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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  December 16, 2013 2:00am-3:01am PST

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alert for you. a shopper gunned down in a mall parking lot. this happened in north jersey. the 30-year-old man is dead after being shot in the head during a car jacking in aparkin. he was killed in front of his life. two men took off in the car. his wife was not injured. the two had just finished holiday shopping. >> he got in the driver's side and started -- (indiscernible). >> the two suspects are still on the run. law enforcement agencies across the country are trying to make sure that people are safe by offering some holiday shopping safety tips. take a look. this includes parking in well lit areas. be aware of your surroundings, have keys ready before you get
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into the car, do not shop at night and look inside your car before getting inside. another story we are following for you the loan victim of the colorado school shooting is fighting for her life. claire davis is in critical condition and in a coma. davis was shot at point blank range by 18-year-old karl pearson. the first responders got claire to the right place at the right time and the doctors and the hospital staff are doing a wonderful job taking care of her. we appreciate your continued good thoughts and prayers. >> meantime colorado governor visiting davis in the hospital says there's simply no rhyme or reason to the shooting. pearson's main target was reportedly a librarian who kicked him off the debate team months earlier. he set off a bomb and fired five rounds while turning the gun on himself. the school is closed for today. lawyers for a bin laden
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doctor says the new trial draws near. his lead attorney left pakistan last week amid let's of militan militants. shots fired into his house. the doctors vaccination rooms helped verify bin laden's location is serving a 33 year sen is tense and is seen as punishment for helping the u.s. >> oo a paris bound plane was grounded after warning terrorists might be planning to blow it up. they searched the plane and passenger luggage twice. the exact nature of the threat has not yet been revealed but authorities are claiming they received a credible tip a bomb could be on board. they are supposed to make obamacare more user friendly. mismanagement and confusion plagued the health site
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navigator program. steve sen tony is live with more. the house overnight and government. reform committee points to major problems that helps consumers sign up for obamacare. the program tax payer money funds private groups to do the work. it reports fraudulent behavior that threatens the safety of consumers private information. also highlights the case of dallas where a navigator urged an applicant to lie in order to qualify for a federal subsidy. there was widespread confusion when the web site crashed and navigators were not prepared for that. it will fuel the ongoing debate among lawmakers. >> we can have access to affordable healthcare including people with preexisting conditions without government
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takeover. >> this is an important step forward. no one wants to go to the point of having insurance companies decide whether or not we get healthcare or not. i am rooting for us to be able to make it work. >> there is a new report on a navigator program. 15,000 people were actually not signed up because the proper forms were not conveyed to the insurance company. back to you. steve centanni live for us. thank you. three years since the death of border patrol agent brian perry. he was killed by members of a mexican drug cartel using weapons the justice department handed over as part of the fast and furious. darrel issa vows justice. he is filing a motion to expedite the case against the obama administration and demanding documents over the botched operation. despite set backs over the past
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few years he will never stop fighting for the truth. the u.s. wants proof an american who vanished in iran more than 6 years ago is still alive. john kerry saying the u.s. did not abandon this man bob levinson and is working aggressively to bring him home. >> we are working on several processes that i am not free to talk about. >> he was working for a group of rouge cia analysts when he disappeared in 2007. john mccain saying the thshg cia lied to congress. >> apparently they did not tell the truth to congress, they did not tell the truth to the american congress about mr. levinson. >> he duped people into donating
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millions of dollars into a veteran's charity. >> authorities say his harvard trained attorney john donald cody will be sentenced today. they have asked the 67-year-old man to get 30. fontain was nominated for three academy awards taking on ak stress for best actor award for "suspicion." and peter o'toole who received instant fame from lawrence or arabia has died. o'toole was nominated for 8 academy awards and received an honorary oscar in 83. he was 81 and is survived his three children. >> oo cold temperatures across
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the country today. let's get the first degree weather forecast. happy monday, maria. >> happy monday. we are talking cold temperatures early this morning. take a look at the windchills across the country. this is what it feels like before you head out the door. 12 below zero in minneapolis. we have the cold air in place. it will stay below normal across parts of the midwest and northeast. for new york city the actual high will make it in the low 20's. we are going to be getting more snowfall out here in places like new york city, boston and up into new england. you are looking at 2.7 inches nonetheless you are going to get another shot of snowfall. otherwise heather, ainsley, the
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rest of the country take a look at the picture in this very quiet texas looking at clear skies and that's pretty much the case as well across the rockies. over to you. hope you had a great weekend. >> thank you, you, too. >> we will stay quiet won't we? >> it's monday morning. let's take a look at the nfl highlights. the eagles were in minnesota taking on the vikings, nick volts through for 238 yards. it wasn't enough. he came into the game with three career carries. he would score three touchdowns a as the vikings won 48-30. vikings were down 26-3 against the cowboys. that did not stop matt flynn he flew for 299 yards and four touchdowns he led the packs back with a minute left in the game the packers scored the go ahead touchdown to win 37-36.
