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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  December 18, 2013 10:00am-11:01am PST

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you might know i took a photoof my dog winston. i don't have original thoughts and other people do the same thing. can maggie and picture of stela and henry and winston's best buddy ediowa e in new york out in the yard. >> we got to run. bill and ally are next. thank you so much, guys. we are waiting a full senate vote for the first budget deal in two years. this is a bill to would avoid a government shutdown. the bill is expected to pass and go to the president's desk for his signature. still, many republicans say it does nothing about washington's spending problem. soon as that starts we'll take you to capitol hill live.
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the president and first lady michelle obama will host a gathering of moms in the white house one hour from now. welcome to hq, i am alisyn camerota. >> and i am gregg jarret in for bill hemmer. the white house is pushing the obama care. >> steve joins us now. stephen, moms are the latest foot soldiers in the war to win back public approval. what do you think of the strategy? >> it is not just moms but there is a swalgz where there is not a lot of good news and so the white house is refreshing old news. what they are talking about with the moms in particular is the benefits for young adults staying on the plans longer to age 26. and preexisting swayings. they have been in affect three years now. and the white house is trying to remind people, you used like the
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law. don't let all of the current problems get you down, remember there is still things in this. and whether that works and able to overcome the bad press we'll see. >> here's why it may work. 80 percent of the women make up the health care decisions for their family. so if you can enlist women, it will probably work. it is the moms in the house that pressure the college kids that you need insurance and health care. and so they are going to the straight to the messengers. >> and the timing is not an accident. when you have students coming home from college and folks coming home from the holidays, they hope that the moms nag the kids, are you signed up? you have to have insurance. timing is notap accident. wuthe polling is suggesting that people don't trust the law. the majority of the folks don't trust the law. the question is are the moms
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responsive or are they worried. the latest poling think that if the law hurts them than help them. >> stephen we have examples of thoechlts this is a usa poll, showing the latest snap shoft how people are feeling about the affordable care act? only 41 percent approve and 54 percent disapprove and here is a kaiser poll that deals with woman. the favorability has sunk in just the past month. so among women, their opinion of the health care law, 48 percent have an unfavorable opinion where as last month it was 41 and now favorable is tlo percent. it is an uphill battle. do we have a sense of what the white house and president and mrs. obama says today. >> reminding them of the
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benefits that are intact in the law. hey, your kids can stay on the plan up to age 26. one thing about the polling, there was a cbs new york times poll said that they polled the uninsured and those people without insurance, more of those think that that it will hurt them and obama care will hurt rather than help them. that is a tough hill to climb for the administration. those are folks who don't want to sign up for insurance. they are the ones they have to get into the exchanges and try to get coverage somehow. if they think the law is going to help them, they will pay the tax than pay the insurance. that being ruin the economics behind the law. >> thank you. new concerns for obama care as we approach the sign up dead line. many insurance companies struggling with that request by the administration to make sure
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folks get medical benefits beginning on january 1st, even if they miss the deadline to sign up. ma tt mccall joins us to talk about it. this president disparaged the insurance companies and ridiculed and demeaned and blamed them just about everything. and now all of the sudden, he wants them to bail him out and give people the insurance even if they have not signed up or paid for it. i would imagine, a lot of insurance companies would say mr. president, forget about it. >> yeah, so far, the consensus is a big maybe. if i run an independent insurance company no way in heck i would help out the president. it is his folly. and the insurance company's
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stand point, it is adding more cost to them. bringing in more administration. it is a mess already and bring more administration to pass the deadline back. bring in it technicians to change the websites. for what? obama pushed it through and ba shed the insurance company and now help you out? >> forget about it. we are learning that 45 states have achieved a palt row ten percent of their enrollment goal. my favorite is oregon. they have signed up 44 people. and their goal is 92,000. obama care is not financially stable or viable unless 7 million people sign up for it. and so they have a long way to go. can they even be achievable? >> i don't see how it can be. you think the penalty is cheap
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are than buying the insurance for the young people. they want 40 percent of all enrollees between the ages of 25 and 34. so far only 20 percent. and half of the goal is met with the younger people. so much so, that the insurance company is set to spend half billion dollars doing a ds to try to get young people to sign up. if they don't come in, they are loedzing money and you know what happens, gregg, the costs come in obama care and the older people who need. it it is a death spiral. >> yeah, 5.9 million individual plans have been cancelled so far in the individual marketplace. and that number has to have a multiplier by three, and there are an average of three people
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in each plan. you are talking about 18 million who lost the insurance coverage and factor in the employer sponsored plans next year that will get parted. and a nonpartisan cbo said no, it will be more like 40 million lost policies. and so this thing is only getting worse? >> i am one of the people who lost the small business plan. and luckily mine extends through next year. the alternative was froin percent higher. 49 percent more and the plan is not as good as my previous plan. i am not the only person in the situation. not only is your plan cancelled. but the alternatives are more expensive. and the companies are hit with higher expenses. that will be passed along to the employees of the companies. deductibles and premiums may go up.
