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tv   To Be Announced  FOX News  December 7, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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okay. so that website thing didn't go off so well, but no worries. it will be up and running by the end of november. >> it will take until the end of november for an optimally functioning website. >> by the end of november, the site will function effectively for the vast majority of the american people. >> based on our analysis, we will have it fully functioning by the end of november. >> and by the end of this month, we anticipate it will be working the way it is supposed to. all right? >> and now it's december. hello and welcome to "justice."
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i'm judge jeanine pirro. thanks for joining us tonight. website is largely fixed. now we find out that when you call to ask about the health care plan you signed up for, you find out your insurance company doesn't even know who you are, because they don't have a record of your enrollment. and even according to that psychpsyc -- can you imagine? you're having an amputation and your records tell your doctor to cut off the wrong leg. or you're having surgery and they have the wrong blood type. but hang on to your hats, guys. there's another big lie by those purr have
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purrveyors. after the original big lie was exposed we were told we'll have better health care and people with pre-existing illnesses would be covered. now i really want to believe that. but every fiber of my body tells me americans are going to suffer because of this grandios scheme sold to us by a president who not only lied in the selling of it, but who thinks he knows what's good for us. exhibit number one. maria silva, stage four terminal cancer patient. you've seen her. she's been on "justice" several times. she was dropped by her insurance plan right before her next scheduled round of chemo. when she went to her doctor, she was informed that since she now has no insurance, she's no longer eligible for any life extending or life-saving treatment like chemotherapy. but, hey, there's always a silver lining. they gave maria a $5 parking
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coupon to use on her next visit to her doctor in case she needs to get more bad news. maria wants new insurance, but she hasn't been able to get on she's tried to make phone calls but she can't even reach anyone. and there's not a navigator in sight. and so she waits. now, mr. president, with all due respect, that pre-existing illness thing? she's got it. and now, because of you, she's got no insurance and she's got no life-saving treatment. are you proud of yourself? how many other americans in this country who have pre-existing illnesses like maria have lost their insurance and are in limbo? how many veterans? how many retired individuals?
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how many in the middle class are facing the loss of medical care or the loss of everything they've ever work for the rec d record, because you had a hair brain scream scheme? how many like maria are scrambling to find insuuance in this deadly game of beat the clock? how many people have lost their health insurance because of you, like maria, are trying to find someone to give them the medical care they need to save their lives? but you're not worried. according to you, only a few americans will lose their health care. and your chief minion, jay carney, says don't worry, be happy. >> that's the universe we're talking about. 5% of the population. and i think it's important to know that. in some of the coverage of this issue in the last several days, you would think that you were talking about 75% or 80% or 60%
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of the american population. >> mr. president, you really allow your staff to go on national television to tell us to our faces not to worry? it's only about 5% of you who have lost your insurance and are possibly in this limbo. so now 50 million people, we shouldn't worry about their losing their health care. maria silva is someone that i'm not willing to have lose her health care. are we americans that expendable to you and your staff? only 5%. what if in those 5% were your mother or your sister or your child, caught up in the limbo of no health care that you created and sold to us? and another lie. in trying to sell your plan, you
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said el leg said illegals will not be covered. >> does your plan cover the estimated 12 million or so illegal immigrants in the country? >> it does not. >> why not? >> well, because i think we've got limited resources. >> agree with that. but then you double down and in your double speak, you said, i would like to create a situation where we're dealing with illegal immigration so that we don't have illegal immigrants. let me see if i get this. you want to deal with illegal immigration without illegal immigrants and then they get health care? really? how are you going to get rid of illegal immigrants? what are you going to do? fly them home? no. you're going to make them legal and then give them coverage. the truth, they're going to sign up for medicaid and they can't be refused.
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they already get housing, section eight. their children are educated in our schools. they're eligible for social services, entitled to lawyers and you really want us to believe that we're not going to be paying for the health care of an additional 12 million people? if we're not paying for it, who is? might that not include your deal uncle omar obama, here illegally, arrested for drunk driving? you know, the one who told police right after his arrest that his one call would be to the white house, the same white house that subsequently said not only did you not know this guy but you had never even met him. then, shock! barack obama actually lived with this uncle for a time when he was in law school. and then they kept in touch. and you wonder why more than half of america says that you are not honest or trustworthy.