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denver broncos quarterback, payton manning, we love him here, has been named sports illustrated sportsman of the year. after two neck surgeries cost him an entire season he is on case for the best season. 4 away from breaking tom brady's record for most touchdown passes in one season. happy homecoming in new jersey forearm me speci -- army specialist. they had fire trucks in front of her house and brought her to a party in her honor at church. >> not enough words of gratitude that we can express for your service to our country. on behalf of the township committee and all of the residents of this community, we want to thank you for your service and sacrifice. >> she has been in the army for four years but will be discharged next month.
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family and friends say they are glad she is home for good. ibm is under fire for the cooperation in the nsa spy scand scandal. lauren simonetti has the story. >> good monday morning. spying is not good for business. that is the message from tech companies after cooperating with the nsa specifically at ibm. shareholders with class action status for not disclosing the risk of business to china as ibm cooperated with the spy agency. as a result ibm reported a 22 years loss in china in the month of october. if is co and microsoft has lost business. many turning to home grown companies for tech needs instead. you may want to thank the mailm mailman. post offices across the nation are expected to process 607 million pieces of mail today alone. but the busiest delivery day for holiday cards and letters will
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be wednesday. for packages on thursday. in all of the u.s. postal service expects to deliver 14.7 billion cards and letters. 4 oh 20 million packages this holiday season. the mega millions jackpot now sits at $550 million no single ticket matched all five numbers plus the mega ball in the drawing on friday night. the next drawing is tomorrow. officials say this will be the 4th largest jackpot in history. >> office pool. >> it will be giant for that one. thank you very much lauren. >> 11 minutes after the ptop of the hour. wal-mart worker gets named employee of the month then someone opens fire on her car. why police say the usually happy occasion turned very violent. >> why the doctor who once led the charge to legitimize the condition now says the number of people being diagnosed with it
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is one thing. but shaving without proglide... whatre we, animals? gillette fusion proglide, for uivaled comfort even on sensitive skin. gillette -- the best a man can get. >> a newly will he we had is run over by three-cars and killed hours after getting married. army ranger william knight and his new wife pulled over to help a stranded female motorist. police say that's when william and the stranded motorist were hit by three passing cars. they both sidied at the scene. >> he would stop and help anybody in any way, shape or
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form. >> police believe all three drivers might have lost control because of the slick roads because of the weather. do you remember pippy longstocking. remember that movie from the 1980s? ♪ >> well the former child star who you are seeing here she played the red headed freckled girl. she is grown-up and she is facing felony drug charges and a dui. 39-year-old tammy aaron accused of hitting three-cars all in separate incidents on saturday night in los angeles. one person from one of the three crashes were taken to the hospital. a bombshell new report claim the terrorist behind the boston marathon bombings may have been motivated inner demons more than islamic ideology. tamer lynn tsarnaev may have
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been schizophrenic. head trauma from training as a boxer could have been a dangerous combination. >> the man he went to mosque with would talk to him about how he thinks his mind is being controlled some other entity. a friend of the family who says his mother told her he had voices. >> tamerlan was killed during a shootout with police. he is expected to decide if his brother should face the death penalty and that should be decided in january. >> a former wal-mart worker going to the extreme over employee of the month. willie mitchell opened fire on his co-worker's car after she was given the title. mitchell argued with her after she was named employee of the month and told her several times quote i am going to show you.
