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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  December 22, 2013 9:00am-10:01am PST

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twitter. go to facebook and twitter where we post information all the time. we are back at -- with the latest buzz. hello, i'm eric shawn and welcome to america's news headquarters. >> i'm in for jaime colby. and another move for obamacare. less than 48 hours before a critical deadline. a live report from hawaii where the president is currently on vacation as the clock winds down. and a nasty winter storm sweeping the country. snow is slamming the midwest. the huge ice storm in the northeast coating maine with two inches of ice and in new york city it is like miami. what is going on? we will talk about that. and new outrage over the nsa surveillance program.
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our ally, israel, is demanding that the u.s. stop spying on its country. we will have a live report. the clock is winding down on another critical deadline for obamacare. as we have been reporting everyone who doesn't want a gap in their coverage has to sign up for health care by tomorrow night in order to ensure that they will have that health insurance by january 1st. doug mckelway is live in honolulu, hawaii where the president is currently on vacation. hi, doug. >> hi, patty. yes, tomorrow will be another test of the website. if there is a potential surge of applicants, can the website handle it without crashing? that's one question. it is becoming clear that many administrations, loyalists are saying the year 2013 was a bad year for the president indeed. >> i would say this is the worst year of the presidency. it does beat out 2011, but --
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well, and especially given from where we started and the fact that the first year of a second term is historically the most productive of a second term. >> since thursday's tweak of the affordable care act in which the administration granted exemptions to those who lost their health care coverage. republicans are building a case of appeal. it is at the worst interpretation, unlawful. >> guess the buzz word the democrats keep using is we can't make these changes because it is the law of the land. we continually see the president making all kinds of arbitrary changes to obamacare because the law of the land is beating people up and taking from people the insurance they had and they liked and taking from them the doctors they had and they liked and it was supposed to be $2500 per family less expensive and it turns out it is now thousands of dollars more expensive for
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most families. it is kneeing but the affordable affordable -- it is anything but the affordable care act. >> they want to not repeal the act, but fix it. the president is working to fix it and we are working in the senate to fix it. we urge our republican colleagues to join us in fixing it. >> well, what is certain is that the tweaks that the president has been making to the affordable care act were not included in the legislative language of the affordable care act and most certainly will likely be challenged in court or in several court cases. in the meantime, the president's people says he plans on signing up for obamacare and he has less than 24 hours to do so. >> the clock is ticking. doug mckelway live in honolulu. thanks. >> i think 2014 needs to be a year of action. we have work to do to create more good jobs and help more americans earn the skills and education to do those jobs and to make sure those jobs offer
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the wages and benefits that let families build a little financial security. >> that's president obama speaking on friday. trying to turn the page on a rocky year. especially when it comes to the obamacare rollout. on capitol hill, some lawmakers could be looking at the bipartisan budget deal. according to a fox news poll most voters are still out of the loop when it comes to that agreement. only 15% support it. 19% oppose it. nearly two-thirds don't even know enough about it. voters may appreciate any sign of gridlock that may be breaking. look at the approval and december approval ratings. congress is up 16%, that's up a bit from last november. what can we expect from next year and election year? joining us is a member of the house budget committee. congressman, welcome to fox newschannel today. >> eric, merry christmas. >> merry christmas to you. before we get to obamacare
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with this looming deadline, they have a budget deal, but there is no reform and no big spending cuts and corporate tax loopholes and the like. do you think washington can get a real handle on spending? >> well, we need people to work with. we need people that understand we do in fact have a spending problem and not a revenue problem. we have tried it both ways now. if you look back at 2013, you saw us go as far as shutting down the government for 16 days and not compromising at all. you know, quite honestly i am one that thinks the verdict is still out on that. certainly our poll numbers went down and they are back up again. and then you saw us try the other way where we put two people in a room to see what we could agree on and then let it fan out from there. we got a great vote for that budget deal. i think paul ryan did a great job. paul ryan and me for that matter and a lot of others are not saying this is the be all, end all. if you look at that deal, very very -- it was a shaving on
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mandatory spending reform. it was slightly better and maybe even a truce or at best slightly better than the sequestration deal we currently had. it is certainly and no one is saying it solved our deficit and debt problems. and so the american people now have seen it both ways. is there a third way, eric, or which other two ways would they rather us go down? that's what 2014 will be about. >> a lot of people say we need more of a shaving. we need more of a cleaver perhaps. there are a trillion dollars still increasing. >> listen, the only way you will get a cleaver to it is to address the mabd tore spending. address the mandatory spending. medicare is number one and then medicaid and social security behind it. this deal did not address any of that. it did other mandatory spending reforms basically on our military and civilian federal employee pensions. there is a lot to get to.
