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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  December 20, 2013 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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don't you have any books to sell. this is your moment. >> come back in in styx months -- in six months. >> yeah, order not cool. >> don't forget to set your dvr so you don't miss an episode of the five. the president takes the blame for a screw-up on health care, but points to a comeback year in 2014. this is "special report. " >> good evening, i'm bret baier. president obama will leave for a huh wine -- hawaiian vacation in about an hour, but a speech on regrets of obamacare, cautiousness over the nsa and defiance over his eroding public standing. chief white house correspondent ed henry was in the middle of it this afternoon. >> reporter: every cl way --
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which way president obama turned he was focused on his nosedive and the bungled rollouts. >> the fact is it didn't happen in the first month or six weeks in a way that was at all acceptable. and since i'm in charge, obviously we screwed it up. >> reporter: to the edward snowden leaks and added to the questions of credibility to the president. >> just like on health care, if you like your plan you can keep it. on surveillance you looked the american people in the eye and said we have the right balance and six months later you are saying maybe not. >> well hold on a second. i think it is important to note that when it comes to the right balance on surveillance, these are a series of judgment calls we are making every day because we have a whole bunch of folks who make sure the american people are protected. >> this was a chance for the president to try and focus on stronger than expected economic growth numbers which he hope will lead to a comeback for the
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country and him. >> i firmly believe that 2014 can be a break-through year for porter: still he acknowledged health care is dogging him and he hinted at the possibility of changes to his team or more tweaks to the law. >> there are a whole bunch of thinks that -- things that we've been taking a look at and i'm going to be making appropriate adjustments once we get through this year and we've gotten through the initial surge of people who have been signing up. >> reporter: in what may be a telling metaphor. health was down shortly before the speech. he claims 2 million people have now signed up for private insurance and medicaid. >> the basic structure of the law is working, despite all of the problems and the website problems, despite the messaging problems, despite all of that, it is working. >> reporter: except even though more positive numbers still put the administration shind their other -- behind their original
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goals. in their latest plan to deal with cancelation notices, pushing some people into the junk plans the president has railed against, has caused chaos. >> continually changing the rules in this process is crea creating confusion for consumers and for businesses that are trying to implement this law and help people get the health care coverage they need and into the new market places. >> reporter: while republicans flatly charge he is abusing his executive power. >> this idea that he just continues to willie nilly change this, i would like to ask the president, are there any laws that you can't just unilaterally change because he just seems to make it up on the fly. >> reporter: fox has learned the president will do some travel in mid-january before the state of the union address to tout for the economy and push a hike for the minimum wage. presidents usually travel after the speech but the white house may need to show he needs to do
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it before. president obama is signaling he will not scrap the nsa surveillance program drawing fire from multiple sources. james rosen on another problem for the president that is not going away any time soon. >> reporter: two days after his own intelligence add advisory panel urged him to dial back the national security agency telephone records, the president made clear he will adopt and modify some of the panels' recommendations and reject others. >> wa they are clear -- what they are clear about is we need this intelligence. we can't unilaterally disarm. they are not snooping around. >> reporter: saying he will make a statement next month, mr. obama side stepped questions about the panel and about this week's ruling about a federal judge about the section 215 program which harvests metadata
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on virtually all domestic telephone calls. but the president did identify one change he might be inclined to change. >> it is possible, for example, some of the same information that the intelligence community feels is required to keep people safe can be obtained by having the private phone companies keep these records longer. >> reporter: veterans of the intelligence community praised the president for standing up for nsa but one analyst voiced grave results about the trial balloon. >> this is a bad recommendation because it is harder for nsa to go through the material if they have to get warrants and material the foeb companies -- the phone companies are holding. >> reporter: the guardian newspaper in london which exposed the story from edward snowden reported today that the nsa once targeted a prime minister. the nsa charged with assessing the damage done by edward snowden, now a fugitive living in russia, told u.s. news he
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would consider amnesty if he cooperated with authorities. the president made clear he doesn't think anyone should see edward snowden as a hero. >> if there was a way to have that kochs without -- conversation without damage. >> the president did not respond about the situation but he did talk about the overseas situation and they can do so more domestically thap in the past. president obama urged congress not to threaten new sanctions in iran but a bipartisan senate bill to do just that is picking up steam. mike emanuel is on that story tonight. >> it would be the mistake for the agents if the president did embrace sanctions tied to the end game. >> lindsy graham is part of the bipartisan surge that started with 26 senators to tighten sanctions on the iran
