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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  December 16, 2013 3:00am-6:01am PST

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under the tree. the ugly. a mad rush for nike's air jordans. hundreds of people storming the mall and this was just for vouchers to buy the shoes later. >> thanks so much for watching. "fox & friends" starts now. >> bye. good morning. it is monday, december 16. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. new details this morning reveal obamacare navigators told people to lie about their income. stunning details coming up. >> nancy pelosi stoking the flames on the war on women. >> one word: disrespect. disrespect for the role that women have. >> so do republicans disrespect women? as the former speaker says. we're going to report and you're going to decide. she's already decided. >> a marine surprises his entire family at a hockey game. but what happened next no one expected. that marine joins us live.
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"fox & friends," according to our report and steve's rundown, starts right now. >> hi, i'm chris, camera floor operator and i say merry christmas to you. and you're watching "fox & friends." >> and chris is not here today. great to see you. >> good to have you. >> i was going to say, you know, we're just about a week out from christmas. people are very busy. we're going to detail right now -- we're going to encapsulate what we did so we don't bother you throughout the program. >> what do you mean? >> we're going to tell you right out. i'm exhausted. i went to the anchorman premiere, "anchorman 2." th on "saturday
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night live." >> what did he say? >> he couldn't have been nicer. very, very nice guy. >> what did you think of the movie? >> the movie is hilarious. i like it better than the first one. >> mary looks gorgeous. >> she is beautiful. my date. >> you traveled; right? >> thursday i was able to host the shark shootout in florida. greg norman asked me to do it and his great staff. it was all for secure search for children's cancer. we had a great time there. then i had a chance to get up in the morning and sign some books over there inside the tournament. then it was off to the villages where i met hundreds of favorite fans. and that is actually from the tournament right there. so people lined up. it was just incredible to leave 20-degree weather and then go to 80-degree weather right there in naples, florida. and then people came out for the book.
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that was cool. and on saturday i interviewed sylvester and robert deniro for their movie. on sunday my son and i went to the giants game and that guy there in the middle, harry carson. with his friends connor and andrew. >> nobody likes this program better than our friend greg norman who sponsored that shootout. >> great guy. incredible what he's done with his life and incredible family. >> what about you? i saw you on twitter last night. >> i was on twitter last night. i had a severe case of brutitis which is when a nonnatural blonde encounters roots that -- >> what is it called? >> rootititis. it is could have had under
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obamacare. i'm sore from shoveling. that's what i did. i did travel, took care of the roots and then the snow. >> how deep was your snow? >> pretty deep. maybe six inches. it was slushy and ice. >> we had about that much ice on top of snow. i'll tell you what. it was a killer. my wife is probably going to have to have another advil today. >> a repeat of "wonderful life." you know what i did? i played defense. i said i'm betting it's going to rain tomorrow, and it's gone. >> to your point, i wish i did not shovel. >> any way, we had very exciting weekends. hope you did as well. we'll show that picture of elisabeth's hair in a little bit. >> you know what, you've got to figure the federal government is a little sore at this new report.
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house oversight is about to release later today a report that shows, you know those navigators, those people hired -- although they didn't submit to a background check -- to go ahead and sell people, try to sign people up for obamacare, as it turns out, a lot of them were never certified, not properly trained. but also others told people to underreport their income so they would qualify for subsidies. in one case i know that a navigator said, oh, you're a smoker? don't tell the federal government that because then your premium's going to go way up. so, smoker, no smoker. fraud. >> they may not have done the 5 to 20 hour training. but that doesn't matter because they're breaking rules any way. they need to learn the rules to break them apparently. according to the findings of this committee, the violations are broad here. so we have, if you could see up here, we have mismanagement is what was found. the navigators actually
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induced fraudulent behavior. a real threat to the safety of consumers' personally identifiable information such as social security number, yearly income and other sensitive tax information according to report. >> there was a lack of oversight. the only reason they found this out, by listening to some of these navigators give an interview on television talking about giving incorrect information, telling applicants eroepb news thing like -- erroneous things like credit scores are going to matter. it came to life when a certified navigator came on television giving an interview. they have a series of mistakes the navigators made who are out there to help us avoid a series of mistakes we're doing as users. some of this stuff was actually cited on the "new york times" but mostly it was in the bright >> mailing applications for applicants, which is not allowed; is it? >> it seems these unqualified, uncertified navigators, can you really
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even trust them? we've heard that there's a possibility -- yeah, we might have hired some convicted felons. that's not for me. that's from the boss. listen to her. >> isn't it true that there is no federal requirement for navigators to undergo a criminal background check even though they will receive personal -- sensitive personal information from the individuals they helped sign up for the affordable care act? >> that is true. states could add an additional background checks and other features, but it is not part of the federal requirement. >> so a convicted felon could be a navigator and could acquire sensitive personal information from an individual unbeknownst to them? >> that is possible. >> that didn't even address the fraud. >> exactly. >> right. we can't be surprised if they fall short because there is no oversight and we don't even know their background checks.
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we can't get background checks on them. charles krauthammer who has the number-one book in the country has been doing interviews. he hopped on pbs. if you do any rundown, it should lead to obamacare. good and bad stories are coming out at a massive rate and the president's numbers are suffering because of it. it makes people prove he had a wasted first year. charles krauthammer was surprised when the number one story coming from pbs was this alleged fighting between tea party's heritage foundation and the speaker of the house. listen to charles on pbs. >> i love how you guys just can't wait to get your teeth into republicans throwing mud at republicans on a week when this administration unilaterally or lawlessly changed every deadline in the obamacare law without any legal authority in a way that is absolutely astonishing. but you won't hear about this on this show. >> we just did.
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>> try fox. >> by the way, you won't hear much on that show because apparently at the conclusion of that particular program, a program which has been hosted for many years by gordon peterson, a washington, d.c. legend, announced that was the last show. so guess you're going to have to try fox. >> right. i love when charles brings the hammer. i love when heather nauert brings the headlines. >> i'm glad you guys had such fancy weekends, with the exception of elisabeth. >> i got to do the beat box, my world-famous beat box in midtown manhattan to much applause. having a good old time. >> we're going to see that sometime. >> someday you will. glad that you had a nice weekend. good morning to you. hope you had a nice weekend as well. we've got some news to bring this morning. a night of christmas shopping takes a horrifying turn in new jersey. a husband was shot dead in front of his wife outside a fancy shopping mall.
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two suspects approached the couple in the parking lot. the husband had just opened the door of his car for his wife and then was getting into the driver's seat when he was shot. listen to this. >> the husband opened the door for his wife. she started to get into the vehicle and he got into the driver's side and started to get ready to enter the car, the vehicle when he was approached by two males and was shot [inaudible] >> this happened about 9:00 p.m. last night. those two carjackers then made off with the victim's car. it was a 2012 silver range rover. the suspects are still on the loose at this hour. this story coming out of indiana. she went from a newly wed to a widow in just a couple of hours. army rancher william knight and his new wife were driving to their wedding reception over the weekend when they came upon a stranded driver whose car had gone off the road. his wife wanted to keep him
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driving but knight felt he had to stop to help her. it was that sense of duty that cost him his life. knight and the stranded driver were both hit and killed by three passing cars. >> he was just being a good samaritan. unfortunately it cost him his life. >> he would stop and help anybody in any way, shape or form. >> all of the drivers stopped at that scene to try to help. it is believed they lost control because the roads were so slick over the weekend. knight was 49 years old. he leaves behind his new wife, two daughters, a stepson and step well. a lone victim of the colorado shooting is fighting for her life. 17-year-old claire davis was shot at point-blank range by an 18-year-old at school on friday. the governor of colorado visited davis at the hospital where she remains in a coma at this hour. peerson's main target was reportedly tracy murphy, a librarian who kicked him off the debate team. pearson set off a bomb in
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the library and fired off five rounds before turning the gun on himself, but his friends insist he's not a violent guy. >> even through elementary school, he was always there for me. i don't want people to see him as this monster. i mean, yes, he did something bad. yes, it ended badly, but he's so much better than this. >> school is closed today. actor peter o' toole has passed away. >> we want two large glasses of lemonade. we are not particular. >> peter o'toole achieved fame with lawrence of arabia. the actor was nominated for eight academy awards but never won. that is actually a record. he is survived by his three children. he was 81 years old and
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suffered a long illness. those are your headlines at this hour. the first time i saw that movie i thought everytho know at fighting the war in the middle east could be learned by watching lawrence of arabia. thanks, guys. >> 13 after the hour. coming up, k-mart does it again. >> ship my trousers. >> one of the funniest commercials of this holiday season. wait till you hear how it ends. >> if you like your light bulbs, too bad, you can't keep it. new regulations are about to kick in that is going to make you buy a brand-new more expensive one. stuart varney will explain when we come back. ♪ ♪[ male announc ] your eyes. ♪ even at a distance of 10 mis... the length 146 football fields...
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come january 1, it's lights out for america's favorite bulbs. >> the 40 and 60 watt incandescent light bulbs are being phased out for friendly much more expensive alternatives. >> here to light up your life, the host of varney and company, stuart varney. stuart, you brought props. why? >> you, sir, are a criminal. if you make one of these things or import one of these things the 40 or 60 watt bulb starting january 1. you may not keep the bulb if you like it. you will get a new one. >> why? i love the 60. take the 40. let me keep the 60. >> i agree with you. all in the name of saving energy, and, therefore, saving the planet, we must all get rid of incandescent bulbs and bring in halogens, exact florescent
3:18 am
or more efficient. >> it doesn't save anybody money. >> the argument is if you get the new replacement lights, they do cost more but they last a whole lot longer. so in the long run, you will save money. >> do you think they will be smuggling in 40-watt bulbs? they are going to put down heroin. >> home depot has a huge stockpile of 40-and 60-watt bulbs. if you want them, go get them from home depot. >> if you buy one of the regular light bulbs, it is a buck and a quarter. then you get the so-called pigtail, which is made in china a lot of times, full of mercury, that is about three times higher. look at that l.e.d. thing, $35 for one light fixture. >> it is a bargain. you're going to save the planet for $35.95.
