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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  December 7, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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this is the fox report. tonight the vice president offered him a ride on air force 2. he said no thanks. i'm going home directly. tonight, the u.s. veteran, a grandfather who was held in north korea is free. >> a huge sigh of relief for merrill newman's family. >> i'm delighted to be home. it's been a great, great homecoming. >> his flight landing on american soil just hours ago after a sudden about-face from north korea's government. we'll have the very latest on his return. >>. >> also, a deadly winter storm
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is barrelling across the country and showing no signs of letting up. heavy snow, ice, leaving thousands of people without electricity. cancelling hundreds of flights and sinking a wide section of the nation into a deep freeze. a live report from our fox weather center. and remembering pearl harbor. 72 years after the day of infamy. the tributes to the thousands of troops who died in a surprise attack that came just after dawn and pulled the united states into world war ii. home in time for the holidays. an american war veteran detained in north korea for more than a month will get to sleep in his own bed tonight. merrill newman was reunited with his family at san francisco international airport earlier today. he's 85 years old and was holding his woof's hand as he arrived off the flight from beijing. he spoke briefly. >> it's been a great homecoming.
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i'm tired, but ready to be with my family now. >> newman fought in the korean war. as we've been reporting, he went back to thator a ten-day tour in october and was on his way home when officials snatched him off a plane. north korea decided to release him after the state media showed newman reading a signed apology for alleged, quote, hostile acts during the korean war. dom is live in los angeles. you said that might be a sign they were willing to move and in fact, they were. >> that's precisely what happened. merrill newman was tight-lipped about how the koreans actually treated him. he would only answer one question on that. it was about the food they gave him. he just described it as being healthy. didn't want to say anything else besides that. clearly, it was a sense of relief to him being back. >> can you tell us what this support has meant to you?
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>> support has been very good. >> how good is it to be back home? >> it's great here. >> what it's first thing you're going to do when you make it back home? >> take my shoes off. >> reporter: one reporter asked him if he would return to north korea. very short answer, probably not, he said. >> 42 days of frantic worry for his family. what's been their reaction today? >> they are obviously overjoyed. they were at the san francisco airport to greet him. his wife lee and son jeff. necessity wanted to get him home for well-deserved rest. have time as it is the holiday period. of course, they explained that, well, we could get to hear the whole story eventually. >> we'll have more to say about his unusual and difficult journey. for now though, we ask you to allow us time to be with him as a family. >> reporter: we believe they actually made their way back to
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their palo alto home in california. when we'll hear from them again, we don't know. they certainly need a few days to get together. >> he deserves that for sure. thank you. >> when you hear a story like this, you may be wondering why in the world would anybody go to north korea with the possibility of this happening? we know it does happen. actually, an estimated 800 to 1,000 americans or 800,000 americans visit the country each year. many of them get in through china-based tourism groups. the state department allowed u.s. travel to north korea since 19 5. has long cautioned americans about the risks of going there. on november 19, the state department issued a travel warning to americans against visiting north korea. an american who ran one of those tour groups from china is laboring in a north korea hard labor camp. 46-year-old christian missionary kenneth bae has been sentenced
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to 15 years for alleged plots against the government. activists say he is the longest serving american detainee since the suspension of fighting in 1953. wrapping up his tour of asia, vice president joe biden mentioned bae today while talking about newman's release. >> they have mr. bae who has no reason being held. should be released immediately. we are going to demand his release, as well. at least there is one spot of sunshine today. >> it's 800 to about 1,000 americans go to north korea each year. biden says he played no role securing merrill newman's release. newman's family is urging north korea to release bae so he can join his family. it's now a deadly mix of weather slamming much of the united states. weather related deaths being reported in the midwest and plains regions tonight. in texas, icy conditions proving
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to be too much for some drivers. it's so much snow it looks like it was shot in black and white. just at this massive backup along i-35 in denton county. takes your breath away. a driver was killed when he lost control of his pick-up truck and it plunged off a bridge into lake louisville. you can see the vehicle being pulled from the water here. tennessee coping with ice and snow. the conditions that forced the cancellation of a st. jude memphis marathon there. more than 1,000 flights grounded now due to this monster storm. forecasters say it's about midway in terms of what it's going to do yet. that means we are only halfway there. meteorologist janice dean is live from the fox weather center. it's extreme tonight. >> yeah. that one storm is exiting the east coast. another is getting its act together across the west. that is going to lend its energy to a storm system across the southeast that is going to bring us another ice storm.
