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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  December 18, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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here because we are definitely looking out for you ft. breaking news tonight on the vote that will impact benefits for military members. welcome to "the kelly file." i'm megyn kelly live from the world headquarters of fox news in new york city. plus -- a marine says he was just doing the right thing -- warning about a threat that led to the murder of three fellow marines. now the military wants him dishonorably discharged. new evidence tonight in our ongoing "the kelly file" investigation. plus, the first lady dives into the health care mess with an oval office pitch. we'll show you why a 20-something man in hoodie pajamas is the big new thing in the obamacare debate. >> everybody happy, happy,
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happy. >> "duke dynasty t" in hot water for controversial comments. one of the stars responds tonight. a gut punch to america's military. the senate approving a budget that takes away from the retirement pay of those who fought for our flag, including some of our most severely injuried wounded warriors. they are the ones who will have to pay. it's done now. we have been talking about whether they would do it. they did it. the house passed the bipartisan deal last week. only then did we learn it included cuts to the retirement pay of veterans. most of them fought two wars in iraq and afghanistan. many of the volunteer soldiers were asked to return to the battlefield again and again doing two, three, four tours of duty. there was an explicit promise that this pay would not be cut.
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of course, many returned home severely disabled. forced to, quote, retire but really it's a disability-forced retirement. now asked to sacrifice again to cover a budget gap because washington can't get its act together. military. familieses have come forward all week to tell us how this breaks a sacred trust. >> all we are asking are members of congress and our elected leaders to honor their word. we don't have a union representing us. all we have is our faith in our government to honor the promises they have made to those who have served. some of us agreed to stay in the military longer at congressional bidding because the military needed us. we want them to honor their word. that's not too much to ask. >> joining me now, republican senator ron johnson who voted to approve this budget deal today. senator, i give you credit for coming on. we called a lot of people who voted for this.
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to be honest they were cowards. they didn't want to defend it. you did. you're a stand-up guy. so defend it. people are upset about this. >> first of all i'm not going to defend the cut in military pensions. it's o ee's outrageous that sen reid wouldn't allow us an amendment to take care of that. i'll tell you why i voted for the compromise deal. it is impossible to convey the dysfunction that is washington in the united states senate. that causes economic harm. i didn't want to see another government shutdown. this agreement prevents government shutdowns through fiscal year 2015. i will tell you where there is bipartisan agreement. it is in honoring pomss to the finest among us. i will work to make sure that part of the bill is reversed. there is plenty of areas in the federal government where we can find $6 billion. >> i know.
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one hour ago tonight there was a segment on how there's $17.5 million tax breakses to brothels. >> megyn -- >> and wounded veterans have to take this? >> i have tom coburn's book which shows $30 billion per year in discretionary waste. >> help us understand. you voted for it. all that waste, you just voted for. if we can fix it later, why did they cause the problem now? >> we didn't get an opportunity to put any kind of amendment to fix it. this was an up or down society. we had one shot. again, i didn't like that. >> why couldn't you say no? explain for the folks at home if it's yes or no, why not say no, this isn't good enough because you are screwing over the vets? >> because our economy is hurting from the dysfunction in
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washington, d.c. one of the things this does is give us a budget number so agencies, departments and committee hs in congress can start rationally prioritizing spending. look for areas of waste and start the eliminating them. megyn, we haven't passed an appropriation bill in the united states senate in two years. that's the primary function of congress to authorize government activity and pass the funding for it. we haven't done one appropriation bill in two years. i thought it was about time to provide a little bit of certainty, just a little bit to our economy so we can provide some confidence to business leaders so they can create the jobs. >> let me jump in. we have only a minute left. patty ryan came out and she negotiated the deal. she's actively involved in the
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trade-offs. she says, included the wounded veterans. >> correction. >> that was a mistake. she negotiated this. this makes the american people feel like the people inside the beltway don't know their you know what from their elbow. >> it's impossible to convey how dysfunctional it is. this is a terrible process. i'm a manufacturer. if you don't have a good process, you have a terrible product. i'm trying to bring some functionality. i'm confident -- first of all, patty murray guaranteed us she'll fix the wounded warrior technical correction here. i'm confident we'll find $6 billion in other mandatory savings. this doesn't kick in until 2015. we have time. we have a lot of legislation. we'll correct this. that's my guarantee to the finest among us. people that protect our freedom. >> good for you for talking about it. we appreciate it. all the best to you. >> merry christmas. >> also developing tonight, a
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federal judge has strong words for the obama administration. this is the second warning for the white house this week. it involves two different judges. the first was a george w. bush appointee. the sikd is a clinton appointee. on monday we told you about a federal judge warning that the nsa's domestic spying program will be likely ruled unconstitutional. today a federal judge smacked down an administration effort to keep secrets about international development efforts. here is the interesting thing. the district judge is named judge huvel. she went after this administration saying the government appears to adopt the cavalier attitude ha the president should be permitted to convey orders throughout the executive branch without public oversight to engage in what is, in effect, governance by secret law. she'd had enough.
