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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  December 18, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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>> we're told it was 57 degrees that day in atlanta, but they brought in the snow so the kids could have a true christmas experience. thanks for watching special report. good night from washington. on the record with greta is next. can you pass this test? it's a multiple choice test. which of the following seems out of place? a, christmas trees. b, stockings. c, egg nog. and d, obamacare. now, president obama tweeting this picture promoting obamacare and saying christmas is around the corner, time to #get talking with your family. and if that's not enough, just check out this ad being pushed to people on >> hi, mom. >> hi, sweetie. are you almost here? >> yeah, i'll be there in a few. >> good, because we have something really important to talk to you about. >> we know you don't have health insurance. >> we love you no matter what. but it's time to get covered. >> that's it, health insurance?
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>> it's important. >> i know. and i'll do it. i just thought -- never mind. >> former senior adviser to president reagan pat buchanan joins us. your thoughts about this pr campaign. >> and a merry christmas to you, too. after hearing joy to the world and you get spiked eggnog, sit with the family and we'll talk about the exchanges and how the website is up and running? it's really ridiculous. it reaches the politics desperation. look at what we know about it so far. they have 350,000 people signed up so far. 6 million have lost their insurance. by 15:1, more people have lost their insurance than have signed up. this whole obamacare was to relieve anxiety and the concern on the part of millions. and it may do that one day. but what has it done? it has increased and dramatized
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the anxiety and concern of tens of millions. if people are talking around the table at christmas about obamacare, they will be asking themselves three questions. are we going to be able to keep that great doctor we got? can we wekeep our health care pn and what will our premium look like next year. >> in looking at that, obviously the point is to try to get young people. because they have to join into help pay for the older sicker people. but -- and maybe i was just an obnoxious young person. but if i saw that ad, i'm afraid my friends and i would have laughed at it and the last thing i'd want would be sitting around having hot chak locolate with y parents. we would talk about other things besides -- as a young person, frankly, my friends and i would have laughed at that. >> let me tell and you brief story. i went to george up to and we would play the pin ball machines. my bud decidy was running aroun
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selling life insurance to all of us. you're a junior in college and you say can you please get out of here? we're playing pin ball. young guys don't care. they will live forever. and i think their attitude is not all together bad. is it a good thing for followings to have catastrophic insurance so if they get in a horrible automobile accident, fine. >> i don't know if it -- of course it's good to have insurance. the only thing is how effective is this to reach young people. and maybe i was that obnoxious young person and so were my friends who might be watching. >> your point is well taken. this is the politics desperation. they're running ads like this at christmastime, and what that he will its you is the whole procedure has failed ever since the rollout began, what, on october 1st. and this is what you do if things rprnt weren't working we about that. >> and their choice is? >> it's like a campaign, which
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it's a losing campaign and you got all kinds of gimmicks to try to raise money to keep it going. that's what i think they're trying to do. you i think their hope is more and more people will be signed up, the website will work better. exchanges will work better. complaints will go down. >> and they will drink hot chocolate and talk health care? >> if we're looking at the what people will say that is going to happen that could be tens and millions that could lose their employers plan, you have a hellish problem next year and there is no way barack obama can avoid a real disaster if that is true. >> maybe the president ought to do more than hit his twitter account. i think he has at least 40 million followers, so that's helpful to him. >> 40 politicmillion is not bad. >> another fight is ratcheting up an enormous nativity scene gracing santa monica for nearly
