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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  December 11, 2013 12:00am-1:01am PST

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everything on greta wire. just get on there and do what you do on greta wire. goodnight from washington. alberto. welcome to "red eye." >> tonight. coming up on "red eye." is this evil leb pro con army ready to invade the united states? our panel has tips on where to hide your gold this holiday season. plus, does the president struggle with which shows to dvr on sunday night? >> i believe this is the defining challenge of our time. >> and a man with a chin so strong he can crack eggs with it. we'll show you how this warrior makes his face a deadly weapon. none of these stories on "red eye" tonight. >> and now let's welcome our guest. i am here tonight with a first time guest. she is scotty nell hughes, and
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she is the news director and chief journalist for the tea party news network, exciting. all right. his cats gave him the night off, andy levy, angrier as always. there he is. if hilarity was a fish market he would be full of crabs. keith alerstad. and fresh from open mic night in morris town, new jersey writer and comedian paul mccu ri o. paul will be at the funny bone, how ironic, thursday through saturday and the improve in tampa on december 19th to the 22nd. please bring your whole extended family because i can tell you there will be more than enough room to accommodate them in his empty hall. >> a block. the lede. that's the first store. story. >> greg, all i want to do is a zoom, zoom, a zoom, zoom and a boom, shake your rump jie. is he cool? president obama got handsy
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with fidel castro during nelson mandela's service. it is the second handshake between the leaders in the last five decades. i won't do the math. the white house said it wasn't planned and obama greeted many heads of state at the memorial. but they would say that though, wouldn't they? say that though wouldn't they? meanwhile, if the meeting of the like minds wasn't enough to start impeachment proceedings our kenyan born socialist lady took a selfie with denmark's prime minister, hellie thorning schmitz and british prime minister david cameron. it raises the question, what happens when a cat smells paint? >> i am going to kill myself with this paint. >> reminds me of good times. paul, the stadium for mandela's memorial with his
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package your comedy show is empty should put things in perspective for you. was the hand shake a big deal? >> no, i don't think it was a big deal. we should focus on what they were saying to each other. everybody in your country hates you too? cool, cool. >> that's like an editorial cartoon. >> i didn't think i could hate you from minute one? i do. the whole spirit of the event is in celebration of mandela and sort of peace and getting along in all of this. i was president surprised by the handshake. i was waiting for cuddling and sharing a cigar. what did you want him to do, lean over and say it was you, raul and give him a cigar? that's swlaw to do in this situation. >> the happened shake worthy of impeachment or imprisonment? >> both, why not? i am more concerned about the whole selfie thing.
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the million dollar question is where is this picture? were they tweeting it? were they facebooking it? they were snap chatting with the dalai lama. we are here and you are no the, nani-nani boo boo. >> it is always to brag. this is us at mandela's memorial service. that is supposed to impress other people. which i guess it probably does. keith, what disturbed you more obama shaking castro's hand or castro's hand shaking obama? >> very, very insightful philosophical question. this is why i missed being on this show for so long? >> exactly. >> i don't think it was a big deal. the memorial was about nelson mandela and if morgan freeman taught us anything is if the u.s. and cuba could respect rugby and matt damon with a bad accent we could solve so many differences. >> that is true.
