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tv   FOX News Sunday With Chris Wallace  FOX News  December 15, 2013 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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another school shooting. san difficult hook marks one year since a gunman killed 26. >> the students that entered the high school said he was armed with a shut gun and he made no effort to hide. >> a student opens fire at suburban den very high school and on or side of the country newtown marks a sad anniversary. >> it is just another day without my older sister. >> we will talk with carly whose sister gave her life while shielding her first graders. >> with so little action after the national outrage, we will
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sit down with key figures on both sides of the debate. mark kelly, husband of congresswoman gabrielle giffords and the head of "gun owners of america." >> the house of representatives pass add bipartisan budget deal as lawmakers on capitol hill try to avote another government shut down. >> in divided government you do not get energy you want the. >> passage is likely the plan deepens the divide inside the g.o.p. with speaker boehner slamming outside conservative groups. >> they are pushing our members in places where they don't want to be and i think they have lost ought credibility. >> we will talk with one of the architects, paul ryan, house of representatives budget committee chair. >> hour power player of the week on life after being the "it" gill of the 19 80's. >> i don't think just being a star or being famous is very
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fulfilling. all right now on "fox news sunday." >> hello again from fox news in washington. no matter how maybe times we see the images it is agonizing: kids streaming out of school with arms raised. this time, in colorado, a student opened fire in the high school and critically injured a 17-year-old girl before turning the gun on himself. it came as newtown, connecticut, mashes one year since the horrific shooting that took 26 lives of the one victim that day, a first grade teacher killed trying to protect her students from the shooter. the photo of her sister learning what happened has become our image of the day. we will discuss where the gun debate stands with two people on opposite sides of the issue. but, first, my interview with her kid sister, carlee soto.
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>> how are you doing a year later? >> taking it day-by-day. we have our bad days. we have our good days. it has been a roller coaster every year but most importantly we trying to take it day-by-day and deal with our feelings. >> you have your good days, what is a good day? >> we had a new little baby born in our family so that was a go day. it is also sad because vikki never get to madeleine victoria. >> named after her? >> naked after vikki. >> the picture of you from that day on your cell phone when you first got the news has become in a sense our image of the heart break of that day. as we mark the first anniversary how do you feel about that, the fact you have to dredge this up with guys like me asking you questions.
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>> i can remember everything from that day, everything that somebody said every smell every person, it is so vivid. >> the fact that it is being brought up again is that hard very hard and i am trying to keep myself busy and think of our one-year anniversary as just another day because every day without vikki is hard. a year later, it is just another day to me, just another day without my older sister by my side. >> vikki has been honored for her couple, the fact she literally put herself in front of the rifle to protect her first grade students. a school nearby has been renamed for her, and she has received one of the country's highest awards and i have to think as her kid sister in a way what doesn't matter, you just miss her. >> i would give back everything just to have my old are sister back. it is amazing that our country has recognized my sister and the other five as heroes because i
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know that my sister would have done anything to save more of her kids but because of my sister 11 of her kids can have a future, and they are able to grow up andly their life. i was of course national outrage after newtown and calls for gun controls and a universal background check. you were in the senate gallery the day the senate voted that down. how do you explain the fact a year later nothing has happened. >> it was extremely hard to watch these members of congress come in and vote "no" on something so sensible as a background check and it only takes 90 seconds, it is not preventing anyone that should not have a gun it was hard for that to happen and to see it happen but like president obama told my and vice president biden, no one ever thought slavery would be abolish or that women would have rights and i
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believe we will have we sensible gun laws in the future. >> you recently joined the group mayors against illegal guns and i know you have again out around the country to argue for more gun control, i have to think that is stuff because -- tough because i would think part of you would like to get away from this. >> it is hard. there are days where why want to do this, i don't want do speak on camera, i don't want to talk in front of a group of people but my sister can't do that. there are so many people that can't be advocates for this and i k. >> as we mark this first anniversary and think back back to the horrible events of that day, what would you like us to remember about your sister, how she lived and how she died? >> my sister was an amazing person all around.
