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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  December 19, 2013 10:00am-11:01am PST

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he said in gq mag zone regarding his faith. phil should never apologize for speaking the truth and no phil, no duck dynasty. >> and big mike said a &e has the right to do as they wish and the vowers have the final say. >> america nows headquarters starts now. >> two-thirds of americans want to delay obama care by one year. 67 percent said hold off and that is up step points since the roll out in october. >> welcome to hq. i am bill hemmer. and i am alisyn camerota and another dead line extension and people who buy coverage by december 23rd will not have to pay until next year. chris wallace is the host of fox nows sunday and what should we make of the deadline extension, chris. >> january 2nd, most people will
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be watching the bowl games on the first, it is going to be a potential train wreck here, a lot of people will not know if they have coverage or can so their old doctor and may not have an insurance card that you give the woman to check out what your insurance is. one of the ways that the companies are trying to sort it out. you have to sign up by next monday. that deadline hasn't changed, but in terms of paying you can pay january 10th. that is a small tweak. that is not the kind of delay folks are talking about in the fox poll. 67 percent of the americans think that they want obama care delayed. they want it in affect. is there any chance that it could be delayed somehow. >> no. and let me tell you one of the
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reasons and it has to nothing to do with policy. it is all kinds of policy reasons and that is a big deal here in washington. the president wants people to get involved and invested in obama care. he believes and he was told he believes that people find out and have experience with it and they are going to like it and last thing is to delay this and let it be an issue and let the republicans take over the senate and house and they have a better chance of being able to block it. >> and so speaking of selling obama care, there is a meeting of the moms yesterday. and the mom's summit and whatever cute name to come up with. it sounds like michelle obama is enlisted for the first time to sell obama care. what is the strategy behind using her as a secret weapon? >> first of all, she is their
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secret weapon. michelle obama's approval ratings is higher than the president. that is not unusual. the first lady's generally are. and she is protective of her popularity and her currency with the american believe and she was not defending the website when it was hard to defend and defending the president's broken promise. and now that the website is working better and half a million people signed up so far in december, she's out there selling and particularly selling to moms, the idea that this is something for families and she is a potent weapon for the president in trying to get broader acceptance on this. >> one last poll, 54 percent said they wished it hadn't passed and 38 percent said they
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are glad it passed. it is already the law of the land, and the only thing that people can do with that feeling is take it out on the midterms. >> exactly. we have to start winning the elections. and if people really feel that way, since the time it was passed, numbers for approval for obama care have been under water. if you feel that way, you have to go vote for people who opposed obama care. and the president said as long as i am president it is not repe repealed. and they may not get a super majority to veto. >> thank you for bringing us the latest. a top republican senator proposing a bill that required the administration to come clean
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with americans about the cost of health care and do it before the election. senator, good day to you. >> thank you, bill. thank you for having me. >> before we talk about your idea. what do you make of the poll. 67 percent of the americans want to delay it one year. >> i think they are right. t the. president delayed the employer man date. others shouldn't have to live under the man date of the health care law until they get it right. even among the uninsured and majority of the uninsured are skeptical about the health care law that continues to be bad for patients and the doctors and nurses. it will continue to cost the taxpayers incredible costs. >> and a lot of polling suggest
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the more they find out, more they dislike it. your idea is to give what coined of information to give to the american people now? it is called the premium disclosure act. when people sign up for insurance next year, they know what it is going to cost them. the president delayed by a month and moved the delay from two weeks before the election in november until two weeks after the election for people to sign up because he's trying to hide from them how expensive the premiums are going to be. and what the legislation from wyoming is to do is to say no, mr. president october 15th they seen up and they will know the rates on september 15th, you can't hide it. >> what do you think they will find on the premiums?