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recommendationeem, including an oil boycott and other industries. >> you have bipartisan sanctions legislation over the occasion of the president -- the objection of the president says a lot about how we view this administration's handling of iran and the only hope of avoiding a conflict with iran militarily is to keep the sanctions in place. >> while harry reid has held off allowing additional sanctions come up for a vote. but late last night they took a step to be taken up on the floor. the republicans call it an act of defiance by reid to back the bill over white house objections. the president today said now is not the time for new sanctions. >> if we are serious about negotiations, we have to help get them to a position where we can actually resolve this by
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engaging in this kind of -- this kind of action. >> reporter: grant says congress is trying to tie the president's hands by building the coalition to two thirds of the senate. >> here is the hope that we can get enough co-sponsored to make it veto-proof. so if he wants to make it veto proof, we'll override the veto. >> despite pushback from the white house, this will provide efforts for talks with tehran. >> we have heard from the administration repeatedly that we should not add sanctions at various time and each time sanctions have been added they have strengthened our hand. >> today the president took a swipe at warner and others on the ballot in 2014. >> the politics of trying to look tough on iran are often good when you are running for office. >> reporter: one path could be supporters asking the house to
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pass the bill first. if it gets big bipartisan support there, if reid is the only one standing in the way of sending new sanctions to the president. and the majority leader was not feeling well early this morning and aides say he was taken to the hospital for caution -- precaution. after resting, all indications are he is on the way to recovery. >> thank you. president obama said his personal new year's revolution is to be nicer to the white house press corp. perhaps the president's biggest resolution is to help fellow democrats gain control of the senate. something in jeopardy. here is carl cameron. >> reporter: democrats hope the president's nomination of retiring max baucus to the ambassador to china, helps them keep the montana senate seat in democrat hands and picking up six senate seats needs to get
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the path ort. >> if the house stays republican, which is very likely, then president obama's last two years will be lame duck hell. >> reporter: but if baucus is confirmed as ambassador to china, montana's democrat governor steve bullock must appoint an interim senator. the govern is expected to tap john walsh who is already running for the open seat and better defending it as a pseudo incumbent on the job. and this might help a vulnerable incumbent survive. he chairs the finance committee over taxes, health care and trade and will be replaced byron wideman. he would have to relink wish his chairmanship would will go to mary landrieu, one of the most at-risk democrats in the senate and a top target. and cheering the committee could give landrieu new clout to persuade voters to keep her around. >> this move helps both the --
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helps the democrats keep both ploent and louisiana -- montana and louisiana, but by no means does it guarantee it. >> reporter: the president's low job guarantee approval, after the election his campaign was retasked with refocusing on protecting democrats. they are divvying 2014 duties for greater impact. some will do search and attack ads and still others will organize the grassroots. sending baucus to china could help them but the real problem is the president and obama care. neither will be on the ballot but very much on voter's minds next year. >> thank you, carl. up next, are we looking at a duck walk for cable top tv show. and what our fox affiliates are covering tonight. fox 13 in tampa with quick-thinking police pulling a pilot from the wreckage of a small plain crash. he remains hospitalized with
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serious injuries tonight. fox 9 in the twin cities with a woman who has baked cookies for school kids for 15 years and now being told to stop because of an anonymous complaint. and this is a live look from honolulu, the big story there, preparation for president obama's holiday vacation. officials are trying to work around expected traffic issues. that is tonight's live look outside of the beltway from "special report." we'll be right back. [ woman 3 ] to come together even when we're apart. [ male announcer ] in stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy and more, swanson makes holiday dishes delicious.
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now there are a lot of important issues to cover today and the president weighed in on a lost them. but a story that seems to be gaining a lot of attention is the fate of one cable tv show that happens to be about people who make duck calls.
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correspondent will yaj largenes has an update from los angeles. >> reporter: from tv show to magazine interview, it didn't take long for comments from a cable reality star to grab political attention. >> this is all about freedom, free speech. so many american families have spilled blood and treasure to guarantee phil robertson and everybody else's right to voice their personal opinions. >> this is not a free speech issue. the defenders of phil roberts are seeking freedom from consequence. >> this began when phil robinson called homosexuality a sin in an interview with gq magazine. a&e suspended him indefinitely saying it was a champion of gay and lesbian rights. it was enough for some to cry foul. >> this is why it is so critical of a&e and they say they are for diversity and tolerance and minority views and opinions, unless you disagree with them.