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joining me judge andrew napolitano. she seemed ticked off to me when i read this. >> you know, i have been watching and you have been watching freedom of information act requests for years. the presumption in the government is we can see everything is government does. >> right. they work for us. >> correct. we don't work for them. if there is a legitimate national security secret the government has to prove why it is a secret. here the president of the united states of america signed a document that had to do with international trade, distributed the document to employees of the state department. after it was out there, decided it should be made classified. >> too late. the cat's out of the bag. it's either classified or not. >> his lawyers argued he can classify whatever he wants. >> that was the first time any administration the had made such a broad claim, the judge said. like this is unprecedented. >> it is the first time in the modern era that a federal judge has directly slapped down the
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president of the united states saying you can't do this. the quote you just read is devastating to him. she accused him. now she's a judge. she was appointed to bill clinton and was an active democrat before she was on the bench. she accuses him with with a government of secrecy. i think like a dog with its tail between its legs they will admit they were wrong. >> she's saying you are trying to avoid public oversight to engage in governance by secret law. that's what she's accusing them of. that's pretty strong language. this is the first time a federal judge has reversed the order of the president in sealing a document and the first time a president tried to claim executive privilege on a broad basis. she called it almost orwellian by the administration. what are the judges telling this administration? what do the rulings tell us
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about what they think? >> out of kcontrol. that the administration is accumulating power in the executive branch not sanctioned by federal law and not permitted by the constitution. from a conservative republican and a liberal democrat, as judges now. theoretically they have shed their politics, but they are human beings and had a life before they were on the bench. both saying to the white house, out of control, dial it back. both in the same week. they have to appeal the nsa ruling. that will gut 90% of this massive -- >> it's not so much this document. it is the way they handled it. >> it is the concept and belief they can do what he wants. it's about time he got smacked down. >> the courts are taking a different look. merry christmas. >> and to you, my dear. we have big news for one of the biggest television shows in
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america. a & e has decided to put phil robertson on, quote, indefinite hiatus after the star of "duck dynasty" made controversial remarks about gays in an interview with "gq" magazine. we'll have much more on whether this was the right move. whether it was fair coming up later. up next, the first lady officially joins the effort to promote obamacare. we'll show you how and we'll tell you why. you may find this interesting. also, why a guy known as pajama boy is the new face of the health care overhaul and not necessarily in a good way. does this make you want to buy from health >> no. >> he's inspiring parodies, jokes and comparisons to a christmas classic. >> immediately my feet began to sweat as the two fluffy bunnies
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it is now just two weeks to january 1st when millions of americans who lost their insurance because of obamacare are supposed to be enrolled in new plans for the new year. today the white house unveiled a new pitch person, first lady michelle obama. in a meeting with moms she encurrentlied them to help people get enrolled. >> we urge people to sign up their friends. if you are grand kids make it a christmas treat around the table to talk about health care. ring in the new year with new coverage. >> joining me now, marc thiessen, a former speech writer for george w. with bush and a columnist for "the washington post." tell me why they are doing it? >> they are turning to michelle obama because nobody is listening to her husband. his poll numbers are plummeting. he was awarded the lie of the
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year from politifact. there is a poll that says 61% of americans believe when he said you can keep your doctor he knew it wasn't true. americans will forgive a lot. they will forgive inko kockoc c if you fix the problem. dishonesty is different. once you lose trust people tune you out. they figure people still like michelle obama. give her a shot. >> mm-hmm. they are turning to somebody who has her credibility intact in the view of the american people. but the question is, that's one tactic of. this is another. >> yeah. >> the man in the footsie pajamas that you put your toddlers in at night. this is supposed to make people want to buy health care. brit hume had a tweet today like, omg -- hold on, i will find it. omg, this is real. is this going to do it? yeah, this is real, omg.