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mr. president, lives are at stake. americans have been thrust into a danger zone by you. maria silva is only one person whose chemo treatment was canceled along with her insurance. how many other americans will suffer because your policy caused them to be dropped from their health care? so what's that you were saying about people with pre-existing illnesses being covered? i think not. i nomknow maria silva has a pre-existing illness. i know she is no longer covered. i know her life is at stake. i know you did it. mr. president, the clock is ticking. after the break, dr. ben carson will weigh in on the administration's latest obama care lie.
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i've been living in a fool's paradise! and this park is the inside of your body. see the ecial psyllium fiber in metamucil actually gels to trap some carbs to help maintain ealthy blood sugar levels. metamucil. 3 amang benits in 1 super fiber. this administration said obama care is fixed. the reality, not even close. neurosurgery at john hopkins university, dr. ben carson. dr. carson, is obama care website fixed? >> i guess it depends on how you define the word fixed. some people like to do
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redefinitions of everything. according to their definition, yes, it would be fixed. but, you know, we have to ask the question, what really works for the american people. we're in a situation where 85% of people had health care that they were satisfied with and we turned the whole system upside down for the sake of the 15% who did not have it. and there were certainly many good ways to take care of those people. >> dr. carson, let me ask you this. did you hear in my open, i was talking about the woman, maria silva? >> yes. >> stage four breast cancer patient who was happy with her health care, had a scheduled round of chemotherapy and then gets notified she lost her insurance. she goes to the doctor. he says, you have no insurance. ergo, no chemotherapy. how many americans are in a situation like this, in limbo where they need life-saving treatment and they need it now?
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>> one is too many. we have a situation now where we're talking about millions of people. and whether that represents 1%, 5%, 10%, you know, one is too many. we have to get away from this mentality that, you know, you don't really matter. we're looking at this group of people. this is never what america was supposed to be. and it is important for the people of america themselves to start having compassion for each other. because if we allow the government to take a segment of us and say, you're not so important, but i'm going to take care of this group, then we are just as guilty as the bureaucrats in the government. >> when you say the american people -- obviously, they care about each other and they care about their own health care. i mean, can you fathom ever in history, of hearing an administration say that's only 5%. it's only 15 million people. you know, not a big deal. it's almost like it was only
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four guys in benghazi. we didn't send the troops. to me, it's shocking. >> well, what we always say in surgery is maybe the risk of something happening is only 1%, but if you're that 1%, for you it's 100%. and we need to be looking at it that way. it seems to me that if the government wants to fix a program, why not offer something that is so good that people flock to it rather than something that you have to twist people's arms to go into? isn't that the way that america has always been? isn't that the way that things were established? >> and the problem, as you well know, doctor, is that we're going to rely on young people. and i have a 24-year-old son, you know. in a couple of years, he'll have to buy insurance. they all think they're invincible, infallible, everything is fine. they don't need health care. if they don't buy it, seniors and other people are going to lose their ability to get the treatment that they need. i mean, is --
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>> and, of course -- but, of course, you know, if the young people can stay on their parents' insurance until they're 26, then why would they bother to be looking to get on to the insurance themselves? you know, the system actually works against itself. and i'm not sure that anybody has really put a lot of thought into this thing. i think it was really more an issue of what can we do quickly in order to gain control of health care, because it is such a huge portion of the budget and such an important factor. we have turned over to the government way too much. this is a wake-up call for americans. >> doctor, you know, i recently -- just a few weeks ago, i had triple hernia surgery. it was a real hoot. i must tell you that of all the doctors ahead of time and then surgery, they wanted money in advance. i had never seen it like this before. i mean, usually, you know, submit it to your insurance. are we going to see more and
6:17 pm
more doctors opting out of plans and not willing to care for us and more and more people having to go to second tier hospitals now? >> well, it's already happening. you know, seven out of ten doctor s in portions of california are opting out of the exchanges. they don't want anything to do with them because the rates of payment are so low, it doesn't even cover their cost. if you have a practice and you can't cover the cost of it, of course you're going to be very concerned about how you're going to be paid. bear in mind a lot of the young physicians -- they're coming out of medical school owing 100, 200, $300,000. how are they ever going to be able to pay that back when the government wants to pay them peanuts? i wish the government, some of those people could spend as much time as it takes to become a doctor and a specialist and see how they feel about it. >> dr. carson, final question, do you see yourself running for president in 2016?