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part of the reason is incredible cold air. look at these temperatures. i want to show you in some cases 40 degrees below average for this time of year. we are not technically even into winter yet. you can see on the map the warmest place is florida. 75 in tampa i'm sure a lot of us would like to be house guests there. minus 8 in rapid city. 20 kansas city. factor in the wind chill. you don't want to be outside in rapid city where it feels like minus 21. 9 in kansas city. feels like 16 in dallas. people are urged to stay off the roads. they had some of that icy mix over the last 12 to 24 hours. it has not melted. people cannot drive. part of the energy across the west, that's going to bring snow across the four corners. even some of the lower elevations of southern california. if you can believe it. we are going to see record lows tonight across california. winter weather advisories. some of this energy is going to continue to move eastward. we'll see several inches of know
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in the midwest tennessee valley. tonight, clear across the northeast. cold air still in place. look what happens. there is our low and wintry mix sunday to monday. this is going to continue to the overnight into monday's drive in. when you see pinks on the map here, that's accumulating ice. anywhere from 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch of ice on the roads. on the power lines. if this comes true, we could be dealing with power outages for several days, even weeks. then we've got heavy rain and snow. we'll see snow for d.c. then it's going to mix over on sunday into monday, mainly a rain event. winter weather advisories for really over a dozen or maybe dozens of states. area of concern, mid atlantic northeast. where you see purple is where we are likely going to see over 1/4 inch on the roads.
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power outage likely in this area. then to d.c. and philadelphia, it's going to start off as snow. then it's going to mix in overnight and monday, again, could be really messy, if not very dangerous on the roads. we are going to be covering it all day tomorrow and certainly monday and tuesday. >> it really is the ice that complicates things. the electrical lines get weighed down by the hhavy weight. janice, thank you very much. >> okay. >> right now, family of reverend billy graham is asking for you to pray for him. his son franklin says he's comfortable, but his health is failing. we'll have more on his condition. police say this newlywed couple had a lust for blood and disturbing urge to kill. how investigators say they lured a man to his death. using a popular website. >>. >> and more drama for obama
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care. despite progress to the federal website, new concerns that some people who think they are signing up for health care insurance coverage may not actually be covered. we are going to keep pressing the president to do the right thing. if the president won't scrap this law, isn't it time for him to delay it for all americans before it does further harm? ris all white meat chicken was made to be blanketed in golden breadcrumbs. with whipped mashed potatoes, topped with a thick homemade gravy. so she makes her country fried chicken to be eaten together. so they savor every last bite. marie callender's. the day buildi a play set begins with a surprisewinge of back pain... and a choice. take up to 4 advil in a day or 2 aleve for all day relief. [ male announcer ] that's handy. ♪
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the family of world renowned evangelist billy graham says prayers are welcome at this point. the reverend graham celebrated his 95th birthday last month. you're looking at pictures of that party november 7th. since then an infection left him weak and unable to regain his strength. graham was hospitalized for two days because of breathing problems late last month. he struggled in the past battling prostate cancer,
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macular degeneration and hearing loss. defense secretary chuck hagel made a surprise trip to afghanistan to check in on our troops there. his presence may put an end to a stubborn standoff. secretary hagel received word from their defense minister that the stalled bilateral security agreement would be signed as they're saying now in a timely manner. >> the ministers all believe that it is in the interest of afghanistan to have that just as they recommended to have that bsa signed. >> secretary hagel took time to address concerns the u.s. is backing away from its leadership role in the middle east. connor powell has more on that from our mideast bureau. >> reporter: as tensions continue in the mideast, secretary of defense chuck hagel trying to reassure american allies in the persian gulf that the u.s. will continue to
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support its friends and partners in the region. hagel announced today the u.s. is open to selling advanced weapons like missile defense systems to u.s.-friendly nations. the move is seen as a way to counter iran's military ambitions. hagel added that even though the west agreed to a temporary deal to limit iran's nuclear capabilities, tehran continues to pose a significant threat to the middle east. many u.s. allies in the region fear america is withdrawing from its traditional leadership role in the gulf. hagel pushed back on that idea saying after a decade of war, the u.s. will not shirk its responsibilities in the middle east. >> diplomacy want not operate in a vacuum. our success will hinge on america's military power. the credibility of our assurances to the allies and partners in the middle east. >> following the speech, hagel left for afghanistan where he is meeting with senior afghan officials in an effort to push
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presiden hamid karzai to sign a ral security agreement, which has already been agreed upon, but karzai has been dragging his feettin signing, trying to win more concessions from the united states. once the security deal is signed by karzai, the pentagon is expected to announce some 10,000 or so u.s. troops will stay in afghanistan post 2014 in an effort to train and mentor the afghan security forces. the nsa snooping on millions of us is getting new attention tonight. fox news confirmed the original author of the patriot act wants the director of national intelligence to lose his job. congressman james sensenbrenner says james clapper should be fired and prosecuted lying to congress. it's all over testimony clapper gave in march on the nsa spying scandal. >> does the nsa collect any type of data at all on millions or
4:17 pm
hundreds of millions of americans? >> no, sir. >> it does not? >> not wittingly. there are cases where they could inadvertently perhaps collect, but not wittingly. >> documents leaked by edward snowden reveals the nsa collects records on virtually all u.s. phone calls. when that came out, clapper apologized saying he tried to give the least untruthful answer without revealing classified information. sensenbrenner says that doesn't hold water and that the courts and congress depend on accurate testimony to do their jobs. a clapper spokesperson declined to comment. tributes are pouring in all over the globe. people mourning and remembering the life of south african president nelson mandela. his family thanking everyone for their thoughts and prayers. >> we have lost a great man.