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sports movies do so much more than politics. what did you make the selfie? >> the selfie, i got a lot of respect now for michelle obama. the look on her face was like, you self-absorbed jackasses. i am going to pay attention to what is going on right now. of course it is her vows. her voice. >> i sound just like her. >> doing push ups she sounds pretty manly. >> terrible sexist joke there. >> i thought it was funny. as the female of the group, i thought it was funny. >> i like you a lot, but i hate the guy to my left. >> are selfies beneath world leaders or does it make them just like us? when i saw that i thought, isn't that adorable? >> first of all let's get this out of the way. it wasn't a selfie. in the dictionary it is a photo taken of one's self. if there is somebody in the
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picture besides you it is not a selfie. >> you could call it a frenzie and there are other words. this wasn't a funeral. there were people dancing outside. i don't think this is big deal to anyone besides michelle. i want to say to president obama if he is watching, i hope the couch in the oval office is a better place to put your legs up than the desk you desecrated. that is where you will be sleeping jie. can i jump in here for a second? isn't there a white house photographer for this? you are such an as. i can't believe somebody married you. how do people stay here this long? >> can i show the picture one more time? i thought this was interesting to me. that is the overbite that president obama does with the picture. that is a man pleased with how he looks. >> that is a clinton esque
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overby the -- overbite. >> michelle looks pissed. >> it is not like he has a website that is working that he can up load it to. >> here is my theory. we should -- even though liberals might not do this you have to call a truce on days like this about petty [bleep]. so what. wait two days and then come back and get angry. i know the left likes to get mad at little things. as a righty you should let things die. >> the bad thing is they booed president bush. >> that pisses me off. >> no president, no national dig dignitary has done more than south africa than p sh -- than president bush and they were booing. >> politics should rise above certain events. >> that is amazing you would say something so original.
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>> you want a kiss? >> no because i would get lost in your lips. it is taking a toll on the poll. santa has a message for children. christmas may be canceled thanks to global warming. the environmental warming group was able to get this statement from a heartsick st. nick. >> for some time now melting ice here the north pole has made our operations and our day-to-day life intolerable and impossible and there may be no alternative but to can sell -- cancel christmas. >> i would like to cancel you, you over raught actor. >> more? sounds like you have -- sounds
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like you are having trouble breathing there. >> nothing like a good spit to get me going. >> should every child see this video so they fully understand the dangers of global warming? >> yes. >> every child who sees this will be confused this. is the creepiest and most uncomfort able video since miley cyrus and robin thicke. he looked depressed like mrs. claus ran off with a giant jack in the box. it looked like santa saw "8". it is a very depressing video. i don't know what -- obviously i know what the message is, but it is very -- it is creepy. i see this and i get chills. >> do you get chills? >> yes. >> i didn't recognize that that is the actor who plays carson on ""downton abbey"."
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and carson is much cooler than mr. baits. i didn't recognize him at first. i thought this was the beginning of an action movie. he escapes and he shaves and then gets clean and then kicks the ass of the people who locked him up. >> the guy from "downton abbey," this is more important. he is doing something for the environment. he thinks he is giving this amazing acting roll, roll of a lifetime, and it is propaganda for the man. your child asked santa this year for a different father. that must have stunning. i wanted to keep your mind on the story. >> the truth love in that one. the jokes seem to resonate in the new studio. a lot of things happening in this video. first of all it showed a scientific breakthrough regarding global warming which is a side effect of global warming and it is unwatchable over acting.
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by the way, global warming has been accused of a lot of people -- you are not even listening. you are waiting for a punch line. >> we all are. >> this is a good one. let me get this out. >> the minute you say that -- >> do you want to take this one? >> does he thinks kids are really listening to the bbc actor? that's not the point. >> hole -- holy -- >> this happens every time i come on. i just need to get you to attack me on the air. >> they understand you deserve it. >> here is a really good point to make. a lot of people are calling global warming a myth. do you want to use santa and reindeer to back that up? that's like using the tooth fairy to use fluoride in our water. that just happened, america. >> greg, tomorrow, i promise you greenpeace will be what they need to put down on rudolph. his nose isn't hallogen.
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>> and she is not even a comedian and it is better than your stuff by a long shot. >> it is because i am a blonde. >> andy, is this a good ad? it is getting a lot of attention which makes it a good ad. >> in the sense it is getting attention is a good ad. the fact is the reason santa's workshop is at the north pole is they have no elf labor laws. >> they were speculating the reason they are milting is because -- melting is because santa is running a sweatshop. it says nothing about that. it makes you believe in something that as you know x greg, isn't real. if you go to greenpeace and save santa's home website, if you sign up there is a petition that 4.4 million people have signed. if you sign up you will be joining vivien westwood, jude law, paul mccart thee and madonna in helping to sanctuary around the north pole. >> sanctuary for what? >> for santa.
