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tv   Hannity  FOX News  December 7, 2013 2:00am-3:01am PST

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happen -- >> sure it would. >> she is hollywood elite. don't forget to set your dvrs so you never miss an episode. special record is next. elbow. hello. hinks he'll interview me but i'm interviewing him. tweet me your questions. welcome to "hannity." tonight right here on this program we have been telling you for years that the president's health care law needs to be repealed and replaced. now a majority of americans agree with us according to a newly released gallup poll. 52% say they favor repealing or scaling back obama care. only 37% said it should be kept the way it is or expanded. that's not only the troubling news we have to share on a conference call with reporters today a cms spokesman said on health one of every ten transactions is experiencing errors. also according to politico things would be worse.
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that's worse for the administration. a new report reads enrollment surge or no the next challenge is a big one. how will the white house make sure all the people with cancelled policies get new coverage by january 1. even with the speedier newly functioning website they have a vast distance to travel before the estimated 4 to 5 million people with cancelled policies get new health care coverage. it is not out of the question that the obama administration could pace the worst case scenario on january 1 -- the number of uninsured american goes up. pathetic. we want you to join the conversation. log onto our facebook page. we hope you will share thoughts on the program. with reaction here in studio, author, attorney david limbaugh and forbes senior political contributor left wing nut job rick unger. >> here we go. >> i say it affectionately.
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nobody wants your law. >> nobody wants it because the whole thing is predicated on a lie. false promises. predicated on one lie after another. where is anybody in your party to join and say this is not right, this is a bait and a switch. the american people deserve better. where are the democrats? >> let's get something straight. at least 38% by your own graphic want my law. >> that's a significant -- >> i hear you. but a few weeks ago it was different. how can you be surprised the american people is freaking out when all any of us do is talk about the law with with most people criticizing it. >> you're a rich democrat, a limousine liberal. first of all, the president is down 24% among hispanic americans. the millennials want him thrown out of noffice now.
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you are not one of millions who got a cancellation letter. >> i am in the obama care pool. i am buying my own health insurance. >> paying more or less? >> substantially less. >> you're full of crap. i don't believe it. >> do you want the number? >> you're one of a few people. >> i have already said it. i have been paying $2,200 a month because i'm uninsurable. do you know what i'll pay for the best policy available on the new york exchange? >> $800? >> yeah. >> do you know who's subsidizing you -- >> nobody. >> the sick, the elderly, the uninsured are subsidized by young people who don't want to sign up. >> the whole thing is unconscionable. obama promised he would insure everybody. you can quibble over it. and argue that 50 million were uninsured. some 8 to 10 through the cracks. it was a misleading figure from the start.
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it was enough obama to change the entire health care system to damage the entire economy and now 5% is a diminimus figure to him. 80% of the website is working. 5% is no big deal. >> 90%. but that aside, do you know how much jeff bezos would have played to have amazon working at a 9 of 10 success rate. >> he would have with given anything. >> any website that starts off will have trouble. >> after three years and $600 million to get it going? this is outrageous. >> still having trouble. >> by the way, jeff bezos wasn't responsible for damaging -- >> nobody asked you about -- >> and forced. >> let me say something to the 5 million. it's not 5 million individual people. these are families. >> wait, wait. >> that 5% number the president is another lie. when you look at the numbers
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they knew in july of 2010 they knew it would be a substantial part of the market up to 80%. 60% of small businesses and 45% of large businesses. >> argued it in federal court and andy mccarthy argued the admission in a ief. they deliberately misled people. this was never about getting people better health care. it's been about redistribution of wealth which is some of obama care's architects have admitted and statism. >> nobody said that. what architect of obama care? >> i don't remember which one. somebody admitted it the other day. redistribution. >> obama admitted it. >> let me ask you about the 5%. i have sympathy. for anybody who got a cancellation letter and will have a problem re-signing up. i do. for all of you people who are making a fuss, where was your
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concern? say it's only 10 million. >> this was a red herring. the president made specific promises. that's what's at issue here. >> he did. you can't get away from that. we did have ideas. they were shot down. health savings accounts. >> i have no problem with that. by the way, they didn't get shot down. >> portability between states. changing laws between employer and privately own d plans which is a big deal. >> can we talk about the states? i want to go off on another area. we have debated this to death. >> here is where your president is having a big problem. >> your president, too. >> honesty and trustworthiness. look at e polls. the american people don't think he's honest competent or trustworthy. >> this week. >> this week itot worse.