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but compromising is not going to get this solved. compromising has caused the $17 trillion in debt with another hundred trillion on the way. if you want to take a cleaver to it, you are talking the shutdown avenue again or something like it. we are not going to face a shutdown in 2014 at all. >> in march we are going to face another debt ceiling crisis. >> and we have that to fight on or use that as leverage to make some reforms and solve some things. that's what i'm aiming to do. again i think paul and others have said this as well. send us some partners. send us some people who understand that spending is the issue and not revenue generation. we can take everything rokita makes 1k3* patty makes and everything oprah winfrey makes and still to the payoff the debt or deficit.
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>> i don't know if they want to know -- what i can make can make any dent in anything. meanwhile we have a looming deadline for signing up for obamacare and the white house was defending it saying it will all work out. delay after delay after delay and folks are going to get a sticker shock. what should we do? how does that affect our spending and how would this affect the election next year? >> look, this law has to go. there is no fixing it. you hear people like chuck schumer say we employer you to help us fix it. he is basically asking us to changing the drapes on a house whose foundation is crumbling into the sea. and that is what is happening here. the foundation of the law was so poorly planned, so ill conceived , so against market forces and was rammed down our throats. remember, we had to pass it so we could read what was in it. and now three, four years
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later these people still don't have their act together and they won't be able to get their act together. in my previous job, we built several pretty complex databases and back end systems. if they are having these problems on the front end, i will bet you a dinner next time i see you, eric, that that data once it is getting in there is not getting transferred accurately to the back end of part of it and the insurance carriers who need that insurance so that people can be properly insured. >> what do americans do? the new york times yesterday had a front page piece saying it will hit middle class americans and they will have their prices go up in some cases and they don't know it is coming. >> we are a country of laws despite mr. obama changing them on his whim. and we need to follow the law. the american people need to solve this problem in the next election by putting in people who will repeal this law and
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put some sensible market driven reforms in there that we have that won't exclude anyone with preexisting conditions. we can do these as a mature, industrialized nation and still not break the bank and still do this in a consumer driven manner. give us the chance to do it. >> coming will be back in session. the deadline is tomorrow and it will continue after the new year. thank you for joining us from indiana today. >> see you, you eric. >> patti ann? a deadly storm is making its way east dishing out freezing rain, snow, ice and even tornadoes in regions spaning from texas to new evening land land -- new england leaving areas with dangerous, icy roads and jeprodizing last-minute shopping plans for millions. janice dean is tracking it all from the fox extreme weather center. >> the fox wacky weather center. look at the high
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temperatures. it is 70 in new york. we shattered a record for today. it is 34 in dallas. that just makes no sense to me. 58 in atlanta and it is warmer in new york. we have this cold front plowing through behind it and very cold air ahead of it. as you can see warm, moist, unstable air. it is humid in new york city. as the storm continues to plow eastward, mainly a rain event really from the northeast southward, but new england, are you dealing with a wintry mix and we have ice storm warnings from upstate new york toward northern new england where we can see an inch of ice on the roads and the trees and the power lines will be expected. you talk about airport delays, newark -- well it is not registering, but we have over an hour delay at newark as well as laguardia and jfk. philadelphia is also reporting an hour and a half delay there. we have low ceilings and this is going to be the case. unfortunately through today
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and probably monday we are going to get this second wave of moisture moving in for the rush hour on monday, so we are probably going to see delays by monday afternoon and this will be gone and we will be dealing with a little quick clipper system perhaps on christmas day and the temperatures will drop like a rock from 70 today to around freezing on christmas day. that's the leatest from the fox extreme weather center. the fox wacky weather center. back to you, patti ann. >> janice dean, thanks. and turning overseas there is new fallout and even more fallout from the nsa spy scandal. guess what. it involves one of our closest allies, our closest ally in the middle east, the country of israel. senior israeli officials are now calling on the u.s. to stop spying on them following allegations the agency initter septembered e-mails from -- dash intercepts e-mails from some of the top leaders.