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60 years. now that scene banished. gone because the city suddenly banned the public display. and now to the great state of wisconsin and the fine spaghetti monster invading the state capitol. atheists putting up their display to send a message. your thought. >> madison, wisconsin? i think you have an answer for that don't you. >> i think it's a great place to go to school. >> in a lot of cases, this is an insult to christianity and things. a lot of people doing this sort of thing. they would never do that to ala and the prophet oig or insult islam. so i think it's a bit cowardly. but secondly, it does tell us that the christians in this country, putin said america was basically sort of dechristianized. he didn't use that term. from the top. it was handed down from the top and donen democr eundemocratica. when you and i were brought up, there were nativity scenes
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everywhere. you heard christmas carols in every store. all this was eliminated by a bunch of judges responding to a narrow group of dissidents. >> i'm a profound supporter of the first amendment. but why are people so rude? i mean why are people so rude that they want to make fun of christianity or whatever. >> that's just it. >> even something as basis as manners. >> i know a lot of people probably didn't believe as we did. they're over there at your house for christmas dinner or christmas parties and everybody gets on. why the necessity to assault the beliefs of certain people? especially you look around the world and i saw that article that was sent to me, the amount of persecution and misery going on right now, being visiting upon christians is astonishing. if you go in the middle east and north africa and down in the sub saharan africa, people being
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murdered and driven out of the place where christianity was born. >> prince charles says muslims are driving christians from the middle east through persecution. he's even said -- this is a quote from prince charles, it seems we cannot ignore the facts christians in the middle east are increasingly being deliberately targeted by fundamental islamic militants. that's prince charles. >> they're being murdered and massacred in syria and iraq. the cops are being persecuted in egypt in the sudan, they have been after the christians a long time. this whole battle in the central african republic which is deeply christian. it's a militant islam all around its borders is attacking everywhere on its borders and predominantly now attacking christians if you deal with north and central africa and the middle east. >> why did any suddenly turn on the christians? >> it was written in 1938 the
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year of munich when everybody was talking about the east/west and nazis, he said we'll see another rising of this great adversary of christianity from centuries ago, it will rise again. and he proved right. what you have is something of a great awakening in the islamic world. and a real militant and hostile edge. we see it in al qaeda. but you see it in other islamist elements where ala is god and he has no son. this desire to drive christians and all other faiths out of their region. it's a period like you've taken christian history, if you take the spanish in terms of inquisition, ferdinand, the protestants over in england iun henry 8 ir.
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i don't know how it stops. >> the voice isn't strong enough. no one is standing up. >> take a look at syria where our muslim friends in saudi a ra arabia, they're supporting the extremists in theory. >> you heard kurds fleeing because they're being persecuted. >> who is back thinking the persecuto persecutors? who comes to power if assad falls? >> there are about 30 different groups in syria who are "mooppog president as ssad and all are lousy choices including assad. >> maybe the devil we know is better than the devil we don't know. >> pat, thank you.
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always nice to see you. >> maerry christmas. >> merry christmas indeed. nikki haley is here and she has a huge surprise just for you. she's going on the record straight ahead. also should a news anchor be fired for a flub? yes, an ugly and rude one, but i'll tell you what i think off the record next. but first, what is the biggest blooper or anchor screw up you've seen on live tv? don't use my name by the way. but tweet or post using #greta. [ sniffles, coughs ] shhhh!
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which fitsicely with everything else in life she has to balance. that's the benef of responsibility. apply online or visit a bank of america near you. and our giant idaho potato truck is still missing. so my dog and i we're going to go find it. it's out there somewhere spreading the good word about idaho potatoes and raising money for meals on wheels. but we'd really like our truck back, so if you see it, let us know, would you? thanks. what?
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let's all go off the record for just a minute. are some just way too accepts stiff, love to go jump all over someone's dumb mistake and jumping on someone? are we ignoring the next dumb mistake could be yours in and should the punishment be the job death penalty? that's the punishment just kin kr justin cramer got, fired for and on air expletive. >> "saturday night live" is next with a new one with john good man as host. we'll be back tomorrow. [ bleep ]. >> yes, he dropped the f-bomb, but he didn't rob a bank, didn't sexually harass a colleague.