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>> i have dropped light bulbs. this is the problem because indeed it may on paper look like you're saving long-term but there are a lot of bulbs broken in our house. what are we going to do? >> the e.p.a. has a whole website devoted to how to clean up the spill from one of these new impact florescent lights. there is mercury in there. you've got to follow the rules on how to dispose of these things and how to clean up if one breaks. the bottom line is you're being pushed around all over again by the government. the government is now telling you what kind of light bulb you have to have in your house. >> didn't president bush pass this? >> yes but it was tagged on to a much more important bill khepted to have passed -- which he wanted to have pass. he didn't want this, republicans didn't want this. this is party democrat party that pushed for this, tagged it on to a more important bill and look what we've got. >> you have until the end of the year to stock up on
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your 40's and 60's. >> now if a child drops a light bulb, we have to up the punishment. >> that's right. that is a lot of allowance. >> stuart, we're going to be watching you at 9:20 eastern on your channel. >> straight ahead, the hero doctor who helped america nab bin laden still rotting in a jail cell and now his lawyers dodging bullets. >> struggling with a gift for the guy in your life? how about a beer and bacon delivered to your door? it's our guys gift guide. >> then you'll need a new guy soon. >> bacon's good for you. ♪ ♪ [ alarm sound for malfunctioning printer ] [ male announcer ] you've reached the age where you've learned a thing or two. [ metal clanks ] ♪ this is the age of knowing what you're made of. so why let erectile dysfunction get in your way? [ gears whirring ]
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24 minutes after the top of the hour on this monday. quick headlines for you. lawyers for the hero bin laden doctor, afridi facing new threats. his lead attorney left pakistan after being threatened by militants. now we're seeing pictures of bullet holes in the window of his office. john cody duped people into donating millions for a fake charity. the harvard trained attorney will be sentenced today. prosecutors want him to spend the next 41 years behind bars for what he did. >> elisabeth, over to you and brian. >> christmas is next week, if you can believe it. if you're still stuck on what to get the special guy in your life, look no further. >> let's go to man's editor of, tyler
3:25 am
thorson, he has the answer, gifts you have not seen anyone else for great men who don't want to break down stereotypes about men. >> guys like beer. i like beer. for that guy who likes to kickback at the end of the day with beer, kraft beer of the month wrong. they send an amazing pack of beer every month. they hand select them. you're going to discover new options and going to trust that it's actually going to be good as opposed to going to the store and playing the lottery. >> you don't just get one beer. you get 12. not 12 different varieties, but 12 bottles. >> no guy is going to complain about getting that. you need something to drink that beer out of. these are amazing. they are i.p.a. glasses specifically designed to be for i.p.a. by a couple of leading brewers, really cool-looking as well, absolutely no science behind these guys but
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they're amazing. we sell them on, 24 bucks for a set of four. if you want something stronger and faster affecting, tkpweu with rye, the whiskey of the moment. rye is made of rye instead of corn like bourbon. >> just getting rye one time? >> rye of the month club, you're on to something, it could be a side project. it is a great gift and great value relative to scotch. >> with the drinks come good food. >> the kitchen is the new man cave as i like to say. guys are spending more time in the kitchen. mantri is the thing for that. it is great for guys who love to cook, great for guys who don't know how to boil water. basically they send a package, like the kraft beer idea. they send a package
3:27 am
artisanally packed food for one month, three months, six months. >> that comes each month and that sets us back each how much? >> $145 and goes up for tpr* there. should we go for style? i love cleaning cloths. it is an independent company, gadget cleaning cloths but they are actually pocket squares. i'm wearing one now. >> you have an iphone, you need one of these. >> why not do it in a design way and double it as a pocket scarf. pop one in. you need somewhere to put your stuff at the end of the day, that is where these cool rugged valet trays, glasses from warby parker. weekend warrior items. tools are cool thanks to best made coach, a new york company, they make
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design-forward retro focus, this toolbox 94 bucks. reminds you of something your dad or grandfather might have had. another is this screwdriver which i really love. it sort of has gyro scopic t-pblg. the more you turn, the faster it turns the screw. it is 80 bucks. >> for those people who say i throw up my hands, i'm getting just a gift card for that guy in my life who has everything, this is now the answer. we go to >> and friends. >> thanks. we love that. >> next on our rundown, remember pippi longstocking, she is grown up now and in a whole lot of trouble.
3:29 am
we'll explain. >> did you hear what nancy pelosi said? >> one word: disrespect. >> do republicans really have no respect for women? we report. you decide. ♪ ♪
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some folks are bound to be frustrated, but many are -- many more are excited, you know. and while i can't say that i've been entirely thrilled with the results... >> "saturday night live" taking a shot at the president's most recent problems. obamacare and the interpreter accused of fake sign language at the nelson mandela memorial. >> on thursday i did something similar. some people were offended, so i apologize for that. but i got for the first time what the thriller was. i watched that last night and said what is this? he was mocking thriller, the music video. i didn't get that. they are taking shots at president obama in the opening probably three of the last four weeks. >> they actually are. that thriller move was classic, i have to say.
3:34 am
>> funny stuff. let's talk politics a little bit. you know, the president of the united states very effectively used the war on women. he said there was one. there wasn't really waged by the republican side. but nonetheless, nancy pelosi sees some political hay to be made. here she is talking about once again, war on women. republicans do not respect laugh the planet. -- respect half the planet. watch. >> one word, disrespect. disrespect for the role women have in terms of exercising their judgment about their responsibilities. disrespect for women in the workplace by not passing equal pay for equal work, pay equity, without raising the minimum wage 62% of the people who make the minimum wage are women, without valuing the time of women with paid sick leave which is something we have been advocating, without joining us in our, when women succeed, america succeeds, whether it's pay equity and raising the minimum wage,
3:35 am
whether it's paid sick leave or whether it's support for, we call it early learning but the broader issue of child care in our country. our economy, again, when women succeed, america will succeed better in our academic life, in our national security, in our military life and certainly in the political process. >> going through our minds, check that off, check that off. >> i think the polls are almost dead even when they ask women now who they prefer a republican candidate or democratic candidate. i think it is dead even. i think one party democratic, republicans antiagenda is illogical. >> many women feel they are the quarterback of their family when it comes to health care and making sure everybody in their family is healthy and has what they need. to tell a woman the
3:36 am
government knows better than you do, to tell a mom she can't take her kid to the doctor they have been going to for years, to tell a woman she can't have the plan she was promised, that right there in the minds of many women is against all families, never mind just women. women can see through the baloney there and certainly nancy pelosi might be spinning it. let us know what you think. do you think the government knows better than you do, mom, for your family's help? >> on the facebook page, when you don't see me on, i'll go back there and we'll answer this question: do you believe republicans are fundamentally against women? do you think mrs. pelosi has a great point? >> it looks like that is going to be their entree toward the next election. stay tuned. in the meantime time for headlines with that gal right there and we're going to the fairy tales with pip
3:37 am
pi longstocking. >> she got in trouble for her antics. look at this. ♪ >> that young lady has gotten herself in hot water. 39-year-old tammy aaron is under arrest accused much drunk driving and smashing into three different cars in los angeles. at least one person was sent to the hospital. a suburban home owned by former kiss guitarist ace going up in flames. fire fighters were called to the house about 40 miles north of new york city. they found heavy smoke coming from that building. the home was heavily damaged before fire was put out. the 62 rocker is facing foreclosure and was not home at this time. >> here is a sure fire way to lose your job. this employee not happy about being passed up for employee of the month so he got into a fight with the woman who did win employee
3:38 am
of the month. he allegedly shot up her car in the parking lot. she was not inside that car at the time. >> perhaps he wanted to be employee of the month, but clearly these actions that we saw in response to this, i think we see why he wasn't chosen as employee of the month. >> mitchell, we're told, no longer works for that company. >> k-mart does it again. their first holiday ad features men in boxers -- remember this -- with that naughty rendition of jingle bells. now k-mart taking it to a whole new level. check this out. >> ship my trousers? you're kidding. >> you can ship your trousers right here. >> i just shipped my robe. >> i just shipped the bed. >> one of the funniest commercials of the holiday season. now it has gone viral, over a million views on youtube. those are your headlines. >> full service. so you can ship things
3:39 am
places. >> i love that my children have seen that commercial nearly a million times and now they're repeating it. i can ship my homework. great. >> you don't have to log on if you want weather. all you have to do is glance over at maria. >> good morning. hope you all had a good week. >> you were busy. >> you mentioned you got over six inches of snow in your area. a lot of places picked up about a half of foot of snow across connecticut and parts of new england, some spots over a foot of snow. we are actually expecting again another storm system quickly to move through parts of the northeast as we head into tomorrow. first i want to start out with the current wind chill temperatures. it is sure to feel very cold out as you head out the door in cities like minneapolis, chicago and parts of ohio with temperatures feeling like it is below zero out there. your actual high temperatures are going to stay below what's average for this time of the year. i want to show you that quick-moving clipper system
3:40 am
across the northeast for tomorrow. it is forecast to produce as much as 2.7 inches of snow here in new york city and more than six inches in parts of new england. over to you, brian. >> let me tell you what happened in football, yesterday. n.f.c. east eagles against the minnesota vikings. eagles fell behind early. 428 yards and 3 touchdowns. the vikings without their top running back, aceda came into the game with three carries, three scores and three touchdowns. vikings win 48-30. talk about a come back, green bay packers against the cowboys. backup quarterback threw for 299 yards and 4 touchdowns to lead the pack in the best come back of the day with over a minute left in the game packers scored the go-ahead touchdown. tony romo 10 to cough it
3:41 am
up. he did it again. george washington secret six is now number 3, thanks so much, on most lists. yesterday was the marking of george washington's death in 1799. now i go to his house on saturday where a signing in the afternoon and 11 khraofplt -- 11:00 in mcclean. if you go to, last day for an autographed signing. >> a drunk teen mows down four people and now he gets to skip jail because he is a, quote, victim of his family's own wealth. what happened to taking responsibility? >> parents hide the kids. caught on camera, a bunch of bad santas brawling in
3:42 am
the street. why these guys should put themselves on the naughty list. ♪ ♪
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a a
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just about 15 minutes till the top of the hour. quick look at headlines. these guys on the naughty list. a group of men dressed in santa claus suits caught brawling in manhattan. no word on what started the fight. check out this video. a daring rescuer takes a
3:46 am
suicidal man back into the building he was trying to jump from. steve? >> thank you, elisabeth. in skwroupb a texas teenager -- in june a texas teenager killed four people and injured nine others while he was driving drunk. his defense? he was suffering from affluenza telling the court he never learned right from wrong because his parents were wealthy. he was from a very successful family. >> the judge agreed giving him a ten-year probation rather than a 20-year sentencing there was push for. what kind of message -- what kind of example is that? can we look for more affluenza pleas because it seemed to have benefited this guy. larry wingate is here to weigh in. is affluenza a good excuse? >> what what a sad place in our society where we can turn being affluent into a disease and lack of responsibility into a
3:47 am
disease. first of all, a lack of personal responsibility is not a disease. it is a choice. that choice stems from our very moral core that plays with it and says this is the right thing to do, this is the wrong thing to do. then we have a judge that comes along and says that you don't have to impose consequences based on the fact that your parents had money. how stupid is that? what an attack on people who have done well, worked hard, become affluent and are doing a great job teaching their kids to be responsible. it has nothing to do with whether you have money or don't have money. it comes down to good parenting. and this guy got off for a stupid reason. and the judge should be ashamed. >> that's just it. it's one thing for the defense attorney. they've got to come up with something. they came wup that. the -- they came up with that. the judge fell for that cockamamie excuse. what kind of a jam does that put parents in?