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>> people are seeing the premiums are higher than what the president promised. remember, he said the website would be easier to use than amazon and cheaper that a cell phone bill and that you would be able to cope your from if you like your doctor. we know that none of those things are true. people in wyoming are hit with sticker shock and they have gotten a letter from the insurance company that they lost insurance that worked for them and it was good enough for their families but not the president of the united states. >> we are bumping up on the date, what is your expectation for what people will find in the new year, once more of the legislation kicks in for them? >> first. what we will see, bill. up until october 1st it was just the website.
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january 1st real people will experience problems. and people who think they have insurance will find out they don't. and people who think they can keep their doctor will find out they have to find another drchlt and seniors will have to look for another doctor and the amount out of the pocket is higher than they ever thought possible because of what the president promised and they will continue to get angry and anxious. we'll see the results. >> you will so the results plain and clear next september. senator we'll see where your bill goes. and for our viewers it goes to a lot of things that you are addressing right now. thank you for your time on the hill. >> another state of the health exchange is stepping down. april love was in damage control
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ever since she took a vacation in cost ricka in the moment of the website dmrichs. it is the fourth to so the change at the top. >> ally, troubled for oregon health exchange. the expensive hipster ads and aimed at drawing in younger enroll eehs. the budget is now 21 million. and oregon's exchange is struggling to sign up the new customers. >> extreme weather alert for you now. big trouble for the holiday travellers. snow and ice on the biggest travel weekends of the year. chief meteorologist rick wright is in the weather center. >> saturday and sunday dealing with rain, snow and severe
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weather. so many people traveling and starts with the big storm brewing in parts of the west. we'll see snow in much of the mountainous west and northern rockies. that is already beginning and we'll so the worst of it in the central plains. we have freezing rain advisories in affect today and tonight for places like milwaukee and squad cities and parts of northwestern missouri. that is not part of the system that is bringing in snow possibly on top of that. we'll see the icing going through tonight and tomorrow, we start to see the rain peck up. it is a warm event on the eastern part of the country. it is a lot of people having reason and then we'll see snow building in parts of missouri and to chicago and back to detroit. most part it is a big rain event and temperatures, ally on
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sunday. and get ready for tornados in the dope south for the day on saturday, ally. >> you know i like the warm pop. >> 70 degrees? >> 68. >> so many people want a white christmas and we have a lot of snow on the ground. it will be gone by christmas. rain and warm temps. >> i don't like the rain. work on that, rick. >> try my best. >> patriac of duck dynasty and the fallout of the comments and the decision sosuspend him. and obama care is hurting the president. but is it hurting other democrats as well. we'll debate the tough gop ads playing up on the ripple affect. [ sniffles, coughs ] shhhh!
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big tv shocker.
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a & e network suspending duck dynasty star philroberson about remarks he made. it raises the question of the future of one of tv's most watched shoes. and i, glenn. >> reporter: free speech and religious freedom go only so far. not because of what he said or did on the show but because he called homosexuality a sin in the magazine piece. the network suspended him for saying, i am quoting. everything is plush on right and wrong. homosexual behavior and it is not just morphing out from there. bestiality and sleeping around with those women. and neither the adulterous or male protests or homosexual and greedy and drunken and
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swindlers, they will not inherit the kingdom of god. gay and lesbian called it vile and offensive and urged a & authority e to force him to apologize. and surely a brand like a &e doesn't want to be associated with racist remarks. a & authority e complied. his personal view do not reflect the a & who are champions of the lesbian, gay, and bisexual and transjeopardier community. they placed him on hyattous. and now the network has bigger problems. they are boycotting him. and one facebook has throw hundred thousand supporters and sarah palin said free speech is endangered species and taking on the duck dynasty patriarch means taking on all of us. bobby jiowa ndle said billro
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pertson are great for lose lous. and robertsop released this statement to fox. >> my mission today is to go forth and tell people why i follow christ and also what the bible teaches and part of that teaches part of that teaching is women and men are meant to be together. i never treat people with disreport pause they are different from me. and we are created by the humanity. we would all be better off if we love all. >> and in the last hour, he's a red neck. isn't that what all red necks believe? and so that is just the beginning. >> oh, boy, the culture war in full swing. >> he mentioned the media. we'll bring in howie curtis.