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the white house said when uncle omar was arrested on dui which faced deportation ordered that uncle omar they didn't know him. they had to admit they know him. they lied about benghazi, the irs, nsa, fast and furious. nobody believes him anymore. >> uncle omar is not a lie. that's been proven. >> president obama, nephew obama is the liar. >> he's not. by the way, they never asked him two years ago. >> three. >> three years ago from the press office. they never asked him first. this time asked hill and he gave a truthful answer. >> come on. >> one of them that he unequivocally lied about is the video about benghazi. that was a complete fabrication. they arrested a man, used the power and resoces of the government to railroad a guy. >> if you want to go to benghazi do you think it's just possible that the government couldn't
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tell us the whole truth because things were happening in benghazi that were -- >> purposely lied to the us. >> though there are things we shouldn't know and you would support us not knowing p it is a cia action. >> the that never justifies affirmatively lying about a video. >> we didn't lie about a video. what did he lie about? >> said this was a spontaneous -- >> he knew better. they did know better. >> how did we get to benghazi? the. >> you have a duty. you don't care about lying. you said he doesn't lie. >> under the conditions he lied about. >> you do agree the president is a liar? >> i agree all presidents occasionally lie. >> moral equivalent. >> let me ask another question. do you believe that the american people are smart? do you think politicians now that we have vetted this out, they try to implement this, do
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you think the american people deserve to be heard on the issue of health care? >> yes. i do hope the american people will make themselves better educated. >> i'm not the biggest quoter of gallup but the over well ing majority of americans want it repealed or major changes. whien won't the president say, you know what, i made promises we can't keep. why don't we cut our losses and debate this to get a system you would buy into. >> you know what, i think the president made it clear he has always wanted further debate and input. setting the aside, i feel that way. there's never been a major law passed that didn't need to be revised and amended. >> david. >> every one. >> h says we are not going back on this no matter how many people it hurt. >> he said, not while i'm president. >> he couldn't be more clear. >> it doesn't matter what he
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said. look what he does. >> at least you came off of that. >> he did say we are not going back. he doesn't intend to go back. he intended to hurt people because he knew -- >> for what reason? >> to advance statism and redistribution. i'm serious. >> which people -- >> there was collateral damage. he hurt them because he was hell bent on socialized medicine. i believe that. >> really? i don't think the democrats are that clever. >> go back and read the november 2 wall street journal. they debated july of 2010 whether to tell us the truth because they knew millions of americans would lose their care. they consciously decided not to tell us the truth. >> i agree with you. >> wait a second. >> you have to make a careful separation here. i said on the show i believe the president fully knew he could not make that promise.
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as a journalist, i called the white house and said something the day he first -- >> should have listened. >> right. wait a second. don't confuse -- i'm agreeing with you. don't confuse the fact that they did that which they never should have done with the program itself. this is a huge mistake. >> you're lucky. people's eyes are off the substantive problems of obama. >> they were never on it. >> you wait. >> the ends justifies the means, that's it. >> no; no. they did it pursefully. >> do you know what? >> the american people deserve to have a rehearing on this. we should repeal it and redebate this because it was predicated on dishonesty. >> what happens the moment you repeal it? can't be worse than it is now. >> i have to go. good to see you. >> come on.
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we are just getting started. >> up next tonight on "hannity." >> it took the federal government more time to build a website than it took from the time pearl harbor was attacked to the day germany surrendered in world war ii. >>it's the video that compares the timeline of world war ii and the building of the botched health website. we'll play the tape and tell you how they compare. and this is 17-year-old was diagnosed with a rare disease and has under gone 86 surgeries. because of obama care her family's health plan is about to be cancelled. are you listening, unger? her mother joins me in studio. they will give you the obama care horror story of the week hi, i'm terry and i have diabetic nerve pain. it's hard to describe, because you have numbness, but yet you have the pain like thousands of needles sticking in your foot. it was progressively getting worse, and at that point i knew i had to do something. once i started taking the lyrica the pain started subsiding. [ male announcer ] it's known that diabetes damages nerves.