3:48 am
you want to provide for your children but now somebody looks at this and says if my kids come from a successful family they might not have to work as hard. they might use that as an excuse going forward. >> i think the whole attack about having money, that's just a load of crap. there's nothing that backs that up that says if you have money that you're going to raise kids who are not responsible. that is not fair to people who have done well, as i said, and become affluent. the other problem i see is that it creates more disrespect for our legal system and drives a bigger wedge between the haves and have-nots. so people who have not done well get to say those lucky rich people, they don't ever have anything done to them. the legal system always takes care of them. and that's the dangerous message, i believe. >> you're uniquely qualified to answer this question. you said you grew up poor. initially when you were married with kids, they were poor. you became affluent later. was it harder once you had
3:49 am
money to get your values and morals across? >> no. actually i believe it might have been easier because i told them and showed them through my results that if you do the right thing, take responsibility for your actions, work hard and become affluent, then that's what you really should be striving for. again, being responsible has nothing to do with money. there are poor parents who do a great job teaching personal responsibility. but there are rich parents who also do areat job teaching personal responsibility. it's not about the money. it's about your willingness as a parent to sit down and teach your kids what that means and to impose consequences. right now we live in a spoet where we don't -- we live in a society where we don't impose consequences when we see bad behavior. that is the problem. >> that is the problem. larry wingate's latest book is called grow a pair. the quote from that segment right there, affluenza is a
3:50 am
load of crap. larry, thanks for showing up. >> if he showed up in a tie, the world wouldn't seem right. >> tell us what you think. e-mail or twitter us. the rumor mill is kicking it into high gear. is donald trump about to run for governor? he's here to set the record straight. >> governors make great presidents. a marine surprises his entire family at a hockey game. what happened next, no one expected. the marine joins us live next. ♪ ♪
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one marine pulling off a double surprise at a detroit red wings game at his family watched the special jumbo tron message from their son. he then shows up in person with an even bigger surprise. he then gets down on one knee to propose to his girlfriend. joining us now is u.s. marine lance corporal chris marn and his new fiance. good morning and congratulations. >> thank you so much. good morning. >> oh, my gosh. i can't imagine what was going through your mind. a surprise announcement after just seeing your guy up on the jumbo tron and then realize he's there, but then he's down on one knee. bring us in that moment with you. what's going through your mind? >> i'm sitting in front of the
3:55 am
jumbo tron and saw a video of him come up. i immediately got tears in my eyes. what was running through my head was how he was coming home that sunday, or so i thought. i thought, how crazy would this have been to have been proposed to. little did i know a few minutes later i would be. >> oh, my gosh. >> you set the bar pretty high for a lot of guys, just so you know. >> yeah. i've been told that. >> you have a special woman by your side there. >> yes, die. >> what can you tell bus her? >> she's my best friend and i love her. pretty much sums it all up. >> i think we all felt the love there for sure. i'm sure just your family had to be elated. everyone now is watching you. have you set a wedding date? what's next? >> i guess definitely that's the next plan. we don't have a date set just
3:56 am
yet. we're still just kind of in the moment with everything. but we'll work on that. >> we'll be waiting because we're expecting something big now from the two of you. >> absolutely. >> we thank you for your service. how did you pull this off, though? >> i was thinking of ideas about four or five weeks ago and my dad, he's got some pretty good connections and knows ex-red wings. i know she loves sports. i put two and two together and he said give me a week and sure enough, a week later we had everything planned. >> how fantastic. the world is cheering you guys on. we thank you for sharing that with us. well done, lance corporal. take care, you guys. have fun with the wedding planning. >> thank you. >> thank you for your service. that's a good story. coming up, another day, another obamacare problem.
3:57 am
enrollees are getting their bank accounts cleaned out. and a band will perform live here on "fox & friends." ♪ ♪
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4:00 am
good morning. today is monday, december 16. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. we begin with a fox news alert. holiday horror. a christmas shopper shot outside an upscale shopping mall. breaking details straight ahead. that's right by your house, steve. were you look for health care on-line? better look at your bank statement next. there is a new bug in the system secretly emptying your accounts. donald trump is here with more obamacare failures. >> there are so many bugs in the system. somebody needs to call terminix. this police department has a brand-new crime fighting tool this christmas season.
4:01 am
♪ ♪ >> hilarious. santa is the long arm of the law. "fox & friends" hour two for this very busy monday starts right now. >> hi. this is pastor rick warren. you're watching "fox & friends." merry christmas. >> you know what? i got a feeling that pastor rick warren will be in our christmas special, the "fox & friends" christmas special you'll see on christmas eve right here on the channel. >> it's become an annual tradition dating back to 1943. we've been doing it actually over the weekend for some reason, johnny dollar put up our scene from "it's a wonderful life." >> that's right. >> come home to little sally. we look at the christmas tree. >> she's now how old? >> she's a junior in college. it's a classic. that runs on christmas eve at 8 p.m then a week later, ladies and
4:02 am
gentlemen, miss new year's eve is sitting right next to us here. >> are you excited? you're going to be hosting with bill hemmer? >> i'll be bill hemmer's sidekick bringing in the new year. 11:00 p.m. eastern, december 31. >> have you ever been in times square on new year's eve? >> never. this will be my first time. >> it's fantastic. >> it will be exciting. i've only made it up to the wall of people and then backed up. >> something electric and something warm. >> and a hemmer. bill hemmer there keep us warm. >> if you're with bill hemmer, you're in great hands. that will be great and i have a reason to watch now. >> good. don't forget christmas special december 24 at 8 and then new year's eve. for right now, we'll say hello to heather nauert. >> it will be so much fun watching you ring in the new year. >> i'll be waving to you all. >> ever since guy lombardoidioid, we've been searching. >> good morning to you all. hope you're off to a great day. we have sad news coming out of new jersey this morning.
