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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  December 4, 2013 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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simply not working out. >> senator, thank you, sir. >> thank you. thanks for being with us. we will see you tomorrow night. 7 p.m. good night from washington. the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> there has got to be someone who can defend christmas with a little more authority. >> over the years we have taken on the role of protecting the federal holiday of christmas. >> once again, the grinch is back in the form of jon stewart still denying there are anti-christmas forces afoot. and this story has major political implications. we will tell you you what they are. >> how sure are you in the next 12 months that obamacare is going to crater, get worse, people more angry than they are today? >> hundreds. >> i have got you on tape now. >> is karl rove still dead set certain that obamacare will fail?
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he will be here tonight. >> i'm not politically correct, billy. i'm off the reservation. >> and dennis miller waxing poetic on americans not trusting each other. cell phones on airplanes and drones landing on your front lawn. >> i have got to pay attention to the kooks right now. >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ >> hi, i'm bill o'reilly, thanks for watching us tonight. christmas and politics. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. well now i know christmas is in the air because my pal jon stuart once again denying there is any problem with christmas displays. apparently mr. stuart has guard ised the evidence i presented that there are major organizations intimidating americans over
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christmas displays in public. we have documented that time and time again. including monday night. but alas, alas, mr. stuart is not getting the message. here's his rap this year. >> there has got to be someone who can defend christmas with a little more authority. >> over the years we have taken on the role of protecting the federal holiday of christmas. >> even though it is not in any way threatened. [ laughter ] but i will bite since we do this dance every year. tell me why this year it is especially egregious to use the phrase happy holidays? >> it is not egregious, word of the day, to say happy holidays. it is egregious to sue school districts and towns if they display the manger or sing christmas carols. are you getting this, stuart? are you hearing me? you know what i think it is? stuart just likes playing the grinch. >> what is interesting this year is that hanukkah will
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be over on thursday, so there are no more holidays between then and christmas day. >> damn you, o'reilly. [ laughter ] >> we've have been check mated. [ laughter ] >> without hanukkah, we have no excuse to say happy holidays. , plural. because apparently you can't include anything past christmas like kwanzaa, epiphany and new years. >> the epiphany, stuart? the epiphany? there is epiphany for you and your 18 writers. you are double secret purdation. one more time and you are officially voided from christmas with apologies to dean wormer. now with a serious side to all of this. it is quite clear to anyone with a brain that there is a war between traditional americans and secular progressives in this country. i wrote an entire book on
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this called culture warrior. i sent it to stuart. in order to remake the united states into a a progressive nation, the committed left must diminish judeo-christian tradition which stands in opposition to them. so they must get the religious influence out, out of the public arena. all the so-called progressive countries are secular. just look at the map. here in america we have maintained most of our judeo-christian traditions but they are under attack. here is what the secular progressives want. number one, cradle to grave entitlements. number two, income equality. that means that americans would be guaranteed a certain lifestyle cures at the is is i of other americans who would pay for it. that's what president obama is trying to accomplish. now, there is no overt religious tenet against the nanny state, so those things come under render to caesar. and in a democracy the folks should decide what kind of political system they want. but, number three, number
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three, unfettered abortion, that's another matter. the far left wants absolutely no restrictions on destroying a fetus, none. as you may know, we actually ha doctor in philadelphia killing babies after they were born, thank god and i mean that literally, the man is in prison. christians generally oppose abortion unless there is a catastrophic situation with the mother. the far left despises that point of view. number 4, gay marriage. here the secular progressives have won. they have turned public opinion around and gay marriage is now legal in many places. once again, the judeo-christian philosophy opposes marriage unless it is between one man and one woman. and it took years for the seq. could secularists to hammer that point of view into the wall but they succeeded. finally number 5, legalized narcotics the judeo-christian view is intoxication is morally wrong because you are altering your state of mind artificially. basically you are abusing your body and mind which are from god. again the s.p.s despite that
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point of view. so any public display of christianity is not good for the progressive cause; therefore, the far left has succeeded in getting prayer out of the public school systems. and if you want to say a prayer before a public meeting, get ready for trouble. that's the big picture. the struggle between traditional americans who believe that judeo-christian philosophy strengthens the nation and the secular progressives who believe that america is an unfair place that must be drastically changed is ongoing. and the tactics are brutal. if you oppose unfettered abortion, you are declaring a war on women. if you oppose gay marriage, you are homophobe bic. if you owe bows legalization of drugs you are out-of-touch an old foggiy. if you oppose cradle-to-grave entitlements, you hate poor people. so i hope jon stewart will reconsider the situation because, in his heart, he knows i'm right. christmas is a huge symbol
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of the cultural struggle in this country and has been for years. and what a great christmas gift it it would be for jon stewart to finally admit it. and that's the memo. next on the rundown, reaction from kirsten powers and kate obenshain. later, the man who attacked sarah palin martin bashir out at msnbc. karl rove has thoughts on that. dennis miller on why americans do not trust each other. the factor is coming right back. ating? yes! one phillips' colon health probiotic cap each day helps defend against these digestive issues with three strains of good bacteria. live the regular life. phillips'.