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and they may lose their doctors and throw the employees out in the fro market system and on to the exchanges. it is a mess to deal with now and only getting worse in the next 12 months. >> if they get tossed on the exchanges, they have to pay for it themselves and they don't get employer contributions and deductibles. 10-12,000. people can't afford that. >> it is in a economy that is growing barely two percent. >> thank you. >> and gregg, republicans want to bar from delaying the enrollment. the septemberors introducing a bill that would reverse the mrlgz's recent decision to delay the start of next year's epirollment until after the midterm collection. the bill would make the white house stick to the original enrollment date of october 15th. >> concerns over the rising
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costs. wellness programs can force those on employer provided plans to pay for them. bsz and smoking can trigger premium hikes. 50 percent under the plans and compliance is a major issue with insurers and requiring people to answer personal questions. . >> well, wall street anxiously awaiting outgoing fed chief ben bernanke's conference on the state of the economy. housing is surging to a highest level in six years. they are live in washington, that is good news, doug. >> it is great news, alisyn. and we'll hear an assessment on the economy from departing chairman ben bernanke and the monetary policy they will be
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taking. it is loving the policy of kwaptitative easying unchanged and based on the release of the november housing start numbers. they jumped 27 percent in november. that is a sign of recovery in the housing market that could potentially prompt the fed to pull back on quantitative easing andey and bond purchasing. >> it is a important psychological barrier has been broken and these are the strongest numbers and so it is a positive sign. >> tremendous uncertainty remains about the economy and how it has done little to stimulate economic activity and creating risks. >> you create another boom. you over extend credit and we have created a lot of infrastate
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risk. >> losses will rise to hundreds of billions in the economy. and the housing market which saw the spike will be impacted as mortgage rates rise. 6.4 homeowners are still under water on their mortgages. it is a 11 percent drop and a risky number and improving and fragile economy. alsip. >> good to know that it is getting a little better. doug, thank you so much. there is trouble on the international space station. urgent space walks and the latest on the work that must be done and whether it will put the crew in danger. >> president and first lady are enlisting the help of moms to tout obama care, the mom meeting will happen in the white house.
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we'll ask two smart women whether this plan will work in a fair and balanced debate.