4:03 am
a night of christmas shopping takes a horrifying turn in that state. a husband shot dead right in front of his wife outside one of the fanciest shopping malls in the united states. two suspects approaching the couple in a parking lot. the husband had just opened the door for his wife and then he was getting into the driver's seat when he was shot. >> they had been shopping. they had just left the mall and going to their vehicle. >> happened about 9:00 p.m. last night. the two carjackers making off with the victim's car. a 2012 silver range rover. they are still on the loose. police need your help trying to find these men. with the busy shopping season, law enforcement across the country offering a a few safety tips. park in well lit areas, be aware of your surroundings, have your keys ready before get not guilty the car, don't shop alone at night. look in your car before you get inside. sounds like that would not have
4:04 am
helped. she went from newly wed to widow in just a couple of hours. army ranger william knight and his new wife were driving to their wedding reception in indiana when they came upon a stranded driver. his wife wanted him to keep on driving, but knight felt he had to stop. it was that sense of duty that cost him his life. knight and the stranded driver were hit and killed by three passing cars. >> he was just being a good samaritan. unfortunately it cost him his life. >> he would stop and help anybody in any way, shape or form. >> all of the drivers stopped at the scene to try to help. it's believed they lost control of their vehicles because the car -- the roads were so slick there. knight was 49 years old. he leaves behind a wife, two daughters, a stepdaughter and a stepson. the lone victim of the colorado school shooting is fighting for her life. 17-year-old claire davis was shot at point-blank range by 18-year-old karl pierson in
4:05 am
school on friday. colorado's governor visiting the hospital where davis now remains in a coma at this hour. pierson's main target was the school librarian who kicked him off the debate team of the pierson set off a bomb in the library and fired off five rounds before he turned the gun on himself. but his friends say he's not a violent guy. listen. >> he had been through elementary school, he was always there for me. i don't want people to see him as this monster. i mean, yes, he did something bad. yes, it ended badly. but he's so much better than this. >> that school is closed today. now a cute story finally. a curious kid gives pope francis a little surprise during a visit to the vatican's medical center for children. watch this as he snatches the pope's cap right off his head, but the pope doesn't seem to mind. he's all smiles. for a moment it looks like the
4:06 am
cap snatcher had an amazing souvenir. right? but the leader of the catholic church retrieved his headwear and returned it to his rightful place right on his head. those are your headlines at this hour. one cute little story to bring you. there is some tough stuff going on this morning. >> there is. >> this is the second incident the pope had with the child. >> the last one the kid stole his chair and stole the scene. >> that's right. remember that? >> all right. see you later. one thing you can count on us over the last couple of years we've been talking about obamacare and what it would mean to you and now it's been rolled out for a couple of months and it hasn't worked well. in washington state, their web site has been down a second week and now we're learning that in washington state, apparently there is some sort of -- another glitch in the system, another bug in the system where people are having money taken out of their accounts not when it's supposed to and perhaps double
4:07 am
the amount. all sorts of things are going wrong. >> you talk about coming out of your debit account, it's everyone's nightmare. joining us now, a guy with a lot to debit, and that is donald trump. donald, welcome back. >> good morning. >> it's got to be monday if you're with us. you heard steve describe the story. can you believe it's got to this level? if you want to hit somebody in the pocketbook, go into their checking account without them knowing it. >> it's amazing what's happening. it's a complete mess. there has never been probably anything like it. i've never seen anything. it shows the gross imcompetence of what's going on. i've never seen anything quite like it. >> what's crazy is the editorial in the "new york times" today, you would think is the smoothest run operation since you fixed the w oman rink. >> i was going to sayoing to die of its own weight and it will be dying of its own weight. it's getting worse and worse. the web site is still way, way, way far away from work. it could be years before that thing really works properly. what they're doing is they're
4:08 am
just taking all the checks and balances out of it. if you just put it on, you think you qualify. the problem is, the insurance companies, they don't know. nobody knows what you have, so people think they have now health insurance. they don't have anything. nobody knows what's happening. the plans are not work. the sad thing is 55 million people were taken off plans that they love. and that's, by the way, raising all the time. so it's a real problem. it's very unfair. we had a system and we could have taken that system and made it really, really good and instead, we blew up the system that worked for many people. >> you are absolutely right about that. good morning. >> good morning, elisabeth. >> question for you here. should we be calling you or could we be calling you governor trump pretty soon? there is word out today that you could be setting the table for a gubernatorial run. can that be true? a ton of people would be happy about that. >> it's very interesting. a lot of the republican leaders from new york came to see me last week and they wanted me to
4:09 am
do that. i'll make a decision at some time pretty soon, i think. but it was not what i had in mind. they came and they wanted -- very strongly wanted to see me and very strongly want me to do it. new york state has a lot of problems. we have the highest taxes in the nation, which people are not exactly thrilled about. and there is no reason to have that. and there are a lot of other problems. let's see what happens. i had something else in mind. this was not actually something i wanted to do. i love the state. i love the country, but they feel very strongly about it. at some point i'll make a decision. >> what else did you have in mind? >> well, i had something else in mind. >> what was it? >> well, let's -- >> it was president. >> it's actually -- we'll talk about that during commercial. it's interesting, what's going on. there are lots of things. i also love what i'm doing more than anything. i just love what i'm doing. as you know, we opened the blue
4:10 am
monster, you know about that. we just opened the blue monster over the weekend on saturday. we had a big ribbon cutting down at dural and it was fantastic in miami. 800-acres in the middle of miami i'm rebuilding it. it's great. but we have a lot of interesting things. but new york state is in trouble. there is no question about it. >> if you look at what's been happening on the federal level, with this president, his gigantic rollout and it's gone so badly on so many different levels and people are going, we told you ahead of time, this is somebody who had never run anything before. to your point, whether it's governor or running for president, you're somebody who has a lot of experience running things that work out okay. >> what really is hard for me to believe is that if this was his legacy, he got it passed by one vote. he got it passed with a lie. because when he made the statement about you can keep your plan, you'll keep your doctor, the whole thing, everything, so many times, like 29 times or 34 times.
4:11 am
i see different things. he got it passed by one vote. had he not said that, it could never have passed. and you would think that the web site would have been flawless. you would have thought that he would have been meeting with these people every day. he would never have chosen the people that were chosen because they're in litigation all overt place for having done a very poor job at other locations on much smaller, ease your places. so you would have thought where so much was riding on the success of obamacare would have been absolutely fantastic with respect to -- he would have been meeting with people every day. he should have called microsoft. he should have called google or any one of the great companies they could have done this stuff blindfolded and he said that he had nothing to do with it. how can you have nothing to do with it when your whole legacy is riding on obamacare? now obamacare is a total disaster and it's embarrassing to everybody, including the country itself. 'cause what's going on with the country, the whole world is talking about what a disaster this thing is.
4:12 am
so anyway, it's dying of its own weight. it's based on lies and unfortunately, much of the administration is based on lies. >> right. china is challenging us at sea, the ukraine is asking for help and we have to send a senator over there to let them know we are there for him. it's pretty bad. i think most people, and i thought it was very telling that most democrats are admitting it was a wasted year one of the second term. >> i think worst than waste, wasted would be like nothing happened. only bad things happened. if you look at what's going on, so many bad things happened. it's interesting, you think something like benghazi and people don't talk about that much, it never resonates, it's such a horrible thing, but i don't know that it ever will resonate. the things that happened to us, we are not the same country that we were in terms of respect, in terms of so many other things. this wasn't really a wasted year. this was a negative year. >> a lost year. donald trump, congratulations
4:13 am
on -- good job. we'll see you at the 19th hole sometime. >> absolutely. i look forward to it and see you next monday. >> thank you. 12 minutes after the top of the hour. it would not be christmas without an atheist okay did she dash attack on christians. another sure sign of christmas, people being trampled , what in the world are they trying to buy? ♪ ♪
4:14 am
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4:17 am
well, it wouldn't be christmas without someone complaining about christ. the latest attack right here in new york city where atheists put up this billboard t. asks, quote, who needs christ during christmas? nobody. end quote. my next guest, an advocate for christianity disagrees and is giving them a taste of their own medicine. ken ham is the president and founder of answers in genesis. good morning. thanks for being with us. >> good morning and merry christmas. >> merry christmas is right. you heard about this billboard up in new york city. what was your reaction to that? >> you know, the atheists, who have very small minority in the population, have been trying to impose their religion of atheism on the culture for quite a while, getting bible, prayer out of schools, christian symbols out of public places and conducted a very aggressive billboard campaign the last couple years. last year there in times square they had a billboard that says keep the merry, dump the myth, and that was jesus. and because they're becoming so aggressive, i feel it's really
4:18 am
time that christians really stood up in this culture to take on the atheists and to proclaim their message of hope. because we have a real message of hope. what's the atheist message? there is no god, when you die, that's the end of you so everything is meaningless and hopelessness? let them promote their own message and their message of hopelessness. what they do is attack christianity. and they attack the lord jesus christ. >> there is a difference to your point between letting someone have it and attacking what someone has. you put up your own billboard and we have an image of that here. what did it say? >> we certainly did. well, ours says to owl our atheist friends, 'cause we're all related, we go back to adam. -- all he wants for christmas is you." we're talking about jesus, the lord jesus christ. then we put up the verse from john 3:16, for god so loved the world that they gave his only son that whosoever believes in him shall not perish but have everlasting life. our message to atheists is we're
4:19 am
not attack you personally, but we want you to know the truth, that there is a god who created you and you are sinners, as all of us are, but that god sent his son to become the babe in a manger and that's what christmas is all about. remembering christ, god's son, who came to die on the cross for our sin, be raised from the dead. that's why we give free gifts, we freely give gifts to remind us of the free gift of salvation. >> american people seem to agree. they were asked in a poll, should christmas be more about jesus or santa? and 67% said jesus. only 17% said santa. to your point, they seem to be with you and happy for everyone to just be kind and let everyone worship as they may. right? >> well, the majority of people actually support christ in christmas. majority of people do support that. the atheists are only a small part of the population and really it's that minority, less than 2% of the population that seem to be having such say in
4:20 am
our culture in imposing their anti-god religion. you got to remember something, when you get rid of christ out of christmas, it's now not mutual. the bible says you're either for christ or against. what they're really doing, the atheists, wanting to impose their anti-god religion on us, on the culture. and so we need to stand up against that. that's why we put up this billboard in duffy square and we will continue to do such things. >> thanks for being with us this morning. certainly standing up for your faith. >> thank you. >> take care. coming up, your comments are pouring in on this story. a drunk teen mows down four people but gets to skip jail. why? because he is, quote, a victim of his own family's wealth. we're going to read your comments on that. and have you seen this video? the united states band surprising visitors at the smithsonian. they will perform right here on "fox & friends" coming up. ♪ ♪
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4:24 am
i can handle it from here. $100 million. that's how much money convicted con man john donald cody got people to donate into a fake charity. he will be sentenced today and he should be. next, $550 million. that's how much you could have won in the mega millions lote. the next drawing is tomorrow. the odds of winning, one in 259 million. finally, $73.7 million. that's how much "the hobbit" earned in its debut at the box office. making it number one.
4:25 am
"anchorman" is looming. >> thank you, brian. imagine you're visiting a quiet museum in washington, d.c. and all of a sudden, that breaks out ♪ ♪ let men their songs employ ♪ ♪ >> that is a flash mob and it appeared last week at the national air and space museum on the mall in washington, d.c joining us right now live from that museum is commander and conductor of the u.s. air force band, colonel larry lang, and behind him, the singing sergeant. good morning to you. >> hey, how are you doing there? >> doing okay. we're suckers for a good flash mob. tell us how -- first of all, why did you do it? >> we're always looking for creative ways to get our music out into the public and the flash mob idea came up last summe to reach
4:26 am
them in an unusual and interesting way. we do a lot of things on the internet. so this is just one more step in that direction. it was just a lot of fun putting this together and a chance for the entire air force band to come together for this very special event with the air and space museum. >> and it all started with that single sergeant right there, ed, playing the cello and then the guys and gals started bringing things in. what do you think the people who were there at the museum were thinking was happening? >> i think they were just delighted as it developed because as you say, ed is such a fine musician to start with. then we added all these other great musicians around him and it just built and built and built. then we added the chorus up in the balcony, which surprised everybody, as we went into the middle of it. and then the ceremonial brass who play at arlington cemetery
4:27 am
came out to join us and did this wonderful fanfare. and then the whole band joined in. in total, it was about 130 people there at the air and space museum. fantastic. >> i watched the whole video. it is just sensational. it's so inspirational and so moving to see all the men and women in uniform playing the instruments. what's the reaction been from your bosses and people in the pentagon? they got to be happy. >> they are. we're all very proud of the product because what it does is it demonstrates the kind of excellence and professionalism that is across the air force. we have over 500,000 airmen serving around the world and what we did is just a little spotlight of what the air force does each and every day. >> well, we have seen the flash mob. and coming up in the next hour, we've got a full performance from the air force band in the
4:28 am
next hour. and he is surrounded by the singing sergeants. do you have to be a sergeant to be in the singing sergeants? >> well, it works out that way. each and every one of them are professional enlisted airmen in the united states air force and yes, each and every one is a sergeant. >> that's great. we're going to hear from them in about an hour. colonel, we thank you very much for joining us from the national air and space museum in washington. get ready, you're coming up in the next hour. >> absolute pleasure. thank you very much. >> all right. thank you. coming up straight ahead, they were caught on camera, people being trampled, doors ripped off. what in the world were they trying to buy? you're not going to believe it. nothing says christmas like a twang. the latest technology puts you in the driver's seat. by the way, you can use your ipad, of course. ♪ ♪
4:29 am
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4:32 am
♪ jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way ♪ ♪ it's no fun to get locked up ♪ jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way ♪ >> all right. it's your shot of the morning.