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>> i think he's still in his jam mys because he can't find a job in the obama economy. 18 to 29-year-old young people oppose obamacare by 57% disapproval. this is one of his core constituents that's turning on him on obamacare. this is a desperate move. it's not just that. interesting statistic. there are twice as many people who believe you can put a curse on someone using the evil eye than believe obamacare will improve their health care. >> evil eye. >> that's a fact. twice as many people believe space aliens made contact with people on earth than obamacare will reduce the cost of health care. so the kid in the feety pajamas has to get to work. >> i don't know what the evil eye is. i haven't perfected it. let me ask you this. max baucus. >> yeah. >> spear headed the effort to
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get obamacare passed when he was in the senate. the democrat told "the new york times," you know, it is my belief for major legislation to be durable, sustainable, it has to be bipartisan. one party can't jam legislation down the other party's throat. it leaves a bitter taste. thanks for that, senator. >> now he tells out. -- us. when they use parliamentary techniques to pass this with 50 votes instead of reaching out the to republicans and trying to compromise. now they are paying the price. what max baucus is worried about is the fact that they own this. this is all theirs. they didn't reach out in a bipartisan way. george bush when he was passing the bush tax cuts, got a lot of democrat quick support. bill clinton reached out to the republicans to pass nafta. obama didn't reach out and now he owns it. it's all his. >> thanks, marc.
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the other side on the health care issue coming up. also, christians under attack in the middle east. now prince charles has taken a bold stand on the issue. our power panel weighs in. plus new details next on the marine facing potential military discharge for sending a warning of a taliban threat. he did it on his personal e-mail. how lawmakers and fellow marines are trying to save his career. that's next. >> i just think it is a cover-up. it just doesn't pan out what they are doing to this young man. he's a highly decorated officer. ♪ [ male announcer ] if we could see energy... what would we see? ♪ the billions of gallons of fuel that get us to work. ♪ we'd see all the electricity flowing through the devices
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to help you realize a better tomorrow. from the families of aig, happy holidays.
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we have an exclusive now on new developments from a hearing
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for a marine whose military career is in jeopardy. major jason brezler said he tried to do the right thing, issuing a warning about an afghan police chief with with ties to the taliban and access to a u.s. military base. it was ignored and tloo marines lost their lives in an attack. why is the military coming after the man who tried to stop it? catherine harris reports on day two of the hearing. >> over 125 pages on behalf of the major that are part of the defense case which opened today. the statements are framed in the context of how a marine or firefighter must make hard judgments about colleagues and their professional worth. it's truly a life or death matter. there is one common thread of jason's professional life and that's to do the right thing. over the years i witnessed his honesty, integrity and willingness to own his mistakes.
6:24 pm
military lawyers for the prosecution not focused on the police chief, an alleged child molester and why the warning was ignored with with three marines gunned down. the prosecution claiming he had 107 files on his computer, all classified information, they said, to write a book about his tours in afghanistan. some of the testimony today was closed to the ub p i can lchl -- to the public. bing west who knows him from iraq and afghanistan testified that brezler saved one of the kids allegedly mo lesd and returned the child to his family. on the classified information the defense team says it was part of the t hand over file for his replacement. and they show he hadn't accessed it since january of 2011. >> this is a difficult time for him. he's dedicated his professional life to the service of this
6:25 pm
country. for the marine corps to falsely make allegations about his character has been a deeply difficult experience for him. >> a spokesman handling the case confirming that brezler is expected to take stand tomorrow. >> catherine, thank you. more on that tomorrow night. a group of lawmakers served in the marines is sending a letter to the secretary of the navy. congressman grim joins us now. >> good to see you. >> bear with me. it appear it is case comes down in part to a man named general mills. general mills is the guy pushing for the case against brezler. why? >> yes, i'm a marine but was an fbi agent. i have investigated many cases. general mills was close with his predecessor, the former deputy commandant. the marine that asked for the
6:26 pm
information and failed to act on it is the son-in-law. >> the theory is general mills may be acting to protect his predecessor's son-in-law. >> that's one part of it. the other thing is also to take the spotlight away from why wasn't this information acted on and could it have prevented three marines from being murdered. >> they are saying, get him off the base. bad guy, child molester with ties to the taliban. sure enough, one of his child victims opens fire and kills three marines. there is a separate inquiry for that. why this athe tension on getting him kicked out of the military? does general mills have that much power. >> what you mentioned is key here. it wasn't until there were other investigations into why this information wasn't acted on. the circumstances surrounding the murder of the three marines
6:27 pm
that there was aggressive action taken. it was retaliatory because major brezler who provided the information self-reported. >> they say he didn't self-report until his superiors came and said, do you have confidential information on your computer. >> i don't have all the information but keep in mind his commanding officer said no action should be taken. the investigating officer said no action should be taken. ncis said he didn't commit a crime. the it is only lieutenant general mills that has been pushing for criminal charges. >> he's a naval academy graduate. bronze star recipient. spotless marine corps record. fdny record assigned to an elite rescue company. is there no benefit of the doubt? >> let me be clear.