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so i deserve a small business credit card with amazing rewards. with the spark cascard from capital one, i get 2% cash back on ery purchase, every day. i break my back around here. finally soone's recognizing me with unlimited rewards! meetings start at 11, cindy. [ male announcer get the spark business card from capital one. choose 2% cash back or double miles on every purchase, every d. what's in your wallet? i need your timesheets, larry! continuing now with lead story the culture war in america between progressive folks and secular progressives. we are seeing it play out every season. joining from us washington is kate obenshain and kirsten powers democrat and fox news analyst. dressed in christmas finest. happy holidays. you are one of these folks. you really want to secularize this whole thing,
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don't you? >> do i want to say happy holidays to people who don't celebrate christmas? sure. why not. >> that's appropriate. >> there is nothing wrong with that. >> there is nothing wrong with that. >> but do i think that a school should be harassed into not singing christmas carols? no. i think it is an important part of our culture and heritage. >> why do you think it's happening then? mentioned three groups on monday, the aclu, the atheist group in wisconsin and the secular humanists or whatever they are. i don't know what they're. >> two of those groups are not really serious groups. not really powerful. >> they raise money and they dine tim date -- let's put that aside. why do they do it? >> i think they obviously are -- i mean, okay, let's try to be fair to them and say maybe they are doing it because they really think there should be a separation between church and state. they are misguided. this is not a separation of church and state. >> you don't think there is anything deeper than thanks something deeper because there is something mean spirited about it i think often these people are really into multiculturalism.
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some african-american holiday they probably wouldn't have a problem with it. >> okay. i'm glad you are being reasonable on. this part of our cultural history. >> jon stuart has emerged as the voice of them. all right? >> well. >> no, no, no. his basic tenet is there is no war on christmas. o'reilly just makes it up. he has been doing this for years. every time i do it, he does it why does he do it? is it just ratings. >> there is no war on christmas, bill. i have disagreed with you on this before. this is a a couple fringe groups. the aclu isn't doing much on this. >> they did. they got their butt kicked and they had to come back. >> they often defend christians. >> not in christmas. >> yes, they do. >> you don't see it as major problem. >> i don't see it as a war. i see it as a couple fringe groups. >> i do. i do disagree. i think, you know, all of us know all across america people know examples where schools don't have christmas trees, where their kids want to sing "silent night," they are not allowed to sing it anymore because these groups are going after these
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schools in smaller school divisions threatening to sue them even though they are losing lawsuits right and left. there is something behind all of this. there is an attack on anything that involves faith. there seems to be this misconception out there among these groups that we are an atheist nation, that somehow any reference to faith is a violation of their constitutional rights. it's an embracing of this moral relativism, but everything that you just listed, bill that is what this is all about. >> you are agreeing with me? >> i actually do tonight. >> i point out that kate a lot of times does not agree with me. >> that's true. >> you are seeing what i'm seeing. now, if you you're smart and i'm kind of smart, sometimes. if we're both agreeing, why don't you see what we see? why don't -- how come you don't see it? >> because i just don't think there is some all-out war. >> not about an all-out war. if the aclu had not lost in every single case, you are telling me you don't think
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there would have been an lancaster here. >> these are outlier situations. >> outliers? >> yeah. and most americans. you have a couple groups who -- these groups are extremists i think. most americans, i think, do not behave this way. >> you have been around for a long time, right? you look young but you have been around for a long time. remember when a bunch of department stores ordered their employees not to say merry christmas? do you remember? >> i remember you talking about it, yes. >> are you doubting that they did that? we provided proof that they did it. >> talking like it's some major historical event. >> will you just -- okay. so, there was about -- i think it was five years ago, all right. orders from major american department stores to their employees don't you dare say merry christmas. now, that had to be rescinded because we, at the factor, named the stores. and people said we're not going to shop there. so the stores caved. now we don't know of anybody. and if there is a store out