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welcome back to "hannity." although the administration had more than three and a half years to develop the health care program and get a website up and running and hundreds of millions of dollars we now know that was not enough time. apparently not enough money. just to remind everybody how pathetic it is the group concerned vets for america is targeting obama care in a new video and comparing the completion of the website launch to the completion of world war ii. pretty revealing. take a look. >> the american people will win -- >> the affordable care act was signed. >> we will accept nothing less than full victory. >> premiums could rise 100%. >> the forces of germany have surrendered. >> it took the federal government more time to build a website than it took from the time pearl harbor was attacked to the day germany surrendered in world war ii. why aren't we surprised? government-run health care doesn't work. >> here with reaction to this and more from concerned vets for
2:17 am
america pete hegseth and tara bowdell. good to see you. are you offended by that? >> i am. first of all, veterans use the veterans administration. this health care reform bill doesn't affect them. i come from a military family. my father was a marine. my dwrandfather wougt in world war ii. my uncle won two purple hearts in vietnam. they have done well as a result of the veterans benefits. veterans aren't political pawns. ted cruz says the veterans should not be a part of political gain. >> this is not about using veterans as political pawns. it is about a clear statement. we were bombeded on pearl harbor and defeated the nazis in less time than it took this government to create a website. you brought up veterans affairsme affairsmeaffair s. >> stick to that point. >> we won world war ii.
2:18 am
mobilized a nation after being bombed and going across europe and taking down nazi germany and we can't bill a website that will push the right information to insurers. that's maddening and is outrageous for every american. >> he's making a great point. how do you have hundreds of millions of dollars in a country with microsoft and apple and amazon and come up with such an unmitigated disaster that security experts ton show said they wouldn't go on themselves. >> my internet explorer crashed today. they have been doing it longer than this. google chrome crashes on me a couple of times a week. >> never crashed on me. >> you remember apple maps. that was a disaster. this is technology. it's not just a website. my company builds websites. we would never be able to build a web portal on this level. it has to communicate across various departments -- >> i have heard they can build it for $5 million.
2:19 am
>> i would say that, too, if i was selling my business. >> facebook has less code than health and rupps wi ru millions of users. this isn't health care delivery. this is heal >> you make a great point. this is not health care delivery. it's what we are trying to improve. it's a website. >> it works on department of veterans affairs. >> we have to leave it there. >> the v.a. doesn't provide it well. >> when we come back, this is the obama care horror story of the week. the mother of a 17-year-old girl with a very rare neurological disease recently got notice her family's plan terminated. she'll join us with the personal story and explain how hard obama care is about to hit her family and pastor rick warren will speak out on the death of his son and more. if you've got copd like me,
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welcome back. as obama care continues to unravel we are hearing more stories about average americans who are feeling the pain from this disastrous law. despite the president's promise that americans could keep their plan, their doctor my next guest was recently told her health plan would be cancelled. eileen has a 17-year-old
2:24 am
daughter named johanna. she was diagnosed with a rare neurological disease at 3 months old. she's under gone 86 surgeries since the diagnosis. eileen says her isurance company notified her that the plan would be terminated and the only feasible option would be to join the exchange, increasing her premium by $1,000 57bd and cutting her daughter's access to her hospital and doctors. good to see you. your daughter is a sweetheart. she just got out of icu. >> she did. just today actually. >> 86. she's 17 years old. 86 surgeries. >> mm-hmm. >> that's tough. >> it is. >> it's hard. >> yeah, it is. >> i also spoke with -- you have had one doctor throughout this period. >> yes. the pediatrician. she's amazing dr. nataloni. >> you learned when your insurance would be terminated? >> johanna's last brain surgery
2:25 am
was a month ago today. while i was in the icu with her i was trying to get ahold of the insurance company because i was hearing rumors. the first phone call was terminated as of december 31. that was when i left the room crying, called my husband and e-mailed you for the radio show. the second letter i got said we were good until the renewal date which was february 28. just yesterday when i was in the neurosurgeon's office preparing her for the icu i was told the 31st. it is up in the air. 31st of december. >> you have looked at a replacement plan. >> yes. >> we are working on that at this point. we can't purchase insurance anymore due to aca regulations. i looked at some of the individual plans to purchase as
2:26 am
an individual because i want to avoid the exchange because nyu isn't at this point included except for possibly one insurance company and they are not really sure. again, it's hard to get straight answers at this point. nobody is really giving them. i was told to hold off, if we can until january 1. >> you have a gap in insurance. >> right. hopefully it won't be the 31st. hopefully we'll have until the end of february. >> is it $1,000 more was the estimate? >> actually the insurance company sent me for a comparable plan. it's a less inferior plan. it would go close to $3,000 a month for the premium. there is still a $4,000 deductible. >> how much more is that than you are paying now? >> now the insurance is $1800 a month. we have a situation because johanna is medically fragile we can work with with medicare
