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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  December 4, 2013 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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>> we await to see if and when. until then, if you so much for watching. i'm salison. >> i'm bill and this is gretchen. >> breaking news this hour. 911 calls from the connecticut school massacre being released right now. the white house opening a youth summit a day after a young woman introduces the president at a pep rally and showing that most done like this signature law. forced to read an apology on cam. i hope you are having a great day. we are live now at the white
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house. earlier today he turned to the economy calling the growing income gap a defining challenge of our time. chief white house correspondent ed henry is with us. >> this is a president who has been struggling in dealing with the health care law. how does he do that. partly by rallying in this political base. before the liberal group center for american progress. that is another key part of his base. they helped elect him and get those young people out there talking about the health care law and talking about what you said he wanted to really stress at this economic speech which is what he calls the defining issue
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of our time. listen to this. >> if republicans have concrete plans that will actually reduce in equality and build the middle class let's hear them. i want to know what they are. if you don't think we should raise the minimum wage, let's hear your ideas. >> you hear the president there calling out republicans on the hill. he did that yesterday when he tried to reboot the health care law. he was doing the same here on the economy. he got some strong push back today. he said republicans have all kinds of plans to deal with these issues. he goes on almost every other friday night and repeals the bill itself. he signed 7 bills and so he knows the bill won't work.
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he has to listen what is going on. a new poll came out this week that the more people know the stronger they disapprove of it. another poll republicans are jumping on today is one suggesting that 18 to 29-year-olds are not buying into the law. 56% of them saying that they disapprove of the act. he is trying to get the young healthy people to sign up for this law. they are going to do that in the long run but it is clearly a challenge. ed henry thanks so much. >> pay your fair share and at the same time i found it a bit
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ironic because in essence it could be the middle class that is getting hit by obama care more than anyone else. this speech sound ed a lot likea speech he gave in kansas. he was hitting on income inequality saying the growing deficit problems according to president obama and said that is the biggest challenge of our time and said that he is going to spend the last three years in office trying to battle that. that is a populist kind of message one that he tried to strike before the election of 2012 and again that he has tried to hit again and again about income in equality. it is tough for the president to make with this president dealing with the economy that he has been staeering now for a few
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years. >> i want to turn you to obama care. the administration it appears now knew more and more and more from the federal register in fact mid range estimates show that 76% of small group plans would be cancelled. 55% of large employer plans would be 63% in all. what do you make of this. >> jim engel has been getting into the weeds of this. this is from the federal register. this is their projections of the total 157 million employer policies set to be cancelled next year of the 157 million, next year according to the projections, you had the mid range estimates 76% of the small group, 55% of the large employer
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plans and overall 63%. these are the administration's own projections back in 2010 for 2014. if anyone says that they didn't know this was going to happen or that this was a mistake that you could keep your plan and everyone would have the same doctor and plan. call they would have to do is look at the administration themselves. >> they tried to bring a bill to the senate and grand father in the bill. we will be watching tonight at 6:00 eastern time. thank you so much. we want to hear from you. send us your thoughts on obama's economic speech. weigh in and we will read your comments at the end of the show.