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now, the latest blow back on this continuing situation. connor? >> first we found out the german chancellor was targeted and now we find out israeli officials were targeted according to edward snowden beginning in 2008 starting with the bush administration and continuing through the obama white house. the nsa targeted by intercepting e-mails through top israeli official offices. according to snowden, the u.s. and britain targeted e-mail addresses belonging to the then prime minister and defense minister. this is a situation that has caused a lot of anger in israel since the u.s. and israel are close allies. but truthfully both sides have a long history of spying on each other. israeli and american officials always worked under the assumption that they are being monitored. while there is anger there is not much in the way of surprise. if anything, this latest
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revelation have renewed calls to released jonathon pollard. he was sentenced to life in prison in america for spying for israel. he is suspected of also passing information to other countries. now despite this latest revelation, pollard is unlikely to be released and, eric, the relationship between the united states and israel is likely to change very little. there is still a close relationship, but it is more of an embarrassing situation. they are still close allies. >> thank you so much from jerusalem. more fallout over target's massive security breech. coming up, how the retail giant's failure to protect its customers is creating unintended consequences for other companies as well. >> and the president defended the nsa spying program, but insisted he is considering some limits. will they be constitutional?
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will his plans keep our country safe? coming up a fair and balanced debate. >> all t on this sunday, the last weekend before christmas. >> ♪ jingling bells ♪ jingling all the way ♪ oh what fun it is to ride in a ♪
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and time now for a quick check of the headlines president chase bank announcing changes. 2 million credit and debit card holder information stolen and now chase is limiting cash withdrawals to $100 and purchase to $300 per day. we will have more on the meaning of the story and how it affects all of us coming up. and there is tragic news out of colorado that's where the lone victim of the school shooting, 17-year-old claire davis has died. a fellow student allegedly shot her in the head a week ago on friday before turning the gun on himself. and nearly 100,000 people gathering in the ukraine calling on the president there to resign. this in a wake of the agreement of closer ties with russia. protesters vowing to keep up the pressure and maintain the
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protest movement entering the second month. president obama hinting that potential reforms could be on the way in the wake the nsa spying scandal. a panel convened by the president offering 46 recommendations for reining in the agency to better protect americans' civil liberties. today they said it is important that the president consider all of the suggested reforms. >> it is time to have real reform and not a veneer reform. we have to rebuild the american people's trust in our intelligence committee so we can be safe and so we can meet the threats that are all over the world. we don't do that by data collection of the it violates the privacy of americans. it is unconstitutional and it has been shown to not be effective. stwrie -- in the wake of the scandal a recent fox news poll show they view the president of of -- as less trustworthy than six months ago. should the president accept all of the panel's
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recommendations to regain some credibility. joining us for a fair and balanced debate? the president of new heights communications and former spokesperson for vermont governor howard dean and fox news political analyst angela mcglowan. thank you for joining us. >> the new york times with blistering criticism saying there was one course for president obama to take on surveillance policy from an ethical, moral, constitutional and even political point of view. and that was to embrace the recommendations of his hand picked panel on government spying and bills pending in coming to end the obvious excesses. he did not do any of that. that's from the knock times. christy, you say this issue is bringing together some strange political bedfellows from the left and the right? >> it sure is. i think there are few issues where you can see that ranked paul, the new york times -- rand paul, the new york times editorial board and it is against the president. that has always been the case and you have civil
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libertarians on the right and peel far on the left as well. they believe that the nsa spying issue has gone too far. what i want to say is any president thinking about these issues is considering a balance of national security and personal privacy. i think the reason the public's appetite is more on the side of personal privacy is we are no longer living under the daily threat of terrorism. this is no longer the case where george bush and tom ridge are showing us the color coded map of the day saying today is an orange level threat day. so it means that people are to longer thinking about it in that way and they are thinking why shouldn't there be more personal privacy as opposed to national security interest. >> i don't know if we are no longer living under the threat of terrorism. >> people are no longer reminded of it. >> maybe that's because we are doing a good job keeping people safe. in any case, back to this issue. you say this is a lack of transparency by this administration, but some of it started in previous administrations. >> it started in previous administrations with george w.