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there that's doing that, please let me know, who does it. now, if i hadn't done that if we hadn't confronted it, don't you understand that merry christmas would be almost obsolete in the commercial enterprises? >> i don't care if merry christmas is obsolete. >> oh, you don't care? >>. no i'm a christian and i don't think that this has anything to do with christianity. this is ridiculous. >> so you don't care. >> merry christmas? >> yeah. i like merry christmas. i don't want it banned. >> christmas trees are not in the bible. this is not about christianity. >> i don't want them banned. >> let's be honest about this. this is not an attack on faith. this is ridiculous. this is not about attacking christmases. >> it's diminishment of not faith but it's a diminishment of an expression of it. >> there are other people in this country who do not celebrate christmas, bill. >> that's fine. >> happy with holidays. >> i say happy holidays to my atheists and jewish friends. i say happy holidays. >> doesn't upset me. what upset me and i said this wait, kate, ill give you the last minute and a
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half. what upsets me and you should have picked it up is i don't care if you say happy holidays i care whether these groups are forcing people that say merry christmas not to. all right. kate. you get the last 90 seconds, go. >> itvery essence of what our country is about our judeo-christian values. the fact that kids can't say merry christmas, they are not allowed to sing christmas carols. this is not some small thing. kristen mentioned multi-culturallism. this is a product of supposed multi-culturallism where christianity is demonized. our judeo-christian values of wanting traditional marriage, of all the things that bill mentioned, this is an attack on those values. even on our college us examines. look, this is not about openedness or tolerance. things called free speech zones. can you see whatever you want in those free speech jones. a place supposed to foster free and open exchanges of ideas. if you say anything that is
5:17 pm
offensive to anybody, you get shipped off to mandatory sensitivity training. christianity is seen as offensive to a lot of people because of these groups. >> there is a lot of these -- >> -- it's not. it's the essence of -- it's, kirsten, the point is that we believe our country was founded on the notion that our rights come from god not from the government. this is an attack on that very notion. >> all right. i have got to go. >> christian, i think, if you are concerned about christianity, there are a lot better ways to express christianity. >> good lively debate. >> ladies, i have to go. this is only an hour program. this isn't a jerry lewis telethon. i want to point out our pal bob dylan got charged in france with hate speech for some kind of thing he said about the balkans. directly ahead, karl rove predicting 100% that obama in a care will fail. is he standing by that big controversy over how a father is treating his baby on the net. martha maccallum. take a look at it also analyze the 911 new town tapes that were lee leased
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in the impact segment tonight, martin bashir out at msnbc because of the sarah palin incident. and will obamacare fail in 2014? last week on the factor, karl rove guaranteed it. >> how sure are you in the next 12 months, that obamacare is going to crater, get worse, people more angry than they are today? how sure are you? >> i'm very confident people are going to get. >> 100%? 90? 80? 70. >> 100. >> i have got you on tape now. >> all right. joining from us austin, texas is mr. rove. yesterday the president came out and said look, we are on track now. we are over our bumps in the
5:22 pm
computer system. everything is going to be great number one, did he make any good points and number two are you still standing by your 95 to 100% that the thing is going to collapse next year? >> look, he repeated the things that we have heard for months as to the benefits of this system. you know, you get to keep your child on your insurance until age 26 and so on and so forth. it hadn't helped to a great degree until now. it's not going to help to a great degree in the future. what have we learned that makes us feel more confident? the web site is up. but it's not functioning properly. people are still getting error messages. on the first two days of december the drals announced it signed up 29,000 people for private insurance. that is less than 38% of what they need to get each and every day they signed up in the first two days of december. 5.4 million people have now lost their coverage, perhaps as many as 6. 2 million
5:23 pm
policies have been cancelled. 5.4, 6.2. those policies cover multiple people we have how many, 10, 12, 14 million people lost their coverage? 1/3 of the people who have signed up their records have errors. the entire back end of this to provide this insurance to the insurance companies the so-called 834 reports, even the administration admits they are screwed up. we learned that the president took two weeks before he called a meeting in the oval office in mid october to say what the heck is going on? one of his former chief advisors goes on television david plouffe on sunday and says well we will get it all done by 2017. what the heck has happened in the last week. my analysis is that the turning point is of this new law. what is really going to sink it is if american doctors don't participate and americans can't see their doctor and have to wait a long time for medical appointments. that's what i think the crux