6:18 pm
>> well, i see myself as continuing to go around the country and talk to people about what america really is. i'm very hopeful that someone will come along who really understands who we are. and somebody that i can get behind and really push. it's too early to -- >> can you get behind yourself? >> we'll see what happens. i would prefer not to, to be honest with you. i would prefer it to be someone else, but i am also very concerned about our nation. i'm concerned about the next generation. and i'm confident that we're going to find a way around this. >> doctor, there's no question that you're concerned. and that's how you first really came on to the national scene. you just went out there and said this is wrong and i'm a doctor and this has to change. dr. carson, thank you so much for being with us tonight. >> thank you, judge.
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despite being fixed, the president's signature law continues to create chaos for millions of americans. and it's only the beginning. obama care is is more than just a website. and fixing the way we sign up doesn't fix the problem with the law itself. american center or law and justice and practicing physician dr. nina radcliffe. welcome to both of you. i'll going to start with you, dr. radcliffe. we can't keep our doctors and now it appears there may even be a shortage of doctors going
6:23 pm
forward with the additional people being added on? >> yes. this is a catastrophe that is just waiting to happen. we have a shortage of 20,000 physicians, mostly in primary care. a few years from now, we're estimated to have a shortage of over 100,000 physicians. >> wait a minute, doctor. excuse me. you say that right now we have a shortage of 20,000? >> correct, mostly in the primary care field. >> so going forward, how are we going to cover the additional -- what is it, 12, 15 million people? >> correct. this is a fairy tale waiting to happen. a doctor's training takes over a decade. we cannot snap our fingers or just wish we had more physicians. we need to start now. this catastrophe that is waiting to happen will be a catastrophe that is happening. >> jordan, let me ask you this. you are very familiar with the law, trying to get it up to the united states supreme court. >> sure. >> was there ever a plan to, you
6:24 pm
know, create incentives for young people to go to medical school? >> that's one of the big problems, judge, as the doctor just said. what are the incentives for young people to join immediately, and pay these fees they've never had to pay before, which is so necessary and the process is so difficult? we're assuming right now it's something that works. maryland news just reported one of the 16 state that is tried to do this on their own just resigned. we're actually seeing people quit running these state exchanges because they're done so poorly. what are the incentives that the young people that the system needs? as a doctor said, people know. they're losing the doctors they want to see, they're no longer able to get to them. and on top of that, we don't have enough doctors. we've got the legal challenges, by the way, judge, which are not done. i want to make sure that people know that. there are a number of different challenges. one that will be heard by the supreme court likely in march.
6:25 pm
the briefs are due. our brief will be due in january. >> dr. radcliff, back to you. i've been talking about maria silva, stage four terminal cancer patient. she lost her insurance and they won't give her her chemo now. how many people do you think are like that in this country right now and what do we do for them? >> 3.5 million people receive pink slips in the mail. we don't know spal what's going to happen. obama said we're going to kick this down the road a year from now. people are on the website looking to see if they have a better plan. what they're finding is that's not the case. they may not be able to keep their doctors or the hospitals. >> but, doctor, forget about keeping your doctor, which is clearly a problem if you've got stage four breast cancer. >> absolutely. >> but what about the fact that she can't even go to a doctor now because she has no insurance. she can't get on the website. she's trying to find a navigator. i mean, what does she do? >> this is an experiment that's
6:26 pm
gone terribly awry. the problem is that people like her have become the guinea pigs, as well as the taxpayers, because of this poor planning. they never got their ducks in a row. they don't even know what the ducks are to get them in the same room to figure out how to manage this whole program. >> how would you manage it, doctor? what would you do? >> i think we need to start from scratch. the concept of having health care for everybody is a fabulous idea, but how to do it -- this is not the way. we're only seeing the tip of the iceberg. the website has not functioned well. 25% of those who enrolled didn't actually complete the enrollment process because there were errors in it. this is a catastrophe. >> and it's even worse because those 25 think they have coverage but they don't. and they don't even know they may not have it. >> i hold up my insurance card and say how many people, come january 1st, won't be able to do that anymore? that's one key statistic we need to be watching. more and more people have lost insurance than gotten insurance because of obama care.