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bush and back then, patti ann, you would have heard me say we need to protect our homeland by any means necessary. when do we protect our homeland by going against the constitution? i think, christie, it is not dealing with the fact that we are not under the threat of terrorism every day, it is the fact that this administration's former nsa chair went before congress and lied about the information they were collecting on americans. that's number one. number two, president obama said he was going to be the most transparent president and we have only seen broken pledges and lies and lack of transparency and accountability with this administration. and so i'm glad that senator leahy, senator you dahl and grant and the new york times regarding the lack of trustworthy of this president. >> the times is using the word constitutional issues here. >> there are constitutional issues involved. there have been a number of judges that said that the program is constitutional. i also think it is important to
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remember that the president and his pam -- and his panel said there is not a single documented case of abuse here. we need to be careful that there is no abuse. really all they are talking about is the fact there should be more restrictions and not the fact that we have gone over the line. >> israel is now demanding that the u.s. stop its spying. on the other hand we are hearing some officials off the record saying ho-hum. we have been spying on each other all along. how serious is this issue? >> it is a very serious issue. patti ann, we protected our homeland for decades by spying on other nations. the problem i have is when you have a fourth amendment, when you have protection out of the constitution and our government is actually spying on us. when do we -- >> but our government has always been spying on us. the question is to what extent? >> it seems more blatant now. to collect our text medicals
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-- mess seemings and e-mails and we are more technology savy. then when the constitution is created when do we go down this slippery slope of invading on our own privacy. >> it is the balance, striking the balance between privacy and protection. we shall see. >> christie and angela, thank you both so much. >> thank you. >> well, have you to be an american citizen to vote, right? well one state official says some voter usa parentally ignored the law. what else they found including hundreds of thousands of dead voters. >> and the nsa eavesdropping on allies? coming up, as we mentioned, israel demanding the u.s. stop its spying.
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we have heard about the nsa programs aimed at terrorists targeting our
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country. but now a new front is revealed in the "washington post." it reports a cia covert action program using nsa eavesdropping tools helped columbian forces kill dozens of rebel group leaders there. and this has been going on for more than a decade. our national cory spawn department steve centanni -- correspondent steve sen steve centanni is live with that. >> the secret program is being carried out on two fronts according to the "washington post." the nsa is helping with realtime intelligence in helping with the government for nearly 50 years. once they are eyed fight, the u.s -- identified, the u.s. is supplying columbia with a special weapon to take them out. it is a guidance system that turns a gravity bomb into a smart bomb that can find and strike a precise target under the jungle canopy. this as peace talks between the columbian government and the rebels continue in havana in spite of the talks there is no cease-fire in place and government operations have
9:31 am
continued. when the columbian president paid a recent visit to washington, president obama praised his intensified efforts to combat the rebels. >> i congratulate the president on his bold and brave efforts to bring about a lasting and just peace. you it is in his negotiations and i look for his strong commitment on that front 689 -- on that front. the united states is supportive of his efforts. >> a rebel commander was killed and it is not known if this operation relied on u.s. assistance, but the program has reportedly been in place since the early 2000. fbi initiated under president bush and then continued under president obama. there was no immediate response today when we tried to contact the cia for a comment on this story. patti ann? >> steve centanni, thank you. you know you have to be a citizen to vote, but it seems