5:24 pm
of this matter will be. do you agree? >> i agree it's going to be a big turning point. we have known that that's going to happen for years. in the fall of 2010 there was a study done by the physicians foundation. they inventoried the attitudes of, i think, 14 or 18,000 doctors. and, nearly 60% of them said they would spend less time with their patients as a direct result of the affordable care act. and nearly 4 out of 10 said they would leave the profession early as a result of the affordable care act. i don't have any quantitative information but i sure have a lot of qualitative information from the doctors that i know and nurses and healthcare professionals of all kinds that they are looking to pull the relationship cord and get out of profession. >> that will sink it. there is no doubt. all right. over at nbc news they apparently have let martin bashir go. he was forced to resign after saying vial things about sarah palin. number one, everybody makes
5:25 pm
mistakes if you do political commentary every day obviously you are going to make them. should have nbc let him go? >> first of all they made it appear like he resigned on his own which was a mistake. >> we all know that's not true. >> if they really wanted him to go they should have let it be nope they wanted him to go. everybody does make mistakes. sometimes people say something in the heat of the moment they regret. but this was a monologue that was prepared in which he had done historical research and referred to a slave owner who made slaves defecate into the mouths of other slaves. this was more than a misstatement by somebody just pulling something off of the air. this was a deliberate attempt to engage in the most foul and gusting kind of commentary on a political opponent. look, they could have saved him, perhaps, if they had said, you know, he was wrong and we are putting him on unpaid suspension for six weeks or 8 weeks and he has got to come out and
5:26 pm
apologize. instead, the network was silent. they let him go off and have his prearranged holiday. then they came back and let him sound like it was his idea and express the regret at his departure from the network and wished him well. this was beyond the pale. sure we are going to have harsh comments from political figures from people who don't share their views. this was disgusting and vial and highly personal and offensive comment by mr. bashir. >> so you think he got what he deserved and nbc still didn't do it the right way. >> they didn't do it the right way. look, if they wanted to save him, make a scene about it send him off into. >> his show was low rated. if he had gotten big ration i think they probably would have done that all right. i want to tell everybody, mr. rove, that sarah palin will be here tomorrow to react to that and we'll talk to her about a number of other things. thanks again. tonight, plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. dennis miller on a new poll that says americans do not trust each other.
5:27 pm
also, it looks like cell phones will be permitted on airplanes. then martha maccallum on a very controversial internet video featuring a father and his baby. we hope you stay tuned to those reports. le blowing ] where do you hear that beat? campbell's healthy request soup lets you hear it in your heart. [ basketball bouncing ] heart healthy. [ m'm... ] great taste. [ tapping ] sounds good. campbell's healthy request. m'm! m'm! good.® ♪ ♪
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washington beat segment tonight very interesting and disturbing situation, six americans being held in prisons overseas on bogus charges and the obama administration cannot seem to get them out. >> these american citizens being held against their will in a rogue state.
5:31 pm
they are hostages, right? >> i mean, they are being held by the government. the governments have confirmed that. so i don't even that i need to categorize it further, james. >> you don't regard them ass who tanks? >> do we have another topic? >> well, i hope we are paying that woman a lot of money. joining us now from washington ace correspondents carl cameron and james rosen. >> so, rosen, let's run down these guys the first one is merrill newman 85 years old the north koreas have them, what did he do. >> korean war vet. been accused of war crimes, bill during his service in 1953. he has read some videotaped statement in which he apologized. not known whether that was coerced or not but it's believed that it was. >> of course. he was over in north north korea on a tour, right? >> that's right. they are accusing him of committing hostile acts by looking for spies and terrorists under the guise of being a tourist. >> he looks like james bond. all right, and the other guy is kenneth bae, 44-year-old american missionary and also being held in north korea.