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>> iveng we see why he wasn't chosen as employee of the month. >> he no longer works with the company. he is charged with discharging firearms from the vehicle. >> it is 18 minutes after the hour. hockey and football players not the only onesing their brains. how the mlb is now reacting. santa suit clad fist fight caught on camera. what police say led to the bad santa brawl.
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>> the streets and the lights of time's square light and bright this morning. i think something is going to be going on there new year's eve and we will be carrying it live on fox. first we have to get through christmas, right? two weeks before christmas an oklahoma family sifting through what is left of their burned out home this morning. this isn't the first time. the snyders took the how is that went up in flames this weekend just two years ago in their previous home it was hit by a wildfire. >> i can't believe this happened
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again. i got called into work. the house was completely engulfed in flames when i got here. i didn't know if they made it out or not. >> luckily her husband and children got out okay. the family says the christmas lights were the cause. >> hockey and football players aren't the only ones endangering their brains. brian creel who died of a self-inflicted gun shot wound last year is the first mlb player to be diagnosed with a brain disease cte which has been linked to memory loss and erratic behavior. it is caused by multiple hits to the head. this comes as baseball plans to ban home plate collisions as early as next year. according to a new study of the new york times scientists estimate real attention definite hyperactivity disorders effects around 5 percent of children. the cdc says 15 percent of high schoolers have been diagnosed. what is driving the diagnoses?
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money and marketing according to the study. advertising campaigns promising bepter grades and less acting oupt. adhd drugs have turned into a $9 billion per year industry. hdhd is the second most diagnosed among children. >> now that 2013 is almost over some of the most popular tweets of the year have now been released. gliac tress lia michelle has the most retreated tweets after her boyfriend and co-star corey monteith's death. paul walker's death made its way through twitter verse as the third most retweeted message of the year. one direction announced his 20th birthday. they are so young. the hoe hoe and the po po teaming up to take town criminals.
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♪ >> yell, the hampton police department of virginia making videos to the tune of jingle bells with a warning for criminals. officers have santa claus on their side this year. at the end of the video the officers all provided holiday shopping video tips. they racked up 7,000 views in three-days. >> i love this time of year. it is 25 minutes after the top of the hour. if you thought you were outraged about this privileged teenager's soft sentence wait until you hear how he lived before his fatal drunk driving accident. >> chaos caught on camera. this crowd of shoppers kicking the doors off the hinges and you won't believe why. and on this day back in 16971 diamonds are forever starring
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sean connery and james bond that was the number one movie at the box office. too big. too small. too soft. too tasty. [ both laugh ] [ male announcer ] introducing progresso's new creamy alfredo soup. inspired by perfection.
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>> tit is a holiday horror. a man gunned down in a car jacking in a parking lot. a message to police from shoppers every where. these guys not on santa's nice
2:30 am
list. they are santa clad fist fight caught on camera. what authorities are saying today about these bad santas. this family's christmas cards don't come in an nfl. they come via youtube. the elaborate videos that are going viral. "fox & friends first" starts right now. ♪ >> good morning toy. it is monday december 16th. one more week until christmas. welcome to "fox & friends first". i am ainsley earhardt. >> i am heather childers. thank you so much for joining us. it is half half past the top of
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the hour. the 30-year-old man is dead after being shot in the head during a car jacking in the parking lot of the shore hills mall. he was killed in front of his wife. two men took off in the car. his wife was not injured. >> he had been shot they just left the mall and were going to their vehicle. >> the two suspects are still on the run. law enforcement agencies across the country are making sure that people are safe by offering holiday shopping safety tips. listen to this. parking and well lit areas very important. be aware of your surroundings have keys ready before you get in your car, don't shop line at night and look inside your car before you get in. and as if the soft sentence wasn't enough we are looking at how ethan couch lived before killing four people back in june in a drunk driving accident. he lived in his own mansion where he had unsupervised boosy
2:32 am