6:28 pm
i love my corps. this is not the marine corps i know and love. this goes against the history going back to 1775 when the corps started. this is not what america stands for. this man is a hero. we need to support him. if he did something wrong he will be the first one to stand on the carpet like marines do and say, i did it on an unsecured network. but kicking him out of the corps while he cooperates with the investigation into the murders is suspicious and is not good for the marine corps or the united states of america. support our heroes. >> we'll stay on it tomorrow as we get to day three. thank you very much for your service. >> appreciate it. >> a key new addition to the white house team is taking heat for comparing republicans to a murderous cult responsible for nearly a thousand deaths. one of the president's former advisers is here live. and breaking news on "duck
6:29 pm
dynasty." what happens now that phil robert son has been suspended for the show from his comments. >> no shoes, no socks, no problem. everybody happy, happy, happy. the's a saying around here, you stand behindhat you say. around here you don't make excuses. you make commitments. and when you can't live up to them, you own , and make it right. some people think the kind of accountability that thrives on so many streets inhis country sbut i know you'll still find it where it's needed most. en you know ere to look. anncr vo: introducing the schwab accountality guarantee. if you're not happy with one of our participating investment advisory services, we'll refund your program fee fromhe previous quarter. while, it's no guarantee against loss and other fees and expenses may still apply, we stand by our word. youand you're talking toere rheuyour rheumatologistike me,
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you can disagree with a policy without demon yiezing the person who espouses it. throwing around phrases like socialist, soviet-style take over, if a shis and right wing the nut grabs headlines but also compares our government, our political opponents to awe authoritarian and murderous
6:33 pm
regimes. this vilify indication and over the top rhetoric closes the door to compromise. it prevents learning. why listen to the a socialist or fascist or a right wing nut or a left wing nut. it makes it nearly impossible for people with legitimate differences to sit down at the same table and hash things out. >> that was president obama criticizing the politics of personal attacks. we learned a key addition to the president's team has been describing republicans. saying that republicans are comparable to the cult that's responsible for the 1978 jonesstown massacre. we'll remind you of that. a warning because this is a graphic reminder.
6:34 pm
reverend jim jones ordered the assassination of a u.s. congressman and led nearly 1,000 men, women and children to their deaths in one of the largest mass murder-suicides in history. padesta has now apologized on twitter today. joining me now, the former press secretary to poeb's 2012 campaign and founding partner of the in sight agency. ben, now that the president's team has taken heat for picking a guy who likens the republicans to this cult. we get a twitter apology from him. is that enough? incendiary words. >> it wases a dumb thing to say. i won't defend it. john didn't defend it today. he apologized for it. the president has long stood against the coarsening of our political dialogue. you left out a lot of john's background. he was chief of staff to president clinton.