5:32 pm
what did he do? >> right, he has been sentenced to 15 years in a labor camp earlier this year. he has been also convicted under the north korean system of justice such as it is for committing hostile acts to bring down its government unspecified. >> okay. in cuba, a man named allen groce, 64-year-old former sib contractor for the u.s.a. agency for international development. he was arrested in 2009. what did he do? >> right. this week, in fact, marks his fourth year of languishing in prison in cuba. he was convicted for helping the local jewish community in cuba hook up to the internet. which any reasonable government would, of course, recognize as a crime. >> in iran, we have three americans currently being held. robert, 6 a-year-old former fbi agent hot iranians say they don't have is it
5:33 pm
counterfeiting iran denies they have them. it is believed is he in custody. >> we have is a abedino. iranian born pastor. is he being held in iran as well. how did he get over there and what did he do? >> i can't answer the first part but as for the second he has been convicted for proselytizing in the country and this is, perhaps, one of these cases that has generated the most attention. >> so he was, according to the iranians preaching christianity in a muslim nation so they picked him up? >> right, correct. >> and then the final one is amir hekmati, 31-year-old former u.s. marine imprisonedprisoned in iran for ? >> he was accused of espionage while traveling in iran two years ago. he remains in prison. still awaiting trial. he says he was coerced into confessing that he was a spy for the central intelligence agency. >> do we know what he was doing over there in iran? >> i don't. but, as you can see the charges in all of these rogue states individual of
5:34 pm
creating espionage. >> the state department is quite clear is saying don't go to north north korea. don't go to iran. if do you and these men did, they can pick you up and throw you in prison and obama administration they should have at least got these three guys out with the nuke deal. let's go over to cammeron. congress now goes on a long christmas vacation pretty soon, right? >> they have got lots of stuff to do and not a lot oftim. it's a big big to do list, bill. >> they have to pass the authorization bill to they can get paid next year. >> when do they go on vacation? >> well, actually, they're just now getting back from their thanksgiving day breaks. if you add up all the time over the course of the remaining calendar year, the house and the senate are only going to actually be in session together simultaneously for a total of five days, not a lot of time to come up with con ken us is. you have a whole bunch of deadlines coming. in 8 days the cheryl of the
5:35 pm
house budget committee paul ryan and senate democrat patty murray have to come up with big budget deal. it's not going to be a big deal. a pretty small deal by their own admission. what they are trying to do is prevent this year's $85 billion across the board cuts. sequester cuts that everybody hates to use that word. supposed to go up to $107 billion next year. that's what they're trying to curb. >> they have really five days to get a lot of stuff done. we don't assume they're going to get much done. then they come back in january when? >> come back in the first of year. second week of january. there is going to be the necessity of funding the government half of it. >> they run out the end of the year, yeah. >> the farm bill has been stalled for more than year because of debate over food stamps. that's out there and not done. even if they do keep the government open january 15th, then we are
5:36 pm
looking at a major, major battle over once again. debt ceiling in february and it's going to go over $17 trillion. it is not a good start whether you have got five days to get all that work loaded in before the next year. >> okay. all right, cammeron. rosen, thank you very much. when we come right back, it will be miller time. hot one this evening auto. new poll says americans don't trust each other and cell phones on planes. what kind of chaos will that cause? miller is next.
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5:40 pm
thanks for staying with us. miller time segment tonight. three hot topics. get to the sage of southern california who joins us here in the studio tonight. miller? >> billy, heck hectic in manhattan tonight. lighting the fir tree over there affordable healthcare tree. everything is so politically correct now. and then i see them holding rudolph down for a forced -- bloomberg is forcing a rhinoplasty on him. taking the regular nose out and putting a low energy curly q thing. and then bashir naked cowboys. >> a lot going on. >> it's crazy out there. happy kwanzaa. >> do you know what they are decorating the tree with?