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he did something quite human and very impolite. but no one died. yes, it was stupid and rude and it shouldn't help that the video went viral on u tubiyoutube. but apologies can be jen win and mistakes are human. i think ksn would be wise to rehire justin and mistakes are human. i think ksn would be wise to rehire justin cramer. management may not the for give him, but the viewers will. they get it. and i bet my good friend at the five will let him borrow his swear jar. this is not enough to ruin a career. we have to lighten up a bit. that is my off the record comment tonight. if you have an important issue you think i should take off the record, tell us about it. and it's not easy being away from home especially on holidays. but the good news, many of our troops are coming home. south carolina governor nikki haley is a military spouse, her husband deployed for afghanistan
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a year ago. but now captain mike haley just got back and joins along with the governor. good evening. what is it like to be home? >> it's great to be back. s if as i left it, so everything is all good here. >> and governor, how about you, are you glad to have him back or has he come back and taken over the remote control and doing all those things husbands do that is annoying? >> oh, greta, we got our christmas wish. when i saw him, i've taken the first breath i've taken in an entire year. >> one of the good things that when politicians have a real life experience, so many military families go through such -- it's tough. and so for politicians to actually experience it, i think you understand better. you get it. >> we're a military family first before i'm an elected official. and so what i know is the sacrifices that are made on both sides. our loved ones go overseas and
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fight for our freedoms and our country. we are so proud. but at the same time, we become single parents, we become the financial managers, we have to take care of work, we have to take care of all of our priorities. so it really is sacrifice on both sides, but we could not be more proud or willing to do something so important for our country. >> captain, what was it like in afghanistan? >> well, as you can imagine, vastly different than south carolina or most parts of the country here. but all in all, we had a great tour. i was very lucky to have been able to have that experience. the area in which we operated was down in helmand province. small cities in between and very vast in land. but overall, it was a terrific experience. >> what was your job, captain? >> my job -- well, i actually
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had several hats as many of us it. we had a small team. but about eight of us were part of an agri business development team. my specific job for the first three months was a liaison officer with what would be equivalent here as department of agricultu agriculture. helmand, there is no other industry. so it is that important that our mission and the focus of the military was at that time to put emphasis on putting people to work and one of the avenues was through agriculture. >> governor, what do you make of the budget with the cut in the veterans benefits? that certainly has created controversy here in washington across the nation. >> i think it's so much more than that, greta. what you have is they took their first big step with the sequestration to cut the spending that they had had. i didn't agree with the way they did it because they did it
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across the board, but at least they cut. now they have gone and reversed it, so while everyone is talking about military benefit, i find it interesting that in south carolina, we go and we cut every year, we go and we balance every year. and we don't cut military benefits. we don't cut the things that are important to our citizens. we don't cut those core issues. why is it that they can't seem to get a budget where, one, they cut and, two, they prioritize on what they cut. it's chaotic and mismanaged. its the's poor decision making from my standpoint. but it is d.c. as we know it. >> kevin, do you get a sense having left afghanistan that we're really on a path to leaving the country with a good strong path or do you sort of shrug your shoulders and say this can be tough? >> well, i think we've done everything right while we've been there. how we acted is important and part of our operations there. i think going forward it's important that we still keep a presence there. that is the big debate now.
4:19 pm
we'll see what those numbers are here in the near future. the presidential election is coming up there. and that will be obviously a very crucial time in their history. so i think all in all the progress is yet to be seen. there is too much on the table left. >> governor, i understand that you've got an honorary black belt today and maybe the captain better be a little worried. >> you know, i already told him i'm commander in chief and he's not lpistening. now i'm a fourth degree black belt. so hopefully i can show him that and that will make a difference. >> i see videos of her shooting machine guns and now she's a fourth degree black belt. >> you can actually break a board? >> i actually broke a board. these hands are tough. >> that's unbelievable. were you surprised? >> it was interesting, never underestimate your strength. but i will tell you, i was a little bit surprised. but i always love trying new
4:20 pm
things. and now i have a black belt to show for it. >> and that's a good message for all the military families. don't underestimate your strength. things are tough, but the military is tough and strong and families go through a lot. captain, governor, thank you both. playerry christmas. >> thanks so much. merry christmas. coming up, this 16-year-old killed four people and injured two others while driving drunk. and his wealthy parents may have kept him out of prison. but now he's about to pay for his actions. his so-called iaffluenza defens is next. and he eats a cookie. ♪ feed him a fresh baked cookie and he eats a much, much better cookie. bake the world a better place with nestle toll house.