parties the home a gift from his father after his mom and dad diff vosed. they would brag about being able to obtain drugs and alcohol. the victim of the colorado school shooting is fighting for her life. claire davis is in critical condition and in a coma. davis was shot at point blank range by 18-year-old karl pearson. colorado governor were visiting davis at the hospital says there's simply no rhyme or reason to the shooting. pearson's main car get was reportedly tracy murphy a librarian who kicked him off the debate team months earlier. he set off a bomb in the library fired off 5 rounds before turning the gun on himself. the school is closed today. >> oo he duped people into giving millions to a fake charity. the man who calls himself harvey
2:33 am
thompson but is harvard trained attorney. he will be given 41 years in prison. the obamacare web site supposed to be made more user friendly, right? a new report is showing confusion and mismanagement mar the site's navigator program. >> the challenge is that the obamacare web site has been pretty well documented at this point. the white house is quick to tell you what consumers do have other options. part of obamacare provided funding for the so-called healthcare navigators individuals who are supposed to help consumers enrollment plan. according to town the house committee and overnigsigh and government reform raises questions about how the program is being managed after a number of media reports accused navigators of encouraging consumers you can violate tax laws. many democrats are growing increasingly alarmed at the role
2:34 am
obamacare can play in the mid term election and whether they will face repercussions in polls. >> i do not believe they will. i think people will see the results of this law meaning more security for themselves in terms of their own protection. >> but it depends on what happens in january. many americans lose their current policies in some instances and switch to obamacare plans from exchanges. that assumes the government properly notified the insurance company. >> in january you will see attorneys saying, if you went to the hospital and found you weren't insured and you need to sue somebody, call me for a preconsultation. >> the white house is clearly concerned about what is going to happen come january. last week we saw additional tweets in some of those obamacare deadlines. doug luzader live in washington.
2:35 am
>> returned leaker edward snowden in the u.s. in exchange for documents. >> they assess the damage that snowden caused says it stressed the nsa needs to make sure all of the data remains secure. >> it would give them a road map of what we know and what we don't know and get them implicitly a way to protect their information. >> any am nest stee wo to come from the justice department which has not yet commented. they are in russia in a one year long asylum. >> the first family taking time to greet young elves. the first lady along with their children greeted the children at the national museum. the concert is a benefit for the children's national health system. the event featured performances
2:36 am
by sheryl crow and the backstreet boys. pope francis getting a little surprise at the medical center for children. check out the kid snatching it right off his head. he's all smiles for a moment it looked like the snatcher had an amazing souvenir. it turns out he returned it to the rightful place. the small hobbit makes it big at the box office this weekend. >> i looffer you my hand. >> the hobbit debuted at number one with $73.1 million icing over last week's top movie "frozen" was second and in third place "a maida christmas" debuting with $16 million.
2:37 am
>> oo may be the time to stay inside and catch a movie. >> before you leave the house this morning let's find out what's fwh the forecast. >> cold temperatures across the country and we are kicking off very chilly early this morning across parts of the midwest and the northeast. as you head out the door this morning you are grabbing your jacket and you are heading outside and the current windchill temperature is what if feels like when you go outside. it feels like 12 below zero in inminneapolis and chicago. texas on the cool side 20 for you in the city of dallas and in utah single digits. again very cold very widespread across the country. temperatures are a little bit below average for this time of year. it is supposed to be as cold this december but in the low 20's for you in minneapolis and chicago. high temperature not making it above the freezing mark. 28 degrees for the high temperature. we had to deal with the winter
2:38 am
storm over the weekend across the northeast. very messy. produced more than a foot of snow in some areas. another quick moving clipper system moving into the northeast as we head into tomorrow. if will produce a cold forecast. 2.7 inches 4.1 in boss toond parts of maine could pick up over a half of a foot of snow. keep an eye on it. >> yeah, keep an eye on it for us. >> it is 38 minutes after the top of the hour. a teenager nearly mauled to death by a bear gets a letter from pita. what the animal rights group says to this young victim will probably shock you. >> the posting you wrote and deleted was gone for good? everything you write on the social site could still be fair game.