5:41 pm
16-ounce soft drinks. that's what it's going to be because bloomberg is out there mocking them on the tree. >> tough out there. according to the associated press, americans are very suspicious of each other now. the question in general, how much would you trust other people in the following situations? access to medical records? 50% would not trust them. people who prepare your food in restaurants 47% don't trust those people. so why are you eating out? people who hire work in your home 41%. people who share photos and other stuff on the net. 38%. so apparently we are a paranoid nation, miller. >> as we should be, brother. i just walked down 10 blocks from my hotel and my muke to cool ratio was 27 to 1. trending towards 28. people are crazy. when did people ever trust each other? when they were sitting around with somebody eyeballing stink eye beat them over the head with them. >> you and i were raised the same thing. remember ozzy and harriett
5:42 pm
and father knows best and leave it to beaver? they trusted each other. >> they were ha hallucinations. >> they weren't true. that's been along for a long time. >> that's latin. in your life, do you trust a lot of people. >> i love doing it live with you. like rolland and martin. >> that comparison was made before. in your life, do you trust a lot of people? >> i trust the people who earn my trust. do i trust people right out of the box? no. people are crazy. this whole thing about calling up obamacare navigators and giving your vitals over to somebody who got drummed out they couldn't sit at the desk for acorn for god's sake you? are going to call them up and give them your vitals you? are crazy if you do that. >> okay. cell phones on planes. you travel a lot. >> yeah. >> looking forward to making some calls? >> i predict if they have people yacking at the top of their lungs on cross-country flights, there will be 8 people dead with spork
5:43 pm
wounds first week. for god's sake one of the few places we can can get away from this crap. my problem is i'm always sitting next to the kid on the plane. boring life. never sitting next to edson. is he talking about how june bug is cheating on him. get that crazy guy. can i sit next to somebody who has got a life? never have people with less lives chronicled them more than today for god's sake. >> you usually fly first class. there has got to be some interesting people. >> unless i'm plying private. i came in saving money, 79 bucks. dead headed in on unused amazon drone. >> is that right? you were on the amazon drone. >> only with two other people though and i saved some money. >> let's get back. >> the drob was do you know where the drone was going after me? delivering the blow to the toronto mayor. >> now, in coach, of the airlines. >> yeah. >> it's it like you are already sitting on somebody's lap. it's like. this you get carried between your house and here by those
5:44 pm
people who carry the husband and the bride in the celine dion's wedding. >> i got -- okay. we have established that all right. now, can you imagine -- little seat? right on top of people. >> it's going to be violent. people are going to beg to bring back smoking at that point. that's how crazy it is going to be. >> elbows and smoking. we will take the cigarettes. >> we have the flight attendant be a drone and that little thing just comes down the aisle and you grab your whiskey and soda. everybody gets blasted. everybody is on the phone or texting or instagraming? at the end of air travel as we know it? >> you are obsessed with the drones this is one of the best 60 minutes of all time where amazon says is he going to deliver packages by drones in a few years. that's totally bull. and i will tell you why in a moment but i want your take on it. >> my take is that nobody's eyes are wider than bezos.
5:45 pm
no one is more slitty than charlie. occular thing. this is going to be big in a couple of years. god the whole thing is covered here. listen, i long for the olden days when a drone was al gore going on and on about climate change but i'm an old man. can we take care of getting these drones over our consulates in crazy countries, billy? why do we have that over the benghazi thing, for god's sake? why do i need four pack suspect suppositories. you are damn right i'm smitten. >> do you know why this is not going to work? [ laughter ] >> the first time the drone lands on a little kid there is going to be a 10-million-dollar lawsuit. >> the first time an idiot tries to return something by drone. >> it blows up. >> gets their groin caught in the whip around thing. >> going to get it mixed up drone intended for abdullah, it's going to go into illinois. >> to bring it full circle that's why i don't trust people.
5:46 pm
>> not going to happen on the drone. but the guy is a genius. >> let me do my charlie impression. hey, jeff, what the hell is behind this door? this is a drone. pow. >> there you go. >> dennis miller, everybody. is he loose on the streets of new york. [ laughter ] >> we have two bolder fresher shows to tell you about. >> merry christmas, billy. >> march 28th we will be in charleston, south carolina at the north charleston performing arts center. knoxville tennessee the next day auditorium. make great christmas gifts they go on sale tomorrow. bill o' premium members can get them in advance because we love you guys. martha maccallum on deck. baby and father on the net. all hell is breaking loose. right back with it. this december, experience the gift of true artistry and some of the best offers of the year at the lexus december to remember sales event.