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>> that's stupid. all of those people are stupid. >> i have a question for you. you are an elf, how do you feel about it? >> you know what is funny, i was wondering when you would come up with the elf joke and it is not that good. they decided to kill the grill -- this is an amazing story, paul. pay attention. the game committee announced ticket holders who drive to the stadium are not going to be able to bust out the grills or the lounge chairs at the super bowl. don't worry. you can still have fun. >> you will be allowed to have food in your car and have drink in your car. >> sounds like the nights after every show. nawing on a free slice of pizza that was not free but he took it anyway. >> they took women for a good time. again, just met you. >> the only women that see the inside of his car are never seen from again.
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>> and i want to thank that woman for my child. >> rut ted bundy of comedy. you are the ted bundy of comedy. >> and you don't kill in the club. >> the committee announced there would be three ways to get to the game, a charter bus, new jersey transit or managing to get one of the fewer than 13,000 parking passes. that's right. no cars are allowed near the stadium without a pass meaning celebrities and vip's will not be able to have a black car or limo drop them off. they might have to take public trans pour taigs alongside losers like paul. i believe we have tape of key january -- of key january -- kianou reeves reacting to the news. >> all right. paul, imagine you are a celebrity. i know it is hard. taking public transportation to the super bowl. will it keep you from going? >> of course. a lot of people suffer from this including the
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prostitutes. you can't cruise for prostitutes on a bus. it is very difficult. >> you would know. you can't just let me have one. that's why your life is leaving you. according to kelly there is going to be no beer in the parking lot. you can't grill. there are no dropoffs and no walking. pretty much it is three hours and i can't even -- i can't even talk. look at all this stuff i wrote. my kid was off school today and i could have gone sleding with him or taken him to a strip club and instead i was prepping. why? >> that wasn't your kid. just because you happen to know his name and follow him home does not make him your kid. >> what a relief for him that you had something else to do. jay -- >> scotty, is the nfl now the no fun league? >> i do beated which word to -- i debated which word to use and this is the
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specification of the nfl. i thought this is neutering it is nfl. >> we like woosification. >> you do woos and i do sissy. there is more hair now allowed on the football field than there is a miss america pageant. you can't yell at the refs. you can't sit there and get in fights anymore. what is fun about it? you are dealing with petri dishes of restroom and paying $40 a beer, why not stay home with your 60-inch screen and have fun at home. >> what's up greg? >> nothing, just checking in. i will be back. no tailgating. it is an american pastime. the season is built around this pastime of tailgating. you get to the biggest game of the yewer and you can't do it? the super bowl is taken cover by the reverend from "foot
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loose"? every way you can get to the game is slow and lumbering. it is appropriate it is being played at the home of the jets. it is like their offense took over in the super bowl transportation system. >> a little joke metaphor there. >> it is going to be freezing cold. so to take away the fire pits and the grills from people who are wanting to go in is a travis stey. >> it is an interesting development. i have a feeling these decisions are not going to keep. it is impossible. how are they not going to be able to get to the game if they can only get it by bus or where else, trains? >> as far as that goes, who will get these 13,000 parking passes? we live in a world with limos and limos need to be ridden by celebrities. the worst part is some of the celebrities has to share the limos. the entire poimt is to get
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your own limo. otherwise why bother being famous. you don't want leo dicaprio and alec baldwin in the same limo. that is demeaning and degrading. >> unless they were passing around kirsty alley. >> now you are talking a bus. >> i don't even know where that came from and i apologize preemptively for it. they are all magical people. i don't know. i think at some point they are going to have to change a lot of this stuff. what if the weather causes a shutdown in the public transit. >> they made a big deal and this would be the public transportation super bowl. >> that is an exciting logo. >> when both of the teams that play in the stadium suck, you have to focus on something else. why not the public transportation? >> paul, what were you going to say? >> it is $50 to drive out there. >> that's a good point. it is $50. >> i read the story and you didn't. >> i thought it was $51.