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she already teaching and that is all she wanted to do since the age of three, she warned to be a teacher like her godmom. she did everything to save those kids and i know she with not have done anything differently but it is sad i can never have a conversation with my sister but, at the same time, i am so thankful she was able to save so many of her kids that were in her classroom that day. it is hard but i am so, so proud to be victoria soto's little sister. >> i want you to know we are all, all of thoughts and prayers go out to you and to your family especially on this holiday season and we are as proud of you as you are. >> thank you very much. we want do bring in mark kelly, husband and former congresswoman gabrielle giffords what was critically injured in a mass shooting in tucson almost three
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years ago. this we have start add group, americans for responsible solutions to push for more gun control. captain kelly, i have to say you haven't had much success this past year, congress has passed no major new gun legislation. let's take a look at what the report is in the states. they have passed 109 new gun laws but two thirds of them loosen restricts and do not tighten them. how do you explain it? >> we have not had much success there in washington, dc but we have had success around the country. you point out, that it is two-thirds where it loosens some gun laws but places like colorado and delaware they have passed expanded become ground checks and this will have a positive effect overtime and we have had the recent races in virginia where this issue was
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discussed around the state but during the debates and we saw some success as well. >> captain, is it focusing on the meantal health side, and more effective reporting if those that have mental health problems with the become ground federal. >> this is a complicated issue. there is not one reason why we have such a horrendous rate of death from gun violence. it needs to be approached in a budge of different ways but i strongly believe the first thing we should do is require a back background check before somebody can by a gun to prevent people who are dangerously mentally ill or criminals. the mental health aspect of this is significant, as well. >> you are also focusing more now on politics lying to change the map as you put it. you and your wife, the former
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congresswoman have set up a pac to lobby the issue, a super pac, and, also, a pac to contribute money to candidates. so the question is, do you really think that you can beat the gun lobby in the first six months of this year which outspend you 10-1. >> why flow if it is 10-1. in the race of virginia we spent the same amount of money as the n.r.a. and saw the results there. but we don't have to compete, i think, 1-1 with any organization. all we need to do is bring balance to the equation because for so long there was just the gun lobby communicating with constituents and the members of congress and now this is not the case. with a little balance we get members of congress to think differently about their next election and then we will see some real change.
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>> you talk about having some success in passing laws in colorado but that is only part of the story because what happened is after the tougher gun legislation was passed there was a recall election and two top state senate democrats that were recalled and forced out of office. >> john morris, before he took this issue on, he said, this could cost the seat in the state senate and angela had a top district, as well. so, they knew going in this could affect their outcome and i truly believe a recall should not be used for someone who is doing their job. that is a mistake. it did happen. the reality is that the law is still the law of the land and overtime that back ground check law is going to have a positive effect in the state of colorado. >> captain kelly you are running a tv ad right now that shows scenes of grieving after newtown over the melody of "silent
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night." lit -- let's play it. captain, when you lock back over the last year, the national outrage initially over newtown and then the lack of action especially at the congressional levels, honestly, do you get discourageed? >> yes, we get discouraged. what happened in april when the bill was not passed, a bill that was supported by 92 percent of americans even 74 percent of n.r.a. members support expanded background checks but we know it is a tough fight and politics is a difficult business and we are in this for the long haul and i am confident over time we will be successful. >> captain kelly, thank you for coming in today and joining us. >> now, the other side of the gun debate, larry pratt is
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executive director of gun owners of america. mr. pratt, do you see the failure to pass any new major gun legislation on the congressional legal and not much on the state level, do you see that as a victory for gun right rights? >> we are not really going to be able to talk about a victory until we get rid of the laws that prohibit people fromming guns to protect themselves in schools and other places. every one of our mass murders in our country has occurred in places where guns were prohibit ed. >> what you are saying is, it is not a victory because if you stopped more gun legislation, you want do see the legislation that is out there will woulded back? >> that is correct. the legislation is on the books and it is lethal. it is killing people. all of the gun-free zones are murder magnets and we have simi
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get to get rid of them. it is an allusion to think that somehower going to be safer because we country have a gun in a particular area. that guy will have a gun. >> how do you explain the fact that we had this huge national outrage after newtown and then according to the polls, 90 percent of americans including a lot gun owners supported the of expanded background checks but nothing happened. >> i don't dispute that. i don't think 90 percent of americans agree on anything from what we were finding the notion that gun owners were part of that 90 percent didn't jibe with what we found with our members and the fact is, i don't think the congress did, either, because they were not hearing what from their constituents. >> we will talk ability the problem because when you see the
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continues acts of violence, whether it was the shooting just on friday in the colorado high school, whether it was shootings in work politicians or in other public places, shopping malls, how do we stop it? i want to put what president obama said when he addressed the issue in the weekend address. >> we have to do more to keep dangerous people from getting their hand oz a gun so easily and do more to heal troubled minds. >> mr. pratt, how do you answer that? >> the president is looking at it from the wrong end of the telescope. the president is not how to keep bad guys from getting guns, they will get guns. the problem is, when are we going to stop the good guys from having guns to be able to protect themselves so when a dirt bag goes into a mall or school someone can protect themselves and others by having their own gun.