6:27 pm
>> exactly. very quickly, jordan, what would you have happen to this law as you try to get to the supreme court? >> we're trying to protect the conscience rights, engrand rights in our constitution. we'll get an opinion likely in june. there are other challenges to the provisions of the law. the law clearly said you wouldn't get any of the subsidies, thus you wouldn't be penalized. does the letter of the law stand? d.c. federal judge who will at least hear the argument come february. legal challenges are coming ahead. you had dr. ben carson on, a good friend of ours. i would like to have ben carson write the medical plan, health care plan for america and from the poor to the rich i think we would all be much better off. >> jordan sekulow, dr. nina radcliff, thank you. >> thank you, judge. the one and only ben stin is here to tell us why republicans
6:28 pm
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beginning monday, house and senate are set to be back in session. they have five working days left before the end of the year to try to reach a budget deal. if no deal is reached, the government will shut down again. you remember the last time that happened, two weeks in october. defense measure also needs to get passed so the military will get paid next year. white house official is confirming president obama and the first lady will attend the national memorial service for former south african president nelson mandela ahead of the funeral that's planned next weekend. due on sunday december 15th, former george w. bush and bill clinton will travel to south
6:32 pm
africa to honor mandela. for now let get back to "justice with judge jeanine." scrap the whole thing, right? not according to my next guest. he says republicans need to fix obama care, not destroy it. with me, economist and author ben stein. all right, ben, why would republicans want tory to fibs fix this mess? >> i don't mean going in there, unscrewing a bunch of nuts and bolts and row wiring things. they ought to do what mr. nixon did long ago to say it's a moral imperative that all americans have access to health care. that said we're not going to take the existing health care system and smash it to pieces with a hammer. we're going to take a census of
6:33 pm
the americans who can't afford health care insurance and write them checks so they can buy a minimally adequate policy from prudential, aetna, blue cross or whoever else sells insurance. >> i love it, but we're writing checks from where? >> from the imaginary money that the federal reserve pays for the bonds that the united states issues, same as all the other hundreds of dollars of deficit. we're living in a play money world already. so we'll live in an obama play money world a little more. look, we had a good plan under mr. nixon. what would nixon do about this, what would he do about that? we're going to take a little percentage. we're not going to screw up their insurance policies of those who do have -- the small percentage who can't afford it, we'll give them checks and not have a huge government
6:34 pm
bureaucracy to handle it. go to your insurance agent, buy the policy. bang, that's it. write you a check. it's done. >> ben stein, thanks so much for being with us tonight. >> that's it? >> that's it, ben. >> that's it? >> unless you're going to write the check, that's it. it's good to see you. >> all right. nice to see you. a registered nurse now joins us, who happened to be married to a doctor and who is now in her second term as a congresswoman. all right, congresswoman, can obama care be fixed? >> no, it can't. it's fundamentally flawed. >> why? >> we've heard the promises. the promises were broken. it was never created on a fundamentally structured format. depending on one group paying for another group and trying to cover all pre-existing conditions. it's too difficult of a job. it should never have been put forward the way that it was. and had it been described the way that it is playing out, it never would have passed.
6:35 pm
>> had they been truthful about it, i'll be a little more blunt than you. it appears that 57% of young people between the ages of what is it, 26 -- >> 18, 26-year-olds. >> right. they're not interested in this at all. >> no, they're not. they're young, they're healthy and they're looking at taking their money and putting it toward other issues. they're healthy. they go to the doctor rarely. what we need to do for young people is have them on a plan that would cover them if something terrible happened but allow them to put money away pretax so that they would be able to plan for the future, not force them to buy something that they will never use. that's part of the reason it's so expensive. we're having to buy essential health care benefits. young men are having to buy maternity coverage. it's just outrageous. >> one thing i found fascinating, congresswoman, is that talking about the war on
6:36 pm
wom women, we should look no further than what the obama administration is doing to women. what do you mean by that? >> women in this country -- we women make the health care decisions. over 80% of the health care decisions made in this country are made by women. women in this country chose those health care policies that are now canceled. they chose those for their families because they were affordable, they were appropriate. that he gave them the health care coverage that they needed. the obama administration has come in and said, it wasn't adequate. it wasn't good enough. we know better for you and your family than you do. that's a real war on women. >> women generally are the ones who make these decisions. and as you say, the president coming in and saying, no, we want a different plan for you, why does this administration continue to lie about these issues? you know, i don't care whether you can keep your health care
6:37 pm
plan or oh, by the way, it's only a few -- now we know it's employer based. and not -- why? >> because they have an agenda. this is something that the president wants very much. this has been a long-term goal. >> to be fair, is it a good thing to include everyone in health care? there's nothing wrong with that. >> there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to make sure that every american could have affordable health care. >> how did we do it? >> needed reforms for so long. let me give you a good example. one thing that i support and helped to work on was the republican study plan which puts forward all the health care issues and coverage that we need but will keep it affordable. keep it patient centered so it's between the patient and the doctor, not the federal government or federal bureaucrat making those decisions for you. basically what we need to do are a series of things, making insurance competitive, be able to buy insurance across state line, be able to put money away.