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>> reporter: more than 120,000 so far signed an i support phil. and sponsors are supporting the family and last night they said we are disappointing that phil is on hiatus for expressing his faith which is his constitutional right. but as a family, we cannot imagine our show going forward without our pate re acat the helm. >> they are real and they have a set of values that is grounded in scripture which many people around this country still subscribe to. >> the democrats should be all over this. >> reporter: ironically, they are not. rob certificateson made insensitive remarks, they stayed out of the controversy. >> politically democrats have the african-american and the gay vote in the bag. >> reporter: a&e shot nine out
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of ten episodes for next money, meaning phil isn't needed until march. by then many expect the two sides will have made their point and made up or moved on. bret. >> william, thank you. angry target customers are expressing outrage over their inability to contact the company through the website or over the phone. yesterday the retailer announced that up to 40 million customer credit card and debit accounts were breached during the thanksgiving holiday weekend. many furious customers are threatening to never shop there again. stronger consumer lending led to better than expected economic growths. the gdb grew at a solid 1% rate. still analysts expect that for the year it will drop to 1.7%, down from 2.8% last year. still another record close for the dow after gaining 4- --
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42 today. the s&p was up 8 and the nasdaq up 10. still ahead, we break down more. and could a guantanamo bay suspect been given a get-out-of-jail-free card. there's a saying around here, you stand behind what you say.
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president obama still has not closed the guantanamo bay prison facility but he is getting a little flexibility in cutting down the population there. thanks to a section of the new defense authorization bill, passed by the senate last night. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge has detailed.
3:23 pm
>> reporter: the new decision will give the administration a freehand to send home the nearly 160 detainees. >> there is a big blame game between the white house and congress over why guantanamo hasn't closed. the good news about congress did last night is they put an end to the blame game. >> reporter: it impacts the secretary of defense. under the old rules a secretary had to ser a detainee would not return to the battlefield and that is a high standard. the secretary must take steps to reduce the risks. hagel expressed the distinction. >> that gives flexibility to the president on this issue. >> reporter: the legislation calls for review of the many detainees who make up half of the camps population. where fox news has reported more than a half dozen times. congress wants to know whether yemen or an al qaeda affiliate is gaining territory and control
3:24 pm
has the ability to hold the men. according to leading military analysts, given the number of release detainees, who are expected to return to the battlefield is nearly 30%. >> the ones that remain, the 158 that remain at gitmo, they are the worst of the worst. >> reporter: the legislation requires an assessment of the detainee's legal rights if they were transferred to american soil. >> many democrats on the hill are against importing terrorists into the united states and with the 2014 and 2016 election coming up, very few people in public office are going to vote for importing the detainees into the united states. >> reporter: the president signs an executive -- signed an exec toif order promising to close the camp and now he is
3:25 pm
struggling to finish it by the end of his tour. there is no widespread spying of nsa. it comes 18 months after the agent charged was embroiled in a prostitution scandal in south africa in advance of a presidential visit. a federal judge has struck down utah's same sex marriage ban. the mormon church there has long been against the same sex marriage ban. the judge's ruling said the law passed by voters in 2004 violated gay and lesbian couples rights under the 14th amendment. the salt lake county clerk has already started to issue marriage licenses. we will start the panel a little sooner than usual tonight to get reaction to the president's news conference and all that was in it. up next. what pajama boy said about obama before he became famous. [ male announcer ] e new new york is open.