2:27 am
supplemental. >> that's a higher deductible and more a month. >> yes. and nobody knows what will happen with the supplemental situation we have going because joh anna is medically fragile. that's the point. we had something that was working. it provided some government assistanceecause she's medically fragile. it was a state program managed from suffolk county. it was working. now all of that -- >> one last question. just to make sure, you're going to pay $1200 more. you have this uncertainty. then you're going to have a higher deductible but you can't go to the same hospital? >> right. >> you can't keep your doctor born. u have had since she was >> right. >> what do you want to say to the president? >> we have to repeal obama care and read it. we have to have people now that it's all coming out we have to
2:28 am
go back to the drawing table. >> i agree with you. >> i understand there are people in difficult situations who have no insurance. my solution from my point of view is go ahead and do some expansion of medicaid that's carefully programmed and also cut away all the extra stuff that doesn't need to be in medica medicaid tighten up the system and the ship. we also need to elect leaders who are going to -- >> keep their word. >> yeah. >> your daughter is a lovely girl. >> thank you. >> i got to spend time with her earlier. you have a great doctor. i wish you and your family the best. nobody should have to go through this. it's really sad and unnecessary. thank you very much for being with us. i hope they are watching in washington. thank you. >> thank you. >> up next tonight on "hannity." >> i have to ask you a question you may not like to answer. this could be tough. >> oh, all right. >> it's an essay question.
2:29 am
the qualities required of a president. vice president joe biden, former secretary of state hillary clinton. compare and contrast. >> all right, mr. thrill up his leg chris matthews of t-ball had a well rehearsed interview with his hero, his demi-god barack obama. of course they were playing softba softball. we'll have it after the break. and pastor rick war with ren opens up about the death of his son and his latest project. we want to hear from you. log onto share your thoughts on this and more.
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like a milk-bone biscuit. ♪ say it with milk-bone. welcome back. president obama sat down with his number one fan last night, chris matthews. you know, the man who gets a thrill up his leg and his body when he hears the president
2:34 am
speak. we are calling it t-ball with chris matthews. let's look at some of the highlights. >> let's play hardball. you have a great audience of college-age people and faculty. there is resistance among young people to enrolling in the exchanges and getting involved in taking responsibility for their health care. what's your argument? the trust question. the commitments you have made before the rollout with health care. it's a serial decline that keeps going down. we had watergate, all that together. what will stop and arrest the decline of faith in you doing the right thing, you being honest, anybody as president. the skepticism out there. your remarks on economic justice to me as a roman catholic is what is residence nant with what the holy father francis is
2:35 am
saying. talk about the bach ground to the belief we have a social responsibility, a moral responsibility for people who haven't made it. i have to ask you a questn you may not like to answer. >> uh-oh. >> this could be tough. an es kay question. >> okay. >> the qualities required of a president. vice president joe biden, former secretary of state hillary clinton. compare and contrast. >> not chance. >> here with reaction to the lovefest, katie pavlic and managing editor at they don't like me. igov valski is with us. how are you? >> sean, we love you. >> i don't know about that. >> open arms. >> i don't have a problem that matthews worships, adores, has an obamagasm at the sight of of the guy. i like making fun. here's the point. even though it will be a
2:36 am
friendly interview, how do you not ask, mr. president, what do you say to the millions of americans that you promised could keep their plan and keep their doctor and we are going to save $2500 per family per year. what do you say that either lost their plan, lost tear doctor or are paying more? don't you think it had to be asked? and it wasn't. >> look, i think it's a question he's been asked before. it's a question -- >> no, no. igor stop. >> he apologized for it. >> what do you say to the millions of americans that got cancellation letters? >> to them i think i would say you're in a market where you are being cancelled and dumped all the time. now you will go into an insurance exchange, a private insurance exchange where you will get subsidies for coverage and comprehensive insurance that will be there when you need it. >> mr. president, you promised these people. you made a pledge, a vow. they trusted you.
2:37 am
>> yeah. >> what do you say? >> sean, i agree. overly broad political statements are dangerous to make in police car. he knows it. he made a mistake. >> made a mistake. >> he made a mistake. >> and the american people shouldn't have believed him. >> at the end of the day when you have people signing up for insurance, getting insurance that works, that covers all the conditions, i think the numbers will change around. >> katie, i don't know. igor is trying. it's a hard thing for a left person to answer. why does it get in my craw? those peop are suffering and a president lied to them. >> this is the thing. on a serious note, the way chris matthews didn't ask the question the way the president hasn't been asked the question directly and hasn't directly come out and addressed these families and these individuals losing their health insurance and aren't getting put into a better marketplace, i'm sorry. but they are not going to get better coverage.