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>> sir, take the case of the background check you would agree, would you not, that people that have a criminal record and with a history of mental ill news should not have guns, correct? >> the idea is not to be able to keep bad guys from getting guns because they will get the guns. the background check is futile, something like 42 last year of record were prosecuted for trying to by a gun with a criminal record out of 11 million. it is not a crime-fighting tool. to rely on the background check is not going to be effective. we have to be able to protect ourselves, not rely on something like the background check. >> since it first came in hundreds of thousands have been denied guns because they failed the check the i understand your point some are still going to be able to get the guns but particularly a fellow who is not a hardened criminal and just has a real mental problem, wouldn't that be the difference between getting his hands on a gun or
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not? >> if we are serious about people would have some kind of problem, mental or criminal, they ought to be in jail. we ought to put them in jail not just think that somehow saying you cannot get a gun but we are not going to better with you, that is silly. that is, really, not a very good idea. >> we have a minute left, you heard mark kelly and we heard mayor bloomberg saying they are going to spend $25 million in the next election cycle trying to elect people who are supporters of more gun control. do you think this will be a big issue in the 2014 election? >> i'm not sure that the amount of money that a billionaire bloomberg has is beginning to be effective. he outspent the candidates that won in colorado enormously and he last. i think the message is we don't like the arrogance power, we
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don't like the message we ought to be disarmed as a wave fighting crime. mayor bloomberg's message is wrong and he will continue to lose. >> thanks for giving us your side on this debate. now to mourning in south africa who said good said goodbye to nn mandela now laid to rest. several thousand guests attended the funeral of the man who reconciled his country after the end of apartheid. next, a compromise in congress over the budget, and the author of the plan paul ryan answered conservative critics.
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earlier i talked to the house counter part, paul ryan. >> your budget deal has opened a bigger split inside the republican party between the house republican leader whose supported the compromise and outside tea party group whose opposed it, some before it was even announced. here was house speaker boehner
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this week. >> the day before the government did this, a group said we never thought it would work. are you kidding me? >> are you getting fed up with the outside group whose talk tough? >> i think he just got his irish up. the groups i think are valuable. they are part of our conservative family. i prefer to keep the conversations within our family. he was frustrated because they came out against the agreement before we reach an agreement. i was frustrated too. i see the tea party as valuable in keeping the taxpayer in the game and keep washington accountable and when we lost our majority in 2006 we deserved to lose it then and they helped us get our ship righted. what we doing today is we have two-thirds of the house of representatives conservatives voting for this. >> you are taking heat from
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outside groups and from some fellow republicans in congress including some potential rivals for the 2016 presidential nomination. it is paid for over 10 years. >> i would love to talk to murk oh rubio about it. he is a friend i disagree with him. we are making permanent spending cuts and the savings accrue and accumulate and compound overtime but we are doing $85 billion in savings from the spending that is permanent but we paying if $63 million in relief with half going to defense and we are maintaining 92 percent of the sequester in this tell and, we are preventing two government shut downs from possibly occurring. >> we will look at the deal. i put up some numbers. you have increased spending by
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$62 billion over the next two years. >> can i get you there for a second? >> let me finish. >> i will probably make several mistakes. you reduce gives by $85 billion over the next 10 years for a deficit russ of $23 billion. the biggest compliment you are trading definite spending increases right now in return for the promise of deficit reduction as a critic put it during hillary clinton's second term. >> we will hope that never happens. here is my issue: we are not busting sequester caps. in the next twoees, 70 percent of the sequester is intact. >> 92 percent of the sequester over the life is in tact. 92 percent over term 69 dial. point two, as i mentioned before, changing entitlements and what we call mandatory