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>> for the amount of money you -- >> we are accurate journalists here. >> thanks for succeeding the life out of me -- thanks for sucking the life out of me. >> that's what women do. >> i am kidding. at this rate you should be able to grill for the amount of money you are spending. raj you are go -- roger goodell should actually chew your food for you and feed you like a bird. >> we will end on that note. oh mccurio, the title of his new sitcom. it will be a web series of some kind. are scientists close to making an inadvisability cloak? everybody is wearing them at my shows. she lost her job over nude photos. another sex act for the woman born with a blury face. >> that's my mom.
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a chinese man committed suicide by jumping from the seventh floor of a mall because his girlfriend wouldn't stop shopping. after five hours of being there the 38-year-old decided he couldn't take it anymore. an eyewitness tells the daily mail, quote, he told hershey already had enough -- her she had enough shoes. more shoes than she can wear in a lifetime and it was pointless buying anymore. she started shouting at him and said she was a skin flint dash dash -- dash that is a cheap person -- and spoiling christmas. it was a heated argument. a heated argument that ended when he jumped over the balcony and smashing over christmas decorations before being killed by impact on the
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floor. he was cleaned up quickly and shopping resumed at the mall. obviously it is horrible this man died. let's look at the bigger picture here. nobody should be expected to go shopping at a mall for five hours. i have been this man. >> i'm sorry. this is why adam should never have listened to e. this came along with it that you have to accompany us. you are in the dog house enough. michelle obama says barak, you have to go shoe shopping with me to get out of your earlier thing. they keep this up and they will have to have a buy one get one free. >> everybody has felt this way, keith. i have been at malls where i just go like, i could just walk out into the traffic and it would be the freest, greatest feeling of my life. i would be so happy just to watch -- as i am shopping go i don't want it anymore, and just get sun over by a semi. >> can i take you shopping right now for six hours? >> i think malls should have traffic lanes like the
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roadways. you should have a right lane for those people who want to go slow and take their time and left lane for men. don't over look the fact that this happened in china. five hours of shoe shopping in a chinese mall. maybe she just wanted to buy back all of the stuff her nieces made. >> stayed away from the sentence. >> stayed within the parameters of what we were told. >> don't make bad jokes about dead people. >> my turn. >> try not to say anything racist. i imagine this guy must have felt the way your audience at your shows do. >> first of all i'm surprised you didn't do it after five hours. some people leave us and we don't know why. at least he gave us closure. >> that's true. you are absolutely right. he knew at that moment that it was so bad the only thing out
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was that. >> there are some who don't know how to argue. >> i am going to kill myself. do it. okay. and as he goes down it is leak, man, maybe this is a bad decision. >> i should have just said i'm sorry. or he could have thought this is like -- it is not going to get any better. >> raising his hand. >> maybe he thought he would be caught by the gigantic perfume cloud from abercrombie wafting by. >> he did land in the perfume area. to you have anything to add? >> look, this is not a funny subject. there is nothing good about being forced to shop with old men for five hours. >> it is not her fault. >> not her fault. >> a couple things, one, he could have said i'm going home. maybe a little less extreme way of making the same point. but i like that a shopping
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spokesman says, quote, his body was removed fairly quickly. this is a spokesperson for the mall. god bless you, china. you have your priorities all set. >> i am more worried about this lovely woman. how will she go after another guy for a date? who will want to date this one? she is going to need some serious counseling. >> this is -- my message, a friend said that ikea should be renamed divorce. if you go to ikea you see fights like you wouldn't believe. and it is over little stuff like should we be hanging these tiny little lights indoors or outdoors? i saw them in a movie indoors for an indoor party. but they are outdoor lights. yeah, but they are made of paper so they could be indoor. no but i want them outdoor. i want an outdoor jamaican wedding-type scene with the lights all over the blah, blah, blah. paper lights and lava thing over there. the guy says screw you. i'm out of here. it is horrible. women and men have two different ways of shopping.