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that dent stop some people from casting ballots in ohio last november. secretary of state a republican is asking prosecutors in his key swing state to investigate noncitizen voting. he says it is an effort to clean up the voting roles. critics say voter fraud investigations amount to voter suppression. supporters say they are needed to ensure the integrity of our electoral process. with us is the secretary of state john hustad. thank you for joining us on the fox newschannel. >> thank you, thank you very much. >> first of all, if you are not even a citizen, how can you vote? >> well, it is part of our effort to modernize the election system. we have been looking at these questions and the thing of it is if you are here legally in america in ohio you can provide documentation to get a driver's license. you can also use the driver's license under the old system to register to vote. what we looked at are the
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number of noncitizens that existed in ohio that they self-reported and looked at the voter polls and compared them and found we had 17 noncitizens who had cast a ballot in the last general election, the presidential election and that there were 274 other noncitizens who registered to vote. we confirmed that using the documentation provided by the noncitizens themselves, and we are turning that over to prosecutors to make sure they are held accountable and we will clean up this system so something like this doesn't happen again. >> what do you say to those who say it is not that many people. it is just 17 and the margin of the presidential race was 106,000 plus. it is a drop in the bucket. it doesn't mean anything, so what? >> well, there are other elections in this state other than the presidential election. as a matter of fact in the last local round of local elections we had a couple of dozen races from mayor, city
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council to promote for a local school levy that was decided by one vote. and anytime you have a system that allows noncitizens or anybody who is ineligible to vote to cast a ballot, they have the ability to affect the outcome of a race they had no right to affect. that underminds voter confidence. that underminds our system of democracy. it needs to be cleaned up. as i said about this, it is rare, but it does exist and people need to be held accountable for it. >> it is not just that. let's look at some of the other figures. dead people were on the roles. you found 257,000 names of dead folks still on the rolls. 270,000 have moved, taken that out. 300,000 voter updates and then you found 340,000 duplicate registrations meaning people are registered in more than one place and maybe potentially could vote twice. you got that down to maybe four. why isn't this like standard procedure uh -- across the
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country? >> it should be. you have to make -- when you have all of this technology we have got to make it talk to one another so we are matching databases to find this out. we can't expect humans at the local polling locations to cross match these hundreds of thousands of voters. one of the most stunning statistics we found in our noncitizen review is that one voter who was a noncitizen was casting a ballot in ohio since 1993. obviously nobody had checked this. we are going to start checking this. we have designed this since i took office -- sense i took office, a system that will do the cross matches and make it hard for people. i want to emphasize this point. you have to make sure the ineligible voters don't get on the roles to begin with. we had a lot of talk about election day. we are not having enough discussion about how we prevent getting there in the first place. >> maybe other states will follow your lead.
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one poll worker serving five years in prison for voting four times last november. secretary of state, thank you for joining us. next year is a mid-term election year and you have a lot of work to do. are you ready for next year? >> i am ready. >> we will be checking on ohio throughout the election. thanks for joining us and merry christmas and happy new year. >> merry christmas and happy new year. >> absolutely. patti ann? target's security breech is leaving customers aping gree and frustrated -- angry and frustrated and now other countries are being rs toed to react as well. the growing fallout as shoppers crowd the stores for last-minute gifts. we will discuss that. >> and coming up with just three more days, you know, christmas is here. >> ♪ rudolph the red nosed reindeer ♪ ♪ had a very shiny nose ♪ and if you ever saw it ♪ you would even say it glows ♪ ♪ all of the other reindeer
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more fallout for target today following the massive security breech this week. according to the retail giant, millions of customers had their perm information stolen -- personal information stolen. that includes names, card numbers and even security codes. now jp morgan chase has responded by limiting withdrawals and purchases of card holders who shopped at target during the 20-day breech.