2:39 am
keeping up with these two is more than a full time job and i don't have time for unreliable companies. angie's list definitely saves me time and money. for over 18 years we've helped people take care of the things that matter most. join today.
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>> welcome back. a man shopping with his wife killed in the parking lot of a north jersey mall. police say it was an attempted car jacking in the the middle of a busy shopping holiday season. teresa? oo their evening was not supposed to end this way. they were just trying to finish up a little holiday shopping. the investigation here continues. according to the prosecutor here in he is six county in incident occurred after 9:00 tonight. this young couple in their 30's were walking back to their 2012 silver range rover. the husband was shot in the head
2:43 am
on the driver's side. he was rushed to a nearby hospital where he was pronounced dead. they will tell you what they think happened in this case. >> she started to get in the vehicle and he got into the driver's side and started the vehicle and was approached by two males and was shot. >> why this car? why this couple? we don't yet know that. that is something the investigators are looking into. they say that 2012 range rover with the license plate u 26 bvd, vow victor delta was last seen heading east out of here. they are asking for everyone's help trying to locate the two men that may still be inside. that is the latest. will send it back to you in
2:44 am
studio. >> a young hunter survivors a bear malling only to be blasted by pita. days after being attacked by a mother bear he received a shocking letter from an animal activist saying she should reflect on the horror of her experience before hunting again. a portion reads, this seems to be a good opportunity to put yourself in the place of the individuals and the rest of your hunting party were trying to kill. as terrifying as it must have been to be attacked by a bear consider the frightening and painful experiences hunters set out to impose upon animals. she says the mallings or that letter will not stop her from hunting. we have all written something on facebook deleted it before posting it but facebook knows what you type and they call itself censorship. a study of self censorship it
2:45 am
uses a code that tracks every time you delete a would be post and sends that data back to the company. facebook says they only study the time and location of the deleted posts not content, but they do have the technology to see what you posted. in the meantime maybe you should think even harder before you post. >> actress lindsay lohan is turning a new page and writing a tell all. sources tell tmz she has met with a publishing agency and has received multiple six figure offers. the book will be based on the journal entries she wrote as part of the rehab therapy. it will discuss all of the knity gritty things in her life including her arrest her career drug problems and family issues. dollars for trash. $5 million wasted on crash incinerators that couldn't even be used. diane macedo joins us now. good morning diane. >> good morning ainsley.
2:46 am
>> a new report shows the u.s. army corps of engineers paid $5.4 million for trash incinerators never used to burn waste in open air pits and expose themselves to potential health hazards. the reports from the afghanistan reconstruction says units were not only behind schedule they were rentered unusable. still the report says the army paid the contractor in full for the incinerators which are sitting in the base that has been turned over to the afghan government and are largely expected to be salvaged for scraps. the army corps of inge ner did their own review of theish up and says some of the inspector claims about how bad the incinerators were. it also says they continuously strive to implement lessons learned from the work in the extremely challenging afghan environ pment. but they are pressing top military commanders for complete
2:47 am
documentation by the end of the month. this is the latest in a string of reports questioning the billions of dollars spent in afghanistan. the most recent report found the military spent nearly $500 million on aircraft for an african air force only to abandon the contract and leave it idol. >> diane macedo live for us. thanks, diane. >> thank you. >> the time is almost 10 minutes until the top of the hour. come will up the most influential person in the world. who do you think topped the list? stick around to find out. >> she thought she was visiting santa but the 7-year-old little girl with the shock of her life. first let's check in with brian kill mid to see what is am coulding up on "fox & friends." >> in 13 minutes we are talking a republican lawmaker revealing the obamacare alternative and
2:48 am
saves trillions of dollars. flesh off of a flash mob performance the u.s. air force band shares their christmas s spirit. we will talk with them live. donald trump for governor. he has a lot of money and wants to run. when he joins us this morning we will ask him that amnd two othe questions. what is the best soldier surprise you have ever seen? he surprises the family showing up at an nhl game and proposes to his girlfriend. it is all live. if not we will have to start later coming your way in 12 minutes. no holiday's complete without campbell's green bean casserole. wish you were here. ♪ [ doorbell ] [ gasps ] ♪ [ gong ] [ wisest kid ] m'm! m'm! good!