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the affluenza defense. a 16-year-old from a wealthy family using to stay out of
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jail. he drove drunk and killed four people in north texas. two others were seriously injured, one paralyzed and now brain dead. so what exactly is affluenza? and do you buy it, is it for real some here is how shall define it. a psychological uneasiness affecting union wealthy people, symptoms including a lack of motivation, feelings of guilt and sense of isolation. our legal panel is on the case. jim hammer and bettrnie grim. ted, do you buy it? >> no. i got to tell you, the lawyers did a brilliant job. you but i think the groan wn up the room should have been the judge and i think the d.a. will try to get a charge of intoxicated assault. >> jim, do you buy it, affluenza
4:26 pm
defense? >> california, we take a lot of hits out here, but we have a different term for affluenza, it's called spoiled rich kid. and in the criminal court system the way you deal with a spoiled rich kid is you hit him even harder. the idea that he'll be sent to a camp is exactly the wrong message. he ought to be hit hard as any innercity nonspoiled rich kid. that's what will shake him out of a criminal mindset right now. >> my father is a bus driver. i had poor-fluenza. prescription drugs and drinking and people dead. people stopped to help somebody who had are car trouble, a woman got run over, killed. her daughter was there. another woman got killed, she was on the phone with her daughter. and then there was a pastor there. easy for me to lose faith when something like this happens. >> it isn't just the drugs and
4:27 pm
alcohol. this is a 16-year-old. where in the world are his parents? the kid is responsible. he's 16. but he is a juvenile. the parents, the fact that they must have just checked out -- i think it's good that there is a civil suit because the parents will get hit big time in the pocket and maybe every other rich parent will start paying attention. >> as you said, civil lawsuits have been filed by the victims, the four dead individuals, by one of the kids in the automobile. the question is, though, did the parents know or should they have known of him being having that kind of a propensity for alcohol. >> they should have noknown. >> civil suit is money only. people are dead. we talk about rehabilitation, but for this kid it's hard
4:28 pm
punishment. if his parents have not imwould you imbooed it, the court has to. >> of course punish him. it's a touchy-feely california judge. i never heard of him. but you know, of course money isn't going to bring back these people. but at least it will send a message. it will hit them as hard as they can. >> you leave a 16-year-old at home with prescription pills available and alcohol. i can't get beyond that. and i'm with jim, as a part, you can give me a billion dollars and i still wouldn't feel better about my child. >> it's a sad commentary. but the judge should have been the grown up in the room and i don't think the judge handled this case very properly. >> i'm with you on that. thank you as always. coming up, senior white house official saying the gop is a cult worthy of jonestown.
4:29 pm
does he now regret those comments. that's next. and john boehner has a new tactic to stand up to the white house. what is it? the speaker will tell us himself next. capital to make it happen? without the thinking that makes it real? what's a vision without the expertise to execute it... and the financing toake it grow?
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new get ready to speed read your way through the news. this man's close call in new york city, he suddenly fell on to the subway tracks with a seeing eye dog. his lab helped him get low to the ground and the wear survived. but now he could lose his best friend. orlando is 11 and must retire, so the blind man's insurance won't cover the dog's care. hopefully the two won't be separated. donations have started pouring in. and now to the mega millions mayhem two winners flsplitting e jock pot. one bought in atlanta, the other in san jose.