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former president bill clinton saying that when he urged the president to keep his promise to millions of americans, that he was trying to help. >> i don't think you can find anybody in america you has worked harder for his re-election or went out of his way to explain the bill to more people than i did. >> great to see you governor. >> thank you nice to be with you. what do you make of the former president? you worked for him. you know him well. he got president obama to make a move and come forward and make an apology and now he is saying he is trying to help. i fall on what president clinton said. he was trying to be helpful. he campaigned for the health care act and been at president
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obama's side. i think those rocks were miss interpreted. the truth is that president obama has said that if you are able to keep your health care plan you can do it. i think he is trying to fix that. i don't think that president clinton was trying to create distance for the next race. >> so you don't think it had anything to do with trying to keep hillary clinton out of the mix? >> i don't think so. they are very tied together. it is going to be hard to separate them. i don't think there was any distance that the president was trying to create. >> american hostage crisis playing out at the same time as the political shake up. kim john un now apparently trying to oust his uncle. and this case having an impact on the case of merrill new man
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who has been detained in north korea for six weeks now. >> i can understand that in u.s. and western countries there is misleading information and propaganda. well, governor, you know a lot about this and you have gone to north korea and been successful several times. where does this case stand? >> well, this is very, very flabbergasting and bizarre. this american korean war veteran, he is 85 years old. he has a heart condition and they pulled him out of the war veteran to make him into a hostage. it seems that, the new leader is trying to send messages. he is consolidating his power and he's replaced several people in the north korean military
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that he feels were his father's people and not his. this is the second american hostage. kenneth bay has been detained for a year. and now we have this korean war veteran who has been detained. and it seems very, very bizarre. >> what might you be able to do about it. you went over in january to get kenneth bay released and you were not allowed to meet with him. would you consider going over to help merrill? only if the family of merrill newman asked me. i think the state department is handling this well. i think the north koreans are holding us to the bargaining chips. i think the best thing to do is
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see what the north koreans do. at the same time, i think new channels need to be opened. i would get korean war veteran's groups to be active and get him out. kenneth bay, also the squewedes maybe a special envoy. the relationship right now is not strong and not good. the chinese may try to help us. but i don't count on it right now with the issues in the high seas. >> maybe you will get an invitation you were successful in bringing 7 remains back in 2007 of war veterans. i have to go but thank you so much for your time today. >> what is happening right now. youth summit at the white house
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right now. the white house wants them to get the word out to other young americans about how to enroll. the administration pushing to get others to sign up. we'll have more on this youth summit later in the show. the recordings of several 911 calls made from inside the sandy hook elementary school have just now been release dreleased. the cord recordings were released. fo fox news is reviewing the recordings and will decide whether they are appropriate for air. nuclear alert along our southern border. stolen van that could be used to build dirty bombs and heavy snow fall as brutally cold temps.
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breaking news right now about a school shooting in florida. shepherd smith. >> breaking news coming to us from central florida, west of orlando west orange high school. we have video that has come in of an ambulance taking a student to a hospital. the hospital is orlando regional medical center, there are local news reports that i cannot confirm that the student is believed to be in critical condition. here is the school. it is my understanding that this
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is the bus loop. here is what i have learned. school is letting out. new picture coming to us live now from wofl. school had let it for the day or was just in the process of doing so. there was an argument on the soccer practice field here it ended with a gunshot. reports that the student is critical at ormc, gunman is still on the loose. we will update to the news desk as we get it. >> thank you. senate majority leader harry reid is reportedly giving staffers an exception for signing up for the exchange. this is what he had to say in september. >> let's stop these juvenile political games that deal with
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health care for senators, house members, and our staff. we are going to be heart of exchanges that is what the law says and we will be part of that. >> brad is a former deputy assistant to george w. bush and leslie, how do you dig out of this deep tunnel if you are harry reid. my staff we are part of the exchanges. that is not the case. he is not requiring it. i have to say i'm plsplit by th. i'm a huge believer by leading by example. however, if you remember, the affordable care act was established by those who are insured which technically senator read is keeping the promise that people have dubbed
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the president of people can keep it. >> that is one of the rare examples of where somebody could keep their plan. >> you bet it is. is it anyone d wonder that when congress passes laws that are good enough for anyone else but not themselves. you are going to keep your doctor and have better and affordable insurance than you have now. they would have been the first ones to sign up. for harry reid to back off when harry reid is having problems, that is why they are exempting these employees. >> jay carney was asked by our own reporter here the fox whether or not the president had signed up yet for and he said no, but we will let you know when that happens.
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>> let's be honest, the website is 80% operating right now. where the president does that or not. by march 31st, he is doing what the rest of the american people are going to do. just because the youth are not signing up. parents are saying to their kids we can't afford insurance and if you get sick you can sign up anyway.
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>> that is an interesting part of this whole issue. brad and leslie thank you so much. >> you too. >> serious concerns over what can happen when we don't get enough sleep. >> a momentary nod or whatever that. he caught himself, but he caught himself too late. [ male announcer ] here's a question for you.