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a cargo mission to the international space station is postponed as astronauts prepare for a sery was urge ebt space walks to fix a cooling problem. phil keating has more. >> reporter: since one of two critical cooling pumps stopped last week, nasa engineers on the ground have been trying to fix the problem and in case they couldn't, the astronauts have been preparing to venture out in the cold just in case space walks would be necessary. turns out they are. three space walks were ordered by nasa each one lasting six hours including one saturday and monday and christmas day. they need to replace a faulty
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pump. and underlying the risk with space walks, the last one in july water began it fill in the helmet which was a danger. >> any time something like this. good news, bad news. the station is having problems and we have to repair. we have the training and spare parts and going out and doing a space walk is exciting and yet challenging. >> mission control in houston will follow it all including monitoring the helmet issue. multiple science experims are shut down and cancelled tomorrow night's planned cargo trip by the virginia orbittal scientist. that is pushed back to january. rick and mike, they will be the
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risk takers here and fully prepeared and he said this is a feces it job they have trained for and prepared for in the past. >> phil keating, in miami. thank you very much. for more on the space walk, tom jones joins us on the phone. and author of sky walking and astronaut's memior. >> hi, alisyn. exciting news. >> is it exciting or nerve wracking news. explain to the earthlings here how serious of a situation that is happening up there. >> it has two sides. if you are astronauts, it is exciting and for the friends of mine, this is an extra chance to go outside over and above the usual scheduled ones down stream for them. and there is always risk involved. they are aware of luke's flooding helmet problem that was a dicey swaying. >> you are talking about the
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dangerous space walk where the italian astronaut almost drowned because of flooding in the helmet. how dangerous is what we are looking at here? >> there is always risk. you are out there in a harsh vacum and only 14 layer was a space suit to protect you from the instant death. they are doing. ammonia package. and they could have a venting of toxic ammonia and that being prevent them from coming back inside they. there is risk and long- term danger from radiation. they have licked the flooding of the helmet problem but you never know when a new problem will crop up. >> i was interested to read how you describe what they are going to do there. it is methodical work and like
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moving a refrigerator. >> the pump package doesn't weigh anything in space but it has the resistance to motion of something that weighed 500 pounds. you have to drag it over to get it to the repair spot and don't damage your suit or brand new spare pump package they are putting in and unbuilt and reconnect all of the connections that drive the cooling system and get it back in operation. it is critical for the science up there. >> dow think they will a chief it. >> they have practiced it in a pool and have the sprps of other astronauts doing that in orbit. they will get it done on two space walks and the third one on christmas day will not be necessary. >> thank you for your insight. >> merry kress mas.
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>> you too. >> new fears about al-qaeda. terror groups and affiliates are getting stronger. a man stranded on a crane above a raging fire. the rescue was caught on camera. campbell's healthy request soup lets you hear it in your heart. [ basketball bouncing ] heart healthy. [ m'm... ] great taste. [ tapping ] sounds good. campbell's healthy request. m'm! m'm! good.® ♪ [ male announcer ] bob's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today his doctor has him on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack, be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. you stand behind what you say. there's a saying around here,r around here you don't make excuses. you make commitments. and when you can't live up to them, you own up, and make it right. so people think the kind of accountability
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has gone missing in e placesets where it's needemost. but i know you'll still find it when you know where to look.
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>> fox news alert out of redding, california. fire officials tell us that a man was arrested on suspicion of arson in these deadly california wildfires that you are looking at. you know that more than 800 firefighters are battling the unusual fall wildfires that destroyed 18 homes and forced happens of people to flee. the forested area you are looking at there, in the 67ic
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big surregion. a man was arrested and a cowed of arson. we'll keep an eye on this and bring you more as soon as we have it. >> disturbing new information on al-qaeda. new assessments with the affiliates. they are gang strength and blamed for more murders in the last quarter of this year than all of 2012. >> reporter: those al-qaeda affiliates are targeting the u.s. home land and including groups in somalia and north africa and yemen. the head said there is evidence that moderate groups hooked up with extremist because of the failure of the west. the islamist are better funded and organized and battlefield
10:26 am
experience. >> they are getting stronger by the day. think about in eastern syria and western iraq, they have pooled as many as 10,000 extremist and jihaddist and oh, by the way hundreds from europe and some from the united states. >> reporter: what is strike nothing recent congressional testimony the al-qaeda leadership is communicating with affiliates globally and the movement has gained strength. >> the threat by al-qaeda is hydroheaded. affiliates have blossomed and flourished especially in the middle east and north africa and in territories that are ungoverned or porly governed. >> when you look at groups in syria and yemen and north africa. there is communication with the
10:27 am
leadership, and when you look specifically at the affiliates, you often find leadership is people with long- standing ties to the al-qaeda core in pakistan and even osama bin laden himself. >> thank you, catherine. >> and we have a correction to the breaking news out of redding, california where a man was arrested in connection to the wildfires. they were not wildfires from the past fall, but in the summer. they covered a 12 square mile radduous in california. again, a 29-year-old man was arrested in the redding, california area in relation to possible arson. india removed security barriers in front of the u.s. embassy and creating a dangerous situation amid protest. and the flyers have spoken.