6:35 pm
run as policy think tank. he'll be a fresh set of eyes to get through the priorities of the american people. >> no question he's done a lot. the white house wanted him. i wanted to save time for you so i didn't go through his whole bio. let me take you up on the comment about the president. he's been accused of being divisive. that's why the remark is getting attention. speaker boehner said it's the attitude of the new white house. hard to see how the president gets anything done if this is the attitude of the new white house. the president has taken heat for being divisive. this is a sound bite with examples. stand by. >> they are suspicious about the government's commitment to make sure, for example, seniors have decent health care as they get older. they have suspicions about social security. they have suspicions about whether government should make sure that kids in poverty are
6:36 pm
getting enough to eat or whether we should be spending money on medical research. this congress mall republican budget is something different all together. it is a trojan horse. it is thinly veiled social darwinism. >> my plan says we'll put teacherses in the classroom, construction workers back to work rebuilding america. you've got their plan which is let's have dirtier air, dirtier water. >> your thoughts? >> if you want to look at the tone coming out of the white house let's look at the most recent tone which is the president's statement tonight on the first bipartisan budget agreement. >> oh, that's a dodge. that's a dodge. >> no. it's not a dodge. >> you heard the president. it's not, oh, let me point to the four other examples. i'm asking you about this. >> sure. >> you heard the sound bite
6:37 pm
where he promised that he wasn't going to demonize the adversary. then you have him the republicans want dirty air and water. they are suspicious about whether government should help poor kids eat. now he hires a guy who compares republicans to a murderous cult. >> we could go point by point on the statements. the fact is. >> you are going to back them up? >> let's look at what the republican budget did to food stamps which is why we don't have a farm bill. >> that's your debate. >> he has disagreements with the other side but both sides gave in this the recent budget agreement. >> ben. >> he encurrentlied a new year of curren >> the viewers are wear withing wah, wah, wah. there is no question there was a reversal. that tone by the president isn't consistent with the promise you
6:38 pm
heard when he was running for president. then again in that commencement in 2010. both sides need to up their game and respect for the other side. >> i think that's a fair point. i think both sides can be blamed for overheated rhetoric in washington. there is no doubt that congress didn't pass a lot of bills this year. there wasn't a high level of cooperation or trust. >> plus, they are mean to each other. >> that's why this could be an opening to get talks going again for things the american people voted for. >> i hope you're right. it doesn't feel like a koumbaya moment. maybe i'm wrong. merry christmas. >> see you, megyn. >> breaking news on one of the most popular tv shows. up next, phil robertson suspended tonight from the hit tv show indefinitely after some
6:39 pm
controversial comments. we have the late breaking developments and a debate in moments. plus, there are two winning lottery tickets to last night's $648 million mega million jackpots. we'll introduce you to one of the winners. [ woman 1 ] why do i cook? to share with family. [ woman 2 ] to carry on traditions. [ woman 3 ] to come together even when we're apart. [ male announcer ] in stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy and more, swanson makes holiday dishes delicious.
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breaking tonight, a "duck dynasty" star put on indefinite hiatus following controversial comments in a magazine interview. trace gallagher is live with the breaking news update. >> the big question is how do you suspend the duck commander, phil robertson and not lose a & e's biggest show? i'm quoting here. his personal views in no way reflect those of a & e networks who have been strong supporters and champions of the lgbt community. robertson, like many devout christians believes homosexuality is a sin. he told gq magazine that homosexuals would not inherit the kingdom of god and says in essence it's not logical for a man to prefer a man's body over a woman's. he didn't, as some have reported, equate homosexuality with beastiality. he said, everything is blurred
6:44 pm
on what's right and wrong. sin becomes fine. start with homosexual behavior and just morph out from there. beastiality, sleeping around with with this woman, that woman, and those men. gay defenders say that flies in the face of what true christians believe. they say, quoting in part, phil's decision to push vile and extreme stereotypes is a stain on a & e and his sponsors who now need to re-examine their ties to someone with such public disdain for lgbt people and their families. robertson released a statement that says, i would never treat anyone with dis respect just because they are different from me. we are all created by the almighty and like him, i love all of humanity. keep in mind this "duck dynasty" family has plenty of money. they are a very tight-knit group.
6:45 pm
the question now becomes will they just pack up and leave all together? you can expect to get pushback from the christian community on this as well. >> thank you. joining me with you a democratic pollster bernard whitman, monica crowley and arthur idala, criminal defense attorney. your thoughts? >> i thought it was disgusting, hateful. the fact that someone would equate the love i might have for another man with beastiality, a drunkard, adultery flies in the face of what it means to be christian. being christian means to treat others as you want to be treated. the fact he came out with such vile speech is reprehensible. i applaud a & e for taking him off the show. >> but it's the united states of america. this is what i fight for every day in the courtroom. when somebody may have committed a crime and they are guilty, but under the laws of our nation
6:46 pm
they are entitled to certain protections. you know what, there is something called the first amendment. a & e is entitled to make the statement. this is not a & e. >> on tv, the hate is disgusting. >> you're not correct. there ises solid case law on this. >> we are talking about the court of public opinion. >> let me ask you this. now he's gone. indefinite hiatus. i don't know what that means. that will shut down the debate. see, he's a christian man. he didn't say this in the kindest way. but why can't there be a debate about it, a back and forth, a discussion. >> correct. >> this is how you feel, instead of you are fireded. basically canned. no one else will feel comfortable. >> this is a classic example of
6:47 pm
political correctness, the word police. i'm not a fan of the word police. i believe in the united states of america you should be able to say what you want. it may be offensive. but you should be able to say what you want short of inciting violence. >> bernard says you can but live with the consequences. >> a & e has standards and practices. as an employee a & e can say -- >> but the show isn't politically correct. >> i think advertisers have every right to support the community. the fact that this guy would villify a group of people for who they are and who they love and nothing manier is shameful. >> let me ask you a question. >> -- want to be associated with that. >> what about the notion of letting him say how he feels. then you say, let me tell you
6:48 pm
why that's offensive to me. >> it's time we stop agreeing that religion can be used as a weapon to spew hate. >> how does shutting it down -- >> he can go out -- if he wants to have hate speech all over america, by god, let him do it. it shouldn't have to be in the public square where people have to tune in. >> what about his statements -- obviously it's after the fact. he says, look, this is how i feel. these are my religious beliefs. i wouldn't disrespect anyone. we were born from the almighty. i don't agree with what he said, but he's allowed to say it. this is what our country is founded on. >> we have seen this over and over again. >> our country is not founded on hate. >> free speech. >> fundamental questions do not believe in homosexuality. they have been critical of it. the gay and lesbian community said that's intoll the rans.