4:33 am
yes, police department in hampton, virginia, releasing an antes crime video this christmas and they have a special recruit to help crack down on crime. he is santa claus. >> knows everybody's address. >> put it this way, he starts out with his naughty list that can be given to cops. >> the nsa has the copy of the naughty list. >> not according to last night's "60 minutes." only if they commit a crime can they read it. >> that will be the next headline. >> we still have the rodeo to get to. we have dr. tom price with his brand-new health care pan. we also have trains to ride. >> we do. >> i love trains at christmas time. >> we've also got headlines. if you're just getting up at 7:33 eastern time. >> folks, little boys will want to see this segment with the lionel trains. they look fantastic. elisabeth, i wish our kids were here. >> can you picture the kids?
4:34 am
>> we'll show that you in a little bit. first some headlines on this monday morning. remember the character pippi longstocking? she had a whole lot of antics that got her in a lot of trouble. ♪ i never get the blues on monday morning ♪ ♪ yeah, yeah >> pippi getting sheriff into hot water in real life. she's under arrest, accused of drunk driving and smashing into three different cars in los angeles. at least one person was sent to the hospital. caught on camera, people being trampled, doors ripped off all for a pair of shoes. more than 300 people lining up at a mall in columbus, ohio, for a voucher to buy nike's air jordans. the crowd got unruly, breaking down the mall doors and storming into the store. the brawl causing nearly $10,000 worth of damage. and new information about ethan couch, the drunk driver who killed four people in texas and now gets to skip jail
4:35 am
because he's a victim of his family's wealth. he reportedly lived in his own mansion where he threw wild parties. the story is spurring a whole lot of outrage about parental responsibility. here is what larry winget had to say about it on "fox & friends" earlier. >> being responsible has nothing to do with money. there are poor parents who do a great job teaching personal responsibility. but there are rich parents who also do a great job teaching personal responsibility. it's not about the money. it's about your willingness as a parent to sit down and teach your kid what that means and impose consequences. >> couch was sentenced to ten years probation rather than the 20-year sentence the prosecutors pushed for. so we asked you and we're getting a lot of comments about this so-called aziza disease. >> one said the why should get a
4:36 am
sff -- affluenza shot. another said, i didn't get away with anything. those are your headlines at this hour. remember spare the rod, spoil the child? that's one thing my dad always said. >> it has a lot to do with the parents. >> it's a change. >> see you later. heather is inside. we're inside where it's nice and warm. maria molina is outside where currently it is on the streets of new york city, 26 degrees. >> 26 degrees. you factor in a little breeze and it feels even colder than that. ask folks from alabama how chilly it is here. you ever injure jackets and visiting on a tourist trip, right? >> yes. just for vacation. >> what are you doing today? >> we're going to ellis island and statue of liberty and the uss intrepid. >> and the space shuttle is there. >> i'm a history buff. >> thank you for stopping by this morning.
4:37 am
let's look at the weather conditions across the country. it's not just cold here in the northeast burks also cold across portions of the midwest, like in minneapolis where it's even colder. it feels like 10 below zero. your actual high temperatures will stay below average across the midwest, great lakes and the northeast. new york city, the high temperature only 28 degrees. while we're not really expecting any precipitation today, we are going to have a clipper system swinging through the northeast producing some snow. otherwise the rest of the country look very quiet in terms of any snowfall or precipitation. here is a look at the forecast. new york city tomorrow, 1.6 inches of snow forecast. but in the new england area, more than six inches of snow. that's in addition to the storms that already impacted the region over the weekend that dumped more than a foot of snow in parts of new england. now let's head over to you, brian. >> we stay indoors, but it was cold yesterday. i know i watched the giant game. let's talk football. most dominant performance the seahawks traveled to met life stadium to beat the giants and waste all my money.
4:38 am
manning was terrible. five picks. seattle was great. in the end, seattle would win 23-0. guess what in a dealership is giving away 470,000 if seattle actually got the shut-out. 12 lucky fans split $435,000. good job, seahawks. bad job, giants. that's quick look at what's happening in the world of sports. meanwhile, lionel trains are a christmas time tradition. only this year the model train company has upped its game with new technology. >> it's impossible. >> no, it's true, according it howard hitchcock, the general manager of lionel trains. good morning to you. >> good morning. how are you? >> lionel trains. >> it's 113-year-old company synonymous with christmas. everyone remembers running their train around the tree. we created our new remote system and it's all about engaging the youth and interactivity. so now instead of -- everybody remembers the old transforger. you don't have to have that.
4:39 am
off remote so you can walk around, the kids can get more engaged, putting a hand held device in their hand. if you want to drive this, you can turn it on and you're going to drive the silver bell set. then it's got different sounds, bells. >> two trains rolling. >> yep. >> this is fun. this is a way to bring generations together. >> here, if you don't want to use that hand device, you can use your ipad. >> this is for a lit bit more of the advanced user. this is the fast track. what this allows you to do, with the more advanced engine technology, it's use your ipad to drive your train. i've activated this train here. >> you're overriding my remote control. >> we're all talking on different signals. the nice part about these is they're talking specifically to that train, and this train here is being driven by this. so you can speed it up or slow it down. you can activate the horn. there is a component to this
4:40 am
that's wi-fi connect that had allows us -- it's not part of lds, but a component of lds, where it preprograms the sequence of events. every time that train drives over this track, it will blow its horn three times. >> this is outstanding. over the years, lionel trains and christmas are pretty much synonymous. but to bring it into the tech world, it's something else. >> we're really trying to make something different. this train here, back in the olden days -- this is thomas. he comes in a set, too. what you'll notice is i'm actually driving thomas independent of this. the older -- >> it's chaos! >> there goes thomas. >> the older transformer set we used to have to control -- we're going to have a collision. >> go, train, go. >> the thomas the train itself
4:41 am
will be 199. the whole express train is 379? >> suggested retail, yes. >> thank you very much. merry christmas. >> merry christmas. >> can you get the louder train for us next time? >> absolutely. thank you. >> 19 minutes before the top of the hour. straight ahead, what's the first order of business? you can imagine. >> democrats tell you republicans don't have any ideas to replace obamacare. our next guest says not true. our next guest is here live to work our train. how are you doing? ♪ ♪
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4:45 am
some quick monday morning headlines. australia has closed its main military base in afghanistan, sending its last combat troops home. out of the 1500 troops returning, 400 will stay behind to serve in training roles. most international troops are due to leave afghanistan, as you know, by the end of next year. and chile, the country, elects a socialist, easily winning the runoff presidential election. her second time elected president. shewy$xñ left office in 2010 tod the u.n. organization for women in new york. her first order of business? to raise corporate taxes. brilliant. brian, over to you and elisabeth, somebody knows all about taxes. >> president obama's repeatedly asked republicans to bring him
4:46 am
ideas that could fix america's broken health care system. for example -- >> criticizing it, don't seem to have any ideas in terms of how to reduce costs, insure millions of people to get coverage for the first time. i will work with anybody to implement and improve this law effectively. you got good ideas? bring them to me. i'd be happy to listen. that's not what's happening. >> our next guest says not true. congressman tom price is a republican from georgia. he said he's got a proposal that could save this country trillions of dollars. good morning and welcome. >> thanks so much. >> here is your idea, the president asked you for an idea. what is it? >> we put patients and families and doctors in charge of health care as opposed to washington, d.c when the president says that, the american people know he's not telling the truth. we've had plans for three or four years that would fundamentally change the health care system. so again, patients and families and doctors are making decisions. not washington, d.c we've got to make it so the folks can get health coverage. but it's coverage that they want.
4:47 am
not that the government forces them to buy. >> what are the basic differences in -- purchasing across state lines? >> purchasing across state lines, equalize the tax treatment for individuals so folks have the same tax incentive to purchase health coverage as businesses. you make it so every single american has the financial feasibility to make deductions through credits and advancable credits. and wonderful ways to save hundreds of billions of dollars in health care by ending the practice of defensive medicine. >> not only do you know this and are you on the advice chair of the budget committee in the house, but also a doctor. so this is what -- i imagine could have been somewhat of a surprise, but pleasant surprise, former cbo director said this, it will produce $2.34 trillion in savings over the next ten years. it will create smaller premium increases than the affordable care act. and the number of insured could increase by 29% in 2016. you handle people with preexisting condition. >> we do, by making it so they can get the coverage that they want.
4:48 am
not that the government forces them to buy. the problem with the president's plan is that if they don't think your preexisting condition is a preexisting condition, you're out of luck because nobody wins an appeal with the federal government. we allow people to pool together with millions of other americans so you get the purchasing power of millions so one person's adverse health condition doesn't drive up the costs for others. >> so the government who decides -- >> they're going to define what panel, what doctors you can see, what drugs you can take, what formulary of drugs will be available to you. this is just beginning to unfold and the american people know it's wrong. >> so you've answered the president's question, if you ever good ideas, i want to hear it. you're saying, i'm not going to fix your plan, mr. president. it's not fixable. you're saying, go with my plan. when will this be presented? >> we've presented it, hr 2300. this is the third congress this has been introduced. we had it when the president made his statements early on with obamacare. if you've got another idea, give us a call. let us know.