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one major airline hanging up on the idea of letting passengers make cell phone calls in the air after feed back from the customers. >> is that what we call it? >> anger. before using her new bank of america credit card, which rewards her for responsibly managing her card balance. before receiving $25 tord her balance each quarter for making more than her minimum payment
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time for a quick check of the head lines, a helicopter
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rescue in canada. a fire in a construction site loves a crane operator stranded. he is dangling. and finally he lifts the man from the crane and rushes him to a nearby ambulance. he was treated for minor injuries. one near by home was damaged in the fire. dealt airline hanging up on the voice calls on flights. most passengers believe that the calls would make the traveling experience. >> and norm willy it is events of war and hurricane katrina. and here is the irony that obama hostage is obama care. it is something he created. >> and there you have charles krauthammer who believes that
10:33 am
the president has fallen victim to his own equipments. that is his signature achievement. and this as a new abc washington post poll shoes president obama with the job approval at this point. kristin powers, great to have you both here with us. >> let me start with you. do you agree with charles krauthammer that the president is a hostage to obama care and that it eclipses everything else and he can't get anything else done? >> it seems hard for him to get a head of it. it seems like every time he has partially solved a problem another problem comes up. partially solved and the problems never actually get completely solved. and i think that this is going to continue to go on for sometime. and who even knows what other
10:34 am
new system coming out about it. we can't predict that. it seems like every time we break out the newspaper. it is obama care. and so as long as that is going on it is an albatrosz around the president's neck. >> the numbers are proving it. let's put a number of them on the air, when asked about the handling of obama care a scant 34 percent approve. and schopercent and as to the president himself, 42 percent approve of his job performance. and 55 percent disapprove. i would imagine that those numbers. he said of barbara walters. when you are down only way to go is up. that is not thorough for second term presidents. >> gregg, the numbers you put up are startling. he is willing to defend his
10:35 am
agenda at the expense of his own presidency. defending liberalism. even at his own demise. he's not a statesman like bill clinton was when he bankruptcied the budget or reagan was. or president bush who tried to come to the middle and try to solve the immigration reform. >> kristin, is it that he is an id idealog or did he not see the problems with obama care? >> i never bought obama as an idealing on. it is a problem of incompetence. if he had been able to launch obama care successfully and not made promises that was not true like if you like your plan you can keep your plan, things would go differently for him. and right now, he is suffering because of his own decisions and
10:36 am
because of the incompetence of getting this up and running and being able to make accurate promises was what obama care would do. >> you know, kayly. it should be no surprise it happen to the president. in 2010 in the federal register, obama officials made projections. they projected that 93 million americans were going to lose health care policies and broke it down. 66 percent of small employer plans would be cancelled and 45 of large employer plans would be terminated and that doesn't include the individual marketplace. and so they should have seen it coming and isn't it odd that no one said mr. president you shouldn't be making the promises. >> that is an excellent point and they predicted a rise in premiums and his people
10:37 am
predicted so much of this. and a responsible presidented so that premiums are going to rise and the employer man date is going to affect 80 million more americans who get capsalations of their plan and look at projections and delay it further and repole it altogether. the president ignores the people and cbo for the sake of his own agenda, incompetence and also obama as an idealog. ntoday is the mom's summit in the white house. dow think they will help turn it a round for the president? >> it is such a big problem, alisyn. i don't think one thing can turn it around. the only thing to solve the problem is have it fufrpging and people not losing their plans. i don't know how he overcomes the fact that he promised that people would not lose their
10:38 am
