifying as to their record, testifying as to derailments, testifying as to injuries, testifying as to critical issues involving their own employees and safety. so the spotlight, the microscope is on them big time. as train companies go, it's really 30 years old, which is relatively young. they transport hundreds of thousands of people. >> no fatalities up 'til yesterday. >> no fatalities up 'til yesterday. but this huge, huge accident at 7:20 on a sunday morning has created a lot of questions as to what happened. and looking at these pictures,
5:19 am
you'll see we really averted a terrible, terrible disaster, even worse than it was, if those trains had been submerged in the harbor. >> now you talk about just a massive inconvenience. >> it is a massive inconvenience. government is going to be looking hard at all the issues, lawsuits will be brought and they'll look at whether there are any criminal issues going forward. >> peter johnson, jr., thank you so much. >> 19 minutes after the hour. coming up, you're covered, but not the baby? you'll hear from the parents who learned about the latest obamacare glitch or bug the hard way. and best selling author malcolm goodwell is here saying being the underdog gives you an advantage. stay tuned. he's next at verizon.
5:20 am
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5:23 am
quick headlines. new video of the police helicopter that crashed into that glasgow pub being removed from the site of the crash. a ninth body recovered inside the pub. that's brutal. pope francis meeting with benjamin netanyahu in rome. netanyahu expected to invite the pope to jerusalem, which will be the first trip there as pope. what makes an underdog so special? is it their faith in adversity? through adversity. they're going to overcome obstacles and find success, according to our next author. >> in his new book, underdogs, misfits and the art of battling giants, malcolm gladwell joins us live. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> so you say underdogs always have an advantage because they've got to improvise. they know they're the underdogs.
5:24 am
they got to figure a way to win. >> yeah. the theme of the book is asking the question of what things do you learn when you're forced to deal with adversity? and that's one of the them. you learn to be creative. you learn to have a -- i have a chapter in the book about people with dyslexia, the classic example of this, there are a small number of people with dyslexia who will tell you that they have achieved extraordinary things because of their disability. not in spite of it. so if we look at -- we know the rates of dyslexia among successful entrepreneurs is far higher than the general population. >> because they are thinking outside the box? >> they're people, because they can't do the things society wants them to do, read, they have come up with new strategies, work around, they've compensated. they've learned how to delegate, to put together teams to cope with failure. these are all things that end up making you further ahead than you would have been otherwise. >> ahead of goldman sachs. >> i talk about the head of
5:25 am
goldman sachs who is dyslexic. the one who says not being able to read forced him how to listen c. is a crucial skill for a trial lawyer. >> you say what's interesting is you brought it back to faith. how does somebody who looks inside the numbers and trends get back to faith, which is not tangible? >> i didn't intend to. but by the end of the book, i found myself -- i was interviewing a woman who i had forgiven the murderer of her daughter, a sexual predator murdered her daughter. i was trying to understand, here is a woman with no obvious -- she's not wealthy. she doesn't hold high office. but she did something that i thought was -- took extraordinary amount of courage. the question s where did she find the courage and the strength to do that? it came from her religious faith. the last part of the book is all about how the strongest gifts the underdogs have is the thing
5:26 am
in their heart. armed with religious faith, people are capable of doing things that would otherwise seem unimaginable. >> i love the part about how you talk about the indian girl's basketball team. >> my favorite. >> they had never played basketball before and yet they won. >> yeah. it's an example of this software guy in silicon valley takes over basketball team. they're terrible. so he says look, if you learn how to shoot or dribble, we're just gog play the most ma yackal defense. because they didn't have conventional advantages, they were forced to play in this kind of radical, unconventional way. and as a result, they did better. >> the book is fantastic. simply put, what separates someone who is an underdog, who is going to succeed and an underdog who might not? >> it is the belief that there can be strength in adversity.
5:27 am
when faced with an overwhelming obstacle, instead of being passive, the people that i profile in this book are people who saw that is an advantage, that they were being pushed towards looking for a new solution. >> it's a hurdle to be scaled. not to be stopped. i think it's fascinating and i think your book is fantastic. it really makes people think. >> we're all underdogs, from every once in a while. >> yes. >> when we're not underdogs all the time. >> even underdog is an underdog. he's skinny with small arms. >> it is a wonderful book. check it out. thank you very much. >> you got to shake elisabeth's hand. >> it was a call heard around the world. >> he's running back 109 yards! they're not going to keep him off the field tonight! holy cow! >> the man behind that voice, if he still has one today, joins us live after this break. >> the underdog on there.