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his greatness in our family was in the simplicity of his nature. >> america will never forget the attack on pearl harbor. launched our country into world war ii. today we thank those brave men and women who fought to save the world. farmer: hello, i'm an idaho potato farmer. and our giant idaho potato truck is still missing. so my dog and i we're going to go find it. it's out there somewhere spreading the good word about idaho potatoes and raising money for meals on wheels. but we'd really like our truck back, so if you see it, let us know, would you? thanks. what?
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72 years ago today, a surprise attack on pearl harbor stunned this great nation and prompted us to take a new place in history fighting in world war ii. today in hawaii, roughly 50
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pearl harbor survivors were among the crowd at a ceremony remembering the 2,400 who died on that sunday morning. a moment of silence marking the exact minute the bombing began. speaker after speaker praising those brave men and women who refused to give up. >> they did not go quietly into the night, and along with those who survived, a reluctant nation emerged to fight and ultimately win in world war ii. those who survived pearl harbor also left us a warning, remember pearl harbor. keep america alert. eternal vigilance is the price of liberty. >> the following day president frankl franklin roosevelt made his famous call of arms. >> december 7, 1941, a date which will live in infamy.
4:23 pm
the united states of america was suddenly and deliberately attacked by naval and air forces of the empire of japan. >> fdr's declaration of wear was brought to a vote passing the house and senate in minutes. south african tributes to nelson mandela continue today. crowds gathered in the community where mandela lived as a young attorney, as well as his home in johannesburg. they laid flowers and shed tears for him. mandela's family spoke publically for a bit today for the first time about losing the man they shared with the world. >> the pillar of the mandela household is no longer with us
4:24 pm
physically, but his spirit is still with us. we have lost a great man, a son of the soil, whose greatness in our family was in the simplicity of his nature in our midst. >> a lot lay ahead. a formal memorial service, the funeral yet to come. paul picks up our coverage. >> reporter: the crowds outside nelson mandela's house here in johannesburg have been growing more today. most have gone home to sleep, with many of them vying they'll come back tomorrow. earlier today, the south african government announced there will be a procession with nelson mandela's body on wednesday through the streets to the union buildings where he'll start to lie in state. tonight fox news learned that former president jimmy carter will attend next weekend's funeral, but not in the group with other u.s. presidents.
4:25 pm
rather with a group of statesmen which nelson mandela was a member of, the elders. it was already confirmed along with president obama, former presidents george w. bush and clinton will also attend. members of the mandela family including nelson mandela's grandson and several government ministers also came here earlier today and held a prayer session of their own inside his home. hundreds of candles have been lit in what has become a shrine outside the home. one local woman saw the candles behind me were running out. they were burning out. she gave away hundreds of these solar-powered candles which last up to five years. so, as she said, the memory of nelson mandela could carry on forever. one final note. i met with the guy who produced the movie "long walk to freedom" which just premiered around the world. he knows nelson mandela quite
4:26 pm
well. i asked him what does he think nelson mandela would have to say about the scene today? he said nelson mandela would have joked, what's all the fuss about? the fuss is about nelson mandela. these people lost their father. he's known her locally as tata, but they found collectively a new energy for south africa. >> paul, thank you. a new twist in the troubled rollout of obama care. the obama administration apparently keeps contradicting itself whether or not you should file using paper by hand rather than trying to get on to the crowded website. what would be the problem with using paper? we'll tell you. >> and president obama is defending the iran nuclear deal to our friend israel. he is telling israel that negotiating is in its best interest. >> iran is a large country and is a relatively wealthy country.