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and have you ever nearly posted something a little snarky on facebook and then quickly changed your mind? facebook saying it stores every post you write up even if you don't hit the publish button. the company claims years agree to this in the site's data policy. but many are complaining saying tracking people's unpublished thoughts is just creepy. and that's tonight's speed read. a senior white house adviser is on the defense walking back controversial comments me about the gop. in an interview, skron podesta saying the gop is a cult worthy of jonestown. the site of a mass suicide attempt in 1978. how podesta is apologizing. so what did his comments accomplish? let's get to our panel. rick, first to you. john podesta has now apologized, but he set off a stink id he sa
4:34 pm
took the job. that's the kind of thing you can say on the outside, but not the inside. that's the wrong tone to set coming into the new roll like that, you kind of think people on capitol hill would want to give him a chance. that's the comment that will stick with him and i think the apology cooperauldn't come fast enough. you don't compare people to nad nazis or hitler. >> john podesta is a washington veteran. and i think while these were -- he regret these comments, it's a method to the madness. >> do you think it was deliberate? >> i think he is trying to rally the base. you have a president who is on the defense. and on the defense with his supporters, particularly over obamacare. people who are signing up for obamacare, they have problems so far, they will tip up through
4:35 pm
the 2014 election seeing problems. you'll start to see problems in i.t. over claims, over payments. you'll see more people losing their insurance, business sponsored insurance. there will be problems over the course of the next year. a lot of that will be within obama's own base, people who support obamacare trying to sign up for it. so he has to rally the base. best way is to demonize your opponent. and we have seen it before with this white house. they have called republicans suicide bombers, likened them to terrorists. so it's nothing new coming out of this white house. >> after john podesta said it, he apologized. boehner's office graciously accepted it. but then republican committee chair demanded he be fired. >> it was nice he apologized, but it was certainly undercut the whole premise of his hiring that he was going to come there and shake things up. this just undercuts that message
4:36 pm
with bitter partisan ideological message. and the goal here for john podesta is to use executive power to go around the republicans. so the message is the gop is crazy, we can't deal with these people, we need executive action to pursue things on the environment and protect obamacare. so i think he's there to circle the wagons, keep the liberals on board and hopefully pursue new things especially on the environment where he has a big interest there. >> i don't think it's fatal. everybody says such dstupid things. i actually applaud boehner's office for accepting the apology and moving on. >> john podesta is a veteran. he's somebody who is somewhat of an out sizer to the inner circle of obama. he's somebody that people think will bring much needed balance inside the white house. so there are a lot of people who are still supporting him. >> but i should say even speaker boehner is not in the mood particularly to play. take a look at this web video
4:37 pm
the speaker just released. >> the american economy, greatest in the world, is stuck in a new normal. high unemployment. stagnant wages. slow growth. we can do better. here in the people's house, we're focused on getting our economy moving again. passing good jobs bills. energy. >> and the bill is passed. >> education. >> the bill is passed. >> agriculture. >> and the bill is passed. >> health care. >> the bill is passed. >> the bill is passed. >> the bill is passed. >> the bill is passed. >> the bill is passed. >> senate democrats are stand management way. president obama is standing on the sidelines. mr. president, what are you waiting for? >> potent or not potent? >> this is a preview of 2014. the message we'll hear from
4:38 pm
republicans is don't talk to us about the do nothing congress. look at what the senate democrats aren't moving on. look at what the white house isn't noboegotiating with us on. because of the way the house operates, you can get almost anything the leadership wants passed through the house of representatives. you can line up anned a gasol a. so people will say it's a do nothing congress. he'll be proactive in the new year. the bill is passed. that's pretty powerful. >> why hasn't it gone viral? >> this is the first attempt. they will have to try harder to be edgier, but you this is just a preview. it's the middle of december. time to start thinking about the new year. and i think this is more to come. >> since 18947, the congress has enacted fewer laws than any since then. so this is an attempt to respond to that. and i think what happened is the two year budget agreement crat d created breathing room where
4:39 pm
they can say we do have a message. we doct we can work together. i think you'll see a new health care in additiitiative rolled o help people with pre-existing condition, you'll have democrats say the republicans have no plan to care for people that k obamacare protects. >> the punch has to land, it complaint just be all of us looking at the video in washington. most americans are looking at christmas right now. >> and the punch is that is the house republican agenda. they are there are actually things that we can do that are bipartisan that would boost the economy. there are efforts to reduce the corporate tax rate which would bring some of that $2 trillion that is sitting overseas in corporate coffers, bring that home. there is agreement on both sides about doing that. so i would say you really need more effort at a bipartisan