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about nine minutes till the top of the hour. a suburban new york home owned by former kiss
2:52 am
guitarist ace braley has gone up in flames. fire fighters were called 40 miles north of new york city and found heavy smoke coming from the building. before the fire was put out flames burned through the roof heavily damaging the home. the 62-year-old rocker was not home at the time. the home is currently in foreclosure. these guys are on the naughty list this year. a group of men dressed in santa claus suits for santa con were caught brawling on a sidewalk in manhattan. the men can be seen flipping, rolling in the snow on the ground. police are investigating but no complaints have been filed. >> i saw a bunch out over the weekend. a big year for texas senator ted cruz topped off with a big honor after his push to stop obamacare. he's the world's third most influential person of 2013.
2:53 am
cruz falling in third only behind pope francis and the president barack obama. a military family in colorado gets their christmas wish graduated. a soldier came home home early in time for christmas. the mom and dad said they worked with santa himself to make all this happen. >> when he got the final order, my first thought was i want to surprise the kids. in six apappointments we've not been able to do that. >> it was incredible. she was so surprised, i could tell she was startled but it was awesome, so good to see her. >> sixth deployment. thank you for your service. the family says they waited until santa asked what seven-year-old tessa wanted for christmas. when she said she wished her daddy would come home that is when he came out of santa's house. love that. if you're sending christmas cards it likely took a few hours to get them signed and sealed but
2:54 am
an arizona family has been working on their christmas salutation for months. >> this gilbert family hadn't send a christmas card up until three years ago. >> we had never done a christmas card, like picture. we never sent it out. and he's like let's do a video for the family. i thought that was a good idea. >> that video card turned into this. ♪ i'll have ♪ a blue ♪ christmas ♪ without you >> an elaborate underwater production starring the entire family. it immediately was shared thousands of times. >> we thought it would go to 200 to 300 people. it escalated from there. >> then in 2012 another hilarious christmas card video of full-blown food fight. but this year the most outrageous video card yet. >> every year these videos
2:55 am
get more elaborate. they built this upside down room in their backyard. it measures 12 by 12. >> it spins 360 degrees. the reason we did this was so we could have the effect of walking on the walls and walking on the ceiling. >> this entire structure built in their backyard complete with a vintage couch and tv to outfit the retro look the family was going on. the family says beyond the attention these video cards have garnered, it is more about spending quality time with family than anything else. >> the thing most important us is obviously the memories we create with our kids. >> that is what is cool is we've got this bond and being able to enjoy memories. ♪ happy holidays >> adorable and a lot of fun. >> five minutes till the top of the hour. a crow getting in on winter fun, sledding down a snow-covered roof. the creative way he made it happen. >> a win and loss for a teen football star.
2:56 am
what he was robbed of just after winning the state championship.
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two minutes till the top of the hour. before you leave the house lear's what's happening. a search in new jersey after a man is killed in front of his house during a carjacking at an upscale mall. it is the busiest day of the year for the united states post office. the mailing service expected to process millions today. the jacket pot could climb to a record $676 million. >> time to look at the good, the bad, and the ugly. up first, the good. check it out. a crow using an old mayonnaise lid to sled down a snow-covered rooftop. when he got to the bottom, flew back up and did the thing over again. next the quarterback who just won the georgia state championship returns home to find his house had been robbed. thieves stole presents from
3:00 am
under the tree. the ugly. a mad rush for nike's air jordans. hundreds of people storming the mall and this was just for vouchers to buy the shoes later. >> thanks so much for watching. "fox & friends" starts now. >> bye. good morning. it is monday, december 16. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. new details this morning reveal obamacare navigators told people to lie about their income. stunning details coming up. >> nancy pelosi stoking the flames on the war on women. >> one word: disrespect. disrespect for the role that women have. >> so do republicans disrespect women? as the former speaker says. we're going to report and you're going to decide. she's already decided. >> a marine surprises his entire family at a hockey game. but what happened next no one expected. that marine joins


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