4:49 am
we've actually called him. we've contacted the white house repeatedly. it's crickets. the fact is they don't want to talk about the quality of health care, accessibility to health care, affordability. they want the government to control health care. >> do you have obamacare? >> we're forced on to it because of the law, yeah. >> what have you found? >> so far that's more expensive than what i had previously and as i'm able to determine, it looks like the panels are going to be smaller. that's going to be true for the vast majority of the american people as they work through this and we see that it's going to cost more, accessability will be less and the quality i believe will be less as well. that's not right. that's not what the american people want. >> we have the support behind you on this in terms of what i read so far. so we wish you well, congressman. thank you for being here. >> thank you so much. merry christmas to you. >> you would think as a doctor you would be invaluable in congress, but yet you have to sit there and not get any response from the white house. >> shocking. >> 11 minutes before the top of the hour. >> so you just heard an alternative to obamacare.
4:50 am
it couldn't come quick enough. more details this morning revealed. obamacare navigators told people to lie about their income. >> yep. and they call him the michael jordan of the rodeo and his girlfriend is a rodeo superstar. they teach us to lasso next. ♪ ♪
4:51 am
4:52 am
4:53 am
time to take the bull by the horns and do some roping doping here on fox "friends." >> we are joined by professional rodeo stars trevor and shada. good morning to you.
4:54 am
>> good morning. >> a little chilly, isn't it? >> a little bit. it's okay, though. >> what's so good about the rodeo? >> oh, my goodness. >> where do you start? the wrangler national finals is our super bowl rodeo. it's got seven different events and it's just a family friendly sport. it's what extreme sports was built on. >> you just won your 11th championship. congratulations. >> thank you. >> you came in second in barrel racing. >> and are you going to teach us how it do this? >> yeah, let's do this. >> with those skills fresh in mind, what do we need to know? >> what is this competition you're going to show us? >> we'll be roping him by the horns and it's just pretty self plan tri from a cowboy's point of view. we're going to swing it around a few times and deliver it on to the horns, the right horn first
4:55 am
and then across to the left horn. >> does that thing move? >> i think it does move. can we get that thing fired up? >> get out there! come on! >> like this? >> put her a little bit more outside. a little more so it doesn't hit her. >> is she trying to grab the back leg? >> can i get way closer? >> she's dangerous with that thing. >> i'll help you. get in your position, a little bit closer. >> all right! >> get a little closer. there you go, there you go.
4:56 am
>> you're good. >> go ahead, steve. you give it a try. >> rodeo scene, here we go! >> i was waiting for brian. come on, partner! >> i need maria on my team. >> look at that! >> watch out, watch out! >> i'll rope the horns in a real competition and my partner ropes the feet. >> congratulations. >> i'm going to give you my jacket. >> coming up, united states is $17 trillion in debt. but don't tell that to the united nations. they are asking for billions more in aid. seriously?
4:57 am
there goes brian running 'cause he's a little chilly. ♪ ♪
4:58 am
4:59 am
5:00 am
good morning. today is monday, december 16. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. two suspected terrorists set free. the president couldn't close gitmo, so two inmates were just sent home instead. the developing details straight ahead. >> don't they have to tell us that? >> meanwhile, from frail your to fraud, obamacare navigators told people just to lie about their income so they'd get a handout. we've got stunning details straight ahead. have you seen this video? ♪ ♪ joy to the world the savior reigns ♪ ♪ let men their songs employ snowe ♪ >> the united states air force band surprising visitors at the
5:01 am
smithsonian. that band here to perform this hour. float the pictures. "fox & friends" final hour starts now. >> hi, this is tony danza. you're watching "fox & friends." merry christmas and a happy new year. >> thank you, anthony. it's the 8:00 o'clock hour of a monday morning. that means we turn now to our friend in television, bret baier live from washington. hello, bret. >> good morning. >> getting ready for christmas? >> yeah, we're not lassoing mechanical bulls in washington. >> oh, believe me, pal, there is a lot of bull down there! have you been watching? >> that needs to be reined in. >> i didn't lasso anything here. >> although i'll tell you, you came up over the weekend because in naples, they love you in naples, florida. you dominate the region. >> that is a great place. home away from home. >> right. they're wearing shorts right now. >> it's the bret baier factor. so let's talk about this.
5:02 am
obama navigators are reportedly purposely telling people to underreport their income so they would qualify tore subsidies, all the while putting your information at risk, no background checks. what's your take on that and what's worse? >> this is a report that's out today from the house government oversight reform committee chairman darrell issa, holding a field hearing outside of dallas this afternoon. we've obt report that they are putting out this afternoon. it's pretty detailed and it has all kinds of allegations in there about these navigators. one of them, as you mentioned, they have specific allegations of incidents where navigators told people to essentially deflate their income to get subsidies. others said that they would mail in the application so that they took in the applications and they filled out the applications for them and they mailed them in for the applicants.
5:03 am
and a host of other charges. the main one, though, is about not knowing whether these navigators have checked through background checks and how they're handling personal information. there have been a couple incidents with social security numbers and other personal information that really is raising questions. they're going to go over that in detail at this field hearing outside dallas this afternoon. >> in fact, as you know, we heard not long ago from kathleen sebelius, yeah, we don't know if we hired convicted felons. what's troubling about the fact that you've got these navigators telling people to deflate your income so you get a subsidy, a subsidy really, it's fraud on a number of levels. but that money is coming from all of us to help the people who truly need help paying their bills. >> sure. there is a stipulation that a certain number and a percentage of below that percentage get the subsidies. those are all taxpayer dollars,
5:04 am
you're right. those are the folks that will get the assistance on this program. there are a lot of questions here as we get towards the end of the year and up until this point, this has all been talking about web sites and kind of eherial stuff. january 1, you're talking about health care and people going to doctors and saying, i need to be treated and there will be real world consequences after the first of the year. >> you can't get into the airport without i.d your story might be real, but if you don't have i.d., it won't work. like health care. i got to tell you, first off, i was listening to brit hume yesterday on fox news sunday and he's saying right now people with preexisting conditions are finding insurance companies not paying on all of them. there is a way of them getting around paying them or there is a glitch or bug in the system. have you heard that? >> yeah.
5:05 am
i heard brit yesterday and i've heard stories of this. i think there are a lot of things that we're just learning about how this all is working out in coming weeks. how it's all coming together. there are a lot of different elements -- because it's all changed. doctors will tell you they're finding out as they're going along here. every deadline has shifted. december 23rd has shifted with the administration asking for it to be shifted to december 31st for insurers to accept enrollees, and then cover them on january 1st. a lot of deadlines have been shifted and a lot of things will change. i think we're all learning different aspects of it. >> sure. big gap between what's being said and what's being done it seems. when we hear the president say, if republicans have ideas, bring them to me. i'll take a look. well, we talked to congressman tom price today and listen to what he had to say about that.
5:06 am
>> when the president made his statements early on with obamacare, if you've got another idea, give us a call. let us know. we actually called him. we've contacted the white house repeatedly and silence. crickets. the fact is they don't want to talk about the quality of health care, access ability, affordability of health care. they want the government to control health care. >> disheartening to hear that. >> because his plan, he says the former cbo guy said it would save trillions over the next ten years. >> yeah. congressman price has one plan, hr 2300. he have put it forward in three congresses. it's one of several republican plans. there are actually number of them out there. the problem for republicans is they haven't coalesced around one of them. and they haven't really pushed one alternative. that's an issue. >> let's talk about the budget real quick. it passed the house. anything but easy in the senate. senator dick durbin says he needs eight republican votes. what's the latest head count you
5:07 am
hear? >> i just got off the phone this morning and it's going to be tight. it's going to be really tight. they may get to 60. it's expected to pass. i thought earlier this week that it was going to roll through. that's not the case. it's going to be a tight vote. scheduled for crow -- cloture on tuesday. final vote on wednesday. senator lindsey graham has a real problem with the military pension reduction. that's a cutback of 1%. he has a real problem with that, like, for example, if you're a master sergeant at 42 and you retire, over the next 20 years, that's $72,000 you're taking out of your paycheck. but if you deal with that, it's kind of like a ball of yarn. if you start pulling the string, the whole thing falls apart because then you'd have to deal with the federal workers' pension on the other side, otherwise the left and their concerns about all of that would unravel as well. >> yeah.
5:08 am
it's going to be interesting. i know senator mccain said yeah, i'm in. i haven't heard any other republicans coming forward saying that. we'll check with you again in "special report" at 6:00 o'clock. you going to be ready? >> i'll be ready. >> good. >> thanks. >> we'll be watching. 8 minutes after the top of the hour. heather nauert has got some headlines. >> good morning to you. we start off with a fox news alert right now. two suspected terrorists have been set free from the prison at guantanamo bay. according to the pentagon, the two men were sent back to saudi arabia this week and they have been cleared of any wrongdoing. this just two weeks after a separate release of two algerian prisoners who returned to their home country as well. many say it's a part of an ongoing effort by the white house to reduce the population at guantanamo bay. the president promised to close it back in 2009. we'll keep watching this story for you as it develops. new overnight, christmas shopping for a new jersey couple takes a horrifying turn. a husband shot dead in front of
5:09 am
his wife outside an upscale shopping mall in new jersey. two suspects approached the couple in the parking lot and listen to what happened. >> she started to get in the vehicle and he got to the driver's side and started -- they were approached by two males and he was shot. >> in case you had difficulty hearing, she was explaining that the man had just let his wife into her side of the car. he then walked around, started to get into the car and that's when he was shot in the head. two carjackers taking off with the victim's car. a 2012 silver range rover. they are still on the loose at this hour. police need your help. she went from newlywed to widow in a matter of hours. army ranger william knight and his new wife were driving to their wedding reception in indiana when they saw a stranded driver on the road. his wife wanted him to keep on driving, but knight felt that he had to stop.