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so my dog and i we're going to go find it. it's out there somewhere spreading the good word about idaho potatoes and raising money for meals on wheels. but we'd really like our truck back, so if you see it, let us know, would you? thanks. what?
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welcome back. a truck carrying cobalt 6 0 had been stolen. it is unclear if who ever took
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the truck knew what was inside. >> we are learning the train operator had recently changed shift times. a union rep claiming that william rockefeller nodded off moments before the tracks. >> sometimes a momentary nod i don't know that he caught himself, but he caught himself too late. he powered down, and put it into emergency but that was six seconds to derailing. >> the ntsb pulled the rail union from the vinvestigation.
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good to see you. i understand. you are the expert at this. >> sleepily drivers of ten aren't aware that they are impaired. most people who are drinking and driving know that i have engaged in this behavior, and you believe that this is think epidemic in our society. a lot of busy people. >> we have challenger and we have chernoble and sleepiness is a huge problem. half of them has described
11:27 am
themselves as being sleepy. he is actually driving the train at a time when his brain is used to being asleep. he has a shift time being early in the morning. i know that there is a study out there that says people work in shifts and they should not start the shift until after 7:00 am why? >> when you look at the drive that our brain has to sleep, that time period, there is a huge drive for our brain to want to seek sleep. i think this guy was one of them. >> interesting having been on a se schedule like that myself. i can attest to that. thank you for your thoughts to that. >> we know millennials are key.
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we have yet to see an age break down. why? we will go in depth on that. and a big change for chick-fil-a. >> plus will miley cyrus twerk her way to the top of a list reserved for world leaders? time magazine's person of the year. ♪ doing whatever we want ♪
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keep dreaming. keep doing. go long. autopsy results were released for paul walker. he died of combined effects of thermal and traumatic injuries. >> chick-fil-a is removing artificial dies from sauces and dressing and no longer will have high fructose corn syrup in their buns. painting has a presale estimate of 15 to $20 million. got to love it.
11:33 am
>> white house turning to social media hoping to get young people onboard with obama care. hosting a youth summit right now in the white house. meantime check out this new poll it shows obama care not getting much love. solid majority 57% disapprove. the same poll finds 51% believes the cost of care will increase. richard fowler mohost of hi own show. who better to talk to about the youth summit than the stwo two you. meeting with the president today going to change the scope of what we showed you. those actually believe that this law is still going to work.
11:34 am
we were fooled in 2008 and i don't think that millennials are going to work. all it is, is a social media blitz that doesn't hold any weight. >> does he think that younger people tend to have a shorter attention span and are used to the stimulation? if anyone needed a good first impression it was with the younger crowd. i think he was right and i think you are right that the younger crowd did need the first impression and the first impression three million of them are back on their parents plan. students going to cloth or phd could go back on their parent's health care plan. and beyond that point, i think what we have seen is a commitment to our parent's
11:35 am
health care plan. this president gets an a rating. expect when you ask him about unemployment rates. i want to bring your attention to twitter. with regard to this white house summit today. younger people in general tend to go toward twitter and what are you seeing? >> good thing you asked. i did the hash tag white house youth. >> seriously, will they get uniforms and harm bands yet? >> did another maniac have a youth group too? i don't think the white house picked the right slogan and i think it ends up more of a mocke mockery. >> i think sal has found the needle in the hay stack.