9:41 am
debit card purchases for those folks limited to $300 a day and atm withdrawals to $100 a day. will others follow suit and how did it come to this? brenda but neither is -- brenda butner is here with us. people are mad at chase for this. we are doing holiday shopping and they are going to the atm trying to take out $1,000 for shopping. chase said no, $100. is chase going to see fallout? >> the thing is chase is protecting itself too. it is the card issuers who really face the problem. target may face a problem because people won't be shopping there. that could hit them hard. but really it is a credit card issuer who face -- they have to make up for the fraudulent purchases. they also say they will work with customers. it is tough. look, i still have christmas shopping to do. i need more than $100 from the
9:42 am
atm. but they will work with them. they are trying to protect themselves. this was a huge security breech. >> and also chase is saying, look, this is temporary until we can reissue cards, debit cards to the customers. now that's a cost for them too. between that cost and the cost of any lawsuit they may incur from fraudulent purchases do they have a case against target? >> the last time we saw something like this was with tj maxx a couple years ago. they ended up having to pay about $10 in -- $10 million to credit card settlers. this could be a huge settlement. there are some who want to -- they are investigating this and they may want to take this to court. >> right. so target can turn around and say, look, we are the victims of a crime here too. let's punish the criminals. what is the chance we will find out how this all started and how this happened and really hold the real people accountable? >> target spends millions on
9:43 am
security. the thing that is different about this is usually it is on-line hacking that happens. it is much more -- it is much easier to find credit card numbers on line. but this is at the swiping machines and it is usually a single instance. this was across all of its stores. there are some people who say there might be an insider who would have to be involved in this. i mean, obviously law enforcement is taking a look at this, but this could hit target really in its bottom line. a lot of people are thinking, i am not going in there with my credit card. they already they have had their annual sales that have been down graded from 2.5% to 1% now. they are having a tough time as it is. >> and they are offering deep discounts, deeper than usual trying to get people back. they will take a hit for sure. what can people do going forward to protect themselves? >> be vigilant. check out your credit card statements deally. go on-line and see what is happening and then call chase.
9:44 am
absolutely. say this is a problem. this is an alert. watch out for this. you know, it is very interesting. we as the united states are a little behind. in europe they have -- instead of having the magnetic strips there are chips embedded in the card that make it harder to hack. by 2020 most of the credit card issuers said they would be up to that technology. it will probably come earlier after this. >> people were afraid of shopping on-line thinking it is safer to go to the store, but after this, i mean, you know you have paypal and securit encryption on-line. is it safer on-line? >> it is hard to say. on on-line has traditionally been the place where hackers can get in. this is an amazing technological feet that they pulled off. and if they got it once at target across the board, this could be very serious are to other stores as well. >> yeah. and so what about other banks? chase is already doing this. do the other banks have to
9:45 am
follow suit? >> i think it depends on how much fallout we see from target. how many fraudulent purchases were made. they have to do it in a very quick time frame. the debit cards will be usually reissued. they only have a few days they can spend these -- use these stolen numbers. it is hard to say. some banks have not already done it. they may wait or not do it at all. >> all right. we just have seen the beginning of this story for sure. >> right before christmas. >> the timing is terrible for these folks who now have limits on on their debit purchases and whatnot. >> thanks as always. >> nice to see you jie. and you can catch -- >> and of course you can catch brenda butner right here on fox newschannel. well, civil liberty groups are now crying foul over surveillance techniques. they are urging president obama to adopt recommended reform measures for the agency. but one lawmaker says those suggestions should be dismissed completely.
9:46 am
the new york congressman peter king explains why straight ahead.