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women are the -- what are they called? they like to take their time. men are hunters. it just doesn't work together. if you want to keep a marriage together, do not shop. >> although i will say, look and you know this of the we have done this together. >> have you gone shopping together? >> we can go antiquing on a saturday in connecticut. >> antiquing? >> the difference here is that we have no intention of purchasing anything. it is always a pleasant surprise when we do. >> it is. >> it is more about meeting people too. >> and enjoying the craftmanship of the old wooden stuff. >> you know what is great about that? st's the surprises -- it is the surprises. we will be in a quaint little town and the next thing you know we will be using nitrate in the bathroom. >> at a bed and breakfast. >> dancing up a storm with six people we don't even know. >> in a bathroom?
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>> in a bathroom. and then the next day covered in blood. >> they were playing get lucky. no you are not going to take it. >> another funny thing, sometimes i think i am the only antique there. all right, coming up, the c block. tonight's c block is sponsored by bubbles. look at them perfectly round. you can see right through them. thanks, bubbles. >> you're welcome, greg. >> what's new with ben affleck? i don't know. i will ask him on our ski trip next weekend. he's driving.
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they can't help but disagree with the gop. and in a new interview she banned her from the presidential inauguration last january because they are republican. wow, look at that. anyway, they were like, we can come and i was like, no you can't. i love you so much, but i'm principal. they understood and they were like, how dare you in a way? i hope i captured the way she talked. anyway, ben affleck talks to playboy which still exists and we congratulate playboy on that. when i watch a guy i know who is a big republican part of me thinks i probably wouldn't like this person if i met him or we would have different opinions. there is debate on what he meant by big?
12:34 am
jenna tale yaw? can we blame them? don't we think like this sometimes? >> why are we taking critical advice from a woman who shoots firecrackers out of her miracle bra and a guy who destroyed one super hero and about to destroy batman. they need to go back to reading their scripts and lip-syncing their songs and they do what they do and you do what they do and stick to your roles. >> i like it when they give me their opinions because then i can talk about them. also i want to be able to listen to opinions from everyone. i think it is good. who do you think gets more hate mail now, you for your stand up routine or affleck for being cast as batman? it is a tough call. it really is. >> i am shocked you worked me into the question. >> it is not a tough call. nobody has seen the stand up routine. >> i can't handle two of you. >> that's not what you said last night. >> don't come antiquing with us.
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>> i hid it in the trunk. >> is there a question? >> the question is -- here is what i think. if i care about what katy perry thinks about politics i will shoot myself. secondly, she is backing a guy in obama who said, quote, we are all one united states. we are not going to let politics divide us, and yet she can't reach across dinner table to let her parents who are republican come. this is the least she could do for her parents who sat through three thanksgivings with russell brand. >> and now john mayer. who paid for her singing lessons? the parents she now hates and that she treats so poorly, keith. is this the worse thing when people pick teams and let their teams govern everything they do? it is not even government. she is a steelers' fan, but her parents are oilers fans
12:36 am
and they can't be seen together. >> was there a question in there? >> there was no question. i would like to point out my new friend scotty here referred to ben affleck's character as the batman the eighth. i found marvel is working like royalty now. batman the eighth. what was i going to say? both of her parents are pastors and she said i have a deep connection with god and i pray for self-control and humility. there is a lot of gratitude. just saying thank you is better than asking for things which leads me to ask is she really a democrat? >> that is very deep. >> and mind blowing. >> do you think this affects box office numbers? >> i don't think too much. i don't, about anything. katy perry is an idiot.
12:37 am
anybody who is married to russell brand -- john mayer is not an idiot. ben affleck is not an i idiot. nothing stopped ben affleck from getting a nice paycheck for "armageddon" who starred bruce willis who is not a democrat. i am fairly certain he is a republican. put your money where your mouth is. if that's how you feel, then don't work with republicans. don't take large paychecks working with them. >> that's an interesting point. i am glad i stuck around to listen to it. >> too bad america didn't. a teacher at a private christian school in cinncinati, they have them there. >> resigned after nude photos of her surfaced on the internet. i like how things surface now on the internet. her breasts look like black boxes. the teacher whose name was not released was on leave after the school received tips about the explicitpics.