5:28 am
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>> takes it to the back of the end zone. he'll run it out to the 10, 15, 20, 25, 35, 40, 45, there goes davis! davis is going to run it all the way back! auburn is going to win the football game! auburn is going to win the football game! he ran it back 109 yards! they're not going to keep him off the field tonight! holy cow! >> that was the call on the kick heard around the world. going down as one of the great college football finishes of all time. i don't know what the runner up would be. that's so far in the lead. >> and thanks to that voice, holy cow, we'll never, ever forget this game. >> so what was it like in the booth, auburn radio announcer, rod bramblit joins us live on
5:33 am
the phone. a lot of people looking in today. you personified how they were feeling. how did you feel, aside from the fact that we can kind of tell from what you were saying? >> i'm not sure i could say anything else that hasn't already been said about that finish. i have never seen anything like it in all my days and i've been in radio for about 25 years now. it was just absolutely incredible. unbelievable what we watched. >> then you backed up with this rivalry -- what this rivalry means, two teams, alabama, the juggernaut that's supposed to win another national championship. auburn showing they can contend. great game. families are split because of these two teams. let me ask you something: when the kick ball shoer, are you thinking overtime or in your mind, thinking, let's keep an eye on the runback? >> well, i thought once auburn put chris davis back there, who their normal punts return has run one back this year for a
5:34 am
touchdown, i'm thinking, alabama has a bunch of guys out there that are there to protect the kicker. so they don't have a lot of speed. i thought, you know what? he may be able to do this. but you really don't go, yeah, this is going to happen. i mean, it was incredible. about the time he got to mid field, i think you could tell by my voice, by the stadium noise, it's gonna happen. it's gonna happen. >> we know there was 109-yard run there and awesome taken to the end zone. but how far off the ground were you, because it seems like everybody was off their feet, not just on their feet? >> i tell you what, our radio booth, and by the way, we have the best broadcast crew around. we have a bunch of people that either played for auburn, went to auburn. we have a lot of passion for it. we're right there with the fans in that moment, jumping and screaming and hugging. i think there may have been men kissing in the booth. it was incredible. >> yeah. tweet that out.
5:35 am
>> yeah. let me ask you this, how often does a play rise to earn holy cow? >> well, it rarely -- because i don't even think holy cow does that justice. that's the only thing i could think of at that moment because really, i don't ever remember a game ending like that where -- and i bet you a lot of people didn't realize on this field goal, you could actually return it if you had a guy back there. >> you're right. >> i know you're a professional. giants win the pennant. people will be putting this call up there to that level. how do you feel about that? >> well, let me just say this, i'm just honored, humbled, whatever the words are, to be calling the football, the basketball, baseball games for my alma mater. i graduated from there in 1988. that in itself is an honor. i love what i do. and in that moment, i'm not any different than any other
5:36 am
announcer. you've just got to try and call it with some emotion and paint the picture and this one just happened to be one of those all-timers. so i'm just very, very lucky to have been the person to call it. >> for people who didn't grow up in that region, in that area, describe what auburn-alabama means? >> well, this morning when folks are getting up, going to work, going to school, there are a lot of happy auburn people because they're going to have a lot of co-workers and a lot of classmates that they've had to listen to for the last couple of years that they don't have to listen to anymore for the next 364, five days until they play again. it really and truly, this rivalry is unlike any other. really no professional sports in this state and people -- you pick. you pick a side early in life and for auburn people -- and alabama fans, too, there is just
5:37 am
this great appreciation and passion for this school. this football game is all that wrapped up into it and now you've got this finish to add to the lore. i'm not sure if you ever top it. >> right. you rose to the occasion and you were there. congratulations and go celebrate. >> thanks, guys. >> have fun. thanks. >> he will forever be known as the holy cow guy. >> i'm thinking t-shirts for next season. >> i love a victory like that. i guess if you're from alabama, it's not so much fun. but auburn, they took it away. heather nauert will take it away now. >> i thought we just said holy cow in the midwest. >> hairy carey used to say it. >> got some headlines to bring you. this baby is not on board with obamacare. cornelius and jennifer kelly had no problem getting health insurance on the new york health
5:38 am
insurance exchange. but getting insurance for their youngest child was not so easy. listen to this. they were told that their 18-months-old daughter would need her own insurance policy. when cornelius called a rep, he was told his daughter had to be two years old before she would be covered under the obamacare family plan. listen to this. >> of course, and having four children, to find out that your baby is not going to be on the plan is quite distressing. our fear is eventually we're going to have to go to obamacare plan and that there is going to be a problem with getting out of network coverage. >> that mother is a doctor. the parents were eventually able to find a family plan in the private marketplace. the cost is more expensive than they used to pay. it's now $1,250 a month. passengers on the u.s. airways flight landing at phoenix sky harbor airport are being advised to get tuberculosis shots. this after a guy was removed from the plane who had tb. the passenger was initially cleared to board the flight.