plans and they are continuing to lose their plans. another person told me, i got the letter. those are people who supported obama care and support obama. and i don't know how he can get past that and regains the trust after something like that has happen. nthank you so much for debating it with us. >> thank you. >> and those are protestors in india chanting obama, wake up and stop insulting indians and growing outrage following the rest of an indian diplomat in new york a cowed of submitting false documents to get a work visa for her housekeeper and claimed she was strip searched before posting bails despite assertions of immunity and india removing security barriers in
10:39 am
the u.s. embassy in new deli. kristin is a former adviser and author of smart power between diplomacy and war. what starts out as really a tiny insignificant incident, regarding a house coper and papers, suddenly elevates itself in to a source incident with india and the united states. it is out of porportion, isn't it? >> it is. there is blame to go around on both sides here and ultimately what india is doing is dangerous. endangering americans and indians and the threat of terrorism is not thereticcal. we are only a few years after a serious terrorist in mumbi.
10:40 am
and to are move security barriers because of misconduct by someone in new york is ridiculous. >> some people get immoupitty and others do not? >> the state department and officials in new york actually did this by the book. various officials have more immunity. and the diplomat was a official that was low in the pecking order. they deal with visa and birth certificates and shuffling papers like. that and their immunicipalitty applies to official x. and what she was doing allegedly treating a household employee like a servant and that is a discriminatory cast system that is illegal. >> it is not the normal protocol and you know more than i. you don't arrest them or
10:41 am
prosecute them and they are expelled and that's the end of it? >> that's right. just pause the state department and our laws and diplomatic act allow this type of arrest occur doesn't moan you do. it typically if you are dealing with an ally. tell them that a diplomat is acting improperly and you can expel them. u.s. diplomats are accused of things where we would prefer them to be sent home rather than be put on trial a round the world. it is odd that it was allowed to escalate and not only a law enforcement official that never dealt with diplomats. the state department was involved in the againing. >> it is dangerous, our relationship with india is strained. christian whiteon, thank you very much. >> gregg, big news for last empty shoppers. >> i am all done.
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>> maybe i am talking to myself. today may be the day to buy the on line gift. >> and folks in one town raising serious concerns after police forced drivers off of the road and then pressured them to submit to a dna test all for a government study. >> and plus, a blind man falls on to the subway tracks in new york city just as the train pulls in. and what his amazing guide dog did and how lives were saved. >> he was banged up. i doubt he was able to move and he fell and struck head. >> and things like that don't happen in new york. farmer: hello, i'm an idaho potato farmer.
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and our giant idaho potato truck is still missing.
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so my dog and i we're going to go find it. it's out there somewhere spreading the good word about idaho potatoes and raising money for meals on wheels. but we'd really like our truck back, so if you see it, let us know, would you? thanks. what?
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but it doesn't usually work that way with health care. with unitedhealthcare, i get information on quality rated doctors, treatment options and cost estimates, so we can ke better health decisions. that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare. attention holiday shoppers today is free shipping day. ally, list les up. >> i am. >> many retailers offering delivery no charge for items ordered on line. no minimum purchase and they are
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grpted to get thereby christmas eve. the entrepreneur luke knolls started the, vent in 2007. it is a great way to save money. >> if you can do the rest of the show yourself. i have shopping to do. time now to check in with gretchen. >> i should have waited for the shipping today. >> exactly. >> here's what is coming up, a huge announcement that affect your finances and the entire economy. and studies show more tones are smoking pot and driving high is not as a problem. >> and prosactress jennifer lawerence said it ought to be illegal to call anyone fat on tv. is she right? >> thank you, gretchen.