12:38 am
they were posted on a revenge porn site where users can up load naked photos of exes without their consent. you were a lawyer turned comedian which is a brilliant career move. i bet your wife is thrilled about that. i will turn down this yearly paycheck of six figures so i can hang out at a dirty bar and hit on waitresses. can the mom sue the school? >> how bad of a lawyer do you have to be to say i would rather be a comedian? >> i was the funniest lawyer at my law firm. it is like being the sexiest i.t. guy. i don't even know what the question was. >> should she sue? >> of course she should sue. if she didn't put the pictures out -- if i take pictures of myself and they are naked and somebody grabs them they shouldn't be putting them out there. the huh poke craw see is this is a christian school, a christ-based school. hello?
12:39 am
the last person who was punished for doing something for not committing a crime. oh yeah, jesus christ. who is running the school, upon shoes -- pontious pilot? >> my mother was strict. she didn't let me listen to rock and ooll. she grounded me when she saw my underwear in college. >> did she not want you to wear them? >> they had to be white. black were too sexy. they want teachers -- i have teachers who don't have facebook pages. they want to be the examples in the classroom and outside the classroom. look at these pictures. they were not meant to be sexy. it was hey i just lost weight and how does my tan look? if she wants to be sexy -- she is showing off for herself.
12:40 am
remember the mommy mofia? we try to spice up our sex life sending our husbands things like that. >> my son has a teacher who is a cool teacher and he was in a rock band for a lot of years and maybe there are pictures of him, i don't know. but the point is these people have regular lives. it is not unusual for people to take selfies of themselves. if they are taken of her without her permission and put up on a web for whrafer -- for whatever reason and motivation that's inappropriate. >> i have to say i agree. >> except she was put on administrative leave and then she chose to resign. assuming we know the whole story. the story is she chose to resign and the school actually seems like they handled this well. they put out a statement saying they are thankful for her ministry while she was at the school and they respect her right to privacy and respect others will do so as well. it is not like they went out there and said you're fired. we can't have you teach these kids anymore. it looks like she chose to do it. the bad person here is the
12:41 am
person who stole the pictures and put them up. >> that's my question to keith. at this point, every woman over 30 will have a nude photo and an ex-boyfriend who is going to leak it. why don't we have a sex forgiveness clause or you know how we have prison reform where we get people out of jail who shouldn't be in there, shouldn't there be the same thing with sex and selfies? >> you hire somebody under 30 years old, you should expect this might be an issue later on. this happened in cinncinati. it is known for three things, the reds bull pen, skyline chili and revenge porn. all three of which will come back to haunt you. >> you actually have teachers now you would want to see
12:42 am
naked. in my day they didn't exist. >> that's a good p oi nt. >> that's how you know you are getting older. >> there were 90-year-old bodies with the face of greg gutfeld. i got that one in. >> i was busy. we have to take a break. don't even think of leaving me now. you know what? i think tonight is the deadline forgetting the free cozie if you order my book, "not cool." it is coming out in march, but you can pre order it now. this book is the greatest book ever written, ever. ever. ever.
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should they scold because he was bold? a 6-year-old boy from colorado was suspended from skoal for kissing a -- from school for kissing a girl on the cheek. look at that dog. administrators are accusing hunter of sexual harassment. he kissed the girl before and
12:46 am
they want it on his record. hunter's mother said the girl did not object to the smooch. i bet she thinks this is taking it to an extreme. >> this is taking it to an extreme that doesn't need to be met with a 6-year-old. now my son is asking questions. what is sex, mommy? it should not ever be said sex in a sentence with a 6-year-old. how with you do this? how can you say this about my child? remove sexual harassment. remove it from his record. >> you know, she has a point here. once you uh tap that word to a 6-year-old it is called something else. can't it be kootie transmission. >> i have a 6-year-old and he knows what the word sex is unfortunately. he doesn't know what it means. he listens to "what does a fox say" because i can only take so much kids bob in my car.
12:47 am
>> you have a mini-van? they know the word. i'm sorry. i can't protect them from it, but this is wrong. you are looking at the kid playing with a puppy. and by the way, great pr move. put him with a puppy. how do you hate a puppy? it is very bad and setting a bad precedence. if this is true then every freshman should be in -- french man should be in sensitivity training. at least he was not twerkg. >> am i up? >> did you zone out? >> she has a hypnotic -- >> you were sleeping on the show. >> i have cleavage in a red dress, i know. >> listen, this is important. he is 6. >> is that after five? >> this is a little abrupt.