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spending those are permanent law changes we are asking the federal workers to contribute more to the pensions so the hard working taxpayers who pay do not have to pay so much, and that is a prime minister law change, not something that is a promise that could happen later, that is happening now, the savingsings accumulate and in order to stop the savings if we have a hillary clinton second term, a new congress would have to change a new law to prevent that from happening because we doing prime minister law. that is the point. look at the details i say to those who criticize. no tax increases. net deficit reduction. permanent spending cuts if police of the across-the-board approach. >> the criticism is, and you have heard it, you bust the sequester cuts, let it leak. >> you spend $60 billion more than you would have under the sequester. >> that is right. >> sequester has imposed real budget discipline and the critics say you are going back to the days of spending more and
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tassing more because there is new revenue. >> no taxes in this. there user fees which say, have the user pay for the government services they use rather than the taxpayers who does not use. you get on a plane, why don't they pay for their security rather than who never gets on a plane paying. that is what we saying. look, this is divided government, chris. the budget we passed in the house of representatives in march is what we want and what we going for. that also withs the budget, it pays off the debt, it is our vision, our goal. that is what we want to do. this doesn't substitute this is a small step in direction. i'm not trying to oversell this as an enormous budget accomplishment. i is not. but it is important that it prevents government shut downs, it is important it rejects tax increases. it is important we set a precedent. they said one dollar mandatory for one dollar discretionary. we go beyond that.
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>> you say rightly so and it is a big accomplishment you remove the threat of government shut downs for almost the next two years. on the other hand, we have a debt limit crisis which will come up in the next couple of months february or march. should republicans risk a default crisis, by demanding more progress on spending and the deficit or do you just contain and say, look, we are going to kick this can down the road and focus on obamacare to. >> one step at a time. senator murray and i knew we would not solve every problem so we sought to find common ground to solve this problem. this problem being a shutdown possibly in january and another in october. we got our principles established here. >> the question; are you going to demand more in return for raising the debt limit? >> we, the caucus, along on our senate counterparts will meet
3:29 pm
and discuss with we want out of the debt limit. we don't want nothing, we will decide what it is we can accomplish out of the debt limit by one of the problems or concerns i have, we department know when it will hit. the treasury secretary, jack lieu, -- jack lew has ultimate discretion. the timing is in doubt. we will meet in our retreats after the holidays and discuss what well try and get. >> in the bill that house of representatives passed, the republicans extend the so-called doc fix avoiding a major cut in reimbursements to doctor whose treat medicare parents and extend that for three months. on the other hand you do nothing to extend unemployment benefits for the 1.3 million americans who will lose it right after christmas and democrats say that shows just exactly what is wrong with republican priorities. you care more about doctors than the unemployed. >> this was brought to this package with paid for's manying
3:30 pm
spending cuts do pay. at the 11th our they offered nothing to pay for it which would blow a hole in the deficit. point two, a 13th extension of the "emergency "unemployment extension from the 2008 crisis, we have a lot of evidence showing it will prolong you are limit. our focus is getting people become to, with. we want jobs. we want policies that help create jobs so we do not have people going on unemployment. we think this provides certainty and stops government shut downs. our focus is on job creation not a 13th extension of an emergency benefit started in 2008. >> you and patty murray sat down and arrived at the deal, a first step but obviously, no grand bargain. you come away in 30 seconds thinking a grand bargain is possible or that the difference is on pick principles, entitlement cuts, tax revenue
3:31 pm
increases just too big. >> i don't think with this president or this senate we are going to some something like that. that is why we need to win a couple of elections. this helps us better do that. it is go for the country and allows us to focus on obamacare oversight. we have to win the senate and the white house to truly fix this country's fiscal problems because i don't think this white house and this senate are willing and able to do it. >> congressman ryan, thank now coming in today and merry christmas to you. >> our sunday panel comes around next to discuss the pros and cons of the not so grand bargain on the budget and continuing problems with obamacare.