4:27 pm
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i'm harris faulkner. this is "the fox report." it is the bottom of the hour. if you're joining us, an american u.s. veteran jailed in north korea is finally home
4:31 pm
tonight. 85-year-old merrill newman says he tried and he's tired and ready to spend time with his family. much of the u.s. is in the grip of snow and ice right now from a big winter-like storm. multiple weather-related deaths reported in different states. including a driver who plunged into a river in texas. that storm is expected to affect millions of people as it moves northeast. a magnitude 4.5 earthquake rattles oklahoma. the quake was centered near arcadia, about 14 miles northeast of oklahoma city. no damage or injuries being reported at this point. turning to new troubles with obama care. reports federal officials are urging counselors or navigators, whatever would you call those people handling your paperwork to stop using paper applications to sign people up for insurance coverage. it's an apparent 180 from the obama administration which turned to paper as an alternative to the
4:32 pm
glitch-plagued exchange website in the early days of the botched rollout. we are learning as work continues to fix health, some people who think they are signing up for insurance find out in the end they may not be covered. certainly not by january 1st. elizabeth pran with more from washington. >> the administration admits that iradditional fears not just with customers signing up, but those who think they already signed up. the glitch pertaining to electronic files sent from health to insurance companies, 834 forms. companies use them to bill consumers. about 1-10 forms are showing errors such as misspellings, missing entries or duplicate entry. the companies can't complete the transaction if these flags are raised. the white house says it's still a work in progress for the contractors. >> they are making sure everyone
4:33 pm
who enrolled is enrolled, in fact and addressing the challenges that were keen in the beginning of this process on the back end, the 834 form. >> republican law makers vow the ongoing fight to appeal or delay obama care in light of the administration's flip-flop allowing folks to keep their old health coverage. the house since passed legislation to delay the individual mandate, allowing customers to keep their old health plans. one of many proposals which haven't moved in the senate. >> if the president won't scrap this law, isn't it time for him to delay it for all americans before it does further harm? >> federal officials are urging people to stop using paper applications in fear they won't be processed by the december 23rd deadline for health insurance coverage starting january 1st. harris, back to you. >> thank you. a potentially life-saving breakthrough in the battle against cancer. doctors can train patient's
4:34 pm
bodies to attack blood cancers like a cold. a few people with a certain type of leukemia were given a one-time experimental gene therapy several years ago. today they are reportedly cancer-free. at least six research groups treated more than 120 patients with bone and blood cancers. and are getting similar, stunning results. the obama administration's middle east policy is dominating the conversation this weekend in washington. the and secretary of state john kerry each taking their turn addressing concerns over the iran nuclear deal at a forum today. tensions rising between the u.s. and israel, which staunchly has rejected that deal, which eases sanctions on iran. the forum comes on the heels of secretary kerry's meeting with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. they are trying to reassure them the u.s. has their best interest in mind.
4:35 pm
>> if we can negotiate on the nuclear program the same way ronald reagan was able to negotiate with the soviet union even as we were still contesting them around the world, that removes one more threat. >> molly live for us tonight. >> iran's economy is in such dire straits because of the international sanctions. today iranian president spoke at a university in tehran and indicated getting a break from the ominous and oppressive sanctions is as important as enriching uranium. he said, "centrifuges should spin, but the lives of people and the economy also need to spin." iran agreed in the six-month interim deal to allow greater access for united nations nuclear inspectors and cap the level of uranium it enriches in
4:36 pm
exchange for an easing some of the sanctions. >> has the president said at all, because i haven't read this but has he said whether he trusts that iran will follow through? >> here is what he said today. president obama says the u.s. cannot be, quote, naive when it comes to iran. he suggested countries sometimes change, and maybe iran will abide by the agreement. the president says this deal makes sure iran will not have a lot of, quote, room to hide the ball when it comes to nuclear development. >> it is important for us to test that proposition during the next six months, understanding while we are talking, they're not secretly improving their position or changing circumstances on the ground inside of iran. if at the end of six months it turns out we can't make a deal, we're no worse off. in fact, we have greater leverage with the international community to continue to apply sanctions and even strengthen
4:37 pm
them. >> israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu who met with secretary of state john kerry earlier this week said the sanctions were working and should be strengthened, not weakened. netanyahu who will speak to the same forum tomorrow says the nuclear deal with iran is a, quote, historic mistake. it is a territorial dispute between several asian countries. now the u.s. is caught right in the middle and starting to pay more attention to this. new today, our top story as we go around the world in 80 seconds. china, the country's parliament declaring japan has no right to criticize the creation of an air defense zone over a vast portion of the east china sea. the area includes the senkaku islands which japan stakes claim to. the u.s. wants to protect the air space.