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back of the book segment tonight, did you see that? 43-year-old comedian gavin mcginnis posted a video of himself and his 10-month-old baby johnny on the net. the himself and his 10-month old son johnny on the net. it's titled "how the to fight a baby". >> a lot of you are square scared of babies. oh, my, they are scary. they are easy to handle. i will show you how. there are a lot of moves you can do to kick a baby's ass. under the arms, up like this and -- slam. [ grunts ] sleeper hold. [ baby coos ] >> here now with reaction, martha mccallum. i assume millions are watching that. >> yes. gavin is a father of three, a comedian. i think it's hilarious. everyone in the room was laughing. do i think the baby is in
5:51 pm
danger? no. >> what's the life expectancy. >> the baby is fine. the baby is laughing, smiling. >> did you do that with your baby? >> definitely. my husband loved to rough house. >> boom! >> to this day there are battles going on between my sons, my husband. this is a big cushy bed. was i concerned when michael jackson dangled his baby over the balcony, yes. did this worry me? no. >> how many people watched it? >> 8 million, i think. >> 8 million. does the baby get paid? >> i don't know. i wouldn't put my kids on youtube. >> you won't put them on "the factor". >> they are begging. >> you remember the newtown massacre. the 911 calls were released today. >> i believe they are shooting
5:52 pm
at the front glass. something is going on. >> all right. i want you the to stay on the line with me. where are you in the school? >> down the corridor. >> all right. take cover. jen, get the sergeant. all right. get everybody you can going down there. all right. let me get information from you. what makes you think that? >> the front glass is shot out. it kept going on. >> okay. >> it's still happening. >> that was a custodian inside the school. >> yeah. >> why did it take so long to release the 911 calls? >> they didn't want to. they were against releasing it. a.p. applied to have the rights to have itd as a matter of public record. they believe it needs to be released. it was a decision of a judge. he said it would be acceptable. the town cautioned everyone related that these are coming out and they should do what they can to shield the children who
5:53 pm
might be -- this will be an extremely difficult anniversary. it will be hard no matter what. >> when is the anniversary? >> december 14. by the way, we didn't play the tape with the gunshots. >> fox news won't play the shooting. i don't want to see that. if i were the judge would i have released it? probably would have. but i understand the point. it's going to bring pain to people. it is. >> if anything comes of this, there are issues we haven't done anything about that everybody yells and screams about at the time. we have obama care. we have coverage. why isn't there coverage for 20-year-old adam lanza whose mother knew he was dangerous, who sought ways to -- there is no safe institution. there used to be places where a
5:54 pm
dangerous child would be able to -- >> thank the aclu for that. >> what have we done about violent video games? >> nothing. it comes under the same banner of freedom of expression. >> it does. >> there was evidence she wanted him institutionalized. >> another money saving deal that you should know about. the tip, moments away. [ male announcer ] how can power consumption in china,
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number one nonfiction book in the nation for ten weeks according to neil centuson book. with a premium membership you get any of the books free of charge. dan from washington. bill, your legal discussion about incondoleezza riced arr t arrests for driving under the flubs of marijuana. prior to pot legalization in this state folks were charged with possession and the dui was ignored. i don't believe that. you can be charged with both. what does it matter? with pot more available in washington state, there is more danger on the road, period. margaret from warwick, new york. people seem to be confusing jesus with robin hood. i don't believe he would be in favor of stealing from the rich to give to the poor. it gets complicated, margaret. jesus said render to caesar. in this country voters put the high taxation folks in power so more tax money for entitlements. i think jesus would stay out of the political arena and
5:58 pm
encourage everybody to help those who need help. charles from tulsa, oklahoma. it's amazing that liberals use jesus to promote obama care but try to stop other public references of christianity. interesting letter. jane from tucson, arizona. bill, try not to interrupt charles krauthammer. it makes the uh viewers angry. so be it, jane. this is a debate program. charles likes to joust. no one gets a free ride. i give krauthammer more room than other guests. charlene from rock springs, wyoming. i love that you allow krauthammer to speak with few interruptions. he luns on a bit though. my job is to challenge him and other guests. usually he carries the segment. debbie from england. during the segment, a little bit of oh your new york accent came out.
5:59 pm
once in a while that happens. i used to talk like rocky. t-a-u-l-k. i had a big long island accent. i never took a voice class or anything, but when i got a job in dallas i figured out that the new york accent wasn't playing in texas, y'all. so i modified it. finally the factor tip of the day. another website that can save you money. when i buy something i'm always thinking if i would have gotten a better deal somewhere else. i bet you do it, too. first, tell them what you want to buy. they pop up prices from a variety of sellers. does it as well. even i figured that out. factor tip of the day. that's it for us tonight. check out the fox news factor website. different from the
6:00 pm spout off about the factor. name and town if you wish to oh bine. do not be an incue bus when writing tous. remember, the spin stops here. we are looking out for you. developing tonight it's worse than we thought. we are less than 30 days from the first of the year. today the administration was forced to admit that americans, many of whom think they are insured thanks to health will find out the hard way that they are not covered. welcome to "the kelly file," everyone. i'm megyn kelly. there was a conference call with the obama care team and reporters a few hours ago. the hot issue, not how the website was working but how many people are getting the


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