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before we start the grapevine, a quick correction, i said the mormon church was against the same sex marriage ban, the church is obviously for the ban which a judge has just ruled unconstitutional. and now fresh pickings from the grave vine. dennis rodman just can't get enough of north korea. he is holding tryouts for a north korea team to face veteran nba players in a game for kim
3:30 pm
jong-un's birthday. rodman said, quote, it is all love here. for those who do not feel the love, including kim's uncle who was recently executed, and another sign of love, perhaps a throw-back, north korea threatened to strike south korea without notice, by fax. a case in texas might remind you of the movie minority report, remember that? the so-called pre--crime. a court said it was okay for police to go into a home and round up people in handcuffs based on a tip without a search warrant. they obtained the warrant after the alleged meth cooks were in handcuffs and boxes of chemicals were confiscated. as the dallas observer put it, it was based on a prediction of a future crime. the trial court cited federal rules permitting illegal seized evidence a third-party told them about beforehand. the second appeals report over turned that ruling saying it
3:31 pm
appeared to be a clear case of police misconduct but the texas court of appeals, which has final say, agreed with the trial court. finally, organizing for action employee ethan krupp has gained notoriety and his own hash tag as bath amma boy. bush feed noticed he posted critical comments about president obama in his defunct college blog. in it he wrote a imaginary blog about the speech at university of madison university, between mbom, my obama party. he quotes a section of the president's speech and then fights with himself over it. krupp bashes the president for lofty rhetoric, letting mitt romney scoring points for politicizing the bin laden raid and more. the fan boy side says things like greatest president ever. today's press conference, a lot of questions that question
3:32 pm
that statement -- greatest president ever. >> has this been the worst year of your presidency? >> do you have any personal regrets? >> it is a tough year. it has clearly been a tough year in your presidency? >> if you were measuring it by polls, my polls have gone up and down a lot throughout the course of my career. if i was interested in polling, i wouldn't have run for president. >> let's bring in our panel early tonight. steve hayes from the weekly standard. charles lion from the washington post and charles krauthammer. so what about this news conference, charles? >> well he looked tired, he looked exhausted, he looked like a guy that had a bad year. i don't think he had a lot to say. it looks like he really wanted to get out of town but he didn't want to leave without facing the press or there would be stories about he's escaping or unwilling
3:33 pm
or afraid to face the press. he didn't want a headline saying he slinks out of town. but there wasn't a lot of substance that came out of it, and he simply said, as we heard there, he's not a man that follows the polls. i think i would add that to a long list of keeping the truth at arm's length, as a president who is obsessed with polls and has rid ebb them to high office and he knows he's in big trouble for obama care which is a reason that unlike other times in his career, he had freedom of action. he doesn't hear because he is hostage to fate of his own piece of legislation. >> chuck? >> charles, it is christmas, i think in the spirit of the season we should try to like at the bright side of this conferen conference. >> you do that all year long. >> and for all that you say there, charles, i thought there was an attempt by the president at the beginning of the press conference to focus on what good
3:34 pm
news there is. and the good news for all of the problems of obama care is not all that trivial when it comes to the economy, because the economy -- the numbers from the third quarter show grew faster than previously reported. the stock market is up, the job -- the unemployment number is down and you can see the strategy already taking shape, which is going to be in the new year, starting to emphasize the better economic news. and the feds decision earlier this week to taper, tends to validate that because it suggests even the fed believes the kpi can stand on -- the economy can stand on its own two feet. so i think the president did, under the pressure of the press corp, he under sold his own message. if i were jay carney sitting back there, i would say common, mr. president, be more upbeat but he didn't manage it. >> on obama care, let's listen to him talking about numbers and the health care law. >> despite the fact that for
3:35 pm
probably the first month, month and a half was lost because of problems with the website, and about as bad as a bunch of publicity as you could imagine, and yet you still got 2 million people who signed up. >> now, officially what we have from hhs, through november is -- excuse me, is enrollments at 4 364, 862. today he said 2 million signed up and then the cancellations of 5 million. and i guess he's including medicaid to get to the 2 million number. last week kathleen sebelius said this -- a number of individuals
3:36 pm
have already re-enlisted and enrolled in plans so losing coverage and being notified that the plan they had doesn't exist any more are two very different things. i guess what i'm pointing to here is, here is a president saying that 2 million people have been added and these numbers are -- i don't know, they don't seem to add up. >> the president has long since thrown off the constraints of truth and accuracy when it comes to talking about obama care and how many people are signed up. i think they'll be lucky to have 2 million total enrolled by the march 31st deadline. we are clearly not there now, as you suggest, 365,000 was the number they were using before, people have raised questions about that, but i don't think this president is -- he seems almost to be trying to will himself through this problem, through obama care right now. and he's still talking about problems with the website and suggesting the website is beyond that and the website was down
3:37 pm
for a couple of hours immediately before this press conference. >> and last night's shift -- the comic shift that happened last night. >> suspending the individual mandate for some people, there was a question today at the press conference about whether it will be ultimately suspended, in fact, if not in deed, for everybody and the president so, no, absolutely we intend to enforce the mandate. but the confusion by what they did last night -- and then the website was down for two hours yesterday. hhs said this was scheduled maintenance. this is how they tried to describe it. they would have us believe they had scheduled maintenance in the middle of a week day in front of a presidential conference when they are short on numbers. you can't dress it undb -- up any more. that is not true. >> and the numbers are round that the president is offering but there is no evidence any of them are true.