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police in milwaukee are investigating a shooting at a shoe store reportedly over air jordan sneakers. witnesses say one man accused another of
9:50 am
skip august head of him on-line and that lead to an argument that escalated to gunfire. both men were injured and neither one seriously. the two shooting victims are in custody as the investigation continues. >> you know, christmas day arrives in three days and with a new pontif in vatican city they have been making headlines. >> old movies never really get old. and in this christmas season, it is difficult to click on to a tv channel without one. white christmas, scrooge, miracle on 34th street. this year some were recalling a 1968 film entitled "the shoes of the fisherman." based on the best selling novel and they locked the public embrace. the plot involves a ukrainian pope, a graduate of stalin's
9:51 am
gallog. at night in disguise he goes unrecognized among the streets of rome to spread the lessons of the gospel. there are several intriguing sub plots, all leading to the book's overriding message to the power of faith. at a critical point of decision facing the men nighs -- menace of a third world war, the pope is stricken by the loneliness of his office. a fellow cardinal reminds him, this is calvary holiness and you have just begun to climb. that's a powerful observation buried in the language of hollywood, but devoid of the snarky and often prejudicial view of the church that has become a hallmark of today's media, this leads us to pope francis, the man whose humility and simplicities confounded his allies and his enemies. large,en neither energetic and
9:52 am
smiling. francis has already begun his assent to calvary. when "time" magazine named him person of the year the world shook off its indifference. when commenting on homosexual priests he said who am i to judge? editorial writers were besides themselves. when a gay rights magazine chose him as person of the year, the of vocal mess sen yes, sirs of the hard right could hardly bear it. cue the critics. the staged rage is actually a form of self-promotion. what better way to attract media attention than tearing down a man of god? tbh this case the leader of the world's 1.5 billion catholics. in doing so they commit the sins that francis has warned against. false pride and errogance. particularly for those pundits who with scant knowledge of church history seek to analyze
9:53 am
the pope. are rush limbaugh's ratings so shaky he feels compelled to call pope francis he knows little of the sacrifices and the sacrificed offered by the church in the trenches of anti-communism. when was the last time any of the critics actually talked to a poor person? the pope reacted to the marxist charge with utter charity. the marxist ideology is wrong, he said, but i met many marxist in my life who were good people so i don't feel offended. the rankor of politics affects so many who comment on the meaning of francis. it seems in comprehensible to some that the hope is the vicor of cries and does what he is supposed to do, namely imitate christ. this is not to say the pope goes blindly forth without an eye to how to sell the
9:54 am
gospel. he has already demonstrated that reform and reexamination are at hand. but pay attention to the teachings of the church. particularly on basic hot button issues such as abortion, same-sex marriage and female priests. pope francis goes about his father's business with a simple message, namely that we have become used to the sufferings of others. the poor, the old, the dying, the sick, the immigrants, those hungry and cold, the prisoners of the world. this is something to consider seriously in this and all seasons. merry christmas. >> the white house changing the rules for some americans who had their insurance plans canceled under obamacare. giving them exemptions from the individual mandate. the next hour we will debate what this could mean for the
9:55 am
future of the president's signature health care law.
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our extreme weather alert and midwesterners are waking up to a large blanket of snow that is dishing out freezing rain and snow and ice and leaving roads in many areas slick and icy. four firefighters and a highway patrol trooper injured in missouri when a driver lost control at an icy interstate. there has been an ice storm that has left two inches of ice. >> santa is bringing out the knee board. check him out as he collides along the river in alabama. chris cringe -- chris kringle is entertaining those at the parade and he made sure not to drop his presentss. >> shouldn't he be busy doing other things? >> he has the elves. they are busy working at the north poll. >> that will do it for us.
10:00 am
i'm patti ann browne. >> and i'm eric shawn. shannon bream from our nation's capitol with another hour of "america's news headquarters." thank you for spending time with us here on the fox newschannel. the countdown is on for the first obamacare deadline. if you want to buy insurance, you are going to have to get signed up. tomorrow is the last day. a last-minute change is actually leaving some folks confused. insurance companies are infuriated. we will tell you about it, you died. you decide. and could it mean a fallout for the u.s. government as president obama signals he may be ready to put some limits on the surveillance program. one coming man warns, don't do it. we will talk to him and we will talk to peter king live. and teenage girls forced into prostitution. domestic farm workers held against their will. it is happening right here in the u.s. we will talk to florida's attorney general


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