4:38 pm
we have told our commercial airlines not to fly in that area. the pentagon recently ordered unarmed b-52 bombers to fly through there to send a message. >> the philippines. signs of recovery hard to come by in areas hardest hit by a super typhoon. families building shacks out of the ruins of their homes. the storm killed more than 5,000 people and left about 1 million homeless. >> england. cleanup under way along the east coast after one of the most severe storms in decades. tidal surge flooded hundreds of homes. at least eight people killed. argentina. a rare baby condor getting special care at a zoo. zoo keepers using a hand puppet resembling an adult condor to keep the bird from becoming dependent on humans for food and attention. eventually, they'll set it free. >> this will have you screaming
4:39 pm
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police in pennsylvania say a newly wed couple wanted to kill for fun and lure their victim to death using craigslist. elliot and miranda barber arrested late friday met their victim using an ad promising
4:43 pm
companionship on their website. when he got into his car, he was strangled, stabbed 20 times. police say the two then cleaned up the scene and went out to celebrate elliot's birthday. the two were married back in october. both are now charged with criminal homicide. police say they are now reportedly also looking into the mysterious death of the father of the woman's 1-year-old child. a bank robber busted because of something he left behind. he gave it to the teller. it's our top story as we go across america. florida, that accused man caught on surveillance video trying to cash a check. the teller asked the suspect if he was also interested in opening up a bank account with them. he thought it was a great idea. he provided them his i.d., driver's license and social security card. >> the check was written on a closed account and when the teller told him that, he appears to grab a wad of money and run
4:44 pm
for it. >> obviously, he left his driver's license behind and his address. that made it extremely easy for us to track him down. >> now he's charged with robbery and grand theft. new york. wrap it up. the 17th annual scotch tape national gift wrapping contest taking place in new york city's bryant park. eight candidates doing their best to cover up odd-shaped presents like bicycles and go-carts. the winner from texas took home a $10,000 check. pennsylvania, a christmas wish comes true for first grader zacaia rodriguez. her dad is home after serving two years overseas. >> i miss my baby. two years, too long. >> welcome home. that's fox watch across america. right now, a special report i've been working on for fox news latino. it's about to go live on their website. i've been checking it out. to give you a taste, it's about
4:45 pm
certain segment of the small business community that is seeing amazing success. we know how important small businesses are to our economy. it's run mostly by women from the island nation dominican republic. their shops are popping up all over america. in urban cities. they seem to be defying tough economic times and competition. some called them recession-proof. with the ability to handle all sorts of hair textures, there is something else crossing the ocean and blossoming inside these dominican hair salons. >> it's a very happy environment. i think a lot of times it's not just about the hair, it's everything else with the hair. the talking, the getting together with people you really like, the people you love. >> and a few minutes ago, you could watch the entire story go up live. small business success on fox news
4:46 pm
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the mega millions jackpot is now the highest this year. no one claimed the top prize of 297 million last night. matt, do you still have the ticket? our floor director. now it's up to 344 million.