11:36 am
i think he picked out some of the worst tweets to talk about. i think you will find out that they finally have access to health care insurance. especially talking about young women who are more likely to use birth control. they never had that before. they are excited about that. the benefits of that -- >> the interesting thing is -- >> a lot of places don't have walmarts. >> 2.5 million young people need to sign up for this before the end of march to make the whole program fly. gentlemen, thank you so much for your time today. in new jersey the rush is onto sign up for online gambling accounts. 5,000 on thanksgiving day alone. 29,000 people nationwide signed
11:37 am
up for obama care sunday and monday. the next time you order something fatening you may want to check your receipt. it could contain a nutritional snapshot on your meal. joining us now, elizabeth mcdonald with the fox business network. and jamie colby and former and current attorney. >> all right. good to see all three of you. all right when i saw this and saw the fact that some restaurants were giving you your receipt after you have eaten the meal, buzz kill, i don't want to know. >> i see your point and after the meal is probably too late and you might want to order better choices. i see it as an opportunity for businesses if they are going to
11:38 am
rat on you. chick-fil-a has fruk toctose in their buns? >> not me. when i go out to dinner, i don't want to know how many calories i have consumed. in new york you see it all over the place because by law they have to post it. >> my receipt is going to look at long as the great lead now. what is next bicycle drive throughs? it is a buzz kill. i don't want to know the calories in my cheese doodles. >> just to give you a sense this receipt happened to say somebody had a regular coke it said next time you could save 260 calories by switching to a 20 ounce diet coke. >> i'm a life coach and i like
11:39 am
action steps. you are in great shape but a lot of people need that extra information. if you don't like it, that is probably not going to be the restaurant. if you want to make better choices i think being able to know how many kcalories. you are matching the receipt with the calories. >> we are what we eat and if we eat better, we will be in a better mood. i want to be in charge of that. you could toss the receipt. >> what do you think about this? it has so many people talking. miley cyrus one of the top vote-getters i hate that photo. i think it is a horrible representation for our young people. valerie should she be time
11:40 am
magazine's person of the year? >> we live in a culture where we reward people for being shocking. >> she wouldn't be on the list if time magazine didn't put her on the list. >> but the thing is, she has come out and told her 15 million twitter followers vote for me. so it is the winner of the popularity contest. >> i agree with you gretchen i don't like the twerking photo at all. do you say we are going to ditch the twitter poll and go with the pope. and go with edward snow den. >> maybe the media is accompliss ent in that we show the video a
11:41 am
lot. the pope is on the list and janet yellen the first woman to -- >> i had lunch with a group of women and one of the women at the table was the woman in charm charge of voting. she voted for edward snowden. >> and what about the girt who was shot in the head? >> they were not as impressed as the twerking. >> fox news alert. a judge just denied bail for the alleged shooter at lax. tsa officer was killed and others were yunded. boston red for yankee pin stripes. how much the new deal was worth
11:42 am
>> how did a bear, tiger and lion end up in a big happy family. go ahead and hug. ♪ you got to have friends ♪
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recordings of some of the 911 calls from sandy hook just released. time to bring in our legal panel. good to see both of you. the associated press went to court to get them. under the freedom of information calls 911 calls are public information. you don't need a reason to ask for them. you get them. the fact that they had to go to
11:46 am
court was an extra step. >> so the state attorney had tried to block them for the families. was that the right move? >> it depends on who you ask. it is a no brainer. i wear two hats. i'm in the criminal justice system and i'm in the media. we use our good judgement to decide. gentleman especially in this day and age and the feeling that we need to know so much more.
11:47 am
though said they wanted to know whether or not the police had responded in and adequate manner. once it was challenged they had to come up with a legitimate reason for the release. you can't exceptions swallowing the rules. you release them all the time or else we won't be able to use them. >> if we hear a lot of cries for help and anguish and lull bullef we just hear that, then what is the point? >> we are going to look at the timelines. all 911 calls are timed.
11:48 am
and then what are we going to have lawsuits against police officers? >> how about they do the report without putting calls out there without breaking the hearts of 20 mothers and 20 fathers. >> if you don't break the hearts then you are breaking the law. >> it is an interesting debate and the calls are being looked at right now at fox and a decision will be made whether they will be released here. bombshell testimony from celeb chef nigella lawson who is admitting she did use drugs. >> and oz zy making a special request. ♪ farmer: hello, i'm an idaho potato farmer.
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and our giant idaho potato truck is still missing. so my dog and i we're going to go find it. it's out there somewhere spreading the good word about idaho potatoes and raising money for meals on wheels. but we'd really like our truck back, so if you see it, let us know, would you? thanks. what?