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house of representatives and utah senator we showing the divide inside the g.o.p. over the budget deal that passed the house of representatives this week. it is time for our sunday group, brit hume and julie pace who covers the white house for the associated press, and bill kristol of the weekly standard, and bob woodward. >> speaker boehner seemed to go out of his way this week to hammer out the conservative groups from the outside opposed the budget deal. he says that those groups are using his republican members to build their organizations and raise money. what is going on here? >> there is a war in the republican party. there is a certain set of outside groups which have opposed so many things that the republicans have tried to do and actually pass and who are satisfied with nothing that you could ever get through the
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senate or pass through the president and enough people with money in their politics who want to spend money on politics who want to keep up the opposition. it has, worked well. >> is it helpful for speaker boehner to take them on? >> it may embolden his caucus. he was not strong enough before the shutdown and he let them have their way. he feared it would be unpopular as it was and they would get nothing, which is exactly what happened. a lost his members learned thai lesson and now he is willing to take them on. look what is happening in the senate, the leader mccon they -- mcconnell who could be less sympathetic will not vote for the budget deal because he has a primary challenger and that is what they all worry about and that is where the groups have an
3:37 pm
effect. >> okay, we will talk about the other end of pennsylvania avenue because the white house is pushing the narrative this weekend that between the bipartisan budget deal and something of a staff shakeup, i am not sure it is really a shakeup but it is moving around the deck chairs, they can jump start the president's second term agenda including on immigration reform. julie is our woman at the white house, do they really believe that? >> i think the narrative they are pushing is stronger than what they believe privately when they look at the budget deal they are pleased with it but for one purpose, because it takes the threat of a shutdown off the table and they look at next year and say we can sit around and stare at each other or try -- they will try it again with the reform but i don't know it changes the dynamics. again, what is their other option?
3:38 pm
they can try it or not. >> we are asking all of you to send us questions on twitter or facebook, why are the g.o.p. for this? bill, let me ask, how do you answer dave, paul gieleghem ryan because talking we have to deal with the main drivers of the debt, the entitlements. >> rebound will not do it and harry reid will not do it. it gets the money if defense which is much needed, i think, and it is not the big deal. there is not going to be a big deal. paul ryan accomplished something important. you mentioned the war and speaker boehner and the outside groups, it is going to be the last shot of the war at 2013 with speaker boehner getting his irish up and hitting the groups
3:39 pm
the ryan has cleared the debts. there will not be a big internal fight. there will not be a firing squad. to they handle the debt ceiling, that is manageable they can focus and the republican party can be united focusing on obamacare and what paul ryan has accomplished is a political matter for the republican party and substancively, if you care about defense spending it is impressive. >> we will talk about the debt ceiling in a moment but president obama will not do anything about entitlements because having read your book, "the price of politic," in the back president obama said that democrats have to get serious about entitlements and, in fact, he used the word "untenable" to continue not to but it seems in the doles that if congressional democrats decideed they are the of entitlements going into 2014. >> the budget deal works but, frankly, going right to the
3:40 pm
center of this because obama was not part of the negotiations. he is not a good negotiator. paul ryan comes off as someone, no one will say he is a conservative. he is a conservative. but the philosophy that he employed here is very significant, sitting down with the democrats and saying, what is our common ground? what can we agree on? it is, indeed, small, but it is a step forward and if what it does, it strengthens ryan also strengthens speaker boehner in a very significant way. he got way over 300 votes for this and he said, he castigated the ultra right wing and the outsiders and i think he is in a position maybe they can deal on some of these things. >> we will pick up with the question of debt ceiling because before we say it is all kumbaya
3:41 pm
the fact is there will not be a government shut down but in february or march, they will have to deal with the debt ceiling. will -- we just heard paul ryan say they will not ask for nothing, we will demand something. the president's position in october was, in deal, no negotiating. will he hold to that? >> he will hold to that you can see the sides lining up where the republicans say we have to get something in order to lift the debt ceiling and the president saying, we will not give you anything. there are all the ways on the hill to work things out so both sides can claim they got the position and the real question is, whether the deal changes some of the approaches from the real conservatives when it comes to the debt ceiling. do they say we can let this go forward. >> maybe change the attitudes of the administration. what is it that president obama held out for that he would not give in? no delay of obamacare.