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analyze the decision now that a &e has made. >> this is not a free speech issue. philroberson has the right to say whatever he wants about god, and guns and gays and a &e has the right to yank him off of the air if he offended part of the audience. >> it is freedom of speech. you heard sarah palin and social media, a &e by taking away your job and you are clamping down on someone's life and ability to support their family, isn't that about freedom of speech. >> when the shoe is on the other food and alec baldwin had a outburst he was fired by that network and people thought it was a good thing. it is freedom of speech, except and you can say let me say it up front. it was a political decision by a
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&e. we redpret the tone of the comments. we are champions of the gay and lesbian community and so clearly it is taking a stance on the liberal side of the sensitive issue. >> howard, you heard william talk about the reaction. what are you picking up in the media and politicians on how it is unfolding. >> it is spreading like wildfires as you imagine. it is good for ratings and clicks and cross over cultural controversy and gay anchors coming out te nounsing robertson and they are defending their, their community shall we say. at the same time i hear ted cruz and sarah palin and governor gindle they are pandering to the religious right. it is in their interest to make it into a liberal media versus the rights of a god- fearing
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duck- hunting outdoors man. >> one of the things that this raises and the gay anchors talked about said the very thing. they find the comments chose moinded but they are his opinion. are people on reality shoes not allowed to have real opinions? >> this gets to what the short sightedness of news media business. when a &e hired phil who believes in god and believes that homosexuality is a sin. what did those excutives think they were getting. you can't muzzle the guy. at the same time had phil robertson said in the temperate statement to fox. look as a matter of faith i believe homosexuality is a sin and i don't think he would be kecked off of the air and equate
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bestiality and graphic language he crossed a line. he is on a television show and has a bigger platform than he would as a private citizen. >> paid for colorful comments. until they go against the network. >> there will be more on this, too. >> growing evident that obama care is the a chilles hill. and dangerous space walk and rocket scientist walk. and what they came up and solve a major problem. >> plus, is your television spying on you? don't laugh, this is for real. can bill and i really see you right now. we see what you are doing. we have the news report to do that. cover that camera. hi, i'm terry and i have diabetic nerve pain.
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>> trying to cope the astronauts safe. two astronauts would keep a space walk and four to fix the cooling system on the space station. they will have specially designed towel and a snorkel. one astronaut nearly drowned when the helmet was filled like a fish bowl. >> we want to know what is your most creative fix to a problem. >> i am certain it is not that. send us a tweet at pill hemmer. >> and to me at alisyn camerota. we can't wait to hear what you have fixed with things in your house. check this out. tvs that spy on you.
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they are live with more. i can so you. >> totally outrageous, alisyn. the living rom was the last ba sh in priviacy in the united states. but it is no longer. >> i bought this tv. >> this this smart tv down loads useful information on the web. he's wondering who is watching him? >> the same technology that down loads channel guys can upload what you are watching. >> smart tvs connected to the internet and you can skype or net flicking and companies are taking advantage of it for their own benefit. >> he is a privacy advocate. and in november his worst fores were realized. a british blogger discovered the
10:27 am
smart tv uploaded vowing information to lg. >> this was the smoking gun? >> yes, we worry about. that you read the privacy policy. and you can't figure it out. joishgs in a statement to fox news, the company denoticed the practice and lg does not gather information about our customers without their consent in the usa or elsewhere. in further questioning lg consent means accepting the terps and conditions when the television is first turned on. catch 22 is that you can't use the tv smart functions unless you accept the terms and conditions and turning your smart tv in a 10,000 block of useless furniture. fox received vague responses from other manufacturers of smart tvs including sony and panasonic and samsung.