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here's what america is clicking on today. rocker ozzy os bourne turning 65. he's asking friends to donate to cancer patients in the uk. and jacoby elsbury leaving the red sox. and another rocker in the news, van halen says the group is working on a brand new album they expect to release this next june. and anchorman ron burgundy interviewing peyton manning. promoting new "anchorman 2"
11:53 am
movie, asking manny why he doesn't have a better arm? no, facial hair. >> you are one of the great quarterbacks playing the game today. you've had a lot of success. and yet you've done it all without a mustache. you run around out there and i'm going to be honest with you, you look like a succulent baby lamb. >> in the meantime celebrity chef nigella lawson admitting in court she has used cocaine but only a couple of times. trace gallagher on the west coast. this is getting juicy. the accusation was she was a daily coke user, right? >> that's exactly right. keep in mind this trial is based on two former employees who are accused of fraudulently losing nigella lawson's credit cards. but the entire case is focused on their failed marriage and allegations of abuse and drug use. nigella lawson says her ex-husband is trying to savage her reputation while trying to salvage his own.
11:54 am
she admitted she has smoked the odd joint in the last year of her marriage saying, quoting here "it made an intolerable situation tolerable. it is a false friend and not a good idea." she also acknowledged using cocaine twice, once with her first husband who used it after being diagnosed with terminal cancer, and again when she claims she was subjected to an act of terrorism from mr. sachi saying, again quoting here "i have to say since freeing myself from a brilliant but brutal man, i am now totally cannabis, cocaine, any drug, free." and there were also the questions about that famous picture of her ex-husband's hands on her throat in that restaurant earlier this year. lawson says he told everyone he was trying to take cocaine out of her nose. she claims that a child walked by that day. and she said she was looking forward to becoming a grandmother. and sachi responded saying "i am the only person you should be concerned with. i am the only person that should
11:55 am
give you pleasure." sachi testified last week that he was simply trying to get nigella's attention in the restaurant. the accusations go back and forth. the trial continues. >> and they're both under oath. so somebody's lying. all right, trace, thanks so much. we'll see you tomorrow. >> okay. lions and tigers and bears, oh my. the famous line from the "wizard of oz" now a reality at one animal sanctuary. the blt family and how they were saved from being split up. [ paper rustles, outdoor sounds ]
11:56 am
♪ [ male announcer ] laura's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today her doctor has her on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack, be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen.
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news just breaking right now, martin bashir out off msnbc. he was under fire for comments he made about sarah palin last
11:59 am
month. an unlikely family sure to make your smile today. this american black bear, bangle tiger and african lion are known as blt. they live together at an animal sanctuary in georgia ever since they were rescued as cubs from a drug dealer who mistreated them. threatening to be split up because the government requiring taller sanctions for the cats. all is well for blt. lots of tweets from you guys today on restaurants listing calorie counts on your check after. gwen treating mike no like. tab total, check alone isn't enough to absorb and sometimes even give you heartburn. i agree. from mike, what a waste of ink and paper. it's not their job. it's my choice. they need to prepare and serve what i order. lisa tweeting, yes, i love the idea. hope all restaurants join because we have no idea how much fat we're consuming. don't live in denial. thanks so much for being part of the real story.
12:00 pm
we had a lot of thoughts on the miley cyrus on the cover of "time" magazine as well. i'm gretchen carlson. hope you have a great rest of the day. shep smith is going to report live from the fox news desk. thank you. a truck loaded with radioactive material goes missing. and if terrorists get their hands on it, they tell us it could mean big trouble. as if the obama care website hasn't had enough problems already, now word of hackers hitting the site. plus what we now know about how many people are actually using the website and true blood's i'll see the werewolf live right here on the fox news desk. i'll ask him about suki and whatever they have going on. i'll ask him if he drank the v. i'll ask him about his struggles with alcohol 11 years ago and some more things. and how he went from homeless to, well, i don't know a pin-up guy. so let's


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