3:38 pm
truth is better. and when you hear the administration saying everything is okay, then you have to ask yourself, what about the bombshell last night, which is a sign of complete panic. what the administration did is to announce at night that people who lost their health insurance now are exempt from the fine they have to pay next year, or they can now purchase an outlawed kind of insurance, the one that was supposed to be a lemon, so bad you weren't allowed to have it any more and the millions are allowedit now catastrophic and the insurancers will -- the insurances will lose the young healthies who will have to balance out the cost of the older and sicker and they are in distress because this under pliened the financial obligation of the health exchanges. >> to wrap this up after this break and then we have the nsa and iran to talk about. more with the all-stars.
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test test
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there is a big meeting at the white house yesterday. health care officials talking to reporters on back ground, kind of explaining where things stood, and there was not one word about any shift in any plan. nothing. and then after our show, last night there was a major change. a big, big change. chuck, essentially they said this is toyota -- totally diffet can you buy the catastrophic plan if you've been kicked off your plan. >> to summarize it, all of the
3:43 pm
people that got the letters saying your current individual insurance doesn't meet standards you, have to get a new one, have been given a hardship exemption from the mandate. and if you look at the rules, the hardship exemption was not drawn for that, it was like for people that their house was blown down by a tornado and they needed help. and so they are wildly bending the rules and they are doing it for one reason only, the fear of the blow-back in elections. mark warner was pushing them to do that. >> he was on set last night and we would have asked him questions about that had we known at 6:00 p.m. >> but we've been talking about a lot of numbers. they are confusing. but to me it is about how this appeared in a interesting new york times poll of the uninsured that came out this week and hasn't gotten enough attention. 58% of the uninsured have not even looked up information about
3:44 pm
obamacare yet. 59% of them say that getting insurance would hurt them financially. and 54% -- this is sort of the good news -- say that by march they'll get it. so about half of the uninsured is reluctant to sign up. that is what has got to be worrying the white house. >> and 53% oppose obamacare. and your analogy about the hardship and the hurricane, the hurricane here and the hardship -- >> the tornado. >> it is obamacare. and that is what the disaster is and that is why these people are being given a special dispensation, which will ultimately have to be extended to everybody which means after abolishing the employer mandate, they'll have to abolish the individual mandate and there will be no money at all in the exchanges, the insurers will go
3:45 pm
south. >> chuck, the president said whether or not the individual man date would be pushed and said he would enforce it, but a senior advisor on another channel said -- wouldn't answer the question whether there would be a penalty, whether anyone would pay a penalty in 2014. >> it is inconceivable. when you look at the changes, it is inconceivable that anybody will pay a penalty. you are going to assess penalties on people that can't afford it when you don't assess penalties on these folks. it doesn't make sense. and this law is in total chaos right now. the president is making unilateral decisions and i think chuck todd at this press conference asked relevant questions, how can feel follow a law that is -- how can people follow a law that is being changed on a daily basis. they can't. >> and i want to turn to the debt ceiling, that is coming up and we are almost there in about a month. and he was asked whether there is going to be any negotiations.
3:46 pm
>> no, we are not going to negotiate for congress to pay bills it has accrued. here is the good news and i want to emphasize the positive as we enter into this holiday season, i think congressman ryan and senator murray did a good job in trying to narrow the differences and actually pass a budget that i can sign. >> so are we back to square one on this debt ceiling thing? >> well, you know, it has been striking to me to see that there is sort of a desire on both sides to kind of rekindle the partisan disputes. there you see the president saying he almost relishes the fight. >> and especially to get out of the way of obamacare because it's turned the page. >> correct. but he in a way is responding to what some republicans on hill were already saying. ones that held their noses and voted for this ryan-murray deal,
3:47 pm
don't worry, we'll have another shot at the debt ceiling. for now, i have to say it is way too early to tell. no one knows what the conditions will be, et cetera, et cetera. but i'm not sure either of them come march will have an interest in doing that. >> what the republicans have to do is wa the gop -- is what the gop did last year -- beginning of this year with the debt ceiling. it got whacked on fiscal cliff so as the debt ceiling came close, they have to propose something so reasonable it would have to be accepted and all they asked for is that the senate led by democrat which for six years hasn't passed a budge, for them to pass a budget. and immediately the senate caved in and accepted it and there was no issue. the gop has to find a similar issue where everyone agrees and it has to be done and propose it at that -- and at that point the president will have to cave and he will cave. >> the republicans will marry the tuition.