3:42 pm
how does that look now? they could delay it and do a big favor to tens of millions of americans. >> with all the criticism of the mini dole on the budget, can they really raise the debt ceiling without getting something in return? >> i don't think so and a reason is they stand on firmer political ground resisting a debt limit increase without getting something for it. shutting down the government over the budget is unpopular and was unpopular and will be if it happened again. a fight on the debt limit the increase of which is very unpopular, it polls forbly, has the republicans on stronger political ground and better position to demand something. i still say, though, if the government shuts down, it is still not going do work for the republicans. >> we have to take a break
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i think the statement about keeping your plan is true for the vast majority of those in the matter the. >> she is saying the president did not mislead the country, although it is called "the lie of the year," by an independent fact chequer. as the website improves, the white house is putting more focus on when people are actually going to start getting their new plans on january 1st
3:47 pm
but they have made this changes. we will put these on the screen, they are requiring insurers to cover those who do not pay the premiums by december 31, and they are "encouraging companies to cover people let tremendous actively who pay after the deadline and, to let them see their old doctors." january 2nd when people have to go do doctors and do not know which doctor, this could be the next mess for obamacare. >> january make as lot of people in the white house very nervous because we know the problems with the website and people who have actually gotten through and think they have coverage, will then start going and trying to use the coverage and if they cannot use the coverage, this is going to be a left of problems on the political spectrum and on the policy side. what is interesting abut the changes at the white house announcement on thursday, they are intended to make this easier for people but when you talk to some of the insurance companies, they say it is quite confusing.
3:48 pm
some are optional. some are mandatory. you have states that are running hair own system so we are going to have to see whether the intention of this is tale going to be carried out. >> we are also learning that some insurers are finding a way around the requirement they must accept all customers regardless of their physical condition, whether they have a pre-existing condition, for instance, some with serious diseases they saying, well, the pill that you must take to stay alive or alleviate the condition is not covered so they found a loophole. >> that is what insurance companies do make the risk pools as narrowly drawn as possible so they can avoid having to pay out the benefit. that is what they do. the law was written in such a way that there are opportunities for them to do that. it is how insurance works. if you have teach risk in the pool you do not make money, you don't do bit, you go down.
3:49 pm
i question how terribly wide help spread this is, but i have in doubt it happened. i think the problems though, is the insurance companies could be blamed to this and the administration will no doubt, and the defenders, will try to did that but the problem is, the obamacare roll out and much of the policy itself to the extent people of feeling it has been such a disaster that i think the law and the policy gets the blame when anything goes wrong whether it is the insurance company's fault or whether it is the law's fault. >> i want to pick up, because i think that the general feeling is that the website is finally getting better but you can see all the problems crop up and i can just imagine people on january 2nd, i assume they will be watching goal games on the 1st but john 2nd going do a doctor and not having an insurance call and not knowing if they are covered and not knowing if they can see their old doctor or not.