10:28 am
lg said the entire television industry is moving to permanentized services which they say requires personalized information. what do you say? >> some people might like it. but they would likie choichlts>> reporter: users should be able to opt out of the tracking technol. that's it from here alisyn. back to you. >> douglas, thank you so much. i get the impression that millions of people are watching us. weird. >> put down that pizza. >> thank you, douglas. >> talk about iowa ran nuclear ambitions resuming. what you are telling us in the new fox poling and the answer is revealing. obama care broken promises and how it will impact democrats that made it the new law of the land. one town, don't speed if you don't want to so the grinch.
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time for a quick check of the head lines. guilty as charged two eslammic extremist get of hacking to death a british soldier to death on a london street. >> and a admitted to hospital. the interpettor signed gibberish. >> a florida police officer dressed as iconic dr. suess character taking it easy. handing out onions instead of tickets. >> it is a booby prize. >> i don't believe. i am sure i will be corrected. >> we need to research this. >> we are on it. waiting for that splash animation to go.
10:34 am
we just did it. new fox poling showing how president obama is ending his year in office. 53% disapprove. and 41 percent approve. ads targeting democrats in the obama care. >> on new hampshire they didn't tell the truth. ncope your insurance if you like it and increase choices for family and promote competition. >> the facts, 20,000 new hampshire patients had coverage cancelled and obama offered only one insurer on the individual market. if you like your senator you can keep her, if you don't, you know what to do. >> td banky is a former white house aide to president bush. and lean is on the action fund.
10:35 am
dee dee how effective are they? >> they are fantastic and i think we'll take back the senate. the obama care nightmare will cope giving. obama and his legacy is set and a failed presidency. but the democrats have to survive and listen to the gripes and complains and say we don't want this. polls show it. he didn't tell them the truth. they are going to bail on obama or try to survive and most won't. >> emily how do democrats fight back against a ds like that. >> it is correct. the democrats will not run away from health care. pieces of the law going in to affect people so it affect their lives. they were not able to get coverage before and they can go to the marketplace and get similar coverage.
10:36 am
>> you know the polling runs against everything you are saying. >> and absolutely. more pieces of the law are going into affect. and i actually, we look at new hampshire and jean sha heen. she is looking for solutions. she's been a leader in the senate saying we need to fight for the law and make it work. she was a leader in looking for solutions for the wen site and she really led in asking the obama administration to bring in a ceo for the website. they did do that. >> dee- dee does that mean that the democrats can wriggle out of being tied to the broken promises? >> we are supposed to believe them after they lied the first time? a picture and a video speaks a thousand words. walk the walk and talk the talk. hey, cope your health care. lie like the president.
10:37 am
are we believing her now? i doubt it. it was damaging and they are in trouble and democrats are in peril. >> this is rolling out and another poll. emily. obama and his administration know a head of time people could not cope their doctor? 61 percent said they did. >> the president was an overstatement and he acknowledges that. we are moving to can people get covered where as they couldn't before. talk about new hampshire in the ad. 20,000 new hampshirites lost coverage and now they can deputy to the website and get coverage and where as people who will not be getting coverage under the medicare expansion. >> but that is 26,000 new hampshirites. find a solution. >> in the ad, at least. i don't know if it is current
10:38 am
today. 20,000 people in new hampshire lost insurance because of the cancellation letters and the exchanges only offer one provider. that reality is not living up to the promises. >> yeah. it is not enough time. >> and how are they going to do this? they have so many problems. they lost their health care and going to vote against the democrats. democrats own this. and respects don't want it and this adneeds to be run all day and we have a silver bullet and poison arrow. thank goodness. >> we'll see the strategy rolline before christmas. thank you, ladies. six world powers trying to stop the country from getting nuclear power. and the new fox news poll shows
10:39 am
that president obama is not tough enough on iran. mike is a former advisor to the ministry of the defense. the talks after iran sort of left the table last week because approximate they didn't like the idea of sanctions. what is happening today. >> i think if you further the economic sanks that is counterproductive. tighten in the screw you are strengthening the resolve for the iranian leader to develop nuclear weapons. >> what is that evident? why are the sanctions not working? >> the last seven years, there is an increase in centrifuges. and stock piles are increasing and construction on the hard water plants in iraq that will