3:48 pm
there will by a debate. the president nobody will be crazy enough to debate the debt ceiling. i think they will. republicans will introduce something along the lines of what charles is talking about and it will be obamacare-related and they are smart to do that. >> maybe they could say postpone the individual mandate. >> here we go again. >> you are already there. >> slowly he turns. more on the panel and the president's news conference after this quick timeout. michael, tell us why you used priceline express deal to book this fabulous tel. wellou can see if a hotel is pet-friendly before y book it and i got great deal without bidding. and where's yoururry friend? i don't ha a cat. save up to 5 during priceline's holidahotel sale. use promo code"holiday" for amazing savings on express deal hotels. now this sale won't last forever so dash on over to
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it is my goal to prevent iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. but i sure would rather do it diplomatically.
3:52 pm
i'm keeping all options on the table, but if i can do it diplomatically, that's how we should do it. and i would think that would be the preference of everybody on capitol hill, because that is sure is the preference of the american people. i'm not surprised that there has been some talk from some members of congress about new sanctions. i think the politics of trying to look tough on iran are often good. >> talking about iran sanctions. on capitol hill. charles? >> that is a quintessential obama statement. notice how he completely discounts the substance of the argument of those who think he tut a really bad deal and needs to be backed up by sanctions out of congress were passed. instead he says i understand the motives of the other guys. re-election. he acts in the national interest, anybody who opposes him is acting for a base motive. he does that all the time.
3:53 pm
the reason it upsets me is i have seen him in private twice over these five years. he knows that there are strong -- on lobbies he is sophisticated thinker on politics. that is pure demagoguery. the worst part of it is it's not ignorance. it's a deliberate attempt to divide the other side. >> there is a split in his party,, at least a few descenders here on this issue. >> he was asked at this press conference at some point what was your biggest mistake this year i think that big comment that he made political motives to the democrats might qualify as the biggest mistake this year, because if he is going to try to manage this issue with them and limit the sort of internal squabbling. this is not the way to go about it i think, you know, the people who are on the other side of this issue for him within his own party, chuck schumer, mark warner, bob menendez.
3:54 pm
it was a gratuitous remark not in his own interest. >> i want to quickly mention the nsa. ed henry tried to press him on the balance that he is taking in talking about this and the change he has made in talking about it steve what was your take your answers and how he took it. >> struck me what he not do. make a strong case in defense of the programs absolutely essential for keeping us safe. sort of mentioned in the middle of one of his rambling answers. did he not do that which suggests to me that in the context of this ruling from judge leon in the context of this review from the panel, that there are going to be big changes coming to the nsa. some of those changes, one might argue are not necessary, some might be good. what we heard from the president, when he he was first confronted with this issue he said he wanted there to be a national conversation on this. well, to a certain extent we
3:55 pm
have had one. we haven't participated very much. >> he talked about. tried to separate himself from national intelligence director on credibility and ed said but he still is in the job. it was very quick thinking by ed to follow up. it was the obvious question to ask. in effect wasn't being honest. the president said you are conflating me and james clapper. hasn't gotten rid of it changes after the new year. something that happens. you and clapper joined a large assembly. really crowded down there. stay tuned plus the s.r. bing pulse highlights. . only gaviscon® forms a protective barrier that helps block stomach acid from splashing up- relieving the pain quickly. try fast, long lasting gaviscon®.
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3:59 pm
approval for steve's comments that the law is in total chaos right now and people cannot follow the law, the changes on a daily basis. all parties showed high agreement on charles' comment that the g.o.p. needs to find an issue everyone agrees on already. the highest i object tense city of the segment. segment two, 17,000 votes per minute was steve's idea that bringing obamacare and the debt ceiling together would be smart. total viewers tonight -- votes tonight rather 108,000. finally tonight, i am i end the year of "special report" with a cute animal clip and leap of faith. >> cat theater tonight's episode leap of faith ii. [ laughter ] he is okay. merry christmas and happy
4:00 pm
new year. i'm off next week on vacation with my family. i will back in 2014. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight and everywhere night this year. it's been a great one. next year promises to be even better. that's it for "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. >> the "duck dynasty" controversy just got hotted. the family patriarch may not be the only one leaving the most watched cable show. harvey lefns joins us with the latest. harvey, nice to see you. is the family going to stick it out with a and e and stay on the show or what? >> i will tell you that the family has drawn a line in the sand and said if phil is not there, they are not there. we are actually -- i haven't even put this up on our web site yet, but i will tell you, greta, that i am told that things did not go well, at least so far in terms of the negotiations. and there is a real chance that the show will not go back into production again. they finished season four but beyond season four,