5:39 am
but that changed during the flight when the tsa learned of his health problem. we'll keep you posted. money literally falling from the sky at the mall of america on black friday. this in the minneapolis area. a man started tossing around $1,000 bills -- excuse me. $1,000 in -- let me start again. single bills. he was throwing them over the railing to the people below. he's 29 years old and said he just want to spread holiday cheer because he had a rough year. what happened then? police arrested him and charged him with disorderly conduct. really? a mall choir was singing let it snow during that incident. look at this. people getting the opportunity to eat a three-course meal, 150 feet in the air. it's called dinner in the sky at a restaurant like this, popping up in cities all over the world, including santa fe, las vegas, london, and dubai. the price? $230 per person. to make it clear, the
5:40 am
minnesota guy who was tossing bills, $1,000 total. >> did they get to keep the money? >> i don't know. >> killing heather with the follow up questions. let her alone. >> i don't know. it's just a dollar here, a dollar there. >> maria, we'll have no follow-up questions for you. whatever you say goes. >> if that's the kind of snow storm that i could forecast, that would be great across the country. >> a green snow storm. >> yeah. now we have a real winter storm that's impacting parts of the west, producing a lot of snow out there, across sections of the rockies and also across parts of the upper midwest. we're talking significant snowfall accumulations out here. about two feet expected in western colorado and western wyoming. more than a foot of it across portions of north dakota. this is going to be a huge concern out here. some freezing rain can mix in. watch out for slippery roadways out here. winter storm warnings and watches are in effect, as well as winter weather advisories. temperatures behind this storm are really going to be dropping. take a look at denver, colorado.
5:41 am
by thursday, your high temperatures, only in the single digits. that's your actual high. not wind chill. today your high temperature expected to reach 60 degrees across portions of the east today, you're look very mild. temperatures closer to normal. 50s across atlanta. 63 in memphis and new orleans, 72 degrees for the high temperature. not bad. let's head back inside. >> maria, out on the streets of new york city where it's 44. >> we'll take it. thanks. 19 minutes before the top of the hour. president obama entered the national spotlight by promising to unite the two parties. >> we have never been just a collection of individuals or a collection of red states and blue states. we are and always will be the united states of america. >> did he follow through on his campaign commitments? columnist michael goodwin who voted for president obama in 2008 joins us next. and the cat skills are made famous by the movie "dirty dancing." but something just happened that will make fans a little sad.
5:42 am
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5:46 am
entered the national spotlight by promising to unite america's political party. remember this? >> there is not a liberal america and a conservative america. there is the united states of america. we are not a collection of red states and blue states. we are the united states of america. we have never been just a collection of individuals or a collection of red states and blue states. we are and always will be the united states of america. >> that is great, but did it happen? joining us right now is columnist michael goodwin. he won the pulitzer prize and also voted for barak obama because in the beginning, you were sold on that, weren't you? >> i loved that idea. i still love that idea. i still believe that is what this country needs is to think bigger. you look at washington, it's polarized. the country is polarized. barak obama, however, has made it worse. >> in what way? >> i think he's a partisan. he's an ideological partisan and
5:47 am
we see it on everything. obamacare being the biggest example where no republican ideas, no republican votes. only straight party line vote. you see it with the senate changing the rules to limit republican power. he's all for that. so this is a president who talks about uniting the country, but when push comes to shove, he only chooses one side of every argument and therefore, the country is more divided as a result of his presidency than it was before. >> i can't tell you how many times i've heard people say, it seems like he's pitting one part of america against the other. you would hate to think that's true, but you look at the evidence and it does suggest that. >> look, it's red against blue, of course, but class warfare as well. it's about the wealthy -- he clearly has a chip on his shoulder about wealth. he doesn't mind taking wealthy people's money for his own campaign, but you get a sense he's really -- he really does not like wealth. he believes behind every great
5:48 am
fortune, there must be a great crime somewhere. so he doesn't trust wealth. he's angry about it, it seems. so we have a lot of these things that are divided along class warfare line, along regional lines. and unfortunately, it makes it harder to get anything done for the country. and i think it's eroding what little trust we had in government has been further eroded by his administration. >> and in particular, what many people view as a lie. he said very clearly, if you like your insurance, you like your doctor, you like the hospital, you can keep it. now we know that is not true and what's interesting is it seems like in the past, a number of the mainstream media organizations, they kind of woke up and said, hey, wait a minute. we got to cover that for a change. although yesterday they had the conference call and said, the i fordable care act web site, it's all better. i would imagine a number of mainstream media outlets will now say, crisis averted. it's all fixed. >> right. if you buy the first lie, if you like your policy you can keep
5:49 am
it, then you'll buy this lie, too, which is everything is better. but i would go back to even those speeches that we saw earlier. that was a lie, too. i no longer believe he ever intended to govern that way. >> was it just a device to get elected? >> in my opinion, it was. he knew that's what the country wanted. that's what the country needed. but he did nothing to make it come true. so you have to believe it was just a statement to him. but he used it repeatedly. i mean, five, six, seven, eight, nine times, the same formulation. not red states, not blue states. united states. not just republicans and democrats, but americans. the same formulation over and over. that was his message. that was his appeal, that he could unite this country. he could rise above the politics, rise above the petty differences. it was a great idea. unfortunately, he apparently never intended to follow through on it. >> sounds like you want a do over on your vote. >> i'd love it. >> michael goodwin. thank you very much. >> thank you. ten minutes before the top of the hour.