3:50 pm
it could be a mess. >> it is already a mess. what the white house has tried to do, they node a new subject. whether the details of this are going to be visited upon them, to a certain extent they cannot get out from under this. in my newspaper this morning, there is an opinion piece about the person who has the worst year in washington is obama and there is a certain truth to that much of the white house needs to find a way to start talking about things. a last these are negatives but we have not had a big terrorist attack, we do not have a new war army people would like to have and it is good we do not have that. the economy, although struggling, is advancing and the white house has to find some way to get out from under this and it could literally be impossible because the president and his
3:51 pm
team in the white house have appointed them build mission managers for obamacare. >> i want to pick up on this, look at all of this, you have spent, you and others, have pent your career making the conservative argument and saying big government isn't the way to go. is it president obama could be a more effective and do more to help the cause than any of you on the right conservative cause of us on the right have ever have. >> sure. if you look at the soviet union to make the case against socialism and writing about it in the west and i think the same is drew r true about the obama administration and obamacare. republicans have to knot let people forget who is responsible for this. but i think do try to propose to people ways to escape the
3:52 pm
nightmare of obamacare. they tried to allow insurance companies to offer the same insurance as last year regardless of obamacare. people can buy temporary health insurance and there is a penalty if you buy it, they should let the states buy that and extend it for three, four, five months to a year and escape this problem the president has heaped upon americans. >> there is no way you can get a new bill now. somebody will come in and say this is the way to fix obamacare. >> for one year to let people -- [ overlapping speakers ] >> i would say that to get to the larger point, inside of the white house there is the immediate short-term conversation about how to fix obamacare but there is this broader conversation about the hit they are taking on the general philosophy of government that barack obama and democrats
3:53 pm
have been proposing for years. and if you have people rubbing for election and running for presidency in 2016, how much of this is infused in that election. >> are they really talking about this is really hurting the whole that government can help solve things. >> absolutely. this is the conversation they are having. this is a two-fold conversation. >> how do they change that? >> they make the law work. this is the only way to convince people in a yes, in fact, government can run a large operation like this. >> but you talk about a bill sailing through, brit, i can't imagine republicans want to let barack obama off the hook. >> well i would disagree with that. i would think that the type of bill described the republicans would support it in droves. >> thank you panel, see you next week. up next, ow power player of the week, hollywood's it-girl of
3:54 pm
the '80s.
3:55 pm
3:56 pm
supposedly she turned down the lead rolls in the movies ghost and pretty woman but she said she's not sure and doesn't look back. here is our power player of the week. >> i was sort of the every girl. i was the girl that everyone
3:57 pm
felt some sort of affinity for. and i guess every boy kind of wanted to date. >> back in the 80s molly ringwald was the star of john hughs film 16 candles and pretty in pink. she made the cover of time magazi magazine. >> why do you think you, molly ringwald, struck such a chord with folks? >> there is just just something about my face that people sbond to. i can make people cry. my husband said that is my super power. i make people cry. [ singing ] >> ring wald is now 45 and touring as a jazz singer.
3:58 pm
and it turns out the rest of her life has been just as interesting as those heady days a quarter-century ago. >> you were never really comfortable being just a star? >> well, i don't really think that just being a star, just being famous is very fulfilling. >> by the late 1980s she was turning down pop roles for serious movies and in 1992 she moved to paff -- paris. she said it was all about trying new things. >> i am more interested in looking forward. if i look back, i guess it is the same way people look back on their baby pictures. >> in addition to singing and acting, ring wald has written two books and, america's teen sweetheart is now the mother of three with a 10-year-old daughter and 4-year-old twins. she recently watched pretty in
3:59 pm
pink with her oldest child. >> it was the first time that i really had the feeling that i was seeing them like everyone else through my daughter's eyes. >> and? >> it was great. >> why didn't ring wald become a train wreck like so many teen stars? >> i think lindsay lohan is obviously a troubled individual. i was really foeshts that i -- fortunate that i had a great family and i feel sad for people that are in the business that don't have that. >> and so molly ringwald is going to keep doing it all, and not looking back much. >> i'm just really looking forward to this -- to the next act. i think that it will involve music and writing and directing and acting. >> ring wald has released her first album called except sometimes. she's donating a portion of the sales before the end of the year to a charity called la kitchen. that is it for today.
4:00 pm
have a great week and we'll see you next fox news sunday. this is the fox report. tonight, newly released radio transmissions providing fresh insight into the final moments of 19 firefighters who died battling a massive wildfire in arizona this past june. escape route has been cut off. >> those pleas for help coming moments before the granite mountain hotshots were covered in fire. but could it have been avoided? >> and a butyl beating caught on