6:49 pm
we have seen this clash over and over. >> you can have your private beliefs. they don't have to be aired on the public networks. >> i have to leave it at that. we have had a public airing here. we have more to kiss cuss after the break including christians under attack in the middle east. have you heard what prince charles said about it? and "hannity" at the top of the hour. >> it's a lousy deal. everyone in the country outside of washington agrees we have too much government spending, too much debt and the tax burden is too high. what does this deal do? more spending. it will rack up more debt in the near term in exchange for promised hypothetical cuts in the future. more taxes and fees on the american people. ♪ [ female announcer ] to bake. or not to bake. that is a silly question. bake the world a better place with nestle toll house.
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prince charles making a strong statement about christians under attack in the middle east. >> it seems we cannot ignore the fact that christians in the middle east are being deliberately targed by fundamental theist islamist militants. christianity was literally born in the middle east. we must not forget our middle eastern brothers and sisters in christ. >> the panel is back. how about that? >> good for prince charles for using his powerful platform and voice to address this serious issue happening across the middle east and in other pockets of the world as well. this is a story that struggled to gain coverage and traction. >> large by because with it's christians being persecuted and they don't have a strong voice in the media, especially in the western world. i applaud him for bringing
6:54 pm
attention. we have coptic christians being persecuted, churches burned, torture, murder. it's happening in iraq and across the middle east. by way of certain aspects of jihad. >> they aren't even reported in egypt because they know the police will look the other way and possibly retaliate if they complain. >> as a double minority i'm kga and jewish and sensitive to the plight of people being persecuted for who they are or what they believe particularly when it has the government stamp of approval. at the end of the day discrimination, hate, persecution, prejudice all comes from the same place. it's ignorance, fear and wrong. we have to speak out against it. >> tying into the last story, if you want to illuminate or enlighten everyone, the way is to have the conversation proceed and go forward and try to get some intelligence. i don't know how you do that in
6:55 pm
the middle east. but where free speech, you don't have the luxuries we have. >> forgive me, but can we round back to the "duck dynasty" thing? as a gay man when you encounter somebody like phil who holds this belief genuinely, honestly because of his religion. and they don't believe in homosexual, gay sexual relationships. how can he talk about that or express himself in a way that's not offensive for you? >> i think he can't hide behind the veil of christianity or any religion and use it as a weapon to indict people -- >> is it the language or the message? >> first the belief, the language, the message, the vehicle. >> so then are all fundamentalist christians bigots is this. >> no. it is a matter of first understanding what the true meaning of spirituality or christianity or ids lam is.
6:56 pm
love thy neighbor as thyself and as pope francis said about gay people, who am i to judge? clearly robertson was judging. there is no place for that in religion. >> but he's not the pope. >> thank god. >> we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] here's a question for you: the energy in one gallon of gas is also enough to keep your smartphone running for how long? 30 days?
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mega millions lottery. one from california. the other an atlanta-area woman who played her family's birthday and lucky number 7. taking the cash option of one lump sum payment of $120 million after taxes. what would you do if you won? send me a tweet. tonight just a few short hours after he voted against the so-called bipartisan budget deal in the senate, texas conservative ted cruz will kick off our jam-packed wednesday night edition of hannity. our conversation begins now. >> energy. and the bill is passed. >> education. >> the bill is passed. >> agriculture. >> the bill is passed. >> health care. >> the bill is passed. >> can bob beckel defend his do nothing democratic party? >> mr. president, what are you waiting for?


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