2:38 am
they can't sign up for obama care through the exchanges and they are seeing premiums triple. for young women it's going up 19 t 93%. explain to me how they are getting better coverage. they don't have coverage. 5 million people lost insurance. to my broader point, chris matthews is not asking the question and president obama continually dodging it and people like you dodging the question shows you don't appreciate or you never respected the fact that these people are losing their insurance and these are real people dealing with real problems who lost insurance coverage and they need help. >> katie, i respect the fact that people who lost insurance are upset. they heard their president say they can keep their coverage and now they can't. the president made an overly broad statement. i agree. i think at the end of the day -- >> he lied. >> those people -- >> this is a lie. let's walk through this one more
2:39 am
time. we had president obama for years saying you like your plan you can keep it, period. you had democrats for years and to this day you had harry reid just this week saying the president didn't lie. you have nancy pelosi saying the president didn't lie. people can keep their plans or get them back. further in 2009 democrats had the chance to vote for an amendment that would allow millions of people to keep their health care pls and they voted against it. don't tell me president obama misspoke when he lied about it. this was a lie. >> i didn't say misspoke. >> this is an overly broad political statement. >> let me say this. at the the end of the day i don' care who you are. you can't make the promise that you can absolutely keep the coverage you have. you couldn't have made it before the law and you can't make it now. >> why don't we start over, igor? you're admitting he lied. on the fundamental promises of the way the law was sold.
2:40 am
we now know back in 2010. to be fair why not start over. >> you already have millions of people who have coverage for the first time. millions of people on medicaid, low income americans. >> 100,000 people?out the numbe >> people are signing up for this coverage every day. >> where? >> you will not take this away from the them. they are signing up on the exchanges. >> where? >> in kentucky, incalifornia. >> write down the numbers. let's break down the numbers that came out. we are talking about 100,000 people. 23,000 of which have signed up through the federal exchange. >> now it's higher. >> let's talk numbers. compare toyota the number of people who lost insurance, 5 million. then further compare it to the number of peopl expected to lose insurance. 77 million people in this country are expected to lose health insurance thanks to obama care. >> katie, i don't know --
2:41 am
>> you will say -- >> i don't know what world you lived in before where people never lost coverage ever. what world did you live in? people lost coverage if they developed cancerment. >> the cbo says -- >> now they will have coverage. >> the cbo says under obama care, 30 million americans remain uninsured. >> those are the undocumented immigrants. >> 30 million americans. >> yes -- sean. if your complaint is the law doesn't insure more, i would be happy to work with you. >> katie, last word. >> this is the point. obama care was sold on the idea to get 45 million uninsured people in this country insured. it was not sold on the idea that millions would have to lose their plan in order to insure the minority in this country. let's work on feting people who need to be insured insured. don't take it prosecute the rest of americans because the program isn't working for them? >> we'll leave it there. thank you both.
2:42 am
if i lied, you guys overthink progress you would be attacking me. you would be after me, right? truth. >> we love truth. >> you should be attacking the president. i agree. he shouldn't have made the overly broad staple. >> in a statement -- >> i will e-mail you the post. >> coming up next, pastor rick warren will open up about the recent death of his son and talk about a brand new book which aims at people living a healthy lifestyle ahead. ♪ i want to spread a little love this year ♪
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welcome back. his best selling book "the purpose driven life" sold
2:47 am
miions worldwide and now pastor rick warren is tackling another issue many the country. i sat down with with him and dr. daniel eamon to talk about "40 days to a healthier life." joining us now, rick warren and daniel aemon? >> exactly right. >> amen? amen. >> last word. the last word. so be it. >> the end. it's good to see you. >> thank you. >> i know you and your wife and i have known you personally. >> yeah. >> you were kien enough to help a charity i was working on. when i heard about your son it broke my heart for you. how are you doing? >> first i want to say thanks to you, sean, and to jill and your family. america doesn't know the sean hannity i know who literally called me multiple times, texted me and often would say, are you
2:48 am
doing okay? that shows who you are. i want to say thanks to america for their love and care. kay and i felt deeply loved. we probably received 30,000, 35,000 letters. >> wow. >> of condolences from people. i have said it before. it wasn't the famous people, rock stars and politicians who ant the most to me. it wasetters from people that matthew led to faith in the lord. and had ministered to them in his lifetime. he was a creative, brilliant kid who was born with mental illness. struggled his entire life. as i have been saying, you don't get over grief. you get through it. >> everyone can project a little bit into somebody's life. this is the hardest thing i can think any person, parent ever has to go through -- to lose a child. i believe that. >> there are levels of grief.