6:38 pm
if you're an individual buying health care coverage, you should be able to do that when you receive a tax credit. >> why, congresswoman, why do you think that this administration fought so hard and lied? the president has paid a big price for this, more than 50% of the american people don't think the man is trustworthy. but given that, given that, why would they -- what was the incentive for them to get the federal government involved? >> i do believe that that has been the issue all along, that the federal government would take over health care. health care is about 7% of the economy. when you include health care insurance and all the other aspects, it increases by a large portion. this is about government control. this, again, gets back to the same issue of the federal government knowing better for you and your family than you know for yourself. >> okay. i get that. but not only are they knowing what's good for us, but now they know everything -- the nsa, you
6:39 pm
know. and now you've got the health care. they know who has this infection and that -- what's happening? >> far too much information. we need the federal government out of the way. we need the federal government -- >> are we too far gone? >> no, we are not. that's what you're seeing. you're seeing the american people stand up. 52% now say obama care should be repealed or replaced. i'm all for that. let's move forward with a real plan of action for health care reform. let's delay this whole thing. big business has a delay now. you know that small business has a delay. individuals -- >> we're not going to start on that. >> thank you. >> congresswoman renee ellmers, thank you so much for aving me. >> thank you. another american killed in benghazi. congressman peter king in search for answers. the president says obama care is fixed. can we believe him? facebook or tweet
6:40 pm
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another u.s. citizen has been killed in benghazi. 33-year-old ronnie smith from
6:44 pm
texas, a father and a husband. in libya, teaching chemistry. he was gunned down on the street. earlier, i spoke with new york congressman peter king about the death of this u.s. citizen this week and the latest on the investigation into that benghazi massacre last year. congressman, thanks for being with us. can you tell us what we've learned well over a year later into what happened that night? >> yeah. without going into details or what was given behind closed doors, the reality is that everything we learned about benghazi since september 11th, 2012, is that the administration did not tell the truth, intentionally -- i believe intentionally misled the american people from the start. this was never a demonstration involving a video. this was a coordinated terrorist attack led by al sharia, an al qaeda offshoot in the benghazi area of libya. there were very sophisticated
6:45 pm
tactical moves. unfortunately, this was first-rate mortar ability where al qaeda had been carrying out attacks over the summer and ambassador stevens went into that area with minimal security. the attack was carried out, continues to be carried out. no justification given why military assets were not closer by, why we didn't take precautions. >> let me ask you this, congressman. another congressman has indicated that this information is being gotten from cia contractors who were on the scene. so now there is no question that the story of the spontaneous demonstration, based on this video that nobody ever saw, was a complete falsehood. but now that we know this, where is the accountability? do we know who didn't allow the cia guys that we're now hearing from to go in and help the other guys, ty wood and glenn dougherty on the roof?