4:40 pm
solution. the economy is still fragile, we still have record high unemployment. >> if you look for bipartisan, we're going into an election year, so hold on to your hats. panel as always, thank you. and now you get to be the judge. when you were a kid, did you refuse to eat your broccoli? how about those brussel sprouts? would you have eaten it if you got paid? a new study says you should do just that. researchers offered kids money. some students earned a nickel, some a quarter and some raffle tickets. no word yet if it works for homework. so you be the judge. should students get paid to eat vegetables or is the idea stupid? and coming up, a new health care battle. insurance companies are fighting hospitals because the hospitals are helping patients pay their premium. why would they do that? a full report next. also, the football jersey that
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4:44 pm
ones shocked. it looks like mr. harvey is not used to being in the had dose of the presidential spotlight. >> good to see you. >> how are you? what is your name? merry christmas. >> i love you, too. >> do you know steve harvey? >> don't worry about it. i've never been ignored these many times ever. >> not to woerks sterry, steve. at least and you have sense of humor. and one nfl jersey could get you you a big airplane perk. wear your russell wilson jersey. the airplane offering priority boarding to passengers flying out of seattle as long as they're wearing the quarterback number 3 jersey. the deal is good until the end of the season. and a case of social media multitasking goes horribly wrong. the associated press tweeting tourist distracted by facebook plummets off peer in australia officials say.
4:45 pm
the woman was browsing on her phone while walking along the bay in melbourne before falling off the pier into the chilly water below. police discovering the woman about 65 feet away from the pier, the tourist was floating on her back because she could not swim and still clutch williing her phone. now your turn to hash it out with us. and coming up, another obama care battle. insurance companies are not happy with hospitals for trying to help patients pay their premiums. so what is the problem with that? you'll find out next. (announcer) scottrade knows our clients trade and invest their own way. with scottrade's smart text, i can quickly understand my charts, and spend more time trading. their quick trade bar lets my account follow me online so i can react in real-time. plus, my local scottrade office is there to help. because they know i don't trade like everybody. i trade like me. i'm with scottrade. (announcer) ranked highest in investor satisfaction with self-directed services by j.d. power and associates.
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and our giant idaho potato truck is still missing. so my dog and i we're going to go find it. it's out there somewhere spreading the good word about idaho potatoes and raising money for meals on wheels. but we'd really like our truck back, so if you see it, let us know, would you? thanks. what?
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there is a new battle for obamacare. insurance companies are fighting hospitals that offer to pay premiums for low income patients. nice to see you, louise. explain what the problem is. >> hospitals want to be able to pay premiums on behalf of some of the lower income patients who come in who even if they do get a general federal subsidy can't
4:48 pm
make up the difference themselves. hospitals are concerned that the sick people that they see regularly do have coverage. right now they eat the cost of treating them. they don't have insurance. they have an opportunity under the health law to transfer the cost to the insurer. >> so a gross example. if someone comes in without insurance, the hospital may have to eat thousands and thousands of dollars of medical tests and treatment whereas it may only cost them a $50 a month to make a contribution to the person's premium. >> you've got it. you can understand why the hospitals would want to do it and why the insurers don't think it should be allowed to happen. >> where is it happen something. >> legally it's tricky. department of health and human services ruled the private insurance plans are not federal health programs. that's an important legal designation. they're subject to strict anti-kick back laws. that said, they said a week later that although they had made this ruling, they were very
4:49 pm
concerned about the possibility hospitals might go ahead and do it and they would discourage it. so a bit of limbo. >> they would discourage it doesn't mean hospitals can't? hospitals say we're just being generous. can they deny a hospital's ability to do this? >> some of the best counsel work for hospitals and insurers and they're battling it out. hospitals are arguing that it might be possible to create for example a nonprofit in f they don't already have one. insurers say they think there are other statutes governing that they can use. it's really being fought out as we speak and the hospitals are not moving forward until they know they have the green light. >> first time i heard about it, i thought that's very generous of the hospitals. i now see the economic incentive, so they can pass off the cost. i expect we'll see more of this.