5:10 am
it was that sense of duty that cost him his life. knight and the stranded driver were hit and killed by three passing cars. >> he was just being a good samaritan. unfortunately it cost his life. >> he would stop and help anybody in any way, shape or form. >> all of the drivers stopped at the scene to try to help. it's believed they lost control because the roads were just so slick. knight was 49 years old. he leaves behind his wife, two daughters, a stepson and a stepdaughter. the united nations says it needs nearly $13 billion to help people in 17 crisis-affected countries. nearly half of that amount is needed for syria alone. the u.n. agency that provide aid, food and help for refugees say the requirements are attainable. their aim is reach 52 million people and the united states provides about a quarter of that budget to the united nations annually. that's it for the headlines. >> we pay a lot. >> we certainly do. >> thank you very much. 20 minutes before the bottom
5:11 am
of the hour. coming up, he is no typical teen of the he's popular in school, but spends most of his time taking care of his sick mom. their incredible story and they join us live. >> and no wonder he didn't win employee of the month. caught on camera, shooting at a rival co-worker's car. ♪ ♪
5:12 am
5:13 am
5:14 am
we've heard a lot about obamacare delays over the last couple of months. so what's the holdup? this morning we might know. according to a new report from the administrative conference of
5:15 am
the united states, many proposals took longer because of concerns about agencies issuing costlier controversial rules prior to the november 2012 election. does that mean the white house, who is putting politics before people because that's what it sounds like? peter johnson, jr. knows about people and joins us. >> huge, huge -- look at me -- yes. huge. and i know we talk about regulation nation and there are so many regulations in this country. but sometimes regulations actually save lives and help people and there should be some transparency in government. "washington post," along with the government independent agency looked at what the obama administration was doing and found in three different areas, the obama administration delayed regulation in order to win reelection. yes, steve, they said we don't want to get people worked up. now in the "washington post," we have these off the record comments that they're making. we didn't do it because the republicans were upset about us.
5:16 am
this is a difficult environment. this is all nonsense. so let's look at what they did in terms of delaying things. first, in terms of environmental issues and pollution control. they delayed a proposal requiring cleaning glass in vehicles. they delayed coal disposal, water pollution and power plant emission standards. and then in terms of lakes and springs and estuaries, they delayed important regulations to make sure those bodies of water that are fisher -- our fishermen fish are protected. then workers safety. democrats say they're so interested about workers' safety. the afl-cio is slamming them hard now about national silica standards, things that cause lung diseases and say thousands of people will die or become ill because the federal government delayed. then finally, listen to this, on obamacare, because of reelection
5:17 am
in 2012, according to the "washington post" and this independent agency, they delayed regulations with regard to minimum coverage standards because the unions were upset and who could qualify for federal subsidies. in these three important areas in terms of health, safety, welfare and obamacare, they said, no, the president's reelection is more important. we're going to put politics over people. you people wait and now we have the effects of it. >> so they didn't want anything out there that would have people going oh, we don't like that, in particular the obamacare stuff. it looks like if you do anything to win, sometimes you lose, because they've got health care at the white house because people are upset. >> this is pulling the skin back even further. we all know about the president's unfortunate statement that turned out to be a lie about keeping your health plan, keeping your health coverage, keeping your doctor and then the dark of night they came in with the regulation and
5:18 am
said oh, no, we're going to pull that back. what they did in 2011 and 2012 is say, let's not do these regulations because we're going to incur the ire of the american people on a lot of issues. let's kind of stealthily sneak in and then do it later. but at the same time, some of these regulations were important in terms of helping all americans. they weren't political at all, but they perceived that they were and they said, oh, let's not take a risk. well, they took a risk with americans' lives and now americans are paying both in health care, environmental issues, and on workers' safety. thousands may die, according to the afl-cio based on these silica standards. that's wrong. hugely wrong. they should be angry about it. >> peter johnson, jr. >> good to see you. >> thank you very much. what do you think about that? e-mail us. 19 minutes after the top of the hour. coming up, he's a gridiron superstar and the popular kid in school. but when he's not on the field, spends most of his time taking
5:19 am
care of his sick mother. their incredible story when we come back next. and have you seen this video of a flash mob? ♪ ♪ let men their songs employ >> this is going to put a smile on your face. united states air force band surprising visitors at the smithsonian air and space museum that. band will perform live from the museum as we roll on live from new york city and washington, d.c ♪ ♪
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22 minutes after the top of the hour. we got quick monday morning headlines for you. lawyers for the hero bin laden doctor, atreating, facing new threats as the trial date draws near. his lawyer fled pakistan after being threatened by militants. now we're seeing new pictures of bullet holes in the window of his office. not good. remember pippi longstocking? her cartoon antics got her into a lot of trouble. now pippi's gotten herself into some hot water in real life. 39-year-old tammy aaron, the actress who played her, was arrested for drunk driving and smashing into three different cars in l.a at least one person sent to the hospital. not good. elisabeth, over to you. >> thanks, steve. typically a 17-year-old high school football player would have a lot on his plate maintaining a rigorous practice schedule, keeping up with practice and getting ready for college. but the young man that you are about to meet has dedicated
5:24 am
himself to more than just school and sports. he's made an even bigger commitment to his mom. she suffers from multiple sclerosis and her son is almost always by her side. they join me right now. good morning. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> first of all, congratulations, craig, you achieved number one in new jersey. you a wide receiver? >> wide receiver. >> did you just commit to college? >> university of delaware. >> that's awesome news. i know that you guys have such a special relationship. with all that you have going on, most social security senior, getting ready for school have a ton to think about, excitement. you have significant concerns regarding your mom. you were diagnosed with ms? >> in 2002. >> 2002. so you were six? >> yes. >> and so you've been with your mom. i see the two of you together and you're an awesome team, but you're about to head out to school. what's your greatest fear?
5:25 am
>> my greatest fear is me going away to school and my mom not getting the care and help that she needs to keep her going 'cause she's the reason i do all that i do. she's my motivation. that's my biggest concern as of right now. right now i'm in the process of working out things to take care of her while i'm away. >> what a guy you have. describe to everyone -- i don't know if everyone understands what your days are like. you have school and athletics. what's your day with your mom like? what do you hope someone else can do for her that you do for her? >> my first main goal is make sure she's happy and smiling. so i got to do that. after that i cook for her, play with her, spend time with her and make sure everything she's doing is good so she keeps going on and knows i'm right there for her. that would be my goal to find somebody that can do just that well. but they can't do it quite like me. >> of course not. you have the most gorgeous smile. >> thank you.
5:26 am
>> tears in your ice. i know you're going to miss this guy when he goes. what are you going to miss the most? >> his spirit. he is an awesome young man. he has such a beautiful spirit and he just brings joy to me. >> he really does. i see the two of you together and you just smile. that spirit comes from your mom, right? >> yes. >> i read that you said she made you who you are. >> exactly. yeah. >> now you want her to be taken care of. i know you want her to be happy. i love that you said that first. i want to make sure she's smiling 'cause the mile is contagious. you're work on right now to make her more comfortable. specifically i know you're trying to get her a bed that's comfortable. can you tell everyone about that, how they can help out? >> there is a bed that's around
5:27 am
65,000. it's a special bed that has water and sand and heat, so it creates air flow so the wounds don't become infected and get worse and allows them to heal. so instead of being on the hard surface, the sand and water allows the wounds to heal and gives it more better airway to let it breathe more than a regular surface. >> i'm looking at you and thinking, my goodness, my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer when i was a senior in high school before i left for college. i wish i had the maturity and the foresight that you have thinking of your mom right now. i know she means the world to you. tell everyone how you feel about her. >> first off, growing up it was really just me and my mom of the my mom has been my mother, my father, my sister, my brother, my aunt, my uncle. she's been everything to me. my mom is the driving force behind me. she motivates me to do everything. she's the one who keeps pushing me forward. there have times when things got tough, but seeing her smile and
5:28 am
knowing i make her happy with the way i perform on the court or field, or in school, socializing, entertaining everybody, i see it and i live through her. basically my mom is my rock. she's my heart. she's my stone. she's all that i have. so without her, there really wouldn't be a me because first of all, i came from her. and i have her blood. so that's everything. that's my world. >> what a guy you have here. >> thank you. >> i know you guys love each other so much. we want the best for you. you've got a warrior right here fighting for you which is great. your home visits will be exceptional. i'm glad you got to make it to that game on the field. we will keep you in mind, absolutely a link on our web site so you can get that bed that you need. best of luck. >> thank you very much. >> if everyone could be like you, everything would be just fine. that's what i say. next up, he duped people into donating millions to a fake navy veterans charity and justice is about to be served.
5:29 am
and looking to spread a little love this christmas? we'll tell you what you can do to help. dogs just like these, it's the first installment of our series, paws for a cause coming up. ♪ ♪
5:30 am
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5:33 am
i miss you. i'll see you soon. >> time for the shot of the morning. this morning a u.s. marine does a triple surprise at the red wings game. first lance corporal chris mar appeared on the jumbo tron with a message for his family. they thought he was still deployed. then he surprised them in person. then he surprised them three times by getting on one knee and proposing to his girlfriend. we spoke to mar and his new fiance earlier on "fox & friends" and asked how he pulled it all off. >> i was thinking of ideas about four or five weeks ago and my dad, he's got some pretty good connections and he knows some ex-red wings and i know ashley loves sports. i put two and two together and he said give me a week.