4:50 pm
the next drawing is tuesday. the previous record mega millions payout was 656 million, march of last year. it was split among three winners. starting monday, the house and senate will both be in session and they have just five working days left for the holiday break. they have to reach a budget deal. a lot of stake here. if no deal is reached -- remember how this sounds? -- the government could shut down. you remember the one that lasted a couple weeks in october, and it could happen again in the new year. our chief congressional correspondent has more. >> reporter: senators have been gone since before thanksgiving, while democrat about chair patty murray has been trying to hammer out a deal with paul ryan. lawmakers set a friday 13th 13th deadline for a one-year budget plan that would increase the scheduled $967 billion spending cop,
4:51 pm
topping the trillion mark. if there's no deal, the government shuts down again. >> i'm hopeful they can work this out. there's clearly no agreement. >> the white house is also cautious at this point. >> on the issue of a budget agreement, i would simply say we hope and expect they can reach one. but i don't want to characterize the progress. >> the ryan-murray outline russs defense cuts by $17 billion which is popular with the gone gone -- g.o.p. with a new trim dollar spending bill being crafted behind closed doors, fiscal conservatives have concerns. there's no guarantee it will pass. the senate returns to town next week. but with holidays and weekends, there are only five work days left before the end of the year in which both the house and senate will be the session together. >> i've made it clear that the house is going to leave next
4:52 pm
friday. and you all know me pretty well. i mean what i say and i say what i mean. >> beyond the budget two other critical bills need to get passed. a defense authorization measure that is required for the military to get paid next year, and a farm bill stalled for months over a food stamp dispute which, if not solved, dairy sub di -- subsidies will expire. and democrats worried about unemployment benefits for three million americans running out at the end of the jeer. >> we must extend it at least a year. >> since the great recession unemployment benefits have been extended five times. democrats are phishing for the extension, feel can like they have leverage if if i conservatives bail on a budget bill, there help we be needed. >> a brand new study is out now showing a decline in what was
4:53 pm
once an eagerly anticipated right of passage for young teenagers, their first driver's license and the freedom hilt the road. brian, fewer young americans are getting their licenses. >> they are, and it's really a combination of several factors. young drivers under 34, so-called millenials, are underemployed and two overwhelmed by student loans to invest thousands into a car. you have the factor of higher gas prices and more americans are moving to the city where there is better public transportation. but bottom line, some analysts say owning a car is just no longer part of the american dream. >> a right of passage to get a driver's license and now it's not so uncommon, particularly in urban areas, for people to say, why bother? >> nick johnson from princeton new jersey has not had a car or driver's license since he was 18 years old. he pays $15 a year on bike
4:54 pm
maintenance, he says commuting is just a hassle and bike every. >> i don't have to park, pay for car payments, automobile insurance, which i hear is expensive in jersey. it's a form of entertainment and exercise so i don't have to buy a gym membership in addition to paying for a car, and it's fun. >> harris, the number of people with a driver's license -- who don't have a driver's license has risen from 21% in 2000 to 26% in 2010. >> i'm curious how the auto industry would react to this. they might want to train these people themselves. >> an -- analysts say the auto industry is championing at the bit at getting the millenial generation. they're looking at smaller cars with more technology packed in them. >> much here aspiration to buy
4:55 pm
certain cars. a that younger generation doesn't have that passion and it's more about getting from a to b and have more passion about what is in the car, like entertainment systems. >> the group most likely to buy a car now is 55 to 64. >> so, our parents can give us a ride. we love them for that. thank you. >> no problem. >> for all they have done for america, a huge show of gratitude is set to kick off, and it has to do with a plan to lay holiday wreaths for our veterans. here's last year as we remembered those who sacrificed during the holy season. ♪ oh, holy night, the stars are brightly shining ♪ ody in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis sympts. but if you have arthritis,
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spreading the good word about idaho potatoes and raising money for meals on wheels. but we'd really like our truck back, so if you see it, let us know, would you? thanks. what? i dbefore i dosearch any projects on my home. i love my contractor, and i am so thankful to angie's list for bringing us together. find out why more than two million members count on angie's list. angie's list -- reviews you can trust. it will be an awesome sight as it traditionally is, the you holiday event honoring military veterans.
4:59 pm
tomorrow, a scheduled 11 trucks stuffed with wreaths will make the trek from maine to arlington national cemetery in the nation's capitol. each one will be placed on a tombstone, and here's a look at last year's ceremony at arlington, and it's even bigger this year. the organization is called, wreaths across america. now sending up to a half million wreaths to veteran graves in more than 900 locations. >> a white house official now confirmed president obama and the first lady will be takenning the national memorial service for former south african president nelson mandela. this is ahead of the funeral scheduled next weekend. this service will happen tuesday in johannesburg. >> merrill newman safe and sound on u.s. soil after arriving in san francisco. he was held in north korea since late october. and a winter blast attacking the nation. bitter cold temperatures, ice, snow, moving across the west.
5:00 pm
the threat of an ice storm tomorrow across much of the east coast. watch for my updates throughout primetime. right knew, huckabee. >> tonight, the president urging young people to help plug obamacare. >> i need you all to spread the word how the affordable care act really works. >> a new poll shows most millenials don't plan on signing up. tonight, why america's youth is tuning the president out. the obamacare web site, bull's eye for hackers. >> doesn't appear that any security was built into the site itself at all. >> the serious privacy risks that come with signing up for health care. plus, students who used to get straight a's now struggling in class. why common core is not making the grade.


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