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>> and a government contractor pulled people off of the rod to ask them about their habits behind the wheel? >> the same contractors allegedly pressured drivers to provide a dna cheek swab and this is happen before. mereddies cohenis a fox news legal analyst and joins us here in the studio. >> great to see you guys. >> the courts have upheld random stops of drivers looking for drunk drivers on the basis of health and safety reasons. but cheek swabs? >> it does sound extreme. but there is a judge out there well, there iscompelling state intchlt that's when the privacy rights are compromised under the law. >> and so they swab somebody's
10:48 am
cheek. >> i thought the same thing. that is the only way to detect someone driving under the influence. you have no idea if they are taking pain killers and taking other people's lives in their hands. >> if they are not exhibiting dangerous behavior on the rod, why is everybody caught in a dragnet and swabbed? >> there is no other way to detect someone high on pain killers. you can't take a breathalizer and if you have a blood test you will find the levels, but that's why they are doing this type of testing. the numbers are incredible and tens of millions addicted to pain killers and they drive around. >> oxycontin and so forth. >> vica din and that can make you loopy and you are behind a whole of a car? >> and the other concern they put your dna in a database. >> that is a concern a lot of
10:49 am
the people have. >> but this is making me safer. who cares if they take a swab. they paid the individuals. >> and they did. but the thing that is upsetting people, they claim it is voluntarily. but the people felt pressured and they were questioned before they were let go. and so it does feel big brotherish. you are pulled over for no fault of your own and haven't done anything wrong on the road and they are asking to go inside of your mouth and swab it? >> that is a perfect point. do you have a choice when the cops are pulling me offer? unless they challenge it in court and have a compelling state interest, the only way i will detect someone driving under the influence is take the swabs. >> every time i am around a cop i feel guilty of something. >> mereddies, thank you so much. and we would love to hear what you have to say.
10:50 am
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now for the best rob ford
10:54 am
video of the week. here is the toronto mayor cutting the rug. the mayor who admitted he smoked crack danced to a christmas song. he plans on seeking re-election and says he is exercising every day. as you can see. >> he is no fred astaire. >> miracle on 125th street. a blind man surviving being run over an ongoing train with the help of his guide dog. >> 60-year-old cecil williams sits in a hospital bed with his bluffed guide dog orlando. they fell on to the tracks at the 125th street station. a construction worker told him to get between the rails.
10:55 am
he tried to stop the train but two cars ran over williams and his 11 year old companion. i doubt he was able to move and probably fell and struck his head and probably rolled into the middle of the rails. to regular riders it is a miracle. >> things like that don't happen in new york now a days. it's a great thing. >> our thanks to lisa evers. the mega million dollar winner will take home $107 million each. a share of the $648 million jackpot is at work. this all went down in the alliance center in atlanta's
10:56 am
buckhead business disstrekt. in the lobby. the owner said she found out about the winning ticket she sold while watching the early morning news today. the other winning ticket was sold in san jose, california. the winners behind both tickets have 180 days to claim their prize. it has been upgraded to $648 million. >> thank you for the update. good for them. >> we have new video of a bizarre incident at a store. >> this guy tries to make a strange deal. >> that crazy guy he came to the store with his al gator and tried to sell for a couple of beer.
10:57 am
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10:59 am
i florida man tries to buy beer with a gator.
11:00 am
>> i walked in with a four foot long gator. he tried to trade it for a 12 pack. >> the gator trader was busted and the gator was released back into the wild. >> so you are not allowed to do that? weird. >> thank you so much for watching. >> here is the real story with gretchen. >> thank you. fox news alert today. we are awaiting a major announcement from the frederal reserve on whether they will or won't scale back the bond. jerry willis. glad to have her here. this is a important day. what is going to happen. >> what we are talking about. tapering. what that means is, will the fed end some


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