5:34 am
and a week later, i had everything planned. >> the next step, i believe if i remember, setting a date. >> generally you make that. >> that's great. >> what an awesome story. great play by play on that, brian. >> thank you very much. >> i love it. >> they had the drama. it was a sporting event. >> now we have heather nauert. >> he pulled it off, he's a marine. >> anything is possible. >> way to go. good morning to you all. hope you're off to a great day already. 34 minutes after the hour. the lone victim of the colorado school shooting is fighting for her life this morning. 17-year-old claire davis was shot at point-blank range by 18-year-old karl pierson, this happened at the school on friday. colorado's governor visited davis at the hospital where she currently remains in a coma. pierson's main target was reportedly the school librarian, tracy murphy, who had recently kicked him off the debate team. pierson set off a bomb in the
5:35 am
library and then he fired off five rounds before he turned the gun on himself. but his friends are saying that he's not a violent guy. listen to this. >> we've been through elementary school. he was always there for me. i don't want people to see him as this monster. i mean, yes, he did something bad. yes, it ended badly. but he's so much better than this. >> terrible situation for that community. that community not far from columbine. that school is closed today. he duped people into donating millions of dollars to a fake navy veterans charity. in just a few hours from now, we will learn his fate. he calls himself bobby thompson, but his real name is john donald cody. he's a harvard-trained attorney. prosecutors say they want the 67-year-old to spend the next 41 years behind bars. that's a little like saddam hussein. here is a sure fire way to lose your job. willie mitchell apparently not too happy about being passed over for being employee of the
5:36 am
month at a wal-mart in florida. so he got into a fight with the woman who did win employee of the month. he allegely told her several times, i'm going to show you, and police say he did just that. he allegedly shot up her car in the parking lot. she was not inside the car at that time. >> perhaps he wanted to be employee of the month. but clearly these actions that we saw in response to this, i think we see why he wasn't chosen as employee of the month. >> yeah. mitchell no longer works for the company. those are your headlines at this hour. how about that? >> if burglar is outside, we should make her employee -- did she if maria is outside, we should make her employee of the month. >> i have the employee of the month team. >> way to go issues -- way to go issues guys. let's take a look at the conditions around the country in terms of weather because it is a very chilly day to kick off here
5:37 am
across the northeast, midwest and great lakes. this is a look at assume -- some of your current wind chill temperatures. high temperatures will stay below average. only into the 20s. we have another quick moving clipper system that's going to be impacting parts of the northeast, more accumulation is forecast. several inches for some areas. albany where you can see about 3.7 inches of snowfall. otherwise other areas across the country, very quiet. it is going to be quiet across the lower 48 over the next several days. let's head back inside to everyone. >> all right. thanks, maria. let me tell you something, every family has a christmas tradition. here at "fox & friends," our one and only christmas tradition is paws for a cause. >> that's right. the idea, instead of giving your loved one another gadget or pair of pj's, why not rescue an animal in need? from the animal shelter, they
5:38 am
join us with two furry friends, donner and dasher. how cute are they? >> adorable. >> how does this work? there is a wish list on amazon? >> yeah. so we're from an animal shelter and the dogs came out from l.a. and if people wanted to help pets like these lovely ones here, we have amazon wish list on our web site. >> how fun. you can express your wish. tell us about these two puppies. >> sure. i am holding donner. he is about three months old. he's a chihuahua and he's already been altered, microchipped. he's ready for a good home. >> the other one over there is the noise maker. that kept you awake last night in your hotel, didn't he? >> he sure did. this little guy is dasher. altered,2 months old. microchipped, checked by our doctor. >> what does altered mean? neutered? >> he's been neutered, yes.
5:39 am
>> and microchipped to track him. >> can you tell me about -- >> obviously they need separate homes. >> they've been playing in the hotel room all night. >> that's okay. >> too bad it has to come to this. but what do you mean by amazon? how can you find out about the likes and dislikes on amazon? >> what we have created is a list that would benefit the animals in our care directly. so there are items that would be music to play in the kennels to keep the animals calm, or maybe it's an extra bowl because we go through bowls like crazy, or a nice big fluffy blanket for an animal who needs it. >> the wish list is help the animals when they're there, and at the same time, people can work on finding a home for them? >> yeah. you can view our available animals on-line. but also if you're looking to adopt, you can inquire with your local shelter. >> sure. you can put one in your cart. next thing you know, you got a
5:40 am
dog at home of the since you were here last year, you got a new program. tell us about -- is it called pets for troops? >> pets for troops. we are thrilled to have this program. it enables our active and retired military to have 50% off of our pet adoptions with us. so it's a great match and it's a win-win situation. >> did you have to put the middle one in cargo or were you able to put that with carry-on? >> this is our calm mascot, buddy. he took the flight with us from l.a buddy was very good on the flight. i have no complaints there. but he's been on our facebook page and we've been encouraging everyone to follow him on his day-to-day excursions helping to highlight animals in the shelter, helping with our volunteers, also performing duties at our vet division. he gets an inside look. >> get a dog, you can help the dogs you have. it's a great program. >> if people who are watching would like to go to your web site? >> it's
5:41 am
>> they can also go on our web site and we can connect you. elisabeth what, is on your hand? he's licking them clean. >> it was the bacon. >> ladies, thank you very much for coming from los angeles. >> a great cause. 19 minutes before the top of the hour. tomorrow our paws for a cause series continues with our good friend, joey the dog. >> all right. good job, joey. get some rest. need proof america is slipping in its super power status? the president's selfy is all you need. that according to columnist michael goodwin. and have you seen this video? ♪ ♪ >> the united states air force band surprising vettors at the smithsonian air and space
5:42 am
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time for some headlines for you. these guys on the naughty list. a group of men dressed in santa claus suits for saturday's santa con here in new york caught brawling in new york city. no word on what started that fight. but that is not cool. also on the naughty list a kid gives pope francis a surprise during a visit to the vatican's medical center for kids. watch as the little kid snatches the pope's cap right off the top of his head, but the pope doesn't seem to mind. he smiles. eventually he retrieved his headwear and returned it to his proper place. adorable.
5:46 am
brian? >> with franklin roosevelt he had the opportunity to snap a selfy? fox news contributor michael goodwin says wefully a different world now and this picture of president obama is proof. what's the big deaf? welcome back that president obama took the selfy with cameron and this danish prime minister? >> the setting was inappropriate. this is a funeral, for goodness sake. there they were clowning around like frat boys. but for me, the moment captures the larger story, which is this decline of the west and obama and cameron acting like frat boys there. they've been acting like something other than leaders, let's just say, in terms of the world stage. when you see what's going on with the iranian nuclear weapon, you see what's going on with china, extending into the high seas, confronting one of our warships, making our warship take a turn, you have it with russia gobbling up parts of
5:47 am
eastern europe such as ukraine. john mccain there fighting back. you have the saudis attack the united states over iran for abandoning its friends in the middle east. meanwhile, you have obama and cameron gutting our militaries, both theirs and ours and you think back to the special relationship with churchill and roosevelt and hue they really united to save the world from hitler and japan at a time when the world needed it. i ask in the column, would there be that kind of will today if hitler were on the march today? i don't think we would have it. >> it seems like we're more into being liked, which is impossible. tony blair said this, america's biggest problem is they try to be liked. we should be respected. let me tell you something, in the ukraine, the soviet union is reassembling. they're taking belarus. half the ukraine wants to get there. we don't seem to be doing anything. in the big picture, don't you believe this ground was laid
5:48 am
with cameron and president obama when they couldn't get the syrians to go along with the action they proposed? >> that's true. but why couldn't they? my argument is that because they are not leaders. they have not convinced their countries of the national stakes and the international stakes of what is going on in the world. you can draw a red line any time as a chief executive. but if you don't have -- if you haven't prepared the ground for your own countries to defend that red line, if you are not a credible leader, then you have no support. you can't lead without support. so a leader has to gather support. a leader has to be able to lead by virtue of credibility, by virtue of clear principles. right now we have no clear principles in international policies except to retreat from the world, to hole will he out the military -- hollow out the military to pay for a welfare state. the brits are ahead of us in that. we're following that same social democratic course. and without the west, without america, without great britain
5:49 am
leading, there will be no global infrastructure, there will be no global security. >> we'll talk more about this on the radio shortly. thank you very much, michael. >> thank you. >> next up, let me tell you what's straight ahead, the united states air force band surprising visitors at the smithsonian. that band here live to perform. first let's check in with a woman who is always ready to perform, martha mccallum. but she can not play an instrument. >> yeah, maybe. we'll talk about that later. thank you very much. there is quite a bit going on this morning. we start with this terrible story. a man out christmas shopping with his wife is shot to death during a carjacking at an upscale mall and the manhunt is on this morning. could there be an amnesty deal in the works for edward snowden? thousands of obamacare applications never made it to the insurers. bill and i will join you with all that and much more at the top of the hour to share with family. [ woman 2 ] to carry on traditions.
5:50 am
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imagine you're visiting a quiet museum and then all of a sudden, you see this. ♪ ♪ joy to the world ♪ >> it happened to the visitors at the national air and space museum in washington, d.c that's the smithsonian. >> that's right. the air force band is here to perform with "joy to the world". ♪ joy to the world the lord is come ♪ ♪ let earth receive her king ♪ let every heart prepare him room ♪ ♪ and heaven and nature sing
5:54 am
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5:55 am
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5:58 am
we've had a lot of news today. joining us right now from the air and space museum in washington, d.c. is colonel larry language, conductor of the u.s. air force band. you guys were fantastic.
5:59 am
thank you very much. >> it was our pleasure. thank you guys. thanks for having us on. >> you put us into the mood. >> you sure did. >> how would you rate your -- >> that's our job. >> what do you rate it? >> a double plus. >> how do you take everybody out for lunch now? whose credit card? >> it will have to be mine, i think. yeah. >> wow. >> a great leader you are. >> indeed. are you playing throughout the christmas season now? >> we are. we have 29 performances this month alone and the band actually plays about 1500 engagements a year, including quite a number of funeral services out at arlington. honorable part of our job, of course, to pay tribute to our fallen warriors. >> you were terrific today. thank you very much and merry
6:00 am
christmas to everybody there. >> merry christmas to you guys, too. thanks again for having us. >> you bet. >> thanks. >> log on to the after the show show. it should be fantastic. i heard what they were going to talk about. you're not going to believe it. >> the pressure is on, brian. >> you better say it. bill: we will tune in for that. good morning. fox news alert now. a packed suburban mall at the height of the christmas shopping season and the suspect today is still on the run. good morning, everybody. live here in "america's newsroom." martha: i am martha mccallum. this happened at short hills, in new jersey. a young man shot to death in front of his horrified wife after they were held up at gunpoint in the parking lot. >> they said there was an emergency, nobody could go in the building. >> did you have any idea there was a shooting?


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