6:46 pm
>> cia had some people there. they had assistance provided but it wasn't enough. they had a long period of time wh reinforcements came in. the reinforcements, some are saying, are not in the area. why not? how can you allow such a valuable strategic asset to be in an area where there's no military readily available? secretary of state clinton had to know, president obama had to know and, quite frankly, general petraeus had to know yet he was going along with the story that this was a demonstration when they knew the level of the attack that was carried out. >> everyone involved got danger pay because it was a danger zone. kenya and tanzania. >> right. >> and so here we are again. the american people -- you have to wonder -- forget about the military and, you know, people not being sent in to help them
6:47 pm
under the guise of, oh, we thought it was over. what about the fact that we have seen this movie before? where is the accountability? what will happen now? >> well, there has to be accountability. that's the purpose of going ahead with tees hearings. more and more has to be made public going forward. we lost american lives. we had four americans killed that day, an attack that should not have happened. if it did happen, it should have been stopped. there should have been more reinforcements. >> we just had an american teacher killed not far from the consulate. what do we know about this? has al qaeda, has anyone taken credit for this? what does this say about the protection and security for americans in libya? >> there's not enough protection. put out a message in arabic, calling for the killings of americans in libya, but also the other day jay carney at the press conference said that the administration is asking the libyan government to look into
6:48 pm
this. first of all, the fbi should be involved and secondly, as there is no libyan government. why do we hope that the libyan government will find out what happened here? >> it took the fbi three weeks to get there when we supposedly had a great relationship with the libyan government. so maybe jay carney is saying that because he's saying we're not going to get there anyway so let's just say let's let that government, whatever it is, however many militias it's made of, handle it. congressman, thank you for being with us. >> jeanine, thank you. appreciate it. the surviving boston bomber, moaning about too strict prison conditions. wait till you hear what i have to say to him. and this is your last chance to vote in tonight's insta poll. president obama says health care is fixed. can we believe him? we'll read your comments after
6:49 pm
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dzhokhar tsarnaev, you remember him, the younger of the two boston bomber brothers, detonation of an ied at the boston marathon. now he wants a massachusetts district court to vacate his extraordinary and severe restrictions while he awaits trial. he alleges his first, fifth and sixth amendment constitutional rights have been violated because his telephone and mail privileges have been restricted. now i don't know about you, but my blood boils when i heard that
6:53 pm
one. dzhokhar, let me tell you, you should kiss the ground you walk on that afforded you these constitutional rights in the first place. in case you're wondering, because i know you spent most of your life here smoking dope and selling weed while on a u.s. scholarship. the reason for severe restrictions to telephone and mail privileges is because there's a substantial risk in that your communications or kaks could result in further injury or death to other innocent americans. why? because in the days following your capture, you affirmed to the fbi your commitment to jihad. now you complain that you're left in, quote, near total isolation, confined to your cell with limited access to the
6:54 pm
outdoors. you say that even the u.n. has documented that isolation is a form of torture. torture, really? you're being tortured? you're being tortured? and total isolation? dzhokhar, you want to know what total isolation is? when you can never be with someone you love because they are dead. murdered simply because they are american, the very people you despise, yet whose rights you cling to while you affirm your commitment to jihad. confined to your cell? you're indicted for killing four and injuring and maiming hundreds more. do you think they should let you out of jail so you could walk around? are you stupid, too? you're confined to a cell because you've been charged with the murders of innocent people. and, by the way, you want to know what real confinement is?
6:55 pm
real confinement is when you can't move from a wheelchair because you've lost your legs and your arms because some dirtbag, who shouldn't have been allowed here in the first place, decided you shouldn't have them anymore. that's confinement. and limited access to the outdoors? i'll tell you what limited access to the outdoors is. it's when you go outside and you can't see anything because you've been blinded by some pot-smoking, american-hating, money-sucking piece of trash. yeah, your constitutional rights. i have an idea. if the police had left you in that boat where you sprawled your hatred of americans instead of bringing you to one of the best hospitals of america for free health care, you wouldn't have to worry about your isolation, your confinement or seeing the outdoors. and now it's time for the results of tonight's insta-poll.
6:56 pm
we asked now that the president says obama care is fixed, can we believe him? about 99.9% of you said no way. mary writes, i believe in santa claus, not obama. ed says, and my mother is a virgin. shame on you, ed. carlos tweets, hell no. if he said the sky was blue i would go out and double-check it. sandy might have summed it up best. she tweets, you know how you can tell the president is lying? his lips move. it's really a shame. that's it for us tonight. thanks for being with us. remember to friend me on facebook and follow me on twitter @judgejeanine. join us next time, same time, same place, same me.
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this is a fox news report. i'm geraldo rivera reporting. playing duke tonight for a shot at the national championship with florida state leading 17-0 at half time. controversy continues to swirl around fsu's star quarterback, jameis winston. >> you become hungry for it. you don't become like lackadaisical and like, oh, you're almost there. it's definitely a mentality we created this year. it's easy, because we're hungry. it's not, oh, man, two games away. it's like, let's get it. >> we


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