2:49 am
i have done thousands of funerals. i have stood at the bedside for hundreds of people as they have taken their last breath. i am acquainted with death. some funerals aren't that hard. an elderly man, woman they lived a good life. my dad died, my mom, kay's dad. that was easy. more difficult is the death of a spouse. more difficult is the death of a spouse with a little child at home. that's tough. murder is tough. i have done a lot of those. without a doubt the death of a child is extremely difficult. you are not supposed to outlast your kids. above that is suicide. i'm doing the death of a child, the death of my child, the dth of a suicide and i'm a public figure with actually a lot of people who were making fun of the death. you know, writing very mean-spirited and celebrating. >> i saw some of that. >> i saw some of that. it made me angry and sck to my [ male announcer ] it's simple physics...
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here is more of my interview with pastor rick warren. >> you know i lost about 23 pounds. >> no? >> you didn't? >> amazing. >> i lost it within the last year. and i've kept it off. so this fascinates me the daniel plan. you -- here is a funny story. you're baptizing how many nem a day? >> 850 people. what? do you think you're john the baptist? >> takes four and a half nearly five hours. putting them underwater. so i'm lifting about 150,000 pounds. at number 500 a thought goes through my mind we're all fat. and i go, i'm fat. i say i need t to change a repent. i've been your pastor 30
2:54 am
years. i need to lose 90 pounds i said anyone want to join me? 12,000 people signed up. >> what is the total weight loss for the church since starting this? >> a quarter million isn't it? >> a quarter million pounds 15,000 people signed up. the secret is that we did togeer. so saddleback is people in small groups >> you're a doctor. >> doctor amen. dr. oz, so the three of us created health plan but what pastor warren added was the book end. what is your motivation? really and frien we get better together. i added brain health. your brain lures you from the table and gives youermission to act badly. just a powerful -- >> this is hard i like to eat. and i like to eat
2:55 am
crap. i like to eat garbage. >> it's an addition. there are addictions to salt, sugar and fat. part of the thing we make a difference is almost every other plan is built on will power. and will power only works for a short time. it runs out. i'm using will power. here is what happens. i liken it to a boat on a lake with auto pilot. the auto pilot says go north. let's say you want to turn around and take it soh. there are two ways to change it. one, by shear force. you grab hold, and you force the boat to go south. the auto pilot saying go north, north. the whole time. the whole time you're going south you're under tension. you get tired of what
2:56 am
might seem natura so you let go of the steering wheel and start smoking again. go back off the diet. old habits old ways better way, will power doesn't work long term. that is why people tried and will power doesn't work. have you to change auto pilot. now, a verse in the bible says be transformed by the renewing of your mind. changing of the mind. bible talks about from within that is changing auto pilot. i have to change the way i think about food, about myself, about life. about rewards. about what causes me, one of the things on the daniel plan is most diet plans we've talked about this, are about food and fitness. and we added other three, faith, focus, and friends. faith, what is your motivation? why are you doing this? once figuring out why, if you
2:57 am
don't right why it's not going to last. okay? then, friends you've got to have accountability but then you have to have focus. >> and two things most people don't know there is 140 studies say as your weight goes up, actual physical size and function of your brain goes down. that should just scare the fat off anyone. we call it dinosaur syndrome. >> what we've seen because we did big nfl study showing playing football causes brain damage. but did a follow up study. if we can lose the weight many get better, fwheer a war for health of brains and bodies people trying to make a lotof money off of our illness. >> i've got to ruvenlt i'm going to try the 40 days just to eat
2:58 am
healthier. but i kind of lost weight. i lived through it it and was painful. a hard thing to do. >> that is not what our congregation said they said they felt better faster. >> a lot of diets are deprivation. >> this is about abundance. >> you don't want the hannity plan. it's painful. >> good to see you. >> nice to meet you dr. amen. >> bless, and thank you. >> as always, thanks for joining us. i'll see you back here monday night.
2:59 am
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