4:50 pm
>> definitely something that charities are also interested in more broadly. a california charity kicked this off this week. it's not clear if there is anything to stop a third party in friend or sibling or a relative could do it. the hospitals are arguing why not us? >> the question is who eats the cost of someone being sick? the insurance company or it the hospital? >> right. what you see with the health law is a big change in the way insurance is priced. it's not based on risk anymore. it's based on how old you are and where you live. that's a huge opportunity for hospitals and insurers are scared. >> thank you very much. coming up, one small business owner put money aside to hire a new employee or give workers a pay raise. she can't do it. and tonight, sean is talking to senator cruz. don't miss it tonight at 10:00 p.m. on "hannity."
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it's time to show you what we're watching. we put together the most fantastic videos out there tonight. rob ford, he's at it again. this time busting a move during a city council session. ♪ >> wow. that's so good. let's watch it a little bit more. ♪ >> do you think he's smoking something? and the strangest cat attack ever caught on camera. this woman trying to scare off the crazy cat to keep it away from her dog when the cat pounced jumping straight on her face. now that's pretty scary. and peanut butter and jelly, surfing and playing the guitar. normally they don't go together. one decided to put them
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together. ♪ >> talk about talented. that's what we're watching tonight. coming up, health care costs skyrocketing. one business claims it must spend money put aside to hire a new employee to cover the business cost. that business owner is here next. feed him a fresh baked cookie and he eats a much, much better cookie. bake the world a better place with nestle toll house.
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where does the united states get most of its energy? is it africa?
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the middle east? canada? or the u.s.? the answer is... the u.s. ♪ most of america's energy comes from right here at home. take the energy quiz. energy lives here. remember when the president
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said this? >> they said this would be a disaster in terms of jobs. there's no widespread evidence that the affordable care act is hurting jobs. >> one small business owner says that's not true. health care prices increasing for one small business it was the cost equal to hiring a new employee. you wrote an op-ed. how much is the increase in health care costs going to be for your business? >> so in the case of our business, we like many other small business owners, have been faced with opening the mail and in the last 30 days have learned that our health care costs are going up substantially. our firm has 13 employees and we learned that the added cost of obamacare is about $44,000 a year for our business which insures about 26 men, women and children under our plan equating to a 48% increase in our costs. >> what kind of business do you? >> a small investment banking firm that advises entrepreneurial and businesses. >> so with that increase at
4:58 pm
$44,000 a year, your view is you could hire a college student or someone out of college? >> i think any business facing a $44,000 cost increase is going to look at it two ways. it either restrains your ability to increase pay for your existiexis existing employees or increases competitiveness in the market. >> did you believe the president when he said it wouldn't impact hiring or businesses on this way? >> there was a lot of rhetoric going into the discussion around the affordable care act and there were promises if you like your plan, you can keep it. if you like your doctors, you can keep it. cost would go down $2,500 a family while improving the quality of insurance. i think at the end of the day the reality is setting in and i think it was hard to envision that the law would actually be able to deliver on those many promises. >> do you hear from other small business owners that they had
4:59 pm
the gripe that the increase is so much they could hire someone? >> in the course of what we do, we work with small companies that tend to have 25 to 250 to 500 employees. i talked to a ceo of a company that has 300 to 400 employees and the way they're going to help mitigate cost and to maintain their cost structure is to pass on higher deductibles to employee ee eees so they'll endh an increase and that affects if businesses can hire and it impacts family's pocketbooks if they are paying added deductible costs. >> thank you for being with us. we'll see you tomorrow night here at 7:00 p.m. eastern. up next, "the o'reilly factor."
5:00 pm
good night from washington d.c. "the o'reilly factor" is on tonight. >> good morning. it's wednesday, december 18th. two people just woke up filthy rich. >> megan millions lottery 636 million bucks has been won. what will happen to the folks who get the money? it's often very troubling. we'll have a special report. a "factor" investigation will tell you about hundreds of millions of dollars planned parenthood is getting from women who have abortions. is there a war on babies in america? also tonight, it's the christians turn to respond to some christmas controversies. and why the speaker of th


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