10:40 am
produce plu tonnium will be produced. what are the sanctions? they are affective in a democrat society the public feel the pain and they impose change and they affect new leadership. you can't do ta in iran. iran has a democratically elected president that is powerless. and it is the a yatolla with his hand on the power. he controls foreign policy. >> you saw the poll. 68 percent of the americans say that president obama has not been tough enough on iran. and basically what americans are saying, they don't trust iran and they think that iran is up to something. are they wrong? >> i can understand why they would not trust iran. but syria and imposing military
10:41 am
strikes? if we did that the situation would be worse. what we are seeing with assad is actually the giving up the chemical weapons and i think we have to give deplomacy a chance. i think everyone has a right not to trust iran but build in agreements and negotiations that allows the transparency and checking up on them. >> and we'll so if that comes out of today's meetings. >> millions of americans may have had credit card information stolen and it happen on the busiest shopping day of the year. how it happen and what you can do. >> and diplomatec stand off after a high profile arrest in new york city. how the prosecutor is digging in and the case is raising tension between the u.s. and a key ally. rrn5 farmer: hello, i'm an idaho potato farmer.
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and our giant idaho potato truck is still missing. so my dog and i we're going to go find it. it's out there somewhere spreading the good word about idaho potatoes and raising money for meals on wheels. but we'd really like our truck back, so if you see it, let us know, would you? thanks. what?
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time to check with gretchen. senator mitch mcconnell will join me and talk about what obama care has in common with big to the. and mitt romney ironing his own shirt and sloping in his own car and may make you wonder what if america had seen him like that? did you shop at target after thanksgiving. you think your car is safe? we'll have that in the real story. >> merry christmas. >> you, too. >> indian demanding the u.s. drop a case against a female diplomat living and work nothing new york city. busted on vis charges. the u.s. attorney is digging in.
10:46 am
india removing security barriers outside of the obesity in now deli and protestors taking to the streets. we'll have our fox news legal analyst. was it handled appropriately or not? >> this is a big deal for the u.s. attorney. he holds the same position rudy held. and everybody knows that this u.s. attorney has much big are dpoels for himself. and for this to be the first issue on his record, he is probably the most prominent indian american attorney and so it involves his country, it is a big world in the legal community that i live in. with that being said, becomely the woman who worked for the diplomat, the nanny said i was held like a slave almost. >> throw dollarsap hour. >> here's the problem that is going on. there is a lot of extortion.
10:47 am
all it takes is her word versus the diplomat. >> doesn't the diplomat win? why is the diplomat strip searched and thrown in a prison population. is that not weird? >> even though they are treated equal they are not. god forbid you and bill are common sense. they are not putting someone in the general population that has a rap show the. >> you know the laws of new york. the strip search thing is the rub on this. is that general procedure and does that happen upon arrest in new york city. >> this is a federal court and supposed to apply to the whole nation and this is federal court. the answer is yes. and supposed to happen every time.
10:48 am
ni don't understand. >> this, the procedures are to make sure that that particular woman is not highwayeding a weapon and posing a threat to herself and she will not slit her wrist or officers or martials. >> you don't think they went above and beyond? >> i think they did 100 percent. >> you do? >> but in terms of the caveitty search she need to be searched? i know many times in every one's work force where they do not adhere to the letter of the log. you can't rip the tag off of the pillow. nbe specific on this. the prosecutor came out with a statement and a lot of statements for the med why and they are defending the actions that were taken. would you expect their posture to change or say the way it is. >> it would stay the way it is.
10:49 am
they probably followed every procedure to the letter of the law. we are supposed to use judgment and we are not computers. >> it is based on there sprps as a u.s. marshal. it is a political hot potato. is this the purpose we should do caveitty searches and she was afforded accommodations other people werept. and a hows to make calls and get child care in place. there is a balancing act. and it is a hot potato for the u.s. attorney and he is adapt. he was chuck shumer's chief of staff and upons how to handle the mess of poll teches. >> great to see you. >> merry christmas. if i don't so you. >> thank you so much.