12:48 am
the future mayor of san diego needs a little more leniency. that was worth it. that watts worth the wait. >> andy? >> i figured men need to learn they can't go around kissing women without permission. he is a 6-year-old man, greg. he should know better. shame on him for perpetuating the cultural thoation that if a man wants to kiss a woman he can kiss a woman. >> are you a lawyer turned comedian. >> should the mom sue the school? >> the truth is always funny. >> first of all the kid is taller than you. secondly, look, the kid should get a time-out. this is going way over board. we are teaching the kid that affection is wrong. i am i am not trying to be funny. if he touched her inappropriately you sit him down and say there is a time and place for this.
12:49 am
it is called congress. >> apparently other students saw him do it and turned him in. they should be turned in for being narks. that's the lesson we should teach the kids. >> we solved no problems. we have to take a break. coming up, the story of the evening. tila tequilla, you remember her? a nazi.
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e block. last story. that's the last story. >> she caused a furor for loving the furor. it is time for another installment of -- >> finally somebody said what we were all thinking but we were too afraid to because we thought we would get in truth but that is the truth which is the world we live in which is sad because we think the same things but we don't say them. >> on monday former mtv reality show tila tequilla posted a photo on facebook of herself dressed in what looks like a nazi stripper in front of auschwitz. in another post she described hitler as a, quote, special and sweet kid, end quote who was turned down by art schools
12:54 am
and later bullied. the freak face is recording new music including this pro nazi masterpiece called it's going down. >> ♪ oh no you don't want to date me ♪ ♪ they call me a nazi ♪ i'm just good at yahtzee." >> you can rhyme those so i give her that. qm disgusted by that. >> and i think crack works. it is like the show tonight. we are all trying to get the louder and the more obnoxious and that's what a reality show. it bursts people trying to get get -- trying to outdo each other. she tries to put the spotlight on me. so i don't go out of the hole i crawled out of. >> paul, you must be thrilled because somebody in america is more hated than you.
12:55 am
wouldn't you rather be obscure than come out as an arian jew hating -- well she is not arian. >> she had her reality show. it is like a drug. you have to go back for more. you do whatever it takes. look, i know she is out of -- she is more out of fashion -- her career is more out of fashion than naziism. and she is giving anti-semitism a bad name. >> i don't know what that means so we will move on. >> call her up and say don't help me. you are hurting me. >> that's funny. keith, she refers to herself as hitila. >> that sounds dirty. >> it is a combination of tila and hitler. that may be creative, i guess. i don't know. how do you feel about her? >> the song lyrics we saw, horrific. i would like to point out, "now they call me a nazi. no i'm just good at yahtzee."
12:56 am
let's be clear. nobody is good at yahtzee. there is no skill involved. she is clearly off her rocker. >> i am glad you pointed it out. america needed to know that. i expect you to come out against this. >> this is the pirs time i found her uh -- this is the first time i found her attractive. >> this is a tough one. >> she has the crazy stuff about hitley and the jews. and then she talks about the reptilian agent of the lum nie adi. it is tough to figure her out. >> we have 30 seconds. this is what we are talking about with institutional liesing people. this is a woman that is sick. you know what, you can't section her. >> i don't believe she is sick. i believe she thinks this will work. that is more frightening. it is a commentary about our society. i really believe that. >> i think she is absolutely nuts and she should be put
12:57 am
away. >> i believe it exists and i thank ms. tequilla for fighting them. >> i think she is one of them. >> andy levy, paul mccurio, that does it for me. i shall see you next time. bye, bye.
12:58 am
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city and this is "the fyffe." this is "the five." in the news today, obama care from the mind of larry the cable guy. but first, president obama took heat from right wingers like me for doing things with world leaders that we find questionable. and now this morning at the nelson mandela memorial service our commander and chief decided to shake hands with raul


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