5:50 am
coming up, are you about to log on and go shopping? it's cyber monday. so are scammers. they're ready. the three things you need to know on cyber monday coming up. right now, somebody who i don't think has ever been to the mall, is martha mccallum. >> of course i have. i'm a jersey girl. good morning. so obamacare struggles to get off the map this morning, serious new questions about what happens when you actually go to the doctor? will the coverage that you signed up for actually be there for you? that's a big question. we're gog ask a lot of folks to weigh in. a top advisor says the president will be trusted again. brit hume is here, kirsten powers and others. remember when you thought overnight delivery was pretty cool? how about 30 minutes by drone? we'll see you at the top of the hour
5:51 am
5:52 am
5:53 am
5:54 am
>> cyber monday is the busiest on-line shopping day of the season. but don't fall victim to scammers and hackers while searching for those bargains. joining us now with a warning for cyber monday, cyber security analyst morgan wright. good morning. obviously a big day for savings. but the risks are big, too. >> right. big day for scammers. last year the average person who lost on-line, lost an average of $5,000 to scams that were reported. so it's very important that people understand that cyber monday is not just one day. it's 365 days a year, but this is the big shopping day that a lot of these guys are hoping you'll fall victim to. >> you call it fear of missing out. someone is waiting to take all your info and your cash. you have three tips basically that you can help shoppers today have a hassle free experience that's safe. cross reference your prices, right? >> absolutely. search engines are your best friends right now. when you see a price that's too good to be true, check it out because a lot of times in my
5:55 am
experience, not only as somebody who shopped, but in investigating these things, you'll find that there are deceptive sites set up to get you that louis vuitton bag for $50. not exactly. so you need to do some price checking. look for the best deals, but check out of the the sites. >> i always get the e-mails that say, just click here, 70% off. it gives awe link. you say don't click that. >> yeah. you got to be very careful about those. banks and a lot of places become very good about sending you that proves it's from them. when in doubt, type it out. type out or if you have any hesitation at all, type it yourself. go directly to the site and look for the deal that. will prevent from you being taken to a deceptive site. >> when in doubt, type it out. you say protect yourself before, during and after cyber monday. how so? >> before, get yourself a credit monitoring service. be aware of what's going on of
5:56 am
the the time to get a credit monitoring service is not after you had the accidents. so do that and then during, make sure where you shop. if you're going to be out in public, two things. be careful about being on public wi-fi, but don't give out your credit card information over the phone. people are listening. after, check your receipts and credit monitoring and then shred your credit card statements. a lot of things happen after the holidays and one of the other tips is when you order on-line, make sure that you have a neighbor that will pick it up there. a lot of theft happens after a delivery. not on-line, but when you're delivering the stuff that you did buy on-line. >> okay. we thank you for that, keeping us safe during our shopping today and tomorrow. thanks a lot. take care. >> you bet. thanks. more "fox & friends" coming up
5:57 am
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5:59 am
6:00 am
we have to leave now to start doing some on-line shopping. it's cyber monday. >> i'm more of a brick and mortar guy. >> are you? >> cheryl casone tomorrow. talks about jobs. bill: here we go. we hope you had a great thanksgiving. fox news alert because the ntsb is on the scene after deadly train derailment in new york city. a live look as rescue workers using crains to pick up cars sent hurdling off the tracks. four people were killed. 60 were injured. some of them listed in critical condition again today. now the investigation as to why. >> throughout the next few days our investigators will work on the scene to thoroughly document the accident scene, gathering the factual information. our mission is to understand not just what happened but why it happened. >> to see those trains as large as they are on their side and the people that were in that, what they must have b


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