10:50 am
>> and attention target shoppers. the retail jiept warning customers to look for unauthorized purchased. >> it could act up to 40 million americans. we'll tell you whose accounts may have been compromised this time. >> the fact you that know it happened while you were there makes you a little more skeptical. >> i almost never use cash anymore. i almost always use a credit card. that scares me. [ coughs, sneezes ] i have a big meeting when we land, but i am so stuffed up, i can't rest. [ male announcer ] nyquil cold and flu liquid gels don't unstuff your nose. they don't? alka seltzer plus night fights your worst cold symptoms, plus has a decongestant. [ inhales deeply ] oh. what a relief it is. combinations of your favorite seafood from lobster to crab, shrimp and mussels in a savory broth. try one today, and sea food differently. now, try seven lunch choices at $7.99. sandwiches, sads and more.
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join elisabeth hasselbeck and me and a million others on times square. we start at 10:00 eastern time. >> that's going to be fun to watch. >> we're going to have a blast. we're keeping our fingers crossed as we do every year. >> sometimes, it's bitterly cold. >> i'll be watching. tens of millions of target customers have had their account information stolen.retail chain says a massive data breach is affecting folks who swiped their debit cards or credit cards in stores at the height of the shopping season. garrett tenney is there. >> reporter: if anyone shopped in target on black friday to december 15th, during that span of three weeks, thieves stole the personal information of target shoppers. the magnetic, the personal information contained on the
10:55 am
magnetic strip that's on the back of the credit and debit cards. info like customers' names, their card number, their expiration date. as well as a three-digit security code. with that kind of data, crips can create counterfeit credit cards and possibly they can get cash from atms. target has identified and resolved this issue, but they are continuing to investigate just how this happened. they're doing that along with authorities, including the secret service. now, target says if you did shop at any of their stores between november 27th and december 15th, they are encouraging you to keep a close eye on your bank account for a unusual or suspicious activity. they're also encouraging you to get a copy of your credit report from one of the credit rating agencies. now, they say, if you do believe that your information has been stolen to call a hot line. we have that number for you on the bottom of the screen
10:56 am
1-866-552-8660. authorities said they have not had any suspects at this time. and they chose this is an ongoing investigation, alisyn. >> what a mess. nasa has issues and so do you, apparently. what's been the most creative fix to a problem. >> you've gotten very creative. your next tweets are next. the's a saying around here, you stand behindhat you say. around here you don't make excuses. you make commitments. and when you can't live up to them, you own , and make it right. some people think the kind of accountability that thrives on so many streets inhis country sbut i know you'll still find it where it's needed most. en you know ere to look. anncr vo: introducing the schwab accountality guarantee. if you're not happy with one of our
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participating investment advisory services, we'll refund your program fee fromhe previous quarter. while, it's no guarantee against loss and other fees and expenses may still apply, we stand by our word.
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10:59 am
nasa is getting creative. >> what is in your most creative fix to a problem? oh, did you answer. we're always repairing cars with wires and duct tape back in the '70s. >> kim says you can never go wrong with band aids and glue. >> lamar says duct tape. we heard that. >> bill, i want to show you a
11:00 am
beautiful picture. i was lucky enough to go to the white house for their christmas party. that's their beautiful tree it represents every state in the union. >> that's great. >> here's a group shot with our great producers and doug calloway. and i was lucky. >> thanks. here's gretchen, by the way bye-bye. any, everyone, i'm gretchen carlson. welcome to the "real story" story. a controversial defense spending bill containing new mandates on how 9 military handles sexual assaults. and also president obama and gitmo detainees. mike emanuel live on capitol hill for us. mike, what's controversial about this from the republican perspective? >> well, gretchen as you mention, some are allowing the transfer of guantanamo detainees. the concern is theseo


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